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One Tree Hill (2003-2012) is an American teen television drama airing on the WB network (now the the CW network) in the United States.

Season 5


4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days [5.01]

Nathan: My dad's in prison and so am I.
Haley: Yeah, well you can walk out.

Brooke: Guys. Absolutely not! There is no way she gets on the cover of my magazine unless she gains 10 pounds, minimum. She looks unhealthy.
Assistants: We were just brainstorming.
Brooke: Brainstorm better. Anorexia is a disease. It is not a fashion statement.

John Knight: I hate to be the one to break it to you, but rock & roll can't actually save the world.
Peyton: See, I disagree. Walk into any club on the strip tonight, and just look at the kids. Look into their eyes. I mean they're all looking for something to believe in, and I think that music can be the thing to change the world.

Brooke: I believe in our lives we were all meant to do something. It does not matter when your success comes, success can come whenever you want it to.

Peyton: [on the phone] Hi, it's Peyton. Yeah, I'm sorry. I know it's late there, I just... what happened to us? You know? I don't know who I am anymore. Or how I got here. I miss who I used to be. I wanna have a home again, ya know? And real friends. You know, the kind of friendships we used to believe in. I miss that. And I miss you. I guess I just miss all of it. Does any of that make any sense?
Brooke: Yeah, it makes all the sense in the world, Peyton. Four years ago, it all seemed so clear, didn't it? Conquer the world, save the world, live happily ever after.
Peyton: Are you happy, Brooke?
Brooke: Sometimes. Not always. Are you?
Peyton: No.
Brooke: Okay, then let me ask you something. What is gonna make you happy, Peyton? Is it how you look? Or the car you drive or the people you know? Is it money or celebrity or power or accomplishments? Because I have all those things and I don't think it's enough.
Peyton: Well then, what is?
Brooke: Love, I think. And that love can be for a boy or a girl or a place or a way of life or even for a family. But where you find it is up to you. So where are you gonna find that love, Peyton?
Peyton: I think I need to go home.
Brooke: Yeah. I was hoping you'd say that.

Racing Like A Pro [5.02]

Lucas: (voiceover): My name is Lucas Scott. Four years ago I graduated high school with my friends. Brooke Davis moved to New York City and found success. Peyton Sawyer went to Los Angeles, success didn’t come so easily. I wrote a novel and fell for my editor, Lindsey. My brother Nathan saw his dreams vanish, leaving his wife Haley and their son Jaime more fragile than ever. Things have changed in four years, but in many ways this is just the beginning.

Peyton: I was there Luke. At your book signing in LA. I was there Lucas. I was so proud of you, but we hadn't talked in a long time, and I saw you with Lindsey and I figured you guys were together. Which clearly you are. I like her. I do, but do you remember when you first joined the Ravens and you took all my sketches to Thud without even asking? And do you remember what you said that night when you first entered the gym?
Lucas: Your art matters. It's what got me here.
Peyton: Yeah, it's like you touched my soul. And a few days ago I was ready to quit again but you saved me with the words you wrote about me in your novel. So if you're struggling writing the next one you should know that your art matters Lucas. It's what got me here.

Haley: The rest of your life is a long time and whether you know it or not it's being shaped right now. You can choose to blame your circumstances on fate or bad luck or bad choices or you can fight back. Things aren't always going to be fair in the real world, that's just the way it is but for the most part you get what you give. Let me ask you all a question. What's worse: not getting everything you wished for or getting it but finding out it's not enough? The rest of your life is being shaped right now with the dreams you chase, the choices you make and the person you decide to be. The rest of your life is a long time and the rest of your life starts right now

Peyton: Well.
Brooke: Well. Oh don't look away, second and third greatest nights in your life just walked back into your world.
Peyton: You looking all rock star totally does it for me.
Brooke: It's very heroine chic Nate, I like it.
Nathan: What are you guys doing here?
Brooke: Well, Lucas tells me you can walk but you need a little incentive so we have come up with a drill.
Peyton: For every step you take we kiss.

Haley: [throws beer bottles] Are you going to say anything or are you just gonna sit there like you have for the past four months? You gonna get drunk, maybe pout, a little cry?
Nathan: You don't get it, do you? I used to be somebody, Haley, do you understand that? Do you understand what that means? I used to be Nathan Scott, and I was great and I should have walked away okay I know that and I didn't do it, and now I'm nothing. And I have nothing.
Haley: You have nothing? You have a beautiful son who is here. I am here! You've gotta figure out who you're gonna be in this, Nathan. Because this version of you does not work for us. I can not keep living like this, okay? Do you understand what I'm saying? One more night like this, Nathan, and I promise, you will have nothing!

My Way Home Is Through You [5.03]

Haley: What is this?
Nathan: It's the beginning.
Haley: Of what?
Nathan: Of the way it's going to be from now on. I know it's going to take a lot more than dinner, but I figure it's a start right?
Haley: I missed you.

Peyton: Brooke, this place looks great. Think, if I can't sign any bands soon, maybe I can get a job here?
Brooke: I'm sorry, darling, you're not nearly bitchy enough to work in one of my stores.

Haley: I think I'm realizing that I can't help everybody, and still somehow feel responsible. I don't know why I keep trying.

Lindsay: Lucas tell you he wrote all night?
Haley: No, I thought he's been blocked.
Lindsay: Guess he got inspired.
Haley: Oh, that's good. Isn't it?
Lindsay: Yeah.Yeah, as editor I'm thrilled obviously but as his girlfriend I can't help but notice the timing.
Haley: Oh, you're talking about Peyton coming back?

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [5.04]

Lucas: Much as some of us fight it, our parents have a mystical hold over us, the power to affect our thoughts and emotions the way only they can. It's a bond that changes over time, but doesn't diminish, even if they're half a world away, or in another world entirely. It's a power we never fully understand. We're left only to wonder that when our time comes, what kind of hold will we have on our children?

Peyton: Hi Mrs. Davis. I just want to tell you, I think it's really great you're supporting Brooke's decision to stay. I know it means so much to her.
Victoria: Of course I support my daughter. But let's be clear. The only reason that Brooke returned to this backwater town is because her loser friend couldn't cut it in Los Angeles. That's why I'm here, to make sure that my daughter is not completely exploited by her parasitic so called friend. So you get your little act together before you ruin her life too.

Victoria: Good God. What is that?
Brooke: That is my assistant Millicent.
Victoria: Tell me again why you have an assistant, who dresses like a Slavic bag lady.

Peyton: I'm really sorry about Jason.
Haley: It's okay. I've worked with self-centered musicians before. Chris Keller ring a bell.
Peyton: Only his own.
Haley: Ha...Ha...Ha.

Lucas: Hey, ready to go?
Peyton: Hey, umm... actually I think I'm going to stay so, goodnight.
Lucas: He's not good enough for you.
Peyton: Hey don't do that.
Lucas: Do what?
Peyton: He's not good enough for you? I don't want you saying things like that to me, Lucas. That's not fair to me, it's not fair to Lindsey either!

I Forgot to Remember to Forget [5.05]

Brooke: Okay, I think that might be the second stupidest thing you've done in the last 24 hours. Luke, we're not in high school anymore. And I love Peyton, and even if you don't wanna admit it right now, so do you. Okay?
Lucas: I feel lost Brooke. I don't know what to do without her.
Brooke: Alright. You remember when I started Clothes over Bros? It was right after we broke up and I was trying to mend my broken heart by focusing on my work and you need to do the same right now. You need to go out there and become the best person and the best writer that you can be and then you approach Peyton and if she comes back to you, you know it's meant to be.

Lucas: Hey, when did you get here?
Peyton: I don't know, like an hour ago.
Lucas: You know you could have woke me up.
Peyton: Luke… what is this? I couldn't bring myself to open it but, uh I've just been sitting here thinking about how much I love you.
Lucas: Well… I wanted it to be a surprise but uh. Peyton, I love you and I want us to be together forever.
Peyton: Luke, wait okay.
Lucas: I know it's a bit sudden okay, but yesterday was a great day. And I'm sitting on the bus and I realize that none of my great days in my life matter without you. You're the one I want next to me when my dreams come true. You're the one I want next to me if they don't. As long as I have you nothing else matters.
Peyton: There's… it's just not as simple as all of that okay. I mean there's a lot we have to talk about.
Lucas: I know that but we'll figure out all the details when we get back to Tree Hill.
Peyton: Okay I know that's home for you and I miss it sometimes, I do, but for me Tree Hill is two dead moms and a psycho stalker and some really painful memories. You know I actually had to move out to Hollywood to get away from all the drama. So right now this is my home and the only thing that's missing is you.
Lucas: Then I'll move here.
Peyton: No god. Luke honey, Whitey believes in you and Nathan needs you and if I ask you to walk away from your dream you're gonna wake up one day and you're gonna resent me for it. The same way I would feel if you asked me to leave LA.
Lucas: Peyton you get people coffee and deliver mail, you were doing more than that in Tree Hill.
Peyton: Well I love you for believing that but I have to prove that to myself. I mean… you see that's the thing, and we both have so much we wanna do with our lives and were only nineteen.
Lucas: And Nathan and Haley were a lot younger than that.
Peyton: Okay well we see how easy that's been. Come on…in another year.
Lucas: Peyton! We've seen each other three times in the last year. We go days without talking. We trade few emails. We've already grown so far apart. Who knows where we'll be a year from now.
Peyton: Luke if you can't trust that our love can make it one year, I don't understand how we can be talking about forever right now!
Lucas: You're saying no.
Peyton: No! I am not saying no, I am saying not now. I want to marry you someday. Hey don't do that, don't pull away from me. Okay I want us to be together. I love you so much.
Lucas: Just not enough...
Peyton: Okay. Can we take this back? Can we just pretend like you never woke up, please?
Lucas: I don't think we can.
Peyton: I'm afraid that this conversation is going to end with…
Lucas: Goodbye...
Peyton: Don't! Come here. Our dreams are going to come true Lucas. My music and your novel. It's gonna happen, I know it.

Victoria: I've been calling you all night. Maybe teen marriage is all the rage in Hicksville, North Carolina, but I swear if you marry this boy I'm gonna have annulment papers drawn up so fast...
Brooke: Mom relax, it was just a joke.
Victoria: Oh. Thank God. You have far too much to lose Brooke.
Brooke: And Lucas Scott was the one boy I might have lost it for.

Don't Dream It's Over [5.06]

Peyton: Okay, so tell me again, what happened?
Haley: We walked in and Bitch-toria was there waiting.

Lucas: I saw your lights on, which isn't that surprising, I mean I know how hard you work. You know, you haven't been yourself lately Peyton. I mean not the Peyton I remember.
Peyton: Well, I haven't been that Peyton for three years.
Lucas: What's going on?
Peyton: Okay. I went by my old house, there's a teenage girl living there now. She showed me my closet door, and you know what that said? Lucas and Peyton, True Love Always. Always Lucas, that's what we were supposed to have until you showed up in L.A. three years ago and ambushed me.
Lucas: If by ambushed you mean proposed to you?
Peyton: Oh, yeah, out of the blue! A proposal that was driven by some insecurity that I have never been able to understand!
Lucas: Insecurity? Right. Let me tell you how you get "Always" Peyton: when a man asks you to marry him, you say yes. You don't say no and call him insecure!
Peyton: I never said no! I said that I loved you and that I did wanna marry you some day and, oh God, Luke! I wanted you so bad - but you gave up on us.
Lucas: I... I gave up on us?
Peyton: Yes!
Lucas: By proposing I gave up on us?
Peyton: No! By not waiting you gave up on us, and you know that's the truth!
Lucas: That's great Peyton! [screaming] You wanna talk truth, let's tell the truth!
Peyton: Okay.
Lucas: You gave up on me! That's why you didn't say yes, you didn't think I could do it! You didn't think I could get my novel published, maybe you just didn't care, because it wasn't about you, or what you wanted.
Peyton: Well, if that's the truth, if I never cared, (picking up a copy of the many she has of Lucas's novel), then how come every time I see this stupid book I buy it, [picking up another three copies], every stupid damn time Luke. [Screaming, she starts throwing the books at Lucas] You said I was great! You said I could be great! You said we were destined to be together, you said it to the world, you said it to me and I wish you never had because you did not mean any of it!!!
Lucas: [raising his hands up in surrender and disbelief] I'm gonna go. [He starts walking away]
Peyton: Okay, you know what? I'm gonna pay rent. I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I'll figure it out, cause whatever this is, I don't feel right about it.
Lucas: It's called me being nice to you.
Peyton: It needs to stop.
Lucas: I don't know, maybe you're right.

Nathan: You said he asked you stuff. What else did you tell him?
Skills: Nothing much. Just the truth.
Nathan: Like?
Skills: The man killed Tupac and Biggie, never date girls named Bevin, and Santa Claus is black.

In Da Club [5.07]

Lucas: Why are women so screwed up?
Nathan: Let me guess, Peyton.
Lucas: How did you know?
Nathan: Because she's sending you a drink with a check in it.
Lucas: Yeah, we're having a tough time with the whole friends thing. How did you two do it so easily?
Nathan: I make everything look easy.
Lucas: Nate.
Nathan: Peyton and I were never in love.
Lucas: Yeah, well Lindsey is mad at me too.
Nathan: Yet you seem more upset about Peyton.

Peyton: I came back for Lucas.
Brooke: I know. You've had your "Lucas Stealing Face" since you picked me up from the airport
Peyton:What "Lucas Stealing Face"?
Brooke: The only face you've got.
Peyton: Well, it doesn't even matter now. He's with Lindsay.
Brooke: Honey, Lindsey doesn't stand a chance, trust me. I have been the "Lindsey" between "Lucas and Peyton" and it is not a great place to be.
Peyton: Yeah, neither is the place I'm at.
Brooke: Are you kidding? You're Peyton Sawyer. The guy wrote a whole book about how much he loves you.
Peyton: You think he still does?
Brooke: It has always been "Lucas and Peyton". You guys are meant to be together. It's the way it's supposed to be. So go and get your man. [Peyton chuckles] And this time, if he proposes please say "yes".
Peyton gets up and hugs Brooke then starts walking away. Then turns back.
Peyton: Wait, if I came back for Lucas, then why did you come back?
Brooke: Duh! For Lucas. Game on, bitch!
Both chuckle and Peyton hits Brooke leg and Brooke hits Peyton's ass.

Peyton: Lindsey. I... I'm sorry. I never wanted...
Lindsey shows Peyton the ring on her finger
Lindsey: Lucas asked me to marry him.

Owen:: What's underneath all the clothes Brooke Davis

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want [5.08]

Lucas: Suddenly it was as if the roar of the crowd, the echo of the final buzzers, the cheers of my teammates were all sounding from 1,000 miles away, and what remained in that bizarre, muffled silence was only Peyton. The girl whose art, passion, and beauty had changed my life. In that moment, my triumph was not a state championship, but simple clarity. The realization that we had always been meant for each other and every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth - I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer.

Mouth: Hi. I've been thinking about what you said earlier, and I get it. I wouldn't want to date you if you were sleeping with your boss either.
Millicent: Brooke?
Mouth: No, Victoria.
Millicent: Ew.
Mouth: I would totally date you if you were sleeping with Brooke.

Lucas: Hi.
Peyton: If you wanted to break my heart there were a thousand ways you could have done it. You did not have to propose to Lindsey to hurt me.
Lucas : It didn't have anything to do with you. It's just .. weird timing.
Peyton : Weird timing .. okay.
Lucas : I know that it must seem like ...
Peyton: NO! Don't marry her Luke!
Lucas: Peyton you can't...
Peyton: Am I crazy? Do you not feel what I have felt every day that we've been apart for the last three years? Because I have felt there is this vital piece of me that's been missing. And I tried to fill it, Luke. I tried to fill it...with work and friends and music. And it stayed empty until last night when you kissed me. And my entire universe snapped back into focus. Lucas, look me in the eye & tell me that that kiss did not feel exactly the same as it felt three years ago.
Lucas: I'm in love with her, Peyton.

Peyton: Hey… think maybe Whitey will let you out of practice early so we can catch a movie?
Lucas: What are you doing Peyton?
Peyton: Just pretending for a second that we're still seventeen and nothing's changed. Would you believe I actually met a girl who lives vicariously through us? At least us in the book.
Lucas: Sure I do. It was a great story to be a part of, but it also took place a long time ago.
Peyton: I know. I didn't come here to rehash the past. I was reminded today in a roundabout way that the most perfect act of love is sacrifice. It's what Keith did for Karen; burying his feelings for her for all those years so he could be a good friend. I love you Lucas. And I think I have since the first moment we locked eyes and it is going to suck but if what you want is for me to let go then I'm gonna do it. Be happy Luke. I want that with all my heart. [kisses his hand and walks away]

Peyton: Dear Molly, this is gonna sound a little strange but I'd like you to paint over my old closet door. The thing is there is never a time when you will be more honest, and your convictions will be stronger, and your motives will be more pure than they are right now. Which means you should chase whatever excites you. Be confident, and take risks, and paint over my words so you can start writing your own. My story may have inspired you, but I'm certain your story will inspire the next girl to live in our room. I want you to know you don't need somebody to write about you in order for your life to mean something. You can write about yourself… make your own destiny. Then years from now the next girl will keep what you write on that door long enough to remind you how inspired your life is. And you can tell that girl to paint over the door because you realize the words you wrote, the friends you had, the urgency you felt will always be there under the paint. The love you professed will always be there, the spark of something undeniable, a seed of hope, the truth for better or for worse burning fiercely just below the surface. Love Peyton.

For Tonight You're Only Here To Know [5.09]

Peyton: There is somebody that we know who is not coaching or playing in this game.
Brooke: Don't ask me. I just moved here.
Peyton: Brooke.
Brooke: I don't want to.
Peyton: Brooke.
Brooke: I don't even know his number.
Haley:What's going on? What are you talking about?
Peyton: Brooke's gonna call Owen, her new bartender crush to get us out.
Brooke: I am not. It's too soon.
Haley: Brooke, we're gonna miss the game.
Brooke: I don't wanna call him. It violates all the rules of dating. I'm gonna look like a desperate. He has to do us a favor and then he can make fun of me for it.
Haley: Oh my god.
Brooke: Fine. I will call him. But if he does not sleep with me after this, it is your fault. All of you.
Haley: I think I'm okay with that
[Phone buttons beeping, Brooke laughs]
Peyton: What?
Brooke: My battery just died. It's great!
Peyton: What?
Brooke: Isn't that great?
Haley: Brooke, we're stuck.
Lindsey: Uh, stuck is not good!

Brooke: I'm not gonna tell you how to be with Lindsey, but most of your life I've known you to take the high road.
Peyton: I know, Brooke. I just, I'm so sick of looking at her and her precious ring.
Brooke: Don't you mean YOUR precious ring?

Mouth: Take a look at this picture. What do you see? There's a high school basketball game tonight somewhere in America and there's a great story there. But sometimes to find it, you have to look away, into the shadows on the fringe of the obvious. Can you see it? Look closer.

Lindsey: [singing] My name's Peyton. Fake blonde Peyton. I don't have a boyfriend. 'Cause I'm a bitch!
[Tim laughs]
Peyton: Play it again, Mia.
Haley: Guys, We Need To Stop
Peyton: [sternly] Mia.
[Mia starts to play]
Peyton: [singing] Her name is Lindsey, Man-faced Lindsey. And her fiancee proposed to me first, with the very same ring!
Lindsey: You're lying!
Peyton: Oh, you didn't know?
Brooke: Peyton...
Peyton: Oh, is she gonna cry?
Lindsey: Stop It
Peyton: Go ahead lets cry little rich girl
Lindsey: I Said Stop It!
Peyton: Is daddy gonna throw a big huge wedding at Walden Pond for his little cry baby daughter?
Haley: Peyton you don't know what your talking about!
Peyton: It's fine Haley, daddy's gonna make everything better for the little rich girl who got everything she ever wanted!
Lindsey: He’s dead, all right Peyton. He's dead. He died two years ago from cancer but not until he couldn’t walk or talk or even recognize me, does that make you happy? Does that make you feel better? That his death is with me everyday, that I was the one was had to turn of the ventilator because my mother was too destroyed to do it.[starts to cry] You wanna hear the sound he made to before he took that last breath. Oh cause I can still hear it, exactly how it sounded. Does that make you happy? Are you glad that my life isn’t perfect ?
Peyton: [shocked] Lindsey, I-
Lindsey: I used to admire the Peyton from the book, she seemed so noble, kind. I wish you were here Peyton, that version of you. What happened to her?

Haley: [to Peyton] The last time I was trapped in the school was the shooting. You know why Lindsay and I got so close? She was editing Lucas's book, and I still wasn't sure about her, 'cause I was rooting for Lucas to be with my friend Peyton, or maybe even Brooke. Anyway, she was working on the chapter about the shooting, and she said to me "I want this to be Lucas's best writing.The best he has in him, because Peyton deserves it. Jimmy and Keith deserve it, and that day deserves it." We've been friends ever since.

Running To Stand Still [5.10]

Haley:It's a simple question Nathan. Did you kiss her?
Nathan: No, but she kissed me.

Carrie: I need to get my stuff.
Haley: It's in the garage. Boxes are marked 'whore'.

Brooke: Rachel, what happened to you?
Rachel: Life, I guess.

Lucas: [to the judges about Dan] My father abandoned my mother when she was pregnant with me. He left us to struggle on our own, even though he was a man of means. Growing up, I only had one person to look after me, Keith Scott. And this man killed him. His own brother, in cold blood at point-blank range. Next week, I'm getting married. Keith would have been my best man. But he's not gonna be there, just like he didn't see my state championship or see my first novel published. Dan took all that. And he did it with malice and premeditation. Dan is an educated man and if he is nothing, he's very persuasive. Do not let him fool you. He has a very dark and ugly heart. And he should never be allowed to walk the streets a free man.

Dan: [to the judges] When I was 17 years old, I fell in love. Her name was Karen. And for a long time, she loved me back. We had a son, Lucas. But we never became the family we should have been. Instead my brother Keith assumed that role. And in my heart something died. I deserve to be in here. There's no excuse for the crime that I committed. And believe me when I tell you I spend every moment wishing I could take that fateful day back. Keith Scott is dead because of me. And that's something I have to live with for the rest of my life. So I'll just make one pledge here today. If at some time you decide to grant me my freedom, know that I'll spend every living moment trying to mend the lives of the people that I hurt by my actions. Because I've lost more than my freedom. I've lost something far more important than that. My family. These young men stand at the dawn of their adult lives. So far, because of what I put them through, they've had it pretty rough. They deserve better. They deserve a father. I hope some day you'll give them that.

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side [5.11]

Owen: [to Jamie] You helped me out, 'Whats under all the clothes, Brooke Davis?'
Jamie: So did you find out?
Brooke: [shocked] And with that, boy time is over. [to Owen] Let's go.

Lindsey: Morning.
Lucas: Morning.
Lindsey: Poor Nathan.
Lucas: Yeah, I know. If I'd have known he'd be here for a week, I'd have cleared my mom's room
Lindsey: Have they even seen each other this week?
Lucas: No. I don't think they've spoken.
Lindsey: Right. Last thing I want Haley worrying about is throwing a bachelorette party when her marriage is strung.
Lucas: Skills could do it. I mean, he is so excited for my bachelor party.
Lindsey: Oh. That worries me.

Lucas:[voiceover] Albert Camus once wrote "Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken." But I wonder if there's no breaking then there's no healing, and if there's no healing then there's no learning. And if there's no learning then there's no struggle. But struggle is a part of life. So must all hearts be broken?

Lucas: Hey. Look, I hope you don't feel too 'slided by the set-up.
Haley: To be honest, I kinda expected it from you guys, you being you and Lindsey. Your hearts are in the right place. You picked the right person to spend the rest of your life with, Luke.
Lucas: So did you.

Haley: Hi. I need to talk to you.
Lucas: Sure. Is everything okay?
Haley: No. You can't marry Lindsey.

Hundred [5.12]

Skills: So, what up, P. Sawyer? You got a plan?
Peyton: A plan for what?
Skills: To steal Lucas back. Oh, so I'm the only one thinking like that, huh? Ok, look. Here's the drill. When they say,'does anybody have any reason that this thing shouldn't go down?' Bam! That's you.
Brooke: They don't do that at real weddings, Skills.
Skills: They should, though. You know, that's good drama. Anyway. How about this? I say we drug Lindsey first, even though I love her. Then we throw you in the wedding gown, so when Lucas lift up the veil. Bam! It's on.
Brooke: Um, skills? That gown is tailor-made, so, no. And Peyton is gonna be okay.
Skills: Right. You know I love you, P. Sawyer, right? But, baby girl, you are so far from okay, man, you ain't even in the same area code. Wait. Maybe Lucas will say the wrong name on the altar just like Ross did on 'Friends'.
Peyton: Okay. How about this? How about Peyton puts on a nice dress, watches Lucas get married, gets wasted and has drunk, meaningless sex with some guy at the reception?
Brooke: Yes.
Skills: Hey, baby, I ever tell you how sexy you look in that dress? Maybe we should head in.
Brooke:[To Skills] Behave, or I will smack you.

Minister: Lucas Eugene Scott, do you take Lindsey Evelyn Strauss to be your lawfully wedded wife? Do you...
Peyton: Lucas, you can't!
Skills: That's what I'm talking about!
Peyton: I'm sorry. I'm... I'm sorry, but you just... you can't, because I love you and because you fixed my car.
Brooke: Oh, boy.
Peyton: Remember that day? Because that day changed everything and I didn't know it at the time. But when you fixed my car, you fixed my heart. And when you proposed to me two years ago, I just wasn't ready. And I was lost and scared, so I said 'someday', but someday's now Luke, it is. Someday is now and I love you. Please don't leave me again. People always leave. [back to reality and as a voiceover] At least that's what I should have said, instead, I said nothing and he said:
Lucas: I do.

Jamie: Hey Daddy, when you married Mama, was it your best day ever?
Nathan: Actually, I think the day I graduated high school was my best day ever.
Jamie: How come?
Nathan: Well...'cause that's the day you were born.

Lindsay: [reading from Lucas' second book] It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning. There are many who couldn't understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again... And his belief in God and love and art would be re-awakened in his heart. [drops the manuscript into her lap]
Lucas: Linds.... It's just a story... So what, Peyton's car is a comet you know... This is crazy! I love you.
Lindsay: I love you too, Lucas, I do and I always will. But your heart's conflicted and... I think I've always known it. I guess I was hoping someday... I could be your comet. [Sets the manuscript aside] It's an epic love story, Luke. But it's just not ours. [Takes her ring off and puts it on the manuscript] And neither is this.
Lucas: Lindsay, please, you can't just leave.
Lindsay: People always leave Luke, you of all people should know that.

Peyton: He said 'I do', Brooke. The minister asked if he would love and cherish Lindsey forever and he said 'I do'.
Brooke: Bitch you need to stop! Sorry... OK. Peyton, do you want to know why I came home? Besides to help you. I am 22 years old and I have made more money than I could ever hope to spend and I have never felt more alone in my life. You need to talk to him Peyton. Just talk to him. And if you let the fact that Lucas said 'I do' today to Lindsey while he was obviously lying to his own heart be the reason that you sit here and cry, I am gonna smack you across your pretty face. [she hugs Peyton] I want to have a baby.
Peyton: With me?
Brooke: No. I've spent four years working these endless hours to fill this void that all the success in the world is never gonna fill and I realized that what I actually want is to have a family.

Lindsey: It was a comet, Luke. The boy saw a comet.
Lucas: Okay...
Lindsey: The boy saw the comet and felt as though his life had meaning. And when it went away, he waited his entire life for it to come back to him.
Lucas: Lindsey I love you, but this isn't the time for a book review okay?
Lindsey: What was the first day you ever talked to Peyton?
Lucas: Lindsey...
Lindsey: Please.
Lucas: Her car broke down.
Lindsey: The boy saw the comet and suddenly his life had meaning. I'm sorry Lucas, I can't marry you.

Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace [5.13]

Nathan: I'm not good with being vulnerable, in fact this is probably the closest I've come to it, or the second closest.
Olivia: What was the first?
Nathan: When I was a Junior, in High school I took some stuff to help me with my game, drugs and it was a stupid thing to do. I ended up collapsing on the court and my Dad was all about covering it up for the scouts. Anyway when I left the hospital I went to see Haley because I needed to know if she could forgive me, I wanted to see if I still had the chance to be great in her eyes, and when she did, when she forgave me- that was the moment that everything changed for me. That was the moment that I fell in love with her. This girl who could see past all the mistakes I have made. Now, I guess maybe sometimes I screw up because I want to feel that again. I suppose that sounds pretty broken...

Peyton: My Mom used to sing to me, I don't think I've ever told anyone that before, it was like our little secret. But every night she'd come in and she'd tuck me in and she'd sing something, like lullaby's or album rock stuff. And after she was gone I remember lying in bed for the first time and just feeling silence, you know. Then realizing for the rest of my life that it was gone, all her songs were gone, her voice and the way it used to soothe me, just all of it. So I guess I tried to find new songs to fill that quiet, but none of them ever really have. Now she's gone and Mia's gone... and Luke is gone. There's just silence...There's just silence. I come in here and I sit in silence and hear the echoes of who we used to be. And so I wish for patience, and grace, and strength to just let him be happy. Mostly I pray for the strength to not make his life worse because of what I want. That's the toughest part, letting go, you know? That's the part of grace that really sucks.

Brooke: [to the adoption agency woman] Do you know what my mother said to me when I told her I wanted to start a company? She said "your chances are one in a million" and I said "Maybe I'm that one" and she said "you're not.". And she was wrong. And whatever she thought she saw in me was wrong... Because I am one in a million and there is a child out there who has something so special inside of them but whose life is miserable because they think that nobody wants them. And I could be a great mother to that child, no matter their age or race or sex. I could help them find what makes them special. And if you can't see that, then you're wrong, just like my mother. Why don't you go ahead and write that down?

Nathan: It's quiet around here without Jamie.
Haley: Yeah, he's with Brooke, baby steps.
Nathan: How you sleeping these days?
Haley: So, so. Jamie tosses around like a Tasmanian devil.
Nathan: He should probably get back to his own bed soon, the separation thing. Or he could sleep in the spare bedroom with me. You know, sometimes I find your goodness staggering. I didn't get to tell you in the session, but your kindness is overwhelming, Haley. You saved my life. And if I haven't said it lately, you're also sexy as hell. [She smiles and Nathan begins to walk away]
Haley: Hey. I was thinking um...not sleeping in this bed, might not be too bad tonight if you wanted to try it with me. [Nathan walks over, kisses her and then lays her down on the bed] Got anymore of that sexy talk?
Nathan: The kind stuff or the sexy stuff?
Haley: Sexy.
Nathan: You have a serious ass Haley James.

Peyton: Make a wish and place it in your heart. Anything you want. Everything you want.
Lucas: Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. You never know where the next miracle is going to come from, the next smile. The next wish come true.
Peyton: But if you believe that it is right around the corner. And you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it. To the certainty of it.
Brooke: You just might get the thing you're wishing for.
Nathan: The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it. So make your wish. Do you have it?
Haley: Good. Now believe in it. With all your heart.

What Do You Go Home To? [5.14]

Quentin: There he is! I said it's J. Luke Scott the boy is hot. Wherever he goes, homey, that's the spot.
Jamie: His name is "Q" he's better than you. If the spot is hot then, he's there, too.
Nathan: I'm the dad and I'm not so bad. I...

Lucas: Lindsey. She’s the first thing I think about everyday. How is she? Does she miss me like I miss her? How do I get her back? And then another day without her begins.
Peyton: Lucas
Jamie: Chester.
Brooke: Brooke. Oh My God, I have to pee!
Skills: What day is it? What time is it? What the hell did I drink last night?
Mouth: Hm, Millicent, you smell so good. I have to go to work. Sure I guess I could be a little late. What do you mean I’m fired. I wasn’t even that late. How am I going to pay my rent? Would you like fries with that sir?
Haley: Jamie.
Nathan: Jamie. God my girl's hot.

Lucas: So you got her a purple monkey, huh? Just like you had.
Brooke: You remember that?
Lucas: Of course, I do know some things about you, Brooke Davis. And you’re gonna be a great mom.
Brooke: You think she’ll like the purple monkey?
Lucas: I think that she’s gonna love the girl that gives it to her.

Chase: Anyways, call me if you need anything, someone to talk to..move carpets..I don’t know, a husband?

Dan: [Voice over] It’s been said that the saddest thing a man will ever face is what might have been. But what of a man whose faced with what was? Or what may never be? Or what can no longer be? Choosing the right path is never easy. It’s a decision we make with only our hearts to guide us. But sometimes we find our way to something better. Sometimes we fight through the regret and remorse of our mistakes, our malice and our jealousy and the shame we feel for not being the people we were meant to be. And that’s when we find our way to something better. Or when something better finds its way to us.

Life Is Short [5.15]

Haley: Peyton are you really in love with Lucas or are you just in love with the idea of Lucas?
Peyton: If I'm being honest, maybe a little bit of both. I think I miss what I thought we would be.

Nathan: Guess who i saw this morning!
Haley: I get the feeling I'm not gonna like this.
Nathan: Dan showed up at the gym!
Haley: Don't you find it creepy that your dad hangs out round a high school gym?
Nathan: He's Dan, it's all creepy!

Lucas: [Trying on a shirt and looking in the mirror] What do you think about this one? You think Lindsey will like it?
Haley: I think it's just like the other four shirts you tried on.

Skills: These don't look like virgin underwear. [holding up Millicent's panties]
Mouth: Give me those!
Skills: I'm just saying if they belonged to my girl, she ain't gonna be no virgin no more.
Mouth: Dude shut up, and how do you even know about that?
Skills: Fergie.
Mouth: How did he know?
Skills: Junk, you know he tried to get with her right?.... [Mouth shocked] I'm just playing man, he overheard you two talking the other night! You know these walls are thin.

Lucas: Sometimes when you're young you think nothing can hurt you. It's like being invincible. Your whole life is ahead of you and you have big plans. Big Plans. To find your perfect match, the one who completes you. But as you get older you realize it's not always that easy. It's not until the end of your life that you realize how the plans you made where simply plans. Because at the end when you're looking back instead of forward you want to believe you made the most of what life gave you. You want to believe you're leaving something good behind. You want it all to have mattered.

Cryin' Won't Help You Know [5.16]

Brooke: And anyway, Angie is scared of her creepy Aunt Peyton, isn't she? Yes. We like Uncle Lucas better.
Peyton: Hey!
Brooke: I'm kidding. [To Angie] We're kidding, aren't we? Yes.
Peyton: I mean it is pretty great that he's helping out. Its kind of Mr. Mom, but its nice.

Lucas: How's it going? Better?
Brooke: Yeah, I'm starting to get it down. She's sleeping through the night now.
Lucas: See? I told you you'd be a good mom.

Quentin: You know I punched that dude for you!
Nathan: Oh come on. I've thrown a lot of punches and every last one was selfish. Now face it, Q. You punched that guy for you. Deal with it.

Dan: So that's're just going to make that decision?
Nathan: You made that decision for me, the moment you pulled that trigger.

Hate Is Safer Than Love [5.17]

Skills: You know what heals a broken heart more than anything?
Lucas: What?
Skills: [sniffs the air] Bacon. You smell that? Thank God for Millicent.

Lucas: Most of the time, love doesn't really need words.

Mia: So am I allowed to ask what's going on with you and Lucas? Or is that like saying 'Voldemort'?

Lucas: Peyton, I hate you. I wish you'd never came back. You ruined my life.

Jamie: "He Daddy! Knock, knock."
Nathan: "Who´s there?"
Jamie: "Ya"
Nathan: "Ya who?"
Jamie: "Yahoo.."

What Comes After The Blues [5.18]

Jamie: [to Lucas] I think you drink too much.
Lucas: I think you're right.
Nathan: Damn, at least someone got thrown into a plate glass window. Dude, it seriously does smell like ass in here.
Jamie: And rotten cheese.
Lucas: Go away!
Jamie: Eugh, and bad breath.
Lucas: I said go away! [sits up]
Jamie: [shocked] Whoah!
Nathan: [shocked] Holy crap!
Lucas: What?
Nathan: Have you seen your head?
Lucas: Not lately.
Nathan: You have a Mohawk.
Lucas: I do?
Jamie: Awesome. Can I get one, daddy?
Nathan: Sure, if you wanna look goofy like your Uncle Lucas.
Jamie: Kinda like he has a tail, just on his head.
Nathan: Jamie, why don't go get Luke a bottle of water huh?.
Jamie: Okay.

[Luke waves a towel near the door]
Haley: Alright, all clear you goof!
Lucas: No Peyton?
Haley: No, you need to apologize to her.
Lucas: Hey, remember all the water balloon battles we use to have up here?
Haley: Don’t change the subject. Actually now that you mention it, it was Junior Year the Boy Toy Auction, we had that water balloon fight up here and you saw my tattoo of Nathan’s jersey number for the first time.
Lucas: You mean your, slutty little tramp stamp?
Haley: I am so barely your friend right now.
Lucas: Sorry.
Haley: The point is, I was so scared that night, I was falling in love for the first time and I was so unsure and I did it. And while it hasn’t been easy, it has being everything. We’re not kids anymore Luke you know, it really hurts me what your doing.
Lucas: Lindsey said no Hales, I said yes.
Haley: Don’t give me that Luke. I’m being honest with you now right now and you need to be honest with yourself. What do you want? If Lindsey’s the girl your in love with great. If it’s Peyton, great and if it’s Brooke just please, stop hiding your heart. I mean it.

Peyton: Alright. How about, I hate you bitch you ruined my life. Does that do anything for ya?
Haley: [laughs] You know what, I do have some words for you, even though they're not mine. Lucas and I, we use to write our predictions every year, before the school year started. Sort of what we'd hope would happen.
Peyton: [groaning] Lame.
Haley: You know you're jealous.
Peyton: Kind of.
Haley: Anyway, I'm gonna violate my friendship rule here because your at like code red. [Haley reads Luke's predictions] Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott, that was like 8th grade.
Peyton: Haley..
Haley: He got a little cocky sophomore year. [continues reading Luke's predictions] Make out with Peyton Sawyer or more. Take Peyton Sawyer to a movie. This year I'll talk to Peyton Sawyer. Try again with Brook- Brooke Davis. [Haley and Peyton laugh] Well that.. you know this is how much he doesn't hate you, it's a whole lifetimes worth.
Peyton: I know, I know.. that's what he writes. But what he says is a totally different story.
Haley: Sometimes people write the things that they can't say.
Peyton: Yeah.. you know Ellie once told me not to be afraid of the music, just cause it might end. Thanks Haley, you really are a good friend. And I am so happy I never shared any of my secrets with you.

Haley: [To Lucas] You know that romantic notion that all the garbage and the pain is really healing and beautiful and sort of poetic? It’s not. It’s just garbage and it’s pain. You know what’s better? Love. The day that you start thinking that love is overrated is the day that you’re wrong. The only thing wrong with love and faith and belief is not having it.

Lucas: I don't hate you. I remember the first time I ever saw you, all skinny arms and tangled mess of hair. It was hard letting you go Peyton. You know? It was hard losing you and it was hard seeing you again and it's still really hard.
Peyton: I know. While I'm asleep, I have this dream where we're back in that hotel room in LA and you proposed to me and every single time I say "yes".
Lucas: It's just a dream, right?
Peyton: It's my dream.

[Lucas is dialing a number from his phone ... Peyton, Brooke and Lindsey all pick up theirs]:
Peyton: Hello?
Brooke: Hello?
Lindsey: Hello?
Lucas: Hey, it's me. Look, I'm at the airport. I've got two tickets to Las Vegas. Do you wanna get married tonight?



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