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For the musical, see Oklahoma!. For the musical 1955 film, see Oklahoma (1955 film)
Oklahoma is nothing but vast wasteland. ~ Charles Barkley
I don't believe I ever saw an Oklahoman who wouldn't fight. ~ Robert E. Howard
Oklahoma, here I come! ~ Paul Westmoreland

Oklahoma is the 20th most extensive and the 28th most populous of the 50 United States. The state's name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people". It is also known informally by its nickname, The Sooner State, in reference to the non-Native settlers who staked their claims on the choicest pieces of land prior to the official opening date, and the Indian Appropriations Act of 1889, which opened the door for white settlement in North America's Indian Territory. Its residents are often called Okies or Oklahomans.


  • You can call me what you want to
    But Okie is okay with me.
  • Going home to Oklahoma.
    Yes I am.
    Here's my train coming now
    I homeward bound.
    Yes, I'm going home today
    And I expect to stay.
  • Oh, howl away you wild coyote,
    I hear your sad, your lonesome song.
    It's calling me to Oklahoma
    Back to those hills where I belong.
  • Let me hear a coyote howl,
    Or a lonesome hound dog bay.
    Back to the heart of those lonesome hills
    I'm gonna be some day.
    For Oklahoma I'm yearning.
    • Jack Guthrie and Wava White, For Oklahoma, I'm Yearning.
  • I'm gona settle down
    When I reach that city fair.
    I'm homeward bound
    And I Know I'll soom be there
    Where tall corn grows,
    And the black oil flows,
    In old O-K-L-A.
  • I don't believe I ever saw an Oklahoman who wouldn't fight at the drop of a hat — and frequently drop the hat himself.
  • I want to go back to Oklahoma.
    I'm happy there
    Living next to the soil.
  • And now I'd like to settle down,
    In Oklahoma in my home town.
    • Leodie Jackson, Ramblin' Okie.
  • But the sun in California
    Doen't shine one half as bright
    As the one Oklahoma,
    So I'm startin' back tonight.
  • Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
    And the wavin' wheat, can sure smell sweet
    When the wind comes right behind the rain.

    Oklahoma, ev'ry night my honey lamb and I
    Sit alone and talk, and watch a hawk
    Makin' lazy circles in the sky.

    We know we belong to the land,
    And the land we belong to is grand!
    And when we say
    Yeeow! A-yip-i-o-e-ay!
    We're only sayin'
    You're doin' fine, Oklahoma!

  • Got my ticket in my hand
    Gonna cross a lot of sand.
    Oklahoma here I come!
  • Bought a round-trip ride today,
    Throwed the come-back part away.
    Oklahoma's dear to me.
    • Paul Westmoreland, Oklahoma Bound.

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