Oh, God! You Devil

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You made a deal with the devil, how dumb could you be? ~ God

Oh, God! You Devil (1984) is a comedy film and the third and final installment in the Oh, God! series. George Burns received a Saturn Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance.

Written by Andrew Bergman, based on the novel of the same title by Avery Corman, directed by Paul Bogart.
He meets his match in one hot comedy.  (taglines)

Harry O. Tophet[edit]

I love to scare the hell out of people. ~ Harry O. Tophet
Sign this and the whole world is yours. ~ Harry O. Tophet
  • I love to scare the hell out of people.
  • That old black magic has me in its spell
    That old black magic that I weave so well
    Those icy fingers up and down your spine
    The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine
  • Sorry, pal, he asked for me.  That's the rules.  He asked for me; he's mine.  And none of your tricks, either.
  • It's the little things I enjoy.
  • I keep my name out of the papers.  I'm more effective that way.
  • A deal is a deal.  It's finished.
  • Sign this, Bobby, and they'll stop laughing.  Sign this and the whole world is yours.
  • People think, because I'm the devil, I'm insensitive.  That's not true.
  • Listen, if I didn't exist, God would've had to make me up.  I make him look good.
  • Would I lie?

Bobby Shelton[edit]


Pretty nice, huh?  I made it myself. ~ God


Bobby Shelton:  Should I speak louder?
Harry O. Tophet:  Not unless you can't hear what you're saying.

Bobby Shelton:  Wait a minute.  Who are you?  [Tophet turns around, lights a cigar using his thumb]  My God!
Harry O. Tophet:  Guess again.

You want anything, I'm at 666. ~ Harry O. Tophet
Bobby Shelton:  But I thought this was a trial period; that's what you said.
Harry O. Tophet:  I lied.  [begins exiting]  You want anything, I'm at 666.

Bobby Shelton:  The rainbow disappeared.
God:  I'm trying to save on energy.

Harry O. Tophet:  You know, I don't have to do this.  Shelton came to me; I didn't go to him.  Rules are rules.  You're out of it.
God:  But you lied to him.  You told him it was for trial period.  Is that according to the rules?
Harry O. Tophet:  Technicalities!
God:  You don't have clear title to this boy.
Harry O. Tophet:  Neither do you.
God:  Looks like we're in a grey area here, doesn't it?

I put the fear of me in you. ~ God
Harry O. Tophet:  You bluffed.  You had nothing.  Why did I fold!?
God:  I put the fear of me in you.


  • He meets his match in one hot comedy.
  • That's funny, they both look like George Burns.


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