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Rugrats Go Wild is a 2003 crossover animated film between the Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.

Directed by Norton Virgien and John Eng. Written by Kate Boutilier.
Going Overboard June 13th

Tommy Pickles[edit]

  • Look! It's Nigel Strawberry! We found him!


  • I am Spike. Full name: Down, Spike, down! Get off that couch!
  • I ate one of Chuckie's diapers once and, let me tell you, that is spicy.
  • [Last lines] Well, Eliza. As dog as my witness, I'll never lose my babies again! [The babies cheer]
  • Woof! That's right, I said woof!


[The Pickle, Finster, and DeVille families have all their luggages packed up for their cruise vacation]
Stu: Everyone all set?
Didi: I think we should all thank my husband Stu for arranging this wonderful getaway.
Stu: No. You can thank me by having the time of your lives.
[Cut to the ship docks…]
Dr. Lipschitz: [over PA] Welcome! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Welcome aboard the world renowned Dr. Lipschitz's Cruise!
[A crowd of people at the dock cheer and wave while the three families, including Susie, all wait by the cruise ship]
Didi: Stu must have taken Spike for one last potty run. I'm sure he'll be right back.
Drew: [pacing around] He better. He's got all our tickets.
Tommy: That sure is a nice camera, Susie.
Susie: Thanks, Tommy. My mommy got it for me so she can see everything she's missing.
Chuckie: How come she and your daddy can't come on the cruise with us?
Susie: Well, my mommy's getting a special award 'cause she 'scovered a new disease, and my daddy's cutting the ribbon at the Dummi Bear Theme Park opening. But I wanted to come with you guys!
Angelica: And we're so glad you did, Susie Carmichael. Now, here. Hold the spotlight on Lounge Singer Cynthia.

Debbie: Hang on a sec, Mom. I'm picking up some lame-o soap opera.
Marianne: [through walkie-talkie] What is it this time, Debbie?
Debbie: [sets some bread and a jar of peanut butter on the table] Okay. I made everyone dinner, so, I shouldn't have to clean up too, right?
Eliza: Mom, all she did was hand us a jar of peanut butter.
Marianne: Can we talk about this when your father and I get home?
Debbie: Yeah. Any ETA on that? 'Cause you've been gone since, like, yesterday.
Marianne: We're still looking for the leopard at… Oh, Nigel! [filming Nigel as they run along] Over there! What's that?
Nigel: That's… I see spots! [moves a tree limb out of the way and it hits Marianne in the face] Watch out for that limb, dearest.

Debbie: [after Marianne hangs up; scoffs] She totally hung up on me! And I was having a sensitive moment.
Eliza: Debbie, you are so self-centered.
Debbie: [scoffs offensively] I am not! Okay, what's the monkey saying about me?

Howard: Captain Stu, I can't hold the wheel!
Drew: Will you stop calling him Captain?! He has no idea what he's doing!
Stu: I do so! Does anybody know where the brakes are on this thing?
Charolette: Johnathan, why aren't you answering the phone?! I need you to divert a tropical storm! [gasps in horror at something coming towards them]
[A 40-foot water wave is making its way to the boat]
Stu: It's a 40-foot wall of water!
Chaz: We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Betty: Everyone GET BELOW!
Charlotte: [trips on Dil's binky, accidentally let goes of her phone and it falls into the ocean; screams] Phone overboard! PHONE OVERBOARD!
Drew: [after Charlotte shoves him aside] CHARLOTTE, FORGET THE PHONE!
Charlotte: JOHNATHAN! [begins to dive in but Betty stops her just in time, grabbing her by the ankle]

[After the three families cram into the small lifeboat as the boat sinks into the ocean…]
Stu: I can't help feeling partially responsible.

Didi: Where are we?
Charolette: Oh, isn't it obvious? The palm trees, the white sand, the crystal blue water… Why, we've landed on an island resort!
Betty: Place looks pretty deserted.
Charolette: Oh, Betty. The best ones always are. Just look for a cabana boy carrying towels. Hello! I could use a double espresso, chop-chop. [echoes]

[As Marianne and Nigel return]
Eliza: Debbie, they're here!
Debbie: Ta-da! [exits the Comvee, holding a tray of coconut muffins and herbal tea] Homemade coconut muffins and fresh herbal tea.
Marianne: Debbie, this is so sweet.
Nigel: Oh, and these look heavenly. [drinks some tea and scarfs a muffin; mouthful] Afraid we must eat and run.
Marianne: [pours a bowl of muffins into her arm and eats one] Mmm. [mouthful] Ooh, really delicious, honey.
Eliza: But you guys just got here!
Marianne: [sighs] I know, but the Foundation is expecting that footage today, and we still haven't got it. [sighs again] Nigel, I think we should split up.
Nigel: [having to have heard that] Dearest! I thought we were so happy. [Marianne stares at him] Oh… You mean to look for the leopard, don't you?
Debbie: I can't believe this! You're always working. When's the last time we took a vacation?
Marianne: But, Debbie, we travel all over the world.
Debbie: I want a family vacation! You know, where we fight over the bar of hotel soap.
Eliza: And Debbie hogs all the good towels?
Debbie: And we order room service.
Eliza: And we do dorky family activities?
Debbie: Yes! Dorky sounds really good right now.
Marianne: Well, girls, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you felt this strongly. I promise, as soon as we find the leopard, we'll do dorky family activities.
Nigel: It's settled then.

Debbie: [after Donnie throws a muffin at her] DONNIE! I did not slave over a hot oven to feed the birds! [Donnie throws some muffins into the air and they fall on her; at her limit] When I write about my life-- and I will-- I will not be kind.

Stu: It's obvious! The first thing to do is build a signal fire.
Drew: You know what else is obvious? You're an idiot.
Didi: We have to find something to eat. All I saved are a couple of jars of baby food.
Howard: [cheerfully] I never knew strained peas and apricots went so well together!
Kira: Oh, you ate the baby food?!
Howard: Babies don't need food. I have to keep my strength up for when you try to throw me into the soup pot!
Didi: He's delusional.
Drew: This is all your fault! [angrily points to Stu]
Stu: [insulted] My fault?!
Charolette: Whose idea was the Stu Cruise to Doom?
Didi: [offended] Oh, I would expect that from the Finsters or the DeVilles, but Charolette!
Drew: I knew this day was coming since you were in diapers!
Kira: [throws the bag] I should have never left Paris!
[The grownups all continue arguing loudly with each other; Betty finds a stick, picks it up, and draws a circle around them in the sand]
Betty: This is the Circle of Chaos. If we're going to survive on this island, we can't ever step foot in the Circle of Chaos.
Chazz: [steps out of the circle] Wow. I feel calmer already.
[Everyone quickly steps out of the circle]
Betty: We don't know when we'll get off this island. Until we do, we're gonna need order. First thing we need is a leader. Any volunteers?
[Stu raises up his hand]
Didi: Stu, put down your hand.
[Stu sadly sets his hand back down]
Charlotte: I nominate Betty.

Darwin: Eliza! You'll never believe what I just saw! There's a little girl at camp, and she's a miniature Debbie! In every way. She's bossy, she's loud… she's hideous!
[They hear Spike sneezing]
Eliza: [sees him down below] Darwin, look!
Darwin: A dog?
Eliza: What's he doing here?
Darwin: Oh, spreading his fleas on an unsuspecting world. [shudders and groans]
Eliza: Come on!
[They each grab a vine and swing down towards Spike]
Spike: [startled] Hey, hey, hey! Could you give a dog a little warning?! I'm trying to do my business here!
Eliza: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Spike: [chuckles] You know, it's funny. For a minute there, I thought I actually heard you talking to me. [realizes] You talking to me? Are you talking to me?
Eliza: Yeah, I can talk to animals. It's a long story. Should we come back?
Spike: Ah, no problem; I'm done. I was just marking. Spike was here! Uh, sorry. I know...Where are my manners? I am Spike. Full name: Down, Spike. Down! Get off that couch!
Eliza: [giggles] I'm Eliza, and this is Darwin.
[Darwin smiles, before Spike sneezes]
Darwin: Spike was here too.

Nigel: Heavens, what a fall. I must get to those babies. [a coconut falls and hits Nigel's head and Nigel falls]
Susie: [echoing] Are you okay, Mr. Strawberry?
Nigel: [talks like a baby, due to the amnesia] She called me "mister". Silly Billy. I'm only this... [makes a three] ...many years old.

Spike: Hey, chimp boy. Will you stop worrying? I know all about cats with a capital "K". Sit on a window sill, hack up a fur ball... Oh! That is very ferocious!
Eliza: Spike, this isn't your regular housecat.
Spike: They all twich their whiskers. One whisker at a time, just like you and me.

Angelica: Is that a CD player?
Debbie: Yeah, for the best. [suspicious] You know an awful lot for an "island girl."
Angelica: Well, see, a TV washed up on the beach once, and the island king made the whole tribe watch it.
Debbie: [after a short pause] Cool!
["Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash starts playing]
Angelica: I love this song!
Debbie: Hey, me too!

Eliza: Debbie, what happened?
Debbie: I was taking care of this island princess and…
[The bathysphere emerges from the water and Angelica is in there, driving while waving at them]
Eliza: What's she doing in the bathysphere?
Debbie: [scoffs] I didn't say I was taking care of her *well*.

[Marianne Thornberry films some oysters spewing water]
Marianne: Well, it's not a clouded leopard, but at least I'll have a film of something. [Donnie runs past with Howard chasing him] Donnie?! [The grownups stop and see her filming] What? This is supposed to be a deserted island.
Charlotte: Oh, thank heavens! We're part of an elaborate television stunt designed to humiliate us.
Marianne: Who are you? [The grownups all start talking at once to introduce themselves] Hold it! My name is Marianne Thornberry. From the nature show?
Didi: We're shipwrecked.
Betty: Can you help us, Marianne?
Marianne: Of course. Our camp is nearby. [through her walkie-talkie] Debbie, come in.
Debbie: [in her walkie-talkie] Oh, Mom. What's up?
Marianne: I need you to bring the Comvee over to the east beach.
[Zoom out and in over to Debbie, standing on top of the sunken Comvee]
Debbie: Uh, that may be a problem.
Marianne: Don't worry about cleaning up.
Debbie: Oh, thanks, but that's not the problem.
Marianne: Just get here. Now. [to the grownups] My daughter will bring our trailer and my husband will be along soon and...
Stu: Behold, fellow islanders! I, Stu Pickles, I have built us a radio!
Didi: Stu, who's watching the kids?
Stu: Oh, Angelica said she'd take care of them.
[The grownups gasp in terror and begin scrambling around, looking for their children]
Kira: Chuckie?! Where are you?!
Didi: Oh, this is very strange. I feel like this has happened before.
[Eliza and Spike watch them run around in circles]
Spike: [sighs] Look at them...chasing their own tails. If only I could tell them that it doesn't work. I know, I've done it. I've chased my tail a million times. It does not work.
[Stu's coconut radio begins to pick up static]
Stu: It's getting a signal!
Marianne: I'm very impressed.
Didi: Oh, Stu's an inventor. Runs an ad in the shop-and-buy.
[The Thornberry daughters, Spike and Darwin show up in sight]
Marianne: Girls, have you seen some children?
Debbie: Just a bossy 3-year-old who has delusions of being a princess.
Charlotte: Angelica!
Angelica: [on radio] I'm the boss of this bathy thing!
Debbie: That's her!
Susie: [on radio] We haven't moved a bit, Angelica.
Didi: That's Susie!
Debbie: She must've turned on the radio in the bathysphere!
Marianne: A 3-year-old's driving the bathysphere?! [the grownups all surround the Thornberry girls, talking at once] Hey! It's no problem. We can track them by radar from the Comvee.
Debbie: Uh…yeah. Except… [nervously] I sunk the Comvee.
Marianne: [shocked with anger] You what?!

Nigel: [after regaining consciousness] Who are all you positively adorable children?
Susie: We're shipwrecked. We went all over the island looking for you.
Angelica: I saved them, but then Carmichael tried to drive this tub-boat and now…
Susie: We just want to go home.
Nigel: Well, of course you do, young lady. And so we shall. Hmm. Bit of a pickle. No fuel left. The radar appears to be knocked out, which means I have no idea where we are and we're almost out of oxygen.
Angelica: I'm bored.
Nigel: Yes, and there's that, too.

[After Nigel and the Rugrats reunite with their families…]
Stu: Where's Tommy?
Nigel: And who does this little chap belong to?
Stu: He's ours.
[Nigel sets Tommy down; As Tommy starts to walk over to his family, he offers Nigel to take his hand and brings him over]
Stu: Come here, champ.
Marianne: Honey, I'd like you to meet Stu Pickles. He made the coconut radio that saved your lives.
Nigel: Terribly grateful, Mr. Pickles. I have a feeling I wouldn't be here without this little chap, either.

Marianne: Okay, everyone. Let's pack up. We're going on vacation!
[Debbie cheers excitedly and starts running around]
Charolette: How about…
All: The Lipschitz Cruise!
Debbie: We're leaving to go on vacation. Oh, yeah, right on.


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