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Kingdom Hearts coded is an installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, taking place after Kingdom Hearts II. A remake of the game, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, was released on January 2011.

Memorable Quotes[edit]

Olympus Coliseum[edit]

[After the party defeats Cloud and Sora accuses Hades of the state of things.]
Hades: Oh, I see, pick on the guy with ambitions to rule the world.


Jiminy(Narrator): So now we have two taken two journeys. One to stop the darkness from spreading, and the other to put all lost hears back where they belong. To tell the truth, neither one was easy, but I sure was glad to be the cricket to write down what happened. The two journeys, both sittin' quiet right here in these two books. But now, looks like the only thing left in one of 'em is a single line. Of course, maybe that's because they're the only words this book was meant to hold and it's time to close it for good. But...who exactly is this "Namine?"
[He finds another mysterious line, taking it to King Mickey so he can see it as well.]
Mickey: A mysterious message?
Jiminy: Uh-huh. I certainly didn't write it. And you know I never once let the journal out of my sight. I don't know when anybody would had a chance to...
Mickey: Hmm..."Their hurting will be mended?" Gosh, Jiminy. Sounds like somebody needs help and doesn't know what to do. Let's get to the bottom of this.
Jiminy: Of course, but how? All the other pages are completely blank.
Mickey: Sure, the words you wrote are gone, but that doesn't mean the journal is empty.

Donald: Do you know what they're up to?
Goofy: Nope.
Chip: Your Majesty! Everything's ready!
Dale: Your Majesty! What Chipper said!
[The chipmunks activate a machine that digitizes the journal. However...]
Dale: Hey, what's goin' on!?
Chip: Jiminy's journal--I think it's gone completely nuts!
Dale: Nuts? Where?
Chip: That's not while I mean! Now's not the time to panic! I don't know what's causing it extactly, but there's something wrong with the worlds inside the journal. And we can't analyze the message for you, either!
Mickey: Hmm, isn't there aomething else we can try?
Goofy: Gwarsh, maybe if we could get in there and fix the data, we could figure out what's wrong.
Chip: Hey, that's it! We could look for somebody already in the journal and ask him to explore the worlds and repair the data. That's a great idea, Goofy!
Jiminy: Somebody to explore the data from the inside...
Mickey: And I think we know just the guy to do it! Am I right, fellas?

[After seeing the Destiny Island recap of Sora's first encounter with the Heartless.]
Mickey: Do you think Sora's all right?
Jiminy: Wait, I'm tracking him now.
[An alarm sounds]
Donald: What is it?
Jiminy: A new entry in the Journal!
[He finds another mysterious line.]
Goofy: "There are more hurts than the have just undone."
Donald: Hey, look!
[Riku meets Xehanort's Heartless before going through a Dark Corridor.]
Mickey: Gee, now that can't be right.
Jiminy: If the data was repaired, we should be seeing the thing that were written in my journal, right? But what we just saw--that never happened. Or, at least, I never wrote it down.
Donald: You mean it's showing us stuff you don't know about?
Goofy: Hmm, I wonder what's goin' on inside the journal?
Jiminy: Hm? Aha! We've found Sora!
[They see Sora unconscious before Pluto licks his face to wake the boy up. Pluto runs as Sora walks into Traverse Town.]

[After Data Sora fixes Transverse Town.]
Jiminy: It's another entry!
Mickey: Hmm...It looks like to me like a new message gets added every time a world inside the journal is repaired.
Donald: Yeah! Just like before.
[After defeating the Guard Armor with them, Sora places his hand on top of Donald Duck and Goofy’s hands as the scene shifts to Pluto finding a Corridor of Darkness and jumping into it.]
Donald: That's funny. We were there... Was Pluto with us?
Jiminy: Well, I sure didn't write anything like that in the Journal.
Goofy: Hey, do you fellas think that maybe the Journal's tryin' to tell us somethin'?
[Shadows suddenly appear.]
Mickey: Heartless?
Jiminy: Here, in the castle? But how?
[Mickey dispatches the Shadows]
Mickey: We gotta check the rest of the castle now!
[They find the doors stuck.]
Mickey: It won't open!
[He, Donald, and Goofy are unable to force the doors open.]
Jiminy: This is not our day.
Mickey: Well, fellas...I hate to say this, but we're trapped.
Donald: We're what!? But there could be Heartless roaming the castle.
[A new Journal entry appears]
Jiminy: What' that? "Undo the hurt to unbar the way."
Goofy: Gwarsh, we're tryin'. It said we've already undone some of it, right?
Mickey: Well then, we'll just have to keep going, repairing the journal's data as fast as we can.
Jiminy: Your Majesty. I think Sora just might've reached the next world!
[A scene of Sora in Wonderland.]
Donald: But we gotta do something about the castle.
Mickey: I'm as worried as you re, Donald, but right now our best hope is fixing up the journal.

[After fixing Wonderland, Sora chases after the mystery man.]
Jiminy: How're we gonna find out who he is?
Donald: What if he's Organization XIII?
Mickey: Don't worry. Sora will catch him. Then we'll know for sure.
[A knock is heard from the door.]
Donald: Who's there?
Goofy: Chip and Dale musta come back to rescue us!
[Suddenly, Data Sora barges in.]
Mickey: You're here!?
Data Sora: That voice...Mickey, is that you? I was just...following that guy, and...
Jiminy: Majesty! There, on the monitor!
[Mickey sees he and the others watching themselves on the monitor live, turning around as he and the others see the figure appearing behind them as his face is revealed.]
Gang: Riku?!
"Riku": Sorry. Not quite. Much like Sora there, I'm just zeros and ones that look like somebody you know. Memories used to fill Jiminy's journal--but when they were pulled apart and then stitched back together, bugs appeared. It was these bugs... that keep the book from being completely restored. Of all the possible vessels to protect the data, I was chosen from the journal's pages. The full set of memories was transferred inside of me to shield them from corruption. So in a way, what I really am is Jiminy's Journal.
Jiminy: You're my journal?
Journal: I took the liberty of importing all of you involved to help solve the mystery of this entry.
Donald: "Imported?" Where?
Journal: You really haven't notice? All right...
Mickey: Datascape? We're in the journal!?
[The Journal presses a button, with the Chipmunks' voices heard through the intercom.]
chipmunks: You Majesty! You Majesty! If you can hear us, please say something!
Mickey: Chip? Dale?
[Back in the real room.]
Dale: We finally got through!
Chip: The room was empty when we came back, and we've been searching the data for you since!
[Back in the data-copied room.]
Goofy: Well, if Sora's here with us, and Chip and Dale are out lookn' in, then...
Mickey: Then we really are in the Datascape, just like Riku said. Maybe you can tell us--is there any way for us to get back home?
[An alarm rings]
Dale: Oh no!
Chip: Someone's trying to break into the data from the outside!
Journal: A hacker!
[The Journal tries to stop it in vain.]
Journal: If that's true, then there wouldn't be any way out for you.
Dale: You have to escape before--
Mickey: Chip? Dale!
[No answer.]
Journal: No luck. The link connecting here to the real world is totally cut.
Donald: How 'bout some good news?
Journal: If we repair that link, a new pathway should open. Of course, that's if these bugs weren't around.
Data Sora: I don't understand it all, but...basically this means you guys can't go home, right? Okay. Then I'll go bash some bugs for you.
Donald: You will?
Goofy: That's swell!
Mickey: Sora. That's another one we owe ya.
Data Sora: Who's keeping score? We're all friends, right? They help each other. Right. See you.

[After clearing the Olympus Collesium]
Data Sora: Mickey, did that do it?
Mickey: Yup. Sora... thank you.
Donald: Hey, wait. This time, we didn't get a video.
Journal: Right. Those scenes---they originated inside my mind. images were coming from me. When you get rid of the bugs, you gave me deeper access to the memories associated with those worlds. The things I saw must have found their way back through the link and shown up on your monitor.
Jiminy: Well, whaddaya know. If those memories cam from deep within the journal itself, then it's really no wonder they're unfamiliar. They don't belong to any of us!
Goofy: Hmm? Something's happenin'...
Mickey: Huh? No way!
[Pete walks in from behind Sora.]
Data Sora: Who are you?
Pete: Playin' dumb, eh?
Mickey: Pete's here? How'd you get here?
Pete: Same way as youse did. Thought I'd take a little vacay from the outside world. Well, this here world belongs to me, see, so mitts off!
[Pete runs off.]
Mickey: He must be up to something. Quick! After him!
Data Sora: Right
[Data Sora chases after Pete into Agrabah.]

[After Sora fixes Agrabah.]
Data Sora: All right, Pete! You're through running.
Pete: Heh heh heh, Who said anything about running?
Data Sora: Huh?
Pete: All right, come on out and show him who's boss...Maleficent
Data Sora: Who are you?
Maleficent: An amusing jest, boy, but not one I will not abide. If you desire a reminder of my power....Then I shall give you one!
[Maleficents blasts Data Sora]
Maleficent: Isn't that odd?
[Maleficent destroys Data Sora's Kingdom Key.]
Maleficent: So we see, 'twas but a lie. And now that it's gone, this entire world shall be mine to rule.
[Shadows appear.]
Maleficent: Yes, my loyal minions. Drag all you see into deepest darkness!
[The Shadows are about to attack Data Sora when the Journal and Mickey intervene.]
Journal: You okay?
Data Sora: Riku...Mickey!
Mickey: Maleficent. What are you doing here in the Datascape?
Maleficent: "Date escape"? Spare me you dull details.
Pete: But since you're wonderin', it was all my idea, you bozo.
Pete(Voice over): We caught wind right away you was up to somethin', see. So I decided to pay ya a little visit on Maleficent's orders. And what do I find?
[Watches Mickey and company get teleported into the datascape before he is taken as well.]
Pete(Voice over): And that's how yours truly got sucked into the light show. I woke up all by my lonesome in the weirdest place.
Pete: Maleficent! You seein' this? Better get here right away!
[Maleficent appears from behind, scaring Pete]
Maleficent: You'll take no such tone with me. What is this place?
Pete: I ain't no expert, but I think it's hookin' a bunch of places together. Could come handy for takin' over them worlds, huh?
Maleficent: It does seem...for once you may have done something right.
[The flashback ends]
Pete: And there ya have it. We's been diggin' around in here ever since. Turns out this place connects right to that castle o' yours.
Maleficent: Or at least it DID before I took control of the only way out.
Data Sora: So you're the one who cut the link!
Maleficent: Rest assured, both worlds shall be mine before long. Once I have immersed this one in darkness, Ican send my Heartless horde back into your castle!
Mickey: No!
Maleficent: The long slumber has ended, and a new era has begun--one where all worlds belong to me! But my worlds must be free of light, and yours shine far too brightly. This time, it is you who will sleep!
Journal: Wrong! This is one world I won't let you touch!
Maleficent: Hmph! Foolish boy!
[Maleficent blocks the Journal's attack and knocks him out]
Mickey: Riku!
Maleficent: Now, you, boy...You belong to darkness, not the light. I shall take this one with me. I am sure he will prove...useful.
[Maleficent spirits the Journal away.]
Pete: Check, AAAND mate! So long, suckers!
[Pete teleports away as well.]
Data Sora: No! Riku...

Data Sora: We've got you now, Pete!
Pete: Couldn't do thing by your self, so you cryin' to your pals, eh? Well it won't do ya a lick of good!
Data Sora: Incoming Heartless!
Donald: Lemme at em'!
[As Donald and Goofy battle the Shadows, Pete summons some blox.]
Pete: Heh heh, gotcha!
[He sends blox towards Sora.]
Donald: Sora!
Goofy: Look out!
[The two push Data-Sora away as they are boxed in.]
Donald: Wak! We're trapped!
Goofy: I can't...move...
Data Sora: Donald! Goofy! What do I do?
Pete: Gah ha ha ha! What a pair of rubes! Why risk your necks out for a lump of data? Oh yeah, I know about about this phoney. Youse MADE him just like that phoney Keyblade he's got!
Donald: Don't you ever talk about Sora like that! He's our friend in this world and every other one, too!
Data Sora: Donald...
Pete: Hmph, maybe on the outside, but he's just an empty shell. The kid don't got a heart.
Goofy: That's not true! We've got Sora's heart right here!
Pete: Oh yeah?
Donald: You'd see it too, if you were looking. Why would he fighting for us---no matter the danger, no how hard things got--if he didn't care.
Goofy: A-yep! And we'll fight for him too. Ya know why? Because he's in our hearts as much as we are in his. Our friend is our power!
Donald: And we'll always be his!
Data Sora: We're...connected
Pete: Aww, can your mush! Youse guys are finished! Let's see your "power" protect ya from this!
[The blox proceed to crush Donald and Goofy.]
Data Sora: Donald, no! Goofy! Stop...Please, don't hurt them...
Pete: Nighty-night, losers!
Data Sora: NO!!
[The blox are destroyed with Sora amazed and confused.]
Data Sora: What...just...The Keyblade?
[He turns his attention to a frighten Pete.]
Pete: W-what's the big idea!? I saw Maleficent destroy that thing!

[Micky arrives]

Mickey: Sora, you're just full of surprises!
Data Sora: Mickey! Why? What did I do?
Mickey: I'm not sure, Sora. All I can say is that something in you has changed. The Keyblade takes its power from the wielder's strength of heart. But an old friend of mine once said, "A heart is so much more than a system." I gave you the Keyblade as data, and never expected it to match the real Keyblade's power. But during your journey, you made a connection...with us. You've risen the system, Sora, and gained power unlike anybody else's, and THAT's what brought your Keyblade back.
Data Sora: Wow...
Mickey: I guess we were meant to handle this world's bugs together.

[the group turn towards Pete.]

Pete: It ain't fair! Sproutin' a new Keyblade is cheating!. Better make a strategic retreat before-
Data Sora: Not so fast! Fist, hand over Riku...or else.
Pete: Uhmmm...Now, let's TALK about this...
[A rumbling occurs.]
Data Sora: Huh? What now?
[Hollow Bastion's Keyhole appears.]
Pete (teleporting away): So long, chumps!
Data Sora: No! We lost him
Goofy: But we FOUND a Keyhole!
Donald: Let's head inside!
Data Sora: Hold on, guys. Leave this one to me.
Donald: Why?
Data Sora: I never would have made it here without the three of you. But it's my turn now. Let me be your light, and I'll show you the way home!
Donald: Um, isn't that hamming it up a little?
Data Sora: Yesh...let me have my moment.
[The gang laughs.]
Goofy: A-hyuk! We'll let it slide this time.
Mickey: You don't have to do this alone, Sora. Remember that you're part of a team. When you get hurt, it hurts us, too.
Data Sora: How could I forget? I promise I'll come back safe.
[Sora enters, finding Pete on the other side.]
Data Sora: End of the road, Pete!
Pete: Whuh? Don't you know when to quit?
Data Sora: Do yourself a favor and come quietly.
Pete: Hmph! After all the times you've ruin my plans? Not likely! It's my turn to teach you a trick or three of my own!
Pete: Oof...Not again.
Data Sora: Give up?
Pete: Heh! I still gots an ace u my sleeve.Come on out and say hello!
Data Sora: Riku?
Journal (in pain): Stay back, Sora!
Data Sora: Riku? Wha...what's wrong?
Pete: I took the liberty of takin' his liberty away. ll I had to do was load some of those bug thingies into your pally's data-matronics. Now, let's see what my new minion can do. Your master orders you to attack!
Journal: Hrgh..Not a chance
Pete: Hm? No dice, eh? Guess we need a little more juice.
[The Journal screams as more bugs enter him.]
Data Sora: Leave him alone!
Pete: That oughta do it. I'll just leave you two to get reacquainted. So long!
[Pete teleports away as the Journal is unable to stop himself from fighting Sora. After defeating the Journal, Sora returns to Hollow Bastion as Keyblade reacts and conjures a keyhole while Mickey's group arrives.]
Data Sora: Is he...Do you think...
Mickey: Well, if the bugs have taken over Riku...then that means...He might not ever wake up--unless we get rid of the bugs first.
Data Sora: Riku...So if I debug him, Riku will come back to us. Guys.I gotta go inside to look.
Donald: But what about you!?
Goofy: Who's to say it's even safe inside Riku?
Data Sora: I know it's risky But if a friend needs me to be there, I'll be help!
Jiminy: Well, I guess that's Sora for ya.
Donald: Still can't talk you out of it, huh?
Goofy: A-hyuck! But we'll do everything we can to help you out!
Data Sora: Thanks, guys...
[Data Sora proceeds to enter the datascape.]
Mickey: Sora, don't forget--you're not going in there alone. Your friends'll be fighting alongside you in spirit, no matter you go.

[After Data Sora defeats a Bug-based Riku, the Journal's data is restored.]
Journal: You did it! Nice work, Sora
Data Sora: Thanks
Journal: The bug tied to use my power for itself, didn't it?
Data Sora: Yeah...How'd you know?
Journal: Just one of those gut feelings. I thought it might try to exploit the darkness inside me. Maybe...I've been a little jealous. You're always surrounded by friends who trust you and are there to support you--
Data Sora: Okay, stop right there. First of ll, I trust you.Second of all, my friends are your friends, too. Just ask'em!
Mickey: Riku! Sora! Are you two all right in there?
Donald: Squish some bugs for me, would ya?
Goofy: A-hyuk! Just holla if you need some help!
Journal: Heh heh. Okay, you win.
Data Sora: C'mon. They're all waiting for us!
[The area rumbles.]
Data Sora: Um, Riku...
Journal: No! Sora you've got to escape right now. Someone's trying to close the road back to the outside world! Hurry, or you'll be trapped in here.
Data Sora: O-okay! I'm going!
[A portal opens]
Journal: There's the exit. Thanks again. I'll see you on the other side!
Data Sora: That's a promise!
[Sora makes it out, ending up in another part of Hollow Bastion.]
Data Sora: Whew, made it out. Hey! What is that...
Maleficent: You should have stayed inside, boy. There, the worst fate to befall you would have been eternal slumber.
Data Sora: Maleficent! You did that? Yeesh. When are you gonna quit?
Maleficent: Oh, I've only just begun. Such a shame you understand so little of the darkness. The world desires its embrace!
Data Sora: Yeah, right.
Maleficent: There is nothing in darkness. No sadness, no cause for hurt...In darkness, one cannot see one's mistakes, or the dreams that failed to be.
Data Sora: And they'll never know happiness, either, or what it is to have fun! You can't force the darkness on a world that never asked for it. That's just giving yourself what YOU want!
Maleficent: And what is wrong with that? After all, the Mistress f All Evil has the right...and the POWER to see it done!
Data Sora: If you won't listen to reason, I'll have to stop you by force.
Maleficent: At last, we agree. I shall put a stop to your meddling here and now!
[Maleficent assumes her dragon form and attacks Data Sora. The fight ends with Maleficent gone.]
Data Sora: You can't have this world!
Maleficent (voice): All world are mine, boy! One day, you shall see...
Goofy: Sora! He's back, fellas!
Donald: Bout time! Goofy was worried.
Mickey: Welcome back, Sora. I sure s glad you're not hurt.
Data Sora: Mickey! Guys! You'd never believe the stuff I saw.
Mickey: Well, good news: You did it! The last of the bugs has been wiped from the datascape. I can't thank you enough.
Data Sora: Always happy to help. Hey! Where's Riku? Is he okay?
Journal: Fine. Sorry to put you through all that.
Data Sora: There you are!
Journal: Looks like we managed to keep promise.
Data Sora: 'course!
Journal: I wish we had time to sit and chat, but Mickey and the others need to hurry. This way, guys.
[The Journal conjures a portal.]
Journal: As promised, here's your road home to the real world
Mickey: Then, this is it...Time to say good-bye to the datascape
Jiminy: Truth be told, I'm sad to go. It sure was something to explore the inside of my journal!
Data Sora: Well, you can come back any time!
Goofy: Yep! Hey, next time, let's bring the whole gang!
Donald: That sounds like fun!
Journal: Actually...there's something important I haven't told you.
[The Journal can find the words to say the vital information.]
Journal: You know what? I shouldn't keep you any longer. I can tell you after you've made it through.
Mickey: Well...all right. Thanks for all your help! You two take care now.
Data Sora: We'll see you soon!

Data Sora: Huh?
[Data Sora arrives as Pete and Maleficent are fighting what appears to be a Darkside.]
Pete: Uhh, Maleficent? We don't seem to be makin' much progress here...
Maleficent: Hmph! Any less of an opponent would be an insult.
Data Sora: This is the thing I fought on the island...isn't it? I thought it got swept into the darkness along with everything else....Maleficent! Pete! You two need to get out of here!
Maleficent: I do not take orders from you!
Pete: Uh..I vote we listen to the pipsqueak.
Maleficent: Silence, coward! You will do as I--
[The "Darkside" crushes the two villains with its fist to Data Sora's shock.]
Data Sora: Pete! Maleficent! This thing is unbelievable...No way this is the same Heartless I found before.
Data Sora: It feeds on the gliches?
Journal: Wait...that's it! You're not the only one who evolved within the datascape!
Data Sora: Riku, you wanna fill me in?
Journal: I know where the bugs came from. All of them! It's your shadow--your Heartless!
Data Sora: My Heartless!?
Journal: You may not remember it, but you were turned unto a Heartless, once. That was written in the journal. But those records along vanished with your memories not long after your first journey. You got your memories back but the pages of the journal--they stayed blank.
Data Sora: And you think my Heartless is reponsible?
Journal: It makes sense. Everything in the journal revolved around you. This whole time you've been in evolving datascape--finding new strength--your Heartless has been absorbing data and doing the same.
Data Sora: But we put all the data back! That weakened it, right? I can still stop it
Journal: No...I should realized sooner. Normally, defeating Heartless releases hearts which then return to the people who lost them. Defeating Heartless here in the datascape, though--that wouldn't have set any real hearts free. Instead you released the Heartless's minds.
Data Sora: Their minds? Well, where did they go?
Journal: Right in front of you. Your Heartless has been gathering, then devouring the dark intentions of fallen Heartless. That's where it get its' power: dark data. And now, just like you, it's become something greater.
Data Sora: If you're right, this thing is way too dangerous to let out into Mickey's world. I have to protect them. And with all the strength they've given me, I can!
[Data Sora manages to get the upper hand.]
Data Sora: Is it over!?
Data Sora: What is it--It's changing again? No...It's evolving!
[The Heartless assumes a Sora-like form. After a while, the Heartless turns into a Shadow. But the fight takes alot on Sora as collapses and Sora's Hearless resumes its Darkside form to crush him.]
Mickey: You can't give up!
Data Sora: Mickey? What are you doing here!?
Mickey: Helping my friend. Didn't I tell ya? You never have to face things alone. When the darkness closes in, just look inside--and you'll always find your light! C'mon! It's time!
[Data Sora summons his Keyblade as Mickey uses his weapon to freeze Sora's Heartless with Data Sora taking out its Shadow-like core.]

[After Mickey return to the real world, with the Journal seeing Pete and Maleficent off, Data Sora uses the Keyblade complete the restoration.]

Goofy: Hey, ya know, we never did figure out that mysterious message.
[Suddenly, the Journal appears on the screen]
Journal: Guys, big news. A new world has shown up inside the journal.
Goofy: What do you mean?
Journal: I've found another door leading to extra data. Someone must have added it once all the other data was restored.
Mickey: And if we explore that world...
Journal: Then we should get some answers about this message.
Mickey: Great. Let's as Sora to--
Goofy: When we fixed the data, everything in the journal went back to the way it started, remember?
Jiminy: Which means that Sora's journey through the datscape---it never happened to him Why, now he's just the same boy he was before he ever met any of us.
Journal: I'm fine, my partition isn't effected. But Sora--we can't send him out there when he doesn't know what's going on.
[Mickey gets an idea]
Mickey: Wit. Hey, Riku. Could you get be back into the datascape one more time?
[Mickey arrives in Data Transverse Town as Data Sora appears.]
Mickey: Sora, this was the day that your journey began. I know, because was here, too. It's time for the truth.

Data Sora: Gosh, but this is so weird. I don't even know you...Err, do I? Something about you does seem vaguely...Nah. So this truth you're after, does it have to do with me?
Mickey: Honestly, I'm not sure. I get the sense it's something you need to know.
Data Sora: Hmm, fair enough...All right, Mickey. Lead the way.
Mickey: Thanks, Sora! Now, just hold that Keyblade of yours.

[Use their Keyblades to open the Keyhole, with Sora in Castle Oblivion]

Data Sora: So, you think the truth's giding somewhere in here, Mi...Mickey? Guess he went on ahead
[A hooded Roxas appears]
Data Sora: Huh!? Who are you?
Roxas: Me? I'm nobody. In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. That's the way of things i Castle Obilvion.
Data Sora: Castle Oblivion?

Roxas: Well? Did you have fun hanging with the ghosts?
Data Sora: Hey, don't say "ghosts"! Sure, something was a little off, but they're still my friends.

Roxas: You don't say. What were their names again?

Data Sora: Pfft, that's easy. There was--What...No, no, I know them! Why can't remember?
Roxas: Like I said--everything in this castle is an illusion. Your actions may lead to true endings or paradoxes, and each outcome will stay with you in the form of a card. But once the illusions vanish, you'll forget all about your little reunion
Data Sora: What?
Roxas: Hey, no big deal. The fact can't remember them just means they weren't important to begin with.
Data Sora: That's a lie! Of course my friends are important to me! Okay, so maybe I forgot who they are...and what happened... But it'll come to me. Just watch!
Roxas: Hmm. If you say so.

Roxas: I'd ask if you enjoyed the trip, but we both now you've forgotten. Bet you feel pretty empty.
Data Sora: Anything but. I don't remember who I met, but I remember meeting them.And now that I've forgotten...I miss them.
Roxas: And so you hurt. Well, let's hope you didn't forget my warning. That hurt will drag you into the darkness. You have to cut it loose.
Data Sora: ...No. The hurt is what reminds me I've forgotten. It's proof there's something there, something...important. I won't run from it. It'lll stay on my heart until the day I remember again.
Roxas: You'll be lost in the darkness long before then.
Data Sora: But if I put aside the hurt, I'll lost my only ties to people that I care about. No. My mind's made up. I want to carry this hurt with me. I can be free of it the day I remember, but until then, it's what holds together the pieces I left behind...nd I accept it.
Roxas: You...accept it? Heh! Don't make me laugh! It's time you learned what real hurt feel like!
Roxas: Come on, Sora. Do it! Finish me off.
[He notices Data Sora standing there.]
Roxas: What are you--Hmm. I guess you've seen through the last illusion...Me. I'm dt, just like the rest. Not even worth the effort, right? No point in destroying what never really existed... Heh?
Data Sora: For an illusion, you pack a punch? You weren't kidding about showing me some real hurt. But the hurt I just felt is more than bumps and bruises While we were fighting, I could feel the hurt in you. Sharp, intense pain. But familiar, somehow--almost like it was my own. It felt like we'd connected--like we shared the same hurt. If it brings me close to people like that, then...a little hurt can't be all that bad
Roxas: "Can't be all that bad." Heh, I give up. Here
[Roxas gives Data Sora a card.]
Roxas: Your pass, Sora. You understand the pain. Now, use this to find the truth.
Data Sora: What do you mean "pass"?
Roxas: My role was to see if you were ready to take ownership of the hurt inside you. And now that role is done. Nothing left for me to do but...go away.
Data Sora: Go home?
Roxas: I don't know if I have one, but...there's a place I'd like to be.
Data Sora: Where?
[Roxas fades into Data Sora.]
Data Sora: Huh? What's this feeling? Memories, but..not mine. I see a place. A sunset. Comforting...but also sad. This i where I spent my first...and my last...summer vacation. Rest easy...Your hurt can be mine now.

Data Sora: Who are you? I't's like when I met Mickey...Do I...know you?
Namine:Nice to meet you. My name is Namine. You don't know me, but I know you.
Data Sora: Um...I don't really follow.
Mickey: I'll explain. At one point, you lost all of your memories, Sora. Namine here is the person who saved you.
Data Sora: Wow, then I owe you alot!
Namine: No, you really don't. It's true I pt your scattered memories back together, but I'm also the one who took them apart in the first place. Not only that, the bugs that appeared in Jiminy's journal--those were my fault, too.
Mickey: What do you mean?
Namine: It all began with these memories that were sleeping way down deep in Sora's heart.
[A white sphere appears.]
Data Sora: These are my memories?
Namine: No. Not yours. These belong to people connected to you.
Data Sora: What? Isn't it weird for somebody else's memories to be inside me?
Namine: Right, it's not usually possible. When I first found them while repairing your memory, I thought I'd made a mistake. But all the evidence I found proved they belong in your heart, where they're been sleeping a long...long time. One day, Sora will have to have to call them to the surface. They're important memories...but very dangerous ones.
Mickey: Dangerous how?
Namine: These memories are too painful. Handled the wrong way, they could damage Sora's heart--even break it. I needed you to find a way to face that kind of hurt That's why I left the message.
Mickey: "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it." That was you?
Namine: When I unraveled Sora and the other's memories, you remember it also erased the words from Jiminy's journal. Well, that shows how deeply the journal and Sora are connected. When I took Sora's memories apart, they stayed in his heart---and in the journal even after the text was gone. That's why you were able to render them as data.
Mickey: But the data was a mess because of all those bugs. Jiminy never wrote any of that stuff down.
Namine:No...that was me. When I added these memories, I added "hurt". I thought that...maybe if you fought the bugs that sprung from these memories, you might learn to face the hurt in the memories themselves.
Mickey: Gosh, you sure went through a lot of trouble
Namine: I'm sorry. I wish I could have told you all this in person. But the real me is gone
Data Sora: Um...guys? This is all way over my head. Am I dumb?
Namine: Of course not. After all, you did it. You learned how to face the hurt.
Data Sora: I did?
Namine: Some people think pain is something you just wipe away--and sometimes, maybe ,you can But not all pain can be erased. The only way to deal with it is to accept it head-on. And if the hurt is too great for you to bear it alone--well, then you turn to a friend close to your heart.
Data Sora: Because the hurt will bring us closer together, and make us stronger. Right, let's give it a try.
Namine: Huh?
Data Sora: With the memories you found, I'm ready to accept them, no matter how painful they are.
Namine: Sora....
Mickey: Wait! I'll join you
Data Sora: Okay!
Namine: Thank you. Touch this, and the memories locked inside will flow into your hearts.
[Sora touches the orb, feeling the pain as Mickey touches it as well.]
Mickey: Stay strong, Sora!
[Images of Axel, Roxas, Namine, and Xion appear.]
Namine: These people are waiting for Sora--the only one who can put an end to their hurt. DiZ told me...he hid something inside you during the year you were asleep. I asked him what, nd all he would say was that he was "clearing his conscience." Sora must be the key to saving the people you saw--and the ones you're about to see.
[Images of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus appear.]
Mickey: It can't be!
Namine: Mickey, maybe you know how much they're hurting. These three were keys, too. They were connected to the truth behind the Keyblade. And they're still connected, Sora, somewhere way down deep inside of you.
Data Sora: Funny, I feel as though...I've met them.
Namine: Yes, two of them, you have met. As for the third one...I never realized it, and he share a very special connection.
Data Sora: Yeah...
Mickey: Namine. You said Sora has to call these memories to the surface. Is it time?
Namine: I can't say for sure. But I do know a day will come when they must rise from their sleep. And then, the only one who save them...will be Sora.
Mickey: The bond they ll share--that's gonna be the key, right? Don't worry, Namine. I'll make sure I pass this on to Sora--you know, the one in the outside world!
Namine: Mm, please do. Well--
Data Sora: Just a second.
Mickey: Huh?
Data Sora: Our promise...Your promise to the me I don't know. You et it, right?
Namine: I may be gone, but my promises to him are forever. And anyway...I owe this much. For all the...all those people that I hurt.
Data Sora: So what happens to YOU--the one that's right here?
Namine: I'm really just data made to pass along a message. I shouldn't...exist right now in this journal at all. And now, the record of me will dispear. But when you pass my message on to the other Sora, just remember to tell him the things that you've seen...and that you've felt. If you do that, then we'll be at rest--her, and me too. Along with everybody connected to Sora...
Data Sora: Namine, you got it. Oh yeah! I almost forgot. I have a message for you, too. Thanks you.
[Namine fades.]

[At the Mysterious Tower]
Mickey: Yen Sid... I think we're finally close to figuring out where Ven's heart is.
Yen Sid: Is that so? Then that leaves only Terra.
Mickey: Right. And we've gotta save all three of 'em.
Yen Sid: Hmm... The question is: What does Xenahort intend to do next?
Mickey: Xehanort? But his two halves are gone. There was Ansem, who commanded the Heartless...Xenmas, who commanded the Nobodies. Didn't Sora defeat them both?
Yen Sid: Correct, those two met their end. However, there in lies extactly our problem. The destruction of them both now guarantees the original Xehanort's reconstruction.
Mickey: Huh?
Yen Sid: Xehanort's heart, once seized by his Heartless half, is now free. And his body, which had become his Nobody, has been vanquished. Both halves will now be returned to the whole. In short...this means Master Xehanort will return.
Mickey: And you think that maybe he's gonna try to do something?
Yen Sid: A man like Xehanort will have left many roads open.
Mickey: Well, it doesn't matter what he cooks up. Me and Sora, we'll be ready, and Riku, too!
Yen Sid: Yes, they are indeed strong. But...not true Keyblade Msters, like you. Tell me...would a single one of you suffice if what you faced was not a single one of him?
Mickey: What? What do you mean?
Yen Sid: Mickey, please summon Sora hither. Riku as well.
Mickey: Of course, but...why?
Yen Sid: To show us the Mark of Mastery.

Mickey's Letter: I wanted to tell you right away... about memories that sleep within you, and... about the pieces that will tie you to your future. Sora, Riku, Kairi... The truth behind the Keyblade has found its way through so many people, and now I know that it rests in your hearts. Sora... You are who you are because of those people, but they're hurting and you're the only one who can end their sadness. They need you. It's possible that all your journeys so far have been preparing you for this great new task that's waiting for you. I should have known there were no coincidences--only links in a much larger chain of events. And now the door to your next ready to be open.

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