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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is an American superhero animated comedy show created by Ian Jones-Quartey. It follows titular character, K.O., and his efforts to become the world's greatest hero, while working at Gar's Bodega (run by the no-nonsense Mr. Gar), a hero supply shop in the Lakewood Plaza strip mall. Alongside him are his best friends and co-workers Radicles, an apathetic, narcissistic alien, and Enid, a levelheaded big sister-like employee, as well as other heroes who work and frequent the area.


Lakewood Plaza Turbo[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Let's Be Heroes [1.01][edit]

Let's Be Friends [1.02][edit]

K.O.: (Thinking) Man, Rad and Enid are on another level. I wanna work with them so bad, but I can't even do a cool power move. I can't give up. There must be some way I could convince them to give me another chance. Maybe if I brought them a giant cake, or if I let them hold my rarest Pow cards. Maybe if I wore a baseball cap backwards. (He pictures these scenarios in the clouds)

[Shannon appears before him with a poor disguise]

Shannon: Excuse me. I couldn't help but notice your unemployment. You know these days if you wanna work at a place like Gar's, you gotta do something really special.
K.O.: (Disappointed) A résumé.
Shannon: No, no, no, no. I'm talking something like... infiltrating Lord Boxman's lair and maybe, like, defeating him all by yourself.
K.O.: That's a good idea, so good that Rad and Enid will have to hire me and be my friends. (Runs towards Boxmore) Thanks for the help, ominous stranger! You're the best!
Shannon: Ch'yeah, obviously. (Laughs evilly)

You're Everybody's Sidekick [1.03][edit]

We Messed Up [1.04][edit]

Jethro's All Yours [1.05][edit]

You're Level 100 [1.06][edit]

SIbling Rivalry [1.07][edit]

I Am Dendy [1.08][edit]

Do You Have Any More in the Back? [1.09][edit]

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad! [1.10][edit]

You Get Me [1.11][edit]

You Are Rad [1.12][edit]

Just Be a Pebble [1.13][edit]

Presenting Joe Cuppa [1.14][edit]

We've Got Pests [1.15][edit]

Legends of Mr. Gar [1.16][edit]

[Darrell is shown spray painting the words "smells bad" under the Lakewood Plaza Turbo sign, so it reads "Lakewood Plaza Turbo smells bad".]

Darrell: (laughs maniacally)
Enid: You're going down, Darrell!

[Darrell is thrown off of his ladder and falls to the ground. K.O., Rad, Enid, and Mr. Gar surround him.]

Mr. Gar: You've messed with the plaza for the last time, bucket of bolts! And you can send that message to Lord Boxman!
Enid: First class!
Rad: Signed, sealed, and delivered!
K.O.: Yeah! In an envelope!

[K.O. puts an envelope in a mailbox and then it shoots it out in Darrell's face.]

Mr. Gar: Thanks for the backup on that trash talk, team.

[After Mr. Gar has defeated Darrell, K.O., Rad, and Enid are laying on their backs in amazement at the battle.]

K.O.: Our boss is the dang coolest.
Rad: Uh huh.
Enid: Totally.
Mr. Gar: Don't just lay there impressed! Drop and give me twenty!

[The trio is thrown on their heads by Mr. Gar's voice and fall back.]

K.O.: Uh, twenty whats, sir?
Mr. Gar: Twenty...everything!

[K.O., Rad, and Enid start doing various exercises]

K.O., Rad, and Enid: 1, 2. 1, 2. 1, 2...

[Mr. Gar stares on, impressed]

[In Enid's flashback of her first day of work, Mr. Gar has just heard a customer's complaint and is showing Enid how to deal with him.]

Enid: M-Mr. Gar, I--
Mr. Gar: Enid, I'm gonna teach you a very important lesson.
Skateboard Nerd: (chuckles) Yeah! That the customer is always-- Huh?

[Mr. Gar suddenly grabs the Skateboard Nerd and holds him up to his face]

Mr. Gar: We're all out of wheel polish!! Sorry, we can't help you!! Thank you for shopping at Gar's!!

[Enid is shown with her mouth open in shock]

[Crinkly Wrinkly just finished telling K.O., Rad, and Enid a far-fetched tale about Mr. Gar]

Enid: Well, that was a bunch of drivel.
Rad: Obviously a fabrication.
K.O.: Ha! Amazing!
Enid: K.O., you probably shouldn't listen to Crinkly Wrinkly.
K.O.: Why's that?
Enid: (points off-screen) Well...

[Crinkly Wrinkly is shown looking at himself in a mirror, mistaking his reflection for another person]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Who's that?! You got a cane just like mine! (chuckles)

Know Your Mom [1.17][edit]

We're Captured [1.18][edit]

Face Your Fears [1.19][edit]

Everybody Likes Rad? [1.20][edit]

You Have to Care [1.21][edit]

Plaza Prom [1.22][edit]

Second First Date [1.23][edit]

[Cupid, a large muscular man, has just magically appeared in the bodega]

Cupid: Love conquers all.
Rad and Enid: Cupid?!
Cupid: Two people in this room have unresolved romantic tension.

[Cupid gets ready to fire a heart-shaped bazooka]

Rad and Enid: (gasps)

[They duck and K.O. moves out of the way as the blast creates a heart-shaped hole in the shelves and back wall. Potato and Colewort stand up from one of the shelves]

Potato: Actually, we're just taking things slow.
Cupid: Nobody cares!

[Rad and Enid are trying to tiptoe out of the store, when Cupid stops them]

Cupid: It's you two I'm here for. What's your deal?!
Enid: (chuckles) Me and Rad? (laughs) Never. Pssh.
Rad: Never?! That's a funny way to say, that one time.
Enid: You know as well as I do that middle school dating is stricken from the record!
K.O.: What?! Slow down. You guys dated? Each other?!
Enid: It was just one date, K.O. (sighs) It was a long time ago.

One Last Score [1.24][edit]

T.K.O. [1.25-26][edit]

[Mr. Gar and Carol watch on as T.K.O. uses his destructive powers on the plaza]

Carol: Alright, Gar. It's time to unlock your iron clad heart and tell him your true feelings!
Mr. Gar: (sweating) Huh?

[T.K.O. throws out some more light blasts from his hands]

Carol: Gene! He needs to hear it from you! You're the one he looks up to!
Mr. Gar: K-- K.O., I...
Carol: Hurry! Before he destroys the entire plaza!
Mr. Gar: (groans) K.O.! I love your mom!
Enid: (gasps)
Rad: (gasps)
A Real Magic Skeleton and Brandon: (gasps)
T.K.O.: (stops using his powers) What?
Carol: (slaps Mr. Gar in his arm) Not that, ya wet noodle!

Stop Attacking the Plaza [1.27][edit]

We've Got Fleas [1.28][edit]

[K.O. is unsuccessfully trying to fight Mikayla, an animalistic robot from Boxmore. Rad and Enid arrive in Rad's van and jump out.]

Enid: Looks like our normal approach isn't working.
Rad: She's too unpredictable. It's like fighting a wild animal.
K.O.: (gasps) That's it! In times of need, the hero's noble animal companion always sweeps in to win the day! (whistles) Baby Teeth, come forward!

[Baby Teeth is shown eating nachos in the store, turns, then goes back to eating. We cut back to K.O. with a tear in his eye.]

Enid: Any other bright ideas?
K.O.: Hmm. Well...maybe we could become animals.
Rad: "Become" animals? How would we do that?

[The van's door suddenly swings open, revealing Dendy]

Dendy: It's simple. You just need to be bitten by a were-animal.
K.O., Rad, and Enid: Dendy!
Rad: What were you doing in my van...?
Dendy: (shows hologram explaining her speech) A were-animal's fangs secrete a special were-enzyme that activates the bitten's inner beast!
K.O.: A...were-animal?!
Rad: (chuckles) I think you mean, "Where is animal", K.O.
K.O.: (laughs, snorts) Yeah, my bad.

[Enid grabs Rad and K.O. by the hair to look in the distance]

Enid: (looking at Crinkly Wrinkly asleep on a bench a few feet away) There animal! Let's get bit.

[Rad and K.O. nod. The trio runs up to Crinkly Wrinkly with their arms out and jumping.]

K.O., Rad, and Enid: Come on! Bite us! Bite us! Bite us! Bite us!
Crinkly Wrinkly: (wakes up, startled) Whaaat?! (wheezes)

[The trio stops jumping]

Enid: Look, I know it sounds strange, but I promise you it's for a good reason-- Owww! (she lifts her arm and Crinkly Wrinkly is biting down on it) Ugh! Get off me, you dusty little creep!

[Enid shakes him off and he lands in K.O.'s hands]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Why, thank ya, sonny! (bites K.O. on the nose)
K.O.: (holds nose) Ow!
Rad: (points and laughs)

[Crinkly Wrinkly opens his mouth wide and bites down on Rad's outstretched hand]

Rad: Aaaah! (throws him off)
Crinkly Wrinkly: (lands on bottom) Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I've been wanting to do that for ages!
Enid: Wait, you wanted to bite us?!
Rad: Ew!
K.O.: You weren't supposed to like it!
Enid: (rubs her arm in disgust) Ugh! Blegh!
Rad: That cannot be legal.

[Crinkly Wrinkly is suddenly on board a bus as it drives past the trio]

Crinkly Wrinkly: Ho Ho Ho! Enjoy your cuuurse!
Enid: Your garbage curse didn't even work, you dank old pillowcase!!!

[Enid suddenly sprouts a rabbit's tail]

K.O.: (points to her) Enid...you have a new ponytail! On your butt!
Enid: (notices) Oh! Cute! But, I don't think it's a ponytail. It's more of a--

[Her ears change into rabbit ears, her nose turns pink, and she starts growing whiskers. Purple fur starts growing on her hands and arms, then her feet burst out of her shoes and become rabbit's feet.]

Enid: (groans, grunts) A bunny! (wiggles her toes) It must be because I'm so... (jumps up in the air and clicks her heels) quick on my feet!
Rad: Whoa, nice! If your inner animal is fast, then mine must be something totally macho. Like a classic werewolf! (starts growing fur and claws; sprouts a tail) Yeah! I can feel it! (rips shirt off, laughs, then gets a collar with a bell on it) Oh. A cat? Nice. Must be because I'm so... (licks his hand and arm, then slicks back his hair) cleaaan.
K.O.: Wow! Wow, wow, wow! You guys look so cool! (sprouts a dog's tail) I can't wait to find out what I'm gonna be!
Enid and Rad: A puppy!
Rad: That is so K.O.!
Enid: Of course he's a puppy! (pets K.O. on his head as he grows dog ears and fur) It's perfect, because he's such a good boy!
Rad: (starts petting him too) Yeah, who's a good boy?!
K.O.: Me! Me, me, me!
Enid and Rad: Yes, you are!

[Rad is suddenly tackled by Mikayla]

Enid: (remembering) Oh, right. Mikayla. Time to use our animal powers to put this monkey business to an end.
Rad: (while pinned to the ground by Mikayla) Ohhh, she's a monkey? I thought she was some kind of jaguar, guitar, lizard...

[Rad is about to get scratched by Mikayla, only to get booted by Enid]

Enid: (as she zooms by) Whoooo cares?
Rad: Well, I'm a little curious.

No More Pow Cards [1.29][edit]

A Hero’s Fate [1.30][edit]

Let’s Have a Stakeout [1.31][edit]

Rad Likes Robots [1.32][edit]

KO's Video Channel [1.33][edit]

[Rad and Enid are watching one of K.O.'s online videos. K.O. is wearing a hoodie with Dendy standing in the background.]

K.O.: Hi, guys. I'm here with a special guest, my friend, Dendy. (Dendy waves to camera) She says she has an amazing discovery to show you guys.

[The scene cuts to Dendy staring into a room with her hands pressed on the window]

K.O.: Where are we? Whose house is this?
Dendy: Shh! Every morning at exactly 6:15... (gasps) It is happening! Get ready, K.O.!

[Rad is shown in his underwear, scratching his butt, and levitating towards a pullup bar in the doorway]

K.O.: This is Rad's house?

[Dendy watches with a smile on her face as Rad does some pullups]

K.O.: Dendy!
Rad: (turns around) Huh?
Dendy: Run!

[The scene shows Dendy and K.O.'s feet as they run away]

Dendy: (laughs)
K.O.: Dendy, why?

[Rad sits on the counter in shock at the video he had just watched, while Enid is on the floor laughing]

Enid: (laughs) Did that one have enough Radicles for ya? (laughs)

The Power is Yours [1.34][edit]

Glory Days [1.35][edit]

Plazalympics [1.36][edit]

Parents Day [1.37][edit]

[Rad and K.O. are driving around, trying to spy on Enid]

Rad: Enid's house should be on this block.
K.O.: (while looking through the glove compartment) How do you know where Enid lives?
Rad: I took a look at her personnel file, that's how.
K.O.: Hey! That's sneaky!
Rad: Then I guess you don't want to know any super cool secret facts about Enid, like her favorite color?

[K.O. tries to resist the curiosity, but can't]

K.O.: Oh, what is it?! Green?!
Rad: It's...purple.
K.O.: Whoa!
Rad: (stops the van, looks out the window) K.O., I think this is it!
K.O.: Huh?

[Enid is walking down the street, carrying a duffel bag]

K.O.: (gasps) Look, here she comes!
Rad: Wait, she's not stopping.
K.O.: Where's she going?

[Enid arrives at a spooky-looking house as thunder crashes overhead]

K.O. and Rad: What?

[Enid looks around before reaching into the duffel bag]

K.O. and Rad: Wha?!

[Enid pulls a witch's hat out of the duffel bag, puts it on, and is enveloped in a puff of purple smoke. When the dust settles, she is dressed as a witch.]

K.O. and Rad: (scream)

[Enid enters the house, leaving K.O. and Rad in shock]

K.O.: Whoa! Enid's going trick-or-treating without us?
Rad: (groans)

[K.O. and Rad peek through a window to look for Enid]

K.O.: Do you see Enid?

[A bat flies into the room]

Rad: Wait, look!

[The bat changes into a woman and she fixes her hair]

Rad: Enid's mom is...a hot vampire?

[A purple-furred werewolf walks up to the woman and kisses her]

Rad: And her dad is a hot werewolf?
K.O.: Enid's parents are ninjas and monsters?
Rad: I don't think they're ninjas.
K.O.: But, why would Enid lie to us?
Enid: (suddenly appearing at the window) 'Cause it's none of your business, you goons.
K.O. and Rad: (scream)
Enid: Shh! You guys need to get out of here.
K.O.: You said your parents were busy ninjas, but they were just kissing and aren't ninjas.
Enid: My family is embarrassing and I like to keep my private life private. So, you need to go before they see you and--
Wilhamena: (arrives at the window) Enid! You have guests! Please join us for dinner.

[Enid shakes her head as she stares at her friends with skulls in her eyes, motioning for them to say no. K.O. and Rad look at each other.]

K.O. and Rad: We'd love to!
Enid: Grrrrr!

We Got Hacked [1.38][edit]

K.O.: Dendy! Dendy, Dendy, Dendy, Dendy! We got... we got problems!
Dendy: Hmm. I understand your predicament. (pointing to Gar) Mr. Gar here is overcompensating for his receding hairline with muscles.
Mr. Gar: (angrily) Hey!
Dendy: (pointing to Rad) Rad is pretending to be super macho, even though he's a big softy.
Rad: (embarrassed) Th-That's not true!
Dendy: (pointing to the broken mop) We have a cleaning apparatus with a tacky design.

[The mop deflates]

Dendy: (pointing to Enid who is acting indifferent while picking her nose) Or perhaps, is it how Enid acts super cool because she's internally struggling with her identity.
Enid: (embarrassed and puffing her cheeks out) Uh, uh, uh... Absolutely not!
Dendy: Hmm. Ah, it must be-

[Mr. Gar picks up Dendy]

Mr. Gar: The dang mop is malfunctioning!

[He drops her to the ground and walks off]

Back in Red Action [1.39][edit]

Let's Take a Moment [1.40][edit]

Villains' Night Out [1.41][edit]

Villains' Night In [1.42][edit]

Let's Watch the Pilot [1.43][edit]

Mystery Science Fair 201X [1.44][edit]

RMS & Brandon's First Episode [1.45][edit]

Lad and Logic [1.46][edit]

OK Dendy! Let's Be K.O.! [1.47][edit]

Plaza Shorts [1.48][edit]

Let's Not Be Skeletons [1.49][edit]

Action News [1.50][edit]


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