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Rugrats Go Wild is a 2003 crossover animated film, with two animated Nickelodeon television series Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.


Howard: Well, I'm going to use the 7 kid-free days to re-shape my physique!
Betty: It could happen. The earth was created in 6.

Eliza: Debbie, you are so self-centered.
Debbie: [shrieks] I AM NOT! Okay, what's the monkey saying about me?

[The 40-foot wave approaches the ship]
Stu: That's the 40-foot wall of water!
Chaz: We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Howard: Captain Stu, I can't hold the wheel!
Drew: [to Howard] Will you stop calling him Captain?! He has no idea what he's doing!
Stu: I do so! [pause] Does anybody know where the brakes are on this thing?

[After dropping her cell phone into the ocean]
Charlotte: [screaming AAHHH!!!! Phone overboard! Phone overboard!
Drew: [after Charlotte pushes past him] CHARLOTTE, FORGET THE PHONE!!
Charlotte: JOHNATHAN!!!!!! [begins to dive in but Betty stops her just in time]

Howard: You mean we're marooned?! With no food?! How soon before we all turn cannibal?! I have to get out of here!
Betty: Sooo...Swiss Family DeVille, he's not.

Stu: It's obvious! The first thing to do is build a signal fire.
Drew: You know what else is obvious? You're an idiot.
Didi: We have to find something to eat. All I saved are a couple of jars of baby food.
Howard: [cheerfully] I never knew strained peas and apricots went so well together.

Spike: Hey, hey, hey! Could you give a dog a little warning?! I'm trying to do my business here!
Eliza: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Spike: [chuckles] You know, it's funny. For a minute there, I thought I actually heard you talking to me. [realizes] You talking to me? Are you talking to me?
Eliza: Yeah, I can talk to animals. It's a long story. Should we come back?
Spike: Ah, no problem; I'm done. I was just marking. Spike was here! Uh, sorry. I know...Where are my manners? I am Spike. Full name: Down, Spike. Down! Get off that couch!
Eliza: [giggles] I'm Eliza, and this is Darwin.
[Darwin smiles, before Spike sneezes]
Darwin: Spike was here too.

[The Rugrats meet Donnie for the first time. They assume that he's Chucky since he's wearing his clothes]
Phil: [Confused] Since when did Chucky started talking backwards?

Tommy: Look! It's Nigel Strawberry!

Nigel: Heavens, what a fall. I must get to those babies. [a coconut falls and hits Nigel's head and Nigel falls]
Susie: [echoing] Are you okay, Mr. Strawberry?
Nigel: [talks like a baby, due to the amnesia] She called me "mister". Silly Billy. I'm only this... [makes a three] ...many years old.

Spike: Hey, chimp boy. Will you stop worrying? I know all about cats with a capital "K". Sit on a window sill, hack up a fur ball... Oh! That is very ferocious!
Eliza: Spike, this isn't your regular housecat.
Spike: They all twich their whiskers. One whisker at a time, just like you and me.

Spike: I ate one of Chuckie's diapers once and, let me tell you, that is spicy.

Debbie: [suspiciously] You sure know an awful lot for an "island girl".
Angelica: Well, see. A TV washed up on the beach one time, and the island king made the whole tribe watch it.
Debbie: [after a long pause] Cool!

Eliza: What happened?
Debbie: I was taking care of this island princess and...
Eliza: What's she doing in the bathysphere?
Debbie: [scoffs] I didn't say I was taking care of her *well*.

[Marianne Thornberry films oysters spewing water]
Marianne: Well, it's not a clouded leopard, but at least I'll have a film of something. [Donnie runs past with Howard chasing him] Donnie?! [The grownups stop and see her filming] What? This is supposed to be a deserted island.
Charlotte: Oh, thank heavens! We're part of an elaborate television stunt designed to humiliate us.
Marianne: Who are you? [they all begin talking at once] Hold it! My name is Marianne Thornberry. From the nature show?
Didi: We're shipwrecked.
Betty: Can you help us, Marianne?
Marianne: Of course. Our camp is nearby. [through her walkie-talkie] Debbie, come in.
Debbie: [in her walkie-talkie] Oh, Mom. What's up?
Marianne: I need you to bring the Comvee over to the east beach.
Debbie: Uh, that may be a problem.
Marianne: Don't worry about cleaning up.
Debbie: Oh, thanks, but that's not the problem.
Marianne: Just get here. Now. [to the grownups] My daughter will bring our trailer and my husband will be along soon and...
Stu: Behold, fellow islanders! I, Stu Pickles, I have built us a radio!
Didi: Stu, who's watching the kids?
Stu: Oh, Angelica said she'd take care of them.
[The grownups gasp in terror and begin scrambling around, looking for their children]
Kira: Chuckie?! Where are you?!
Didi: Oh, this is very strange. I feel like this has happened before.
[Eliza and Spike watch them run around in circles]
Spike: [sighs] Look at them...chasing their own tails. If only I could tell them that it doesn't work. I know, I've done it. I've chased my tail a million times. It does not work.

[Stu's coconut radio begins to pick up static]
Stu: It's getting a signal!
Marianne: I'm very impressed.
Didi: Oh, Stu's an inventor. Runs an ad in the shop-and-buy.

Marianne: [to Debbie and Eliza] Girls, have you seen some children?
Debbie: Just a bossy three-year-old who has delusionals of being a princess.
Charlotte: Angelica!
Angelica: [on radio] I'm the boss of this bathy thing!
Debbie: That's her!
Susie: [on radio] We haven't moved a bit, Angelica.
Didi: That's Suzy!
Debbie: She must've turned on the radio in the bathysphere.
Marianne: A three-year-old's driving the bathysphere?!

[Last lines]
Spike: Well, Eliza. As dog as my witness, I will never lose my babies again!
[The babies cheer]

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Teaser Trailer[edit]

Spike: I just felt so alone for all of my life. It's like there's been this wall between me and the rest of the world. People see me, sure, but nobody really knows me. Sorry. It's just that I have all these feelings I want to express and everything's been kept locked up inside me. Until now... you are the first person I ever know who really understands me.
Eliza: I'm glad I could help, Spike.
Narrator: Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies present, The Rugrats Meet the Wild Thornberrys. Starring, Eliza, Tommy, Darwin, Chuckie, Donnie, Phil and Lil, Debbie, Susie, Angelica, and featuring the voice of Bruce Willis as Spike.
Spike: I am so grateful. I don't know whether to give you a big kiss or just slobber all over you from top to bottom!
Eliza: A kiss would be fine.
[Then a blue screen appears that says "Unleashed June 2003"]
[slurp sound]

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