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Lonette Rita McKee[1][2] (born July 22, 1954)[3] is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Sister Williams in the original 1976 musical-drama film Sparkle. McKee also had notable roles in such movies as The Cotton Club, Jungle Fever, ATL, and Honey.


  • It was a project where all the elements aligned to create a classic and that’s what happens with quality projects. We don’t have a whole lot of quality projects made, especially for Black films.
  • For me to know Aretha Franklin did the soundtrack, I loved it and did not have a problem with it. Of course in retrospect we know the audience was so hyper-devoted to the original and would have loved to hear us do an album or CD on it. It is what it is and I was very thrilled that Aretha did it, frankly.
  • We have to especially in these times. We are all living in very hard times and they are particularly hard for people of color I really think it is important we have some dreams we aspire to. You have to set a goal where you want to go before you know where you’re going. I feel like we all are entitled to dream big and eventually one day they will happen.


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