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Quotes about oil.

  • The world petroleum story is one of the most inhuman known to man: in it, elementary moral and social principles are jeered at. If powerful oil trusts no longer despoil and humiliate our country it is not because these predators have become human, but because we have won a hard-fought battle which has been going on since the beginning of the century.
  • Our oil supply is secure, not because our government threatens to use force against those who would make it insecure, but because the world’s oil suppliers want to make money.
    • David R. Henderson, as quoted in Handbook of Oil Politics, edit. Robert E. Looney, Routledge, Chap. 11 “Do Governments need to Go to War for Oil?” (2012) p. 144.
  • I think Arctic drilling is insane. I think that countries around the world would be very well advised to put restrictions on drilling for oil in the Arctic ocean.

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