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The Lego Movie (in 107 minutes release in May 20, 2022 by Universal Pictures) is a 2013 computer animated comedy film about an ordinary LEGO construction worker, thought to be the prophesied "special", who is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil diabolical tyrant from gluing the LEGO universe into his own selfish vision of perfection.

Directed and written by Phil Lord and David Soren & Bob Anderson. Story by Dan Lin And Kathleen Fleming, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.


Lord Business: [after knocking down Vitruvius Lord Business goes over to the Kragle] The Kragle, the most powerful super weapon is mine: [he opens the Kragle] [He opens the case. We see something glowing] Oh, the Kragle! [laughs evilly as his horns shoot fire] Now my evil power will be unlimited! Can you feel me?!
Robot: [monotone] I can feel you. [his robots start carrying the Kragle away]
Lord Business: WHOO! Nothing's gonna stop me now!
Vitruvius: [weakly to down] Wait, there's a prophecy.
Lord Business: [grumbling] Oh, now there's a prophecy.
Vitruvius: About the Piece of Resistance.
Lord Business: [he turns to Vitruvius] Oh, yes, the supposed missing Piece of Resistance that can somehow magically disarm the Kragle, gimme a break! [to Lord Business] [Vitruvius rises and turns to face Lord Business, suddenly his eyes shine brightly] [Gasping]
Vitruvius: One day a talented lass or fellow, a Special one with face of yellow, will make the Piece of Resistance found from its hiding refuge underground, and with a noble army at the helm, this Master Builder will thwart the Kragle and save the realm, and be the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all times, all this is true, because it rhymes.
Lord Business: [sarcastically] Oh, wow, that was a great, inspiring legend... that you made up.
[Business kicks Vitruvius screaming off the ledge with his giant robot leg]
Lord Business: A special one? What a bunch of hippy dippy baloney.

Radio DJ: [he turns on the radio] Top of the charts again, it's everything is awesome.
Emmet: Oh, my gosh! I love this Song! [Everything Is Awesome turns on, the music starts playing] Always use the turn signal, park between the lines. [Emmet and everyone else parks in exactly the same way] Yes! Drop off dry cleaning before noon, read the headlines, don't forget to smile. [waves and smiles to everyone as he walks down the street]
Paper Boy: Paper!
Emmet: Always root for the local sports team. [a train full of passengers appear]
LEGO® Citizens: Gooooooooo, SPORTS TEAM!!
Emmet: Always return a compliment. [to the male Lego citizen stepping out of the coffee shop] Hey, you look nice! [everyone turns to Emmet]
LEGO® Citizens: So, do you!
Emmet: Drink Overpriced Coffee! [inside the coffee shop he buys a coffee]
Larry The Barista: Here you go, that's $37. [Emmet looks at him for a moment before replying with excitement]
Emmet: [Laughing] Awesome! [Emmet walks to work with his overpriced coffee following the line of all the other construction workers doing exactly the same]
Construction Worker: Did you see Where are my Pants? last night? [everyone laughs and replies at the same time]
Emmet: [chuckles] Classic episode!
Foreman: [Everything is Awesome" continues to play in the background as the Lego construction workers get into position] Instructions coming in from central. Okay, it says here that anything that's weird then blow it up! [the workers start blowing up the buildings] [BOOM!!!!] All right, Cylinder-Heads, let's make it look exactly like it does in the Instructions!
Construction Worker #1: Hey, buddy! I need 1x2 keyhole!
Emmet: No problem, Michael.
Construction Worker #2: 2x2 macaroni over here.
Emmet: 2x2 macaroni flying in! Here's 1, Mel.
Construction Worker #3: Guys, got a 1x1 with an indented stud on 1 side!
Foreman: Cheese, look, cheese slopes, come on, everybody!
Emmet: Roger that, Roger.
Construction Worker #4: Look alive, coming at you.
Construction Worker #5: Can I get a couple LURPs over here?
Emmet: Thanks, Gail.
Construction Worker #6: Guys, watch me drill this down.
[everyone cheers]
Construction Workers: [they all start singing along to "Everything is Awesome"]
Emmet: Man, I feel so good right now! I CAN SING THIS SONG FOR HOURS! [5 hours later] [everyone at the construction site is still singing "Everything is Awesome" and it's finally coming to the end of the day]
Barry: When you're part of a TEAM! [BOOM! everyone cheering] Yeah, I'm gonna the sports bar after work tonight, who wants to eat some delicious chicken wings and get [Gail laughs] CRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZYYYYY?! [as the other constructions workers start to leave together, Emmet is left behind and tries to get their attention]
Emmet: Chicken wings? I love chicken wings!
Construction Worker #6: Yeah, who wants to share a croissant with this guy?
Emmet: Croissants? I love croissants!
Construction Worker #7: Oh, yeah! I sure do love giant sausages!
Emmet: Giant sausages, no way! [nobody pays Emmet any attention as he tries to join them] You know what I love to do? Is share a meal with the special people in my life, Fred, Barry, Gail, me and y...? [Emmet runs into a construction post and falls. A gust of wind blows his instructions away] Ah, no guys, wait up! Okay, I'll meet you there! [Emmet chases after his instruction manual as the wind continues to carry it off] Oh, where did it go? [he finds the manual lying on some Lego rubble] Oh, there you are. [Emmet laughs, relieved, as he retrieves the manual and turns to leave but stops when he hears a whoosh] I think I heard a whoosh.

Emmet: I feel like maybe I should touch that.
Voice: It's so interesting... Touch the Piece... Touch the Piece... It's so interesting... Touch the Piece... [Emmet gets up and starts walking over to the giant block]
Emmet: Uh... [he becomes completely transfixed and steps over his instruction manual]
Voice: Touch the--
[he slowly extends his hand and touches the block and gets a vision which includes Vitruvius reciting the Piece of Resistance prophecy]
Vitruvius: A Special one with face of yellow... [Emmet falls, screaming] ...will make the Piece of Resistance found from its hiding refuge underground... [Emmet is still falling] ...this Master Builder... [girl screams] ...will thwart the Kragle and save the realm...
Wyldstyle: Come on, Everyone, protect the Special!
Vitruvius: [Emmet then passes out] ...the Special has arisen.
Boy: It's your turn to be the hero.
Bad Cop: [as Emmet slowly wakes he hears someone's voice] [Bad Cop echoes in distorted voice] Wake up.
Emmet: [waking up] [echoes in distorted voice] Ugh.
Bad Cop: Come on, wake up! Where are the Master Builders?! How did you find the Piece of Resistance?! Hey?! Where is it?!
Emmet: [Emmet's wake up out voice interrogating hears as starts to open his eyes] [in normal voice] Good morning, apartment...?
Bad Cop: [in normal voice] WAKE UP! [an angry looking cop shines a light onto Emmet making him immediately awake]
Emmet: [screams]
Bad Cop: How did you find the Piece of Resistance?!
Emmet: The Piece of what?
Bad Cop: The Piece of Resistance. [Bad Cop grunts, and screams as he falls and finally lands onto the ground, suddenly he knocks a chair aside in anger scaring Emmet, we see Emmet is being held in an interrogation room with his hands shackled to chair]
Emmet: I- I- I don't, where am I? what's happening?
Bad Cop: What's happening? Playing dumb, Master Builder.
Emmet: No, I... master builder?
Bad Cop: Oh, so you've never heard of the prophecy?
Emmet: No, I...
Bad Cop: Or the Special?
Emmet: No! No, I...
Bad Cop: You're a *liar!* We'll kill ya. [Bad Cop backflips and starts to kick and wrestle a chair]
Emmet: Look, um... [Bad Cop chuckles] I watch a lot of cop shows on TV... [Emmet gasps] Isn't there supposed to also be a-? Isn't there supposed to be a Good Cop?! [Emmet ducks as Bad Cop throws the chair to the wall]
Bad Cop: Oh yes. But we're not done yet. [switches head]
Good Cop: Hi, buddy! I'm your friendly neighborhood police officer! Would you like a glass of water?
Emmet: Yeah, actually that sounds-
Bad Cop: [switches back to his face] TOO BAAAD!!! [smacks the glass away] Security cameras picked up this! [grunts] You were found at the construction site convulsing with a strange piece.
Emmet: That's disgusting!
Bad Cop: Then why is it permanently stuck to your back?
Emmet: [peers back, sees that The Piece of Resistance is glued onto his back, and screams in alarm, and tries to get it off] Oh no! Aaaah! Ah! Ah! Get off me!! It won't come off, it's chasing me! Look, it's not my fault! I have no idea how this thing got on my back! [Bad Cop changes his face to Good Cop]
Good Cop: Of course, buddy. I believe you!
Emmet: Great! [suddenly Bad Cop appears beside Emmet] [Screams] Aaaahh!!
Bad Cop: I "believe" you, too. You see the quotations I'm making with my claw hands? It means I don't believe you! Why else would you show up with that thing on your back just three days before President Business is going to use the Kragle to end the world?
Emmet: President Business is gonna end the world? But he's such a good guy. And Octan, they make good stuff: [flashback books] Music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows, surveillance systems, all history books, voting machines... [flashback ends] ...Wait a minute.
Bad Cop: Oh no, come on, you can't be this stupid.
Emmet: Look, that is a misunderstanding, I'm just a regular, normal, ordinary guy, and I'm late to meet my best friends in the whole world, and they're probably missing me right now, they're probably out looking around! Hey, where's Emmet? Hey, where's my best friend Emmet? And you know what. Ask all my friends! THEY'LL TELL YOU!!

Emmet: [Emmet looks devastated; to Bad Cop] There you go, I told you I was a nobody.
Bad Cop: [sighs] Oh. It's the perfect cover.
Emmet: Cover? Cover for what?! [chuckles] Oops. [sneezes]
Bad Cop: Why are you sneeze?
Emmet: But I am... [sneezes]
Bad Cop: I can't break him. You're Mom and Dad lies. Perhaps should orders melts. Take him to the meltin' chambers and do nothing.
Emmet: What?! [in the meltin' chamber Emmet has been strapped to the meltin' device with the Bad Cop's face off by Robber and leaves] NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOOOO!! [turns to the now faceless Bad Cop] You're going to melt me?! Am I gonna die?! Excuse me? You strapper me.
Good Cop: You'll live! You'll be fine! [Bad Cop/Good Cop's phone rings and draws Bad Cop answers it as he switches back to his face]
Lord Business: [disembodied] EVERYONE STOP MESSIN' WITH MY STUFF??
Bad Cop: President Business, I have him right here, sir. Yes and no, we've told him he'll live so he doesn't try to escaping, but uh, we're lying to kills him. [Bad Cop presses the button to activate the meltin' device and Robber enters the chamber]
Robber (Manny the Mauler): I'll never *tell you*, Bad Cop! Never!
Bad Cop: Who's says "never"? You're not supposed to thief. [sobbing] Are you trying to kill me?! [leaves the rooms]
Emmet: No wait! What did he just say?!
Robot: Hold still!
Emmet: No wait, there is obviously been a mix-up here!? You have got the wrong-- Uh-oh. [a blue laser is shoots at Emmet's back to removes the Piece of Resistance] OOOOOW!! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ah-ah-ah-eh-eh-eh-oh-oh-oh! [Robot: Oops! Sorry, Emmet?] This is gonna start hurting pretty soon! [as the Robot starts to increase the heat while grinning menacingly, the hooded woman that Emmet had noticed in the construction site earlier appears and attacks the robots, overpowering them all down and goes to Free Emmet] No, no, no, nonononono... [Emmet closes his eyes as the hooded figure chops his shackles off.] [gasps] Whoa! Who are you?! [The figure takes off her hood to reveal her face and Emmet is transfixed again] It's you?
Wyldstyle: Come with me, if you wanna not die. [just as Emmet goes to grab her hand, Good Cop enters the chamber with a croissant]
Good Cop: Hi, everybody! How's the melting goi--? [as he notices Emmet escaping with Wyldstyle Bad Cop appears]
Bad Cop: Hey, hey, hey, heeeeeey!! [he starts shooting at Emmet and Wyldstyle, laser destroys melting device]
Bad Cop: Red alert, red alert! I need everyone, repeat, everyone, to go after the special!
Robber: Bad Cop! I warned you! You're grounded melting device entire week! You're FIRED! Give me the money!
Bad Cop: [shocked] Who broke my melting device!? President Business, you broke my melting device!

Bad Cop: There we are! Why are you gets on my train the piece of resistance.
Wyldstyle: Oh, no!
Emmet: Oops!
Vitruvius: Holy smokes, you must Lord Business so spirit is no way out and you must--.
Bad Cop: Get off my train.
Emmet: No, you get off my train.
Bad Cop: Huh?! Why you little the Piece of Resistance.
Vitruvius: Hurry up! Go, Emmet! Build the ramp!
Bad Cop: Nobody gets on my train the piece of resistance.

Wyldstyle: What the heck?!
Bad Cop: Rest in pieces.

Emmet: Hey, um...
Wyldstyle: Hang on, sir! [As they pull away, Bad Cop turns to go after them]
Bad Cop: All units, cut them off on Elm, now! [suddenly his face changes to Good Cop]
Good Cop: [Good Cop spins in] [gasping and chuckling] Or, whenever you can?
Robot: Ten-Four, Bad Cop.
Emmet: [Many squad cars block the road, as they are being chased and shut at] Watch out!
Wyldstyle: Hold on! [she jumps the bike bunny hopping over one squad car and going up onto the monorail platform and onto the track, and screaming. Wyldstyle manages to avoid hitting the police cars in front of them] We need to meet up with Vitruvius and tell him the Piece has been found.

Emmet: Huh?
Bad Cop: They're up on the monorail. Release the Copper Choppers. [the helicopter above them drops down a motorcycle with two cops in it, a police helicopter flies in dropping a robot on a motorcycle, both Emmet and Wyldstyle gasp, which begins to drive towards Emmet and the girl, firing a laser as he goes, Emmet shields himself from the fire but the girl, pulls out a multi barrelled laser and returns fire, just as they were about to crash, the figure veers off leaving the robots to crash head-on with a train]
Emmet: Oh, no! [causing a massive explodes, and screaming. He they start shooting at Wyldstyle and Emmet but Wyldstyle shoots back and manages to get their motorcycle onto the street below, they land safely] Will you please tell me what's happening?
Wyldstyle: I'm rescuing you, sir. You're the one that the prophecy spoke of. You're the Special.
Emmet: [Whispers] Me?

Bad Cop: Darn, darn, darn, darn, darn, darn, darn, darny-DARN!

Lord Business: Although, you did let the Piece of Resistance go. The one thing that can ruin my plans, the one thing that I asked you to take care of! [Lord Business chuckles and he comes over to Bad Cop and puts one arm around his shoulder] That's super frustrating, it makes me just wanna pick up whoever's standing closest to me and just: THROW THEM THROUGH THIS WINDOW, AND OUT INTO THE INFINITE ABYSS OF NOTHINGNESS!!!!!! [Bad Cop: What?!] [he picks up Bad Cop takes him to the large glass window and bangs his head against it] I wanna do it so bad! [chuckles and Bad Cop]
Bad Cop: [chuckles] I know you do, sir! But, please! Please, don't! [he throws Bad Cop aside]
Lord Business: And it's not just you, Bad Cop, that keeps messing up my plans. People everywhere are always messing with my stuff. But I have a way to fix that. A way to keep things exactly the way they are supposed to be permanently. [he turns on his TV monitor which shows his robots carrying the box containing the Kragle] Behold the most powerful weapon of all the relics: [his robots open the box containing the Kragle and take it out] THE KRAGLE!!! [we see the Kragle is in fact an old tube of Krazy Glue, Bad Cop gasping and Lord Business] Well, as you can see they're loading the Kragle into a big machine upstairs. I call it: The "Tentacle Arm Kragle Outside Sprayer", or TAKOS! The "S" is silent. So on Taco Tuesday it's going to spray the Kragle over everyone and everything with a bunch of super scary nozzles, like this one. [the tentacle reaches out and comes over to Bad Cop] I'll show you how it works.

Good Cop: No, I don't want to!
Bad Cop: You have to.
Good Cop: I don't want to!
Bad Cop: Will please be quiet?!
Good Cop: I can't!
Bad Cop: You've must?!
Good Cop: But they--
Bad Cop: Shut it!
Good Cop: It's not nice!
Bad Cop: It's your job man!?
Good Cop: I can't do it, they innocent!?
Lord Business: Just as I thought. You're Good Cop side's making you soft, Bad Cop. Robots, bring me the fleece crested scepter of Q-teep and Po-Leesh Remover of Nai-eel! [the robots bring him a big Q-tip and nail polish remover and Lord Business deeps one end into the polish before turning to Bad Cop] You've already let the special get away once. [two of the robots hold Bad Cop]
Bad Cop: Sir, you're never get away of this.
Lord Business: I'm just gonna make sure it doesn't happen again, [the robots switch Good Cop in, one of the robots turns Bad Cop's face to Good Cop] NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!!! [he brings the Q-Tip onto Good Cop's face, suddenly Lord Business uses the end of the Q-tip with nail polish remover to wipe Good Cop's face off, after two scrubs back and forth, there's nothing left]
Emmet: [disembodied] No!
Ma Cop: [starts to weep] Oh, son!
Pa Cop: [shocked] Son, no!
Lord Business: On Taco Tuesday, I'm going to kraglize the entire universe so that EVERYONE WILL STOP MESSING WITH MY STUFF?? [turns to he now faceless Good Cop]
Bad Cop: [disembodied] What?! Sir, I...
Lord Business: Are you gonna be with me or are you GONNA BE STUCK HAVIN’ A TEA PARTY WITH YOUR MOM & DAD??
Bad Cop: [disembodied] You're a *liar*! We'll kill ya!
Good Cop: [disembodied] Of course buddy. I believe you!
Pa Cop: Son?
Bad Cop: [The now faceless Good Cop stands back up, only to switch to Bad Cop] Sorry, Dad. I've a job to do. [he uses the TAKOS device to completely glue his parents, the nozzle powers up, he presses a button and the TAKOS fires completely freezing them solid]

Vitruvius: Well, Junebug, I really prefer the word "experience"! [Vitruvius attacks the robots, Master Builders cheers] Ha-ha! You see, Emmet, a corrupted spirit is no match for the purity of imaginat-- [suddenly Lord Business hits Vitruvius with a three nickels, then Batman, Wyldstyle & Emmet gasps]
Emmet: Vitruvius! NO!!

Wyldstyle: [to Emmet as they make their way through the saloon] Okay, let's find the wizard and get this over with. [as they make their way through, the patrons look at Emmet menacingly] [Emmet gasps, yelps] [Wyldstyle notices Vitruvius playing the piano at the saloon] Psst. There he is. [she goes over to him] Vitruvius.
Vitruvius: Who? I've never heard of that man, whom I am not. Who are you?
Wyldstyle: It's me.
Vitruvius: I am a blind man, and cannot see.
Wyldstyle: It's Wyldstyle.
Vitruvius: Are you a DJ? [gasps]
Wyldstyle: No, why does everyone...?
Vitiruvius: Wait, wait, were you the student I used to have who was so insecure she kept changing her name? Yeah, first Dark Storm... Then Gemini, then there was Neversmile--- Then Freak Face... Then Snazzypants... [suddenly Vitruvius stops playing and turns to Wyldstyle] Meet me upstairs in 10-Seconds. [he then turns and starts to walk off using his, Vitruvius grunts as he falls and finally lands onto the ground, scepter when suddenly he bangs into the wall]

Emmet: Step one: Alright, we need a blue two piece unit over at the...

Wyldstyle: That would be great, but Emmet is the one who found the Piece. [Emmet turns and waves he chuckles]
Vitruvius: [gasps] Oh, okay. [turning to Emmet] Emmet, the prophecy states that... you're the special, the most talented--
Wyldstyle: I'm not sure he's the Special, actually--[Emmet's started chuckles]--because he's not even a Master Builder. Watch! Emmet, just given what's around you, build something simple!

Emmet: [Vitruvius goes over to Emmet and puts his hands against Emmet's head] Uh, what are you doing? [suddenly Vitruvius pulls off Emmet's hair revealing his Lego head]
Vitruvius: We are entering your mind.
Emmet: WHAT?!?!?!
Vitruvius: prove that you have to unlock the potential to be a Master Builder, ujjayi breath! [Vitruvius chants in magical language] Shut your face, a found The Dog! [Vitruvius and Wyldstyle start bowing and moving around Emmet until finally we see all of them in Emmet's mind which is a vast empty space]
Emmet: [echoing] Whoa, are we inside my brain right now? It's big. I must be smart.
Wyldstyle: [echoing] Hmmmmm.
Vitruvius: [echoing] I'm not hearing a lot of activity here.
Wyldstyle: I don't think he's ever had an original thought in his life.
Emmet: [chuckles] That's not true. For instance, one time I wanted to have a bunch of my friends over to watch TV. [suddenly a TV forms behind him] Not unlike this TV that just showed up magically. And not everybody could fit on my one couch. [a couch forms behind him] And I thought to myself, well, what if there’s such a thing as a bunk bed, but as a couch? [suddenly the couch forms into a double decker couch] Introducing the double decker couch: So everyone could watch TV, together and be buddies! [dead silence]
Wyldstyle: That's literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Vitruvius: Please, Wyldstyle. Lemme handle this, that idea is just the worst. [to Emmet]

Vitruvius: This is Middle Zealand. A wondrous land full of knights, castles, muttons, torture weapons, poverty, leeches, illiteracy, and um...
Emmet: [Out of the sun flying straight towards them is a...] DRAGON!!! [The Batwing takes dive as the dragon swoops down]
Vitruvius: Yeah, that too. [Batman quickly turns the Batwing back into the Batmobile and lands the car into a forest area, it speeds along the track, Batman makes his aircraft transform into a car and lands on the ground and drives through the woods] Once we arrive in Cloud Cuckoo Land, we'll raise an army of Master Builders...
Batman: Yeah, yeah, anyway. You guys gotta check out these new subwoofers I installed in the back, I call them The Dogs. Listen to them bark! [Batman turns on some music, sending heavy metal blasting through Emmet and Vitruvius, bouncing them and the roof of the Batmobile up and down, Emmet screams he turns on his stereo making Emmet and Vitruvius jump in the back]
Emmet: Can you turn that down a little bit?!
Batman: This is a song I wrote for Wyldstyle! [Wyldstyle smiles at Batman before singing with the song, we hear Batman's voice as he sings to the heavy metal music] Darkness! [to Emmet and Vitruvius] It's about how I'm an orphan! [the song continues] No parents!
Wyldstyle: [Wyldstyle turns to Emmet] This is real music, Emmet. Batman's a true artist. Dark, brooding.
Emmet: Well, I'm dark and brooding too! [Emmet gasps, suddenly he notices something ahead] Look, a rainbow! [as they reach the rainbow]
Vitruvius: So, you're gonna drive up the curved part, [Batman: Super rich!] take it all the way to the top [Batman: Kinda makes it better!] and park the car. [the Batmoblie stops, Batman drives up the rainbow and stops the car at the very top] Friends, welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land. [an angelic chord plays as the camera pans down to the group standing in front of a rather large cloud, the rainbow disappears and they are surrounded by clouds] Now, I just need to give the secret knock.

Emmet: [Emmet gasps] Is that Superman?
Statue of Liberty: Bonjour.
Superman: Girl, what are you doing right now?
Green Lantern: [appears from behind Emmet] Hey, Superman!
Superman: Oh, hey... Hey, what's up?
Green Lantern: [fixing his mask] Lantern. Green Lantern.
Superman: Yeah, yeah.
Green Lantern: Do you wanna sit together at the meeting?
Superman: Uh, I have to, I have to go back to Krypton. [Superman quickly flies off]
Green Lantern: [the camera pans to Vitruvius addressing the room at large] Did didn't Krypton blow up?
Vitruvius: My fellow, Master Builders, including, but not limited to: Robin Hood, Mermaid Lady, Gandalf, Swamp Creature, 1980-something Space Guy... [Benny: 'Hello!'] ...2002 NBA All Stars and Wonder Woman. You have traveled far to be here for a moment of great import. We have learned that Lord Business plans to unleash a fully-weaponized Kragle on Taco Tuesday, to end the world as we know it. [the Master Builders express their shock and outrage] Please, calm yourselves. Green Ninja, Milhouse, Nice Vampire, Michelangelo, Michelangelo and Cleopatra. There is yet one hope, the Special has arisen.
[he steps aside to reveal Emmet while hushed murmurs spread around]

Superman: IT DIDN'T BREAK!
Bad Cop: Because it's Kragled. [to his robots] Machine gum! Fire! [they shoot at Superman with chewing gum making him splat to the ground stuck in the gum]
Superman: [screams] I can't move.
Green Lantern: Don't worry, Superman! I'll get you out of there. [as Green Lantern goes to rescue Superman his hands get stuck in the gum and screams] Oh, my gosh! My hands are stuck! [he wriggles his legs and those get stuck in the gum too] My legs are stuck as well!
Superman: I super hate you.

Emmet: [as the robots have got hold of Emmet] OW, YOU'RE PULLING MY TORSO OFF!!
Wyldstyle: Babe, help me get him out of here!
Batman: I said every man for himself.
Wyldstyle: Hey, you gotta be there for me. [Batman groans as he falls and finally lands onto the ground]
Batman: Fine! Fine, fine, fine! [reluctantly he goes to her aide and fights off the robots attacking Emmet] Fine, fine, fine, fine!
Wyldstyle: I need you to have a better attitude about it!
Batman: I've a great attitude! [Batman gets the tracker off Emmet and throws it at one of the robots]
Bad Cop: [Bad Cop picks up Emmet's tracker which is now attached to the robot] The Special's in the northwest quadrant, we've got him corner! [he looks down but all he sees is the robot with the tracker attached to his head smacking into a wall] Where did he go?
Unikitty: Oh, no! They've hit our silly cloud stabilizer!
Wyldstyle: Let's go, we need to get Emmet outta here!
Emmet: Can't we build something? [suddenly the space guy comes over to them]
Benny: Hey, I'm Ben! But you can call me Benny! And I can build a spaceship. Watch this. [he starts building a spaceship and chanting along as he works] [Benny singing] Spaceship, spaceship, spaceship, spaceship! Spaceshi--!
Wyldstyle: No, no, no, no! You can't, the skies are surrounded.
Benny: That's okay, I didn't really wanna build a spaceship. [Benny chuckles] Anyway, that's cool. [Groaning] [looking visibly disappointed he kicks his half built spaceship and it falls apart]

Bad Cop: [the group takes the submarine towards the water as Bad Cop at his robots are chasing after them] Stop him, stop him! [suddenly the submarine goes off the edge of a cloud and plunges down] Don't let him get to the water! [as they get closer to the water]
[Wyldstyle screams as he falls and finally lands onto the ground]
Wyldstyle: Dive, dive, dive! Everybody in! We're going under!
[A submarine splashes, the submarine plunges into the water. A chair splashes]
Bad Cop: [grunts]
[We hear muffled screams and we then see Cloud Cuckoo Land being destroyed by the robots and the Master Builders handcuffed and taken as prisoners]
Wonder Woman: Oh, no.

Batman: [he trails off hoping for any positive comments] You are so disappointing on so many levels.
Vitruvius: Why are my pants cold and wet? [A shot of water rising in the sub] Uh...
Computer: [a wall is breached and even more water floods in] Hull breach!
Unikitty: The walls are crying!
Benny: [as she tries to plug a hole] We're falling apart at the seams! [screams] [as the submarine starts to fall apart]
Batman: This is not how Batman dies!
[Emmet screams, as the submarine fills with water Emmet starts to drown. Wyldstyle reaches for him]
Wyldstyle: Emmet! Hold on, hold on!
Emmet: Wyldstyle!
[the shot goes to outside the sub, red lights coming from the windows as it goes through the water as an alarm beeps faster and faster signalling a detonation]
Wyldstyle: Deep breath! [gasps] Deep breath, everybod--!!
[the sub explodes, the camera follows a floating piece of debris to the surface]
[where Bad Cop and a few Micro Managers are looking around]
Bad Cop: Micro-Managers, what's going on down there?
Micro-Manager: Scanning submarine wreckage. No survivors detected.
Bad Cop: Scuba Cops? Dredge the entire ocean if you have to, we've go to find that piece, [Scuba Cops dive in the water to begin their search] let's get these prisoners back to Lord Business and give him the good news: "the Special is no more"! [they all depart from the wreckage]
Bank Robber: That's it, you're Bad Cop's face off right now! I'll never tell you again!

Emmet: Okay. :[Emmet walks up to the platform and waves to everyone. Clears his throat] Hello, I'm Emmet. [referring to the Piece of Resistance] Oh, and this is the Piece of Resistance.
[the Master Builders cheer. Wyldstyle watches in bewilderment]
Emmet: Thank you. Well, eeeeehhhh. I know that I for one am very excited to work with you guys, to get into the Octan Tower, find the Kragle and put this thing on the thing, and I know it's going to be really hard, but... [suddenly gets interrupted by another Master Builder]
Metalbeard: REALLY HARD?! [the audience gasps] Wiping ye bum with a hook for a hand is really hard, this be impossible! The last time we tried to storm Lord Business's office, we used every plan we could conceive, the result was a massacre too terrible to speak of.
Emmet: Who are you?
Metalbeard: The name be Metal Beard, and I'll tell you me tale of woe.
Vitruvius: Oh, great. Here we go again. [Metal Beard recounts his failed attempt in trying to infiltrate Lord Business's office]
Metalbeard: I arrived at the foot of the tower with me hearty Master Builder crew, only to find the Kragle was all the way up on the infinitieth floor guarded by a robot army. And security measures of every kind imaginable, lasers, sharks, laser sharks, overbearing assistants, and strange dangerous relics that entrap, snap and zap. And there be a mysterious room called "The Think Tank." I barely made it out of that room with just me head... [Metalbeard hops out of the tower with his head and escapes on his ship as it purrs away] ...and organs! [Metalbeard's organs pop out of the Octan tower and land in his ship and it purrs away again]
Emmet: [disturbed] Okay.
Metalbeard: I had to replace every part of my once strapping virile pirate body with this useless hunk of garbage ye see before ye. [to Emmet] So if ye think it'd be a good idea to return to that foresaken place, Special, what idea have ye that be better than the ideas of-100-of our fallen Master Builder brothers?
Emmet: Well, technically I'm not exactly a Master Builder yet.
Metalbeard: WHAT?! [the other Master Builders shout in outrage]
Emmet: Please, everyone, everyone! please.
William Shakespeare: [throws a pizza] Rubbish!
Emmet: [addressing the Master Builders] Yes, it's true, I may not be a Master Builder, I may not have a lot of experience fighting or leading or coming up with plans, or having ideas in general, in fact, I'm not all that smart, and I'm not what you'd call a creative type, plus, generally unskilled, also, scared and cowardly, I know what, you're thinking? "He is the least qualified person in the world to lead us!" And, you are right!
Swamp Creature: This is supposed to make us feel better?
Emmet: What th-? No, there was about to be a but...
Gandalf: You're a butt!
Dumbledore: Yes.
[Outside Cloud Cuckoo Land, Metalbeard and a few knights and cowboys are leaving]
Metalbeard: You all be on your own! I be leaving this lost cause! [Metalbeard jumps onto his ship and sails off Cuckoo Land, as it purrs]
Emmet: Why are you leaving?!
Abraham Lincoln: A house divided against itself would be better than this. [Lincoln jumps into his seat and it suddenly takes off like a spaceship]
Emmet: Abraham Lincoln, you bring your space chair right back here! Come on, guys! [nearly gets hit by a falling object] We can still do this! [another Master Builder throws a blue disc at him] Oh! Right?
Master Builder 1: You're not even a bit special.

[Wyldstyle, Batman and Unikitty sadly watch]

Batman: [Batman whispering to Wyldstyle as they watch Emmet] Well, you were right about him being a ding-dong. [the Master Builders continue to jeer and throw things at Emmet]
Master Builder 2: You're a huge disappointment!

[Emmet, sad and disappointed, turns and starts walking off] Master Builder 3: Get him out of here, I don't wanna look at him!

Emmet: Well, at least it can't get any worse.
Master Builder 4: Special? Not!
[A giant golf ball suddenly falls out of nowhere, destroying the Dog]:
Emmet: I was wrong.
[Emmet yells and runs away as the falling ball falls onto the ground, goes through the eye of the dog and squishes an Island Warrior Master Builder]
Superman: It's the orb of Tee-te-list.

Superman: All the Master Builders you've captured over the years, you brought them here!
Lord Business: You're a very perceptive person, Superman, they come up with all the instructions for everything in the universe: ROBOTS!, Beep [the robots strap a device to Superman's head]
Superman: No, no! [groans] [screaming] NO!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! [shudders, then his chair shoots up to the top] Can't get much worse than this.

[Benny chuckles and we see the double decker couch floating on the sea and suddenly Emmet and the others pop out of their hiding place from under the flip up seats]
Vitruvius: Well, we're still alive.
Unikitty: YEAH!!!
Wyldstyle: [gasps] The double decker couch! It wasn't totally pointless after all!
Benny: [to Emmet] It's the one thing that stayed together.
Vitruvius: I always believed in you, Emmet.
Batman: I don't mean to spoil the party, but does anyone else notice we're stuck in the middle of the ocean on this couch? I mean, it's not like a big gigantic ship is just gonna come out of nowhere and save us. [suddenly a big gigantic ship becomes visible as it comes over to them] My, gosh!

Batman: Well, it's kind of hard not to hear when you're yelling everything.
Unikitty: [laughs] So, why did you come back?
Metalbeard: This bedoubled land couch. [Everyone turns to look at Emmet's double decker couch] I watched Lord Business's forces completely overlook it. Which means we need more ideas like it!

Emmet: What's the last thing Lord Business would expect Master Builders to do?
Benny: Build a spaceship?
Vitruvius: Kill a chicken?
Unikitty: Marry a marshmallow!
Metalbeard: Why, this. [changes into a singing face: ♪Hum hum hum How ya gonna keep them down at the farm?♪♪]
Emmet: No! It's follow the instructions.
[Everybody groans and complains]
Benny: Don't like that.
Unikitty: Sounds weird.
Emmet: No, wait guys. Listen. You guys are so talented and imaginative... but you can't work as a team. I'm just a construction worker, but when I have a plan and we were working together, we could build a skyscraper. Now you guys are Master Builders. Just imagine what you could do if you did that! ...You could save the universe!
Vitruvius: Well said, Emmet. Well said.
Emmet: Really?
Metalbeard: She be a fine speech there, laddie.
Emmet: Okay. Somebody get me some markers... some construction paper... and some GLITTER GLUE!!! [Emmet stands in front of the instructions he's drawn] I call this, Emmet's plan to get inside the tower, put the Piece of Resistance on the Kragle and save the world, I've built a hundred just like them back in the city, if we could just get in there, I know where all the air ducts and wiring are located, I can get us anywhere.
Vitruvius: How will we get inside?
Emmet: [Whispers] In a spaceship!
Benny: SPACESHIP! [Benny chuckles and rushes off excitedly to build a spaceship]
Batman: Great idea, a Bat spaceship.
Emmet: No, they're expecting us to show up in a Bat spaceship, or a pirate spaceship, or a rainbow sparkled spaceship.

Wylstyle: Bad Cop?
Bad Cop: I hope there's still a Good Cop in me somewhere. [draw a new face for Good Cop with a red marker]
Scribble Cop: I'll hold these guys off. You go stop 'em. Yay!

Emmet: You... don't have to be... the bad guy. You are the most talented... most interesting... and extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things, because you are the Special.
[Lord Business looks shocked and lowers the Kragle]
Emmet: And so am I, and so is everyone, the prophecy is made up, but it's also true, it's about all of us, right now, it's about you, and you, still, can change everything.
[he holds up the Piece of Resistance. Business, touched by Emmet's speech drops the Kragle and starts walking over to him. Cut to the real world where Finn's father approaches his son, kneels down and hugs Finn, at the same time in Lego world, we see Lord Business is hugging Emmet.]
Emmet: Oh, we got a hugger. [Emmet hands the Piece of Resistance to Lord Business] Be careful, I have been told... it might explode.
[Lord Business winks at Emmet, makes his way to the Kragle, in the real world Finn's father places the lid on the Krazy Glue, at the same time Lord Business places the Piece of Resistance on to the Kragle and into the TAKO device]
Lord Business: [strains, exhales deeply] Emmet, thank you. And I just want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, from this moment forward, I solemnly promise that I will never--
Emmet: [screaming]
[suddenly the Kragle explodes causing all the micro-managers and nozzles to de-activate. Emmet lands in the middle of the city where his friends are.]
Benny: EMMET!
Metalbeard: Emmet, arr!
Emmet: [Chuckling] Hey, everyone! Is everyone, okay. Where's Lucy? [Unikitty laughs, as the micro-managers fall down] [Wyldstyle comes up from under a micro-manager]
Wyldstyle: Emmet!
Emmet: Lucy! [Emmet rushes over to her and Wyldstyle jumps into his arms]
Wyldstyle: We did it! [Unikitty laughs] [Batman clears throat. Just as Emmet and Wyldstyle are about to hold hands Batman interrupts them] [Emmet gasps] Oh, eeehhh. Emmet, wait, Batman, there's something I need to say to you!
Batman: No, Wyldstyle. I mean, Lucy! [he points to Emmet] He's the hero you deserve!
Wyldstyle: [Wyldstyle smiles and Emmet looks behind him to see who Batman was pointing at] Thanks, Batman!
Unikitty: [giggles]
[Wyldstyle turns Emmet's face towards her and they finally hold hands as everyone cheers for them. We see Vitruvius's ghostly form hovering over the city watching them]
Vitruvius: [breaking the fourth wall] I liked Emmet before he was cool. [we see Business is pouring an antidote to unstick everybody]
President Business: Whoops! I have the antidote for the Kragle! How did that happen
[at the same time in the real world Finn's father is pouring glue remover all over the Lego pieces as Finn watches]
Finn: De-kragler!
The Man Upstairs: Watch this. YEAH! [as Finn's father pours glue remover onto Pa and Ma Cop Finn reunites Bad Cop with his parents]
Finn: Oh, Mommy, Daddy, you're okay!
[scene changes to Bad Cop reunited with his parents]
Ma Cop: [Ma Cop chuckles] Oh, son! [Bad Cop who's now using his drawn on Good Cop face hugs his parents]
Good Cop: Hi, Mom, hi, Dad.
Pa Cop: [chuckles] We're okay, son. [Pa Cop chuckles, in the real world as Finn and his father are playing with the Lego pieces Mom calls out]
Mom: [calls out] Hey, guys? Time to come up for dinner! It’s Taco Tuesday, your favorite!
The Man Upstairs: Okay, honey, well, be up in a sec.
Finn: Oh, yeah, we'll be up in a sec!
The Man Upstairs: I got to tell you something.
Finn: What?
The Man Upstairs: Now that I'm letting you come down here and play, guess who else gets to come down here and play?
Finn: Who?
The Man Upstairs: Your sister.
Finn: [surprised] What?
[last lines; as everyone Emmet and the gang are having a feast on the Double-Decker couch]
Emmet: We'll things sure have a way of working out smoothly. Am I right, guys? [suddenly an alien spaceship hovers above them] Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...?
[a trio of Duplo alien figures descend into the Lego world]
Duplo: [Baby voice] Well, we're from the planet Duplon, and we're here to destroy you.
Emmet: ... Oh, man. [End of The Lego Movie]


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Laser Pointer No. Studio co-released it with Warner Bros. Pictures
and Warner Animation Group
Violet (Purple) 5-piece Amazon Studios (August 29, 2026)
Paramount+ (April 2027)
May 19, 2015 (DVD/Blu-ray/Blu-ray 3D)
May 24, 2016 (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)
Brown 6-piece Starz/Anchor Bay December 1, 2015
Yellow 1-piece Sony Wonder (April 2025)
Amazon Studios (July 2028)
Columbia Pictures
Sony Pictures Animation
August 2, 2016
Black 7-piece Shout Factory November 1, 2016
Gray 11-piece Lionsgate in association with
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Green 3-piece Disney+ (May 2027)
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March 13, 2018
April 11, 2023 (Disney Movie Club)
Pink 9-piece MGM/United Artists Releasing August 6, 2019
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Blue 2-piece Peacock TV (December 2026)
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Gold 12-piece PBS November 14, 2023
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Silver 14-piece Netflix/Netflix Animation November 4, 2025

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