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The Lego Movie is a 2014 movie based on Lego products.


  • Good morning apartment, good morning doorway,good morning wall, good morning ceiling, good morning floor! Ready to start the day!
  • (Hums) Ah, here it is. Instuctions to fit in, have everybody like you, and always be happy!
  • Step 1, breathe. (breathes)
  • Step 2, greet the day, smile and say: "Good Morning, City!"
  • Step 3, Exercise.
  • Jumping jacks, hit'em! 1... (click) ...2... (click) ...3! (click) I'm so pumped up!!
  • Step 4, shower.
  • And always be sure to keep the soap out of your [screams AAAAHHH!!! while having a shower as the soap lands in his eyes]
  • Shave your face, Brush your teeth, Comb your hair.
  • Wear clothes!
  • Ooop, I almost forgot that one!
  • (Tries to find construction clothes) No, no, uh-uh, got that wrong. And that's it, check.
  • Step nine, eat a complete breakfast with all the special people in your life.
  • Hey, planty, what are you going to do this morning? Watch TV? Me too!
  • You have a great day too, President Business. Man, he's such a cool guy. I always wanna hear more of...wait! Did he say put to sleep?!
  • What was I just thinking? I don't care.
  • Step eleven, greet your neighbors.
  • Oh, hey Jasmine, Dexter, Angie, Loki, Brad, Leroy, Fluffy, Fluffy Junior, Fluffy Senior, Jeff.
  • Step twelve, obey all traffic signs and regulations.
  • Step thirteen, enjoy popular music.
  • Oh my Gosh, I love this song! [Everything is Awesome turns on]
  • Hey pal, I hate to tell you this, I don't think you're supposed to be here. Well, I'll just have to report yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......
  • I want to go home! [A house appears in front of him] This is not what I meant!
  • Oh my G-O-S-H!
  • Hey, listen do you think you can explain to me why I'm dressed like this, and what those big words in the sky were all about, and, like where we are, in... time?
  • Great. I think I got it, but just in case, tell me the whole thing again. I wasn't listening.
  • You guys are so talented and imaginative... but you can't work as a team. I'm just a construction worker, but when I have a plan and we were working together, we could build a skyscraper. Now you guys are Master Builders. Just imagine what you could do if you did that! ...You could save the universe!
  • But I can't do any of the things the prophecy says I'm supposed to do.
  • I would not rather he died!
  • President Business is going to end the world? But he's such a nice guy! And Octan, they make good stuff: Dairy products, TV shows, coffee, surveillance cameras, all history books, voting machines...wait a minute.
  • Well howdy there! I'm a cowboy! Bang, bang, bang. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Bullet, bullet, gun. Zap, pow, zap, pow. What are they all looking at?
  • Well I'm dark and brooding too- guys, look! A rainbow!
  • But there's no signs anywhere! How do you know what not to do?
  • Hello! I'm Emmet... oh and this is the Piece of Resistance.
  • That is against the instructions!!
  • That's not true. For instance, one time I wanted to have a bunch of my friends over to watch TV.
  • Not unlike this TV that just showed up magically. And not everybody could fit on my one couch.
  • And I thought to myself, well, what if there's such a thing as a bunk bed, but as a couch?
  • Introducing "the double decker couch", so everyone could watch TV together and be buddies!
  • Who's The Man Upstairs?
  • Does he have super gross hands that look like they're made out of big pink sausages, like eagle talons mixed with squid?
  • Wow! That's what I was just thinking about!
  • I had this weird dream when I touched the Piece. Well, I...I mean I wasn't asleep, so it wasn't really dream...
  • But I can't do any of the stuff that the prophecy says I'm supposed to do.
  • I don't know what I'm doing. (screams Aaahh!)
  • Ah! I got pigs! I hate pigs!
  • Wyldstyle, we could really use your help!
  • No, let's not let Emmet try! I haven't had any training!
  • What are we gonna do?
  • Batman!
  • That's your boyfriend?
  • Batman, huh? Where did you guys meet?
  • Oh, no. You're boyfriend's gone.
  • So, uh... Hey, guys? I think we're about to crash into the sun.
  • this Cloud Cuckoo Land? I don't see any clouds, or cuckoos.
  • Am I just gonna keep...falling...forever?!
  • Is this another vision?
  • Where am I? Is that.....the Office Tower?
  • Bricksburg! What was that?!
  • What in the world is that?
  • It's adorable.
  • Uhhhhh...Hi?
  • More Kragles?!
  • Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! All of those are my friends! No! Stop it!
  • The Piece of Resistance! I can still save them.
  • Well for what it's worth, this has been about the greatest 15 minutes of my life.
  • I'm dark and rooting too. Hey guys, look a rainbow!
  • I gotta get the Piece of Resistance. If I could get the attention of the smaller creature. I gotta move.
  • Sorry, street.
  • I can see everything!
  • I am a Master Builder.
  • Lucy, I'm going inside that thing.
  • Take that! Ha-ha! Come here! (destroying Micromanagers)
  • No! Quit tearing me apart!!
  • Come on!
  • Eeerrrragh!!!! (Still destroying micromanagers, finally manages to break into Lord Business's aircraft)
  • No, stop! Please! If you do one thing and I'm gonna unleash my secret weapon!
  • Yes. It's called "The Power of the Special".
  • Alright. Here it comes. My secret this.
  • It's my hand. I want you to take it.
  • I want you to join me. Look at all the things that people built. You might see a mess. For what I see are people inspired by each other, and by you. People take things from what you have, are making something new out of it.
  • You........don't have to be.......the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things. Because you are the Special. And so am I. And so is everyone. The prophecy is made up, but it's also true. It's about all of us. Right now, it's about you, and you....still.....can change everything.
  • Oh, we got a hugger.
  • Be careful. I have been might explode.
  • Hey, everyone! Is everyone okay? Where's Lucy?
  • Well, things sure have a way of working out smoothly. Am I right, guys?
  • Oh man.


  • I'm rescuing you, sir.
  • Come with me if you wanna not die.
  • Oh, sir, you're brilliant. We'll build a motorcycle out of the alley way.
  • We need to meet up with Vitruvius and tell him that the piece has been found!
  • Great. You drive.
  • I'm Wyldstyle.
  • Don't brake, go, don't stop, go now!
  • You're not the special! YOU LIED TO ME!!!
  • You're not even a master builder, are you?
  • You ruined the prophecy.
  • Come with me if you want to not die.
  • You found the Piece of Resistance, and the prophecy states that you are the most special, most talented, and most extraordinary person in the universe. That's you, right?
  • I don't think he's had a single original thought in his life.
  • We would rather he died than give it to you!
  • Your home Bricksburg is one of many realms in the universe. There's also this one, Pirate's Cove, Knight's Club, Viking's Landing, Clown Town, a bunch of others we don't need to mention.
  • All the people in the universe were once free to travel and mingle, and build whatever they wanted. But President Business was confused by all the chaos. So he erected walls between these worlds and became obsessed with order and perfection. And he stole a mysterious super secret weapon called The Kragle. And he hired Bad Cop to hunt down all the master builders, who were always changing everything. And those of us who remained, well, we went into hiding. We built the tunnels to survive, and we search for the Piece of Resistance, the only thing that can stop the Kragle.
  • Hi everybody. You may not know me, but I'm on TV, so you can trust me. I know things seem kind of bad right now, but there is a way out of this. This is Emmet, and he was just like all of you: a face in the crowd, following the same instructions as you. But he was so good at fitting in, no one ever saw him, and I owe him an apology, because I used to look down on him like that. I used to think that he was a follower with no ideas for the life of him. But it turned out Emmet had great ideas, and although they seemed weird and kinda pointless, they got him closer than anyone had ever achieved in saving the universe. And now we have to finish what he started by building whatever weird thing pops into our heads. All of you have the unique ability deep within to be a groundbreaker, and I mean literally--break the ground! Peel off the pieces! Tear apart your walls! Build things only you can build. Defend yourselves; we have to fight against President Business' plans to freeze us! Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday; it will be known as Freedom Friday! ...But still on a Tuesday! [Gasp! doors breaking]
  • If only Emmet were here to see this. He says something adorable like... [Emmet screaming]
  • You got it, Emmet.
  • Babe! Oh sorry, Emmet. Batman, this is Emmet. Emmet, this is my boyfriend, Batman.
  • That is literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


  • One day, a talented lass or fellow, A special one with a face of yellow, will make the piece of resistance found from its hidden refuge underground. And with a noble army at the helm, This Master Builder will thwart the Piece Of Resistence and save the realm, and be the greatest, most interesting, most important person of all times. All this is true, because it rhymes.
  • Emmet, you had a vision. Normally, Master Builders spend years training themselves to clear their minds of any obstacles to catch even a fleeting glimpse of The Man Upstairs, and yet, your mind is already so prodigiously empty that there is nothing in it to clear away in the first place. With the proper training, you could become a great Master Builder.
  • Of course he won't be, not if you keep telling him that. He needs to see that and he can.
  • My fellow Master Builders, including but not limited to: Robin Hood, Mermaid Lady, Gandalf, Swamp Creature, 1980-something Space Guy, 2002 NBA All Stars and Wonder Woman. You have traveled far to be here for a moment of great importance. We have learned that Lord Business plans to unleash a fully-weaponized Kragle on Taco Tuesday, to end the world as we know it. (all gasping, and clamouring) Please, calm yourselves, Green Ninja, Milhouse, Nice Vampire, Michelangelo, Michelangelo and Cleopatra. There is yet one hope. The special has arisen.
  • Ah, we gotta write all that down 'cause I'm not gonna remember any of it, but here we go. The Special will now give an eloquent speech.
  • Emmet, don't worry about what the others are doing. You must embrace what is special about you.
  • Why are my pants cold and wet?
  • Sneaking around the corner.
  • Did you just call me old?
  • Well, Junebug, I really prefer the word "experienced!"
  • Ha-ha! You see, Emmet. A corrupted spirit is no match for the purity of imagina... [suddenly Lord Business pops his head off with a penny]
  • My sweet, Emmet, come closer. You must know something about the prophecy.
  • The prophecy...I made it up.
  • I made it up. It's not true.
  • You must listen. What I'm about to tell you will change the course of history...Bleeehhh [just as he's about to finish speaking, his eyes turn into X-eyes and he dies]
  • All you have to do is believe, then you will see everything.
  • Don't worry what the others are doing, you must embrace what is special about you.
  • All you have to do is believe that you are special, then you are special.
  • I am ghost Vitruvius. Ooooh!
  • Emmet, you didn't let me finish earlier because I died. The reason I made up the prophecy was because I knew that whoever found the Piece could become the Special. Because the only thing anyone needs to be special is to believe that you can be. I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it's true. Look at what you did when you believed you were special. You just need to believe it some more.
  • Because the world depends on it. Ooooh!
  • Believe. I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it's true.
  • I liked Emmet before he was cool.


  • Hi! I am Princess Unikitty, and I welcome you all to Cloud Cuckoo Land!
  • Here in Cloud Cuckoo Land, there are no rules! There's no government, no babysitters, no bedtimes, no frowny faces, no bushy mustaches, and no negativity of any kind. [Wyldstyle: "You just said the word 'no', like, a thousand times."] And there's also no consistency!
  • Any idea is a good idea, except the not-happy ones. Those you push down deep inside, where you'll never, ever, ever, [red angry face] EVER [pink and happy again] find them!
  • Your fellow master builders are gathered in the dog.
  • Oh, no! They've hit our silly cloud stabilizers!
  • Well, where can we go where we can't be found?
  • Thank you, Batman! Your ideas are the best!
  • With Rainbows!
  • These are the colors I'm making: blue raspberry and sour apple!
  • My home... It's gone! I feel something inside it's like...THE OPPOSITE OF HAPPINESS! I must stay positive. [breathes] Bubblegums! [starts hyperventilating a bit] Butterflies? [hyperventilates rapidly and looks ready to cry] Cotton candy...?
  • The walls are crying!!!!
  • Marry a marshmallow!
  • So why did you come back?
  • Sounds weird.
  • Embarrassing!
  • Business, business, business. Numbers. Is this working? [Octan Robot: "Yes."] Yaaaaaaay!!
  • Well, what do we do now? There's gotta be a bright side here somewhere.
  • Wyldstyle, look. It's the citizens!
  • Stay positive... Stay... positive!... OH, FORGET IT!!!! DAAAAAHHHH!!!!


  • "Really hard"?! Wiping ye bum with a hook for a hand is really hard. This be impossible!
  • The last time we tried to storm Lord Business's office, we used every plan we could conceive. The result was a massacre too terrible to speak of.
  • Ye are! Did ye not hear me whole story circumscribing the folly of this whole enterprise? [Batman: Er, it's kind of hard not hear when you're yelling everything.]
  • Ideas so dumb and bad that no one would ever think that they could possibly be useful.
  • This be-doubled land couch... I watched Lord Business' forces completely overlook it. Which means we need more ideas like it—ideas so dumb and bad, that no one would ever think they could possibly be useful.
  • The name be Metalbeard, and I'll tell you me tale of woe!
  • First law of the sea: Never place yer rear end on a pirate's face.
  • (Singing) ♪How ya gonna keep them down at the farm?♪
  • It be a fine speech there, laddy.
  • Let me try. Be ye disabling of yon shield!
  • Arr, if only there were more people in the world like he?
  • T'was your speech which roused this hearty crew.
  • Arr, there be too many micro-managers!
  • We were a hearty crew, but it be over.
  • Here's how we do it the pirate style!
  • She's right! You can do it, me laddie!
  • Lasers; sharks; Laser sharks; over-bearing assistants!
  • And strange, dangerous relics that entrap, snap and zap.
  • So if ye think it be a good idea to return to that forsaken place special, what idea have ye that be better than the ideas of 100 of our fallen Master Builder brothers?


  • Relax everybody, I'm here.
  • I'm Batman.
  • Guess what, you big dumb baby? Your car is a baby carriage.
  • Yeah, yeah. Anyway, you guys gotta check out these new subwoofers I installed in the back. I call 'em the dogs. Listen to them bark!
  • This is a song I wrote for Wyldstyle.
  • I hate this place.
  • (After Emmett says "So uuhhh, guys? I think we're about to crash into the sun.") Yeah, but it's gonna look really cool.
  • If anybody has black parts I need them, okay? I only work in black, and sometimes very very dark grey.
  • I don't mean to spoil the party, but does anyone else notice we're stuck in the middle of the ocean on this coach? I mean it's not like a big gigantic ship that's just gonna come out of nowhere and save us-- [Metalbeard's ship suddenly appears] MY GOSH!
  • We'll wing it... That's a bat pun.
  • Po-lice to meet you, Bad Cop.
  • Oh, you are the worst leader I've ever seen. To the Batmobile! [Bad Cop's forces blow it up] Dang it!
  • I have a drive-on.
  • I'm here to see... YOUR BUTT!
  • What're you two losers talking about?
  • Yeah. But according to your precious instructions, this ship needs a hyperdrive. We don't have that part.
  • What do you think, a spaceship's just gonna appear out of the blue? [suddenly, the Millennium Falcon appears out of nowhere behind them] ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! THE SAME THING?!
  • Of course it's serious.
  • Got room for just one dude?
  • I'm not trying to bail...
  • That thing is filled with bon vivants
  • Babe, look. If this relationship is ever gonna work between us, I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it.
  • I will text you.
  • Need a hyperdrive?
  • Those guys were so lame. All they did was play space checkers, plus it turns out that hairy one's a dude, and the metal one too, all dudes.
  • Nah They'll be fine
  • What do I even...? I can't...!
  • I second. Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises. [cut to the group as they are going through their plan; Batman pretends he doesn't know who his alter ego is]
  • Bruce Wayne? Uh...who's that? Sounds like a cool guy.
  • We'd like to invest in your company. Your weapon to control the universe sounds super sweet, I must say.
  • Cool! What kind of sound system does it have?
  • Wait a second. You're telling me that you have a machine to control the universe and you can't listen to tunes in surround sound?
  • Great Call.
  • I thought I'd help you guys. Left the weird cat thing to stall.
  • Wyldstyle--I mean... Lucy... he's the hero you deserve.
  • Don't worry "Dad", I read your dumb instructions. Stop yelling at me!
  • Welcome back, kid.
  • Go on, kid. Get in there.
  • You are so disappointing on so many levels.


  • Hi! I'm Ben! But you can call me Benny, and I can build a spaceship!
  • Spaceship! Spaceship, spaceship, spaceship, spaceship, spaceship!
  • That's okay, I don't wanna build a spaceship anyway that's cool...
  • Like an underwater spaceship!
  • I think we could use wings, rocket boosters...
  • We're coming apart at the seams!
  • It's the one thing that stayed together.
  • Metal Beard! I thought you said we were a lost cause?
  • Build a spaceship?
  • Don't like that.
  • So not the special spaceship that I'm...I'm building for all of you right now?
  • Ugh, you're really letting the oxygen outta my tank here!
  • Maybe we could find one.
  • But won't they notice their hyperdrive is missing?
  • Metalbeard, that was awesome!
  • Cool! A talking computer!
  • Please disable the shield systems.
  • What? No! I never once said anything...
  • Oh, yeah, yeah. No, it's going great. It's just going great! IF SOMEBODY WOULD LISTEN TO ME!!!!
  • Emmet, you''ll think of something, right? Like you always do.
  • Emmet had ideas.
  • I can build a... I can build, build a... I can build a... I can build a spaceship! [short pause, music stops] You're not going to say no?

Lord Business[edit]

  • The Kragle, the most powerful super-weapon, is mine!
  • Ohhhh, the Kragle! Waaaah haw haw haw haaaa!!!
  • Now my power will be unlimited! Can you feel me?!
  • A special one? What a bunch of hippie, dippy baloney!
  • Hi, I'm President Business, president of the Octan Corporation, and the world. Let's take extra care to follow the instructions or you'll be put to sleep and don't forget Taco Tuesday's coming next week! That's the day every rule following citizen gets a free taco and my love! Have a great day everybody!
  • Diabolical. Okay, have Bad Cop meet me in my office in...twenty three seconds.
  • Glad to hear it. Let's rebuild that roof to be even higher.
  • Perfect. Wooh! I love everyone on this room.
  • Hey, guys. Great job on the radio station.
  • Hilarious. That never gets old.
  • Wonderful, fantastic. Would you cancel my two o'clock, this next meeting could run a little bit...deadly.
  • Don't be so serious! Where's that other guy?
  • Nobody knows where this stuff comes from.
  • This one... is the Cloak of Band-aid. I heard it's super painful to take it off. You wanna try it on?
  • We've done some great work over the years together, Bad Cop. Capturing all those Master Builders and torturing them and what not.
  • Although, you did let the Piece of Resistance go. The one thing that can ruin my plans, the one thing that I asked you to take care of.
  • That's super frustrating. It makes me just wanna pick up whoever's standing closest to me and just throw them this window, and out into the infinite abyss!
  • I wanna do it so bad.
  • And it's not just you, Bad Cop, that keeps messing up my plans.
  • People everywhere are always messing with my stuff! But I have a way to fix that. A way to keep things exactly the way they are supposed to be...permanently.
  • Behold the most powerful weapon of all the relics. The Kragle!
  • As you can see they're loading the Kragle into a machine upstairs. I call it the "Tentacle Arm Kragle Outside Sprayer", or TAKOS! The S is silent. So on Taco Tuesday it's going to spray the Kragle over everyone and everything with a bunch of super scary nozzles, like this one. I'll show you how it works.
  • Oh, don't worry. I won't test it on you. I'll do it on your parents.
  • Okay, Pa, I just want you to act naturally. Like you're going about your day.
  • Yeah, keep your hand up like that. Ma, scoot two steps into the right.
  • Pa - why do - whenever I talk to Ma you start to move?!
  • Get back to where you were!
  • Perfect. That's great! You can't do anything better, there's no reason why you should move.
  • Now, Ma, hand on his shoulder. And you... [as Ma Cop goes to place her hand on Pa Cop's shoulder he turns] Pa, you just moved again and just wrecked it! Wrecked it! Bad Cop, you see what I'm talking about? All I'm asking for is total perfection!
  • Send in a micro-manager!
  • Hold still, guys. [the TAKOS device comes over to them] Then I just spray them with the TAKOS!
  • Does that upset you, Bad Cop?
  • Go ahead, finish the job.
  • Just as I thought. You're Good Cop side's making you soft, Bad Cop.
  • Robots, bring me the fleece crested scepter of Q-Tip, and the polish remover of Na'il!
  • You've already let the Special get away once.
  • I'm just gonna make sure it doesn't happen again.
  • No...more...Mr. Nice Guy!!!
  • On Taco Tuesday I'm going to Kraglize the entire universe so that everyone will stop messing with my stuff!
  • Are you gonna be with me or are you gonna be stuck having a tea party with your Mom and Dad?
  • Hello, everybody! Superman. Wonder Woman, I had no idea you'd be here. Mr. Shaquille O'Neal. Greetings, all. Welcome to my Think Tank!
  • You're a very perceptive person, Superman. They come up with all the instructions for everything in the universe.
  • Woh, woh, woh. Where is the Special?
  • Wait, are you telling me you don't have him?
  • Bad Cop, he could still be alive! The Piece could still be out there!
  • Wait, hold up. A double decker couch?
  • Really? So it's like a bunk bed couch? Is that what it's like? That's weird. If you're sitting in the top middle, how are you gonna get down without climbing over someone? If you're sitting on the bottom, and you're watching TV, are you gonna have to watch through a bunch of dangling legs? Who's gonna want to sit on the bottom? It is literally the most useless idea I have ever heard.
  • I move that we freeze the universe. Could I get a second on that?
  • It is indeed super sweet.
  • Uh...sound system? Well, I mean, we have an iPod Shuffle.
  • Yeah. I want speakers that you can hug with your arms and your legs, and just feel the beat.
  • Vitruvius, I see you've accidentally wondered into my Think Tank. And by the way, I found a few of your friends. By which I mean, all of them!
  • Acceptable work, Bad Cop.
  • Robots, destroy this old man at once.
  • Hey, not so special anymore, huh?
  • Well, guess what? No one ever told me I was special. I never got a Smash trophy just for showing up! I'm not some special little snowflake.
  • No! But as unspecial as I am, you are a thousand billion times more special than me.
  • Robots, bring me the Sword of Exact-Zero!
  • Must be weird, one minute you're the most special person in the universe. The next minute, you're nobody!
  • Oh, I have a nice spot for this in my relic room... Uh-oh, my mistake! There it goes!
  • Bye-bye, for ever!
  • Well, I guess there's only one thing left to do! Release the Kragle!
  • Set the electric shocker to one hundred Mississippi... Then terminate everyone.
  • Emmet, that should give you enough time to witness the first location to be Kragled. Your home town!
  • Bad Cop, unfortunately I'm gonna have to leave you here to die.
  • It's not personal. It's just good business...Lord Business! Ciao!
  • Attention, everyone. This is President Business.
  • Hello! Hi! Welcome to Taco Tuesday! Don't worry about this big black violet thing that's blocking out the sun. What you need to worry about is this question that I'm about to ask you. Who wants a taco?!
  • Yeah! I know! Tacos! Tacos! Go crazy! Alright, everyone. Act normal. Perfect. Now, everybody say freeze!
  • So I guess running around and screaming is normal.
  • Micro-manager, commence micro-management!
  • What is going on?!! Just stop building that Stuff! Just stop it!
  • This rebellion ends right now!
  • Release every Micro Manager we have!
  • Haw, haw, haw! See your friends??? Ooh, they're finished. My work is almost finished.
  • The last thing I need to do is finish you.
  • Your secret weapon?
  • That sounds dumb.
  • What is it? Is it super small? I don't see anything.
  • You want me to take your hand off?
  • Exactly, with a buncha wierd dorky ones that ruined my perfectly good stuff!
  • Emmet, thank you. I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart, from this moment forward, I solemnly promise that I will never-- [flying along with Emmet from the busted aircraft]
  • Whoops, I have the antidote for the pause button, how did that happen?

Bad/Good Cop[edit]

  • How did ya find the Piece of Resistance?
  • What's happening? Playing dumb, Master Builder?
  • You're a liar! We'll kill you!
  • Hi, buddy. I'm your friendly neighborhood police officer. Would you like a glass of water?
  • Of course, buddy. I believe you.
  • I believe you too. You see the quotations I'm making with my claw hands? It means I don't believe you! Why else would you show up with that thing on your back just three days before President Business is going to use the Kragle to end the world?
  • Come on, you can't be this stupid.
  • Oh, we asked them alright. Boom!
  • I can't break him, take him to the melting chamber!
  • You'll live. You'll be fine.
  • President Business. I have him right here, sir. Yes, we've told him he'll live so he doesn't try to escape. But...we're lying to him.
  • Hi everybody! Hows the melting goi-- Hey, hey, HEY, HEY!!!
  • Red alert! Red alert! I need everyone, repeat, everyone, to go after the Special.
  • All units, cut them off on Elm, now!
  • Or, whenever you can.
  • Caught up with them monorail! Release the copper choppers!
  • Don't let 'em get away!
  • Ragh, Darn, darn, darn, DARNY, DARN!!
  • Lord Business, I know the special got away.
  • Freeze, turkeys! All I want is the Piece of Resistance.
  • Hehehey!
  • Oh, did you really?
  • Nope, I don't think you have.
  • I know you do, sir. But please, please don't.
  • Sir, I don't know if this is necessary.
  • Mommy? Daddy? what are you doing here?
  • Of course, sir.
  • No, I don't want to!
  • You have to!
  • I don't want to!
  • Would you please be quiet!
  • I can't!
  • You must.
  • But they...
  • Shut it!
  • It's not nice.
  • It's your job, man!
  • I can't do it They're innocent!
  • Sorry Dad. I have a job to do.
  • Rest in pieces.
  • Micro managers, what's going on down there?
  • Scuba Cops, scour the entire ocean if you have to. We have go to find that piece.
  • Let's get these prisoners back to Lord Business and give him the good news: the Special is no more.
  • Sir, my scuba team is looking for his remains as we speak.
  • The only remanent of the Special was a double decker couch.
  • Build away... whatever your name is.
  • Hi Mom, Hi Dad.
  • The pleasure's all SPINE!
  • I hope there's a good cop in me somewhere.
  • I'll hold these guys up. You go stop 'em. Yay!


Bap Cop: Playing dumb, Master Builder?
Emmet: No, I- Master Builder?
Bad Cop: Oh, so you've never heard of the prophecy?
Emmet: No, I...
Bad Cop: Or the Special?
Emmet: No! No, I...
Bad Cop: You're a liar! (starts to kick and wrestle a chair]
Emmet: Look, um... I watch a lot of cop shows on TV... Isn't there supposed to also be a—? ..Isn't there supposed to be a good cop!?
Bad Cop: Oh yes. But we're not done yet. [switches head]
Good Cop: Hi, buddy! I'm your friendly neighborhood police officer! Would you like a glass of water?
Emmet: Yeah, actually that sounds—
Bad Cop: TOO BAD! (Whap) Security Cameras picked up this: BOOM!, You were found at the construction site convulsing with a strange piece.
Emmet: That's disgusting!
Bad Cop: Then why is it permanently stuck to your back?
Emmet: [sees that The Piece of Resistance is glued onto his back, but screams in alarm, and tries to get it off] Oh no! Aaaah! Ah! Ah! Get off me!! It won't come off, it's chasin' me!

Emmet: What's the last thing Lord Business would expect Master Builders to do?
Benny: Build a spaceship?
Vitruvius: Kill a chicken?
Unikitty: Marry a marshmallow!
Metalbeard: Why, this. [changes into a singing face: ♪Hum hum hum How ya gonna keep them down at the farm?♪♪]
Emmet: No! It's follow the instructions.

[Everybody groans and complains]

Benny: Don't like that.
Unikitty: Sounds weird
Emmet: No, wait guys. Listen. You guys are so talented and imaginative... but you can't work as a team. I'm just a construction worker, but when I have a plan and we were working together, we could build a skyscraper. Now you guys are Master Builders. Just imagine what you could do if you did that! ...You could save the universe!
Vitruvius: Well said, Emmet. Well said.
Emmet: Really?
Metalbeard: She be a fine speech there, laddie.
Emmet: Okay. ...Somebody get me some markers! ...Some construction paper! ...And some GLITTER GLUE!!!

Vitruvius: Go ahead man you got this.
Emmet: Okay. Hello. I'm Emmet. Oh, and this is The Piece of Resistance.

[Everyone cheers]

Emmet: Thank You. Well, uhh, I know I for one am very excited to work with you guys. To get into the Octan Tower find the Kragle and put this thing on the thing. And I know it's going to be really hard but...
Robot Pirate: Really hard? Wiping ye bum with a hook for a hand is really hard. This be impossible. The last time we tried to storm Lord Business's office, we used every plan we could conceive. The result was a massacre too terrible to speak of.
Emmet: Who are you?
Robot Pirate: The name be Metalbeard and I'll tell you me tale of woe.
Vitruvius: Here we go again.
Metalbeard: I arrived at the foot of the tower with me hearty master builder crew. Only to find that the Console was on the infiniteith floor. Guarded by a robot army and security measures of every kind imaginable. Lasers, sharks, laser sharks, overbearing assistants, and strange dangerous relics that entrap, snap and zap. And there be a mysterious room called "The Think Tank". I barely made it out of that room with just me head. [boat buzzes off] And organs. [boat buzzes off again]
Emmet: Okay
Metalbeard: I had to replace every part of my once strapping virile pirate body for this with this useless hunk of garbage you see before ye. So if ye think it'd be a good idea to return to that forsaken place, Special, what idea have ye that be better than the idea of 100 of our fallen master builder brothers?
Emmet: Well, uhh... technically I'm not a Master Builder yet.
Metalbeard: WHAT?!

[Crowd clamours]

Emmet: Please everyone, everyone please.
William Shakespeare: Rubbish!
Emmet: Yes, it's true. I may not be a Master Builder. I may not have a lot of experience fighting or leading or coming up with plans. Or having ideas in general. In fact, I'm not all that smart. And I'm not what you'd call the creative type. Plus, generally unskilled. Also scared and cowardly. I know what you're thinking: He is the least qualified person in the world to lead us. And you are right.
Swamp Creature: Is this supposed to make us feel better?!
Emmet: There was about to be a but...
Gandalf: You're a butt!
Dumbledore: Yes.
Metalbeard: You all be on your own. I be leaving this lost cause. [boat buzzes off]
Emmet: Why are you leaving?
Abraham Lincoln: A house divided against itself... Would be better than this.
Emmet: Abraham Lincoln? You bring your space chair right back here. C'mon guys? We could still do this. Right?
Master Builder #1: You're not even a bit special.
Batman: [Whispers to Wyldstyle] Well, you were right about him being a ding dong.
Master Builder #2: You're a huge disappointment.
Master Builder #3: Get him outta here I don't wanna look at him
Emmet: Well at least it can't get worst.
Master Builder #4: Special? Not!

[A giant golf ball falls out of nowhere, destroying the Dog.]

Emmet: I was wrong.

[The giant golf ball goes through the eye of the dog and squishes an Island Warrior MasterBuilder]

Superman: It's the Orb of Titleist!
Bad Cop: Ruh roh, it's the bad guys.
Emmet: Whoa, how did he...?
Wyldstyle: Go! Run! Come on, everyone! Protect the Special!
Mermaid Lady: What's that on his ankle?
Knight: It's a tracking device.
Bad Cop: Take the Master Builders prisoner.
Gandalf: Oh, he led them right to us.



  • We just don’t have the budget to make it look good, and as a 68 year old, drunk, worked over filmmaker, I just can’t stand that video game looking shit...You look at something like The Lego Movie, which is just wall to wall CGI and it’s just a fucking 90 minute commercial. I don’t care how good it is. Fuck ‘em! We get waves and waves of this kind of shit already on TV 24/7. This is something that’s getting marketed to kids and families! It’s just a commercial no matter what you say about it.

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