June 8

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Quotes of the day from previous years:

It is not so much what you believe in that matters, as the way in which you believe it and proceed to translate that belief into action. ~ Lin Yutang
I have something to tell you today. Mac OS X has been leading a secret double life — for the past five years. ~ Steve Jobs (on the plans for Apple Computer to begin using Intel processors in its Macintosh computers)
The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies hope. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright (born 8 June 1867)
I knew that good like bad becomes a routine, that the temporary tends to endure, that what is external permeates to the inside, and that the mask, given time, comes to be the face itself. ~ Marguerite Yourcenar
History does not always repeat itself. Sometimes it just yells, "Can't you remember anything I told you?" and lets fly with a club. ~ John W. Campbell (born 8 June 1910)
The scientist has marched in and taken the place of the poet. But one day somebody will find the solution to the problems of the world and remember, it will be a poet, not a scientist. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Our civil laws will never be supple enough to fit the immense and changing variety of facts. Laws change more slowly than custom, and though dangerous when they fall behind the times are more dangerous still when they presume to anticipate custom. ~ Marguerite Yourcenar
Every generation of humans believed it had all the answers it needed, except for a few mysteries they assumed would be solved at any moment. And they all believed their ancestors were simplistic and deluded. What are the odds that you are the first generation of humans who will understand reality? ~ Scott Adams
Nothing is slower than the true birth of a man.
~ Marguerite Yourcenar ~
Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.
~ Scott Adams ~
The best way to solve a problem is to identify the core belief that causes the problem; then mock that belief until the people who hold it insist that you heard them wrong.
~ Scott Adams ~
Human beings betray their worst failings when they marvel to find that a world ruler is neither foolishly indolent, presumptuous, nor cruel.
~ Marguerite Yourcenar ~
The world isn't fair, but as long as it's tilting in my direction I find that there's a natural cap to my righteous indignation.
~ Scott Adams ~
The fact that we're all connected, the fact that we've got this information space — does change the parameters. It changes the way people live and work. It changes things for good and for bad. But I think, in general, it's clear that most bad things come from misunderstanding, and communication is generally the way to resolve misunderstandings — and the Web's a form of communications — so it generally should be good. But I think, also, we have to watch whether we preserve the stability of the world … We need to look at the whole society and think, "Are we actually thinking about what we're doing as we go forward, and are we preserving the really important values that we have in society? Are we keeping it democratic, and open, and so on?"
~ Tim Berners-Lee ~
Always Postpone Meetings with Time-wasting Morons
~ Scott Adams ~
Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch.
~ Tim Berners-Lee ~
In an extreme view, the world can be seen as only connections, nothing else. We think of a dictionary as the repository of meaning, but it defines words only in terms of other words. I liked the idea that a piece of information is really defined only by what it's related to, and how it's related. There really is little else to meaning. The structure is everything. There are billions of neurons in our brains, but what are neurons? Just cells. The brain has no knowledge until connections are made between neurons. All that we know, all that we are, comes from the way our neurons are connected.
~ Tim Berners-Lee ~
The world is big … May it please the One who perchance Is to expand the human heart to life's full measure.
~ Marguerite Yourcenar ~
We need to restore our family values. We need to restore our American values. And we need responsible gun ownership — responsible gun ownership. We need background checks. We need to raise the minimum age to purchase an AR-15 rifle to 21. We need a waiting period for those rifles. We need red-flag laws and consequences for those who abuse them.
These are reasonable, practical, tactical regulations to our nation, states, communities, schools, and homes.
Responsible gun owners are fed up with the Second Amendment being abused and hijacked by some deranged individuals. These regulations are not a step back; they’re a step forward for a civil society and — and the Second Amendment.
Look, is this a cure-all? Hell no.
But people are hurting — families are, parents are. And look, as — as divided as our country is, this gun responsibility issue is one that we agree on more than we don’t. It really is.
But this should be a nonpartisan issue. This should not be a partisan issue.
There is not a Democratic or Republican value in one single act of these shooters. It’s not.
But people in power have failed to act. So we’re asking you and I’m asking you, will you please ask yourselves: Can both sides rise above? Can both sides see beyond the political problem at hand and admit that we have a life preservation problem on our hands?
~ Matthew McConaughey ~
  • proposed by Kalki; recent remarks on recent tragedies.
It is not difficult to nourish admirable thoughts when the stars are present.
~ Marguerite Yourcenar ~
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I was taught by both of my parents to work hard, to be passionate about whatever I did, and I felt that I did that and kind of got to where I am today because of hard work and passion and determination. ~ Ashley Biden (born June 8)

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Every great architect is — necessarily — a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright (born 8 June 1867)

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Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose honest arrogance and have seen no occasion to change. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright (born 8 June 1867)

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright (born 8 June 1867)

The written word has taught me to listen to the human voice, much as the great unchanging statues have taught me to appreciate bodily motions. ~ Marguerite Yourcenar (born June 8, 1903)

The true birthplace is that wherein for the first time one looks intelligently upon oneself; my first homelands have been books. ~ Marguerite Yourcenar

The memory of most men is an abandoned cemetery where lie, unsung and unhonored, the dead whom they have ceased to cherish. ~ Marguerite Yourcenar

A touch of madness is, I think, almost always necessary for constructing a destiny. ~ Marguerite Yourcenar

There’s nothing more humbling than seeing your best quotes in a list, and thinking they could have been written by a coma patient with a keyboard and spasms. ~ Scott Adams

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright ~