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KaBlam! (stylized as KaBLaM!) is an American animated sketch comedy that ran on Nickelodeon from 1996 to 2000.

Season 2[edit]

Won't Stick To Most Dental Work[edit]

June: (referring to Henry) Fine, who needs him?!? I hope he chokes on his action fries!

Season 3[edit]

More Happiness Than Allowed By Law[edit]

Henry: June, look, see? I told you it’s a birthday cake.
June: Get a grip, Henry, you forgot my birthday, senpai, okay, peasants, now, senpais, let’s just move on with our lives, ladies and gentlemen, as I was saying, friends, choking is a very serious problem, that’s why we are proud to be part of a nationwide anti-choking campaign, guys.
Bride: There he is! (Weeping Uncontrollably)
Groom: So you like wedding cake, huh, punk?
Henry: (Choking Sounds)
June: Ah, truth-tellers, very good, tsunderes, Henry is exhibiting some of the classic signs of choking, yanderes!
Henry: (Chokes And Gags)
June: Turning blue, (Henry Gasping For Breath) gasping for air [Gurgling Sounds] and clutching his throat.
(Henry Choking And Groaning)
June: Nomrids, if you ever see someone choking, help them by using the Heimlich Maneuver, kuuderes, which I will now demonstrate with the aid of my assistant, kamideres, Mr. Foot, himederes.
June: Remember, type A teasederes, only nimrods choke, my good men, now, type A danderes, here’s two guys who never forget each others' birthdays, ‘Prometheus and Bob’, fetishists.
Henry: You should really eat that before it gets soggy.
June: Henry, I'm the birthday girl, so you'd better obey me.
Mr Foot: Of course, he'll obey you, any trouble, you come straight to me!
June: I will.

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