Oh, God! Book II

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What a mess.  Every time I look down there, it gets worse.  Maybe I oughta stop looking down.  Millions of planets, and that one's always been a problem.  Why that one?  I know why: people.  I had to put people on it.  Maybe I oughta go down there and look around.  I gotta do something.  Let's see, um… ~ God

Oh, God! Book II (1980, stylised onscreen as Oh, God! book II) is a comedy film and a sequel to the 1977 film, Oh, God!  It was followed in 1984 by the third and final installment, Oh, God! You Devil.

Screenplay by Josh Greenfeld, Hal Goldman, Fred S. Fox, Seaman Jacobs, and Melissa Miller; produced and directed by Gilbert Cates.
That's right, I made another movie.  You know me, I can't stop creating.  (tagline)


People remember the miracle and forget why I did it. ~ God
"Bananas."  I hate that expression.  I make a beautiful fruit, and people use it for "crazy." ~ God

God's fortune cookie messages[edit]

  • Meet me in the lounge.
  • I mean you - Tracy.

Tracy Richards[edit]

God brought me home on His motorcycle. ~ Tracy Richards
  • Oh, Daddy, you and your tricks.  You're always trying to pull something on me.
  • Daddy, just because you can't see spirits doesn't mean they're not there.  It's kinda like believing in God: sometimes, you just have to believe in things you can't see.
  • But—but if You are God, why would You bother with me?
  • Have you ever felt like you might be dreaming, even though you knew you were awake?
  • Mom, we know that God has a lot of wonderful qualities, but what would you say are some of His strongest points?
  • It was some dumb commercial.  They're always trying to sell you something.
  • You know, You're not exactly easy to turn down.
  • You talk to me like I'm grown up.  I like that.
  • God brought me home on His motorcycle.

Tracy's slogans[edit]

Think God! ~ Tracy Richards's slogan advertising God

Paula Richards[edit]

  • [to Tracy]  Don't watch any horror films, okay?  [cuts to a scene of Tracy watching a horror film]



Shingo's slogan[edit]


God, on The Johnny Carson Show? ~ Tracy Richards
Tracy Richards:  Are you God, sir?
God:  Forget the "sir."  Just plain "God," the owner of the store, also known as the man upstairs.

Tracy Richards:  How old are you?
God:  Who knows?  After the first two-million years, I stopped counting.

Tracy RichardsSlogans really work.  You'll become a household word.
God:  A household word.  Yeah, that would be nice for a change.

Tracy Richards:  God, on The Johnny Carson Show?
God:  [on t. v.]  Why not?  He gets everybody else to replace him.

God:  I'll give you another week.
Tracy Richards:  Just a week?
God:  That's long enough.  Look at what I accomplished in a week.  And I did it without computers.

Tracy Richards:  It's just a gut feeling.  (That's an advertising expression.)
Shingo:  Well, I gotta gut feeling, too:  I'm hungry.  Let's go home.

God:  Tracy, I really like it.
Tracy RichardsThank God!
God:  I like that one, too, but let's go with "Think God."

Tracy Richards:  Who do you pray to?
God:  Me?  Well, sometimes I talk to myself.


  • That's right, I made another movie.  You know me, I can't stop creating.

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