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Rugrats (1991–2004) was an American animated television series aimed at younger children. It started four children and their daily antics.

Season 1[edit]

"Waiter, There's a Baby In My Soup" [1.02][edit]

Mr. Mucklehoney:  I'm so hungry, I could eat a hog, head first!

"Little Dude" [1.04][edit]

Student:  [after seeing Tommy's dirty diaper]  Wow!  That's one bodacious load!

Season 3[edit]

"Naked Tommy" [3.15][edit]

Betty:  [after finding Phil and Lil naked in Tommy's house]  I don't know what kind of baby colony you're running, Deed, but it's time to face facts!  The sixties are over and we lost, so get with the programme, alright?

Season 5[edit]

"Grandpa's Bad Bug" [5.01][edit]

Stu:  If a promise you don't keep,
It will haunt you in your sleep.
And as you lie beneath your quilt,
You'll have a conscience full of guilt.

"Crime and Punishment" [5.03][edit]

AngelicaJail is like a bazillion times more horribler than Time Out!

Miscellaneous episodes[edit]

Susie:  Where's my room?  [cries]

Chuckie:  [to Tommy]  You're only a baby.
Tommy:  A baby's gotta do, what a baby's gotta do!

Angelica:  [demoralised]  Aunt Didi, I had a accident!
Didi:  Oh, no!  Stu, hurry!  Angelica's wet her PJs!
Stu:  Not another one?!
Didi:  [carries sobbing Angelica off to clean her up]  Come on now…  [Angela continues sobbing as camera zooms into her mouth]

Chuckie:  I don't think this is such a good idea, Tommy!

Angelica:  When life hands you a lemon, make applesauce!

Angelica:  You dumb babies!

Angelica:  Being bad means never having to say you're sorry.

DidiMommy's ears are not a toy, Tommy.

Stu:  Do we want to be remembered as the family that settled for less?

Angelica:  Do you swear to tell Ruth, the whole Ruth, and nothing but Ruth, so help you Bob?  …Just say you do.
Phil & Lil:  You do.

Grandpa:  Tommy's not old enough for that gizmo; heck, I'm not even old enough for it!

Stu:  Here you go, boy.  Burnt to a crisp, just like you like them.  [giving a burnt burger to Spike]

Grandpa:  [watching the film The Land Without Smiles]  Land Without Brains is more like it!

Shawna [on film]:  Just make sure you give valentines to the other needy children, Squeaky Bear.  It's too late for me.
Grandpa:  It's too late for me, too.
Didi:  Shh!
Grandpa:  I'm gonna get some candy; I'd rather rot my teeth than sit here and rot my brain.

Grandpa:  [to Tommy]  Take a nap and keep us both out of trouble.

Angelica:  [gasps]  Cynthia!!  She's gone!!  [screams and bawls]

Mail boy:  Natalie, would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night?
Natalie:  Not for all the gold in China.
Mail boy:  How about a couple of chili dogs, two Cokes, and a box of Raisinets?
Natalie:  What time will you pick me up?

Angelica:  After all, I'm playing the most dangerous game of all!
Chuckie:  Musical Chairs?
Angelica:  No, dummy!  Love!

Tommy:  I'll trade you one of your milk bottles for my stacking cups.
Phil:  There's a couple of them missing.
Tommy:  My snowman book?
Lil:  We read it already.
Tommy:  My fire truck?
Lil:  Umm…we're s'posed to be getting one for our birthday.

Grandpa:  [finding the 'doll' that came in the mail, not realising Stu already has the doll and Tommy is in the box]  Looks lifelike.  Even smells lifelike.  If I didn't know better, I say it was Tommy.

Grandpa:  In my day, we did all our counting with our fingers, and for bigger numbers we used our toes!

Didi:  After kickoff, all you boys'll be thinking about is guzzling soda and eating pork rinds!
Stu:  Whoa!  Time out!  I haven't eaten pork rinds in years!

Grandpa:  Back in Minnesota State, I was the "Galloping", uh…"Galloping"…
Drew:  Geezer?

Angelica:  See these teddy bears?  They're the jerky.
Phil, Lil, & Chuckie:  The jury?
Angelica:  Not the Jury!  The jerky!

Grandpa:  'Made In Taiwan'.  Hmm, I didn't know Taiwan was in France!

Stu::  My disco outfit!
Didi:  Stu, you haven't worn that thing since 1977!
Stu:  Hey, disco is coming back!
Angelica:  Aunt Didi, what's disco?
Didi:  Oh, nothing, sweetheart; it's something that happened a long time ago and is never, ever coming back, so don't you worry.

Grandpa:  [rushing to get Tommy & Chuckie into bed before Morgana shows upOnce upon a time, there was a very lonely bunny who needed some friends, and found some friends, and everyone was happy.  The end.

Howard:  Who do you think I am?  An imbecile?
Stu:  Wow, Howard!  And it only took you 15 seconds!

Chazz:  Sometimes it takes a more mature person to stop a fight than one who started it to begin with.
Stu:  Right, Chazz.  Why don't you go home and watch more of those Mister Rogers reruns?

Grandpa:  It's nice to make new friends, even if you knew them for seventy-six years.

StuThe bald guy gave the action-musical movie The Merminator "thumbs up."
Grandpa:  I bet the fat guy hated it!

Angelica:  Yes, yes.  All goes accordion to plan, we'll go inside Chuckie, all right.  But little do those babies know that I'm not gonna get rid of that Watermelon seed; I'm gonna make it grow!

Dr. Lipschitz:  Thanks to those rugrats, I am completely revising my theories.  The old "Dr. Lipschitz" is now merely an historical footnote; from now on, I'm now going to base my work on the French method of childrearing.

Stu:  Charlotte, it's so nice that you can finally get away from work and spend the holidays with us.
Charlotte:  Well, it is Christmas; after all, it's the season of love and joy.  [back to Jonathan on the phone]  I don't care, Jonathan!  We got to crush the competition and we got to crush them now!

Angelica:  You don't know the first thing about magic!  [walks away]
Chuckie:  Tommy, what's the first thing about magic?
Tommy:  I don't know, Chuckie.
Phil:  Hmm.  Guess Angelica was right!

Angelica:  [explaining the history of Christmas]  It all started when the first present was given by the Pilgrims a long time ago.  Then everybody started giving presents; even the Easter Bunny started giving them until Santa slapped him with a lawsuit.

Randy:  Say, Luce, remember the realtor told us about that ancient Indian curse?  You don't think he [Stu] is it, do you?

Angelica:  You dumb babies!  Stop having fun!  It's just a dumb, old box!

Chaz:  I still can't believe Didi's baby brother is getting married.  I mean, it seems like only yesterday he was running around in short pants screaming.
Stu:  That was only yesterday, Chaz.  Remember the bachelor party?

Charlotte:  I have to go, Jonathan; I'm at a friend's merger—er—wedding.

Angelica:  [giving the babies orders via her toy cellphone, which she has planted in Spike's mouth]  Do you always do what your mommy tells you?
Tommy:  Yes.
Angelica:  Well, cut it out!

Boris:  Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed for them to watch?
Minka:  What am I, your servant girl?  Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed?
Boris:  I can't.  I'm too old.
Minka:  I'm old, too.
Boris:  But I'm older.
Minka:  By two weeks!
Boris:  It was a leap year!
Minka:  Leap year, schmeap year!  Now go turn on the Seed!

Angelica:  [after saving Chuckie's life]  All I need is a 'Thank You', and…oh, yeah, for you to be my slave for the rest of your life.

AngelicaTooth fairy?  What a joke!  Cheat fairy's more like her!

Angelica:  Could [a magic lamp] turn Fluffy into a flying horse?
Grandpa:  It could turn Fluffy into a Ferarri!

Grandpa:  Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp and wished for a Kingfisher 9000 Speed Boat.

Grandpa:  Aladdin rubbed the lamp so he could turn rocks into gold, so he could buy a Kingfisher 9000.

Chuckie:  [after Finding Chazz buried in the sand on the beach with only his head visible]  Bleaaah!  My dad's been decaffeinated!!

Susie:  [thinking Angelica has stole her tricycle]  That was the final nail in the coffee!

[after the babies trick Angelica into thinking she has the fictional ailment Rhinoceritis]
Drew:  Angelica, why are you eating grass?
Angelica:  Be careful, daddy; a rhinoceros is known to charge at random.

Grandpa:  Some people call him 'Bigfoot', some call him 'Sasquatch'; the rest just call him 'Sir'.

Tommy:  I call my building blocks artwork "3 Babies and a Guitar".
Angelica:  Do you know what I call it?  [kicks blocks]  A mess!

Didi:  If hippos were meant to fly, they wouldn't weigh 3000 pounds.

Young Stu:  [flashback in which he and Drew try to watch Blocky and Oxwinkle even after being punished]  It's our right to watch cartoons!  Not my mom, not my dad, not even President Weisenheimer's gonna stop us!

Angelica:  Another boring day at the Finster house.  I can't believe I'm spending the best days of my life here!

Angelica:  Let me know if you want me to break anymore of your best friend's toys.  See ya!

Angelica:  Home movies are movies that other people don't want to watch.
Tommy:  But why do they watch home movies?
Angelica:  They have to; it's the law.

Grandpa: Stu! Didi! Great news! They're bringing back The Masked Detective!
Stu: Great! Where was he?

Chuckie: I saw this movie, King Krong, where he was pushed off the Entire State Building.
Tommy: So?
Chuckie: So why don't we push Mr. Friend off the Entire State Building? Never mind. I don't know why I even try.

Angelica: What kind of bozo would not put the key in the package?
Chuckie: Bozo works at the handcuff factory?
Angelica: Do me a favor; just keep quiet for awhile?

[after Tommy "rearranges" his Bogo Blocks toy village]
Chuckie: The police car's at the fire station; the fire truck's at the airport; the airplane's on top of the restaurant; people are hanging out of windows and doors, buildings have moved, and you've completely taken apart City Hall!"

Angelica:  Chuckie's a stupid name.  Blaine's a t. v. name.  Everyone knows t. v. names are better.

Charlotte: Now what do we do the next time we want something?
Angelica: Ask Daddy ?

[after Chuckie describes having a dream involving the Rugrats in a weird wonderland, a talking Spike, and Tommy with a clown face]
Lil: I wish Tommy was a clown, then we can feed him peanuts!
Phil: That's elephants, Lillian.

Angelica:  [whilst Phil and Lil keep disobeying her orders]  Ooh, you babies are so incontinent!

Grandpa: [after his black hair dye turns his hair red upon being exposed to Sol]  Serves me right to fool Mother Nature.
Didi:  And to order stuff from daytime t. v..

AngelicaChanukah is the special time of year between Christmas and Misgiving when all the bestest holiday shows are on t. v..

Dotted-Line Girl (Lil): I'm just a dotted line!
Angelitron (Angelica): Any idiot can see a dotted line!

Josh: We'll split the babies, 50/50.
Angelica: Who gets the heads?!

Angelica:  [explaining to the babies what happened "the last time the world ended"Rivers overflowed, mountains crumbled, and all the t. v. shows were cancelled.

Angelica:  [going off to look for the cookies]  I'll be right back; I'm gonna check on the babies.
Tommy:  Okay.
Chuckie:  What did Angelica say?
Tommy:  She says that she's going to check on the babies.
Chuckie:  Oh.
All:  [realising] We are the babies!

Grandpa: I won 15 jackpots in a row last time I was in Las Vegas. They flew me home first class just to get rid of me!
Drew: I thought mom said you lost everything but your underwear and went home by bus?
Grandpa: Oh, what does she know?

Phil: I want a cheeseburger.
Lil: Yeah! With chocolate!
Angelica: You'll eat what I give you and like it! You have a choice of barbecubed yucky carrots or barbecubed yucky peas.
Rugrats: Yuck!
Angelica: [to Tommy] So what it'll be, Baldy?
Tommy: I can't decide.
Angelica: Why? Because it sounds so good?
Tommy: No; because your barbecube is gone!

(on Dil's birth)
Stu: Deed, she's so beautiful. She's... she's a boy!

Didi: Chuckie? What happened to your shirt?
Grandpa: If he's hungry as I am, he probably ate it!

Boris: Back in the old country, we didn't have wheelbarrows to move the wood. You had to chop down a tree and hope it fell in your living room!

Angelica: 'Chicken Pops' is what turns little kids into chickens. That's why Chuckie has to stay inside. If the grownups let Chuckie outside, he'd get eaten by a cat!

Minka: So Little Red Riding Hood skipped through the forest—
Boris: It's Little Blue Riding Hood, Minka, not red!
Minka: Boris, is the story 'Little Blue Riding Hood'? No! It's 'Little Red Riding Hood'! Anyway, so Little Red Riding Hood meets a wolf in the forest…
Boris: It was a goat! In the desert!
Minka: Wolf!
Boris: Goat!
Minka: Wolf!
Boris: Desert!
Minka: Forest!
Chuckie: I like when your gramma and grampa tell stories, Tommy!
Tommy: Yeah, we always get two stories instead of one!

Angelica: Juggling is like playing catch, only by yourself.

Phil: I got diaper rash down to my knees.

Angelica: Sometimes I wish I could be you, just so I can be friends with me!

Grandpa: Back in my day, I used to work as a carny; I worked day and night and slept with the elephants. If one of them had a bad dream, they'd roll over and squash ya!

Didi: I hope Grandpa comes back with anything other than 40 boxes of Fudgy Dingaling Bars.
Stu: I hope they come back.

Tommy: Your room is a potty?

Didi: No, snookums; toilet paper is for cleaning messes, not making them.

Angelica: Baked apples! I hate stinky baked apples!

Tommy: My mouth's so dry I can't even spit!

Tommy: I got up, but my legs feel like Jell-O; the red kind, not the green kind with bananas that I like. [as the Masked Detective's narration]

Angelica:  [to "Tonya" (Tommy in a dress)]  Next to me, you're the cutest girl in the show!

Tommy: See? That's the Weatherman. He's the guy who makes it hot or cold outside!

Tommy: No! I knew Spike! Spike's my friend, and let me tell you something, that dog's no Spike!


Phil: Boy! How come kittypillars work so hard to end up so ugly?

Minka: Boris! Vere are the dumplings?
Boris: I put zem in the refrigerator.
Minka: Not those dumplings!

Thorg the toy Gorilla: Thorg Hungry! Thorg Want Eat!

[Tommy and Chuckie think they are grown-ups]
Chuckie: Coffee, Tommy?
Tommy: Sure, I'll have a cup of jobe.

[thinking that they wished Dil away]
Tommy:  But…but…people just don't disappear because you wish for them to.
Phil:  Yeah, Angelica; you're still here.

Didi: Stu, what are you doing?
Stu: [despondent] Making chocolate pudding.
Didi: It's 4:00 in the morning. Why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?
Stu: Because I've lost control of my life.
[moments later]
Stu: Here's your chocolate pudding, Angelica.
Angelica: Oh, that's okay, Uncle Stu! I'm not hungry anymore.
Stu: [screams]

Tommy:  Friends til the end!

Angelica:  If you have to ask, you'll never know.

Angelica:  [sing-song voice]  Ha ha ha-ha ha!  I get to have some gum!  [starts to chew it]  You don't get any 'cause you're a baby!  You just swallow it!

Didi:  [grabs the bottle from Tommy]  No, no, no.  Honey, I'm sorry, but Dr. Homer says you're too big for bottles now.

Miss Carol: Oh, you call that a fun phrase? I'll tell you the real fun phrase. SHE THINKS THEY'RE ALL LITTLE— [bad word censored by a forklift horn]

Didi: [in Tommy's dream sequence] No, no, no. You're too big for bottles now.
Dr. Homer: [in Tommy's dream sequence] No more bottles, but how about a balloon!
Phil: [in Tommy's dream sequence] Sorry, Tommy.
Lil: [in Tommy's dream sequence] Yeah, sorry. Wish we can help!
Stu: [in Tommy's dream sequence] Crossbite!

Didi: Oh, Charlotte. She's beautiful. [newborn Angelica sees cookie, tries to grab it] Oh no. You're too little to have a cookie. [chuckles]
Newborn Angelica: Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
[flash forward, six months later]
Six-month-old Angelica: Waaaaahhhhhhh!!! Waaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!


Angelica: Oh Mommy, I'll need shiny shoes, and my prettiest dress, and you have to do my hair up real pretty, and make sure it—
Charlotte: Don't worry, sweetie. I'm sure Miss Carol will think you're Fun-a-Riffic. [to Didi] They call that the Fun Phrase.
Angelica: No, mommy. The real fun phrase is, "She thinks we're all little—" [bad word censored by truck horn]
Charlotte: [screams]
Angelica: Oh, Mommy, I knew you'd be a-cited for me. Oh, I gotta go tell Cythina. [runs off] Cythina!

Drew: So, sweetheart, since your Fun Phrase has a bad word in it, it would make mommy and me happy if you just didn't say it anymore.
Angelica: Well, which word is the bad one, Daddy?
Drew: [nervously] Well, it's—I mean it's the w—Look, maybe it would just be better if you didn't say any of those words anymore, Angelica.
Angelica: Is it "We're"?
Drew: Angelica!
Angelica: Is it "All"?
Charlotte: Angelica, you are not to say that word again!
Angelica: Is it "Little"?
Drew: [even angrier] Angelica! If you say that word one more time, we are not going to take you be at Miss Carol's show!
Angelica: [gasps] Oh, you mean it's— [bad word censored by jackhammer]
Charlotte: [screams]
[cut to Angelica crying in her room]
Angelica: Now I can't be on the show—and I don't even know what that word means! [continues crying]

Miss Carol: Timmy, you'll be the first to say it live in front of millions of viewers! What does Miss Carol think of her kids?
Timmy: [in a state of shock, stammers] Hubba-hubba... [continues until he goes pulverised making Miss Carol angry]
Miss Carol: [resumes smiling] Okay, well, thanks for coming in, Timmy. [goes to Kim] All right, Kim, why don't you try? What does Miss Carol think of her kids?
Kim: Um, um… [runs off crying] I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!!
Miss Carol: Okay, Angelica, I'm relying on you. Tell everyone the new Fun Phrase. What does Miss Carol think of her kids?
Angelica: [nervously] She thinks, um, we're all little… [mumbles as her parents panic making "don't say it" gestures]
Miss Carol: [now impatient] Okay, Angelica, if you love Miss Carol at all, YOU WILL TELL US RIGHT NOW, WHAT DOES MISS CAROL THINK OF HER KIDS!!!!!!!
Angelica: [inhales triumphantly] She thinks we're all little— [last word gets censored by Charlotte's horrifed scream]
Drew: [covers his eyes in shock] OH, NO!!!!
Miss Carol: That's it! Get her out! Get her out of here!
Angelica: But that's what you said! You said it, Miss Carol!
Miss Carol: [loses it] You're right! You're right, you know that! You're right! [throws down her microphone] I have said it before and I will say it again! [laughs deviously] YOU'RE ALL LITTLE— [last word gets censored by a long beep with a test pattern show on the screen, the two camera crew goes stunned before looking at each other]
Angelica: See?! See?! She did say it!


  • Tommy Pickles - voiced by Tami Halbrook (Pilot (1989-1990))/E.G. Daily (Tommy First Birthday (1990-1991)-Last fairytale episodes (2006))
  • Angelica Pickles - voiced by Cheryl Chase
  • Chuckie Finster (who isn't Japanese) - voiced by Christine Cavanaugh (1991-2002) and Nancy Cartwright (2002-2006)
  • Phil and Lil DeVille - voiced by Kath Soucie
  • Susie Carmichael - voiced by Cree Summer
  • Kimi Finster - voiced by Dionne Quan
  • Didi Pickles - voiced by Melanie Chartoff
  • Stu Pickles - voiced by Jack Riley
  • Grandpa Lou Pickles - voiced by David Doyle (1991-1997) and Joe Alaskey (1997-2004)
  • Grandma Lulu Pickles - voiced by Debbie Reynolds
  • Betty DeVille - voiced by Kath Soucie
  • Howard DeVille - voiced by Phil Proctor
  • Charlotte Pickles - voiced by Tress MacNelle
  • Drew Pickles - voiced by Michael Bell
  • Chaz Finster (who isn't Japanese) - voiced by Michael Bell
  • Melinda Finster (who isn't Japanese) - voiced by Melanie Chartoff/Renee Sands (1998?)
  • Kira Finster - voiced by Julia Kato
  • Miss Carol - voiced by Renee Sands

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