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Following is a collection of last words spoken by characters in all Grand Theft Auto video games.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories[edit]

  • Is that the best you've got?!
    • Who: Armando Mendez
    • Note: Character has been shot by Victor Vance in his mansion.
  • Make sure Mary-Jo takes care of my baby...
    • Who: Louise Cassidy-Williams
    • Note: Character talks to Vic Vance before dying of wounds sustained by Armando Mendez.
  • Vete a la mierda!
    • Who: Diego Mendez
    • Note: He says that line to Jerry Martinez. It means "Go to shit!". He is killed by Victor afterwards with Martinez.
  • You first.
    • Who: Jerry Martinez
    • Note: He says that line to Diego Mendez. He is killed by Victor afterwards with Diego.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City[edit]

  • I think we have a deal, my friend. HA HA!
    • Who: Vic Vance
    • Note: Character was gunned down by Ricardo Diaz's men while conducting a drug deal worth of 20 kg of cocaine with Tommy Vercetti.
  • I trusted you, Tommy. I woulda had you made...
    • Who: Ricardo Diaz
    • Note: Character has been shot by Tommy Vercetti, who is killing him to save himself from being killed and in revenge for his role in sabotaging a drug deal. After he says this, Tommy and Lance finish him off.
  • Hey guys! Get in! I got you covered!
    • Who: Hilary King
  • [Tommy Vercetti: This is the last dance for Lance Vance!] I said I had enough of that at school!
    • Who: Lance Vance
    • Note: Tommy is making fun of Lance's name during a gunfight that follows Lance betraying him, which ends with Tommy killing Lance.
  • Get him boys, he never understood a thing.
    • Who: Sonny Forelli
    • Note: The character is saying this as he is sending his numerous goons after the main character, Tommy, who ends up killing both the goons and Sonny.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[edit]

  • He's broken my heart!
    • Who: Freddy
    • Note: Character drives away from Carl Johnson and OG Loc, who give chase. He eventually reaches his gang and says this line, a moment after which he is killed by Carl.
  • Oh, Lord! Whatchoo all waiting on, huh? Somebody cap this nigga, man!
    • Who: Jizzy B.
    • Note: The character tries to escape from the main character, Carl Johnson, after saying this line; Carl had infiltrated his organization and had just revealed that he was betraying him. A car chase ensues that leads to his death.
  • Can't... stop... me...
  • I'm a motherfucking genius.
    • Who: Lance "Ryder" Wilson
    • Note: He says the first line in a cinematic while he tries to escape from CJ and Cesar. He says the second line during a boat chase during which CJ kills him, after complaining that he "fucking sold [the Grove Street Families] out"; the player does not hear this line if he or she kills him before he makes it to a boat.
  • It's fucking him... It's him! Oh my God... Oh God... It's him... Aaargghh! My heart! Euchh... my heart...
    • Who: Johnny Sindacco
    • Note: The character has just recognized CJ from a traumatic experience he had earlier in the game. As a result, he dies from a shock-induced heart attack.
  • Yeah... can I fuck your sister?
    • Who: Officer Eddie Pulaski
    • Note: The character is dying from a gunshot wound inflicted by the main character, Carl Johnson. He says this line when Carl asks if he has any last requests. In response, Carl stamps his foot on him.
  • I had no choice... I had to do it... I just see the opportunity. When I'm gone, everyone gonna remember my name... Big Smoke!
    • Who: Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris
    • Note: The character is dying from a gunshot wound inflicted by the main character, Carl Johnson. He says this line in response to Carl's question on why he turned his back on the Grove Street Families.
  • Come on, assholes. I'll take you all. You're mine! Mine! I run this town! Hey, over here! Hey! Officer down! Come on! HEY! [pause as he realizes no help is coming] Assholes! You never understood what I did! Fifty of me and this town would be OK. I took the trash out! I did! And I'd do it all again...
    • Who: Officer Frank Tenpenny
    • Note: This line is said after the character's stolen fire truck falls over the edge of a bridge and into Grove Street, just before the character dies of his injuries. Character was a corrupt police officer who had claimed that his schemes would bring gang violence under control.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories[edit]

  • Hey, are we there? Where's Salvatore? Toni, the first drink's on me...
    • Who: JD O'Toole
    • Note: Character is shot in the back of the head by Mickey Hamfists under Salvatore Leone's orders.
  • You son of a bitch! Why can't you just die already? You should have never come back Toni. I worked my fingers to the bone for Salvatore. And you just come wandering back to town and he's all, Toni this, and Toni that! This is my town Toni! My town! You ain't taking it away from me! I'm gonna enjoy this.
    • Who: Vincenzo Cilli
    • Note: Character is killed by Toni after a failed ambush.
  • It was nothing personal.
    • Who: Massimo Torini
    • Note: Character is explaining why he had attempted to eliminate Salvatore Leone and kidnap the Leone-controlled mayor of the city. Salvatore does not accept this explanation, vowing to tear Massimo's heart out. Massimo retreats to his helicopter, but is killed when Toni Cipriani shoots it down.

Grand Theft Auto III[edit]

  • Carl, hi! I eerr, I need more time to get your money, but if you just step into my office...
    • Who: Marty Chonks
    • Note: The character is saying this to a man named Carl, whom he failed to give money to. Before he can finish the sentence, Carl says that it's too late for the money, and that he's taking over his business. He then shoots Marty dead with a shotgun.
  • Ok, so the Leones are fighting war on two fronts, meanwhile they are in a turf with the Triads with no sign of either side giving up. Meanwhile Joey Leone has stirred up some bad blood with the Forellis. Every day they're losing men and influence in the city. Salvatore is becoming dangerous and paranoid. He suspects everybody and everything.
    • Who: Curly Bob
    • Note: The character is saying this to the Columbia Cartel leader Catalina. The words are heard by the main character, who's been sent to kill Bob by Salvatore Leone. The main character obviously accomplishes this deed.
  • Get this thing airborne!!
    • Who: Catalina
    • Note: Her helicopter is shot down by the main character moments after this line is said.
  • But look at me now and my hair is ruined, I mean can you believe it, this one cost my fifty dollars.
    • Who: Maria
    • Note: She says this while talking to the main character and silent protagonist. It is uncertain whether she dies after this line is said, but some speculate that because a gunshot is heard after the screen fades to black, he killed her.

Grand Theft Auto IV[edit]

  • Fuck you! I wish I could be there to watch Mikhail cut your peasant balls off!
  • You killed yourself and your cousin yokel, you are dead men!
  • Mikhail Faustin thought of me as a brother! He will get revenge!
  • You are nothing in this city. You will be crushed!
  • Hove Beach is a small place. My friends will find you!
    • Who: Vlad Glebov
    • Note: Any of the first 4 quotes can be Vlad's last words if you don't perform the execution. The last quote is Vlad's last words if the execution is performed.
    • Note 2: Character is a drunken loan shark who is an employee of Mikhail Faustin and in charge of making sure Roman, Niko's cousin, pays his depts. He treats Roman and Niko horribly and finally goes too far by sleeping with Roman's girlfriend. Niko snaps, chases Vlad down, and shoots him in the face.
  • BETRAYED!! Betrayed by Dimitri and by you! TOO KIND!! That's what I was, too kind! I let the snakes into the nest, and they destroyed EVERYTHING!! I gave them everything, and they took everything from me! Now they've sent YOU to take the only thing I have left! You have got me cornered! There's nowhere for me to go! Niko: You've betrayed YOURSELF, Mr. Faustin.
    • Who: Mikhail Faustin
    • Note: The character is a crime boss with extreme temper problems. He is being killed by the main character, Niko, because he made Niko kill the son of another crime boss who will drop all faults if it is Niko who kills him, to show that he was simply a hired gun.
  • Thank you.
    • Who: Darko Brevic
    • Note: Brevic is a former soldier, who fought in Balkan Wars along with Niko Bellic (game protagonist) and 12 other men- he betrayed his unit for 1000$. A drug addict and drunkard, living in Bucharest, later in game he is kidnapped by an unnamed government agency in exchange for Niko's services, who seeks revenge on Darko for his betrayal. Niko can decide whether to kill Brevic or let him live.
  • You're the one who's going to learn a lesson. People aren't going to be happy if you kill me.
    • Who: Dimitri Rascalov
    • Note: Dimitri is killed by the player after saying this quote.
    • Note 2: This is his last quote only if the player chooses the Revenge option.
  • Whatever.
    • Who: James "Jimmy" Pegorino
    • Note: the character replies to protagonist, who taunts him.
    • Note 2: This is his last quote only if the player chooses the Revenge option.

Grand Theft Auto V[edit]

  • Jeez I think they're gonna-
    • Who: Unnamed Getaway Driver
    • Note: Says this before being shot dead by a Police Officer in the Prologue.
  • I'm gonna check around back.
    • Who: Brad Snider
    • Note: Says this before being shot by Dave Norton.
  • I messed up.
    • Who: Johnny Klebitz
    • Note: Said before he is beaten and killed by Trevor Phillips
  • Hold on a second. I think someone's trying to dock with me. Hello?
    • Who: Jay Norris
    • Note: While revealing a prototype phone at a televised press conference, he hears it ring and answers it, only to be killed by an explosive hidden inside of it.
  • Put the Weapons down!
    • Who: United Liberty Paper Contact
    • Note: Says this during a three way standoff between the IAA [Whom he is apart of], corrupt FIB Agents, Steve Haines, Dave Norton and Michael and Merryweather. He can be killed in the crossfire.
  • Saying something don't make it true
    • Who: Ortega, leader of the Aztecas
    • Note: Says this to Trevor Philips after he crashes his Trailer into a river.
    • Note 2: Can be kept alive. If he survives the mission, he will instead raid Trevor's Meth Lab and be killed in the process.
  • With me!
    • Who: Andreas Sanchez
    • Note: Says this in response to Steve Haines asking who the Corrupt F.I.B. Units are with. He is killed after by Steve Haines shooting him in the head.
  • Sweet Mother Of Shit
    • Who: Unnamed Sheriff
    • Note: Says this in response to Michael, Trevor and there Gunman's Military Armour. He is likely killed in the battle between the Criminals and the Police
  • Johnny!
    • Who: Ashley, Johnny's Girlfriend
    • Note: Says this after Trevor kills Johnny. She can be killed afterwards. If she survives, she will be mentioned as having been killed in Heroin Orgy later in the game.
  • Gold help us!
    • Who: Unnamed Pilot
    • Note: Says this to Air Traffic Control prior to his Aircraft carrying Javier Madrazo crashes into a field. Though Javier survives the crash, the Pilot and another Passenger die on Impact.
  • You made the wrong call.
    • Who: Michael De Santa
    • Note: Said to Franklin when he decides to ignore Michael's guidance.
    • Note 2: This line is said only if the player chooses B.
  • You wanna kill me? Take a fucking shot!
    • Who: Trevor Phillips
    • Note: Said while he is covered in gasoline after crashing into a tanker. He is burned to death when Franklin or Michael's bullet ignites the gasoline.
    • Note 2: This line is said only if the player chooses A.

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