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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is an American superhero animated comedy show created by Ian Jones-Quartey. It follows titular character, K.O., and his efforts to become the world's greatest hero, while working at Gar's Bodega (run by the no-nonsense Mr. Gar), a hero supply shop in the Lakewood Plaza strip mall. Alongside him are his best friends and co-workers Radicles, an apathetic, narcissistic alien, and Enid, a levelheaded big sister-like employee, as well as other heroes who work and frequent the area.

Pilot: Lakewood Plaza Turbo


Let's Be Heroes [1.01]


[Rad and K.O. meet for the first time and Rad is serving K.O. some lightning nachos.]

Rad: So, you're choosing the path of the hero, huh? I'm pretty heroic myself. Level 2, if you must know. [eats a chip; gets shocked by electricity]
K.O.: Well, anyway, thanks for your help, Rad. I better check out--
Rad: Oh, so you need photographic evidence of my righteous feats?
K.O.: Not now. I believe you--
Rad: If you insist. [shows photos on his phone] Here's one of me doing my famous power belly flop on a bad guy. And here's me getting the drop on the Chip Damage. Don't worry, we're cool now. [accidentally shows a photo of a kitten] And here's me--
K.O.: Aww. Who's the kitty?
Rad: Aah! [embarrassed] Uh, uh, she's nobody! It's nothing!

[Rad exits, racing away.]

K.O.: What a cool guy.

[An alarm goes off in the plaza, signaling the arrival of a Boxmore robot. The bodega shuts down. The doors crush one of the posters Brandon is setting up.]

Brandon: Hey! Aw, man. It took me like an hour to paint that. This better not be another one of Gar's drills.
A Real Magic Skeleton: Nah, those are Tuesdays. It's got to be a Boxman bot. Want to help me shoot the chaos?

[A magic portal opens in the sky, as a Boxmore Box falls from it. The box hits the pavement, and the walls collapse to reveal a robot.]

Darrell: I am Darrell, and I've come to destroy! [Starts shooting lasers, laughs maniacally.]
K.O.: [waving] Hi Darrell, I'm K.O.! Nice to-- [Ducks, dodging one of Darrell's lasers.]

[Several people run away from Darrell's lasers.]

Darrell: That's right! Run away, Lakewood Losers!

[The bodega's doorbell rings as Rad and Enid exit the store.]

Rad: (sighs) Another Boxman robot.
Enid: K.O. don't wave at him, he's evil...and a total nerd.
K.O.: Evil? I have to do something!
Enid: Whoa, hold up, you don't stand a chance against that thing.
Rad: I think he's got it.
Enid: What, you think K.O. can beat him?
Rad: Oh. Oh, no, no, no. I meant Darrell's got it. (chuckles) That kid's gonna get wrecked.
K.O.: Ha! Don't let appearances fool you. Witness the power of a true hero! [Jumps up into the sky.]
Darrell: What the? [Spikes appear on his knuckles, as he goes in for a punch.]
K.O.: Aah!

[K.O. and Darrell's fists collide.]

Darrell: (chuckles) Not bad! Where'd you get those sweet threads? The convenience store?
K.O.: Yes! In fact, I did. And I got this, too! [Pulls out the laser sword.]

[K.O. runs towards Darrell, dodging his laser beams. K.O. jumps up and cuts Darrell's arm off with a laser from the sword.]

Darrell: Aah! No way!
K.O.: You were wrong to underestimate the power of a hero, Darrell. [Runs up and headbutts Darrell.]

[Darrell skids across the pavement.]

K.O.: And now you're really going to get it! [Throws off his cape.]
Darrell: [Groans, as K.O.'s cape land on him. He pulls the cape off.] Give it up already!
K.O.: I'll never give up, I can feel the willpower of everyone in the plaza coursing through me! [K.O.'s flame gauntlets activate.] Enough power for one final move! Get ready to feel 10,000 strikes of sweet justice, Darrell!

[Darrell begins to tremble in fear.]

K.O.: Ultra-flaming-evil-pulverizing-punch! Ha!

[The scene intercuts with K.O. landing punches on Darrell and K.O. embedded in a wall.]

A Real Magic Skeleton: Kid. Hey, kid. Snap out of it. Come on, kid. [Begins lightly smacking K.O. across the face.] Kid, come on. Kid?
K.O.: [Shakes his head, mumbling as he wakes up.] What-- What happened?
A Real Magic Skeleton: Geez, where do I start with this? Well, okay. See that robot over there with the cannon and the big fist? [Points to Darrell.] Well, first, you tried to block his punch. But he just knocked your flame gauntlets in your face, which knocked you out. As you fell back, you tripped over your beach towel, and fell butt-first into your lightning nachos which shocked you backwards into this here wall. Actually pretty funny.
K.O.: [Blushing] Th-That's what really happened?
A Real Magic Skeleton: I recorded the whole thing if you want to check it out.

[The phone begins to play sounds of K.O. screaming and grunting, followed by splattering sounds. K.O. screams some more, and whirling sounds play.]

K.O.: I can't believe it... [He sinks to the ground.] That fight felt so intense, but it wasn't real, just like my big dream. I thought I'd already become a hero, but all I did was wear stuff and get my butt kicked. Who am I kidding I'm not even close to being there yet...
Enid: [Shaking Rad, trying to wake him up.] Get off the ground, you stupid meatloaf.

[A whistle is heard in the distance, and it is revealed to be Gar that was whistling.]

Enid: Ha!
Darrell: What the?
Mr. Gar: [He drops down on Darrell from the sky, causing an explosion, decapitating Darrell.] Hmm. [He kicks Darrell's head toward Boxman's factory.]
Darrell: Aah!

[The crosswalk sign turns green, and gives off a ding.]

Mr. Gar: You two, get this mess cleaned up.
Rad and Enid: Yes, sir!
Mr. Gar: Mondays, am I right? [Walks off.]
Rad: Man, Mr. Gar's pretty cool, but, like, how'd he even get up there?
Enid: He's level eleven, dude, now come on.

Let's Be Friends [1.02]

K.O.: (Thinking) Man, Rad and Enid are on another level. I wanna work with them so bad, but I can't even do a cool power move. I can't give up. There must be some way I could convince them to give me another chance. Maybe if I brought them a giant cake, or if I let them hold my rarest Pow cards. Maybe if I wore a baseball cap backwards. [He pictures these scenarios in the clouds]

[Shannon appears before him with a poor disguise.]

Shannon: Excuse me. I couldn't help but notice your unemployment. You know these days if you wanna work at a place like Gar's, you gotta do something really special.
K.O.: (Disappointed) A résumé.
Shannon: No, no, no, no. I'm talking something like... infiltrating Lord Boxman's lair and maybe, like, defeating him all by yourself.
K.O.: That's a good idea, so good that Rad and Enid will have to hire me and be my friends. [runs towards Boxmore] Thanks for the help, ominous stranger! You're the best!
Shannon: Ch'yeah, obviously. (laughs evilly)

You're Everybody's Sidekick [1.03]


[It's K.O.'s first day working at Gar's Bodega and he excitedly reports to Enid.]

K.O.: Helper K.O., reporting for duty!
Enid: (chuckles) At ease, soldier. Helper K.O.! Your first mission... [K.O.'s eyes widen] here at Gar's is to...clean up the store. [Enid points to the closet full of cleaning equipment, with a sign on top that says "8 WAYS OF CLEANSING"]
K.O.: Wow! The ancient tools of the cleaning the floor! [K.O. stares in awe]
Enid: Now go! And save the bodega from the forces of dirt or something. [K.O. dashes off and suits up in an armor of cleaning supplies.]
K.O.: Dirt, today you breathe your last filthy breath! I swear on the honor of the bodega, I will vanquish you!

[K.O. speeds through sweeping and cleaning through the aisle. Enid watches as Ginger appears at her desk.]

Ginger: Dearie, can I pay for this in thousands of pennies?

[Not wanting to answer the customer, Enid disappears and a log takes her place.]

K.O.: (laughs mischievously) Enid, Enid, Enid! All done! Anything else I can help you with?
Enid: Hmm. Ah! Sort through this penny dish... [pushes the penny dish to K.O.] and take out everything that isn't a penny. [K.O. looks inside the dish and sees a pen, a baseball, a throwing star, a teapot, and and onion with a face. He gasps and starts picking out things.] Boy, you sure love helping people, don't ya buddy?
K.O.: Well, sure! It's my job. And isn't that how everyone feels?
Enid: [with a quizzical expression] Help people...? Nope, not for me. Too much work, too little payoff. I'm good with just helping myself.

[K.O. looks down for a moment before standing up and inhales deeply.]

K.O.: Enid, I am going to help you!!
Enid: [jumped by K.O.] Ah! Excuse me?
K.O.: [As he stands proudly] As an official helper of Gar's Bodega, I am going to help you see how great it is to help people!

[There's a small pause as Enid stares at K.O.]

Enid: You'll never melt my icy heart.
K.O.: We'll just see about that! [K.O. runs off to help people.] Gotta be helpful! Gotta be helpful! (pants)

We Messed Up [1.04]


[K.O., Rad, and Enid have just snuck into Mr. Gar's office and accidentally destroyed a photo he had of Carol. The trio shudder after imagining what will happen if Mr. Gar finds out.]

K.O.: On second thought, why don't you two distract Mr. Gar while I try to get my mom to recreate this photo?
Rad and Enid: Hmm!

[Rad gives Enid a boost to dunk K.O. into a vent.]

Enid: Dah!

[Rad and Enid exits Mr. Gar's office quickly.]

Mr. Gar: Radicles, Enid, any particular reason you're loitering so close to my office?
Enid: We...
Rad: Uh...
Enid: ...were, uh...
Rad: Practicing a new dance!
Mr. Gar: Oh, really? Let me see it.

[K.O. is crawling inside the vents.]

K.O.: [Thinking] Mr. Gar has a photo of my mom. I have so many questions, like what, when, why, and huh? But I don't have time for that. I've got to get this photo remade.

[Transitions to the Fitness Dojo.]

Carol: And one and two and punch!

[K.O. comes out from the vent and the cover hits Ginger.]

K.O.: Mom! Mom, I need you to be young and hot again!
Carol: (chuckles nervously) Let's go ahead and take five, girls. [Gertie and Gladys leaves the Dojo.]

[Enid and Rad are doing a dance in front of Mr. Gar to keep him distracted.]

Enid and Rad: Ta-da! (Both panting, chuckling nervously)

[They sweat in anticipation of Mr. Gar's response.]

Mr. Gar: (groans) I give it a 7.5.
Rad: 7.5?!
Mr. Gar: Now, if you'll excuse me.

[Enid pushes Rad off to the side.]

Rad: Aah!
Enid: Mr. Gar, wait! Hey, I, uh, saw someone in the magazine aisle for like 20 minutes.
Mr. Gar: A cheapskate?!

[Transitions to the Fitness Dojo with Carol finding her outfit.]

Carol: Mm. Ha! Here it is. But I don't think it's gonna fit, K.O. Bleh!
K.O.: But we got to get that pic!
Carol: Hmm. Mama's got an idea.

[Transitions to Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega with Mr. Gar grabbing Crinkly Wrinkly.]

Mr. Gar: If you want to read monster truck books for free, then go to the library!

[He throws Crinkly Wrinkly through a space in the ceiling and is shot from the Cheapskate Cannon on the roof.]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Eee! (screams)

[The scene displays a shot of jail, but instead, he lands in the library.]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Books!
Unknown person: Shh!

[Transitions back to Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega.]

Mr. Gar: I will not have no tightwads in no store of mine. No, sir. Where was I? Oh, yes. Back to my perfect office.
Rad: Mr. Gar! Mr. Gar! I... forgot.. how to... mop? [grabs a mop] Please, oh, please, teach me how. [He scrapes the floor with the mop.]
Mr. Gar: Mm.

Jethro's All Yours [1.05]

K.O.: My first solo mission-- another step on my heroic journey. I’ll earn Rad and Enid’s trust by destroying Boxman’s powerful robot and make everyone proud-- especially Mommy. All right, Jethro. You asked for it, and now you’re gonna get it.
Jethro: I am Jethro.
K.O.: Not for long.

[K.O. returns to catch Jethro, kicks him high in the air and jumps. K.O. repeatedly fights Jethro until he dismantles it and lands on the ground.]

K.O.: (laughs) And so my journey continues. Huh? [An army of Jethros comes towards him] Brought your friends this time, eh?
Jethros: I am Jethro. I am Jethro. I am Jethro.
K.O.: Wait, so you’re all Jethro? That doesn’t make sense! [Enrages then starting running to the army of Jethros and destroys them one-by-one] Whew! I didn’t realize becoming a hero meant sweating so much. Oh, well. Jethro, and Jethro, and Jethro and the other two Jethros are now gone. Forever. [A bigger version of Jethro approaches]
Jethro: I am Jethro.

[K.O. looks unamused, then Jethro rolls over and crushes a car.]

Brandon: My mom’s car! Aah! It’s totaled, man. She’s gonna kill me.
K.O.: I don’t get it. He just keeps coming. [A thought bubble with Rad pops up.]
Rad: Jethro’s perfect for you. He’s simple, and you’re simple. Simple, simple, simple.
K.O.: [Crumbles up the thought bubble] I’ll show you simple, you meanie. [Throws the crumble at Jethro]
Jethro: I am Jethro.
K.O.: (sighs) Not for long. [K.O. is about to fight Jethro. Suddenly envisions himself as Jethro. K.O. feels that he can’t fight Jethro and stops his position] I just can’t do it.
Jethro: I am Jethro.
K.O.: Do you know what my friend Rad says about us? That we’re simple.
Jethro: I am Jethro.
K.O.: Is that how Lord Boxman treats you? Like you’re some dumb kid? Like you’re not worth anything? Do people underestimate you, too?
Jethro: I am Jethro.
K.O.: Well, I am K.O.. And maybe Rad was right. You and I are a lot alike. So I don’t think I can’t clobber you. [Once Jethro meets K.O.’s foot, he suddenly falls apart.] Poop.

[Outside of the plaza, birds are flying away. Joff, A Real Magic Skeleton, Nick Army, Punching Judy, and Crinkly Wrinkly turn around in shock and run away from Mega-Jethro when he runs over multiple cars.]

Joff, A Real Magic Skeleton, Nick Army, Punching Judy, and Crinkly Wrinkly: Oh!
Brandon: My dad’s car! [Runs off to it]

[Enid, K.O., and Rad run out of the store to see Mega-Jethro approaching the store.]

Mega Jethro: I am Mega-Jethro.
Enid: Bye. [goes back in the store, unamused]
K.O.: See, I told you. Jethro’s a way-more complicated enemy than you thought.
Rad: Pfft, child’s play. It’s Jethro. He’s still simple, and you’re still simple. [K.O. is angry at him] I’m so sure of it, I’ll tag along with you 'cause the only thing I love more than being proved right is proving other people wrong.
Mega Jethro: I am Mega-Jethro.

[K.O. and Rad runs towards to Mega-Jethro.]

K.O.: Jethro, don’t do this! You’ve got to stop!
Mega Jethro: I am Mega-Jethro.
K.O.: Oh, sorry. Mega-Jeth-- Mega-Jethro, don’t do this! You’ve got to stop!

[K.O. and Rad enter the pupil opening in Mega-Jethro and it’s revealed that the inside is nothing more than a light source and a switch.]

Rad: (laughs) Looks just like your head, K.O..
K.O.: You-- You shouldn’t underestimate us! I mean him. There’s probably a super-tough puzzle we need to solve to get…

[Rad pulls the switch. Rad and K.O. bounce all over the place as a result.]

Rad and K.O.: Oh! Ahh! Ow! Aah!

[Mega-Jethro continues to approach the store, but at the moment he touches a piece of the store, a beeping noise is heard and he moves backwards now. Inside the store, Enid still continues to listen to her music and rolls her eyes at what’s going on out there.]

Brandon: [examining his dad’s smashed car] Well, this doesn’t seem too bad. Yeah, it’s gonna be okay. I can totally fix this.

[Mega-Jethro smashes the car again. A tear drops from Brandon's eye.]

Rad: Sweet, we’re moving away from the plaza now. Let’s bounce, squirt. Uh, squirt? Squirt!
K.O.: Oh. Coming!

[Rad and K.O. jump out of Mega-Jethro. The next scene shows Lord Boxman drinking a cup of tea and the sound waves coming off from Mega-Jethro result in him losing grip of his teacup, spilling on his lab coat.]

Lord Boxman: Gah! Blast! What is happening out there? [Turns around and sees Mega-Jethro approaching close to his factory] Poop. [Mega-Jethro makes an impact with the factory, setting off an explosion.]
Rad: Too easy.

You're Level 100 [1.06]


[K.O. has become popular, because of his Pow Card, which says he is level 100. The scene cuts to the Action News 52 opening scene.]

Announcer: This is Action News 52, bringing you your daily dose of action news!

[The Action News 52 truck appears, falls off a cliff and lands on a car.]

Dynamite Watkins: [Kicks a door out] Action! Hup! This is Dynamite Watkins, comin’ at you live in the heart of the neutral zone. We’re here in front of Gar’s bodega, where a crowd has gathered to see the newcomer hero with a power level of 100. You heard me, level 100! And here is the famed hero himself, K.O.! How does it feel being the most powerful being in the plaza-- possibly the world!
K.O.: Well, I always knew I would be a great hero some day, but I didn’t think it would happen after only a week! Guess I’m just that good!
Dynamite Watkins: And how do your friends and family feel about this newfound power of yours?
Enid: [Enid and Rad tries to get in the way] Make way, coming though! Move it, jerk! Not to brag, but me and K.O. go way back to the beginning of the week. N.B.D.
Rad: And I sort of act as K.O.’s best friend/life coach/older brother figure. We’re really close.
Potato: K.O.! Can i have your autograph?!
K.O.: Ha, sure kid. [Signs Potato’s book] [Thinking] Wow, being level 100 is so cool. [Signs another book] Everyone loves me and I feel so important! [Signs Brandon’s arm] I can’t wait to put my amazing skills to the test and some dastardly foe! [Signs another book] And who should I make this out to?
Lord Boxman: Lord Boxman.
K.O.: [Continues to sign] Lord… Boxm-- Lord Boxman!

[Lord Boxman is shown behind his floating desk.]

Lord Boxman: So, you’re the little twerp claiming to be level 100. Ha! Impossible!
K.O.: Oh, yeah? If I weren’t a level 100, how else would i have kicked your butt all week?
Lord Boxman: Well, that was… on purpose! I lost to you on purpose, yes, as a… as a prank on you! So… ha! Anyway, [pulls out a remote] today I have something specially prepared that only a true level 100 hero could handle. Much stronger than anything you’ve yet faced. [A Boxmore box falls from the sky, revealing a giant Darrell.] Say hello to my latest creation. I call him, Big Darrell. I’ve upped him to be level negative 100! Ba-ha-ha!
Crowd: Oh! This is bad!
Enid: K.O., this thing is really powerful. Yeah bud, maybe we should call Mr.-- mph!
K.O.: [Shoves his Pow Card to Rad’s mouth] Heh. Trust me, guys, this will be easy for a level 100 like me. Just try not to get in the way. you really think this bucket of bolts will be able to stop me? Heh. i stomped you once and I’ll stomp you again, Lord Buttman!
Crowd: K.O.! K.O.! K.O.! K.O.!

[Enid and Rad look at each other worriedly.]

SIbling Rivalry [1.07]


[Shannon and Darrell come flying through the ceiling of Boxmore after being defeated by K.O., Read, and Enid and land before Boxman, sitting on his throne.]

Shannon and Darrell: We're sorry, Father! We tried!
Lord Boxman: Ah, yes. Tried. Tried and failed-- for the last time!
Darrell: Oh, I bet we could fail way more times.
Shannon: Quiet!

[Shannon punches Darrell.]

Lord Boxman: You do not need to try. You need to do! (sighs) I knew you two would fail me again today. So I created a new robot to succeed where you never could! Say hello to Raymond!

[Boxman presses a button and a door opens, where a robot comes out.]

Raymond: (laughs) Here comes... the player of the year!

[Raymond makes a show off presentation with sports balls.]

Shannon: Already hate him.
Raymond: Hello, dearest brother and sister. Care for a friendly game of ball?
Shannon: No, thanks.
Darrell: Oh, I'm open!

[Raymond hits Darrell with a ball, that bounces between him and Shannon, knocking both out.]

Raymond: Of course, there is no game to be played, when there is just one player.
Lord Boxman: Brilliant introduction, Raymond! So very rude!
Raymond: Thank you, Coach Boxman. Of course it was brilliant! You are, after all, the master engineer behind this vessel of pure athleticism.

[Raymond show Lord Boxman a rose and he jumps around excitedly.]

Shannon:Totally just parlor tricks of a slimy amateur clown.
Raymond: Father, I will make you proud by stealing a letter from the Gar's Bodega sign. Then no one will know they're a store. Their profits will plummet, and with that, they forfeit the business game.
Lord Boxman: I love it!

[Shannon and Darrell gasp in surprise.]

Lord Boxman: Raymond, you're my favorite. I've always loved you. And I wish you two could be more like him.

[Shannon and Darrell roll out of scene in pain.]

Lord Boxman: Let us go, Raymond, and equip you with strong weapons.
Raymond: (laughs) Yes! Hole in one.

[Shannon and Darrell are shown in graves and pop out of them.]

Shannon: This is all your fault, glass brain! Now Father hates me.
Darrell: Oh, yeah, right! He hates me more. But he loves Raymond so much more than both of us.
Shannon: Raymond is gonna fail anyways. But he won't fail as spectacularly as you!
Darrell: Say that again, you orange mushroom head!

[Shannon and Darrell slap each other.]

I Am Dendy [1.08]


[K.O. is helping Dendy, a shy kappa girl from his class, find the parts needed to repair her hack-pack. They arrive at an arcade.]

K.O.: Here we are!
Dendy: A token machine?
K.O.: We’re just .25 technos away from your cotton pooter disc. Lemme just grab a coin! [While opening his pocket, some moths fly out.] No! My moth collection! No, come back! [Dendy opens the back of the token machine.] Uhh! [Catches the moth] Gotcha, you little scamp! Guess we’ll need another way-- [Dendy moves a wire.] Dendy? Dendy?! [Tokens start spewing out of the machine.] Whoa, guess we didn’t need coins after all.
Dendy: These tokens should meet our needs.
K.O.: You’re always a step ahead of people, huh?
Dendy: I do walk quickly, yes.
K.O.: No, I mean, like, you kinda just do things in your own way. It’s kinda weird! But it’s kinda really cool, too?
Dendy: [Smiles] Now, the final item I need is a glorb. [Shows hologram] The simplest course of action would be to return to the roboto barber, tear open his interior circuits and extract it by force.
K.O.: Whoa, wait! You can’t hurt Mr. Logic!
Dendy: Oh, but how do we acquire a glorb without a robot?
K.O.: Well, we fight a ton of bad robots around here, and after, we toss ‘em in an alley out back!
Dendy: Hmm. Very well. To the alloy!
K.O.: Alley.
Dendy: To the alley!

Ok crying

Do You Have Any More in the Back? [1.09]


[Rad is leading K.O. and Enid through the maze-like back room of the store and have gotten lost.]

K.O.: I can’t even tell what direction we started from!
Rad: You don’t gotta worry about that with me guiding ya! [Passes through vines] Watch your head.
K.O.: Oh. (chuckles)
Enid: Uh, vines? Rad, are you sure this is the right-- Hey! Check out these Gloops!

[Gloops, small blob-like creatures, are slithering on the ground.]

K.O.: Weird!
Enid: Hey, Rad, is it okay to touch these things?!
Rad: Sure.

[Enid pokes a Gloop with a stick and the stick instantly disintegrates.]

Enid: Ooh! (screams) What the heck, dude?! I almost lost my favorite hand!
Rad: Oh! I thought you meant, uh, emotionally touch-- like tell it a sad story or something. Yeah, you shouldn’t physically touch these things.
K.O.: Wow! Rad really knows his stuff!

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad! [1.10]


[K.O. is looking at the food at Burrito Beardo’s and is drooling.]

Beardo: All right, all right, all right. [Starts handing the food to the customers] We got one order of the Joe and Macaroni, one Sypros Platter, and one Gnocchi Gnocchi Panic.

[The customers receive their food and head off.]

K.O.: Man, it all looks so delicious.

[Rad eats his Dragon Dragon Burrito.]

Rad: I recommend the Dragon Dragon Burrito. [Burps out dragons]
K.O.: (laughs) I really want to try that, but the burgs and potato wedges also look really good. Hmm.
Chameleon Jr.: (clears throat)

[K.O. turns around to see the Lizard Gang waiting in line. Chameleon Jr. looks at his watch and sighs. The titlecard appears.]

K.O.: So, wedges, I think. Oh, maybe--
Chameleon Jr.: (clears throat loudly) Hmph! Take your time. It’s cool. It’s not like anybody is waiting.
K.O.: Ah, thank goodness. I was worried I was taking too long.
Chameleon Jr.: Great. We got a real genius here.

[The Lizard Gang laughs]

K.O.: Aww! Thanks for the compliment.

[The Lizard Gang laughs again]

Rad: Dude, K.O., you’re not getting complimented. You’re getting zinged.
K.O.: (gasps) What? No! What should I do?
Rad: Zing him back. A true hero never backs down. They fight fire… [Eats the burrito and breathes fires] with fire.
K.O.: Even firefighters?
Rad: Yes. They use blowtorches.

[K.O. faces the Lizard Gang and one of them taps Chameleon Jr. to look at him.]

Chameleon Jr.: (chuckles) What are you looking at, neeeeeeeeeeeeerd? [The NERD text shoots out from his mouth while K.O. dodges it.] (laughs)
K.O.: Well, it takes one to know one! [K.O. shoots out text from his mouth hitting Chameleon Jr.]
Chameleon Jr.: Oh yeah? [Shouts out text once more]
K.O.: [Punches the YEAH text] Yeeeeeaaah! [The Yeah text pushes Chameleon’s Jr.’s gang.] (sighs)
Chameleon Jr.: (growls) Oh, it’s on, now. I challenge you to a clash of fists!
K.O.: Bring on the fire, jerko. I’ll torch you like a creme brulee.
Beardo: (laughs)
Rad: Nice.
Chameleon Jr. (growls) Have a taste of my sticky tongue. [K.O. dodges his sticky tongue,and it gets stuck on Beardo’s truck.] Ohhhhhhh. Oof! [His tongue unsticks and slaps him in the face, turning him pink.]
Rad, Beardo, and K.O.: (laughs)
Chameleon Jr.: (growls) Well, m-m-my dad can beat up your dad!
K.O.: (laughs) Oh, yeah? Well, my dad can… My dad can… I don’t have a dad.

[Beardo laughs and stops while Rad coughs on his burrito.]

K.O.: But I have a mom that can beat up anybody!
Beardo: Whew.
Chameleon Jr.: Then it’s on. 3:00 sharp, roof of the plaza.
K.O.: We’ll be there. My mom is gonna love this.

[The scene cuts to Carol.]

Carol: I hate this, K.O.. I am very disappointed in you. You’re grounded.

You Get Me [1.11]


[Enid has been turned to stone and K.O. has told Rad and Mr. Gar about it. Unfortunately, they don't see anything wrong with her.]

K.O.: [thinking] They didn't realize Enid's been turned to stone! Why? (gasps) Could it be that I'm the only one that gets her after all? Alright, this is my change to prove that I can be an Enid-getter, and a go-getter! Time to get help, and turn her back to normal.

[Scene cuts to Dendy running some tests on Enid.]

K.O.: Thanks again for coming, Dendy. I just knew that I could count on you to have some super-smart way to get to the bottom of this!
Dendy: It is my pleasure, K.O. I will metaphorically leave no stone unturned.
K.O.: (laughs) And literally, too, right?
Dendy: What? Ooo, oooh, the results are printing. Hmm... Mmm-hmm... Mmm-hm. Well, K.O, it would appear as if your friend has been turned into steatite.
K.O.: Huh?
Dendy: It is also known as soapstone. It is commonly used by novice sculptors to practice carving techniques because of its relative softness.
K.O.: I know that! I mean, I didn't know what kind of a rock, and that is super interesting, but what I was rally hoping for was to turn her back from rock to person.
Dendy: Ohhhh... I don't really do... that.
K.O.: Noooo! I can't help her. And no one else thinks they need to help her. How is she ever going to come back?
Dendy: I don't know anything about Enid's predicament. Or giving emotional counsel. I am sorry K.O. See you at school tomorrow!

You Are Rad [1.12]


[Rad has accused K.O. of trying to impersonate him, so Rad gives him a series of challenges to prove to everyone that K.O. isn't the real Rad. It's now down to the final challenge, a rap battle.]

K.O.: Rap battle? Are we supposed to punch each other with rhymes?
Rad: More or less. Gimme a beat, Enid!
Enid: No, thanks.
Rad: Aw, man, come on.
Enid: (sighs) Fine. [Puts on her DJ outfit and flips the counter to her DJ set. Plays music.]
Rad: Yeah, I can work with that. All right, imposter, get ready, ‘cause this ends here.


♪Ohh, I’m the extraterrestrial, emphasis on extra♪
♪My skin is blue because I come from Planet X, bruh♪
♪If you step on this, you gonna get creamed♪
♪If you outta line, you gonna get laser beamed♪
♪Arms ripped, afro poofy♪
♪Ears tipped, you goofy♪
♪Liftin’ and pumpin’ and crushin’ the weights♪
♪Don’t be surprised when I thrash you♪
♪Movin’ and settin’ and stackin’ the crates♪

[Uses his powers to move the crates]

♪And you ain’t nothin’ but trash, do♪

[Throws K.O. into the crate “trash”]

♪You lookin’ foolish♪
♪You ain’t the real me♪
♪I am the true Rad♪
♪I know you feel me♪
♪He is Radicles♪
♪Ain’t nobody ever wanna mess with me♪
♪I said he is Radicles♪
♪I ain’t got time for no identity thief♪

[Drops mic]

Enid: Hey! Careful with my gear!
Rad: [Picks up mic] Sorry, Enid.
Enid: That’s right you are.
K.O.: Uh, Enid, do you know “Wash Your Hands”?
Enid: I’ll see what I can do, K.O.. Knock em dead! [Replaces a disk with a new one. Plays a new song.]
K.O.: Oh, cool. All right, here goes nothin’.


♪Well, I’m Radicles and I’m here to say♪
♪I learned a lot about myself today♪

[Takes out notepad]

♪I’m a yoga guy with a yoga mat♪
♪Don’t believe it, ask the kids I babysat♪
♪Sharks and bees ain’t where it’s at♪
♪I rather snuggle up with a kitty cat♪
♪I like to burp and I like to toot♪
♪But deep inside, I’m really cute♪
♪Wash your hands, wash your hands♪
♪It’s a good idea to wash your hands♪
Drupe: (snickers)
K.O.: ♪Lather ‘em up with a little bit of soap♪
♪Wash your hands, don’t be a dope♪
Rad: [Grabs mic from K.O.] Listen, imposter. I don’t babysit or do yoga, and I definitely don’t like snuggling kittens.
K.O.: I don’t understand. That all seems like cool stuff to me.
Rad: But Rad would never find that stuff cool. And even if he did, Rad wouldn’t be ready to share those things about himself. If you really were Rad, you’d know that.
K.O.: Oh. Gah! You got me! All that stuff I rapped about was lies. I was, uh, trying to embarrass you. Yeah. Isn’t that what rapping battles are all about?
Rad: I guess. Uh, yeah! Yeah, you’re right!
K.O.: Well, I guess my little plan didn’t work. You’re the real Rad-- [Hands name tag to Rad and puts it on] tough, cool, and totally one-dimensional.
Enid: [Record scratches] All right, I’m bored. Everybody out. [Her DJ set turns back to a counter; she changes her outfit and listens to her music.]

Just Be a Pebble [1.13]


[At Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega, K.O. is struggling to put a box on the shelf. Rad passes by with a forklift and stops.]

K.O.: (groans, sighs) Rad, I'm too small!
Rad: Why not try some of this candy? [Throws the candy to K.O.] Just got 'em in. Check out the wrapper. [K.O. catches the candy] It's a little guy turning into a big guy. So they'll probably make you big.
K.O.: Big?
Rad: Not that I ever need that junk, though. (chuckles) 'Cause I'm so huge already.
K.O.: I trust you, big friend! [Eats the candy]

[Nothing happens.]

Rad: Well, that was a du--.

[K.O. grows into the same height as Rad.]

K.O.: Whoo! [Picks up the box and places it on the shelf.] Wow, just like that.
Rad: I can't believe that actually worked. [Leaves]
K.O.: This is perfect. So maybe I'm not a Gargantuan, but I'm definitely more than Megahugeman. And that's good enough for me. [Looks at the packages of the candy.]
Rad: [Reads a magazine and gets startled of K.O.'s growing limbs] Aah!
Enid: [On her phone and also gets startled of K.O.'s growing limbs] Aah! Rad, what the heck is going...? K.O.? [K.O. grows to become a giant and eventually damages the roof of the store.] Whoa. I am not cleaning this up.
K.O.; [Waves at Enid] Hi, Enid, I'm big now! [A pteradactyl slams onto his hand.] Whoops! (blows) [Pteradactyl squawks] Sorry!
Rad: Looking good, buddy!
Enid: He may look good, but we won't when Mr. Gar sees his store is destroyed.
Rad: Oh, good point. Never mind, K.O. You look like crud!
Enid: [Covers Rad's mouth with her hand] K.O., why are you so big?
K.O.: (chuckles) I ate some of this weird candy. [Drops a bunch of candy.] Green ones make you big.
Enid: Uh, is there one that can make you small again?
Rad: Yeah. I don't know about that. None of these look super-promising.
K.O.: Don't worry, guys. I won't be needing to get small again. That's the old K.O. Now I'm finally what I've wanted to be ever since I was little-- just this morning-- [Stretches his arms and jumps up and damage the roof once more.] Huge!

Presenting Joe Cuppa [1.14]


[K.O. is helping Joe Cuppa, a washed up comedian, regain his confidence by working alongside him in the bodega. But, Joe is discouraged.]

K.O.: Yeah, maybe working here isn’t the right thing to help you right now.
Joe Cuppa: [His work vest disappears with flames] Oh. [Alarm goes off] Huh? What’s going on?!
K.O.: [carries Joe Cuppa] You’re gonna love this! Nothing cheers me up more than beating up bad guys! [Throws him out the window.]

[Rad, K.O., and Enid exit and prepare to battle.]

Enid: Psst, Joe. Prepare to intimidate.

[Joe is shown wearing only underwear lying on the ground.]

Joe Cuppa: Like this? (chuckles)
Enid: Intimidate not intimate!

[A Boxmore box drops on the ground, marked "Shannon 2.0". It opens up to reveal Shannon. She gets off her throne.]

Shannon: Welcome, plazoids! It’s me-- Shannon!
Enid: Yeah, we know it’s you, Shannon.
Rad: You can’t say welcome! You came here! Plus , you’re not welcome, like, at all. Go away.
Shannon: [chuckles] I’m welcoming you… [releases her weapons] TO YOUR DEMISE!
Joe Cuppa: Whoa! Would you look at the time.
Shannon: [Holds her blade in front of Joe Cuppa] Hold up! Is this a new addition to your little ensemble? [Stretches her head out] Looks a little… pathetique. [Joe Cuppa whimpers] He fits right in! [transforms into a hammer and smashes the ground.]
Enid, K.O., and Rad: Whoa! [Joe Cuppa fell to the ground with coffee spilled.] Joe?!
Shannon: Hold that pose! [takes pictures] I gotta show H.Q. how hard I am crushing you right now.
Joe Cuppa: [sighs] Listen, guys, I’m just your average Joe. I ain’t got powers like you. I’m no hero, that’s for sure.
Rad: No powers?! Pfff! [looks into Joe Cuppa’s head.] There’s gotta be something in th-- [finds a mouth and screams] Oh, that’s where your mouth is! That’s super disgusting!

We've Got Pests [1.15]


Legends of Mr. Gar [1.16]


[Darrell is shown spray painting the words "smells bad" under the Lakewood Plaza Turbo sign, so it reads "Lakewood Plaza Turbo smells bad".]

Darrell: (laughs maniacally)
Enid: You're going down, Darrell!

[Darrell is thrown off of his ladder and falls to the ground. K.O., Rad, Enid, and Mr. Gar surround him.]

Mr. Gar: You've messed with the plaza for the last time, bucket of bolts! And you can send that message to Lord Boxman!
Enid: First class!
Rad: Signed, sealed, and delivered!
K.O.: Yeah! In an envelope!

[K.O. puts an envelope in a mailbox and then it shoots it out in Darrell's face.]

Mr. Gar: Thanks for the backup on that trash talk, team.

[After Mr. Gar has defeated Darrell, K.O., Rad, and Enid are laying on their backs in amazement at the battle.]

K.O.: Our boss is the dang coolest.
Rad: Uh huh.
Enid: Totally.
Mr. Gar: Don't just lay there impressed! Drop and give me twenty!

[The trio is thrown on their heads by Mr. Gar's voice and fall back.]

K.O.: Uh, twenty whats, sir?
Mr. Gar: Twenty...everything!

[K.O., Rad, and Enid start doing various exercises]

K.O., Rad, and Enid: 1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2...

[Mr. Gar stares on, impressed]

[In Enid's flashback of her first day of work, Mr. Gar has just heard a customer's complaint and is showing Enid how to deal with him.]

Enid: M-Mr. Gar, I--
Mr. Gar: Enid, I'm gonna teach you a very important lesson.
Skateboard Nerd: (chuckles) Yeah! That the customer is always-- Huh?

[Mr. Gar suddenly grabs the Skateboard Nerd and holds him up to his face]

Mr. Gar: We're all out of wheel polish!! Sorry we can't help you!! Thank you for shopping at Gar's!!

[Enid is shown with her mouth open in shock]

[Crinkly Wrinkly just finished telling K.O., Rad, and Enid a far-fetched tale about Mr. Gar]

Enid: Well, that was a bunch of drivel.
Rad: Obviously a fabrication.
K.O.: Ha! Amazing!
Enid: K.O., you probably shouldn't listen to Crinkly Wrinkly.
K.O.: Why's that?
Enid: (points off-screen) Well...

[Crinkly Wrinkly is shown looking at himself in a mirror, mistaking his reflection for another person]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Who's that?! You got a cane just like mine! (chuckles)

Know Your Mom [1.17]


We're Captured [1.18]


[Lord Boxman has K.O., Rad, and Enid suspended above a lava pit in his factory. He is also trying to have dinner with Professor Venomous and is at odds at what to do with the trio.]

K.O.: So, you're gonna let us go?

[Him and his friends smile hopefully]

Lord Boxman: No. I'm just gonna have to wait until after dinner, like a mint-- a punish-mint.

[Shannon is heard singing a song to entertain Professor Venomous and Fink.]

Shannon: ♪When you're climbing up a ladder♪
♪And you feel a little splatter, dia--♪
Lord Boxman: Nooooo!! [runs off to stop her]

[Lord Boxman, Professor Venomous, and Fink are sitting down for dinner. Fink pokes at her burnt food.]

Professor Venomous: Don't play with your food.
Fink: (growls) But it tastes like foo foo!
Lord Boxman: (laughs nervously) I think it's time for a toast. To the loveliest and most bestest client in the whole wide world-- Professor Venomous!

[Fink holds up a sign depicting an ear of corn, meaning that Boxman's speech is corny.]

Lord Boxman: Whose mastery of bio-engineering is unparalleled and-- [Darrell suddenly appears at the table wearing a sailor suit.] and a true inspiration to-- Get out of here, Darrell!! (chuckles nervously)

Professor Venomous: You had better have a good explanation for this.
Fink: Yeah! Coconut cream?! What were you thinking?!
Lord Boxman: Professor, I-I— I… Ooooohh! I’ll destroy those brats for ruining dessert!
Shannon: Oh! Are we destroying brats?
Darrell: Are having dessert? [A pie is thrown at him] Ugh! [Lord Boxman catches him] Thanks, Dad. [Lord Boxman bends him] Ooh!

[Shannon laughs as Lord Boxman takes her arm one by one. K.O., Enid, and Rad continues throwing pies as Lord Boxman builts a cannon. He catches the pies]

Enid: Uh, guys, we’re tapped.
Lord Boxman: [Rips his coat and shirt and puts his tie around his head] And now you’re trapped! [Fires the pies which pelts the gang]
Enid: Ugh!
Professor Venomous: Boxman!
Lord Boxman: Oh! Professor, please! I-I can explain! I can explain! I can— I can— Okay, I can’t explain. But this was not the way it was supposed—
Professor Venomous: [Covers his mouth] May I?
Lord Boxman: Oh… yes. By all means.

[Enid, K.O., and Rad struggles to get out]

Professor Venomous: Dinner parties are just so… stuffy. [Loads the bazooka] But vanquishing heroes— now, that’s much more exciting!
Fink: [On top of the bazooka] Fire!

[The last pie launches the gang out of Boxmore]

Fink: [Laughs] [Falls off] Whoa! Oof!
Professor Venomous: I have to be honest, Boxman. I agreed to come tonight with plans to sever our business relationship after dinner.
Lord Boxman: [Voice breaking] What?!
Professor Venomous: You seemed too distracted lately. Though, now I understand why that was. Hard to find folks who value the sport in squashing heroes. And if all your robots can be as fun as this one, then I’ll gladly order 1,000 of them!
Lord Boxman: You… still… want my robots? You still… [Whimpers] …want me?

[Professor Venomous chuckles. Lord Boxman laughs and gives Professor Venomous a hug]

Lord Boxman: Just… Big hug! [Thinking] Oh, Boxy! You really can have it all. [Fink triggers a punching glove to him] Waughhhh!

[Fink laughs. The next scene shows the gang still in pie trap]

K.O.: W-What is this?
Enid: It’s called “losing.”
Rad: Would a loser get to travel the open air in a vehicle made of delicious pie? I don’t think so. [Eats the pie]

Face Your Fears [1.19]


[Read and K.O. are trying to get Mr. Gar's attention.]

Rad and K.O.: Mr. Gar, Mr. Gar!
Mr. Gar: Huh?!
Rad: There's this new game at the arcade called "The Face of Fear". It makes you face your biggest fears, and adjusts your fear resistance stat depending on how well you do! Look how fearless we've become. [shows Mr. Gar his and K.O.'s Pow Cards]
Mr. Gar: 10? 15? (growls) You kids and your videos game, pah! I never needed some cockamamie machine to help me face my own fears.
K.O.: What's your fear resistance, Mr. Gar? I bet it's pretty high.
Mr. Gar: I haven't checked in a while, it's probably through the roof by now... [pulls out his Pow Card and checks his stats] It's...8?!
Rad, K.O., and Enid: 8?!
Mr. Gar: This is absurd! I-I guess I haven't updated it in a while... Not since I left P.O.I.- (laughs nervously) What I mean to say was, there'd be no point in me checking, since I'm impervious to fear. Heh, heh.
Enid: Then I guess you wouldn't be afraid of playing the game and updating your info?
Mr. Gar: Heh...

Everybody Likes Rad? [1.20]


[Rad is filming an internet video.]

Rad: Rad rocket’s on the roof and ready to roll. [Launches a rocket] Blorp! [Face plants on his camera] Rad rocket’s on the roof--

[Enid is shown watching the video.]

Enid: (laughs)
Rad on video: Blorp!
Enid: (laughs harder) [Titlecard appears] [continues laughing as she shows the video to K.O.]
Rad on video: Rad rocket’s on the roof and ready to roll. Blorp!
K.O.: [Drops his broom] Oh, no! Rad, you accidentally forgot to cut out the part where you fall through the roof!
Rad: [On the roof] Are you kidding? [levitates off the roof] Whoa! This video is a work of art, K.O.. Every detail is perfect. The setup, the unexpected nature of the fall, the way the rocket launch gets cut off at the end… Mwah! You couldn’t plan something that good.
Enid: I got to hand it to you, Rad. I can’t not share this.
Rad: See, K.O.? The joke may be on me, but it’s still my joke. [A part of the roof fall on him.] Blorp!
K.O.: Rad!
Enid: (laughs) You’re on a roll today.

[K.O. picks up the debris to find Rad’s head.]

Rad: Please tell me you got that on video.

You Have to Care [1.21]


[Crowd is outside making noise. K.O. and Rad looks out.]

K.O.: What’s that?!
Rad: Whoa!

[A pink war tank approaches. Shoots out Elodie]

Elodie: Greetings, Lakewood Plaze! Elodie has arrived!
Crowd: Elodie! Elodie!

[Elodie shoots her arrow which makes signatures on the crowd]

Brandon: Sign my chest!

[The arrow land on the window]

K.O.: Wow! It’s really Elodie. [gets his Elodie Pow Card out] She goes to POINT Prep Academy. They only allow the best of the best. Gee. I want to apply there someday.
Enid: Huh? [slides off the counter and wears a disguise and read a magazine]

[The crowd follows Elodie]

Elodie: Thank you. Just passing through my favorite hero shop to sign some autographs!

[A photographer shoots a picture of K.O., Elodie, and Rad. Enid is in the background]

Elodie: [sees Enid in the photo] (gasps) [Tosses the photo] Enid.
Enid: Elodie.
Elodie: Is this what you’ve been up to all this time? Oh, how... quaint. [Crowd grabs her as they chant her name] Well, toodles!

[Rad and K.O. point back and forth]

Enid: Grrrr! (gags) I’m taking a break. I’ll be out back. [she vanishes and a log with shades takes her place]
K.O.: Rad, do you know what’s going on?
Rad: Almost never.
K.O.: Something’s wrong with Enid. Elodie showed up, and she started acting all funny.
Rad: Well, there’s only one way to find out. We just got to ask her until she tells us. Trust me, K.O.. Subtlety is my middle name. [enters the break room] Hey, Enid! What’s the deal with you and Elodie?! [Enid smacks him offscreen] Unh! [he crashes into a pile of boxes while a small dinosaur appears]
K.O.: [Thinking] Hmm. Maybe it’d be better to ask Elodie about this.

Plaza Prom [1.22]


[K.O. is serving drinks at the Plaza Prom.]

K.O.: Drink, sir? Drink, ma’am? Ma’am, would you like a drink? [Sees Carol looking attractive] Whoooa! [Throws the drinks away] You look so beautiful!
Carol: Ha! You gonna give me the honor of a dance sometime tonight?
K.O.: I gotta get back to work.

[Mr. Gar pants and sweats. Drinks the whole punch.]

Colewort: [Grabs a cup but puts it back] Huh? Oh.
Carol: You serve those appetizers!
Mr. Gar: [Slides through Carol’s sight] Hello, Carol. How you-- are you doing?
Carol: I’m pretty good. Enjoying yourself?
Mr. Gar: [Strained] Hello, Carol. How are you doing?
Carol: Uhh, are you okay, Gene?
Mr. Gar: [Straining more] Hello, Carol. How are you doing?
Carol: [Walks away] Oh, boy.

[Mr. Gar pants]

Second First Date [1.23]


[Cupid, a large muscular man, has just magically appeared in the bodega]

Cupid: Love conquers all.
Rad and Enid: Cupid?!
Cupid: Two people in this room have unresolved romantic tension.

[Cupid gets ready to fire a heart-shaped bazooka]

Rad and Enid: (gasps)

[They duck and K.O. moves out of the way as the blast creates a heart-shaped hole in the shelves and back wall. Potato and Colewort stand up from one of the shelves]

Potato: Actually, we're just taking things slow.
Cupid: Nobody cares!

[Rad and Enid are trying to tiptoe out of the store, when Cupid stops them]

Cupid: It's you two I'm here for. What's your deal?!
Enid: (chuckles) Me and Rad? (laughs) Never. Pssh.
Rad: Never?! That's a funny way to say, "That one time".
Enid: You know as well as I do that middle school dating is stricken from the record!
K.O.: What?! Slow down. You guys dated? Each other?!
Enid: It was just one date, K.O. (sighs) It was a long time ago.

One Last Score [1.24]


T.K.O. [1.25-26]

Darrell: Get ready for an extra-special beatdown!
K.O.: [Grunts] Powerfist! No!

[Darrell punches K.O. when Rad catches him]

Rad: Need a hand, kiddo?
K.O.: Rad! You’re—
Rad: I know, I know. I’m your knight in shining armor. The best of the best. The biceps and the triceps…

[Enid dashes through to fight Darrell but Darrell shields himself. Enid finally crashes Darrell sending him flying]

Enid: Hyah! Hyah! [Darrell falls to the ground]
Rad: Show-off.
Enid: Rad, you’re missing the action!
Rad: [Sets K.O. down] All right, I’m coming. [Hovers] Yeesh.

[Enid and Rad fights Darrell off-screen]

K.O.: [Thinking] I spend all my time with cool heroes at the plaza now, but I’m still getting thrashed by Darrells? Why can’t I be strong like Rad and Enid? And how could I call myself a hero when I can’t even shoot a powerfist when I need it?

[Scene shows an exterior of the Bodega while an alarm is heard. Enid and Rad steps out of the Bodega. A Boxmore box falls from the sky, opening it revealing Darrell]

Darrell: Miss me, losers?
Enid: We didn’t miss you. We hit you. A lot. Remember?
Rad: [Laughs] Whoa! Good one, Enid. Did you get that, K.O.? [Notices K.O. wasn’t in the shot] K.O.?
Enid: Mnh-mm.
Darrell: [Laughs] Oh, boy. I set you up for that one. It’s cool, though. ‘Cause this time… [Laughs] Oh, just wait. [Turns into a bigger version of himself] This time, I’m gonna get the last laugh! [Launches out several weapons to use] Pretty impressive, huh? Lucky for me, though, I won’t even need to pull punches. [Gets a car and smashes it] Once this cannon charges up, just one blast, and your precious plaza will be obliterated! [Fires up cannon]
Rad: I think we might need to get some help for this one.
Enid: We stay and fight.
Rad:: [Chuckles nervously] That’s another joke, right?
Enid: We’ll never make it back in time. Are you with me or not?
Rad: Yeah. I’m with you.
Darrell: This is it, Lakewood losers! [Enid and Rad prepares] Now… prepare to— [A mysterious figure slices Darrell in half and blows up]
Rad: Whoa. [Darrell’s parts falls out and shows K.O.’s alter-ego form, T.K.O.] Dude! That was amazing!
Enid: That’s putting it lightly. How did you do that, K.O.?

Stop Attacking the Plaza [1.27]


[Ernesto enters a room where Darrell, Shannon, Raymond, and Jethro are playing a board game.]

Ernesto: Hello, little ones.
Darrell: Hey, Ernesto! Wanna join us?
Ernesto: I'm just gonna take this downtime to reeelaaax.
Darrell: Hmm, yeah. We haven't gotten any orders from Dad in a while.
Ernesto: Yeah, he mentioned something about not attacking the plaza for 24 hours or he'll get fired. [starts reading newspaper] Shame.
Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond: (gasps)
Darrell: 24 hours?!
Shannon: That's...
Raymond: Terrible!
Darrell: Poor Dad! Maybe we should go check on him. Make sure he's okay?
Shannon and Raymond: Yeah.

[Lord Boxman and his robots are trying to have a family dinner, but Boxman is getting annoyed.]

Lord Boxman: ENOUGH! Why are you all acting so...strange?

[Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond look at one another.]

Darrell: Well, we know you're not allowed to attack the plaza for a whole day.
Darrell, Shannon, and Raymond: You must be truly hurting inside.
Lord Boxman: Stop! What are you trying to say here? That I'm obsessed?! That I have a...problem?

[A thought bubble depicting the plaza appears next to Boxman; he waves it off.]

Shannon: Uh, well, yeah. I mean, isn't attacking the plaza kinda, heh, the sole reason we exist?
Raymond: That is true.
Ernesto: You got a point there.
Darrell: Yeah, yeah, I mean, come on.
Lord Boxman: Forget you guys! I don't have a problem! You know who has a problem? [points to Raymond] You with being nosy! I can, too, go a day without attacking the plaza! And I don't need your help to do it! I'll show you all! I'll show you! And I'll show you! And I'll definitely show you... [He disappears through a trapdoor in the floor.]
Jethro: [as he rolls by] I am Jethro!

[K.O. is busy mopping the floor, looking bored.]

K.O.: (yawns) Man, it's sure been quiet, huh, guys?

[Rad and Enid are shown sleeping in a bunk bed suspended from the ceiling. The store's door chime dings as Lord Boxman enters. Rad and Enid wake up and change into their normal outfits.]

K.O.: Oh, finally, a custom-- aah!

[The trio gets in fighting position.]

Enid: What do you want, Boxman?
Lord Boxman: You can put those away.
Enid: [takes her foot back] Explain.

[Boxman pulls out a paper and puts on glasses to read it.]

Lord Boxman: Ahemp. (clears throat) Mi mi mi mi mi miiii. I, uh, Lord Boxman-- me, that is, hereby...vow...to-oo-oo-oo-oo... [High-pitched voice] stop attacking the plaza. [Normal voice] Wooow! [gets ready to leave] That felt great to get that off of my che--
Rad: [stops him] Wait a sec! Could you repeat that last part?
Lord Boxman: D'oh! My bosses say that I can't go a day without attacking you. But! [holds up a countdown clock] Look at that! One minute left!
Rad: Seriously?
Enid: Oh, come on. It's 'cause you failed so many times, isn't it?
Lord Boxman: Nooooo-uh! It's just-- It's driving me crazy and my bosses crazy. So there! Pbbt!
K.O.: W-what happens if you did attack us?
Lord Boxman': I get fired and my business shuts down, why?
Enid: (sarcastically) Oh, that's so sad. One moment. [The trio gets into a huddle.] If Boxman attacks us, he'll get fired and leave us alone! [They turn back towards him.] Fight me, Buttman!

[They start poking and teasing him.]

K.O., Rad, and Enid: Robots blow!
Enid: Boxes...are terrible!
K.O.: [hears something on the phone] What's that? The president of the universe says all boxes must be replaced with...
K.O., Rad, and Enid: Best friends?! Friendship! Friendship! Friendship! Wow! Yayyyyyyyy! (laughing)

[Lord Boxman looks like he's about to snap, but calmly takes a deep breath.]

Lord Boxman: I have better things to do now than to waste time on you piddling fools. (chuckles) So long, clown babies! Boxman out. (howls) [goes outside]
Enid: You know, maybe it's for the best. I mean, I don't wanna be the reason that Boxman loses his job.
Rad: You're right, Enid. Even someone like him doesn't deserve unemployment, just 'cause he's a weird old man.
K.O.: We are all very thoughtful and kind, even to our enemies.
Rad: Bring it in for a big friend hug.

[They hug.]

K.O.: Mmm! Yay!

[The alarm on Boxman's watch beeps, meaning that the 24 hour period is up.]

Lord Boxman: (laughs evilly) You horrible little brats! [tips over a gumball machine] Ha-ha-ha-ha! You know what I hate? [knocks some jars off of a shelf] I-I hate your niceness! He-he. [gets up on the counter and spins around] Ooh, and I hate your friendliness! (chuckles) [Enid gags] I hate you kids! [kicks the store's rug] I hate this bodega! [kicks it again] I hate Lakewood Plaza Turbo! Bwahaha, yes I do! [runs off laughing hysterically]

[Lord Boxman is in his office with Ernesto.]

Ernesto: Sounds like your meeting with Miss Cosma sure went well. You must be glad to be rid of that obsession of yours now, huh?
Lord Boxman: You know, Ernesto 1701, I learned something interesting about myself in the last 24 hours.
Ernesto: What's that, sir?
Lord Boxman: I learned that I don't need to attack the plaza. [gets out a chest and opens it to reveal a button] (Evilly) I want to. [pushes the button five times]

[Raymond, Darrell, Jethro, Shannon, and Ernesto appear at the plaza and attack K.O., Rad, and Enid.]

K.O., Rad, and Enid: What the?!

[The robots fight the trio.]

Lord Boxman: Never gets old.

We've Got Fleas [1.28]


[K.O. is unsuccessfully trying to fight Mikayla, an animalistic robot from Boxmore. Rad and Enid arrive in Rad's van and jump out.]

Enid: Looks like our normal approach isn't working.
Rad: She's too unpredictable. It's like fighting a wild animal.
K.O.: (gasps) That's it! In times of need, the hero's noble animal companion always sweeps in to win the day! (whistles) Baby Teeth, come forth!

[Baby Teeth is shown eating nachos in the store, turns, then goes back to eating. We cut back to K.O. with a tear in his eye.]

Enid: Any other bright ideas?
K.O.: Hmm. Well...maybe we could become animals.
Rad: "Become" animals? How would we do that?

[The van's door suddenly swings open, revealing Dendy.]

Dendy: It's simple. You just need to be bitten by a were-animal.
K.O., Rad, and Enid: Dendy!
Rad: What were you doing in my van...?
Dendy: (shows hologram explaining her speech) A were-animal's fangs secrete a special were-enzyme that activates the bitten's inner beast.
K.O.: A...were-animal?!
Rad: (chuckles) I think you mean, "Where is animal", K.O.
K.O.: (laughs, snorts) Yeah, my bad.

[Enid grabs Rad and K.O. by the hair to look in the distance]

Enid: (looking at Crinkly Wrinkly asleep on a bench a few feet away) There animal! Let's get bit.
Rad and K.O.: (nod) Hmm!

[The trio runs up to Crinkly Wrinkly with their arms out and jumping.]

K.O., Rad, and Enid: Come on! Bite us! Bite us! Bite us! Bite us!
Crinkly Wrinkly: (wakes up, startled) Whaaat?! (wheezes)

[The trio stops jumping]

Enid: Look, I know it sounds strange, but I promise you it's for a good reason-- Owww! (she lifts her arm and Crinkly Wrinkly is biting down on it) Ugh! Get off me, you dusty little creep!

[Enid shakes him off and he lands in K.O.'s hands]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Why, thank ya, sonny! (bites K.O. on the nose)
K.O.: (holds nose) Oww!
Rad: (points and laughs)

[Crinkly Wrinkly opens his mouth wide and bites down on Rad's outstretched hand]

Rad: Aaaah! (throws him off)
Crinkly Wrinkly: (lands on bottom) Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I've been wanting to do that for ages!
Enid: Wait, you wanted to bite us?!
Rad: Ew!
K.O.: You weren't supposed to like it!
Enid: (rubs her arm in disgust) Ugh! Blek!
Rad: That cannot be legal.

[Crinkly Wrinkly is suddenly on board a bus as it drives past the trio]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Ho Ho Ho! Enjoy your cuuuuurse!
Enid: Your garbage curse didn't even work, you dank old pillowcase!!!

[Enid suddenly sprouts a rabbit's tail]

K.O.: (points to her) Enid...you have a new ponytail! On your butt!
Enid: (notices) Oh! Cute! But, I don't think it's a ponytail. It's more of a--

[Her ears change into rabbit ears, her nose turns pink, and she starts growing whiskers. Purple fur starts growing on her hands and arms, then her feet burst out of her shoes and become rabbit's feet.]

Enid: (groans, grunts) A bunny! (wiggles her toes) It must be because I'm so... (jumps up in the air and clicks her heels) quick on my feet!
Rad: Whoa, nice! If your inner animal is fast, then mine must be something totally macho. Like a classic werewolf! (starts growing fur and claws; sprouts a tail) Yeah! I can feel it! (rips shirt off, laughs, then gets a collar with a bell on it) Oh. A cat? Nice. Must be because I'm so... (licks his hand and arm, then slicks back his hair) cleaaan.
K.O.: Wow! Wow, wow, wow! You guys look so cool! (sprouts a dog's tail) Ah! I can't wait to find out what I'm gonna be!
Enid and Rad: A puppy!
Rad: That is so K.O.!
Enid: Of course he's a puppy! (pets K.O. on his head as he grows dog ears and fur) It's perfect, because he's such a good boy!
Rad: (starts petting him too) Yeah, who's a good boy?!
K.O.: Me! Me, me, me!
Enid and Rad: Yes, you are!

[Rad is suddenly tackled by Mikayla]

Enid: (remembering) Oh, right. Mikayla. Time to use our animal powers to put this monkey business to an end.
Rad: (while pinned to the ground by Mikayla) Ohhh, she's a monkey? I thought she was some kind of jaguar...guitar...lizard...

[Rad is about to get scratched by Mikayla, only to get booted by Enid.]

Enid: (as she zooms by) Whoooo cares?
Rad: Well, I'm a little curious.

No More Pow Cards [1.29]


[Dendy and K.O. have broken into the POW Card factory computer room and are being held by a pair of guards. Mr. Cardsley, the company owner, enters the room.]

Mr. Cardsley III: Put them down, and back away. I’ll take it from here.
Guard: [saluting] Yes, Mr. Cardsley III. [leaves]
Mr. Cardsley: [to Dendy and K.O.] Now, now, it’s alright. Did you get lost? Tours are back out there, kids!
K.O.: We are not here for no tour! Well, not today. Right, Dendy?
Dendy: That is correct.
K.O.: In fact, we got a bone to pick with you, mister!
Mr. Cardsley: Is that so? Alright, I’m all ears.
K.O.: Mr. Cardsley! All our lives we’ve loved Pow Cards! [pulls out his collection] See?
Mr. Cardsley: Oh. Very nice.
K.O.: But then, we found out you don’t let Kappas be recognized as heroes! And that’s the most messed up thing I ever heard! So fix it, (sobbing) plee-eee-ase.
Mr. Cardsley: Well what’s there to fix? I mean, why in the world would Kappas need Pow Cards?
K.O.: Be...cause! It’s bad to leave them out! Don’t be bad!
Mr. Cardsley: And you’re asking we include them for...what, exactly? Drowning people? Honestly, I’ve never seen a Kappa do anything of significance. Heroic or otherwise, they’re just little monsters. And though we appreciate your feedback here at Pow Industries, this is the system we’ve used for decades. There’s no need to change a thing.
K.O.: But can’t you see how much it upsets us?!
Mr. Cardsley: (sighs) Look, I'm sorry you’re so upset, kid, but it’s the simple truth.
K.O.: It’s nowhere near the truth! My friend Dendy here does great things all the time! And- and-! ...Do you even know any Kappas, Mr. Cardsley?
Mr. Cardsley: I...uhhh...Guards!
Guards: Yessir!
Mr. Cardsley: Please escort these trespassers off the premises.
Guards: Yessir!
K.O.: Still? After all my tears?
Dendy: Please wait...Once more.
Guards: Aw, c’mon! Just...wanna cuff...so baa-aa-aad! [They roll away sobbing]
Dendy: Mr. Cardsley. Have you ever considered the reason the world does not view Kappas as heroic is because we don’t have any heroes of our own to look up to? And for those that are out there doing something you’d call noteworthy, we’ll never get to notice, if your computer doesn’t, either. All I request is for us to be given a chance.
Mr. Cardsley: (sighs) Fine. If you insist on learning the hard way. Carla!
Carla: [gets brought down on a crane] Greetings, Mr. Cardsley!
Mr. Cardsley: Carla, my trusty engineer. Can you temporarily allow the hero-puter to detect the Kappa species?
Carla: I’d love to! Just gimme one minute… [A cord shoots from Dendy's hack-pack and connects to the computer.] Ooh!
Dendy: Pardon, I’ve already written an override code for your system.
Carla: I...just making sure you’re not trying any funny business! (chuckles) It would’ve taken me forever to write this code! Please, press away!

[Dendy activates the override code. The computer beeps, but then the beeps die out.]

Mr. Cardsley: Ohh. Sorry, kids. Like I said, Kappa- aaah!
Carla: Wow!

[Tons of Kappa suddenly appear on the world map shown on screen.]

Mr. Cardsley: What the-? [picks up a new Pow Card] Hot hot hot hot hot! How can this be? I - was - wrong? I. Can’t. Process. I was - always told I’m right! I - [begins sucking his thumb]
Carla: Oh, this is fantastic! Our database is flooded with new profiles! Sales have gone through the roof! A new market of Kappas are buying our Pow Cards in droves! This is the biggest sale in the history of the company, Mr. Cardsley!
Employee: Sir! There’s no place to hold all the Technos!

[Technos burst through the door. The group is swept away by them into the main hallway.]

Mr. Cardsley: [to Dendy] Young lady. Dendy, was it?
Dendy: Yes.
Mr. Cardsley: Dendy, you’ve really taught me something here today. I thank you. And from now on, Pow Cards will recognize the heroic feats of Kappas across the globe! Grandfather would be proud...of how much money we’re making! [dives into the pile of Technos] Wheee-hee-hee! Woo hoo!

A Hero’s Fate [1.30]


Let’s Have a Stakeout [1.31]


Rad Likes Robots [1.32]


KO's Video Channel [1.33]


[Rad and Enid are watching one of K.O.'s online videos. K.O. is wearing a hoodie with Dendy standing in the background.]

K.O.: Hi, guys. I'm here with a special guest, my friend, Dendy. (Dendy waves to camera) She says she has an amazing discovery to show you guys.

[The scene cuts to Dendy staring into a room with her hands pressed on the window]

K.O.: Where are we? Who-- Whose house is this?
Dendy: Shh! Every morning at exactly 6:15... (gasps) It is happening! Get ready, K.O.!

[Rad is shown in his underwear, scratching his butt, and levitating towards a pullup bar in the doorway]

K.O.: This is Rad's house?

[Dendy watches with a smile on her face as Rad does some pullups]

K.O.: Dendy!
Rad: (turns around) Huh?
Dendy: Run!

[The scene shows Dendy and K.O.'s feet as they run away]

Dendy: (laughs)
K.O.: Dendy, why?

[Rad sits on the counter in shock at the video he had just watched, while Enid is on the floor laughing]

Enid: (laughs) Did that one have enough Radicles for ya? (laughs)

The Power is Yours [1.34]


Glory Days [1.35]


Plazalympics [1.36]


Parents Day [1.37]


[Rad and K.O. are driving around, trying to spy on Enid]

Rad: Enid's house should be on this block.
K.O.: (while looking through the glove compartment) How do you know where Enid lives?
Rad: I took a look at her personnel file, that's how.
K.O.: Hey! That's sneaky!
Rad: Then I guess you don't want to know any super cool secret facts about Enid, like her favorite color?

[K.O. tries to resist the curiosity, but can't]

K.O.: Oh, what is it?! Green?!
Rad: It's...purple.
K.O.: Whoa!
Rad: (stops the van, looks out the window) K.O., I think this is it!
K.O.: Huh?

[Enid is walking down the street, carrying a duffel bag]

K.O.: (gasps) Look, here she comes!
Rad: Wait, she's not stopping.
K.O.: Where's she going?

[Enid arrives at a spooky-looking house as thunder crashes overhead]

K.O. and Rad: What?

[Enid looks around before reaching into the duffel bag]

K.O. and Rad: Wha?!

[Enid pulls a witch's hat out of the duffel bag, puts it on, and is enveloped in a puff of purple smoke. When the dust settles, she is dressed as a witch.]

K.O. and Rad: (scream)

[Enid enters the house, leaving K.O. and Rad in shock]

K.O.: Whoa! Enid's going trick-or-treating without us?
Rad: (groans)

[K.O. and Rad peek through a window to look for Enid]

K.O.: Do you see Enid?

[A bat flies into the room]

Rad: Wait, look!

[The bat changes into a woman and she fixes her hair]

Rad: Enid's mom is...a hot vampire?

[A purple-furred werewolf walks up to the woman and kisses her]

Rad: And her dad is a hot werewolf?
K.O.: Enid's parents are ninjas and monsters?
Rad: I don't think they're ninjas.
K.O.: But, why would Enid lie to us?
Enid: (suddenly appearing at the window) 'Cause it's none of your business, you goons.
K.O. and Rad: (scream)
Enid: Shh! You guys need to get out of here.
K.O.: You said your parents were busy ninjas, but they were just kissing and aren't ninjas.
Enid: My family is embarrassing and I like to keep my private life private. So, you need to go before they see you and--
Wilhamena: (arrives at the window) Enid! You have guests! Please join us for dinner.

[Enid shakes her head as she stares at her friends with skulls in her eyes, motioning for them to say no. K.O. and Rad look at each other.]

K.O. and Rad: We'd love to!
Enid: Grrrrrrrrr!

We Got Hacked [1.38]

K.O.: Dendy! Dendy, Dendy, Dendy, Dendy! We got... we got problems!
Dendy: Hmm. I understand your predicament. (pointing to Gar) Mr. Gar here is overcompensating for his receding hairline with muscles.
Mr. Gar: (angrily) Hey!
Dendy: (pointing to Rad) Rad is pretending to be super macho, even though he's a big softy.
Rad: (embarrassed) Th-That's not true!
Dendy: (pointing to the broken mop) We have a cleaning apparatus with a tacky design.

[The mop deflates]

Dendy: (pointing to Enid who is acting indifferent while picking her nose) Or perhaps, is it how Enid acts super cool because she's internally struggling with her identity.
Enid: (embarrassed and puffing her cheeks out) Uh, uh, uh... Absolutely not!
Dendy: Hmm. Ah, it must be-

[Mr. Gar picks up Dendy]

Mr. Gar: The dang mop is malfunctioning!

[He drops her to the ground and walks off]

Back in Red Action [1.39]


Let's Take a Moment [1.40]


Villains' Night Out [1.41]


Villains' Night In [1.42]


Let's Watch the Pilot [1.43]


[The episode starts off with montage of Crinkly Wrinkly interviewing a couple of guests.]

Announcer: Welcome to “Stage Left,” with Crinkly Wrinkly.

[Audience cheers and applause. Dynamite Watkins comes in to hit Crinkly Wrinkly with a chair. The titlecard appears. The cameraman gets ready for Dynamite Watkins to host.]

Dynamite Watkins: I’m Dynamite Watkins! Your host for tonight--
Crinkly Wrinkly: My neck!
Dynamite Watkins: For tonight’s highly-anticipated retrospective! Fans of the smash hit TV series, “OK K.O.: Let’s Be Heroes,” prepare to lose your cool! Joining us today is… Enid! [Enid comes onstage] Rad! [Comes onstage as well]
Rad: Please donate to my charity-- Tiny Clothes for Tiny Dinos.
Dynamite Watkins: And K.O.! [Audience cheers louder as he comes onstage]
Audience: K.O.! K.O.! K.O.!
Dynamite Watkins: Wow! [K.O. gives kisses] K.O. is clearly the crowd favorite. No surprise there. That kid’s a show-stealer! So, “OK K.O.” has taken the world by storm! It’s number one on every network. (Dramatically) And in all our hearts. Did you three ever expect it to become such an explosive success?!
Enid: Well, I don’t know about the others, but from the very beginning, I could just, like, sense the material was really special, you know?
Rad: Yeah, I have--
Dynamite Watkins: Well, that’s great. I’ve actually got a relic that can take us all back to the beginning you spoke of. The original pilot-- [shows the relic] "Lakewood Plaza Turbo"!
Enid, K.O., and Rad: What?!
Dynamite Watkins: That’s right-- the pilot! And I don’t mean the sap that flies your plane. [Displays what a pilot is] I’m talking a short sample episode that’s made to test the waters and see if it’s something people would want to watch more of. Right, K.O.?
K.O.: Well, yeah, but… we’ve come a really long way since the pilot, and it’s not at all representative of our current work, so…
Dynamite Watkins: Whoo, "Lakewood Plaza Turbo"!

[Audience cheers and applause as the pilot starts airing.]

Announcer: In the year, 201X, [Displays the robots of Boxmore] Lord Boxman opened a store to arm his robot hoard. [Cuts to Lakewood Plaza Turbo and the heroes preparing to fight] But the heroes of Lakewood Plaza--
Rad and Singing voice: ♪Are ready to fight!♪
Rad: (laughs) Oh, man! Remember this old theme song?
K.O. and Singing voice: ♪K.O., Rad, and Enid are in battle mode♪
Enid and Singing voice: ♪Punch and kick the bad guys till they all explode♪
K.O., Enid, Rad, and Singing voice: ♪Power up and fight. Let’s watch an episode of Lakewood Plaza Turbo!♪ [K.O. says OK K.O. instead of Plaza Turbo. Rad laughs after he messed up.]
Rad: We have fun. Ha-- the plaza looked so different back then.
K.O.: Whoa! We look so weird.
Enid: Ugh-- my hair! Sorry. This is just, um… really weird to watch now.
Dynamite Watkins: It sure is! Please feel free to react out loud during the whole thing.
Enid’s voice: He’s sleeping again.

[Rad snores and K.O. dumps ice cream on him.]

K.O.: (laughs) Rad got so cold underneath all that ice cream, they had to call in a stunt double!

[Audience laughs]

Rad: Ha. Well, uh, I was on a cleanse, so my skin was super sensitive.
K.O.’s voice: You looked so peaceful, like a baby lamb.

[Mega Football Baby and Sparko laughs]

Enid’s voice: Gee!

[Pilot K.O. does something weird with his mouth.]

Rad: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is going on with your mouth there?
K.O.: It’s an old theater trick we call “jawning.” It, um… keeps the jaw nice and loose, even when you’re not talking.
Rad’s voice: Ooh! [Prepares to shoot K.O. with his finger]
Rad: Oh! Did my own stunt here. Shout-out to the effects team.

[Pilot K.O. grunts]

Rad’s voice: It’s just the power poke. You know, a special move?
K.O.’s voice: “Special move”? Okay, my turn!
Dynamite Watkins: So, K.O., I sense a little conflict between you and Rad here.
K.O.: Yeah, you know, in this episode, I think he’s the bad guy. But-- spoiler alert-- turns out he’s not the bad guy, and it was totally some other dude. Ha-- the stories can’t get too complicated in pilots.

[Crowd laughs when K.O. doesn’t do his “special move”]

K.O.’s voice: Yeah, well… I’ll soil you!

[K.O. and Rad fight]

Enid’s voice: Cool it!
Crowd: Fight, fight!
Enid’s voice: I said, “Cool it!” [Uses her power kick]
K.O.: Ooh. Enid’s outfit change really was for the best.
Enid: (chuckles nervously) Well… it was challenging. But the material called for a loin-flap, and I think meeting that challenge made me a stronger performer.
Mr. Gar’s voice: No! [pounds the ground]
Enid’s voice: Boss, what happ-- [trips on her loin-flap] Whoa!
K.O.: (laughs) Remember how often you’d trip over that thing? [Enid continues tripping over her loin-flap]
Enid: What?! Why would you show that?!
Dynamite Watkins: Just cut in a few bloopers to spice things up.

Mystery Science Fair 201X [1.44]


[Dendy and K.O. are trading Paw Cards before class starts]

Dendy: Okay, then I will trade you for your… Limited edition Cowboy Darrell!
K.O.: (Laughs) No way! He’s, like, the rarest villain card I own!
Dendy: That is not true. You also have… [points to the Shadowy Figure Pow Card] this one!
K.O.: Oh. Um, yeah… [tries to hide that Pow Card] I forgot.
Dendy: Shadowy Figure never did return after last time, did he?
K.O.: I think we’ve seen the last of him. Uh, what if I trade you… [tries to trade one of his Pow Cards]
Dendy: And what of your… turbonic form?
K.O.: Y-you mean T.K.O.? Well, I guess he’s still inside me somewhere? I-I don’t like thinking about it.
Dendy: How very fascinating.
Classmate: Everybody pipe down, will ya?! I think teach is comin-- [Miss Quantum slams the door on the kid]
Miss Quantum: Morning, class. Everyone have a good weekend?
Classmates: Yes, Miss Quantum.
Miss Quantum: Well, that's great, ‘cause I spent mine failing all of your quizzes again! [tosses the quizzes] What is wrong with all of you?! Did any of you even try?

[A clock is ticking, a slow fart is heard and classmates laugh]

Miss Quantum: Okay, that’s fine. You kids think you’re just too clever for quizzes. Well, in that case, I’ll be looking forward to all your brilliant submissions to this year’s… [pulls out a laser gun and blasts words on the chalkboard] Mystery Science Fair 201X! [The title card appears and the chalkboard falls]
Nanini: [raises hand] But, Miss Quantum, I thought you--

[A buzzer is heard and books fall on her]

Miss Quantum: What have I told you about raising your hand? [Nanini raises her hand] Yes, Nanini?
Nanini: I thought you said the science fair was optional.
Miss Quantum: Oh! Oh, I did say that, didn’t I? [breathes fire] Well, I changed my mind! You are all now required to submit a project for the fair… by tomorrow!

[Classmates groan]

Genesis: That’s so unfair! There’s not enough time!
Miss Quantum: Oh, quit your boo-hooin’ and get crackin’. Unless, of course, you’d rather be suspended from school like poor Lil’ Bobo out there.

[Bobo is shown to be tied up and literally suspending from school]

Bobo: Boo-hoo. Boo-hoo. Boo-hoo.
Miss Quantum: The winner will receive a blue ribbon and extra credit. [shows a hologram of a blue ribbon] But I must warn you, I’m not easily impressed. Dendy. [glares at Dendy] Now get to work!
K.O.: Oh! What do we do?!
Dendy: Do not worry, K.O.. I have the perfect idea for our project.

[A cheering sound effect is heard]

K.O.: Oh, Dendy! What’s it gonna be about?
Dendy: Unleashing T.K.O..
K.O.: Wait, what!?

[Bell rings. K.O. is seen dragging himself to Dendy’s legs]

K.O.: (crying) Dendy, why?! [sobs and sniffles]
Dendy: (sighs) Allow me to explain. [shows a demonstration of their science fair] You, K.O., are the only person I know with the ability to harness energy as T.K.O.! If I could identify what it is exactly that triggers your turbonic transformation, it’d be a scientific breakthrough!
K.O.: But it’s scary bein’ T.K.O.! I lose all control! (gasps) What if I hurt someone again?! What if I hurt you?!
Dendy: Oh, K.O., I assure you [opens locker] we will be perfectly safe in a controlled environment, using only state-of-the art equipment. Now, please, step inside.
K.O.: Mm! Okay, Dendy, I trust you. [steps inside the locker] Just no needles or anything, okay?

RMS & Brandon's First Episode [1.45]


[Mad Sam has just threatened RMS and Brandon to frame his helmet.]

A Real Magic Skeleton: (sighs) Here we are again, fearing for our lives, framing-- [Grabs the helmet] gah-- junk. I like hanging out with you all the time, but don’t you ever feel… trapped?
Brandon: Speak for yourself! Despite the couple wackos, this place rules! Plus, it’s like the easiest job in the world!
A Real Magic Skeleton: Is it, though?
Brandon: Yeah! Everything’s easy with you around! Now, let’s get to work… after I take a nap.
A Real Magic Skeleton: Huh? [Brandon hops on the counter with newspapers to nap.] Now? [Brandon snores] But we gotta frame Mad Sam’s helmet! I just don’t get paid enough for any of this! Look at him… so peaceful. Not a care in the world. Must be nice to be so willfully complacent. Huh?

[Newsprint reads “Looking 4 Bigger and Better Things?” Zooms in to “Coffee Shop Looking 4 Barista Apply Now!!!!! Zooms in another text.]

A Real Magic Skeleton: "25 more pennies an hour"? This could be just what I need to get out of this funk. Watching Brandon sleep can be fun sometimes, but maybe it’s time for me to move up in the world! Sorry, Brandon, but I’ve gotta get that job!

[Scene cuts to A Real Magic Skeleton filling a resume on a computer.]

A Real Magic Skeleton: Well, let’s see. Special skills. Uh… Framing proficien--Ugh, no, that’s dumb. Does magic count as a special skill? [A clang sound is heard.] Maybe I should-- [Another clang sound is heard.] Wha-- [And another. RMS' head is enveloped in purple flames.] Ooh, my geez, why?! What are you doing?!
Brandon: I’m trying to get Mad Sam’s helmet in this display case. [Slams the helmet]
A Real Magic Skeleton: Ugh! [Brandon slams again] You’re driving me nuts! Brandon, my dude, I love you, but I’m so glad I’m applying for a new job.
Brandon: New job?!
A Real Magic Skeleton: Yep! And with the extra 25 pennies a week, it’ll only take me, like… 2,000 years to become a millionaire! And once I have that much money, I’ll be able to do the things I always dreamed of.

[He dreams of buying a steak with bone.]

Employee: Here ya go.

[RMS gets his order and leaves a dollar in the tips jar. Cut back to the present.]

A Real Magic Skeleton: Ahh!
Brandon: So you’re just gonna turn your back on all the cool stuff we do here? Like when we duct-taped each other to the walls? Or that time I took all your bones and hid them around the store.
A Real Magic Skeleton: I didn’t like when you did that! I need my bones.
Brandon: Well, what about the time we thought we were level 100 and fought Big Darrell. [Imagines fighting Big Darrell]
A Real Magic Skeleton: That was K.O..
Brandon: Okay, well, still… our jobs are great! Think about how sweet our future will be, working here together, forever. [Echos] Forever… forever… forever.

[Imagines Crinkly Wrinkly burying Brandon and him in the store.]

Crinkly Wrinkly and Brandon: Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!
A Real Magic Skeleton: (shudders) [He checks his phone to see Drupe messaging him.] Mm. Come on. Drupe picked up some sour candy.
Brandon: Oh, whoo! Whoo, whoo, whoo!

Lad and Logic [1.46]


OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O.! [1.47]


[The evil robot attack alarm goes off] [We're shown Gar's Bodega getting on defense mode as Potato and Holo Jane flee, multiple screams can be heard in the background]

Cookie Man: [Hands up his face] EVIL ROBOT ATTACK!

[A Boxmore robot box falls from the sky, Enid and Rad hurry outside the Bodega and Dendy follows behind while humming and walking on a much slower pace. The box's walls fall only to reveal the robot sent in by Boxman is Ernesto.]

Ernesto: [Nervously reading to himself the lines he's supposed to use off some papers] Uh... Okay... Greetings Lakewood, I am Ernesto, here from Boxmore... Your demise.... [He hums to himself before realizing he's already supposed to be fighting] OH! UM. [Quickly glances over at his papers] Greetings! Plaza!-.. Uh-..[Looks at his papers again] Turbians. I am... [Looks at his papers again] Ernesto. The... Uh-.. Boxmore business bot. [Puts his canon arm up] And I am here.. To, uh, destroy... [Points his canon arm at the heroes but nothing happens, so he awkwardly moves it up and down to try to get it to work. The only thing to come out of the canon is air. Ernesto grows tense] Your plaza!
Rad: This is sad.
Enid: [Pats Dendy on the head] Don't worry about this chump, Dendy. We'll handle him. [Winks at Dendy and puts her thumb up]
Dendy: Okay!

[Enid and Rad prepare themselves to attack Ernesto]

Dendy: [Thinking] No... I'm filling-in for K.O., and K.O. would not simply chill at the prospect of battle. [Speaking] I must consult the list to see what he'd do! [Looks at K.O.'s schedule] "Learn life lesson"! I see! This is the climax of K.O.'s day, where he learns something wholesome. I've been trying to imitate K.O. this whole time but maybe the lesson I learned and, therefore, the secret of defeating this robot, is just to be myself! [Thinking] Yeah... That sounds correct. [Speaking] Ernesto!
Rad and Enid: What?!
Dendy: For a business bot, you're very inefficient. You haven't laid a single attack on the Plaza since you landed.
Ernesto: W-Well... I was about to get there.
Dendy: No! Over rot speeches and flimsy weapons are tools of lesser robots. As a business bot you should set aside those inferior tactics and just cut to the chase.
Ernesto: Ha, maybe you're right! I don't need to copy the other robots to destroy the Plaza! I'm just gonna BE MYSELF! [He turns into a ball with only his arms out as some jazz music starts playing, then, using his arms' help he jumps backwards and becomes a full ball]

[ Rad and Enid exclaim as they jump in order to dodge Ernesto's attack, Dendy gets run over by the robot and then is punched into the ground.]

Rad: Dendy! Why'd you give him constructive criticism?! That just made him stronger!
Enid: [Groans] Who cares! [She jumps back into action and prepares to air-kick Ernesto] He's not strong enough for this!

[Enid's attack cuts Ernesto in half]

Rad: Nice, Enid!

[Suddenly both of Ernesto's halves start chasing after Enid and Dendy, Rad is able to use his levitation beam to stop them from hitting his friends]

Enid: Oh-oh! Rad!
Rad: I gotcha!

[Ernesto's limbs break the beam and his arms grab Rad by the waist, knocking him on the ground over and over until finally sticking him down for good]

Rad: [Groans while immobilized]
Enid: Rad!

[Ernesto's foot kicks Enid in the face just as she calls out for her friend's name, making her fall on the ground. Enid yells as she kicks Ernesto's legs, while he kicks back. She manages to throw the lower half of Ernesto into the sky but it comes back and smashes her on the ground]

Rad: [Is unable to free himself from Ernesto's grip] HOW ARE WE LOSING?! [Gets slapped by Ernesto's tie]
Enid: [Struggling to defend herself from Ernesto's attacks] We-... Need-... K.O.!
Dendy: [Thinking] I see! Being my normal self isn't enough. They don't need Dendy right now... [Speaking] They need K.O.! And if K.O. is not here, [Stares at her holographic screen] I must become K.O. in my own way! [Starts typing things out on her screen, and takes on the shape of a giant K.O.] Untend them Ernesto! They're not your opponent, I AM!

[Ernesto throws both Enid and Rad into the air and prepares to fight Dendy, he throws a punch at her but she grabs his first and pushes him back. Ernesto nearly loses balance but then he goes and tries to punch Dendy again, she manages to punch him first which throws him onto the ground. Ernesto quickly gets up and runs towards her, she tries to punch him but he blocks her attack. The two start throwing punches at each other but neither seem to be able to hit the other. Finally, Dendy manages to punch Ernesto in the stomach which throws him on the ground.]

Ernesto: Oh... Jeez... Just being myself isn't helping to destroy the Plaza either! [Closes his one eye in shame] My failure figures are skyrocketing.
Dendy: [Is breathing heavily because of the tiresome fight she just went through] Ernesto... We should appreciate the irony of this situation, I thought I needed to be myself, [Puts her hand on her chest] but I needed to copy someone else in my own way.
Ernesto: Uh?.. Is this still about my thing?
Dendy: No. [Punches Ernesto back into Boxmore]
Enid: Yeah! You should fill-in for K.O. everyday!!!
Dendy: [Sighs] No, thank you! I thought I knew everything about K.O., but it seems the one thing I do not understand is how he does this everyday. This job is very tiring... Besides, I think it's best to leave being K.O., to the real K.O..

[A bus titled "Old Folks Home" suddenly pulls over and K.O. gets out of it while wearing a red shirt that reads "worlds' gratest grampso n" and with three balloons on his hand]

K.O.: Hi, guys! I'm back! What'd I miss?
Rad and Enid: K.O.!! [start talking at the same time about their battle against Ernesto and Dendy's help]

[Dendy checks out the item "tender moment" off K.O.'s schedule and the episode ends]

Plaza Shorts [1.48]


Let's Not Be Skeletons [1.49]


Action News [1.50]


The Perfect Meal [1.51]


Hope This Flies [1.52]


[Rad and Red Action are racing each other and just zoomed by a trailer park. Red is in the lead.]

Rad: Stupid mobile suburbs! [He and Red enter Rumble Range] Now that we’re out of that maze, there’s no way I’ll lose. [Catches up to Red]
Red Action: Man, you must like the taste of my dust!
Rad: [Licks the dust] Not bad. Could use some more debris an-- Hey! (grumbles) I’ll show you! [Tries to move his stick-shift higher] No! I’m already going as fayste as I can! [Slowing down] We’re already going through Rumble Range! At this rate, Red’s gonna win. Eh. What the-- [Sees the Dendysoft Help System] I don’t remember adding this. [Pushes a button where a holographic form of Dendy appears.]
Dendy: Greetings, operator.
Rad: Aah! Demon! Don’t eat-- Dendy?!
Dendy: A facsimile of Dendy, and as such, I’m programmed to help in a variety of ways.
Rad: You snuck into my van and messed with my stuff?!
Dendy: Please select a--
Rad: I don’t want your help! [Smashes the help system] I just gotta… um… That’s it! The volcano! While she’s comin’ round the mountain, I’ll be going over it. I’m a smart booooooy! [Drives to the volcano]
Enid: [As a note] False.
Rad: Time to fly. Launching the Rad Wing. [The wing, which is just a giant paper airplane, replaces the rocket launcher. Flies over the volcano.] Engaging thrusters. Y-e-e-es! I did it! I-- [The thruster burns the wing.] Noooooooooo! [The van falls into the volcano, plummeting to the lava.] Aaaaaaaaaaah!
Dendy: Perhaps I can be of assistance.
Rad: Demon! Dendy? How long have you been there?
Dendy: The entire time.
Rad: [grabs Dendy] Well, don’t just sit there adorably. Help!
Dendy: You… want my help?
Rad: Oh, Dendy, I shouldn’t have refused your help before. And now it’s my fault we’re gonna take a lava bath. I’ll do anything to atone.
Dendy: Stick your finger in the ignition.
Rad: Okay-- if it’ll atone.
Dendy: No, Radicles. You can use your beam power to fuel the zero-point energy engine I secretly installed.
K.O.: [As a note] I helped!
Rad: Oh, okay. That makes sense. [Takes off the keys and stick his finger to the ignition and uses his beam power. The van levitates away from the lava.] I did it! I did it, I did it, I did it!
Dendy: Aren’t you forgetting something?
Rad: Oh, yeah. Y-You, uh… helped.
Dendy: The race!
Rad: (gasps deeply) [Drives around the volcano] But there’s no way we’ll catch up! [His van flies through]
Dendy: That’s not entirely true.

[Enid leans on a pole of the finish line texting.]

K.O.: [Waves flags] Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
Dendy: I may have made some more secret mods to your van. [Pushes the faystest button to upgrade Rad’s van.]
Red Action: Whoa! Cool!

[Rad's van zooms past Red's tank.]

Rad: We’re… gonna… win!
K.O.: Whoo-hoo-hoo!
K.O. and Enid: Aah!

[The van flies by the finish line and Rad pushes the brakes, but it doesn’t stop.]

Rad: Why aren’t we stopping?!
Dendy: I had counted on you accepting my help much sooner!

[The van crashes into the Bodega and sets it on fire. K.O. drives his go-kart and Red Action drives her tank to see.]

Enid: [Takes off sunglasses] Rad!
K.O.: Dendy!

[Dendy carries Rad out of the mess.]

Enid, K.O., and Red Action: Whew!
Rad: (groans) Wha… My van!
Dendy: Do not worry, Radicles. We will repair your van. Besides, you won the race.
Rad: No, Dendy. We won. Did we-- Did we blow up the bodega?
Dendy: [Whispering] Shh! Don’t draw attention to us.

You're in Control [1.53–54]


Seasons Change [2.01]


Lord Cowboy Darrell [2.02]


Plaza Film Festival [2.03]


Be A Team [2.04]


My Fair Carol [2.05]


Let's Watch the Boxmore Show [2.06]


Your World is an Illusion [2.07]


The So-Bad-ical [2.08]


Point to the Plaza [2.09]


TKO's House [2.10]


Red Action to the Future [2.11]


Dendy's Power [2.12]


Special Delivery [2.13]


Wisdom, Strength and Charisma [2.14]


Bittersweet Rivals [2.15]


Are You Ready for Some Megafootball?! [2.16]


Mystery Sleepover [2.17]


Crossover Nexus [2.18]

K.O.: Hey, what's this spooky dump? And where are my friends?
Strike: I am Strike. Howdy, hero -- and toodle loo!
K.O.: What, me?! I-I'm still just a hero in training.
Strike: Yeah, I don't care. [activates his pen to destroy K.O. as he whimpers but Garnet saves him just in time]
K.O.: Huh? Wha-- Who?
Garnet: No time for introductions.
Ben Tennyson: Guys, this way! Come on!

Four Arms: It's hideous!
K.O.: Huh? Who are all these guys?
Garnet: They must be heroes that couldn't escape Strike's…strike. Let's keep moving.
Four Arms: Man, if Strike X'ed all these guys, he must be may stronger than I thought.
K.O.: If all these heroes couldn't stop him, what could the three of us possibly do?
Raven: [off-screen] Do what he isn't expecting, and go to his lair.
K.O.: That's a great idea, Garnet!
Garnet: I didn't say anything, K.O.
K.O.: Ben?
Four Arms: Dude, did that honestly sound like my voice to you?
Raven: I said it.
K.O.: [gasps as he sees her stuck to the wall] A hero!
Raven: Hi.
K.O.: [runs over and tries to get her unstuck] You've got X'ed by Strike, but you can still talk and stuff?
Raven: I got protection spell off just before he X'ed me. [Garnet punches the wall with her gauntlet, freeing her] Thanks…you?
Garnet: Garnet.
K.O.: K.O.!
Four Arms: Four Arms -- and Ben -- and, like, a bunch of other guys, too --
Garnet: [covers Four Arms' mouth] We need to know who you are and what this place is.
Raven: I'm part of a group of superheroes called the Teen Titans. My name's Raven. Uh, excuse me? ["Magician" changes to "half-Azarathian, half-demon sorceress"] That's better. Before I got X'ed out, I learned this used to be a great city of heroes, but Strike appeared and stole everyone's powers. He was still hungry, so he started summoning heroes from other dimensions to destroy. If we don't stop him, there'll be no heroes left…anywhere.
K.O.: But why would he do something so cob-darn awful?
Raven: Eh, it's his thing. It's what he does. He's like evil, you know pure evil or whatever.
Four Arms: Seems like this dude always has the element of surprise.
Garnet: Maybe we should surprise him, and ambush him at his lair.
Raven: That was literally the first thing I said.
K.O.: Raven, wanna join us?
Raven: Eh, I don't know. I was having such a great time as a lifeless statue.
K.O.: [hugs Raven joyfully] Ooh, a new friend! You can be the brains of our team.
Raven: As usual.
K.O.: Hey, Raven? Where is this evil lair anyway?
Raven: Over there -- the giant fortress just past the impassable chasm.
K.O.: Oh, okay. Neat.
Raven: Ehh. Still smarter than Beast Boy.

Ben Tennyson: Hey, jerk!
Strike: What?
Raven, K.O., Garnet, and Ben Tennyson: OK Ben Let's Go Universe!

Ben Tennyson: My Omnitrix! Why isn't this thing working?!
K.O.: Ben! It's okay! Your Omni-thingy was made with Strike's power, and he has the power to summon any hero into this world.
Ben Tennyson: (chuckles) I see where your going with this. It's Hero Time!
K.O.: You just need… a power fist!

Ben Tennyson: Well, time to get going. Bye, guys! Gwen's gonna flip when she hears about this.

Monster Party [2.19]


Super Black Friday [2.20]


Final Exams [2.21]


Soda Genie [2.22]


Carol Quest [2.23]


Plaza Alone [2.24]


Boxman Crashes [2.25]


All in the Villainy [2.26]


Sidekick Scouts [2.27]


Whacky Jaxxyz [2.28]


Project Ray Way [2.29]


I Am Jethro [2.30]


GarQuest [2.31]


Gar Trains Punching Judy [2.32]


Beach Episode [2.33]


OK A.U.! Alternate Universe [2.34]


K.O.'s Health Week [2.35]


Rad's Alien Sickness [2.36]


Dark Plaza [2.37–38]


We Are Heroes [3.01]


K.O., Rad, and Enid! [3.02]


T.K.O. Rules! [3.03]


Chip's Damage [3.04]


K.O. vs. Fink [3.05]


The K.O. Trap [3.06]


Whatever Happened to... Rippy Roo? [3.07]


Planet X [3.08]


Deep Space Vacation (100th episode) [3.09]


Let's Meet Sonic [3.10]

K.O.: Alright, Rad and Enid, are you ready for another action-packed day of protecting our hero plaza from evil robots?
Rad: Sorry, K.O., we stayed up all night playing videos game. I'm so tired, I don't care what happens. I'm gonna sleep through all of it! (snores)
Enid: Seconded.
K.O.: Bu-but… working at Gar's means we must always be alert! You never know when a legendary hero might 3D blast through our doors!

Sonic: You be careful now, kid. [puts down Nanini] Can't have anyone getting hurt on my watch.
Genesis and Nanini: [excitedly] It's really him!
K.O.: [gasps] Can it be? Are you the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog with a Power Level of Ring?!
Sonic: The one and only, yep.

Big Reveal [3.11]


Radical Rescue [3.12]


Let's Get Shadowy [3.13]


You're a Good Friend, K.O. [3.14]


Red Action 3: Grudgement Day [3.15]


Carl [3.16]


Dendy's Video Channel [3.17]


Let's Fight to the End [3.18-19]


Thank You For Watching the Show [3.20]

K.O.: [last lines] Thank you for watching the show!


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