Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

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Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is an American animated film by Curt Geda and Alan Burnett.


  • Haven't seen her around the Batcave.
  • [to Batwoman] Welcome to superhero team-up!


  • Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman. What is it about this city, the water?!

Alfred Pennyworth

  • [reading a newspaper] I see where Dennis the Menace is one step closer to juvenile hall.
  • I see Ms. Duquesne is gifted in other sports besides extreme shopping.

Harvey Bullock

  • I think we got more than enough bat-freaks in Gotham already. I mean, sheesh, what's next? Bathound?

Bruce Wayne

  • I have to admit, it's not every date I have that ends with a police investigation.

Sonia Alcana

  • You know, removing evidence from the scene of a crime is…[Batman glares]…probably not going to lose you any sleep.

Tim Drake

  • [to Bruce] You know, I've been thinking about getting a dog. He could help us sniff out clues.


Bruce Wayne: The last thing Gotham City needs is a vigilante running amok.
Alfred Pennyworth: As they say on the streets, "I ain't touchin' that one."

Rupert Thorne: Duquesne says he can handle the bat-broad.
Penguin: She almost killed Batman, for heaven's sake! Normally, I would find that commendable, but now it just proves that Duquesne is out of his league. We need some real muscle…

Bane: I knew sooner or later we would face each other, Batman. I prayed for it.
Batman: This ship is going down in less than a minute, Bane.
Bane: That's all the time I need.

Kathy Duquesne: It's a dressing room. The worse that could happen is I'll need a size eight. Why don't you go rob "gift wrap" or something?
Thug: I miss working for the Joker.

Rocky Ballantine: First you click on the red crystal, then the blue, then hold down the Shift key.
Tim Drake: Whoa! You got in!
Rocky Ballantine: I've raided a few tombs in my time.
Tim Drake: [to Bruce] She found the secret bonus level to Death Level 3000! Nobody at school can figure it out. The guys are going to flip!
Bruce Wayne: So is Alfred. He's been waiting in the car for you all this time.

Sonia Alcana: You've been a busy bat.
Batman: Each of you brought something to the party. Kathy had the money, Rocky had the genius, and had the scheme and the will to make it happen.
Sonia Alcana: When that fire destroyed my folks' business, they never recovered. They'd worked their whole lives to have it, and then it was ashes, just like that. It tore our family apart. Everyone knew it was Rupert Thorne, but there was no way to prove it. Now he's going to know how it feels to see his life go up in smoke.
Batman: Three Batwomen. It was just a matter of disguising your voices and taking turns. And you know what? It almost worked.

Robin: What do they make here?
Batman: Trinkets, figurines, weapons of mass destruction.

Alfred Pennyworth: Exactly what is it you hope to discover?
Bruce Wayne: What a beautiful young woman does in her free time.
Alfred Pennyworth: A pleasure drive, then.

Bruce Wayne: You know, Alfred, I think I could use a new watch.
Alfred Pennyworth: You deserve it, sir.

Sonia Alcana: So you never got married, huh?
Harvey Bullock: Uh-uh.
Sonia Alcana: Hard to believe.

Penguin: And Mr. Wayne. It's been quite a while, hasn't it?
Bruce Wayne: Yes, I believe the last time is when you stole plutonium from one of my labs and threatened to blow up the city.
Penguin: Oh, oh yes. My more rambunctious days.

Bruce Wayne: The point is, her costume links to me. Why? What does she have planned? How far will she go?
Alfred Pennyworth: Well, do be careful, sir. Remember, there are many species in which the female is deadlier than the male.

Bruce Wayne: How many stores does this make so far?
Alfred Pennyworth: Including the nail boutique? Seven, and not one sale on explosives.

Kathy Duquesne: You've just run off with a very notorious woman. I'm Kathy Duquesne. Daughter of Carlton Duquesne?
Bruce Wayne: The gangster?
Kathy Duquesne: Yes. But we try not to use the "G" word in front of Daddy.

Carlton Duquesne: Are you crazy? How could you do this to me?
Kathy Duquesne: It was easy, Daddy. You made it because of the kind of man you are…the kind of man whose wife is killed just because she stands next to him. The kind of man who makes a prison out of his own house and a prisoner out of his own child. The kind of man who spreads misery to everything he touches. And for what? For them?

Rupert Thorne: You're out, Duquesne.
Carlton Duquesne: Should have never got mixed up with garbage like you.
Penguin: Well, that'll give you and that brat something to talk about in family therapy.

Rupert Thorne: The ship's going down, Penguin.
Penguin: Our only consolation is that it will take a few bats with it.

Alfred Pennyworth: I never fail to marvel at your narrow escapes, sir.
Bruce Wayne: One female bat at a time.

Batman: Who are you? Why are you doing this?
Batwoman: You're the great detective. Figure it out. Got to jet.

Penguin: [bonded to his chair by Batwoman's straps] They're constricting!
Batwoman: They'll slice a penguin like a turkey unless you tell me who your new partner is.

Batman: For what it's worth, the city's losing a good cop.
Sonia Alcana: Condoning vigilantes is one thing, but even Commissioner Gordon draws the line at employing them. We're just lucky the DA's looking the other way. Someday you'll have to tell me how you do it, Batman. How you keep from crossing the line. When I put on the mask, I couldn't even see the line anymore.
Batman: Maybe I don't take it as personally.
Sonia Alcana: Somehow I doubt that.
Batman: Where will you go?
Sonia Alcana: I'm not sure. Someplace simpler, where capes aren't the prevailing fashion.

Rocky Ballantine: He's on to me.
Sonia Alcana: What?
Rocky Ballantine: Batman. He knows everything about me - where I work, what I do, all about Kevin. It's uncanny.
Sonia Alcana: So what?
Rocky Ballantine: So what? He's going to ruin everything! I've told you we should've created a new identity, not just spun it off him.
Kathy Duquesne: She's right. Look at how fast he caught onto me. We didn't count on this.
Sonia Alcana: So he thinks you're Batwoman. Two days ago, he thought it was you. Tomorrow we'll have him thinking it's someone else. Trust me, if he really had any idea what's going on, we would know. We are so close to our goal. We stop them tonight, and we've broken them.
Kathy Duquesne: Tonight?
Rocky Ballantine: They're moving that fast?
Sonia Alcana: Not fast enough for us, Rocky. Never fast enough for us.


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