Religion in Romania

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Religion in Romania consists mostly of the Romanian Orthodox Church.


  • [Mădălina Dumitru in her book "The Broken Flight"] raises the difficult question of why [the Movement of Spiritual Integration into the Absolute] was subject to such extraordinary persecution in Romania. She identifies two reasons. One is the Communist legacy. Alternative spirituality and its leaders, including [MISA's founder Gregorian] Bivolaru, started being persecuted during the Ceaușescu regime, and several police officers and prosecutors of Communist times kept their positions in democratic Romania. The second is the attempt of corrupted politicians, including social-democrat Prime Minister Adrian Năstase, who ended up in jail, to divert the public’s attention from political scandals by having the media focusing on “cults” in general and the juicy sex-connected story of MISA in particular. Politicians were also accused of tolerating very real human trafficking of minors forced into prostitution, and prosecuting MISA for its non-existing human trafficking gave the impression they were “doing something” about the issue.

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