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Tandon in 2013

Raveena Tandon (born 26 October 1972) is an Indian actress who works in Hindi films.


  • Wearing shoes, clothes and other accessories made out of exotic skin is about as cold-blooded as it gets.
    These days, there's a wild kingdom of fake snake, mock crocodiles and python leather that pay tribute to the beauty of these animals without making them fashion victims.
  • Seriously trying to be more vegetarian.. have given up slowly, except fish right now...no prawn, mutton, lobster, crab. Suddenly going off chicken too.
    Ten years ago saw a little lamb being slaughtered... Cried my eyes out, and that was the last time (I) ate mutton. That thing has a life consciousness... Then saw how crabs and lobsters are cooked, put alive in boiling water. Inhuman...now slowly trying to give up fish too.

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