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The Batman vs. Dracula is a 2005 direct-to-video animated movie based on The Batman television series. It has a much darker tone than the show, and features Vicki Vale (in her first animated appearance, voiced by Tara Strong, who voiced Barbara Gordon / Batgirl on The New Batman Adventures).

The Joker

  • Batsy, you complete me.
  • [to Batman, after being bitten by Dracula] You're the second Batman tonight, and you're both pains in the neck.

The Penguin

  • [Nervously watching Dracula drain the Joker of blood at dusk] Breakfast in bed... fresh-squeezed.
  • [getting arrested] It was vampires, I tell ya! Vampires! With big honkin' fangs!
  • [to Dracula, regarding Vicky Vale] Oh, the girl... you HAVE been the grave for a while, haven't you, master? [Eyes her neck] Nice jugulars!

Vicky Vale

  • [researching Bruce Wayne at the newspaper archive] What is it about you that keeps me coming back? Your boyish charm... hot bod... tons of money... if only I were shallow.

Alfred Pennyworth

  • [to Dracula, aiming the vaccine] Bite this.
  • [about Dracula's withered head] I'll be sweeping that into the dust pan, sir.


The Penguin: Agh! Dead guys don't do that.
Dracula: Not dead... UN-dead.
The Penguin: I think I need to UN-wet my pants.

The Joker: [a vampire, starved of blood] Why are you doing this to me, Batsy? I thought you cared!
Batman: Believe me, Joker, I'm trying to help you.
The Joker: Then FEED ME! [Spies a cockroach, and speedily gobbles it up] Got ketchup?

The Joker: Everyone was so shocked to see me these days, you, and the fisherman who found me tangled in his net. Oh, and by the way, who knew that electroshock therapy would be so invigorating. But that's all water from the bridge, 'cause Joker's back from the grave!
The Penguin: Yeah, a lot of that going around.

Batman: [to a cured Joker] No games, Joker. Where's Dracula?
The Joker: I'm looking at him. [starts remembering something before he was bitten by Dracula] Where's Penguin?
Batman: [slowly understanding] Penguin?
The Joker: Where's Gotham Cemetery?
Batman: [then realizing that the pieces came together] Cemetery?...
The Joker: Uh.. Am I dreaming?
Batman: No. Just insane. Which is why you're going back to Arkham.

Dracula: Go on. run! I am beyond human, Batman! I am evil incarnate! I am the Prince of... [He floats up and sees Batman standing in front of the sunlight machine] ...Darkness?
Batman: Rise and shine. [triggers the machine, and blasts Dracula with artificial sunlight]

Dracula: You are...Bruce Wayne.
Batman: [raises his arms, casting a batlike shadow] I'm the Batman...and you're dust. [ziplines out of the path of the artificial sunlight, allowing it to hit Dracula full on]

Dracula: So the folktales are true. There is another bat in Gotham.
Batman: Count Dracula, I presume?
Dracula: A legend you are apparently intimate with.
Batman: Don't flatter yourself.
Dracula: We cast kindred shadows. Have you not seen the news?
Batman: I don't harm people!
Dracula: You have no concept of the harm of which I am capable... if only because I really hate to waste a life, when it can be spent in servitude to me.
Batman: Life or living death?
Dracula: To become vampire is to heighten all of one's senses, to attain speed, strength, and immortality.


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