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Lego Dimensions is a toys-to-life video game devoloped by TT Games and Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on September 27, 2015.


  • [repeated line] I'm Batman!
  • [Before leaving the Mines of Moria] I'm not an actual bat, Gandalf.
  • [to the Wicked Witch] This has gone on long enough, Wicked Witch. Surrender the piece!
  • [While using Wyldstyle's scanner] If I can locate whatever's generating this rift, then I can disrupt it.
  • [First words after arriving in Oz] We are not in Gotham anymore.
  • [After Doc Brown asked when he was] When are you? Did you hit your head? You're in Hill Valley.
  • [When looking at his grapple gun and the other one that was from the Doctor] Clearly, a copy.
  • [Confronting Lord Vortech for the first time] Let's settle this Mano-a-BatMano.
  • I ain't afraid of no ghost.


  • [After Batman and Gandalf enter her world] Batman? Gandalf? [The Batman from The Lego Movie gets up.] Batman?
  • [After being confronted by the awoken Daleks] Us? We're not hostile, we're friends of the Doctor.
  • [After changing GLaDOS' amorality core with the morality core] Phew! I guess we'll be seeing a nicer side of her from now on.
  • [To Batman and Gandalf] Can someone give me a hand!? Oh, yeah, not him, though!


  • [When seeing the two Batmen fight] Oh, twins! I wonder if one of them is evil.
  • [After hearing Batman say Oz was "colorful"] Yes, it is rather pleasant.
  • [After the Doctor leaves] Can someone explain to me what's going on, please?
  • [After being told by the Doc to hide the DeLorean] What an eccentric performance.

Lord Vortech[edit]

  • After all these years of searching and drilling, it really exists! Foundation Prime. This depicts the Foundation Elements; artifacts from the start of time, scattered across the dimensions. And only I can gather them in one place.
  • I will have them all, I will control their power! I will make... universes collide!
  • [Disguised as a cowboy in Hill Valley confronting the main heroes] This universe ain't big enough for the for of us!
  • [After being unmasked by Batman] And I would've gotten away with it, if it hadn't have been for you meddling kids!

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]


  • [first lines] Hey, I found the thing! Uh, I mean... Anomaly located, master.
  • [After the trio fix the Gateway] Re-routing from back-up power. All systems are go. Limited system functionality restored.
  • [After the heroes return from Oz and retrieving of the the Gateway pieces] Hey, nice job. You bought back the Shift Keystone.
  • [After the heroes return from Springfield with the next Keystone] There it is, the Chroma Keystone. Now we're talking.
  • [After the heroes return from Ninjago with the third keystone] This is the Elemental Phase Keystone. Also known as the Keystone with the fanciest name.
  • [After the heroes return from the Cyber-Ship with the fourth keystone] The Scale Keystone. I'll handle that.
  • [After the heroes return from Metropolis with the final keystone] This is the Locate Keystone. Now you can help me find my car keys. I'm just kidding, maybe later.
  • [After being fixed and introducing himself] So here's the deal: Now that the Keystones have been integrated into the Gateway device, you must gather the Foundation Elements immediately. It's a "gotta-collect-them-all" kind of thing.


  • You're gonna need a bigger imagination.
  • Break the rules.

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