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Michael Lieber (born 6 May 1988) is a British novelist and playwright.

"It's in weather such as this, I'm glad that I'm human" - Michael Lieber



The War Hero (Novel, 2018) Paperback ISBN 978-1-5272-3346-1

  • The greatest redemption is between the war of two evils, their very retaliation reveals their goodly nature.
    • Prologue - p1

  • A young ticket should never be envied, they queue for the bus the same as us.
    • Chapter Three - p100 - Mrs. Betridge

  • It's in weather such as this, I'm glad that I'm human.
    • Chapter Two - p40 - Mr. Lidman

  • There are three things in a Woman's life that should never be empty, her heart, bed and glass.
    • Chapter Three - p93 - Freddie

  • Down like a Welsh town.
    • Chapter Five - p128 - Larry

  • Old things do not interest me, I like new things for the simple reason that they never get old.
    • Chapter Three - p81 - Freddie

  • Even in your last fragile moments, I will forever be your gentle svelte with rosy cheeks as you are, were and always shall be my little ones.
    • Prologue - p2

  • Ghosts?...Yes nasty little buggers..
    • Chapter Two - p61 - Larry

  • This champagne's made by the French and no mistake, you can tell by the shape of the bubbles..
    • Chapter Four - p117 - Ben

  • I don't have many friends, so I try and be there for the ones that do make it that far.
    • Chapter Seven - p196 - Ethel

  • Change the subject...actually give me a cigarette and then change the subject.
    • Chapter Seven - p197 - Ethel
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