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The Rugrats Movie is a 1998 American animated comedy-drama film produced by Nickelodeon Movies. Based on the popular 1990s animated Nickelodeon series Rugrats, this film introduces Tommy's baby brother Dil Pickles and focuses on their relationship. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie was released as a sequel in 2000.

Directed by Igor Kovalyov. Written by David N. Weiss.
Nap Time is Over

Tommy Pickles[edit]

  • We're off the see the lizard!
  • Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of yum!

Rex Pester[edit]

  • Young Tammy, Baby Dale, the twins Bill and Jill, Little Chunky, and poor Amelia all vanished without a trace.


[First lines]
Chuckie: This place gives me the juice bumps.
Phil: Maybe we should go back.
Lil: Very back!
Tommy: No! We can't go back now, you guys! Okey-Dokey Jones never goes back!

Betty: Ha! That windbag thought Phil and Lil were intestinal gas.
Aunt Miriam: Face it, dolly. Riding high, it's a guy.
Charlotte: You know what they say: "Born under Venus, look for a..." [phone rings] Hello?
Betty: Yeah. Pig Latin, maybe. Well, let's just hope, for Tommy's sake, it's a girl. I hate to see my pups squabbling, if they were both boys.

[Stu is working on his latest invention to enter in a contest]
Drew: We're talking about a real job, Stu, with benefits!
Stu: I'm not going to waste my life as a clock-punching, paper-shoving, bean-counting... [gasps in shock] Oh, no offense.
Drew: You barely make ends meet now! You've got no insurance, no savings, and another kid on the way!
Stu: For your information, bro, I'm working on something that is going to put this branch of the Pickles Family on Easy Street!
Drew: What is it this time, huh? An electric sponge?
Stu: Of course not! That was last year. This is the Reptar Wagon! The ultimate in toddler transportation! The perfect children's toy!
Lou: In my day, we had plenty of fun just throwing rocks at each other. Big bag of dirt clods, that's what the kids want.
Reptar Wagon: I am Reptar! Hear me roar!
Lou: Conflammit! Can't a guy get any work done without getting barbecued?!
Stu: Okay, so maybe real fire isn't the best idea for a children's toy.

Angelica: Oh, brother. You dumb babies got a lot to learn about the facts of life. Now, get out of the way! I've got to get to the dessert table, before the grownups get the good stuff.

Tommy: Can you help us find my sister, Angelica?
Angelica: I wouldn't be in such a big hurry, Tommy, because when the new baby gets here, she's going to get all the toys, and the love, and the attention. And your mommy and daddy will forget all about you.
Tommy: My mommy and daddy won't forget me. My mommy and daddy will love me, no matter what!

Susie: A baby is very neat. A baby is a special treat.
Angelica: Ugh! Who does Susie Carmichael think she is?!

Susie: A baby is very special.
Angelica: A baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty: Everyone, to your stations! [to Howard] Howard, get Stu! [to Charlotte] Charlotte, call the hospital!

Boris: In my day, a woman just dropped her baby in the potato field, and kept going.
Nurse: Ah, yes. The Old Country Room. Why don't we try the Aquatic Emersion Room?
Minka: [after seeing the "Aquatic Emersion Room"] She having a baby! Not a gefilte fish!

Dr. Carmichael: How far are the pains, hon?
Stu: Oh, they are pretty much constant.

Lou: There you are!
Boris: Oy, gevalt! You kinder gave my ticker such a scare!

Dr. Carmichael: Have we got a good reading on the EFM?!

Dr. Carmichael: Here it comes! Gorgeous!

Betty: [to Chaz] Well, that's a start.

Angelica: Oh, that baby's getting on my nerves!

Angelica: Can we go to the circus?
Lou: No! We've had enough of a circus here already!

Igor: [gets off the circus train] Serge, you stay here and watch monkeys. I get us coffee.
Serge: No, Igor. You stay and watch monkeys, and I get us coffee.
Igor: Nyet! Monkeys watch you, I GET COFFEE!
[Cut to inside the diner, both men are drinking coffee and eating donuts; their train is in the view of the window, as the monkeys climb out and on top of the train]
Serge: You know, I think coffee's better in St. Petersburg.
Igor: Nyet. It is better in Kiev.
Serge: No. It's better in St. Petersburg.
Igor: Nothing is better in St. Petersburg!

Stu: [hearing his sons fighting] Excuse me, bro! My tax deductions are crying! [slams the door]
Drew: [opens the door to drop off Angelica's roller skates] You can't deduct them, if you don't have any income! [slams the door]
[Tommy and Dil are still arguing over the teddy. The other babies watch, while Chuckie is exhibiting signs of boredom]
Stu: Tommy! Dil! Boys, what are you doing?!
Chuckie: Ohh...
Stu: Dil...let's say we give Tommy a little turn with the bear, huh? [tries to take the teddy bear, causing Dil to start crying loudly in tantrum] Or not. [returns the teddy bear to Dil. This stops Dil's crying, but now Tommy wails] Hey, champ, [picks him up] why don't you come with me for a minute? I got something to show you that's even better than your old teddy bear.

Stu: You have a little brother now, and that's a big change. Big brothers got to have faith.

Chuckie: Tommy is not going to be happy about this.
Lil: You watch. Once Dil goes back to the Baby Store, Tommy will be so happy without him.
Chuckie: I don't know about this.

Phil: Which way to the hopsicle?
Tommy: We're not going to the hopsicle!
Chuckie: Well, we're going somewheres!

Angelica: CYNTHIA!

Driver: Uh, pardon me, uh, pick-up from Pickles to Japan?
Lou: [tired] Take it away. Take it away!
Driver: [hammers up the goat and leaves the receipt on Lou's lap] Yeah, have a good day.

[Angelica appears wearing Sherlock Holmes clothes]
Angelica: They've taken Cynthia, Spike. Come on, you're gonna be my Bloodhound.

Stu: Deed, just go to the spa and relax. Pop and I are doing fine taking care of the, uh...Pop, where's the crate?
Lou: Oh, the delivery folks must've come.
Stu: Wow. They loaded up and everything, eh?
Didi: [on phone] Stu, let me talk to Tommy.
Stu: Sure, I let you talk to Tommy. Uh...Pop, uh...uhh...where are the kids?
Lou: That's funny. They were here a minute ago playing in the...
Stu and Lou: [looking outside] THE CRATE!
Stu: Uh, Honey...I'm gonna have to call you back.

Didi: [the babies are missing; Didi is distraught at Stu] I can't believe you left them with your father. The man slept through Pearl Harbor for heaven's sake!
Lou: [indignant] I sounded the alarm as soon as I could!

[Dil begins to grunt and grimace; his face has turned dark pink]
Lil: Uh-oh, Tommy, I think your brother's broked again.
Tommy: Oh no! Dil, are you ok?
Phil: I think he's gonna explode.
Dil: Mama, me Backy-Poop.
Tommy: What?
Dil: [shouts] MAMA, ME BACKY-POOP! [soils himself]
Chuckie, Phil, and Lil: EWW!
Tommy: Well, I guess we'll have to change his diapie!
Phil: What do you mean, "we"?

Angelica: You know, not all dogs go to heaven.

[Reporter Rex Pester displays photos as he talks]
Rex: Young Tammy, Baby Dale, the twins Bill and Jill, Little Chunky, and poor sweet Amelia all vanished without a trace. I'm Rex Pester, and I'll be back with more Big Action News!
Betty: That's it!

Phil: Thank Bob.
Lil: Thank you, Bob.

Lil: What's a train doing in the middle of the forest?

Chuckie: Hey, you guys, help me! The monkeys is trying to take Tommy's brother!
Phil: So?

Phil: I didn't know she could fly.
Lil: I think it's cause she's a witch.

[Last lines]
Chuckie: [voice over] So that was our big adventure! The monkeys founded their daddys and we all gots to go home and have fried bologne sandwiches! Except Dil, 'cause he gots no teeth! But if you think things went back to the way they was before, you're wrong 'cause now, thanks to Baby Dil, they was even better! [chuckles]


  • An adventure for anyone who's ever worn diapers.


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