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Following is a collection of last words spoken by characters in all Final Fantasy media.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy/Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy[edit]

Garland: The soul of strife shall endure forever, beyond time and space! Farewell, warriors of Cosmos. May we meet again in the afterworld...
Emperor: From the depths of hell, to this world once more--I will be back again! Ungaahh!
Cloud of Darkness (to Onion Knight): Such interesting creatures. But there is no escaping the fate of doom. We will waiting-among the clouds in the Void...
Exdeath: This is the sensation....The boundaries of the flesh are broken, dissolving into nothingness...The void is where all begins and all ends. Soon, all of you will become a part of this eternity!
Kefka (to Terra): Life...Dreams...Hope..Where do they come from? And where do they go? None of that junk is enough to fulfill your hearts? Destruction...Destruction is what make life worth living! Destroy! Destroy! DESTROY!!! LET'S DESTROY EVERYTHING!!!!! *laughs sorrowfully as he vanishes*
Sephiroth (to Cloud): We'll meet again, Cloud. I'll keep coming back--as long as you are who you are.
Ultimecia (to Squall): Time waits for no one. You can grab it, but it flies as soon as you loosen your grip. To condense and to bind--this i all I desire!
Kuja (to Zidane): I where I must...
Jecht (to Tidus): It was fun. Being your dad and all.
Chaos: Here ends the war of the gods. Destiny's hand can not be stalled.

Final Fantasy I & II[edit]

  • After 2,000 years I will be forgotten, and the Time Loop will close. I will live forever, and you shall meet doom!
    • Who: Garland/Chaos
    • Source: Final Fantasy
    • Notes: Character had established a "time loop" in which he was sent 2,000 years into the past through the Four Fiends' powers after losing to the Light Warriors near the beginning of the game, and sent the Four Fiends into the present. The party defeats him again as Chaos, killing him.
  • Go...through the door. You must...take Ultima. Do not grieve... This...this was my destiny...
    • Who: Minwu/Minh/Mindu/Ming-Wu
    • Source: Final Fantasy II
    • Notes: Character has broken the seal on the Ultima tome with a powerful spell, but is dying as a result.
  • Unbelievable... Defeated by... insects like you... not once, but twice! Who... are... you? Ungaahhhh!
    • Who: The Dark Emperor
    • Source: Final Fantasy II
    • Notes: Character, the dark half of the Emperor of Palamecia is defeated by Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon. Firion, Maria, Guy and Ricard had defeated and killed him earlier.
  • Fools! You've changed nothing! Your bloody legacy...of war and violence will not...end here! Ungaahhhh!
    • Who: The Light Emperor
    • Source: Final Fantasy II
    • Notes: The character, the light half of the Emperor of Palamecia, has been defeated by Minwu, Scott, Joseph and Ricard. He had previously attempted to convince them not to fight him by asking them to forgive them, and noting that responding to violence with violence was sinful.

Final Fantasy III[edit]

  • The Crystal is mine! Hah...
    • Who: Goldor
    • Notes: Character has been defeated by the party, after attempting to prevent them from taking what he believed to be the Earth Crystal (it actually is not). He breaks the crystal, then dies.
  • Alus... the kingdom is yours now. Stop the war, and bring peace back to its people. I’m counting on you, Son... [Alus: Father, don’t go!] I love you, Alus...
    • Who: King Gorn
    • Notes: Character had been controlled by Gigameth and was forced to set his soldiers against each other. Gigameth forced him to try to kill his own son, but broke free and stabbed himself, inflicting a mortal wound upon himself and ending Gigameth's control. He dies of his injuries after the party defeats Gigameth.
  • Gah! But my death will not change a single thing! The Cloud of Darkness is already here...Darkness will prevail...
    • Who: Xande/Zande
    • Notes: Character had attempted to summon the Cloud of Darkness, but the party defeats him. He dies after saying this, but the Cloud of Darkness appears.
  • We have to go now. We've done all we could. You are our only hope. You must bring balance between light and darkness. Now go forth! To the world of darkness!
    • Who: Dorga/Doga and/or Unei/Unne
    • Notes: Characters' bodies had died during an earlier battle with the Light Warriors for the purpose of powering the keys to Eureka and the Crystal Tower. However, their spirits remained, and they used their power to resurrect the heroes before fading away. Whether Dorga or Unei alone, or both of them are saying these words is unclear.
  • The hopes of light and darkness now unite! We shall not let the Void reign free!
    • Who: The Warriors of Darkness
    • Notes: Said after the Cloud of Darkness declared that light alone would not be enough to defeat it. After they say this line, they charge to attack the Cloud; they are killed, but the Cloud of Darkness is significantly weakened.
  • We shall devour your light, and use it to return this world to the Void!
    • Who: The Cloud of Darkness/Dark Cloud
    • Notes: Character says this line before fighting the heroes and being destroyed.

Final Fantasy IV[edit]

  • Father, please...forgive me. I was so...selfish. you. (Father... forgive me... I... love Edward! in the SNES version)
  • (Edward: Don't leave me Anna!) Edward, you must be brave. Golbez cannot be allowed to have the Crystals. You gave your love to me once. Now share it with all the world.Edward: Anna! Don't go! Don't leave me alone! (Edward... Do not let Golbez have all the crystals. You loved me. Now, give your love to all of your people. in the SNES version)
    • Who: Anna
    • Notes: Said before dying of wounds sustained in a Red Wing attack. Later appears as a ghost. Second line is said before her ghost disappears.
  • No...I will not lose to the likesss of you! (What? You beat me twice. GRRRR-BAAAH! in the SNES version)
  • Lord Zemuss... (Master Zemus! in the SNES version)
    • Who: Scarmiglione/Milon
    • Notes: Said after being defeated by the heroes. He backs away as they approach, and falls of the side of Mount Ordeals. He is ressurected later, but is again killed.
  • I will save you a briny pit in hell! Mwa ha ha ha ha! (I didn't expect you to defeat me... But this does not mean anything to this Kainazzo. Why don't you accompany me to the Dark World. Hee-hah-hah! in the SNES version)
  • We've failed! (Kainazzo: Once again! in the SNES version)
    • Who: Cagnazzo/Kainazzo/Caignozzio
    • Notes: Character had been killed, but his spirit returned to set off one final trap to kill Cecil and his allies. He is ressurected later, but is killed again.
  • Break! (STONE! in the SNES version)
    • Who: Porom/Palom
    • Notes: Said before turning themselves to stone, saving Cecil from Cagnazzo's trap. They are later ressurected by the Mysidia Elder.
  • No! How did that cursed sound reach this place? With the Crystal...I was to have life...eternal. Urgh... (WHY DID THAT MUSIC REACH HERE? GIVE ME THE CRYSTAL. THE EVERLASTING LIFE. in the SNES version)
    • Who: Dark Elf
    • Notes: Character had stolen the Crystal from it's resting place. Was killed after Edward's Bardsong took away his chambers heavy magnetic force, allowing the heroes to use their metal weapons.
  • I brought this on...myself. Letting hate consume me so. Please...avenge...Anna. (Cecil: Tellah!) (I brought this upon myself. Because I lost myself in hatred. Avenge my daughter for me, please! in the SNES version)
    • Who: Tellah/Tella
    • Notes: Tellah sacrificed his life energy to be able to use Meteor (Meteo in the SNES version) against Golbez, who was responsible for his daughter's death.
  • Traitor...You may have bested me, but the last of the four remains! Not that you will ever leave this tower alive to meet him! Mwa ha ha ha ha! (You know, the last and mightiest of us four is still left! Perish with this tower! in the SNES version)
  • Not again... (No! in the SNES version)
    • Who: Barbarricia/Valvalis/Valvalecia
    • Notes: Said to Kain, who was working for the villains until he returned to the heroes to fight her. She is killed, but later returns, only to be killed again.
  • Hee hee hee! This tower reaches beyond the surface, you know. Rubicante has already moved the Crystals to the spire above. All that remains is to annihilate those accursed dwarves with my cannons! Wee hee hee! (Ha ha ha! This Tower of Bab-il connects the ground and underground. Rubicant has already moved all the crystals to the upper world! And I shall annihilate the dwarves with my Super Cannon! Ha-hah-hah! in the SNES version)
    • Who: Dr. Lugae/Lugeie
  • Most interesting...You combine your strengths to overcome foes stronger even than yourselves. You are fine warriors indeed. Lord Golbez himself will find you no easy opposition. I pray the day comes that we can fight each other again. (Well... now I see why Golbez had a hard time with you. Weak people can join forces... I admire you, warriors! Farewell. in the SNES version)
  • A sound and thorough defeat. (We lost! in the SNES version)
    • Who: Rubicante/Rubicant
    • Notes: Character says the first quote after the party defeats him. He says the second quote when the party defeats him in the Giant of Bab-Il.
  • Thank you...Theodore.
    • Who: Kluya
    • Notes: Character, Cecil's dad, was killed by people who didn't agree with his teachings.
  • Thank goodness...
    • Who: Cecilia
    • Notes: Character, Cecil's mother, died after delivering him. Line was said when she found out the baby was healthy.
  • Even when this mortal shell is gone...My spirit...will live on... (This was mistranslated as This is just the beginning. in the SNES version.)
    • Who: Zemus
    • Notes: Said after being killed by Fusoya and Golbez. His hatred then manifests itself as Zeromus.
  • I will never long as there is darkness in the hearts of men! Urrrgh...Gaaaaah! (I will not perish as long as there is evil in the hearts of the people.. puff.. GRRRRRRRRRR! in the SNES version)
    • Who: Zeromus
    • Notes: Character was the incarnation of Zemus' hatred.

Final Fantasy V[edit]

  • Sarisa. Forgive me. I wasn't able to do anything for you. Lenna. Sarisa. Unite your power, and Bartz. Please. Protect them.
  • The world still needs you!
    • Who: King Tycoon
    • Notes: Character is dying after saving the group from an attack by the crystal fragments. He is referring to Faris, his long-lost daughter, by her real name when he says "Sarisa." He says the second line when he returns as a spirit during the ending. In the GBA translation, he says that he "wasn't much of a father" to Faris.
  • Of course I knew. But, there was no way I could send you. Warriors of the Crystal, it's up to you guys now. Galuf., Bartz, Lenna, Faris. Don't worry. I'll come to help you again.
  • Go! Warriors of the Crystal!
  • Take your chance!
    • Who: Xezat/Zeza
    • Notes: Zeza is trapped in the power room of the Barrier Tower, which is about to explode, and is communicating with the party with a device similar to a walkie-talkie. He admits that he knew that taking the role that he did in the mission to destroy the Barrier tower would cost him his life. He says the second line in unison with the other Warriors of Dawn when they return as spirits just before the final battle. He says the third line instead of the second when encouraging the player to fight Exdeath in the Game Boy Advance version.
  • Bartz... Lenna, Faris... My dear Krile... Exdeath... Exdeath... Destroy him...
  • It's still too early for you to come where we are!
    • Who: Galuf
    • Notes: Galuf died from wounds sustained fighting Exdeath, and said the first line but lived on as a spirit. After the player defeats Exdeath, he says the second line to the party when they are in the Void before departing.
  • Smash Exdeath's illusion! The last of my life. With everyone's power I'll send it to you in Exdeath's castle!!
  • Go! Warriors of the Crystal!
  • Destroy Exdeath!
    • Who: :Kelgar
    • Notes: Character is dying, and hears from Galuf's spirit that the party is facing an illusion in Exdeath's castle. He gives the last of his life to dispel that illusion with the help of his fellow werewolves. He says the second line in unison with the other Warriors of Dawn just before Bartz confronts Exdeath. He says the third line instead of the second in the Game Boy Advance version
  • Enough of this. Die!
    • Who: Necrophobia
    • Notes: The first line is said just as Necrophobia casts Flare on Gilgamesh, who has arrived to help the party against him. Gilgamesh then uses Exploder, killing both of them. The second line is if the party reduces Necrophobia's hit points to 0 before Gilgamesh arrives.
  • I believe that's MY line!!!
    • Who: Gilgamesh
    • Notes: Gilgamesh catches up with the party, which is fighting Necrophobia, to help them in order to save himself from being remembered as a weakling. Gilgamesh says this line in response to Necrophobia telling him to die, before using Explode, killing himself and Necrophobia.
  • NOOO! WHY!? The Void was mine to command! How could it- Uwaaah!!!
  • I am Neo Exdeath! All memories...dimensions...existence... All that is shall be returned to nothing. Then I, too, can disappear... ...forever!!!
    • Who: Exdeath/Neo-Exdeath/Exodus/X-Death
    • Notes: First line is said after player defeats Exdeath in the first phase of the final battle, and the Void consumes him. The second line is said after he transforms into Neo-Exdeath. It has been suggested that the two are separate individuals, hence the two quotes.

Final Fantasy VI[edit]

  • These are my companions who fell as we fled the Empire... And I will give you my power as well...
  • You must stop them. There must not be a second War of the Magi...
    • Who: Ramuh
    • Notes: Character turns himself into Magicite in order to help the group combat the Empire, which is using Magitek in its plans for conquest, similar to the War of the Magi 1000 years before. Ramuh fades from the world by the end of the game.
  • K-Kefka...! Y-you're insane...
    • Who: General Leo
    • Notes: Character has realized that Kefka and Gestahl planned the peace talks with the Espers in order to claim their Magicite. He says this when he is fighting with Kefka, who tackles him to the ground. Kefka then says that he will tell Gestahl he had to kill a traitor, and then kills General Leo.
  • The world is about to learn...the meaning of...fear...
    • Who: Emperor Gestahl/Gastora
    • Notes: Character had planned to take over the world with the power of the statues, but was betrayed by his accomplice, Kefka, and realizes that Kefka will destroy the world in his insanity. The Emperor attempts to stop Kefka, but Kefka strikes him down with his magic, and throws him off the Floating Continent after Gestahl says this.
  • Cough... hack... ACK!! While I can still talk, I... wheeze... pant... want to thank you... cough!
    • Who: Cid
    • Notes: If the player fails to save him from his illness, he will say this when he is close to death. After he says this, the player will find him dead the next time he or she enters the house to check on him. It is possible to save him, though.
  • Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from? And where do they go...? Such meaningless things... I'll destroy them all!
  • The end comes... beyond chaos.
    • Who: Kefka/Cefca
    • Notes: The first line is said just before fighting the party, and is from the Advance version. The second line, which is taken from the original game, is his last words if he charges up for his special attack, "Goner" before being defeated.
  • I have to go now... ...I'll always love you... You must now cast off the anguish you've been harbouring inside for so long... Today I set your heart free. You must learn to love yourself again, and regain your self respect. ...... Phoenix! Be reborn again!! And give your power... to Locke!!
    • Who: Rachel
    • Notes: Character is temporarily revived with the help of the Phoenix Esper and says these words before dying.

Final Fantasy VII[edit]

  • Barret... Don't... make... Don't ever make Marlene... cry...
    • Who: Dyne
    • Source: Final Fantasy VII
    • Notes: Character, Barret's former friend, had lost his hope and sanity after Corel's destruction and his wife Eleanor's death, and became a killer. After Barret defeats him in a duel and tells him of Marlene being alive, Dyne tells him that his hands are "too stained" to carry her any more, gives Barret her pendant, says this line, then commits suicide.
  • I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over.
    • Who: Aerith Gainsborough
    • Source: Final Fantasy VII
    • Notes: Aerith says this to Cloud in a dream-like sequence, just before departing for the City of the Ancients, where Sephiroth impales and kills her. She, however, appears briefly in the ending.

Final Fantasy VIII[edit]

  • I... can't... disappear yet.
    • Who: Ultimecia
    • Notes: Character, a sorceress, had been defeated by Squall and his companions, but traveled back to the past with Squall. She passes on her powers to Edea in order to be at peace before she dies.

Final Fantasy IX[edit]

  • Ugh...! Sealion, kill him for me!
  • Wh-Why...?!
  • Mission...retrieve...princess...alive...
    • Who: Black Waltz No. 3
    • Notes: Has been severely damaged after airship collision on South Gate. Finally finished off by Garnet, Steiner, and Marcus.
  • I haven't... felt this way... since I saw that play... with you... and your father. I led... Alexandria... down... the path... of ruin... The people... will be... happier... with you... on the throne...
    • Who: Queen Brahne
    • Notes: Character is dying after Kuja manipulates Bahamut into attacking her fleet, and is speaking to her (adopted) daughter Garnet. She had previously led Alexandria against the other kingdoms in a quest for power after her husband's death and under Kuja's influence (although he denies it).
  • [Kuja: Any last words?] Your power... is meaningless...
  • You are on your own now. Zidane...take care of Kuja. ...and protect the crystal. Farewell... [Zidane: Garland, wait! Garland!] Even if I were created to serve one purpose alone, I do not regret being born to this world.
    • Who: Garland
    • Notes: Character had created the genomes Kuja and Zidane as part of his plan to restore his world of Terra. Kuja, however, rebelled against him, and gained the power of Trance to use to further his own ends. Garland says the first line just before Kuja throws him to his death, and says the second line before fading away, after his spirit informs Kuja of his limited lifespan, and tells Zidane of his and Kuja's origins.
  • This is not the end. I am eternal... long as there is life and death...
    • Who: Necron
    • Notes: Character had concluded, based on Kuja's destroying the Crystal, that humans feared death and that the world should be returned to the void. Zidane's party, however, defeated it and destroyed it, at least temporarily.
  • After you guys beat me, I had nothing left... nothing more to lose. Then, I finally realized what it means to live... I guess I was too late.
    • Who: Kuja
    • Notes: Character has lost to Zidane's group after realizing that attempting to gain power and become immortal was futile and being thwarted in his attempt to destroy the world. He has teleported Zidane's party to safety, but after Zidane returns to be with his "brother" in his final moments, he says these lines and dies.

Final Fantasy X[edit]

  • Ah... Zaon... Forgive me... Spira has been robbed of the light of hope... All that remains is sorrow.
    • Who: Yunalesca
    • Source: Final Fantasy X
    • Notes: Character, a long-dead unsent spirit, had instructed summoners to perform the Final Summoning, a ritual that temporarily stopped Sin but killed the summoner and caused one of their guardians, chosen as the fayth, to become the Final Aeon and be possessed by Sin as it reformed. She attacks Yuna's group for refusing to perform it, and is defeated and sent to the Farplane after suggesting that there is no permanent way to defeat Sin and that the Final Summoning can no longer be used. Zaon is her husband.
  • [Rikku: Wait, gramps! Who's Yu Yevon?]He who crafts the souls of the dead into unholy armor. An armor called Sin. Clad in it, Yu Yevon is invincible. And the only thing that could have pierced that armor, you have destroyed! Nothing can stop it now.
    • Who: Grand Maester Mika
    • Source: Final Fantasy X
    • Notes: Character, who had died long ago and remains as an unsent spirit has learned that the party has defeated Yunalesca, and believes that Spira will be destroyed now that the summoners can no longer use the Final Summoning against Sin. He sends himself to Via Infinito.
  • Yuna... you would pity me now?
  • So it is you, after all, who will send me. But even after I am gone, Spira's sorrow will prevail.
    • Who: Maester Seymour Guado
    • Source: Final Fantasy X
    • Notes: He says the first line after Yuna and her guardians defeat him in Macalania Temple. He dies but is not sent to the Farplane, and thus continues to exist as an unsent spirit. He says the second time when the party defeats him for the final time inside Sin. In the second line, he is referring to Yuna, who is sending him, thereby ending his existence as an unsent spirit, as she had attempted to do so during when he had tried to force her to marry him.
  • This is your world now.
    • Who: Auron
    • Source: Final Fantasy X
    • Notes: Character had died long ago, and existed as an unsent for the game's duration. Yuna notices that he is being sent, and is temporarily reluctant to send him. He appears briefly as a spirit in the Farplane of Final Fantasy X-2
  • Yuna, I have to go. I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand. Goodbye!
    • Who: Tidus
    • Source: Final Fantasy X
    • Notes: Character is a "dream", and defeating Yu Yevon ends his existence. However, he returns in the "good" ending of Final Fantasy X-2
  • Can we?
    • Who: Shuyin
    • Source: Final Fantasy X-2
    • Notes: Character, a tormented unsent spirit, had attempted to destroy all of Spira so that he could disappear. However, the spirit of his lover, Lenne, appears and tells him to go with her to the Farplane. Shortly after he asks this question, they depart.

Final Fantasy XII[edit]

  • For my father...FOR MY FATHER!
    • Who: Rasler Heios Nabradia
    • Notes: Character is shot by an enemy solider soon after.
  • Captain, why? Our king... what have you done?
    • Vaan...
    • Who: Reks (Vaan's brother)
    • Notes: First line was after being pierced by Basch (actually Gabranth)'s sword upon seeing the corpse of the King of Dalmasca. The second quote is his actual last words (on screen) after "Basch" is taken away by Vayne's soldiers.
  • [Gabranth: Forgive me.] Prey be quick.
    • Who: Judge Drace
    • Note: Gabranth is forced to execute Drace for treason.
  • [Balthier: Was there no other way?] Spend your pity elsewhere. If you are so set on running, hadn't you best be off? Fool of a pirate.
    • Who: Dr. Cid
    • Note: Having been defeated by Vaan's party at the top of the Pharos Tower and slowly dissolving into Mist, Cid advised his son (who had just helped destroy him) to get moving before the Sun Cryst's energy bursts.
  • I, Judge Magister, condemn you to oblivion!
    • Who: Reddas
    • Note: He destroyed the Sun Cryst and then it explodes in a gulf of flames at the top of the Pharos Tower. Reddas was caught in that explosion and that killed him.
  • From the Undying Ones the World is freed. You shall not tread this path alone. Together we go. Come.
    • Who: Venat
    • Note: Dissolving into wisps of light that enter Vayne's body as it fulfilled its reason to exist.
  • Won't Cid be eager to learn what has happened here. History begins anew.
    • Who: Vayne Solidor
    • Note: After he said this, he used Venat's powers to become the Undying. He fought against Vaan's group and after he lost, his body disintegrates then explodes.
  • [Basch: I will keep him (Larsa) from harm, I promise you. For Dalmasca, and for the empire.] Your words put me at ease, brother. Sorry to leave you.
    • Who: Judge Magister Gabranth
    • Note: Character turned against Vayne in the penultimate battle, and later succumbs to his injuries.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[edit]

  • In you I see...hope.
    • Who: Velis
    • Note: Character was already dead, but says this line before his ghost fades away.
  • Thank you.
    • Who: Mydia/Judge of Wings
    • Note: Character says this line after Vaan says they will try and free Feolthanos.
  • I must give you thanks as well. You helped me reach the end of my journey. You've shown me there is ever hope in the skies.
    • Who: Feolthanos
    • Note: Said to Vaan, before fading away into the afterlife.

Final Fantasy XIII trilogy[edit]

  • Get him home... Please...
    • Who: Nora Estheim
    • Notes: Said to Snow, before falling to her death.
  • What? Your Eminence-!
    • Who: Jihl Nabaat
    • Notes: Said to Galenth, who has told her to take her leave. He then betrayed and murders her and everyone in the room.
  • My dream is but a fal'Cie's fancy now. End it.
    • Who: Cid Raines
    • Notes: Character, no longer wanting to be Barthandelus/Galenth's puppet, tells Rydgea to kill him.
  • This is my end. The end which I have chosen!
    • Who: Yaag Rosch
    • Notes: Rosch was wounded when the Proudclad was destroyed. He is left by Lightning and her group and kills himself with a grenade when two Behemoth Kings come to attack.
  • Release... At last, release!
    • Who: Galenth Dysley/Barthandelus
    • Notes: Said after being defeated by Lightning and her group, before falling into Orphan's Pool. He is then assimilated by Orphan and becomes part of his shell.
  • Your awakening demands on offer of pain!
    • Who: Orphan's shell
Everyone is smiling This is the future...I wanted to see.!
  • Who: 200 AF Yeul
    • Note: Death negated upon reality ceasing to be.
I saw death. If I were to live, it would bring contradiction the timeline.
  • Who: 400 AF Yeul
    • Note: Death negated by altering the past.
He who can change time, must choose between those who die, and those who live. You must bear the burden. Of the eternal paradox!
  • Who: Caius Ballad
    • Note: Death negated upon reality ceasing to be.
Is this you last resort?! Your final, desperate ploy?! You think you can survive ME?! The power of divine light is MINE!!!
  • Who: Bhunivelze

Final Fantasy#Final Fantasy XIV[edit]

  • Remember...Remember us...Remember...That we once lived...
    • Who: Hades/Emet Selch/Solus zos Galvus, after being fatally wounded with an ethereal axe.

Final Fantasy#Final Fantasy XV[edit]

  • Ardyn...
    • Who: Aera Mils Fleuret
    • Source: Final Fantasy XV
  • When the world falls down around you, and hope is lost, when you find yourself alone, amid a lightless place, look to the distance. Know that I am there, and that I watch over you always. Farewell, dear Noctis.
    • Who: Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
    • Source: Final Fantasy XV
  • How can this be? I will not allow it!
    • Who: Verstael Besithia
    • Source: Final Fantasy XV
  • At last you have arrived, Noctis. The gods have shown you their favor. As Blood of the Oracle, I present you your father's glaive. Now go forth, my king. Shine your light unto the world.
    • Who: Ravus Nox Fleuret
    • Source: Final Fantasy XV
  • The empire shall span... all the lands... By the Crystal's light... we shall flourish... I shall arise... as ruler... of the world!
    • Who: Iedolas Aldercapt
    • Source: Final Fantasy XV
  • Now it is over, Majesty. What will you do? Banish the demons and bring peace? Erase me from history once more? [Noctis: This time, you can rest in peace. Close your eyes... forevermore.] I will await you... in the beyond.
    • Who: Ardyn Izunia
    • Source: Final Fantasy XV
    • Note: Said when overpowered by Noctis, he accepts defeat and says he will await Noctis in the "beyond" before his body vanishes.
  • It's finally over...
    • Who: Noctis Lucis Caelum
    • Source: Final Fantasy XV
    • Note: Said when he delivers a final blow, finally putting Ardyn's soul to rest. The prophecy is fulfilled and light is restored to Eos.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within[edit]

  • Yes! We are good to go!
    • Who: Officer Neil Fleming
    • Note: Said when he finishes removing a lock on a nearby ship before a Phantom rips his soul out.
  • NOOO!!!
    • Who: Officer Jane Proudfoot
    • Note: Said in response to Neil's death. She fights until she is out of ammo, then drops her gun and waits for the Phantom to kill her.
  • You've always told me death isn't the end. Don't back out on me, now that I believe. I love you.
    • Who: Captain Gray Edwards
    • Note: Said to Aki Ross before giving himself to the Phantom Gaia, destroying it and all the Phantoms.
  • Fire! Fire, dammit! Fire!! The system must've...oh...
    • Who: General Hein
    • Note: Character was trying to fire a laser canon mounted on a space station, despite the computer warning him of it overloading. "Oh..." is said when he realizes that the battle station is about to explode.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles[edit]

  • Not yet! Not...
    • Who: Raem
    • Source: Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers[edit]

  • Layle, I felt gravity within you. I am so glad it was you. I am glad I chose you.
    • Who: Amidatelion:
    • Source: Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Final Fantasy Unlimited[edit]

Final Fantasy Tactics[edit]

  • I'm can I be losing....? It's impossible. I can't...die...until he resurrects...
    • Who: Cardinal Draclau/Queklain
    • Notes: Character has used a Zodiac stone to turn into a demon, but loses to Ramza. He is one of the demons attempting to resurrect the Zodiac Brave Altima.
  • Whooooah!! They're just humans....!
    • Who: Wiegraf/Velius
  • Hashmalum...sorry. I'm leaving the rest to you...
    • Who: Zalera
    • Notes: Character, a Zodiac Brave, is speaking of the Zodiac Brave Hashmalum, leader of those trying to resurrect Altima.
  • If only you hadn't interfered... Ivalice would've been ours, the Beoulve's... You fools...
  • Shit! It's still not right. If only 'Bloody Angel' were here this wouldn't have happened...
    • Who: Dycedarg Beoulve/Adramelk
    • Notes: Character assassinated his own father and Prince Larg in order to try to rule Ivalice, but was killed by Ramza and Zalbag. He is revived by the Zodiac Stone's power as the Zodiac Brave Adramelk, but it is suggested that Adramelk is a separate individual. He is referring to Altima in the second quote
  • Don't you have any 'justice', Brother!? The Beoulve name is only for the brave! You aren't worthy of it, Brother!
  • I'm so sorry, Ramza... to make you...suffer. Save...Alma... You're the only one... who can... I...have to go now...Goodbye...Ramza... Thank you......
    • Who: Zalbag Beoulve
    • Notes: Character fights Dycedarg with his other brother Ramza, but is killed after Dycedarg transforms into Adramelk. Character is resurrected as an undead and forced to fight his Ramza, but Ramza defeats him.
  • I won't let you interfere. Bloody Angel!! I own life...for your resurrection...!!
    • Who: Vormav/Hashmalum
    • Notes: Character turns into a demon to fight Ramza in an attempt to gain a blood sacrifice to revive Altima, but loses. He tears open his chest with his claws, killing himself and successfully reviving Altima.
  • More... power...
    • Who: Altima
    • Notes: Character has been defeated by Ramza, and is destroyed in a massive explosion.
  • You use everybody like that! Now, you'll kill me just like Ramza...!
    • Who: Queen Ovelia
    • Notes: Says this to her husband and the new king Delita, just as she stabs him; he had come to power through manipulation and scheming. After she says this, he apparently kills her.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[edit]

  • How could I lose? Darkness, take me into your fold...
    • Who: Dark Duke Lodion
    • Notes: Character has been hunted down by Marche for a bounty. As he has been defeated in a Jagd, with no protection of the law, he presumably dies.
  • Unnngh... heh, at least I went out fighting...
    • Who: Killer Rayne
    • Notes: Character has been hunted down by Marche for a bounty. As she has been defeated in a Jagd, with no protection of the law, she presumably dies.
  • The spiritstone... how did you know? Ahhhh!
    • Who: Grissom
    • Notes: Marche has defeated the leader of the Redwings after assembling an artifact known as the Spiritstone. It is revealed in a rumor that he died after losing.
  • Unnngh... My body... I feel so strange.. I must win... I cannot lose... not lose... Uwaaah!
    • Who: Llednar Twem
    • Notes: Character has been defeated by Marche while fighting desperately to keep him out of the Ambervale, and turns to stone and crumbles. "unnngh" is lowercase in the game.
  • I am the wish-gatherer. I am the world-maker. Desire is the thread that binds the worlds together
    • Who: Remedi/Li-Grim
    • Notes: Character, who had previously acted as Mewt's mother in Ivalice, revealed herself as the essence of all wishes. Marche defeats her and apparently causes her to disappear. After being defeated, she apparently speaks with Mewt off-screen, telling him to look after his father.