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Out of Jimmy's Head is an American teen sitcom. It was advertised as the first Cartoon Network series in this genre. Based on the first live-action/animated original channel movie Re-Animated, that was aired on December 8, 2006, it is produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Brookwell McNamara Entertainment (the latter known for shows such as Even Stevens and That's So Raven). It was created by Tim McKeon and Adam Pava, who were originally the writers for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, as well as the creators of Weighty Decisions short on Cartoon Network's Sunday Pants anthology series.



Robin: You haven't changed at all. Before you couldn't say no to people, and now you can't say no to the cartoons.
Cartoons: THAT'S NOT TRUE!
Jimmy: That's not true.
Tux: Zing!


Talent Show [1.1][edit]

Robin: Mr. Roberts, why can't people just express themselves for the fun of it? Why does it have to be a contest where the losers feel like losers?
Mr. Roberts: Somebody doesn't have a talent.
Robin: I have talent!
Mr. Roberts: You believe in yourself, and that's what's gonna make your act so unintentionally hilarious. Now, what should I put you down for?
Robin: Nothing! I don't think there should be a competition at all!
Mr. Roberts: Tuba. Bold choice.

Jimmy: You know what? Once I win this talent show, everybody's gonna see me in a new light.
Craig: Dude, it's not all about you. You're not the one who's dying here!
Jimmy: Craig, you just bruised your toe.
Craig: You hear that, world? I'm dying!

Robin: This talent show is crazy. It's taking something that's supposed to be fun and turning into a competition.
Mrs. Roberts: Oh, sweetie, do you not have a talent?

Friends [1.2][edit]

Craig: [wearing a big spider costume] Dude, where were you this morning? You totally left me hanging!
Jimmy: Dude, I told you yesterday.
Craig: It was so perfect! Fairplay was gonna wake up, see me over her bed, and think she was 2 inches tall and never come to school again! But that didn't happen, because you weren't there! You know what a giant spider is without a rope to hang from? Just a guy breaking and entering!
Jimmy: Well, I told you my dad's gonna take over.
Craig: And I ignored you! I couldn't have been more clear!

Sleepover [1.3][edit]

Crocco: Dolly, you're the smartest guy in the whole world!
Dolly: I'm not a guy. I just lost my bow.
Crocco: Oh, right. Sorry, sir.

Mascot [1.4][edit]

Crocco: [on television] Is cheese a fruit or a vegetable?

Tux: [to Jimmy] Your costume got eaten by bees? That's gotta sting! Zing-a-zing Zing!

Ghosts [1.5][edit]

Craig: That means you're psychic, that's so neat!
Jimmy: It's not neat, it's scary.
Craig: I'll tell you what's scary! How rich I'm gonna be!

Sick Day [1.6][edit]

Robin: [to Jimmy] I can't believe I agreed to go on this ride with you! Do you know what my parents are going to do to me?! They're going to take away my one weekly hour of TV time! I was going to use it to watch a documentary on the French language!

Robin: [to Jimmy & Craig] Did you guys hear what's happening at Gollyworld? They're closing down the Dolly's Smile Mile ride.
Crocco: Sorry, Dolly. Were you named after it?
Dolly: Well, I'm sure the new Dolly ride will be even bigger and better.
Robin: They're putting in an office supply store.
Dolly: WHAT?!

Dolly: Hey guys! I've got great news! They didn't close down my ride because I was unpopular, they closed it down because it was a rickety death trap!

Skate Night [1.8][edit]

Sonny: [to Jimmy] Here, I made you some special nachos. I think you'll find they taste quite... explosive! [laughs evilly] Uh, don't read into that.

Craig: One burger, please.
Sonny: Uh, would you like extreme combo meal 4? It comes with fries and a drink for just 55 cents more.
Craig: No thanks, just a burger.
Sonny: [laughs, then picks Craig up by his shirt] How are you gonna eat the burger if you're stuffed into a suitcase full of baked beans?!
Craig: A combo 4 sounds good!

Jimmy: [yelling angrily to Crocco while singing] CAN YOU CUT IT OUT ALREADY?!
Crocco: Hey, those are my feelings! [floats away on a cloud crying hysterically]

Outdoors [1.13][edit]

Hoots McBurly: Give a twitter, don't litter.

Stunt [1.15][edit]

Jimmy: There's only one thing to do!
Craig: What?
Jimmy: We have to make a parody video!

Princess [1.16][edit]

Yancy: I can't believe Mike's at a dumb werewolf convention in London, and I'm all alone watching the most romantic movie ever.
Craig: [moves closer to Yancy] You're not alone. Craig's here.
Yancy: [pushes him away] No, I'm alone.

Out of Jimmy's Body [1.19][edit]

Mrs. Roberts: What are you doing?
Mr. Roberts: Louisa, this bird is amazing! It can carry on a conversation. Watch. [to parrot] Am I holding up three fingers or five fingers?
Parrot: Five fingers.
Mr. Roberts: See? And it can count, too!
Mrs. Roberts: Come on, Ken, it's just repeating what you say.
Mr. Roberts: That's a lie!
Parrot: That's a lie!
Mr. Roberts: Thanks for backing me up, buddy.


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