Pedro II of Brazil

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Pedro II of Brazil
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Pedro II of Brazil (Pedro de Alcântara João Carlos Leopoldo Salvador Bibiano Francisco Xavier de Paula Leocádio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga de Bragança e Habsburgo), Rio de Janeiro, December the 2º, 1825 - Paris, December the 5th, 1891 was the second and last Emperor of Empire of Brazil|Brazil.


  • "I was born to consecrate myself to the languages and sciences, and, if I had to choose between occupying a political position, I would rather be a president or minister to that of an Emperor"[1]
  • "I swore to the Constitution, but even if I had not sworn to it, it would be to me a second religion"[2]


  • "Politics is to me the harsh fulfilment of duty"
- Letter to Count Gobineau, 1973[2]


  • "If his power were equal to his will, slavery would vanish from the Empire with a single strike"
-Louis Agassiz wrote in his journal[3]