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Rugrats (1991–2004) is an American animated public television series aimed at younger children. This series is about babies and their daily antics.

Season 1[edit]

Waiter, There's a Baby In My Soup [1.02][edit]

Mr. Mucklehoney: I'm so hungry, I could eat a hog, head first!

Little Dude [1.04][edit]

Student: [after seeing Tommy's dirty diaper] Wow! That is one bodacious load!

Season 2[edit]

Game Show Didi [2.24][edit]

[The episode credits play over a pattern of red, green, and blue dots that move around]
Man's voice:
[The dots zoom out, revealing that they make up the display on the Pickles' TV set; Tommy is standing very close to the screen, watching the man talk]
Man on TV: I knew right then I had snagged me a walla pike.
[the camera pans over to Grandpa, who has fallen asleep in his chair and is still holding the remote]
Didi: [walks into the living room, gasps loudly when she sees Tommy standing so close to the set, and walks over to him] No, no, no, honey! [lifts up Tommy and looks at him] Don't you know that focusing so closely on images can permanently damage your vision?
[As she talks, she looks closer into Tommy's eyes, which go cross-eyed, causing Tommy to see multiple copies of Didi's face. He quickly uncrosses his eyes, making his vision go back to normal. Didi sets Tommy down on the floor so he can crawl around, then approaches Grandpa, takes the remote from him without waking him up, sits down on the couch, and changes the channel from the fishing show to what looks like a talk show, but with a donkey as the host]

Party Animals [2.26][edit]

Chuckie: What are we gonna do, Tommy?! What are we gonna do?!
Tommy: There's only one thing we can do. We're gonna find Angelica's magic lamp, and we got to wish for everything to be right-right again.

Season 3[edit]

Naked Tommy [3.15][edit]

Betty: [after finding Phil and Lil naked in Tommy's house] I don't know what kind of baby colony you're running, Deed, but it's time to face facts! The sixties are over and we lost, so get with the program, alright?

New Kid in Town [3.22][edit]

Josh: No, I mean, you take two babies, and I'll take two babies. Couldn't be more fair than that.
Angelica: No way! I came here to get these babies, and I'm not leaving till' I get them all!
Josh: Oh, yeah?
Angelica: Yeah.
Josh: Oh, yeah?
Angelica: Yeah.
Josh: Oh, yeah?
Angelica: Yeah!
[she pushes Josh, causing him to scratch his arm on the edge of the sandbox]
Josh: [wails] Mommy, she pushed me!
Angelica: And don't ever let me catch you pickin' on my babies again!

Season 4[edit]

Send in the Clouds [4.01][edit]

Didi: Stu, have you seen my running shoes?
Stu: Yea, they're really nice.
Didi: No, they're missing! In fact, all my shoes are missing.
Stu: How can a woman lose sixteen pairs of shoes?
Didi: I do not have sixteen pairs! It's more like five...ish.

Season 5[edit]

Grandpa's Bad Bug [5.01][edit]

Stu: If a promise you don't keep,
It will haunt you in your sleep.
And as you lie beneath your quilt,
You'll have a conscience full of guilt.

Crime and Punishment [5.03][edit]

Angelica: Jail is like a bazillion times more horribler than Time Out!

Season 6[edit]

Opposites Attract [6.10][edit]

Chuckie: I thought you would a monster something.
Freddie: That's what I saw too, I'm Freddie.
Chuckie: Hi, Freddie. I'm Chuckie.
Freddie: I got to nice spot by the tree. You wanna sit with me?
Chuckie: Well, I...I was gotta pick some dandy lions.
Freddie: We could do that. As long as we care for not to get any stuck up on nose.

Planting Dil [6.25][edit]

Didi: Hello, Sweetie. Now, now, Dylan Prescott, let a smile be your umbrella. There, that's better.

Incredible Shrinking Babies [6.26][edit]

Stu: Someone's ready for a nap.
Tommy: I'm glad it was just a dream, Chuckie.
Chuckie: You guys be careful.
[Chuckie stepped on a Little People toy]
Chuckie: Little Louie.
[Chuckie gasps in horror]

Season 7[edit]

Season 8[edit]

Murmur on the Ornery Express [8.9][edit]

Conductor: All aboard!
(Everyone starts to board the train. Didi and Kira walk up to the babies)
Didi: Come on, kids. We're going on the train! (they walk on board)
(Angelica walks up to the train with her Cynthia and a small dollhouse with a carrying handle)
Angelica: (with a flourish) Well, Cynthia, say goodbye to your home! Maybe we'll come back someday; maybe not. Angelica Pickles follows the feet of a different plumber! (boards the train)
(Inside one of the Pullman compartments, Didi and Kira are looking at a map while Didi holds Dil...)
Didi: And after the train passes each landmark, we can mark it with a little check.
Kira: You really have this worked out!

(Across from them, Didi and Kira are looking out the window with their guide booklet while holding Dil)
Kira: The first sight should be coming up any second: Vegetable Rock! (hands the booklet to Didi)
Didi: "Thrill to the spectacle of a natural stone formation in the shape of an asparagus." (looks out the window with Kira) This is what it's all about.
(Kira nods. But then Dil spits up)
Dil: Blah!
Didi: Oh, dear.
(The train passes Vegetable Rock, but Didi and Kira miss it)
Kira: I'll get some more napkins. (gets some)
Didi: It's just baby stuff. It's not a real problem...
Kira: There we go. (wipes Dil's mouth)

Betty: Here's where it happened. Now cordon off the scene and sniff out the perp!
Conductor: All I do is punch the tickets. I'll call ahead for the detectives; they'll meet us in the morning at our first stop.
Chas: (with his newspaper) In the morning? But before the morning, there's... (dramatically) the night!

(The train departs the station, and we see the main adults inside the lounge car with the two detectives and Dwayne serving coffee)
Detective 1: (with a notepad) I need you to report any suspicious activities you might have witnessed.
Lou: (softly to the detective) Uh, between you and me, I never liked the looks of that guy. (gestures to Dwayne)
Dwayne: Anyone want coffee?
Betty: (holding a cup) All right, Dwaynie! Java me up!
(Dwayne pours coffee into Betty's cup)
Minka: And I wanted so much for this to be our second honeymoon. (she looks at Boris sleeping and frowns, but when she turns her head Boris smiles)
Kira: (looking at the route map) We should be near Cough Drop Pass.
Didi: (reading from the guide booklet) "Where years of natural erosion have formed the stone replica of soothing lozenge.
(Didi and Kira start to look out the window, but Detective 1 walks up to them)
Detective 1: I have a couple of questions; standard procedure, if you'll come this way.
(Didi and Kira look at each other and then get up, just missing the Cough Drop Pass as the train passes by it. Drew and Stu are standing around looking bored...)
Drew: Yeah, OK, there's a thief. (gets an idea) Wanna sneak out and have some fun?
(Drew whispers in Stu's ear, and Stu grins and they high-five. The train continues chugging on as the engine's whistle blows, and in their compartment, the babies watch as Grandpa Lou enters)
Lou: OK, sprouts. I'll be taking the next watch to keep you out of trouble.

Season 9[edit]

Babies in Toyland [9.1][edit]

Didi: Hello, Angelica.
Angelica: Merry, Christmas, Aunt Didi! I being a very good girl so that Santa will give me lots of presents.

Howard: We gotta get outta here!

Angelica: Merry Christmas, Babies!

Babies in Toyland [9.2][edit]

(The episode starts with a British flag)
Betty: (laughs) Imagine, Deed. Your great aunt was my twins mother. Gee, we're close sisters! And they have twins the same age as Phil and Lil!
Didi: Isn't that wonderful?
Betty: Phil and Lil, guess what? You have twins cousins! Hedley and Smeldey! And they're coming from across the ocean!
Tommy: Wow! You have cousbins!
Lil: I don't know why they're from the ocean.
Kimi: Maybe they're fishies.

Diapies and Dragons [9.6][edit]

(Dil hits the plug, loosening it, and causing it to reset the game.)
Dragon: You have won credit. Not nearly enough to defeat Dragon! (laughs evilly)

Kimi: Look! Drago has babies!
Chuckie: Yeah, and they all need a time-out!

Kimi: (really fast) Wow! I can go real fast now! Don't worry, guys! I'll stop those dragons and everything will be okay! Bye-bye! Whee-hee-hee-hee!"
(Kimi runs through two of Dragon's Children, destroying them, then onto the ceiling)
Chuckie: Kimi! We're not allowed to run on the ceiling!
(Kimi loses her newfound speed and falls)

Dragon: You will never get her back!
(Chuckie shudders in fear)
Dragon: Unless you insert another token.

(Tommy has grown to an enormous size, and has defeated Dragon's children)
Tommy: Giant Tommy's coming to save you, Taffy!
(Tommy suddenly shrinks back to his normal size)
Tommy: Uh, regular-sized Tommy's still coming to save you, Taffy!
(Tommy runs towards Taffy, but Dragon drops an egg on him, causing him to shrink down to the size of a mouse. Kimi runs towards him)
Tommy: (in a high-pitched voice) Uh, really really small Tommy thinks he should probably run by now!
Kimi: I got you, teeny-tiny Tommy!
(Kimi picks up Tommy, and as she runs away with him, Tommy grows back to his normal size, causing Kimi to fall over)

Baby Sale [9.12][edit]

Chuckie: What's a baby sale, Tommy?
Tommy: It's where they sell babies and stuffs, Chuckie.
Kimi: Ooh! I want that one!
Phil: Smells good and stinky!

The Bravliest Baby [9.13][edit]

Chuckie: There's gotta be another test. Right, Angelica?
Angelica: No! I Quit! (she slips in a mud puddle)



  • Tommy Pickles - voiced by Tami Halbrook (Pilot (1989-1990))/E.G. Daily (Tommy First Birthday (1990-1991)-Last fairytale episodes (2006))
  • Angelica Pickles - voiced by Cheryl Chase
  • Dil Pickles - voiced by Tara Strong
  • Chuckie Finster (who isn't Japanese) - voiced by Christine Cavanaugh (1991-2002) and Nancy Cartwright (2002-2006)
  • Phil and Lil DeVille - voiced by Kath Soucie
  • Susie Carmichael - voiced by Cree Summer
  • Kimi Finster - voiced by Dionne Quan
  • Didi Pickles - voiced by Melanie Chartoff
  • Stu Pickles - voiced by Jack Riley
  • Lou Pickles - voiced by David Doyle (1991-1997) and Joe Alaskey (1997-2004)
  • Lulu Pickles - voiced by Debbie Reynolds
  • Betty DeVille - voiced by Kath Soucie
  • Howard DeVille - voiced by Phil Proctor
  • Charlotte Pickles - voiced by Tress MacNelle
  • Drew Pickles - voiced by Michael Bell
  • Chaz Finster (who isn't Japanese) - voiced by Michael Bell
  • Melinda Finster (who isn't Japanese) - voiced by Melanie Chartoff/Renee Sands (1998?)
  • Kira Finster - voiced by Julia Kato

About Rugrats [edit]

  • The origins of "Rugrats" began when Vanessa Coffee, a development executive at Nickelodeon, contacted our animation studio. I had taken fifteen months off work after my second child was born. I was working from home on concepts for "Sesame Street" shorts. Gabor Csupo, my husband at the time, asked me to come up with ideas to pitch to NICK. So, I quickly expanded notes I’d written from one of the "Sesame Street" ideas. My thoughts were, "if babies could talk what would they say" and "what was the logic that drove tiny humans to desperately want to stick their hands in the toilet?" It fascinated me, but mostly I found it humorous. Paul Germain, our development executive at the time, and Gabor Csupo then pitched several ideas to Nickelodeon. Vanessa Coffee had the foresight to choose what ultimately became "Rugrats" and Gerry Laybourne, the President of NICK at the time, had the vision to green-light it! Gabor and I sketched some of the original characters and worked with Paul on creating the world of "Rugrats". Together we produced a pilot that Peter Chung, a brilliant artist and animator, directed. The super talented Mark Mothersbaugh created the music for the show. The studio produced the "Rugrats" and "All Grown Up" series over the next decade as well as two "Rugrats" movies and a third film, where the "Rugrats" meet "The Wild Thornberrys". Our studio just exploded with work! The next ten years were intense for me because I was raising two children and working. Gabor and I continued to create or produce nine more animated series.

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