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Kronk's New Groove (also known as The Emperor's New Groove 2: Kronk's New Groove) is a 2005 American direct-to-video animated musical comedy film animated by Toon City Animation and released by Walt Disney Home Entertainment on December 13, 2005. The film is the sequel and spin-off to the 2000 animated film The Emperor's New Groove.


  • So, right about now, you're probably wondering, "Hey, where's that emperor guy?" Wella-wella-boom, baby! Kuzco here, coming to you live from the palace.
  • It's a scam! Her potion's a fake! She's selling snake oil, people! Wake up! Oh, you saw it already, huh? Well, smarty, I bet you didn't see this! [camera zooms in on Yzma's armpit hairs] Oh! Yikes! That's gonna haunt me in my nightmares. Can we just move on, please? Guy in the booth! Now!
  • Like how I weaseled myself in the movie? Nice.


  • You don't want to let a guy like Papi down, or you'll get one of these. The Cold Shoulder, the Frenzied Eyebrow, the Grimace of Doom, the Sneer of Despair, the Crippling Wince of Guilt, the Scowl of Impending Wrath, and worst of all, the Nostril Flare of Total Rejection.
  • My nightmare began on a day like any other. So, technically, I guess that would be a "daymare." But I digress. It was lunchtime, and I was making my usual deliveries around town. I always saved the best stop for last. To see my dear old friends at the Flickering Embers Home for Seniors. A happier group of folks you'd never hope to meet. A perfect example of how to grow old with grace and dignity.
  • [looking at the souvenir photo; disappointed] Rats, my eyes are closed.
  • Dear Papi, remember how you never thought I'd amount to anything? Well, I got news for you. Good news. I finally got that big house on a hill you've always wanted me to have. It's really great. You're gonna love it. It's got all the amenities. Swimming pool, golf course… The windmill's a killer. And my favorite part of all. Pancake junction! I even built a cozy little guest wing just for you. Yep. Just a big, serious house for a big, serious guy. Like me. That's who I am.
  • If I lose the house, I'll let Papi down. I can't let Papi down.
  • Doing good cost me my dream house. And then… It cost me my girl. These oven mitts were the last thing she touched, other than my fragile heart… Before she walked out of my life.
  • Why?! Why is this happening? I-I-I just don't understand. It just doesn't make any sense. Was it loop over, loop under and pull, or loop under, loop over and pull?
  • Dear Papi, remember how I've never been able to meet the right girl? Uh, any girl? Well, I finally found the woman of my dreams. She's everything you could want in a woman and more. Don't get too excited. We'll take it nice and slow at first. And we'll get married in a fancy ceremony and have lots and lots of kids. - Love, Kronk.
  • You see, Papi, you may look at my life and think I've got nothing, but the truth is… I've got everything.


  • Welcome to my new secret lab!
  • I've finally done it, Kronk. I've created the elixir of life. The answer to everyone's prayers. Behold! The fountain of youth in a bottle! [thunder crashes] Regular and diet.
  • I NEED GOLD, KRONK! [realizes what she said; laughs] I mean, you need gold.
  • Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! It's finally arrived. The cure for everything that ails you. Yzma's Young and Beautiful!
  • Big load of happy, coming through!
  • Back off, or I'll jump! [looks down below, seeing alligators and piranhas in the ravine] Wait, that can't be right.
  • Stand back! Don't make me use this! [takes out her potion] (Kronk: Your cough medicine?) No! My most fiendishly diabolical potion ever! When I drink this, you won't be able to lay a finger on me!


Kronk: Rudy? Yzma's youth potion is a fake. She cheated you.
Rudy: [looks at his reflection, realizing he's still the same] Oh? [looks at the fake potion]
Kronk: And… I cheated you too. I'm sorry. [Rudy pats him on the shoulder, making him feel better] I guess we better go tell the others.
Rudy: [gasps] The others! I almost forgot! They're about to elect Yzma emperor!
Kronk: I never knew that was an elective office.

Kronk: Stop this charade!
Rudy: Yzma's youth potion is a fake!
Yzma: [through gritted teeth] Kronk? What are you doing?!
Kronk: I want you all to look at Rudy…and tell me what you see.
Hildy: Whoo! That is one hot hunk of man!
Kronk: He's in his golden years. Not getting any younger. [holds up an hourglass] Chronologically challenged.
Rudy: I got wrinkles, bunions, ear hair! I'm still old!
Topo: Hey, he's right. I'm still old too!
Ipi: Me too! And Hildy looks like…
Hildy: Uh-uh-uh. Don't even!
Crowd: Yzma's a crook!
Yzma: [laughs nervously] Would you excuse me a moment? [runs away]

Ipi: So, what you're saying is, even though the potion was fake, we're only as old we feel.
Kronk: That's almost like you should thank Yzma for robbing you of every last cent. [laughs] Wait, that can't be right.
Ipi: Let's get her!
Yzma: Stand back! Don't make me use this! [takes out her potion]
Seniors: Ooh!
Kronk: Your cough medicine?
Yzma: No! My most fiendishly diabolical potion ever! When I drink this, you won't be able to lay a finger on me! [cackles and then starts to choke]
Ipi: GET HER!!!

Kronk: This is awful. I've got to find them a place to live. But where can I find a gigantic house with 30 extra bedrooms? Where? Think, think, think!
Kronk's Shoulder Angel: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Kronk: Too much salt in my spinach puffs?
Kronk's Shoulder Angel: No, no! You're house!
Kronk: Right!
Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Whoa, Nelly! Let's not overreact. You wanna lose your dream house? That house is gonna get us the big thumbs up from Papi.
Kronk: If I lose the house, I'll let Papi down. I can't let Papi down.
Kronk's Shoulder Angel: But you tricked Rudy out of that house!
Kronk: Oh, my! It's true! I took away Rudy's home!
Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Hey! You got that house fair and square!
Kronk's Shoulder Angel: Yeah, but he cheated his best friend!
Kronk's Shoulder Devil: No, he didn't!
Kronk: [grabs his shoulder devil by the throat] Yes, I did. I gotta do the right thing. Rudy! Let's talk real estate.

Juryman: Troop Kronk is disqualified! [Kronk and his kids gasp in horrified shock] The aquatic competition goes to Troop Birdwell!
[Birdwell's kids cheer as they get a point]
Kronk: Hey! That's not fair!
Birdwell: You ruined the aquatic event for my poppets.
Kronk: But now you've ruined it for my, uh…
Tipo: [whispers] Poppets.
Kronk: Poppets. I knew that.
Birdwell: Well then, I suppose you should've thought of that sooner. Come alone, chippers! Toodle pip. Toodle pip.

Birdwell: He can't do this to my little chippers!
Kronk: She can't do this to my little chippers.
Tipo: Yeah!
Kronk: That's it. Oh, that's it. The gloves are coming off. We're going mano a womano.
Both: Let the games begin!

Kronk: So, it all comes down to one event.
Birdwell: The Chipmunk cheer off!
Both: There's only one thing to do.
Birdwell: Practice, practice, practice!
Kronk: Do whatever it takes to WIN!

Tipo: We can't let him down. We just gotta win that trophy for Kronk!
Tipo's Shoulder Devil: You know what I'd do? Cheat.
Tipo's Shoulder Angel: [gasps] What am I hearing? You can't do that!
Tipo's Shoulder Devil: Nah-nah-nah-nah!
Tipo's Shoulder Angel: Stop it! Stop it!
Tipo's Shoulder Devil: Ha-ha! Crybaby, crybaby, stick your head in pie, baby!
Tipo's Shoulder Angel: Make him stop! Make him…
Tipo's Shoulder Devil: [puts a pacifier in his mouth to shut him up] Hey, Kronk said, "Do whatever it takes to win."
Tipo: Yeah. Whatever it takes.

Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Hey, look. Aren't those your eggs?
Kronk: [reading the label on the egg carton] "Kronk's Eggs. Property of Kronk. Do not touch except for Kronk." Hey! What are you doing with my eggs?!
Birdwell: What are you doing with my raisins, sir?
Kronk: These aren't your raisins.
Birdwell: [swipes the box out of his hand; reads the label] "Birdwell's Raisins. Property of Birdwell. Do not touch except for Birdwell."
Kronk: Huh. You think I would have seen that. I need those raisins.
Birdwell: Well, I need them more!
Kronk: Then you're ruining this for my kids!
Birdwell: You're wrecking it for mine!
Kronk: You disqualified us!
Birdwell: You tried to drown us!
Kronk: This is all your fault!
Birdwell: This is all your fault! [steps on his foot]
Kronk: Is not!
Birdwell: Is too, you twit!
Kronk: Give!
Birdwell: You give!
Both: You!

Birdwell: [reading the label on the bag] "Tipo's Itching Powder. Property of Tipo. Do not touch except for…" Tipo?! How could you?! I'm so disappointed.
Kronk: Oh, no. What am I gonna do?
Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Eh, let the kid take the rap. He'll do easy time.
Kronk's Shoulder Angel: You put the idea in his head. Look at him out there. He's six.
Kronk: Uh-oh, the lip. Not the lip.
Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Don't look directly at it! You start flapping your jaw, the girl goes bye-bye.
Kronk: Forever?
Kronk's Shoulder Devil: Heartbreak City.
Kronk: No.
Kronk's Shoulder Angel: So you're just gonna weasel out while they send Tipo off to the big house?
Kronk's Shoulder Devil: You forgetting something? [holds up the drawing of Papi with the thumbs-up in front of his face] You want this, you need that.
Kronk: But Tipo needs me. Let him go! It's all my fault.
Birdwell: [gasps in shock] Kronky-poo? You told Tipo to cheat?
Kronk: I told him, "do whatever it takes to win."

Pacha: You wanna borrow my house?
Chicha: And me?
Kronk: And them, if it's not too much trouble.
Chicha: Kronk, you should be ashamed of yourself.
Kronk: Trust me, I am, but, not as much as I'd be if Papi finds out I'm a failure, he's gonna come at me with everything. [quickly] The Cold Shoulder, the Frenzied Eyebrow, the Grimace of Doom, the Sneer of Despair, the Crippling Wince of Guilt, the Scowl of Impending Wrath, [normally] and worst of all, the Nostril Flare of Total Rejection.
Tipo: What's wrong with Kronk?
Tipo's Shoulder Angel: Duh. You made him look like a big fat liar in front of Miss Birdwell.
Tipo's Shoulder Devil: Hey, don't guilt-trip the kid! It's not his fault.
Tipo: No, he's right. I've got to help him.
Pacha: [to his wife] Now come on, Chich, he's our friend.
Chicha: Pacha.
Pacha: You saw the Nostril Flare of Total Rejection. We have to do something before his father gets here.
Chaca: Too late. He's here.

Kronk: Machu Picchu!
Rudy: [running over to Kronk, in his Mrs. Kronk disguise] Kronky-wonky! [jumps into his hands]
Papi: Who is this?
Rudy: Why, I'm the lovely Mrs. Kronk.
Papi: Kronker!
Kronk: Uh… Right. I'll go check on dinner. [drops Rudy and dashes into the kitchen]
Rudy: [annoyingly enters the kitchen] Hey! Is that any way to treat the lovely Mrs. Kronk?
Chicha: I thought I was the lovely Mrs. Kronk.
Rudy: Look at us. Putting on dresses. Pretending to be women.
Pacha: [enters the kitchen] KRONK! What are you doing?!
Kronk: Dinner rush. I've got four specials and I've got a party of ten coming at 8:30.
Rudy, Chicha, and Pacha: Kronk!
Papi: Kronk? [Kronk screams and runs back into the kitchen] Kronk! [follows him into the kitchen] Let me get this straight. [points to Chicha] She's Mrs. Kronk, [to Rudy in disguise] and she's Mrs. Kronk?

Kronk: Well, at least that's everybody.
Kuzco: Boom, baby! Like how I weaseled myself in the movie? Nice.
Kronk: Kuzco?
Kuzco: How you doing, hot stuff?
Kronk: Hot stuff? [holds up an "Uh-oh" sign]

Kronk: Papi… I have a confession. I'm not who you think I am. I, uh… I'm just a humble fry cook. And head delivery boy. That's not all. Chicha's not my wife. None of these folks are my wives. And these aren't my kids. Not even the ones who really are kids. Yeah, and that big house up on the hill, that's not mine either. And Pachita… [Pacha takes off his women's hat disguise] not even a woman. I lied to you, Papi. I just wanted you to be proud of me. I just wanted to get… [holds up a thumbs up] one of these. But all I ever got from you was… [Papi gives him a scowled look on his face] Yeah, that. I'm a failure. The truth is…I've got nothing.
Chaca: [walks up to him] But Kronk, you've got us.
Kronk: And I wouldn't trade you guys for anything.
Papi: Well, that would explain why you don't have anything.
Rudy: For your information, Kronk used to have a big house.
Ipi: On a hill.
Topo: But he gave it away to us old folks.
Chaca: And he had a girlfriend too. They baked us raisin bread.
Waitress: He gave up all those things to protect his friends.
Kronk: You were actually listening to my stories?
Waitress: I was weeping on the inside.
Kronk: Wait a second. I really wouldn't trade you guys for anything. Not even for a thumbs up. You see, Papi, you may look at my life and think I've got nothing, but the truth is… I've got everything.
Papi: Not yet, you don't. [gives his son a thumbs up and smiles] I'm proud of you, son.

Papi: Well, you know what this means, if they're finishing each other's sentences…
Waitress: Then it must be true love.


You've got to be true to your groove.

Walt Disney Pictures presents Kronk's New Groove

The groove is on the move.

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