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Son of Batman is a 2014 direct-to-video animated superhero film which is part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. It is an adaptation of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert's 2006 Batman and Son storyline.

Vengeance runs in the blood.. taglines


  • The psychos just keep getting younger.
  • I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you could be Robin. Well you can't.

Killer Croc[edit]

  • You know, Bats... the problem with steroids is I get the munchies.


[Alfred is showing Damian his bedroom]
Alfred Pennyworth: I hope this isn't too cramped for you. That door heads to your bath. The other, to a game room. And you also have this for your amusement. [Alfred turns on the T.V. and Looney Tunes plays] Naturally, you have the run of the mansion.
Damian Wayne: Of course. I know that. Prepare some tea, Pennyworth. Brown sugar instead of white, fresh-cut lemon. A china cup.
Alfred Pennyworth: Perhaps master would like some warm mixed nuts and a moist hand towel.
Damian Wayne: Watch yourself, Pennyworth. I'm not so young that I don't understand sarcasm.
Alfred Pennyworth: While I am much too old to care.

Talia al Ghul: Want a drink?
Batman: Last time you offered me one, it didn't go so well.
Talia al Ghul: Oh, you’re right. If I remember correctly, I slipped a little something into your beverage.
Batman: Same way I remember it.
Talia al Ghul: It made you romantic.
Batman: It made me do what you wanted.

Talia al Ghul: [Her back is to Batman] My father ... he died.
Batman: Ra's?
Talia al Ghul: [Turns back to him, annoyed] How many fathers do I have?!
Batman: Sorry. He just seemed ...
Talia al Ghul: Like you? Indestructible?

Damian Wayne: I'll drive.
Batman: No.
Damian Wayne: I know how.
Batman: No.

Damian Wayne: So this is the fabled Batcave. Grandfather told me about it. Smaller than I imagined. Very efficient, though.
Alfred Pennyworth: He is the spitting image of you at that age. It's a bit chilling.

Talia al Ghul: I thank you for my life and the life of my son.
Batman: Our son.
Talia al Ghul: I need to rebuild the League. Make it stronger, better. Come with me. You and I, together with Damian, would be invincible.
Batman: The best way to fix the League is to disband it.
Talia al Ghul: If only it were that easy. Damian should stay with me. He will want to be with his mother.
Batman: He's Robin now. He stays with the Batman.

Batman: Alfred?
Alfred Pennyworth: Yes, sir.
Batman: We're going to have company.
Alfred Pennyworth: A sleepover? Oh, goody.

[Alfred is stitching up Dick after his battle with Damian.]
Dick Grayson: Really ticks me off; after all the lectures he gave me about using protection.
Alfred Pennyworth: Indeed.
[Dick winces.]
Alfred Pennyworth: Are you alright, Master Dick?
Dick Grayson: I took the cut, I can take the stitch.
Damian Wayne: [watching from the balcony, smugly] Maybe you need more anesthetic.
Dick Grayson: [royally pissed] And maybe YOU need to go fu--
Alfred Pennyworth: Master Dick!
Damian Wayne: Maybe you should remember who the blood son is.
Dick Grayson: "Bloodthirsty" is more like it.

Deathstroke: Go ahead. Finish me. You were trained to kill your enemies, weren't you? It's what you want. It's what your grandfather would do. It's what I would do. Well, do it!
Robin: No. I'm my father's son, too. I'm Robin!

Batman: Talk.
Nightwing: [Calling Batman] Missing something?
Batman: Not in the mood for games.
Nightwing: I have a kid here. [Turns to Damian] Who says he's your son?
[Damian, who's been tied up and gagged by Nightwing, growls at him.]
Batman: [In a resigned tone] I'll be right there.

Batman: You look like you've been working out, Croc. The tail's new.
Killer Croc: Yeah, got an upgrade.

[Damian is training in the garden, slashing up the many topiaries]
Alfred Pennyworth: I think we might be able to skip the gardener.
Bruce Wayne: Well, he was trained by the League of Assassins.
Alfred Pennyworth: I, myself, am rooting for the shrubbery.
[Alfred leaves, while Bruce stays back and continues to watch Damian. He smiles.]
Bruce Wayne: He has talent.

Damian Wayne: I wanna help. Like he used to. [points to Dick]
Batman: Bad enough you've given yourself away and let them know we're onto them, but you're letting vengeance guide you.
Damian Wayne: You've never felt vengeful?
Batman: Every day. You have to keep your center, Damian. You can't fight crime by becoming a criminal. From now on, stay close. That's an order.
Damian Wayne: I can do that.
Dick Grayson: Wait a minute. I'm not gonna like this, am I?
Batman: ... Nope.

Damian Wayne: Is this what you wore in training?
Dick Grayson: It's what I wore when I went on patrol.
Damian Wayne: The only thing that's missing is lace trim and a sun hat.
Dick Grayson: You don't fool me. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that you could be Robin. Well, you can't.
Damian Wayne: I don't need some insipid costume and a bird name. I'm way beyond your kind of simplistic training. As you saw tonight.
Dick Grayson: Don't forget, you lost that fight.

Deathstroke: Now your luck ends.
Robin: You call it luck, I call it skill. [spits in Deathstroke's eye]


  • Vengeance runs in the blood.


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