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Radio From Hell is the title of a Salt Lake City, Utah based morning show broadcast from X96 (KXRK 96.3FM). The show features three locally born and raised hosts, Kerry Jackson, Bill Allred, and Gina Barberi.

Kerry Jackson[edit]

  • Goodnight everybody! - Daily Sign-off
  • Goodnight mom. - Past Sign-off
  • Live long and prosper bitches! - Sign-off for 2008

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Gina Barberi[edit]

  • I didn't ruin the show! - Daily Sign-off
  • Ba-bye! - Past Sign-off
  • Shut up! I'm sexy! - Past statement often replayed

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Bill Allred[edit]

  • Don't you know who I am? - Daily Sign-off
  • I'm Bill Allred, Painter of Light. - Former Sign-off
  • What're you looking at!? - Sign-off for 2008

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Guest Quotations[edit]

  • Girl Intern: It takes the right ingredients to make a good boner.
  • Bill Frost: Whatever hole needs plugged; that's me.
  • Grant Neilsen (of KSL): So....anyway....yeah. But anyway.
  • Shannon the Bartender (Geek Show Guest): "'snarf' You shall not pass. 'snarf'"
  • Nola Allred (Bill's mother): "What's the matter? You got a turd caught crosswise?"
  • Mrs. Bill (Bill's wife): You're the one who's going to have to explain to our son what 'banging a stripper' means.

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