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Scandal is an American political thriller television series starring Kerry Washington. Created by Shonda Rhimes, it debuted on ABC on April 5, 2012. Kerry Washington's character, Olivia Pope, is partially based on former George H.W. Bush's administration press aide Judy Smith, who serves as a co-executive producer.

After resigning from her job (Press secretary) at the white house, she open Olivia Pope & Associates, a prominent crisis management firm, which goal is to protect and defend the public images of the nation's elite by keeping their secrets under wraps. Pope and her team, who call themselves Gladiators in Suits, are at the top of their game when it comes to getting the job done for their clients, but it becomes apparent that they have trouble fixing theirs, specially Olivia who have a particular relationship with her parents and Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (Tony Goldwyn's character), the president of the United States of America.

I'm a Gladiator in a suit, because that's what you are when you work for Olivia Pope.
We're fixers, crisis managers. We make the problems of our clients go away. It's not about solving some crime. It's not about justice. It's about our client.
Mr. President, you don't get to be just like anyone else. That's not the job you signed up for.


Season 1[edit]

Sweet Baby [1.1][edit]

Harrison (to Quinn): Quinn, this is not a blind date. On blind dates, I like to buy a woman dinner because it makes her more likely to either sleep with me or give me a second date. When I buy you dinner, you'll know I'm interested.

Harrison: I'm not a baby lawyer. I'm a Gladiator in a suit, because that's what you are when you work for Olivia Pope. You're a Gladiator in a suit. Do you wanna be a Gladiator?
Quinn: Yes.
Harrison: You have to say it.
Quinn: I wanna be a Gladiator in a suit.

Quinn: Ms. Pope, can I just say, I'm a huge fan, I so admire your work in the White House, it's an honor to work for your law firm.
Olivia: We're not a law firm. We're lawyers but this is not a law firm.
Stephen: Law firms are for pansies.
Abby: We...solve problems. Manage crises. Save reputations.
Quinn: Of course. Right. honor.
Olivia: Harrison feed you a line about being a gladiator in a suit?
Harrison: Liv...
Quinn: He did. And I'm ready. To gladiate. Or...whatever.

Quinn: What do we...can I ask? What do we do? I mean, if we aren't defense attorneys, we're not the District Attorney, it looks like he did it so...what do we do? What CAN we do?
Olivia: Everything and anything. First... we interview him. We listen to him. We watch him. In this moment, we are the judge and we are the jury, the media and the public. This is the moment when we decide who he is. My vote always comes down to my gut and my gut tells me everything i need to know. Next i set the rules. Then I warn them. I always warn them.I have one rule. Do not lie. Not to me or to anyone who works for me. You lie, all bets are off. Got it?.

David: Why am I not surprised that you're on this?
Olivia: You have to give me 48 hours before you arrest or charge Sully Sinclair.
David: I was sleeping.
Olivia: The US Attorney's Office never sleeps. You told me that once.
David: I was being ironic.
Olivia: 48 hours before you arrest or charge.
David: Olivia, you don't have the muscle of the White House behind you anymore. You're just a private citizen who is, by the way, annoying
Olivia: He's a decorated war hero. He's a patriot. You realize the blowback you'll get for rushing to judgment on a patriot?
David: The blowback you'll create?
Olivia: Well...yes. That's my job.
David: Do you actually have the naive belief that waking me up in the middle of the night and threatening me is the correct path to getting your way?
Olivia: I wasn't threatening you. He didn't kill her. My gut says he didn't.
David: Your Spidey senses aren't evidence. I've been on the phone with Homicide. He killed her and ran.
Olivia: 48 hours before you arrest or charge.I can have a reporter out here in 20 minutes. With cameras. Asking why you are persecuting an innocent, handicapped, Congressional Medal of Honor winner. Perhaps because he's a well-known conservative Republican and you are considering a bid on the Democratic ticket next year? Just to be clear? That? Was me threatening you.
David: You have until morning.
Olivia: 36 hours.
David: 24 hours.
Olivia: Sold. Pleasure to see you again.

Quinn: So I read you guys don't try cases? You don't go to court?
Harrison: If we do our job right, we never need to go to court. Look, the reason we're not a law firm? We don't have to play within the rules of the law. We're fixers, crisis managers. We make the problems of our clients go away. Big or small. It's not about solving some crime. It's not about justice. It's about our client.

Olivia (to Amanda Tanner):We are talking about the president of the United States. You wanna burn down his house, you’re gonna have to burn down your own as well.

Stephen: You're going to Camp David to meet with the President...why?
Olivia: Meeting in the White House is too official. Press is there.
Abby: He wants you to take your old job back, doesn't he? He's wooing you.
Olivia: He's not wooing me. We're friends.
Stephen: You and I are friends. He's the leader of the Free World.

Sully(OPA's client): What's going on?
Olivia: We were able to verify your alibi.
Sully: You were. That's good, right?
Olivia: Sully, you're the most decorated soldier since the Vietnam War. You come from a family of soldiers. You make your living giving speeches for the conservative right. And you've said it over and over again : Paige was your best friend. Not your lover. Your best friend.Coming from where you come from, being who you are, being a gay soldier isn't something you feel you can tell anyone. But Paige knew, didn't she? She was your best friend. She knew you were gay, the two of you had a deal.
Sully : You can't show that tape to anyone.
Olivia: I need the name of the man you were kissing.
Sully: No. You can't show the tape, you can't have a name.
Olivia: It's your alibi.
Sully: No. I'm can't tell people that I'm gay. I'm a hero.
Abby: The police have a warrant for your arrest. All due respect, being gay is no big deal compared to that.
Sully: No. I'm a hero. I honor the uniform.
Olivia: Sully

Fitz: You left me.
Olivia: BECAUSE YOU ARE MARRIED! Because you said you wanted to try to dedicate yourself to your marriage! Because you're the leader of the free world and I wanted you to be a better man, I wanted you to be the man I campaigned for, helped get elected, VOTED FOR!
Fitz: look at me.
Olivia: Did you give her that dog?
Fitz: I love you.
Olivia (after slapping Fitz): I believed you! You clouded my judgment! You made me mistrust my gut because I wanted to believe you! I destroyed that girl! She tried to kill herself!

Olivia (to Sully): We may never know who killed Paige. But this isn't about you not going to jail for Paige's murder. This is about you not living a lie. Not hiding. This is about you standing up and being who you are. That's honorable. That's brave. That's heroic. And that's who you are, Sully. You're a hero. You fought a war and you were braver than I can ever imagine being. This is just another war. For every gay person who ever wore a uniform. Be brave now.

Quinn: So...Sully's innocent. He didn't kill Paige?
Harrison: Yes.
Quinn: Then who did?
Huck:Doesn't matter.
Harrison: Doesn't matter. he means, it matters. Just not to us. All that matters to us is Sully. That's the job.
Quinn: You said we were the good guys.
Harrison: We are.
Quinn: Really? I Olivia? Is she one of the good guys?
Harrison: No. She's not one of the good guys. She's the best guy. It's not enough to say it. You gotta believe it.
Quinn: Gladiators. In suits.

Dirty Little Secrets [1.2][edit]

Sharon (Opa new client) : You did a nice job with him, the president getting him elected, I mean.
Olivia: The American people did that.
Sharon: Oh, honey. I followed that election. He was a diamond in the rough before you started working for him. You were responsible for that photoshop with the little girl with cancer, where he played the piano.
Olivia: The guitar.
Sharon: You made him. Why did you leave the White House? No one leaves a job in the West Wing without a good reason.

My white hat's bigger than your white hat.
David : You know what I love about my job? I'm the good guy. The law is on my side. I am the law. The law is me. I work for justice. I uphold the Constitution of these United States. I am a knight for the people. I wear the white hat, and you, Olivia Carolyn Pope, you are a pain in my ass. I had a search warrant for that house, but by the time I got to use it, there was nothing there, because your people took whatever there was to find.
Olivia: Hello, David. Good to see you. Did you get a haircut? It's nice.
David: Where is it, Olivia?
Olivia: Where's what?
David: The list, Olivia. I'm talking about the list and anything else in connection with the illegal business activities of that woman right there.
Olivia: I don't have any list. No one in this office does.
David: I can arrest her, you know? I have enough to arrest her right here, right now.
Olivia: You could, but being an upholder of the constitution, you'd need an arrest warrant, wouldn't you? Do you have one of those? My white hat's bigger than your white hat.

Fitz: Look, you misunderstood what you saw.
Cyrus: I did not misunderstand. It may be a long while since I had an angry lover on my hands, but I do remember what it looks like. You're having an affair with Olivia Pope.
Fitz: I am not having an affair
Cyrus: Having, had, don't Clinton me with words. Something happened between you and Olivia, and something happened between you and Amanda Tanner. I need to know how much trouble we're in.
Fitz: This is not a discussion we are going to have.

Billy: (to Olivia and Cyrus) Maybe this won't come out.
Olivia: It's a dirty little secret, and dirty little secrets always come out. Don't they, Cyrus?

Fitz: You blocked Liv from the White House.
Cyrus: I did, for your own protection.
Fitz: I have the secret service, the national guard, and some very scary marine sentries to protect me. I think Liv can walk through the White House without posing a danger.
Cyrus: I don't think Olivia is the danger. I think the person you need protection from is you. This went up on the "D.C. Sun's" blog today. I need to know what's going on here the details, all the details. We're not going down because you failed to keep your fly zipped.
Fitz: You work for me, not the other way around.
Cyrus: You work for the people, Mr. President. I am the people. You work for me.
Fitz: It's two sentences about a disturbed girl.
Cyrus: Watergate was two sentences about a burglary.

Harrison: Look, everyone pays for sex, at least until they're in a relationship. That's how it works. I buy you dinner. I buy you drinks. That's not out of the goodness of my heart.
Abby: Why do men do it?
Harrison: Honestly, to never have to have a conversation like the one we're having right now.

Fitz: You think they'll get past this?
Olivia: I don't know how they can.
Fitz: I think that those two people want to be together. I think that love, at the end of the day, is stronger than some mistake somebody made. Something they did that they regret. I think that love allows for forgiveness.

Fitz: Really, you're not talking to me now? The leader of the free world is standing on the presidential seal in the oval office, slightly inebriated. I think that would warrant a lecture, at least some words from his majesty Cyrus Beene, king of me.
Cyrus: What do you want me to say? You won't tell me anything. I'm obviously not someone you trust, so you just stand there alone on your presidential seal. Have a party.
Fitz: I know I don't get to do what other men do. Above reproach, my whole life. I'm not John Edwards. I get it. Wear the crown. And that's fine. There's a price. But Liv. Is the love of my life. And she won't even talk to me. Okay? We do not talk about this tomorrow. You hate scotch.
Cyrus: I do. But I don't tonight, not with you, and we won't talk about it tomorrow.
Fitz: You're on my side.
Cyrus: I'm on your side, Mr. President.
Fitz: You think Reagan did this? Hell, Roosevelt? You know Nixon and Clinton did, but Carter or Truman?

Hell Hath No Fury [1.3][edit]

Helen: No.
Lawyer: Helen, we're not going to get a better offer.
Helen: I said no.
Olivia: You're angry, Helen. I understand that. But the quickest way to put this behind you is to settle this now or you're looking at years of appeals, years of unfinished anger-
Helen: How much would you take, Ms. Pope?
Olivia: I'm sorry?
Helen: If you were me, how much would it take you to be able to forget? To forget you'd been strangled, had your clothes ripped off, had some guy pin you down while he forced his fist inside your mouth so hard, you could taste your own blood? How much would it take you to be able to forget all that? To be able to even think of having sex with somebody again? To wake up every morning and not want to kill yourself when you realize it wasn't just a dream, it actually happened? How much would it take you to forget all that? $10 million? 20? How much would you be worth? Hmm? How much?
Olivia: Let's go.

Fitz: They had prosthetic hands. That man saluted me with his left hand because his right hand was blown off by an I.E.D. while he was busy keeping us safe. This country. Its heart.
Cyrus: I wish you were a cynic. Being President is easier for a cynic. Olivia wants a meeting. One sit-down with Amanda Tanner, and it all goes away. I think, I think it's worth it. We do it casually, discreet, somewhere off the grounds. You hear her out, and then it's done. We're free. This is a chance to put Amanda Tanner behind you.
Fitz: Olivia will be there?
Cyrus: Like I said, your life would be so much easier if you were a cynic.

Quinn: So we lost? I mean what happens when we lose? We're just done?
Olivia: We're never done. If we lose this round, we prep him for appeal. If we lose that, we prep him for a second appeal, because whatever happens, there's always another move. Whatever happens, we do not give up. It is my name on that door, and I do not give up.

Travis: It feels kinda cheap.
Harrison: It is. Juries have a natural bias against the exceedingly rich.
Travis: Well, I have a natural bias against rayon. But hey, if it'll help me look as innocent as I am, I love it. Hey, man, be straight with me. What's the point of all this? I mean, if she won't settle, I'm going to prison, aren't I?
Harrison: No more yellow ties. Blue. You can trust a man in blue.

Olivia: Oh, Cyrus. Hello.
Cyrus: I don't know what you think you're playing at, Liv, but I don't take kindly to blackmail.
Olivia: Uh, I'm sorry. What?
Cyrus: I never took you for the "hell hath no fury" type. It's a little trashy, but so is having an affair with a married man.
Olivia: You want to be careful, Cyrus, with how you speak to me, because I might forget that we are friends. Now if you'll excuse me.

Olivia: I was wrong before.
Sandra: Livvie, it's late.
Olivia: I was wrong before about it not being your fault. It is your fault.
Sandra: What?
Olivia: I was wrong before about it not being your fault. It IS your fault... You love him, you do. But you can't fix everything for him. You can't. He's playing you, because you let him. You give him everything he asks for, and you clean up his messes, and you believe him even when he lies to you and that is NOT LOVE. Love is making him face who he is. The best thing you can do for him is to do the best thing FOR him It's not your fault what he did, but letting him get away with it, THAT IS your fault.

Enemy of the State [1.4][edit]

Stephen: You know what's interesting about being engaged? Fiancées don't like it when you get out of bed at 3:00 A.M. to go see another woman. But, you called, I came, and I brought our best friend Shiraz. Liv? Hey, Liv. Hey. Hey. I got it.
Olivia: Amanda's asleep in the guest room. I don't want to wake her.
Stephen: Whatever it is, we will fix it.
Olivia: You should have seen me forcing water down her throat to make her pee. It was like something out of Abu Ghraib.
Stephen: Uh, let me get this clear. Amanda Tanner is-
Olivia: Pregnant with the President's baby, yes.

Olivia: I don't get a hug anymore?
James: Not on Sunday.
Olivia: I'll be quick.
James: I am trying to keep him from dropping dead of a heart attack, a heart attack brought on by people like you.
Olivia: I just need five minutes.
James: Coming by here and thinking he's gonna work on a Sunday. No. He doesn't work on Sunday unless there's a war. Is there a war?
Olivia: Somewhere in the world, there's always a war.
James: When my husband's dead, I'm blaming you.

Cyrus: It's a good speech.
Fitz: It's the same speech every President has given at the O.A.S. for the past 40 years. I'm pretty sure things have changed since the Cuban Revolution, and I'm giving the same speech.
Cyrus: It's a great speech.
Fitz: I bet Eisenhower thought so when he wrote it, but I'd like to say something a little more original.
Cyrus: We employ the best speechwriters in the western world.
Fitz: Are there better ones in the eastern world?
Cyrus: Nobody likes a smart-ass, Mr. President.

Cyrus: These people Liv fixed 'em. That makes them loyal. They'll die for her. I need more, something I can work with. Do better.
Billy: They did find one thing. Olivia Pope had an affair with someone on the campaign. Yeah, we don't have a name yet. We will. Give me a day or two.
Cyrus: That's not useful to us.
Billy: Uh, excuse me. It's a potential gold mine, because other than that, Olivia Pope is purer than Mother Teresa.
Cyrus: Gentlemen, I have a country to run. I'm not gonna stand around and debate with you. It's not useful to us. Move on.

Olivia (to General Florez, OPA Client): I know she seems weak now, but she is smart and powerful. And smart, powerful women like Catalina don’t just curl up and hide when they’ve been wounded. They strike back … by writing memoirs and appearing on talk shows and at benefits and red carpets, talking about women’s rights in the developing world. And how babies were ripped from her arms by a ruthless dictator who can’t run a family, much less a country. And then one day out of nowhere, she’s not just the mother of your children anymore; she’s a hero. And people everywhere—here, your country—love a hero… This woman can be the mother of your child or the face of your opposition.

Cyrus: Don't get up. This won't take long. Let's see, Abby Whelan does her ex-husband know where she is because he’s been looking for her? Stephen Finch he's been a bad boy. This fella Huck, his file reads like "Helter Skelter," a real page-Turner, and that's just the parts that haven't been redacted.
Olivia: Nice show, Cyrus. Very scary.
Cyrus: This is two days' work, and I'm a little worried about all the trees that I'm gonna have to kill to print out the rest of the dirt I will find.
Olivia: You want to go nuclear? I have that option, too. You should see the size of the mushroom cloud that's going to go up when the president is hit with the paternity suit for Amanda's baby. It's gonna make our 20/20 interview look like a hug. Just finishing up some paperwork. I'm going to need some blood.
Cyrus: I really thought I trained you better. You haven't even filed a paternity suit yet. I expected that days ago.
Olivia: You seem awful chipper about all this, Cyrus.
Cyrus: I am. I am. I'll tell you why. I'm a workaholic, and my sweet husband doesn't let me work on Sundays, unless there's a war, which is why I hate Sundays and I really hate to garden. So you can see why I'd be excited, because there is, in fact, a war. There's a bloody, scary war starting right now.
Olivia: You and I are going to war? That's what you want? Fine.
Cyrus: Oh. No. I'm sorry. I wasn't clear. This isn't my war. You know who sent me here? The President of the United States sent me here, to this office, to deliver these piles of dirt. I'm not the general. I'm not the bad guy. I'm just an errand boy who doesn't have to garden anymore. President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III has declared war on you, Olivia, and he does so with the full force of the White House and the legion of men and women who work in the United States Government. May God have mercy on your soul.

Crash and Burn [1.5][edit]

Harrison: When I say "all hands on deck".
Quinn: Harrison, she's our client. She's missing.
Harrison: I mean all hands on deck.
Quinn: We should be doing things. Things should be happening. Shouldn't we at least file a missing persons report?
Harrison: Just 'cause you don't see things happening, doesn't mean things aren't happening. With Olivia, things are always happening.

Stephen: I was this close to getting the mechanic's report.
Olivia: What happened?
Stephen: I lost my superpowers.I'm engaged. I can't use every tool in the box anymore.

Fitz: Amanda Tanner's dead.
Cyrus: How sad.
Fitz: Aren't you gonna ask how it happened?
Cyrus: No. Should I?
Fitz: A young woman died. A member of this administration.
Cyrus: I said how sad I was. You didn't hear me? I'll say it again. How sad. Let's lower the flags.
Fitz: For God sakes, Cy, show some respect.
Cyrus: 128 innocent Americans, children, mommies and daddies and best friends and husbands and wives died in that plane crash yesterday. That's sad. We lost one of the few sane and worthy members of the senate yesterday. That's sad. Four Navy SEALs died in Afghanistan, and that doesn't even touch Sudan, Congo, northern Mexico. That's sad. But the disturbed girl who made it her life's mission to take down this administration, the one who was happily no,gleefully carrying your illegitimate bastard child she's no longer with us? Well, I'm sorry if I'm not sitting shivah. I'm sorry if I can't help but see the millions of people that we'll actually be able to help now that Amanda Tanner is gone. I am sorry, but this is a good thing. It is a good thing for us. It is a good thing for the country.

Huck: (While torturing Charlie) They put me in a hole nobody wants to be in. And I don't mean a metaphorical hole. An actual hole. They took stuff from me, Charlie. So much stuff that I was homeless on the subway, begging for change when Liv found me. Which is why I'm breaking my sobriety 'cause she asked. Ok? I'm telling you this because I want you to understand that I owe her. So I'm not gonna stop until you tell me where Amanda is.

The Trail [1.6][edit]

Fitz(In a flashback to the presidential campaign): It's not our stances on the issues. We are not getting our message out there. People don't know where I stand. The problem is-
Olivia: Your marriage. It looks like you don't screw your wife. Which would be fine, except that family values matter to Republicans. It's why they vote for who they vote for. And since Sally's got Jesus firmly on her side, that just leaves family. Marriage. Yours, whatever the truth may be, from the outside in, looks cold. Distant. Dead. Where is your wife, by the way? People want to like who they're voting for. People thought Al Gore was a big stiff until he stuck his tongue down Tipper's throat. They put George W. in office because he and Laura seemed like a fun couple to have a beer with. People have to want to invite you in for dinner. Right now, you and your wife are standing in their doorway, three feet apart, not looking at each other, letting in the cold air. That's why you lost Iowa. It's why you'll lose New Hampshire.
Fitz: And you are?
Olivia: Olivia. Pope.

Fitz: Fire her.
Cyrus: Ah, she's great, right? A pistol. Lives for her work, a political nun, best student I ever had.
Fitz: Fire her.
Cyrus: 'Cause she said what every staffer on your campaign was afraid to say?
Fitz: Just get rid of her.
Olivia: I'll charge my hotel room to the campaign. Don't worry. I haven't had a chance to raid the hotel minibar. Best of luck, Governor.
Cyrus: Let's be clear about something. I run a sausage factory.
Fitz: Which makes me … sausage?
Cyrus: Handsome, highly qualified, smart, idealistic, and energetic sausage. The stump, the electrifying speeches, the baby kissing that's all you. The nitty-gritty, morally bankrupt, back-alley-brawling rest of the game, that's me. It's filthy and thankless, and it's my hallelujah, heroin, and reason to breathe. And you, you don't have half the stomach for it, so you go and you make nice with Olivia Pope. Get her back, or you can find another sausage maker.

Fitz(In a flashback to the presidential campaign): You decide who you're voting for?
Olivia: I'm apolitical.
Fitz: You don't sleep, you rip ties off innocent bystanders for me, you're killing yourself 24/7 to get me elected, and I don't even have your vote.
Olivia: Well, you're gonna need to earn it, like any other candidate.

Sally(In a flashback to the presidential campaign): Ugh! Who in the holy hell is running that campaign?
Billy: As far as I know, they haven't made any official changes.
Sally: Oh, yeah? That is a big, old pile of dung, Billy Chambers, and you know it. That is not the Fitzgerald Grant I ran against in Iowa. That is a candidate, Billy. A down-home, charming, red-blooded candidate who's stealing my votes. Hell, I'm halfway to voting for him. Now I want to find out who's responsible so we can see what we're dealing with here.

Fitz (talking about Huck (Flashback)): This is the man who's gonna save my campaign?
Olivia: Governor, if they look like weapons, they're hard to keep secret.

Kendal(In a flashback to the presidential campaign): The next question is for you, Governor Grant. Your marriage has received a lot of attention during this primary campaign. And while allegations of infidelity have been dismissed, criticism lingers amongst voters. Why do you think that is?
Cyrus (whispering to Olivia): We knew it was coming.
Fitz: I think that a lot gets lost in translation between real life and packaged news footage. You can't capture 20 years of marriage in a in a snapshot. You can't capture chemistry with a photo op. I know what some people perceive and what the … the whispers are, but … The most honest thing that I can tell you about myself right now, Kendal, is that I'm a man in love with an incredible woman.

Fitz(In a flashback to the presidential campaign): I crushed her in that debate. The whole country saw it.
Olivia: It's hard to win over women when there's a viable female candidate in the race. We've been waiting a long time.
Fitz: So what do we do?
Cyrus: We've got the oppo on her. Three witnesses all willing to speak on the record about snorting coke at a frat party with Sally Langston, back when she was just a Tri Delt.
Olivia: It won't work. You can't nail Sally Langston on morality. Sally found God, Cyrus. Once you find God, all is forgiven. That's kind of the point.
Cyrus: No, the point is we can't win without women.

Fitz (on a flashback to the presidential campaign): God. Please don't. Don't be nice to me. I'm sitting here complaining to you about my wife, which is sleazy and low and not fair to you and the oldest trick in the book. Suddenly I'm looking down at myself and I'm... How did I get here? Why didn't I meet you sooner? What kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?
Olivia: Governor Grant--
Fitz: Oh, for God's sake. We are so far beyond the "Governor Grant" crap. Just say my name.
Olivia: That's crossing the line. It would be inappropriate.
Fitz: Then let's be inappropriate. Say my name.
Olivia: (after a 30 seconds silence) Fitz.

Billy(In a flashback to the presidential campaign): So what? We just … no. No! He is a philandering faux conservative who will destroy everything, every single thing that we have promised to millions of people, honest Americans. What are we gonna say to them?
Sally: Tell 'em to vote. Vote Grant-Langston.
Billy: This makes super Tuesday nothing, a blip. Just listen. All right, not for me, but for the future of our country.
Sally: Matthew 13:24. There's a parable about a group of enemies who plant bad seeds amongst the good ones to ruin the crops. The farmer notices weeds growing amongst the fruit.The servants ask the farmer if they should round up the weeds before the harvest, and what does the farmer say?
Billy: Let them grow together.
Sally: One day, God will burn the weeds and save the fruit, Billy,but for now, let 'em grow.

Grant: For the People [1.7][edit]

Fitz: That's good.
Cyrus: It is. It is good, but I've been fighting him on it, been making all sorts of excuses about why it's not a good idea. I'm not a young man. I work crazy hours. Once you have a kid, your life's no longer your own.

Morris: It's about time they brought you in. They need the big guns on this one.
Olivia: But I can't make any promises.

Some men aren't meant to be happy. They're meant to be great.
Cyrus: And then what?
Fitz: We go be regular people, Cy.
Cyrus: You can't be a regular person. We--we can't. We're not … I … I can't adopt a baby!
Olivia: I'm so sorry.
Fitz: I'm not. I'm not. A man who isn't President has options. A man who isn't President can divorce his wife.
Olivia: Fitz.
Fitz: A man who isn't President can have a life. The life he wants, the life he's always wanted with the woman he loves.
Olivia: The cameras.
Fitz: I don't care.

Cyrus (to Olivia): Of all the paintings in the White House this one is my favorite. Alexander Hamilton-- as brilliant a political thinker as any man or woman who has ever walked these halls, but he wasn't the President. Washington was the President. He was the winner, but Hamilton could pick a winner. He knew who the country needed when they needed it. I don't doubt that he could do it. Live the normal life he's always wanted—walk the dog, mow the lawn-- a simple life, a happy life. For most people, that's fine. It's all they need. For him, it's a waste of talent, of potential. That man was born to be a leader. He was born to do this. Anything less would diminish him and deprive this country. He can talk all he wants about a regular life. Some men aren't meant to be happy. They're meant to be great.

Olivia: He's talking about resigning.
Mellie: You must love that.
Olivia: This isn't about me.
Mellie: Really? Seems like my whole marriage is about you.
Olivia: Mellie, he can't resign. I'm sure we can make some kind of deal.
Mellie: I try to be pleasant. I try to be... I'm the First Lady. There are sacrifices. There's a price. And for a time, that was fine. You and I wanted the same thing. Fitz in the Oval. We were on the same team, you and I, and everything was fine. I just don't understand what happened.
Olivia: What happened?
Mellie: You let that girl get into his pants! You left the team, Liv! You fell down on the job! You broke his heart, and you left him open and vulnerable and helpless. And that is how that snake Billy Chambers got that shiny red Amanda apple right into Fitz's hand. I do my job. I smile, and I push him, and I make sure he has what he needs. I do my job. Why couldn't you do yours?

Fitz: Thanks. You can put this one at the top of your resume. Truly a masterpiece. The one interview that fixed it all.
Olivia: Not all of it is fixed. There's still Billy Chambers'credibility, but this should take care of that. It's Cyrusapproved.
Cyrus: We're ready for you, Mr. President.
Olivia: Lean forward during the denials of the affair. Keep your eyes on Mellie when she's talking.
Fitz: I know how to fake it with my wife. You taught me well.

Morris: Ms. Pope, you did it again.
Olivia: The President has a great team.
Morris: Nah. Don't give me that. Listen, I don't exactly know what you do or how you do it, but when you walk through these gates, things start happening. The press starts falling in line, the Secret Service gets extra secret, and the problems-- they just kinda disappear. And when you go back out,everyone's breathing a little bit easier.

Sally: I don't think it's gonna be enough. I think it's wonderful the First Lady is standing by you, but I don't think The American people are gonna be so quick to follow in Mellie's lead.
Fitz: And that's exactly why I need you to show them the way, Sally.
Sally: Sir?
Fitz: I want you to hold a press conference tomorrow. I want you to express your shock and dismay over the actions of Billy Chambers. I want you to condemn his allegations as baseless and false. And I want you to tell the nation that you support your President.
Sally: Well, now I'm just afraid that dog won't hunt.
Fitz: We need to think about what's best for the country. About the stability of our economy. We have a duty that goes beyond our ideological differences. Focusing on my sex life is bad for the nation. It's bad for the White House, and it's bad for you. Our first female President ought to be elected by the will of the people, not by some ugly back-door political agenda.
Sally: Mr. President, I have based my whole career, my whole public life, on my values. Strong, conservative, Christian values. And I know that might seem naive to you and your Ivy League crowd, I know what you say about me behind closed doors, but those are my beliefs. They are not accessories I put on to win votes. So if you think you can treat me like some religious lunatic sideshow act who will drop everything she believes for political expediency, you have gravely misjudged me.
Fitz: You know what? I think I have. Now, how old was your Cassidy last spring? 14, 13? They grow up so fast. Anyway, we know she wasn't 18, because Georgia requires parental notification for a minor to obtain an abortion. That must have been awful, for you and Dan to get that call. It brings to mind the Gospel of John. Something about he who is without sin casting the first rock. Or stone. I don't know. You know it better than I do. Thanks, Sally. That will be all.

Season 2[edit]

You are the First Lady. Your job is to plant gardens and decorate rooms and let them blog about your clothes. You're ornamental, not functional.

Whites Hats Off [2.1][edit]

Fitz(Yelling at Mellie): NO ONE ELECTED YOU!! You're not the president! You don't weigh in on foreign policy! Your opinion doesn't matter! You are the First Lady. Your job is to plant gardens and decorate rooms and let them blog about your clothes. You're ornamental, not functional. So, don't come into the oval and try to use your brain because no one cares.
Mellie: You always did know just the right way to hurt me. I understand that you miss "her". But, to take it out on me? Really?

Olivia (to Quinn): I don’t have to answer to you. I have to produce for you. I don’t do lost causes or tilt at windmills. I don’t perform miracles or do the impossible. I make cold calculations about difficult situations and I do not take on anything I know I won’t win. And i will win this. I just need you to trust me. I promise you. I will not let you die in here.

Fitz: Liv?
Olivia: No, pretend I’m somebody else. Somebody you hate. Hang up.
Fitz: You hang up.

Harrison: Gladiators in suits, remember? You know I’ve gotta make you say it.
Quinn: Gladiators in suits.

The Other Women [2.2][edit]

Olivia: I'm saying 23 hardworking Americans are staying late at night so you can call me.
Fitz: You want me to hang up?
Olivia: How are you?
Fitz: I'm serving out my sentence in the crown jewel of the American prison system. How are you?

Fitz: Can we skip to the end?
Mellie: What?
Fitz: You come in, tell me how I'm failing you, I yell, you yell, I feel guilty about yelling at the mother of my children, you're cold, and then you leave. Can we skip right to you leaving?

David (to Olivia): You just expect me to bend the law for you once again out of blind faith and admiration. You pour a good bourbon, Olivia, but so does the dive bar down the street.

Huck: This is where they took you.
Quinn: Yeah.
Huck: No, I mean, this is where they took you. Lindsay Dwyer. When they do something like that you can’t go back. They said seven people died in that explosion. They were wrong. It was eight. Let’s go home.

Mellie (to Nancy, pastor Drake’s wife): You thought the two of you were partners. You thought the problems in your marriage were solvable. You thought 'for better or worse' meant something. You thought no matter what he'd be faithful. Nancy, right now, you are angry, right now you feel betrayed, but here's the thing. You are his partner. You are his wife. Some mistress doesn't change that. He made a mistake. You have to forgive him for it. You weren't wrong about him. You were just stronger than he was. And he is not a monster. He's the man you fell in love with. You have to bury the man that you married. Somewhere in all the cheating, Nancy, is the man that you married. Be his wife, right to the end. Be his wife.

Olivia (to Anna, pastor Drake’s Mistress): What you want is 15 Christmases on December 25th, 15 birthdays, 15 years of sleeping next to him and waking up with him. You want anniversary dinners, you want parent-teacher conferences, and school plays. You want fights over whose turn it is to wash the dishes and walk the dog. What you want, what you've always wanted, is to be part of his life. Now he's gone you want to be part of his legacy. But you aren't and you never were. And I can get you six million dollars to try and fix how much that hurts, but that is all that I can do.

Olivia: (talking about Pastor Drake) She was his mistress. The woman in the handcuffs. He loved her.
Fitz: What do you want me to do, Liv? Tell me what to do and I'll do it.
Olivia: Let me go.
Fitz: Anything but that.

Cyrus (to James): I can’t have a baby with you. Because I already have a baby and his name is Fitzgerald Grant. And my baby is troubled and angry and exhausting, and brilliant and he might actually change the world if I can keep my eyes on him every minute and make sure he eats his vegetables and so I don’t have time or the energy or extra space in my soul for another baby, James. I’m sorry. I don’t. I can’t. I don’t have it in me to take care of someone else. Because I’m busy taking care of the United States of America.

Hunting Season [2.3][edit]

Edison: I took an oath to do the exact opposite of what you're asking me to do.
Olivia: You always did put your career above all.
Edison: Takes one to know one.

Cyrus(to Fitz): You're ticking, sir. You're ticking. You know how I know you're ticking? Up until you saw this picture, you've been happy. Lately, you've been happy, and don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed it. Not because of the happiness but because it's been weird, like seeing a grandma in a bikini or a Democrat with a Bible. You're happy, but we both know that happy people are rarely actually happy, unless they're morons. You are a brilliant man, a Rhodes scholar and a PhD, which means you're acting happy because she won't take your calls, and you won't admit that it bothers you and god knows what else that goes on in the Shakespearean drama that is the women in your life. You're ticking, sir. You're a bomb stuffed in a teddy bear waiting to explode.

David: What's the one thing we know about Olivia Pope?
David’s Assistant: Well, she's well-dressed, she's a workaholic...
David: Olivia Pope doesn't use her magic for evil, she uses it for good. Olivia Pope doesn't move Heaven and Earth and further corrupt the justice system unless she knows at the end of the day she can put on the white hat and ride out of town.

Olivia: (to Fitz) I am not yours. I don’t show up places because you want me. I am not yours. This is over.

Artie(OPA client): Do you know the kinds of things they'll do to a man? I heard by the end you're begging them to kill you.
Huck: Is that so?

Fitz(to Cyrus): I want you to unleash a legal tsunami. Don't just empty both barrels. We go nuclear on this.

Olivia: We fight this with the network, not in court. We stiffen their backbone, freedom of the press, unconstitutional intrusion of the right to privacy.
Quinn: A man's cell phone is his castle.

Karen(NSA Agent): where is he?
Karen(NSA Agent): don't get cute you are in enough trouble? Harboring a fugitive, obstracting justice...
Olivia:I am confused what are you talking about?
Karen(NSA Agent): the tv interview is cancelled which mean you lost him. Thorngate, our greatest weapon in the entire planet is out as we are speaking.
Olivia: that's your problem.
Karen(NSA Agent):excuse me?
Olivia: Artie Hornbacher played us. For two days he wagged our dog. I'm not proud of that. But he played you for 16 years. Who knows what secrets he stole along the way, right out from underneath your nose. What a great story! The kind of story that leads to Congressional hearings and mass firings and books and movies. Juicy stuff.
Karen(NSA Agent):what do you want.
Olivia:12 hours to find and deliver Artie then we call it even.
Karen(NSA Agent):i'll give you till tomorrow, if i didn't hear from you, i'll take you and your entire team in detention, indefinitely.

Mellie: Get over her.
Fitz: Mellie…
Mellie: You see her again, and I’ll blow you away. And I’m an excellent shot, remember?

Quinn (to Abby): I am not a murderer and I am not a liar, and I'm not going anywhere. So the sooner you get over it, the better. And I go by one name now and it's not Lindsay.
Harrison: (laughing, mocking): I'm Quinn, bitch.

Olivia: Huck you didn't...
Huck: I didn't hurt him. Much. Anyway, they have him now.
Olivia: Huck if I opened a door that you can't close.
Huck: Doors are closed. I'm okay. I am. You don't worry about me. I'm handling it.
Olivia: Thank you.
Huck: No, thank you.

Beltway Unbuckled [2.4][edit]

Mellie: I want a seat at the table.
Cyrus: You have a seat at the table.
Mellie: The kiddie table. I want a seat at the adult's table like I was during the election. Or have you forgotten how things worked back then?
Cyrus: We've all made sacrifices, me as much as anyone. That was the election. This is the White House and in the White House, this is the way things work.

Cyrus: You can't be here.
Olivia: I wouldn't have come if I didn't I need a favor.
Cyrus: I've just left a meeting with three staffers who think Kurkistan is next to Morroco. God I miss you. Also you can't be here.
Olivia: A young girl was brutally left to die--
Cyrus: Yes, dead girl, violence, murder, people are bad, I'm feeling emotions. The only reason I let you through those gates is because he's on the Hill right now. You can't be here. He's not doing well. He's struggling. He's suffering. And seeing you will make it worse.
Cyrus: I could be running Harvard right now. I had the job. I turned it down.

Fitz [to Olivia]: I'm not sure why you came to the White House. Did you show up here to awaken my conscience? Make me see the error of my ways? Because I'm awake. I see the errors, thank you.

Olivia : Edison, you're being investigated by the ethics committee for discussing intel with me. They're not going to let you past the guard gate. The President has de-friended you.

Cyrus: It's smart, it's brilliant, the optics, the staging. She's taking my playbook and throwing it in our faces.
Fitz: She has the moral high ground here, Cy. An American girl was murdered and those parents deserve justice. The better half of me wants to throw that son of a bitch in prison, immunity be damned--
Cyrus: Sir--
Fitz: The political half of me knows I can't. Keep your pants on.

Huck: Is there artificial sweetener in that?
Abby: People and their secrets. Between this one and Olivia, it's like we're living in the Soviet Union. Hell, I'm an open book. What about you, Huck? What's your secret?
Huck: Artificial sweetener makes rats spit up blood?

Verna: You try so hard to get that man to walk away from you. Have you ever stopped to consider how painful it's going to be if you succeed? If he actually does walk away?
Olivia: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Verna: We worked on the general election together, and I'm not stupid. And we've been through far too much together to pretend. And you're pushing him away because you think it's the right thing to do, as if right and wrong are fixed.

Verna: Liv, I've seen you two together. You breathe in sync.
Olivia: You have a very active imagination.

Olivia: What do you want, Mellie?
Mellie: Your story, that protest, it's starting to die. The crowds get smaller every day, and my husband's administration is refusing to engage. It would be a great help to you if the First Lady of the United States took a stand on this, wouldn't it?

Fitz: The woman's a political genius?
Cyrus: Which one?
Fitz: Huh?
Cyrus: Mellie or Liv?
Fitz: Both of them... They worked together. I...they worked together.
Cyrus: The women in your life play a very mean game of political chess.
Fitz: Game over. They win.

Abby (to Huck & Harrison about Olivia): If she would talk to someone, let someone in once in a while, maybe she wouldn't wear out so many pairs of expensive shoes. To Hell with it. I'm going in.

Fitz: I wanted to see you.
Olivia: Why? What's the point?
Fitz: I'm going to the G8 tonight. You want to hitch a ride on Air Force One? No, I didn't think so.
Fitz: You must really hate me. For falling in love with you...
Olivia: Can I walk out of here or will I be stopped by Tom and Hal?
Fitz: Liv--
Olivia: Where can this go, really? Other than me joining the Mile High Club with you in Air Force One, how is there any future here?
Fitz: Fine. We're done.
Olivia: What?
Fitz: I'm letting you go. That's what you want, right?
Fitz: You go your way, I'll go mine. I'm married. I have children. I can't do this. It's not fair to you, or to me, or to Mellie, or to the country. I have to be responsible. Right?
Olivia: Right.

Quinn: Why is Abby the only one who ever questions Olivia?
Harrison: Come again?
Quinn: Look, I'm trying here, okay, I am. I'm trying to be a team player. I'm trying to be just another associate at Pope and Associates but every time I look at Olivia, I think, this woman saved my life, and she won't tell me how and she won't tell me why. And I know she's done things for all of us, fixed all of us, but no one asks her any questions. We all just do whatever she says, and doesn't that ever bother you?
Harrison: You know what I think about when I look at Olivia? My bookkeeping degree. That's what you do, right, when you spend eight years in federal prison? That's what I was facing for insider trading. Eight years of my life wasted if she hadn't saved me. So the way I see it, Liv's a good person. And if a good person has to do something bad for the right reasons, I'm down with that. So i don't want to know the how's. I don't want to know the why's. I just want to come to work every day thankful that I didn't have to earn a bookkeeping degree.

Huck (confessing in A.A.): Earlier tonight I went out. I went out hard. I drank a lot of whiskey. I wish I could say I didn't enjoy it, that I felt sick to my stomach, couldn't even look at myself in the mirror afterward, but I can't say that. Because it was perfect. And that kind of perfection doesn't make me feel weak. It makes me feel strong. I looked at myself in the mirror and I finally recognized that person I once knew so well. That person who went out all the time, sometimes just for fun. And now that I've seen that person again, I don't know if I could ever go back.

All Roads Lead to Fitz [2.5][edit]

Olivia (to Quinn): You'd be surprised what powerful people can get away with behind closed doors.

Harrison: Women like going to a nice restaurant, it's a universal truth.
Huck: Will I need a reservation? It's tomorrow. That's too late to make a reservation.
Harrison: You just hacked into the NSA's mainframe and you don't think you can make yourself a dinner reservation?
Huck: Good point.

Verna: The stuff we did, it never goes away, does it? Like one big, bloody hospital gown.
Olivia: I prefer to think that anything can be fixed.
Verna: Then you're a fool.

Mellie: He's your husband.
Cyrus: He's a journalist. Inside this building he's a journalist and you know it and you know how I know you know it? Because you're a terrifying political animal who would eat off her own foot if it meant you could get ahead. A trait I respect. But the President is at the G8 in Tokyo and what is the rule when the President is out of the country? All roads...
Mellie: All roads lead to Fitz.

Mellie: Like you said, I am a terrifying, political animal. So, I want to be clear. I will not attend any more of those meetings again. If any of this comes up, I will deny, deny, deny. And if anyone ever asks me about Defiance --
Cyrus: …Ok. First of all, you will attend whatever meetings you need to attend. They are not optional. Not for me, not for you, not for anyone else. Two, if this ever comes up, you won't have time to deny because that means we are already going down in flames. Three, You may be an animal, but I am a monster. And I am much more terrifying than you can ever imagine. And while I respect your position as First Lady, I will do whatever is necessary to make sure things go accordingly. So Mellie, do not ever speak the word Defiance in my presence again..

Edison: I can stop dropping by, I can stop calling, I can stop asking. But you never tell me to stop.
Olivia: Edison, I don't want you to stop. I want you to keep asking. But I'm not ready to say yes.

Cyrus: I'm mad at my husband. And I need a drink at dinner.
Olivia: Dinner is popcorn. But lucky for you I just opened a Bordeaux that'll bring tears to your eyes.

Cyrus: James is working at the White House press corps to punish me.
Olivia: So separate your work life from your personal life.
Cyrus: Really? How’s that working out for you?

Olivia: I don't like it when the bad guys get away.
Cyrus: Then you shouldn't have come to Washington.

Spies Like Us [2.6][edit]

Abby: Huck was a trained killer spy.
Harrison: I don't think 'was' enters into it. Once a killer spy, always a killer spy, right?

Huck: We are in my wheelhouse now...I'm supposed to be a ghost. If my name, and not my real name, but Huck, my name, the alias that goes with this life at Pope and Associates, if my name is on a list, it's time to disappear. So I can't stop.
Olivia: Crosby sent the list to me, the check is in my name, too, so whatever this is, whatever I'm supposed to protect you against, that's in my wheelhouse, and we can fix this.

Huck: Let's just say that we did things, things that would make it hard for you to sing the National Anthem and mean it. In the name of National security, we were the bad guys.

Abby: Spies listen to the radio?
Huck: Anything high-tech you can break into. With a radio, you can't trace where it comes from, you can't trace who's listening. The radio is how we talk to each other, how all spies talk to each other. All around the world. You listen every day and every day there's no message. Years go by and decades and there's no message and then one day you listen and the code word comes.
Abby: And then what happens?
Huck: It's time to come home.

Harrison: What do you need? Whatever it is that's going on, whatever it is that you're thinking about when you're sitting in here all by yourself, tell me what you need and I will do it, no matter what.
Olivia: You don't want to get involved.

Harrison (to Olivia): Don't insult me by calling me your job. Because I'm not your job. I am your family. I am your gladiator. And that is not a job to me. That's who I am. And right now you need me, so no questions asked, no matter what, whatever you need. Give me some marching orders, Liv.

Edison (to Olivia): Invite me in. It's time. Because I am a man and I don't play games. And you and I are very good together. So let me in or I walk away.

Defiance [2.7][edit]

Fitz: I thought I said I didn't want a big party?
Mellie: Well, we can't always get what we want, can we?

Edison: Honesty isn't a strategy, Olivia.
Olivia: Saying 'honesty isn't a strategy,' is a strategy.
Edison: This is who I am.
Olivia: I know, and it's refreshing and bracing and very Jimmy Stewart.

Cyrus: There's a limit to our influence.
Hollis: Exceed it. I'm getting tired of reminding. You owe me.
Cyrus: Funny, I'd say you never seem to tire of it.

Olivia: You want Edison to win, why?
Cyrus: Because that means he's over you! I get my president back! Hey, you asked.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President 2.8][edit]

Fitz: What’s wrong?
Olivia: (exhales)
Fitz: You pace in circles when something’s wrong. When you’re just thinking it’s back and forth. When something’s wrong, circles.
Olivia: Did you need something, Mr. President?
Fitz: You know you used to sound sexy when you call me Mr. President. Now it sounds like I’m just a gym teacher.
Olivia: Did you need something, Mr. President?
Fitz: The Sally Hemings-Thomas Jefferson comment was below the belt.
Olivia: Because it’s so untrue?
Fitz: You’re playing the race card because I’m in love with you? Come on! Don’t belittle us. It’s insulting and beneath you and design to drive me away. I’m not going away.
Olivia: I don’t have to drive you away. You are married and you have children. You’re the leader of the Free World. You are away by definition. You are away. You’re unavailable.
Fitz: So this is about Mellie?
Olivia: No, no, no! This is- I smile at her and take off my clothes for you. I wait for you. I watch for you. My whole life is you. I can’t breathe because I’m waiting for you. You own me, you control me, I belong to you-
Fitz: You own me! You control me. I belong to you. You think I don’t want to be a better man? You think that I don’t want to dedicate myself to my marriage? You don’t think I want to be honorable? To be the man you voted for? I love you. I’m in love with you. You’re the love of my life. My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face. I can’t breathe without you. I can’t sleep without you. I wait for you, I watch for you. I exist for you. If I could escape all of this and run away with you? There’s no Sally and Thomas here. You’re nobody’s victim, Liv. I belong to you. We’re in this together.

Blown Away [2.9][edit]

Quinn:I'm new to the field of remote controlled sniper rifles. Is there a trade magazine they send out to enthusiasts, psychopaths, assassins?

Cyrus: I have another office, Mary. You're standing in it and I'm not leaving here until President Grant, the only President of this great nation, leaves his hospital bed.

Quinn: A woman tells you to kidnap someone and you don't ask why? Is Olivia Pope really worth that kind of loyalty?
Huck: My girlfriend is missing and I'm trying to find her. Are you gonna help me or not?

Verna: Is there something I can do for you?
Sally: You can take care of yourself, for your own good, for the good of the country. You can focus on your health, concentrate your energies on getting better. Such a stressful job can't be good for you at a time like this.
Verna: I'm not stepping down from the bench.
Sally: Justice Thornton, your President is making a request of you. Wouldn't be patriotic not to acquiesce.
Verna: You're gonna be President for about the next 15 minutes, and then your time will be done. And I will still be on the bench. If I have to rule from the confines of an iron lung, I will be on the bench.
Sally: The seat your butt is filling on the Supreme Court belongs to me to fill as I see fit. It was promised to me during the campaign, and for someone other than a left wing, baby-killing, homosexual-loving, godless creature such as yourself. I want it now, and you will give it to me.

James (to Cyrus): It's been 4 hours without a political hit in your veins. I thought you might be huddled in the corner mainlining C-Span and trying to snort shredded pieces of the Congressional record up your nose.

Huck: Who are you?
Becky: I'm Becky, Like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm? Nice to meet you, Huck, of Huckleberry Finn.

Becky (to Huck): You like to kill people. It's what you do. It's who you are. Look, you're mad right now because I had you. Because you let your guard down and I fooled you, but Huck, you're missing the point. We're alike. You're like me. We're the same. We're built for each other. So you can sit here every night and watch your little family eat their sandwiches, or you can come with me. Come with me. I'm leaving town. We can go on the run and do the whole Bonnie and Clyde for hire thing, just you and me. Think about it, Huck.

Olivia: Mellie's let me visit him exactly once and then she revoked my privileges. I might not even get to say goodbye.
Cyrus: I'm going to say this once, and I better not ever have to say it again. Don't you ever again suggest to me that Fitzgerald Thomas Grant the Third is going to die. That is unacceptable coming from you. He calls you the love of his life. Don't you dare give up on him.

Olivia (to Cyrus): You are not going to grow old alone. You're never alone. I'm here.

Olivia: He's lying in a hospital room fighting for his life and he had nothing to do with how he got elected. He's a patriot and he's legitimate.
Verna: We're both in hospital rooms. Karma is a funny thing. We're paying the price for what we did.

Verna: You know, I've been seeing pictures of that fellow wearing the red hoodie all day. He looks a lot like Huck.
Olivia: Huh.
Verna: Like I said, karma's a funny thing.

Olivia: Huck, I know you have feelings for this woman, but enough already. She doesn't love you. Turn her in.
Huck: No.
Olivia: Huck, this isn't just about you anymore. It's about a man lying in a hospital bed because your girlfriend shot him in the head. A woman who's clearly using you to protect herself, and if you can't see that, you're blind.
Huck: Don't touch me. Do I tell you who to love? No. So don't tell me.

James: You set the table.
Cyrus: Amalia set the table. She's off today, but I made her come in and set the table. I'm a Republican overload, I know.

Cyrus: A baby was born at County General this evening at 5:42 p.m. A girl, 5 pounds 11 ounces. She's ours. She's our daughter. We can bring her home in a week if you say yes.
James: You stole a baby?
Cyrus: I did not--
James: You bought a baby?
Cyrus: I pulled some strings and got us to the front of the line. It wasn't that hard, just a well-placed phone call, which is wrong. Very wrong. But like I said, I'm a Republican overlord and your dream is a baby, so...and now you're thinking 'why now' when I didn't want a baby before. Why now? Someone shot my best friend. He's lying in a hospital bed dying. Which makes me denying us a chance to start a family seem ludicrous. So there's a baby girl in County General, and if you say yes, in one week, she could be our daughter. We could be her fathers. If you say yes.
James: Yes.

One for the Dog [2.10][edit]

David (to Pentagon’s agents) : I'm a US Attorney, gentlemen. I represent the United States of America. The United States of America is in this room. So you need to watch how you treat the prisoner on American soil.

Olivia: Do you understand that we live in a democracy? With laws and rules and civil discourse? This is not Nicaragua. You can't just--
Cyrus: What, steal the White House? Yes, we can. It's been done before. Will be done again.
Mellie: I can sign Fitz's signature in my sleep. I can do it perfectly. I've been doing it since he was governor. But I did not sign this paper lightly. I did not sign this without using my head. I'm not some man reacting out of rage and then thinking later. I am a woman. So I thought about it. And I made my decision. Because we let that snake, Hollis, play in our garden for so long we can't turn him in to the Feds, or turn him over to the cops, or to the courts and wait for justice to be served. Because we have to protect Fitz. We have to protect secrets. We all got in bed with the Devil together and nobody wants to go to Federal prison. So I wrote a letter and I signed it. I broke the law. I broke the Constitution. And I would do it again.

Pat: I just wanted to see how things were going.
David: I can't tell you because telling you would be a violation of the Patriot Act and I might end up in the basement of the Pentagon being beaten and then waterboarded to within an inch of my life. Not that that ever happens.

Pat [to David]: No one wants to see you succeed more than I do, but you can't just talk about wearing the white hat. You can't just fight the good fight. We live in the real world. Remember that.

Harrison: We're out of our depth. Liv runs with the big dogs. And you know, I'm starting to think...
Abby: What?
Harrison: Liv worked in the White House. The President was shot. Huck's in jail for doing it. One of the richest men--Hollis Doyle--might be behind it. This is next level stuff. Grassy knoll-level stuff.

Harrison: There's a whole other layer of D.C., you know, where real politics happen. Where decisions are made. Not about democracy or the flag, but power. This is about things that go bump in the night. Stuff that regular Americans never hear about. This is the real deal. We don't question Liv on this.

Hollis (to Sally): In a game of Texas hold'em, and that's all that life ever really is, you never want to tip your hand. So get someone else to do your bidding.

Sally (to Olivia): Leap of faith? It's swallowing tacks and expecting to puke up a unicorn.
You can't just talk about wearing the white hat. You can't just fight the good fight. We live in the real world.

Mellie: How are you holding up?
Olivia: Me? I’m fine.
Mellie: It’s not easy living a lie, pretending everything’s perfect when it’s not. I learned that lesson a while ago. I keep asking myself, what am I going to do? I mean, I can keep the stories going for so long until…What if he never wakes? What am I gonna do? What are you going to do? Do you ever ask wonder that? What you’re gonna do without him?

Edison: Olivia, if that letter from President Grant was forged, there will be joint congressional hearings and letters of impeachment. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will turn the Senate chamber into a courtroom, and you will be the star witness for the prosecution. Forging that letter, or helping whoever did, would be staging a coo. It is an act of domestic terrorism.
Olivia: You have no idea what you're talking about.
Edison: I am the leader of the Senate. If my job description requires, I won't hesitate to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. And guess what? I make the law. So you talk it over with whomever you need to talk it over with and you let me know when the President is ready to see me.
Olivia: Goodbye, Edison.

Becky: The president is not going to Camp David, is he?
Huck: Nope.
Becky: So, by the time I reach for gun, you would've put four bullets in me?
Huck: Five. One for the dog.

A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar [2.11][edit]

Olivia (to Edison): FIVE:that's sexist and insulting. You'd never suggest Scooter Libby was screwing Dick Cheney. FOUR: the lengths you're going to try to twist this into a conspiracy are cause for concern. You should speak to someone about that. THREE: the President is awake and talking and the suggestion that he isn't is partisan political crap that I thought you had enough integrity to rise above. TWO: in the past three minutes, you have called me a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar, so this is pretty much the last time we'll be speaking, so ONE: who I am or am not screwing, what I am or am not doing, is no longer any of your damn business.

Hollis: I may be a son of a bitch, but Fitz is clean as a whistle. Am I right, Cyrus?
Cyrus: He's the real deal. A patriot. A bleeder.
Hollis: How rare is that? How often does that come along?
Verna: Once in a generation, if you're lucky.

Olivia: Do you even want to be President?
Fitz: Obviously...
Olivia: You're running like you're being chased. You're not running like you want to cross the finish line first, and so I'm asking you, do you want it? Or are you just wasting everyone's time, and money, and energy, and faith, and hopes, and dreams?

Olivia: You almost died.
Fitz: Yes.
Olivia: Don’t do it again.
Fitz: Okay.
Olivia : why do you want to do this interview ?
Fitz : This is my office. I'm the President. They can shoot me if they want to, but I'm not going anywhere because the people of this country elected me to this office and the people deserve to see me and know that I'm in charge.

Mellie: What do you think? What do you want? If you could have anything...
Fitz: I want a divorce.

Cyrus (to Olivia): Let's not play innocent here. Fitz is clean. Fitz walks on water. Fitz makes the fishes and the loaves, and people like Hollis, me, and you...don't roll your eyes at me. You are one of us Olivia. We march behind him, We sing his happy tune. And then we pick up our hatchets and we chop the Judases into bloody little pieces and dance around the corpses because that;s our job. That is what we do. We take care of Fitz. And we don't do it because we are believers, which we are. We don't do it for the rush or the high or the power, which we are most certainly junkies for. We do it because Fitz can't. He cant't do it. If he could do it, we wouldn't worship at his altar. People like Fitz, they go down in history. People like us, we create the history. We run this world so he can lead it.

Truth or Consequences [2.12][edit]

Cyrus: One hell of a grade "A" delusion that makes you believe that while in office you could divorce your nine-months-pregnant wife and what? Kick her out of the White House and move in your mistress? No, you can't think that, because we're not French. Marry your mistress? Now, Liv is a lovely, smart woman. I can't get enough of her. But she is not exactly a hue that most of your republican constituents would be happy about, even if they could get past the divorcing and the cheating and the abandoning of America's baby. It concerns me, sir, how big your delusion is.
Fitz: Here's what's great about having someone attempt to assassinate you. You're being rushed somewhere on a gurney, and doctors are yelling, and blood is pouring out of you, and you could die. And you suddenly stop being afraid, of anything, or anyone. And when you don't die, when you miraculously live, you realize that you have nothing to lose and no time to waste.

Huck: Hollis Doyle has to go. I can take care of that for you if you want.
Olivia: Huck, you have to stop killing people.
Huck: Why? It solves the problem.

David (to Olivia): This doesn't make us even. Not even close. And it won't stop me from coming after you, guns blazing, both barrels, if it looks, as I strongly suspect, that you were involved in illegal activity, or worse, if you try to screw me again. In that case, God help you.

Cyrus: And if what we did gets out?
Olivia: Then it gets out, and we're brought to justice.
Cyrus: You're willing to bring down the whole Republic because you feel guilty. You know what our electoral process is! It's magical! It's like believing in Santa or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny Magical, as long as they believe. What you're doing is telling the people that the shiny presents and the bulging stockings on Christmas morning are just mom and dad staying up all night to do the work. You're telling them we're Santa, we're the Easter Bunny, we're the Tooth Fairy. You're taking the magic away! You're ruining Christmas morning, and the whole Republic is gonna come crumbling down because you're not tough enough to do what needs to be done!
Olivia: Get your house in order, Cyrus. And hire a lawyer. A good one.

Mellie (to Cyrus): You're supposed to hate the woman. Isn't that the standard trope? The seductress, the slut, the tramp who led your man astray. And I do. I loathe Olivia Pope. But it's a boring sort of hate. Uninteresting, cliche'. It's hard to even get my back into it. But...Fitz? I found him. I cleaned him up after that monster who raised him damaged his spirit. I am the one who told him he was someone. I am the one who cheered him on and listened to him ramble about his hopes and his dreams. I am the one who focused him. I did all the work. I did all the work and now she gets to reap the benefits? No. No, I made him. He exists because I say he exists.

Olivia: The guilt. It was eating me alive. That white hat was starting to feel like it was a lie.
Harrison: Hey. That white hat will always belong on your head.

Quinn: $5 million to kill the President. Wow, that's like a bargain.

Nobody Likes Babies [2.13][edit]

Mellie: I married you for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, til death do us part. There will be no divorce, honey.
Fitz: Do not push me.

Fitz: This isn't theoretical anymore, Liv. It's real. Say you'll wait for me. We love each other. We belong together. So say it.
Olivia: I'll think about it.

Cyrus: Surprised to see you down here.
Mellie: Why?
Cyrus: You have a new baby.
Mellie: You have a new baby and you're at work.
Cyrus: Yes, but...
Mellie: But you're a man.
Cyrus: I was trying to think of a nice way to say 'yes, but I don't like babies.'
Mellie: Nobody likes babies.

Mellie (to Cyrus): Cyrus, if Fitz goes public with this divorce, I will go nuclear. I will walk out in front of the press and I will explain to them that my marriage is over because while I was pregnant with his child, my husband was having an affair with Olivia Pope. I will leave him, and I will take his children with me. I will take every penny he has in the bank and every dollar of political capital that he has in this town. I will court feminist groups and mothers groups and religious groups. I will bury him. And I will dance on his grave. And then? I will run for office.

Cyrus (to James): I wasn't made to be the Chief of staff. Do you know what I was made to be? I was made to be the President of the United States. I was made to lead the nation. I was made to ensure this country's place in the world for generations to come. I would've been great at that. I have the stones. I have backbone. I have the will. I would have been a great President. But guess what, I'm fairly short, and I'm not so pretty, and I really like having sex with men, so instead of being President of this land, that I love, I get to be the guy behind the President of the United States, and sure I have power. I influence decisions. I help steer the country. But I'll never be in the history books. My name will never be on an airport or a doctrine. Being the guy behind the guy is as far as my road goes.

Harrison (to Abby): You know who you are. You know what this is. And don't pretend you don't. We do what needs to be done and we don't question why. We put the personal to the left. Doesn't matter who gets hurt. Doesn't matter what gets broke. It's not the thing that needs fixing, it does not matter. You want to cry about your feelings? Hmm? Really? Here? We don't get to have feelings. That's the job. Gladiators don't get to have feelings. We rush into battle. We're soldiers. We get hurt in the fight we suck it up and we hold the line and we don't question. And you know it, Abby.

Quinn: Is that enough? $5,000. Is that enough to kill someone?
Huck: No. But I'll do it for free if you want.
Quinn: You will?
Huck: I will.

Huck: If I kill Hollis Doyle for you, you can't come back here. You can't work for Pope and Associates anymore. You can't be a gladiator.
Quinn: Why not?
Huck: Because you want Hollis dead for revenge and we don't do revenge. We solve problems. So you can be Lindsey Dwyer and get revenge on Hollis or you can be Quinn Perkins and move on with your life. You can't have your new life and also keep your old life. It doesn't work that way. So which is it?

Olivia: I don't want normal, and easy, and simple. I want..
Edison: What? What do you want, Olivia?
Olivia: I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love. Don't you want that, too?
Edison: Love is not supposed to be painful or devastating. Love isn't supposed to hurt, Liv.

Olivia: I'll wait for you, Fitz. For as long as you need.
Fitz: I changed my mind about that. Don't wait for me.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot [2.14][edit]

David (to Olivia): What do you think she wanted from me? That we faked the moon landing? That a Starbucks tall is really a small? She wanted Defiance, Liv.

Olivia (to Cyrus): I think he knows. I think he knows what we did. I'm pretty sure...I haven't slept in ten months. I have our last conversation on a loop in my head. I think he knows what we did, Cyrus.

Mellie: He can play with that baby for hours. I don't know how he does it. I don't have the patience.
Cyrus: Me either.

Olivia: Work helps. So does exercise. Stuff that numbs you, keeps you from thinking too much. :Dating also helps, but, it also helps to remember that he hates you and it helps to try to hate him too.
Abby: And that works for you?
Olivia: I was talking about you and David.

Fitz [to Cyrus]: Are we done discussing your hurt feelings? Because I'd like to get back to saving American lives.

David: How much do I owe you?
Olivia: What?
David: For your services? Or did you take a commission when I sold my soul to the Devil?
Olivia: you can’t afford me.

David: [to Olivia] Everything you've ever done for as long as I've known you has been tailor-made to hurt me. So I'm done. I'm done with you. I'm done with your people.

Olivia: I made a mistake.
Fitz: We both did. It won't happen again,.
Olivia: I was talking about Defiance.
Fitz: That wasn't a mistake. That was a betrayal. We are done. I may not be able to control my erections around you but that does not mean I want you. We are done.

Fitz (to Cyrus): I need to figure out who I can trust.

David: I think this is your something big. I would love to forget about this whole thing. I would love to forget I ever met Wendy. I would love to forget I ever met you. But now, I need you. Because I'd be really terrible at prison. That's if I'm lucky enough to live that long.
Olivia (to David): You're not just here for you. I know you David. This is about justice. This is about dusting off the white hat and putting it back where it belongs.

Boom Goes the Dynamite [2.15][edit]

Jake: It's a date.
Olivia: What?
Jake: It's a date. You said meeting. I'm not a client. I don't have a problem. I don't need fixing. I asked you out. You said yes. We dressed up. At the end of the evening if all goes well there will be kissing. This is not a meeting this is a date. And I don't want to insult you. You chose this restaurant. I'm sure the food is very good, but this is not a date restaurant. You can't have a date here. This is where dates go to die. You look extraordinary, by the way.

Olivia (to Will Caldwell):Gay, I can work with. Gay, I could get elected. Gay, I could take all the way. Give me ten years, and I can make a gay president… This? Single, celibate? No women or men anywhere?! No virility, no testosterone? No passion? That’s fatal… When’s the last time a single man has been elected to the governor’s mansion in any state in the past forty years? People don’t like a guy they can’t place.

Olivia: Captain Ballard--
Jake: 'Jake.' All my dates call me 'Jake.'
Olivia: You do not give up.
Jake: I'm a Navy man. Navy men do not give up.
Olivia: Neither do I.
Jake: Like I said. I like a challenge.

Quinn: Does Huck--
Harrison: Stink? Yeah. To high heaven. Like he hasn't showered in days.
Abby: At least David will always know where he is.

Harrison: Speaking of flammable, did you tell your partner in crime to take a shower yet?
Quinn: I think there might be something wrong with him.
Harrison: He's Huck. There's something very wrong with him. Doesn't give him a pass on hygiene.

Cyrus: I'm completely out of the loop, Liv. And it's not the knife if my back that's upsetting to me. It's the size of the knife in my back. It's the...enormous knife being stabbed over and over and over.
Cyrus: She's got him. He looks to her. He leans on her. He's her guy know.
Olivia: Maybe that's how it should be. She's his wife. She's the mother of his children.
Cyrus: This is Mellie we're talking about.
Olivia : Let Mellie be. That's how you fight her. Don't over think it. Just let her be. Let Mellie do what Mellie's going to do. When it comes to Fitz, Mellie's her own worst enemy. Eventually she's going to go too far and cross him. You just need to be there when she does.

Will Caldwell: I love her. The day Pete brought her home ten years ago I wasn't even supposed to be there. I was supposed to be on a plane. Sometimes I wonder if I'd just been somewhere else. We denied it for months because that's what you do. You deny it. You pretend it's not happening. You pretend it's all above board and it's appropriate and the next thing you know you're having sex in the coat closet at your brother's engagement dinner. Pete loves her. She's his wife. And she and I, well, we have what we have. It might not be much but it's what we have.
Olivia: You have nothing. You have a pile of secrets and lies, and you're calling it love. And in the meantime you're letting your whole life pass you by while they raise children and celebrate anniversaries and grow old together. You're frozen in time. You're holding your breath. You're a statue waiting for something that's never going to happen. Living for stolen moments in hotel hallways and coat closets and you keep telling yourself they all add up to something real because in your mind they have to but they don't. They won't. They never will. Because stolen moments aren't a life. So you have nothing. You have no one. End it now.

Huck (to Quinn): I used to live in a box outside the Metro and before that I dismembered people for a living. Right now I smell. When the rain stops I won't smell. I'm fine.

Top of the Hour [2.16][edit]

Olivia (to Cyrus): I will not be responsible for an untimely heart attack...take a breath.

Quinn: You're good at this...stalking people.
Huck: You'll get there.

Olivia: I'm apolitical you know that.
Cyrus: Is your vagina apolitical?

Cyrus (to Mellie): Where your husband is dipping his singing pen these days isn't really my concern.

Sarah: You have some job. Fixer. How do you fix betrayal?
Olivia: Sarah, you betrayed him. You did. You messed up, and there's a price. Betrayal always has a price. But let me ask you something. Is he a good dad?
Sarah: He is a great dad.
olivia: You did what you thought was best at the time. Even if it was wrong, you thought it was best. You can't change the choice you made. All you can do is not let it ruin you.
Sarah: And what if he never forgives me?
Olivia: Then you're going to have to learn to forgive yourself.
sarah: That sounds lonely.
Olivia: It is.

Snake in the Garden [2.17][edit]

Olivia (to Osborne): Check my file. Half my clients have your pay grade or higher which means half my clients would happily intervene on my behalf and kick your ass in whatever special way their office allows. Which is why I suggest, Director Osborne, you leave my apartment immediately.

Cyrus: Yes, I am currently on the outside looking in. My nose is pressed up to the glass of life right now. And I want to thank you for that. I do. Because you know, it reminded me never to let my guard down. Not when something Mellie this way comes. So don't you worry about me. I will once again be his warrior. I will once again sit at the right hand of the father. I'm on it, my guard is up, and as a friend of mine likes to say, 'it's handled.'

Huck: It's just Math.
David: Math?
Huck: You hire us. We negotiate the ransom. Make an untraceable payment. Retrieve the victim. Safe and sound. We've never lost a client. Not once. You call the cops you get a rescue team, dogs, body armor, the works. Now, you don't spend any of your own money but the victim's chance of survival drops to 50% in a rescue scenario. So if I wanted to see my loved one alive, I wouldn't call the cops. I'd call us. Every time.

Harrison: Hey Liv, let me ask you a question. Why are we helping Doyle? Why is the devil our client?
Olivia: Because even the devil loves his kids.

Olivia: Cyrus, I can't talk.
Cyrus: Why not?
Olivia: Because Hollis Doyle's daughter has been kidnapped.
Cyrus: Karma.

Cyrus [to Fitz]: I'm saying the right side and the wrong side are determined not by me and not by you but by history. History makes the heroes and the villains, sir. You and I? We're just players.

Olivia: Cyrus?
Cyrus: I'll be there in 20. I was thinking a nice Napa red with a side of Stovetop popcorn. We'll go old school tonight?
Olivia: I can’t , I have a meeting with someone.
Cyrus: Is it a date? Who is he?
Olivia: You wouldn't know him. I don't even know if I know him. There's something not quite right there, but I'm going with it because God knows when it comes to men my instincts haven't exactly served me well, so I'm jumping. This is me jumping.
Cyrus: Why is everyone cheating on me?

Olivia: I have a lot of work to do and I'm tired and I just--
Jake: You are afraid. Of me. Of the unknown. Of what this is… You don't know me. I might be the worst guy in the world. Or I might be the best. Whoever I am, I like you. I like you a lot. I like how you say 'what' when you answer the phone. How you always seem to be wearing white. How wine seems to be a food group for you. I like that you know who you are and that you fix everyone around you. But you seem sad to me, Olivia. I like you, but you seem sad. And if you let me maybe I can help you not be so sad, because whatever happened to you, whoever happened to you, already happened. It's done. So maybe I can help yous start fresh. Maybe I'm your do-over. You deserve a do-over. So close your eyes… Close. Your. Eyes.
Jake (after kissing Olivia): You still thinking about him?
Olivia: No.
Jake: Goodnight, Olivia.
Olivia: Goodnight, Jake.

Mellie (to Fitz): You're not their father anymore. And you're not Fitz anymore. You know who you are? You know who you've become? You're Big Jerry. You're your father. Everybody in this White House, Cyrus and me included, tiptoe around trying to figure out how to get on your good side. But you don't have a good side. You've turned into your father. So, you should understand how your children feel considering how much you hated your dad. They didn't want to come and so I told them they didn't have to. Deal with it. Put another glass of scotch on top of it and just deal with it.

Molly, You In Danger, Girl [2.18][edit]

David: Gladiators in helmets, right?
Harrison: Suits.

Fitz (to interviewer): It was just one of those rare moments. A crossroads where you know, you just know, if you don't act now, if you let this moment slip away, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Quinn: Listen, Zeke. 'Darling' has a law degree from Stanford and the Chief of Police on speed dial. I sat outside here for an hour and watched three ladies enter with three gentlemen, each of whom departed with a spring in his step and probably $200 bucks poorer. So I suggest you go ahead and let 'darling' take a look at the damn security cams.

James: Therapy requires telling the truth, Cy. And you don't tell the truth.
Cyrus: you wanted to know who I am? This is who I am. Defiance is who I am. This is me. This is who you married. This is who you love. You made a choice. You did this. This is the man you are. And guess what? I love you anyway. Because that is the man I am.

Fitz: Does it ever bother you? All the lies? All the pretending? And that's not an accusation, cause I do it too and do it well. It's just a question. Because it's gotten so easy. I don't know anymore.
Mellie: Pretending is what's real.
Fitz: What?
Mellie: Every married couple alive pretends. They pretend they don't hate their in-laws or their husband's stupid jokes or their wife's laugh or that they don't actually love one of their children more than the others. Marriage is, well, it's almost all pretend. For everyone. That's the reality. That's what's real. Buying into the delusion that there's any other way to live together, to get through an entire life together, that's, well that's the fantasy. That's pretending.
Fitz: Did I do this to you? Or have you always been like this? Because if it was me, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

David (to Abby): I can forgive a lot of things. I didn't know how many things until now. But it turns out, it's a lot. What I can't do is let myself love someone I can't trust.

Cyrus: Why are you calling sir.
Fitz: I killed Verna Thorton... Would she forgive me if she knew?
Cyrus: There are things we don't tell them. Things we bury. Things we hide. That's the job. You did something, sir. It doesn't mean you don't deserve to be happy.

Seven Fifty-Two [2.19][edit]

Huck: Pain is the only human process that is completely defined by the person experiencing it. Now the more I do this the more I learn that people are very different in how they respond to the pain I put them through. You say 'potato' I say 'buh buh,' that type of deal. Now I would say that the majority, maybe 90% of my projects, scream out right away. But then some of them surprise me. They grit their teeth for as long as they can until they pass out and they never make any sound at all. Now they're not any braver than anyone else, they're just different. Which is what makes this job so interesting. You really get to see what people are made of. Literally.

Cyrus: You know what happens if a bored nurse or arrogant doctor tweets that the President, same one who was shot in the head 10 months ago, is in the hospital in the middle of the night? Markets panic. Reporters swarm. Defcon levels change.
Fitz: Cats and dogs will finally get along?

Harrison [to Huck]: I don't know what to say. I don't know how to get through to you. Me, the man who talks. Some of that's on you for always being so closed up but way more it's on me. Because all my talk and all that game, seems like kid stuff compared to who you are, what you've been. Like I've spent my life trying to get out of homework while you've lived the life of a warrior. Of a man. A real-deal gladiator. So I have no idea what to say here because you make me realize pretty much every day and especially right now that all I've ever been, all I am, all I've ever been, was talk. So I'll just sit here and I won't run my mouth with a lot of noise that's not worthy. So you be as full-on crazy as you want for as long as you need and I'm gonna be here. Right here with you.

Olivia: You can go.
Fitz: You don't dismiss me.
Olivia: I don't want to talk to you. I am never going to be ready to talk to you.
Fitz: I love you.
Olivia: Stop saying that. You are having me watched. Followed. There are cameras in my apartment. That's not love.
Fitz: I am angry that you fixed the election, I'm even angrier that you thought you were fixing me.
Olivia: Then why are here?
Fitz: Because I love you. Do you still love me?
Olivia: Does it matter?
Fitz: It matters. Do you still love me? It's a yes or no question. Olivia?
Olivia: I do. But I can't do this anymore.
Fitz: wait… This past year, I have learned only one thing. That I cannot exist without you. That I cannot breathe without you. That the man I am without you is--I'm nothing. I'm nothing. And you are everything. And I need you to give me another chance. I demand another chance. We're worth another chance.

Olivia(to Huck): I have to admit, I'm not a person who gives change to homeless guys in the Metro. I don't do that. I don't stop, which is. I don't stop. But I stopped for you. You made me stop. It was your eyes. You have the saddest eyes. They were sadder than mine…The thing is, Huck, you always say that I saved you. That's not true. It's not even close to true. I had been all alone for a very long time. There are moments, people who somehow they convince me that I'm wrong. That I'm not alone. That I have something to...people let you down. People hurt you. People lie. I'm all alone except for you. Harrison and Abby and Quinn, we take care of them. We love them. But they don't live on the dark side of the moon. They're different. So Huck, I need you to snap out of this, whatever this is. Whatever happened to you, you have to come back to me. I need you. You are all I have. You are everything because I didn't save you in that Metro station. You saved me.
Huck: I think I used to have a family. But I don't remember if they were real or if I imagined them.
Olivia: What do you think?
Huck: I think they were real.
Olivia: Then they were real. Then you had a family.
Huck: They were real.
Huck: I did terrible things.
Olivia: We all do terrible things.

A Woman Scorned [2.20][edit]

Harrison [to Huck]: We didn't want to bother you while you were...
Abby: Shaking off the crazy.

Fitz (to Cyrus): When a child has a tantrum you don't indulge them. You ignore them. You call their bluff.

Cyrus: I'm asking you to be an adult. Stop holding your breath. Quit stomping your feet. It's time to pick up your toys like a good girl and act like the First Lady of the United States of America.
Mellie: Tell Fitz he has 36 hours to convince me in person that he regrets the unfortunate choices he's made and truly wants to recommit himself to his wife and children. If he doesn't, he will have the pleasure of seeing the First Lady of the United States call her husband a whore-loving bastard on national television.
Cyrus: You wouldn't.
Mellie: Call my bluff, Cy. I dare you.

Olivia: I'm done with him, Cy.
Cyrus: Done done or heavy phone breathing done?

Harrison: Charlie the killer likes breakfast pastries...
Olivia: Okay, we can work with that.

Olivia: Your time as President will be over and you're worried about getting your mistress back?
Fitz: How many times do I need to tell you that you're more than that? Come back to me. Forgive me. I love you.
Olivia: I am not a toy that you can play with when you're bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me! Until then, we are done.

Olivia: So why are you telling me this?
Huck: Because the last woman who was sleeping with the President ended up dead in the Potomac. And I want you to stay alive.

Olivia (to Jake) : I wasn't thinking anything about you. I don't think about you.

Cyrus (to Fitz): The thing about Mellie right now, the thing you don't seem to realize, is that she's very dangerous right now. She's a walking suitcase nuke waiting to go boom because she's not thinking like the First Lady. She's not thinking like the political animal I know she can be. She's thinking like a wife. She's thinking like a woman scorned. She's thinking like someone whose heart has been broken one too many times. She's a credible threat right now, sir.

Cyrus (to Fitz): You love this job? You love being President? You give for what you love.

Fitz (to Olivia) : You can't fix the fact that I love you. That I love you more than I love being President. I have told you that I'd give it all up for you again and again, and you know what I think? i think you don't believe me. I think you believe that I will never choose you. Well, this time, I'm fixing things. Sit with me and watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.

Any Questions [2.21][edit]

History makes the heroes and the villains. We're just players.
David: I made my choice. I'm part of the team now. "Go, gladiators". But the irony, the sheer irony that a man who stole the White House is gonna be thrown out of office for this.
Quinn: Adultery isn't illegal.
David: No. But if Grant got this woman a job to keep her quiet If she influenced policy the teeniest, tiniest bit, that's it, game over. Adios, Presidente! And that's just Grant. This woman? The one he's having an affair with? They haven't released her name yet, but you know it's coming, and when it does Let's just say I hope she has Olivia Pope on her team.

Fitz (to Cyrus): I am in love with a woman who is not my wife. I want to be with her. Not in the shadows. Openly. If I have to stop being President, so be it.

Sally: I just cannot believe, after everything the President has survived That sad little bout with Amanda Tanner and Billy Chambers, an assassination attempt? Who would have thought it would be his own wife who finally brings him down? - Well, you know what the Bible says.
Cyrus: No, I don't.
Sally: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Cyrus: That's not in the bible. Not everything is from the Bible, Sally.

Harrisson (to Olivia) You're not the fixer here, Liv. You're the problem. You're the client. You're my client. Like it or not. So I'm not asking for the truth. I know the truth. I know enough. At any minute, any second now, so will the rest of planet Earth. So what I'm asking you is, what is your end game? Because the eye will pass, the winds will kick up, and you are not tethered to anything.

Huck: He took my life and then he put me in a box and almost took it again. I will get us the name.
Olivia: Huck--
Huck: My world, my rules.

Quinn [to Huck]: Job's over. So right now you have to ask yourself if you're a gladiator or if you're looking for revenge, because the way I hear it, you can't have it both ways.

Huck: It's true what they say. If you want someone killed right, you've gotta kill them yourself.
Abby: Somebody stitch that on a pillow.

White Hat's Back On [2.22][edit]

Cyrus: Your job has only two requirements, Sally. One is to not die. The other is to be loyal to the President. That's it!! Don't die, be loyal!!!

Cyrus [to Hollis]: Talking about murder in the White House in front of the President is like talking about sex in the Vatican in front of the Pope. We do not do it.

James [to Cyrus]: You bastard. Don't you die on me when I'm so mad at you. Don't you dare die.

Jake [to Olivia]: Fix your door. Hire security. Or break up with your boyfriend.

Cyrus: Let me get this straight. Highly trained Black Ops assassins broke into your home and tried to kill you and instead of, oh, making a run toward reason, instead of the possibility of death making you decide that maybe it's better to be single, you have decided that the killers were merely firing heart-shaped bullets made out of bubbles and candy to signify that you and your boyfriend Fitzy are MFEO, made for each other?
Olivia: Cyrus, you're being dramatic.
Cyrus: I've moved Heaven and Earth to save you from yourselves. I have lied for you. I have stolen for you. I have cheated for you. I have killed for you. I have almost died for you. And you, you two are so stupid and romantic and high on your own doomed love, Romeo and Juliet, Dear Diary nonsense that you won't even save your own lives, but I am being dramatic?... The love of your life is a red-handed, cold-blooded killer. That is what you're dealing with. That is who you love.

Olivia: We went too far. My people--Huck and Harrison and Abby and Quinn--I took them too far over the wrong cliff. We went so far that I don't know that we can get back, but you can get back. Run with Mellie by your side. You can win with Mellie by your side.
Fitz: You are going to be my First Lady.
Olivia: I can't leave them. They need me. I'm their Gladiator.

Season 3[edit]

When you become Command, you have to choose who lives, who dies. You are responsible. So you become… the hand of God.

It’s handled [3.01][edit]

Rowan Pope: You've gotten yourself into a bit of trouble, Olivia, and I'm here to fix it.
Olivia: No.
Rowan: Now listen to me. You raised your skirt and opened your knees and gave it away to a man with too much power. You're not rare. You're not special. Your story's no different than a thousand other stories in this town, so you know how this goes. You could call this in your sleep. First they'll smile, be warm, sympathetic, on your side, letting you know that they will fight for you. They will lull you into a false sense of security. And then, once your belly is exposed, They will GUT you and everyone you know. And they will be swift about it. And by the time you realize you should be fighting back, well, you're already bleeding to death. That is the presidency versus you. Whose victory do you think they will fight for? Whose body do you think they will bury? That is the presidency versus you.
Olivia: He would never-
Rowan: "He would never" You and I both know that he is not in charge. He is never in charge. POWER is in charge. Power got him elected. I know more than you could possibly imagine about things of which you cannot dream. He told you that you would be first lady, and you believed him! Did I not raise you for better? How many times have I told you 'You have to be' - what? You have to be - what?
Olivia: Twice...
Rowan: What?
Olivia: Twice as good.
Rowan: Twice as good as them to get half of what they have. Sleeping with that! For God sakes! You know to aim higher. At the very least, you could have aimed for chief of staff, secretary of state! First lady! Do you have to be so mediocre?

Cyrus (to Olivia): I am a monster, but honey, I am your monster.

Olivia: You shouldn't be here?
David: Why? Because I'm the US Attorney for the District of Columbia and may be asked to investigate the President's affair with you? I left that hat at the door.

Olivia (to Mellie): I know the situation is difficult, I do. And I'm so, so sorry. But we have a job to do here, and in order for me to do my part effectively, I'm going to need you to refrain from referring to me as a whore. At least in front of my face. Alright?

Mellie: That is not you cheating on me. That is you...
Fitz: That is me being in love with another woman.

Mellie: They want to go public.
Cyrus: Aren't you part of 'they' now? One-third of some secret, unholy political trinity.

Quinn: Look, it's not too late to pull back. Couldn't we just kill another intern? It wouldn't be that hard. A bad one. The worst one.

Mellie : The upsetting thing about being as educated as I am and as intelligent as I am is that being the First Lady is profoundly boring.

Guess who’s coming to dinner [3.02][edit]

Fitz: Somewhere, in another life, another reality, we are married and we have four kids, and we live in Vermont, and I'm the mayor--
Olivia: And I make jam.
Fitz: And you make jam.

Aide: What about the trip to Italy?
Cyrus: The president of the United States cannot go to the land of the bunga bunga party and field questions about his sex life in front of the Pope, for God sake. Cancel it.

Olivia: What's Acme Limited?
Rowan: Olivia
Olivia: What do you do for a living? And don't tell me it's fossils or exhibitions or publishing papers. Don't lie. What do you do for a living? Dad? Do you teach people how to kill? Do you throw them in a hole until they go insane? Do you work in Wonderland?
Rowan: I'm your father. So I'm going to explain to you how you are to behave in my presence. You do not ask questions that you cannot handle the answer to. You do not make judgments about things you cannot imagine. You don't know me that way. You don't ever want to know me that way. But if you push, you will know me well, and that would break my heart, because I'm enjoying these Sunday dinners that you make me pay for. Now you are on my dime. Pick up your menu, order your meal, and tell me about your day.

Cyrus (to Fitz): You need to grow some Presidential-sized balls.

Huck: Quinn, I know I've taught you lots of things but you should try to be less like me. You should be less like me. And more like Liv.

Jeanine Locke: They are giving me $2 million in a Cayman account Tax-free. Might as well profit off it.
Olivia: You don't do this. You don't lie, because every time you do, you sell a little bit of your soul. And then you have to live with those lies eating away at you month after month, year after year, until one day you're gonna look in the mirror and you won't even recognize yourself. Then you'll hate what you see, Jeannine. Believe me.

Fitz (to Cyrus): It's a simple choice, Cy. Door number one, I tell the truth and the both of us get kicked out of this White House. Door number two, I admit to the Jeannine affair and Jake gets released. What's it going to be? Because I'm about to go on live television and I need to know what to say. How Presidential are my balls now, Cy?

Ms. Smith goes to Washington [3.03][edit]

Cyrus (to Fitz) : We will now all do our level best to not blow her up, but you cannot call Olivia because there is no way in hell I'm allowing the two of you to share a headline for the third week running.

David [to Olivia]: Call her old fashioned, but my boss, the Attorney General, like totally hates it when I aid and abet terrorists.

Cyrus: Now you listen to me.
David: No, you listen to me. I may not have the Cytron card anymore, but I do have my conscience. And there's a hell of a lot of noise I can make if I don't think you're worthy of the moral sacrifice I made.

Fitz: You're drunk.
Mellie: That's impossible. A lady never gets drunk.
Fitz: You're drunk, Mellie.

Fitz: Olivia Pope being blown to bits? That's your dream isn't it?
Mellie: Oh, no. That's my nightmare.

Mellie (to Fitz): If your whore had died today brave and strong, protecting a Congressman inside the Capitol with a nation watching, honey, the nails, the wood, the cross you would build and hammer her on, the worship you would feel for the rest of your days down on your knees praying to Saint Olivia Pope. That would be...I'd lose. Our little war. I'd lose.

Mellie (to Fitz): I am spectacular, but I can't compete with religious fervor, but no, I was not praying that she'd be blown up today. I am not miserable. I'm celebrating. Because Olivia Pope still walks this Earth. She's still alive. And as long as she's still alive, well, she's your flaw. Your Achilles heel. Which makes her my weapon. She's the strings that if need be I will pull to make my puppet husband dance. So cheers, baby. Drink up. I live to fight another day.

Olivia: Huck?
Huck: Don't worry. I'm not here to kill you. I'm all killed out today.

Huck [to Olivia] All this time I've wondered who Command is. I've banged my head against a wall trying to get a name and then I got one. For you. A name is something you can trace, Liv. It's something you can tie to a chair and question. And after you've questioned it, after you've drilled some answers out of it, like whether or not you have a family, it's something you can kill. You can wrap it in plastic and put it in a dumpster so it never bothers you again.

Olivia: Huck, look at me.
Huck: This should've been my day, Liv. I should've had some peace.

Jake [to Olivia]: I never thought I'd get out of that hole. Never. It's not just the dirt floor and the darkness that gets you. It's the isolation. It's the silence. It breaks something in you. I just kept picturing your face. Your face saved me. I'm here because you saved me.

Say Hello to my little friend [3.04][edit]

Olivia: This is not a fairy tale. This is not the happily ever after. If you're still alive, it's because he still owns you. It's because you're still useful to him. And he's going to find a way to use you against me.
Jake: Liv--
Olivia: Don't feel bad about it. He still owns me, too.

Olivia [to Jake]: I need to go back to doing what worked. Eyes straight ahead. No looing around corners. No peeping in shadows. No asking questions. No stepping outside the lines. I need to be a good girl.

Quinn: Are we really going to--
Abby: Slut-shame a dead girl? All aboard.

Mellie: Give any piece of trailer trash a push-up bra and a microphone and those stupid flyovers will eat it up like fried Twinkies.

Quinn: Huck, I was worried about you, okay?
Huck: Why?
Quinn: What?
Huck: Why are you worried about me? I come to work, I do my job. I go home. I have appropriate emotional responses and I'm taking social cues for behavior. I am being normal. Why are you worried?

Jake: We're both wearing leashes, Huck. You and me and everyone else who has ever worked for that man. He owns us. Just like he owns Liv. But if we could get something on him, something big like murdering a guy--
Huck: No.
Jake: Why?
Huck: Because no one takes down Command.
Jake: No one's ever tried.
Huck: You stay away from Liv. Stay away from me.

James [to Cyrus]: I could have produced a segment on the President's heart at a time when the only organ people care about is his penis.

Quinn: Where were you?
Huck: You have to stop asking questions.
Quinn: Look, I am worried about you.
Huck: You have to stop asking questions! You're not worried about me, you're interested. You want to know what it feels like to do the things that I do. I see you. I see that look in your eye every time you ask me one of your questions about where I was and what I've been doing. You're interested. And maybe that's because you're able to see me, too--how my mouth has been dry for months, how I've been squirming and vibrating and it wouldn't stop until the other night when everything just stopped and I wasn't thirsty anymore.

Huck [to Quinn]: All these questiosn you're asking, they have answers, but you don't want to know them. So stop being interested and stop asking questions. Stop. Stop while you still can.

Jake: Hey, hey, don't cry.
Olivia: I'm not crying. I'm trying not to scream. I'm scared.

Leo: I'm sorry, ma'am, but he's got a 'his wife is a frigid shrew' problem.

More cattle, less bull [3.05][edit]

Serving the Republic. True service, a eats at you until you are not you anymore, until you are lost. Until you can't remember who you were. Until you forget yourself and all you can see is the greater good. All you can see is God and country and you're so busy being a patriot that you forget to be a person.
Quinn: What about me?
Harrison: Baby Huck it.

Fitz: You should've fouled me.
Jake: I don't play dirty.
Fitz: Oh, you changed your game?

Ethan[to Cyrus] : We got Poped, sir.

Cyrus: Olivia Pope. The gift that keeps on giving.

Olivia: You can't vet your jokes. You're not funny.
Fitz: Liv, I feel like...ashamed. Like I don't have a right to make jokes. Like I am the joke. 'The guy can't keep it in his pants.' Like my father, you know?
Olivia: Dive in. Own it. Mock your image.

Mellie (to Olivia): He needs you, Olivia. He is tired and broken and it isn't the job. It's doing the job without you. He's not alive when you're not here. He can't breathe when you're not here. He doesn't have the will to run much less win when you're not here because you, you're everything to him, Liv. He needs you, so I need you to come back. Come back to us.You and I, we've always wanted the same man, Liv. For him to be the man we know he can be. And after what we did, we owe him this. The chance to run on his own steam and win.

Jake: I don't play second fiddle to anyone, even the President. Goodnight, Olivia.

Icarus [3.06][edit]

Olivia: There’s probably only two people in this world who can tell me if this really happened. One of those people is my father and I can’t ask him because he’ll probably kill both of you or maybe even all three of us to teach me some kind of sick lesson. And the other is the President.

Cyrus: This is a Greek tragedy in the making. Winged mistresses flying too close to the sun.

Mellie (to Fitz): I did everything but roll your whore up in a rug and unfurl her at your feet!

Jake: We’re only digging up dirt on the most powerful man in the world. How dangerous could that be?

Olivia (to Rowan): I have so many questions I want to ask you but I'm afraid you'll kill my friends if I do. So you know, let’s just talk about the weather or uh how I can’t form attachments to people because my mother is dead and my father is that thing that goes bump in the night or…you pick a topic.

James: You’re a shameless monster.
Cyrus: Who loves you dearly!

Harrison (to Cyrus): Who we work for is Liv’s business. I can’t get her to do something she doesn’t want to do. No one can.

Everything’s coming up Mellie [3.07][edit]

Mellie: I just don't understand why I have to apologize for his affair.
Cyrus: Because that's how it works.

James [to Cyrus]: You control everything. Which is precisely why I want to kill you and have sex with you at the same time.

Mellie (to Fitz): You don't have to love me, but we are in this hell together and the flames are burning both of us with equal intensity, baby, so the least you can do is be my friend. Just a little bit. The least you could do is show up. Show up for me. Show up for me, Fitz. Instead of being like some...stranger.

Vermont is for lovers too [3.08][edit]

Jake (to Olivia): You really think that's going to do it? That won't stop him from calling. The President wants to talk to you, he'll find a way to do it.

Candace: So you're here to babysit me now?
Harrison: If you're good I'll let you stay up past your bedtime.

Fitz: You know who I am and you're just this bundle of dirty little secrets.
Olivia: If I told you about him, if you knew who I was, you would have run in the other direction.
Fitz. I wouldn't have run. I would've protected you.

Huck [to Quinn]: I know you do a good job. Jake said I don't tell you and I know I don't tell you, but you do a good job. I should tell you more often.

Fitz: Your father has to be stopped. And I want you to know before I stop him. I want you to hear me when I say that I love you, no matter what happens.

Cyrus: You're worried about James cheating on me? That's...oddly sweet.
Mellie: Once you open that door, Cyrus, you cannot close it again. It changes you. Changes everything.
Cyrus: My husband's not your husband, Mellie.

YOLO [3.09][edit]

Huck (to Quinn): Peeling off the skin can be beautiful. Or removing fingers, toes. I like the feeling of a toe being separated from a foot. But with you because we're friends, because we're family, I won't do any of that. You get a friends and family discount. I'm disappointed in you, Quinn. You've been a bad girl and I need to know exactly what you've been up to. But before we start, I need to say I'm sorry. I'm so sorry because I'm going to enjoy this. I'm going to love it and I don't want to. What's that stupid thing the kids are saying? YOLO? YOLO, Quinn.

Abby: Normal boyfriends do favors for their girlfriends.
David: Normal girlfriends don't dabble in aiding and abetting.

Mellie [to Cyrus] It hurts until it doesn't. You think it's going to break you, but it won't. You may not sleep as well at night, but you will be fine. Numb, but numb and fine are the same.

A door marked exit [3.10][edit]

Fitz: Here's the thing about power, Rowan. It's always hard to admit when you've lost it.
Rowan: Or to admit you've never had any at all.

Jake (to Olivia) : I get it. You just found out your mother isn't who you thought. You just got your happy memories of her taken from you. She's bad, and we don't know how bad, but that does not make your father the good guy. He is not a good guy, Liv. And Huck is about to go out there and look for him, try to save your father, try to save the man who manipulated him, who threw him in a hole until he was nearly driven out of his mind, and then stole everything that was important to him, and you say it's not my business, but Huck and I, we're in the same business, and your father? He is not our hero. He is our demon. And you're not the only one to lose your happy memories. So I speak from experience when I say maybe you cut Huck some slack.

Cyrus: We are the devil. I am actually the should have seen me handle it. There's a dead closeted hillbilly on the floor and there I am, 'give me your sin, Sally', without blinking. The devil is at the top of his game.

Fitz : I'm screwing her, you know? Your daughter. Every chance I get. The things I could tell you, about the way she taste... She's quite a girl. Talented.
Rowan(huffs and snickers): You're funny. You're a funny, funny man
Fitz : I am?
Rowan: Or should I say 'boy'. You're a 'boy'. You've been coddled and cared for, pampered and hugged. For you it's always summertime and living is easy. Your daddy's rich and your mama's good looking. You're a Grant. You got money in your blood. You are a 'boy'. I'm a man. I have worked for every single thing I have ever received. I have fought and scraped and bled for every inch of ground I walk on. I was the first in my family to go to college. My daughter went to boarding school with the children of kings. I made that happen. You cried yourself to sleep because daddy hurt your feelings, because papa banged his secretary, because it hurt to have so much money. You spoiled, entitled, ungrateful little brat. You have everything handed to you on a silver platter and you squander it. You're given the world and you can't appreciate it because you haven't had to work for anything. So now you've decided that the one thing that you want is my daughter. My child! Mine! What I made! What I created! You can talk about what a great lay she is to try to get a response from me all you want, but guess what? I am actually, quite literally, above your pay grade, which means, that I know that you believe that you are in love with her, as wrong as you may be.
Fitz: I do love her.
Rowan: You love that she is a door marked 'Exit!' You Love that she is your way out. Because if you are with Olivia Pope, you don't have to fulfill you father's dream of being president. If you are with Olivia, you no longer have to be your father's son! An Apple never falls too far from the tree. You are always going to be Senator Grant's disappointing boy Fitz. She is always going to be the formidable Olivia Pope. Don't use the person that I made to make you into a man. You're a boy!
Fitz: You don't know anything about me.
Rowan: Sadly 'boy' I know everything about you. You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter's hand.

Huck [to Quinn] Liv saves us and you betrayed her. You're not a gladiator anymore.

Cyrus [to James]: I'm standing here in my underwear and without my soul and I'm asking you what happens now.

Ride Sally, Ride [3.11][edit]

Rowan [to Olivia]: You're skipping around in a field full of bombs and mistaking them for daisies… What is currently happening is that President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III has made an enemy, the worst kind of enemy, because I know all his secrets. I know where every body is buried, and the greatest weapon I can use against him calls me 'Dad.'

Huck [to Quinn]: The great thing about our line of work? Rock solid job stability! As long as people have to live together, someone's gonna pay to have someone else killed! Fact of life.

Mellie [to Cyrus]: Don't patronize me like I'm some hysterical teenage girl at the beginning of my cycle.

Olivia: Why are you doing this?
Mellie: Because I like it when my husband is the President. I worked very hard for it. I've done a great deal to get us here, and you are going to get him across the finish line. But you can't do that if people know what kind of person you really are. Cheers!
Mellie: I came up with a list of men. Eligible bachelors. Prominent, smart. Pick one.
Olivia: Pick one?
Mellie: Any one of them, it's an equal opportunity list. Tall, short, black, white, Republican, Democrat. I don't care who, just pick one and start dating him. Publicly. So the everyone can stop thinking that you're screwing my husband. Smile, Olivia. The world is watching.

Abby: Are you serious? You're stealing my gun.
Harrison: Borrowing it.
Abby: Harrison, you do not need to act all crazy just because everyone else here is. We are the normal ones. You and me. If we need to borrow a gun, we ask. Also, why do you need it?

Abby [to Harrison]: Do you even know how to use it? The safety, and the clip, and how you're not supposed to tuck it in your waistband or you could shoot off your penis?

Fitz [to Olivia]: You are not resigning. I refuse to accept your resignation. You can't leave me. I'm not losing you again.

Olivia [to Fitz]: You are stressed, and you are scared, and you want this. You want to win this election so bad you can't breathe, and I understand that. But you don't trust me.

Cyrus: I'll give you exactly one second to get your feet off my desk.
Leo: Or what?
Cyrus: Or I'll cut 'em off and shove 'em down your throat.
Leo: I'm a size 11 1/2. I seriously doubt my feet would fit down my throat.
Cyrus: I'm not talking about your feet you baby-faced twit. I'm talking about your balls. Have they even dropped yet? Will you miss them when they're gone?

James: My husband's a monster, David. He's brilliant, and egomaniacal, and has done more to thwart the rule of law than you and I will ever know. He's a monster. And he's powerful. And he thinks he doesn't have a weakness. But he does. Me. And I will do whatever it takes, stand on the podium, play the good soldier, sleep beside him for as long as it takes, to bring that monster down.

Jake: I couldn't say no! I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States--
Olivia: Don't we all.

Olivia (to jake): Serving the Republic, I always thought it was a good thing, a great thing. True service, a calling. Now I think...I think it eats at you until you are not you anymore, until you are lost. Until you can't remember who you were. Until you forget yourself and all you can see is the greater good. All you can see is God and country and you're so busy being a patriot that you forget to be a person.

We do not touch the first ladies [3.12][edit]

Olivia [to Fitz] One, I am not a hen. Two, I am not a prize at the state fair. You cannot win me!

Olivia (to Fitz): I didn't do this for you. I did not do this for you. I did this for me, so I could work on the campaign. So I could walk down the street and not be whispered about. So I could stop being known as the woman who screwed the President, so the scarlet "A" on my chest could be invisible! So I could stop being a joke. I am a person. I am not a hen! I am not a prize! And I have a business to run, people to support, a life to lead, a desire to wake up and face myself in the mirror every day, oh, and, oh! Once, I fixed a Presidential election, and I'd like a chance to right that wrong. Your wife may be many things, but on one thing, we are united I cannot honestly win a Presidential election if I am your public whore. This is not about you. My whole life is not about you. I have goals. I have dreams! I did this for me.

Cyrus [to James]: Girls like to be kissed first, right? Romance them a little before you dive right into their pants.

Jake [to Olivia] Let me be clear. You can ask a favor of me, but you cannot tell me how to do it, who to task, or anything remotely close to how to do my job because you have no idea how my world works.

Jake: And one more thing...
Olivia: What?
Jake: Stock...your damn...fridge. If I'm going to be your fake boyfriend all day, I'm going to come home at the end of it and drink real beer and eat real food. Wine is not beer and popcorn is not food.

Olivia: What are you doing?
Jake: It's been a long day and I want to take a shower and wash it off me before we have pretend sex.

Olivia: Huck, you know I don't drink coffee.
Huck: It's a gesture. It means I'm sorry about Quinn. People get people coffee when they're sorry. I can get you tea instead.

Olivia: You went too far with Quinn.
Huck: No. You went too far.
Olivia: Excuse me?
Huck: You took in a wild monster and you groomed me and petted me and trained me to sit at your feet. But that doesn't mean I'm a puppy, Liv. That just makes me a very loyal monster. So I didn't go too far. I went exactly as far as my leash allows, and you hold the leash. You ruined her life and then you made me save her and then you gave her to me to take under my wing.

Huck : You should've never given me someone to love. Monsters eat people, Liv. It's what we do.

No sun on the horizon [3.13][edit]

If there are no more white hats, if the deck is always stacked, and if everyone you love is a monster, there is, in fact, someone worth saving...Everyone is worth saving... In the face of darkness, you drag everyone into the light. That is the point.
Cyrus: What?
Olivia: They're all murderers Reston, Sally, Fitz. The presidential debate, it's literally murderers row. No matter who gets elected. They're all murderers!
Cyrus: Nobody's perfect.
Olivia: Oh. The fresh start The clean race, the chance we promised Fitz to run and run clean, it's gone. You took that from him the moment you sold your husband to Daniel Douglas. You took his chance. You made this dirty. You huffed, and you puffed, and you blew his house down.
Cyrus: No. No. That, that candidate down there in the debate room, that's a Fitzgerald Grant we haven't seen in a long time. He's the candidate that made us believe that giving up our lives in service to him, to our country was the noble thing to do. He never has to know what happened.
Olivia: Oh, here we go.
Cyrus: Liv, he's ready to win this thing!
Olivia: So, now this is the part where I say that he can't. Where I point out that he can't win if his chief of staff and his wife go to jail with Sally Langston! And then here's the part where you say that you-
Cyrus: All you have to do is make sure we keep a lid on this, Fitz included.
Olivia: Right. Where you say that. Where you drag me back into the dark.
Cyrus: Liv, you can do this. I know you. Stay with me. Keep this quiet. I'll handle everything else, and it will all be fine. Liv.
Olivia: It was supposed to be different this time, Cyrus.
Cyrus: Okay, Liv, You cannot tell Fitz. Liv, I'm begging you. You can't tell him. We just need to get through. Liv! What are you gonna do? You're on our side. You cannot let this out.
Olivia: I can't do this again. I want to walk into the light and feel the sun on my face, Cyrus. You're on your own. I'm sorry.

Jake: Run away with me Liv, save me.
Olivia: Take advantage of me Jake.

Sally: Because he stopped speaking to me! I must confess my sins to the world so he will take me back into his flock so that he will speak to me once again, so that he will show me a sign of his love.
Leo: I can't let you do that to yourself.
Sally: "Thou shalt not kill," Leo. I must confess to the world the breaking of his commandment. It is the only way I will hear his voice again!

Cyrus (to james) : Whatever happens, remember the best part of me loves you. Maybe the only good part.

Cyrus: Sally Langston goes down for murder, and ma and pa kettle's hearts break because how could the president not know that the first lady and chief of staff covered it up using taxpayer money. But forget about the three of us going off to prison. Faith in government will be dead. People will stop paying their taxes. Economic systems, institutions that have lasted for centuries will begin to falter while our enemies pounce on our crippled nation and hack away until the great American experiment is no more. Whatever issues I may have had with your predecessor, he would have taken care of this by now. No qualms, no questions, just action. I expect you to wisen up and do the same.
Jake: You're a mouse Cyrus. A mouse on a wheel thinking truly, believing that if I just run a little bit faster that I'll get the cheese. You are small, and while I'd love to explain to you how the world works, I don't have the time and you wouldn't understand.

Olivia: It's good to see you, Sally.
Sally: Olivia Pope. The devil at my doorstep. My last temptation.
Olivia: I know what happened. I know you want to confess.
Sally: You are mistaken. I do not want to confess. I must confess.
Olivia: What good would it do to destroy your life? Don't punish yourself like this.
Sally: The same thing was said to Jesus when he stood in the garden of gethsemane on the eve of his death, aware that he'd been betrayed by Judas. He could have fled his fate, avoided the unbearable pain of crucifixion. He even asked God, he begged him to let him off the hook, to use his powers to fix it, to make it all go away. God said nothing Silently condemning him to suffering. His only son. God showed him no sign of his love. I have prayed to God over and over. And where there once was his voice, the warmth of his love, there is now only cold silence. You are not a woman of God. I don't condemn you for that. It just means that you cannot understand. Without him, without the sign of his love, I am worse than dead.

Fitz: You want me to grow up? I'm the only adult within 10 miles of this place.
Olivia: You want to pretend to be above what happens here, surprised by what we do to keep you in the castle dreaming your pretty thoughts about Vermont and jam and me.
Fitz: We said we were running clean.
Olivia: We also said no more lying. Maybe you didn't realize what that means, how dirty and dark it is behind the curtain of power, the level of sins and the sacrifices committed in your name!
Fitz: Because you kept them from me. You keep everything from me.
Olivia: To protect you! And don't ask me to apologize for it or punish me when I tell you the truth. This is what we do! This is how it works! This is how it's always worked. There is no clean. Just like there is no Vermont. No. This isn't how I want it to be, how either of us want it to be. This is what it is. Let's stop pretending. Let's just be here.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [3.14][edit]

Adnan: I'll throw in the Gucci for free.
Mama Pope: You are a very resourceful young lady.
Adnan: Let's just say I have a knack for playing the market. So, now that I've paid your retainer, where do we go from here?
Maya Pope: We find ourselves a terrorist.
Adnan: Well, I thought that's what you were.
Maya Pope: No, not at all.
Adnan: You blew up a plane.
Maya Pope: That was personal. Terrorists use violence to advance their convictions God, country And since I'm not burdened by those, I'm more of a facilitator. I don't make bombs, I make money.

Jake: It's unfortunate. Life is unfortunate. Random. Coincidental. Bad things happen to good people all the time.
Olivia: No, you make bad things happen to good people. Who put you up to this?
Jake: Olivia-
Olivia: I want to know. Who? Who made you do this? You tell me. Who made you do this? -
Jake: Who?! This was my call. I am protecting the Republic. I keep this country running. I do what needs to be done. I am Command.

Rowan: What?
Olivia: You could say hello.
Rowan: Hello, Olivia. What do you want?
Olivia: Can you just be, I don't know, nice for a minute, to me? Can you be a dad? Normal, kind, regular dad, for just a few seconds for me, please? I'm asking here, really asking, because I really need it. I need my dad.

Rowan(to Olivia): When you become Command, you are the one giving the orders. You are the one making the decisions. You have to choose who lives, who dies. You are responsible. So you become… the hand of God.

Olivia: I don't know what the point is of this, of democracy and freedom and patriotism if there are no white hats. If everyone is evil. If the deck is always stacked. If everyone I love is a monster. If no one is worth saving, what's the point?
Rowan : There is, incidentally, a point. If there are no more white hats, if the deck is always stacked, and if everyone you love is a monster, there is, in fact, someone worth saving.
Olivia : Who?
Rowan: Everyone is worth saving. Everyone. In the face of darkness, you drag everyone into the light. That is the point. At least I'd like to think that is the point of you.

Huck (to Quinn): You wanted me to see you. You wanted us to know what Jake was doing, what B613 was doing. You're not broken. Somewhere in there, you're still a gladiator.

Mama said knock you out [3.15][edit]

Huck: It's suicide.
Olivia: What are you talking about?
Huck: Taking down B613. You don't take down B613. You run you hide. Or you die. And B613 survives. It always survives.

Olivia: Andrew, the last thing this campaign needs is another sex scandal. Stay away from her.
Andrew: Glass houses, Olivia.

Fitz: I'm the Commander in Chief.
Jake: And I am Command, which means you don't tell me to do anything because I'm not your bitch. Your job is to shake hands, hold babies, pose with prime ministers, and sit down to interviews with your family. You comfort people, and you look pretty, and you talk tough. You don't do anything. I decide if there is a war. I decide if a world leader dies. I decide what to do with the Dmitris and the Ivans. I decide if America sleeps at night. I decide if America endures. This is not a game, Mr. President, and you're not getting your ball back.

Olivia: So you can kill her?
Maya: I know you think you're on the right side of this, but you're not Believe me, you're not.
Olivia: What I know is that you are a terrorist, a traitor to your own country.
Maya: Maybe.But I'd rather be a traitor than what you are, Livvie. Cleaning up those people's messes Fixing up their lives. You think you're family But you're nothing but the help. And you don't even know it.
Olivia: You don't know what you're talking about.
Maya: Oh, I do.

Olivia: Tell me we're not the help, Cyrus, that I am not some maid with a mop in my hand cleaning up messes whenever they ring the bell. If you can do that for me--
Cyrus: I'd be lying. You know the job, Olivia. You know what we do.
Olivia: Don't you resent it?
Cyrus: Of course I resent it. But somewhere in this head of mine, behind the fog, behind the anger, is my faint recollection that what we do is important, that my husband died for a reason, that his death matters. So, instead of going home and crying about it like I'm going to do, I need you to get back in there, back in that little white building with all those miserable people inside of it... And do the job for both of us. Because it's not just that family you're putting back together. It's the whole damn country.

Olivia [to Fitz]: You are going to fix your family because it is not my place. I am at work. This is my job. If this interview turns into a disaster and I will have failed at my job and I cannot afford to fail at my job because it is all I have left.

The fluffer [3.16][edit]

Fitz : what else do i need ?
Olivia: What else do you need? What service can I render for you today? Am I here to stroke your ego? Am I your cheerleader? Am I here to wipe your tears? Am I your nanny? Am I here to fight the bullies? Am I your bodyguard today? Maybe I'm here to make you feel good? Maybe I'm your dealer. Or maybe I'm here to make you feel hot and manly and ready so you're not jealous of your wife's boyfriend. Is that it? Am I your fluffer today Fitz? What service am I billing you for today?
Fitz: you are being disgusting, petty and jealous.
Olivia: what else am I supposed to be? I lie in bed every night and I play our relationship over and over again in my head like a movie. We meet. We fall in love. We can't stop ourselves. We're meant to be. I give up everything inside me and then it stops. The movie just stops. I don't know how it ends. It's just me waiting for a house in Vermont that I can't live in and a man who makes me promises he can't keep.

Leo: Do you have any advice that doesn't involve insulting me?
Abby: No.

Huck [to Olivia]: Do you have any idea how many times you've asked me to do things that I didn't want to do but I did them because you asked me to? B613 took away my family, Liv, my life, my name. They destroyed me. We do what we have to do.

Andrew: Thought we were having a strategy session with the team.
Olivia: No. It's just you and me.
Andrew: What do you want, Olivia?
Olivia: Actually, I'm here - to find out what you want. Do you want to screw Mellie Grant, or do you want to be vice president?
Andrew: I'm not even gonna dignify that with a response.
Olivia: Two choices Screw Mellie, be V.P. One or the other.
Andrew: Either/or.
Olivia: Because you can't have both. I'm not going to allow you to have both. He's not going to allow you to have both. So you can either cozy up to Mellie, or you can cozy up to Fitz. Choose Fitz, and I'll protect you. I'll keep you on the ticket. I'll ensure your political future. Choose Mellie, and I'm sorry, Andrew, but I will have to use my considerable talents to tear you down, brick by brick, because the only way to do this, the only way - to drop you from the ticket and be certain it doesn't blow back on the president is to make sure it's not just Fitz chasing you out of town, but all of America. And while you might like living out the rest of your days teaching political science at a small, second-tier liberal-arts college, I don't think Mellie will be by your side for it. She's more of a "run with the big dogs" kind of woman. So you need to make a choice. Do you want to be vice president of the United States of America for the next four years, because that's how long it'll take for her to lose interest in you once I get done destroying you. Screw Mellie, be V.P. Your choice.
Andrew: Tell me something 'Cause I've always been curious. What's it like?
Olivia: What?
Andrew: Being you? Cutting people's throats and calling it politics? Appealing to the lowest, basest part of humanity, scraping the bottom of a person's soul, carrying out these little emotional assassinations?
Olivia: Governor.
Andrew: I'm in love with her! I love her.
Olivia: So choose Mellie. I wish you would. It would restore my faith in humanity. But if there's one thing I know, it's that, given the choice between power and love, men like you will always, always choose power.

Olivia: B613 is your life. Helping me destroy it
Rowan: I'm helping you put down an animal, a dog that isn't mine anymore, a dog that is sick and malnourished because its new master doesn't know how to care for it. So rather than sit here and watch it starve to death, I've chosen to euthanize it, to show it mercy, not because I hate it, but because I love it.

Harrison: Jake Ballard. Dude could probably kill you with a bendy straw but at the end of the day he's just a normal guy. Put a fork in him.
Huck: Or a needle.
Harrison: Man. Women, right? Once you let 'em in... You're lucky you're not normal, man.

David: I feel like I'm watching Mozart.
Abby: Mozart couldn't bring down B-613.

Quinn: She's got a friggin' bomb.
Charlie: 15 pounds of fully nitrated gun cotton next to a lead-shielded cobalt-60 dispersion capsule. That's not just a bomb, Robin. That is the Mona Lisa of boom.

Olivia: What would Olivia Pope say?
Abby: You don't get to run. You're a gladiator. Gladiators don't run. They fight. They slay dragons. The wipe off the blood. They stitch up their wounds, and they live to fight another day. You don't get to run. How was that?
Olivia: That was good.

Olivia (to her associates at OPA): I know we haven't had a lot to celebrate here in the last few months. Sometimes it seems that the battles weren't winnable or at least not worth the blood spilled fighting them. But then a moment like this comes around and it makes you feel like it's all worth it. That we're finally stepping back into the light.

Flesh and Blood [3.17][edit]

Jake: we need to reconstitute B613.
Olivia: I didn't make sacrifices and endanger my people to end up right back where we started!
Jake: You mean the sacrifice of sleeping with me so you could hack into my phone? Crazy, right? All these years of thinking B613 is untouchable. And all it takes to kill us is a good, quick tug on a zipper.

Fitz: Somebody out there wants me dead.
Mellie: [laughs] He thinks it's just out there.

Olivia: He's changed. Now he would never hurt anybody, Jake. He's my dad, and my dad loves me.
Jake: He will reel you in with a trail of warmth and kindness. He will hold you in his arms and tell you that he loves you. And once you are comfortable, once you feel safe, he will take everything that matters from you, and he will leave you with nothing. He will break your bones and step over your body on his way out. Do you know how I know that? Because that's what he taught me to do.
Olivia: The one thing he wants more than anything is to bring my mother in to stop her. He'll do that.
Jake: Fine. I'm out. I'm free. You're on your own.
Olivia: Jake -
Jake: You think he's your dad, but that's just a part he's playing. A costume he puts on, a mask. Liv, once his mask comes off Run.

Dominic (to Olivia & Rowan): I'm an artist. Just because I sell you a canvas doesn't mean I know where you're planning to hang it.

Mellie: Forgive me for thinking that the White House doctor, a man who serves under my husband's command, could respect doctor/patient confidentiality.
Olivia: Of course he didn't respect doctor/patient confidentiality. It's the 21st century! This is the White House! This is the election! This is power and the future of this planet. This is everything! You'd have to be an idiot to be this reckless. And you are not an idiot! And you are never reckless.
Mellie : I want his head in the fire and I want to see him burn. I want to hand him the one piece of news that will destroy him and I want to watch his face when it happens. I have kept this secret for 15 years. I have lost my life for 15 years. I have lived this lie for 15 years and all the while I have watched him walk away from me. I have been destroyed while I have made him President. It is my turn! He suffers. He hurts. He burns. I'm tired of carrying the cross. Let him pick it up now. Big Jerry isn't something I want to be nailed to anymore.

Olivia: I don't think she can love anyone. I don't think there's room to love anyone in her world.
Jake: You are not your mother.
Olivia: I know that. You don't think I know that? I know that. But it must be nice To feel nothing, to care about no one. It must be easier.
Jake: Tell me.
Olivia: I love him. Fitz. I love him. And I felt something with you last night and that feels like betrayal.
Jake: It feels like a first step.

Fitz: I've been a bad boy.
Olivia: Don't be cute. You're putting yourself and everyone else in this auditorium at risk.
Fitz: The Secret Service went over every inch of this building with a fine-tooth comb.
Olivia: I'm trying to save your life.
Mellie: If we're going to die can we do it now so I don't have to listen to you two?

Huck: It wasn't safe.
Quinn: It was safer than bringing along two bickering little bitches. What do you want Huck?

The Price of free and fair elections [3.18][edit]

Rowan: I do not like him, but Olivia, I do love you, and I want you to have everything, everything you deserve. So when I say I wish I could help, I do wish I could help. I wish I could help you.

Jake: What are you doing here?
David: Did you tell the president that Cyrus Beene let that church blow up? -
Jake: What are you doing here? -
David: Because I've been watching TV, and his name doesn't seem to be all over the news. So it's okay with you that he was gonna let hundreds of people die? I'm sure he had his reasons.-
Jake: Homeland security's all over it.-
David: Homeland security? They'll bury this whole thing under eight tons of paperwork, and Voldemort gets away scot-free again.
Jake: Seems to me you did pretty well by Voldemort.
David: Voldemort gave you your job. We need to bring him down. The administration, B613 we need to get hard evidence, build an airtight case, make these people pay for their crimes.
Jake: You think if you look hard enough, you're just gonna run across a big box of irrefutable proof? From who, me? Rosen, I killed three people right in front of you. I am not a good guy.
David: Deep down, I think you are.

Leo: Any words of advice?
Cyrus: Nope. Well, maybe. Try and protect your soul if you still have one. It's futile, but you should still try.

Olivia [to Fitz]: I wouldn't want you if, knowing what you know, you left her now.

Maya [to Olivia]: That man hurts you. He uses you. And he will throw you away when he's done with you. I just wanted to give you the chance to be free. To be happy.

Olivia: We're going to win the election now. They lost their child. America will rally behind them.
Cyrus: We're going to win. I hadn't really thought about it.
Olivia: I did. A child is dead and that's the first thing that popped into my head.
Cyrus: I was going to let that church blow up with everyone in it.

Olivia: How did we get like this? When did we stop being people?
Cyrus: Were we ever people? Or did serving at the pleasure of the President just help us to shed our pesky skins and unmask us as the monsters we really are?

Rowan: You're not looking for justice, Mr. President. You're looking for a head served on a platter.
Fitz: Are you saying you can get that for me?
Rowan: I may not be your friend, Mr. President, but I am a father. I know what I would do if someone hurt my child. Yes, I will get that for you.

Mellie (to Fitz) : I kept my distance from him because I was terrified of what he Turns out he was yours the whole time. But he was always mine, or he should have been. But I was afraid, and now he's gone.

Olivia: It's me. Everything that's happened, none of it would be happening if it weren't for me. My mother, my father, the man I love, an innocent boy dying, churches being blown up, you being thrown in the hole. The only common denominator is me. I'm at the center. I'm the eye of the storm.
Jake: So you're the devil, is that it? And this is your pity party?
Olivia:This is me doing what I do best. I'm handling this. I'm fixing this. I have been over every option. I have looked at it from every angle, and I have hoped and prayed that I was wrong. I have tried to pretend that I didn't know what the answer is, but I do, so now it's time for me to stand in my truth. It's me. I'm the thing that needs to be fixed. I'm the thing that needs to be handled. I'm the scandal. And the best way to deal with a scandal is to shut it down.
Jake: Take me with you. Run away with me. Save me.
Olivia: I am in love with someone else.
Jake: You're leaving everything else behind. Leave that behind too.

Olivia: You want to stand in the sun with me.
Jake: I want us to stand in the sun together.

Season 4[edit]

Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia [4.01][edit]

Huck (to Olivia): Do you need to validate your broomstick or can you find your way out on your own?

Abby : 'We'? We're not a team, Liv. You're just Olivia Pope. There is no 'And Associates.' Not anymore.
Olivia: I know you're mad at me, but we both care about Harrison, and he would want us to-
Abby: Harrison would've wanted all kinds of things. He would've wanted you to not get on that plane. He would've wanted you to not leave his side so that God knows what could happen to him. He would've wanted you to care about him before someone put a bullet in his brain. He would've wanted his champion, his gladiator to be here, fighting for him when there was still a chance he could've been found alive. But now he's dead. Harrison doesn't want anything now!
Olivia: I've never once held a grudge against you not for anything.I've always forgiven you.
Abby: You want me to forgive you?
Olivia: No. I don't need you to forgive me. I haven't done anything wrong. I was making an observation. I've never once held a grudge against you. I've always forgiven you until now. You blaming me for Harrison's death is unforgivable! You abandoned them, too, Abby Huck and Quinn and Harrison. You abandoned them, too. You moved four blocks away into the most powerful house on the planet, and you left them out in the cold. I was on the other side of the world, but you were right here, and all you have to give is three minutes? What kind of champion, what kind of gladiator does that make you?

Olivia [to Rowan]: I can never tell if you're lying. I can never trust my gut when it comes to you.

Olivia: How do I choose the box to bury my friend in?
Jake: There's no wrong choice. You just pick.

Huck [to Olivia]: I stopped being Huck when you left. Huck doesn't exist. Read my name tag. It says "Randy. " I am Randy the smart guy. That is who I am now. That is all I am now. And you are messing with that. When you walk in here, you make me hope. Randy doesn't hope. Randy works and he goes home and he plays video games and he goes to bed and he wakes up, and he does it all over again the next day. Hoping is bad for Randy, so do not come back here unless you are back for good. Next customer!

Clarck: Self-defense doesn't have a great shelf life.
Olivia: It starts to smell funny if it sits out too long.
Clarck: Where were you, anyway?
Olivia: On an island.
Clark: That sounds boring. And lonely.
Olivia: Not as lonely as Washington.

Jake(to Olivia): We both know it's not my turn anymore. We both know we're not standing in the sun. We both know you're standing in the shade of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As long as we're back, it's his turn, despite the fact that I'm the one you like to ride. That I'm the one who makes you moan. The one who reaches you in places that he can't begin to touch. Isn't that right?

Cyrus (to Fitz): You really want to pretend we don't all know how this movie ends? It's not going to be a surprise, Sir. It's rather predictable, really, she's Olivia. You're Fitz. At a certain point in time, the two of you are going to find yourselves together in the same room. The ancipation relentless, isn't it? We all know what happens next. We've seen this movie a hundred times.

Olivia(to Jake) : What would Harrison said? Are we gladiators or are we bitches?

The state of the union [4.02][edit]

Olivia: Cyrus, you know I'm not afraid of the I.R.S.
Cyrus: I'll tell him You call every day. I'll tell him you call, asking about him every day, that you're pining for him. Sorry to be such a bastard, Liv. Craving meat really brings out the worst in me.

Mellie (to Fitz): Let's face it, baby. This is all about you. This is the Fitzgerald Grant show starring Fitzgerald Grant. And you just want me to play my part as the costar, the dutiful wife, who smiles and acts proud of you and doesn't eat chicken or wear sweatpants or hang out on graves.

Mellie: It's not the same. My child, your husband. It's not the same.
Cyrus: I keep hearing that. The loss of a child is greater. I resent that, never having lost a child. I resent having to feel like losing the love of my life, the only someone who ever made me feel like I was truly me, is less of a loss, is smaller than your loss. I am now broken. I'm not me. I'm forever changed. I'm undone. A broken heart is a broken heart. To take a measure is cruelty.

Senate judiciary committee: You were fired, Mr. Rosen correct? for pursuing some loony conspiracy theory about election rigging?
David: I told you I left to pursue another career.
Senate judiciary committee: You left a prestigious job as a United States attorney to teach public high school?
David: Michael Jordan left the Bulls to play minor league baseball. These things happen.
Senate judiciary committee: You're comparing yourself to Michael Jordan?!
David: I'm comparing myself to anyone who's ever followed a dream, senator.

Quinn: We were never a normal couple. You're always going to be the guy who pulled my teeth out.
Huck: I pulled your teeth out because you couldn't mind your own business. You can never mind your own business, Quinn. And if I had to do it all again to teach you that one valuable lesson, I would.

Fitz: I need to hear what you think. Before I go out there and speak to the country, I need to hear what you think.
Olivia: No.
Fitz: Don't you think you owe me at least this much?

Cyrus: Liv's on it.
Abby: You're not even a little concerned?
Cyrus: Oh, I'm concerned. I'm concerned that Fitzgerald Grant's second term as President of these United States is about to be derailed because his wife won't stop eating fried chicken long enough to put on a cocktail dress. I'm concerned that our enemies are sharpening their long knives for the rapidly approaching moment when it becomes acceptable to point out that maybe, just maybe, the President's homelife has begun to affect his decision making. I am concerned that everything I have devoted far more of my soul to than has ever been right or healthy or appropriate is about to come crashing down on a 16 year old's grave. But no, I am not concerned that Olivia Pope will fail. I am never concerned that Olivia Pope will fail.

Inside the bubble [4.03][edit]

Rowan: Re-entry is always hard. You emerged from deep cover. I mean, it wasn't covert ops. You weren't a spy. But I know the feeling. I know it very well. You come back, you re-enter to find the world kept spinning without you. You go to the places you used to go and you see the people you used to see and it's like something is missing. But really, everything is missing. Somehow everything is different. Everything is...
Olivia: Colder. Everything is colder.

Cyrus (to Abby): Red, you are not in the bubble. Stay out of the First Lady's business.

Fitz [to David]: I need this all to mean something. This seal, this office, it has to mean something. I've lost too much. I've given up too much. I'm not even a person anymore. I am a statue, a monument. If I don't get to be some soccer dad in Vermont, then I need this all to have a point.

Charlie [to Quinn]: You ever get lonely, Robin? I'm freakin lonely. Being a superspy is freakin' lonely.

Abby: I'm not what, a gladiator anymore? Running around doing your bidding like some mindless soldier in the Olivia Pope army?

Quinn (to Olivia & Huck) : Did you two seriously not notice that I have been gone for the last 24 hours? I spent three whole months keeping tabs on this office. I went to see you every day at the computer store. I constantly checked in with Abby at the White House. I found you halfway across the world. I'm the one who made sure this place didn't die. And I go M.I.A. for a whole day and no one even bats an eye. That is unacceptable. That is how Harrison died. We weren't vigilant. We didn't pay attention. So when one of us goes missing for 24 hours the other ones freakin' look for them.

Fitz: I yelled at you. I owe you an apology for that.
Abby: You do owe me an apology, but not for yelling at me. You owe me an apology for not bothering to learn my name. I'm Abby, Mr. President. Abby Whelan. I'm Scottish, by the way.

Quinn: Huck...
Huck: I'll look for you. The next time you go M.I.A. I'll look for you.

Like father, like daughter [4.04][edit]

Olivia: I thought we could talk about how our days went.
Jake: That sounds very normal.

Fitz: Maybe I find a convent in Switzlerland and stick her in it.
Olivia: That did not work when my father tried it with me.

Abby [to Huck and Quinn]: We're in the White House. This is my turf. In this building you are no longer a zombie army of two under the influence of Olivia Pope.

Abby: You make it hard for me to do my job. You undermine me here with Olivia Pope at every turn. You keep secrets from me. You make me feel...small.
Cyrus: Red, there are things that happen here in this big White House with this particular President that you will never, ever know about. Some of those things, many of those things, will involve Olivia Pope. Several of those things will make it hard for you to do your job, but you are a patriot. You are a fighter. And so you will soldier on. As for feeling small, I don't do that to you. I suspect jealousy does that to you. My advice on that is this. You are not Olivia. You will never be Olivia. Hating Olivia for your own shortcomings will not change that fact.

Fitz: I have dealt with Drunk Mellie, Bad Hygeine Mellie... No, wait. I got it. Smelly Mellie. I have dealt with Drunk Mellie, and Smellie Mellie, and Screw-Everything-to-Hell Mellie, and Cry-baby Mellie, and Eat-Everything-That's-Not-Nailed-Down Mellie, and I have not complained. But I will not put up with whatever righteous History-Rewriting Mellie you have going on right here, right now. This is not your family. You are not the mother. Not since Jerry died. Since Jerry died you have abdicated your role. You have mothered no one. You hold nothing together. You pick up no pieces. You know how I know this? Because Baby Teddy thinks his mother is Nanny Jen. And Karen spent last night in a threesome with two guys doing a move on her they like to call Eiffel Tower!
Mellie: A sex tape? She takes after her daddy then, doesn't she?

Rowan [to Tom]: When I say bring me the head of John the Baptist, I expect the head of John the Baptist. I do not expect excuses. Not from my golden boy.

Olivia: Burying yourself in work isn't always the best thing when you lose someone.
Fitz: Running away isn't the best thing either.
Fitz: Liv, where did you go?
Olivia: Fitz...
Fitz: Where did you go? You just...took off for two months all alone?
Olivia: I...yes. I did. I needed some time alone. After everything I just needed to be alone.

Olivia: I went with Jake.
Fitz: So I am a failure as a father and a husband and a man. Good to know. Heavy is the head that wears the crown they say.

Olivia : That is what I do and there is no one better at it in the entire world than I am!

The Key [4.05][edit]

Olivia: I'm working. I'm gladiating.
Quinn: You're getting your expensive pants dirty. What are you doing here?

Fitz: Mellie's in the residence.
Cyrus: Respectfully, sir, she's probably drunk, and in a coma from too much fried chicken. You're safe there.

Rowan: You drank a whole bottle of the cheap stuff by yourself.
Olivia: It's not cheap, it just not snobby.

Olivia: Do we talk about this stuff? Let's not talk about this stuff. Even if we were normal...
Rowan: We're normal.
Olivia: In what context are we normal?
Rowan: We're not normal...
Olivia: Even if we were, normal people don't talk about...normal fathers and daughters don't...

Rowan: There's something about Jake that reminds me of myself at his age. I must admit that I wasn't the best at respecting the schedule of others, especially when the others were...lady friends.
Olivia: Okay, done.
Rowan: Sometimes you have to let a young lion roam free...
Olivia: So done!

Olivia: What if I'm supposed to be saving him right now instead of sitting here drinking wine with you?
Rowan: Olivia, what could possibly have happened to a man like Jake?

Olivia: Your daughter is dead. Your wife is rotting in jail for a crime she did not commit. Enjoy your fruit.

Huck: I pinged all of Jake's IP interfaces for the last two days which landed me in a geo-location data stream. Then I ran that through my QR-9 knock off and from there it was easy. He might of been wearing a cowbell.
Olivia: There's not a single word in that sentence I understood except cowbell.

Jake(to Fitz): Oh, man. Oh my god, I am screwed. You have been waiting for this moment from the second I got in bed with her. I am here because of her. It doesn't matter what the truth is, does it? The only thing that matters is I put my hands where you think they don't belong and now I'm in chains.

Fitz: You killed my son. I am going to have you destroyed. I'm going to watch you fry in the electric chair and I'm going to have a party when it happens.
Jake: You are a decent human being. You are a good person. I know this because she loves you. If you were not a good person you would be down here pummeling my face in. I would not be in the possession of a government agency. I would be in a ditch somewhere. No one would be worried about the timeline of my food and drink. I would be in an unmarked grave by now.

Jake (to Fitz) : You're one of the good guys. She calls them White Hats. You don't think you are, but you are. It's why she loves you. I'm one too. It's why she loves me.

Cyrus (to Olivia) : Jake Ballard is a predator, an animal, a killing machine. And just because you've decided to turn a blind eye to that doesn't make it any less true. So, your boyfriend--your other boyfriend--is currently being interrogated in the bowels of the Pentagon, where he will eventually confess to his crimes after which, it is my profound hope, he will be executed. And the next time you need me, the next time you want to chat, you will find me dancing on his grave.

David (to Abby) : I killed him, Abby. I was trying to be Olivia Pope and I killed him. Why are we all trying to be Olivia Pope?

Abby (to Olivia): You ruined David Rosen. You took a good man, an honest, decent man, and you made him think that to do any good in this world, he had to be like you. A liar, a cheater, poison. Because that's what you are, Liv. You are poison. And everyone who touches you pays the price.

An innocent man [4.06][edit]

Abby (to Fitz): I'm not asking the commander-in-chief. I'm asking the married man who used to sleep with my friend, what exactly he has done with the man she is currently sleeping with.

Abby (to Fitz): I am overstepping the hell out of my world right now, but if you love her at all, do her the courtesy of telling her what is going on. You may have never heard what it sounds like when Olivia wakes up screaming from a nightmare, but I have and it's awful.

Olivia: I know him. I know about him the way I know about you.
Fitz: No, you don't know him the way you know me.

Rowan (to Fitz): I can do things that cannot be done Mr. President. I owe it to you. I taught him, I trained him, he strayed, let me discipline my dog.

Jake (to Olivia): I could sit here and rattle on about being framed and your father being behind the whole thing but really that's just my word and why should you trust my word? I've been lying to you ever since we met, right? My word's not going to change anything, it can't. We both know in the end you're not going to choose me. That's okay, Olivia I want you to know I need you to know, not choosing me is okay.

David: I won. I out-Poped Olivia Pope. Eat it sucka!

Rowan (to Jack) : Need I really remind you after all this time soldier, you can't take command. Command takes you.

Olivia (to Rowan): You may be command dad, but I have weapons at my disposable, weapons you can't possibly posses.

Baby made a mess [4.07][edit]

Fitz: Can we think about finding a way to spend time together now that there's...hope?
Olivia: Well, it depends.

Abby: I cannot cry in the White House.
Olivia: You can cry if you want to.
Abby: Press secretaries can't cry! It's, like, a rule!

Susan: My image? What about my image?
Olivia: Research shows that if a woman candidate is perceived as too pretty or too plain, voters turn against her.

Mellie: What do you think?
Elisabeth: Oh, well, the crimson border on the Reagan is so elegant.
Mellie: Eleanor Roosevelt ordered her China service to create jobs during the great depression.
Elisabeth: Really? I didn't know that.
Mellie: See how simple the pattern is? - Not a lot of fuss. Poor thing probably didn't give a rat's ass about China any more than I do. I'll tell you something - when a woman is president, they'll suddenly make first lady an official paid position. They will hire someone to do it. The minute a man has to do it, it'll become a real job.

David: The question involves you asking me to grossly abuse the powers of my office and get you access to something you shouldn't have access to.
Olivia: Is this why you've been ignoring my calls? -
David: Yes.
Olivia: I need you to get me into super-max.
David: Liv, it's a super-max prison. They added the word "super" to the already quite clear "maximum security. " Dahmer was in super-max. That place holds people who eat people. And you want to what, just waltz in there wearing all your white stuff, have a seat in one of the cells, and drink tea with Jake? This isn't You can't just visit Jake. Hell no. There are clearances, protocols, rules. You already have a plan, don't you? I've been Poped and I don't know it.
Olivia: Yes.

Olivia: My father doesn't give me orders.
Tom: You think you, oh, you think you have a father? I am so sorry but you don't have a father. You have Command. You were raised by Command. Command doesn't have a family. Command has soliders. You take orders like any other soldier. You've been taking orders from Command since the day you were born.
Olivia: My father is not a God. He is a man.

Commercial on tv (Susan voice): This is Susan Ross, and I approve this message.
Cyrus: Six hours it's been on the air. Six hours, and already it's taking over Facebook, Twitter, and You tube.
Chip: I didn't think Ross had it in her.
Leo: She doesn't. It's Olivia Pope. The woman could sell a dual ticket of Hitler and Bin Laden.

Leo: Yahtzee!
Abby: Did you just say Yahtzee?
Abby : My jaw was wired shut for 6 weeks and I still have a pin in it that gets me a sympathetic look every time I go through security at the airport. Two of my front teeth are fake and my collarbone hurts whenever it's going to rain. Charles did that to me, so yeah, you won. Yahtzee.

The last supper [4.08][edit]

Jake (to Fitz and Liv): So now I'm innocent is that what you're telling me? Good. Pleased to hear that. Should we each take turns hugging or how does this work exactly?

Fitz: Look, Jake...
Jake: Captain Ballard. Jake is what my friends call me. You're not my friend, Mr. President. Friends don't put you in prison for crimes you didn't commit. They don't refuse to hear you when you're telling them the truth. They don't hit you when you can't hit back. So when you refer to me from this point forward it will be as Captain Ballard, is that understood?

Olivia: I wasn't aware we were on speaking terms, Dad, let alone having dinner.
Rowan: We are family, Olivia. Families fight. That's what they do. That doesn't mean you stop calling. That doesn't mean you stop showing up for dinner. When we fight, we forgive and forget.

Cyrus [to Olivia] Clients are plenty. Friends are few. Your friend is asking for help.

Jake: You could let me rot in here. Be easy. Solve all your problems. I mean, I did tell him that you loved me too, but I was just messing with his head. All you have to do is just turn your head and then you and that Fitz guy can just dance off into the sun.
Olivia: Don't ever talk about me and the sun and another man again. Don't ever do that. Okay?

Cyrus: Ironic, isn't it?
Olivia: What?
Cyrus: It's always the ones closest to us, the ones who say they care. They're the ones who do the most damage.

Rowan: I haven't been a perfect father, Olivia. I know that. I want you to know that I know that.
Olivia: You don't need to say this...
Rowan: I do. I want you to know that I've always wanted the best for you. I've wanted you to be the best because to me you always were. I didn't have a role model for how to be a dad and I stumbled. I know that. I got angry when I shouldn't have and I focused too much on how you did rather than how you were doing it. I didn't say enough how important it was to me when you were trying, when you were struggling. Because it was. Because I should've understood because that's what I was doing. Trying. And struggling. I tried.

Rowan (to Olivia):You have forsaken me. Your father. Your family. You wanted to stand in the sun, in the bright, white light. It blinded you. Those, uh, people that you've chosen over me, you do not see who they are, what they want, how they see you. Those people are not your people. They never will be. And you will never be one of them. You know what they would have done to me what they always do to people like me. A trial, an execution. You were going to let them do that to me. After all I've done to protect you from them. I tried, Olivia. I tried my best. For the first time in your life, you are on your own. You think the world is so terrible with me in it? Wait till you see what it's like without me.

Where the sun don’t shine |4.09][edit]

Elizabeth North: There's a special place in Hell for women who don't support other women.
Olivia: There's a special place in Hell for women who spout that tired quote to justify their bad behavior.

Cyrus [to Michael] You are now the most famous gay hooker in gay hooker history. You could write a book. Sell it to Hollywood. Play yourself in the porn version, "Inside Cyrus Beene."

Cyrus: I was in the closet for 40 years. I spent four decades having sex with women, between the thighs of women, which I for one never enjoyed or quite understood. And that whole time I only ever slept with two men. One of them was the love of my life. The other was a prostitute, which was admittedly a terrible decision on my part.

Jake: Say the word. I will stop trying to find your father. We can pack up and leave all of this behind. We can close Pandora's box and go back to the sun.
Olivia: The sun went down a long time ago, and it's not coming back up.

Olivia: You're not leaving. You were never leaving. You can never leave me alone because you have no place to go. The only life you have is the sad, twisted one you built here. The one where you lurk int he shadows, pull puppet strings, and pretend the world couldn't exist without your protection. You can't disappear, become a normal person, because Dad, you are not normal. You are a sick, lonely man who only knows how to lie and call it love.
Rowan: Could you be more ungrateful? You're my flesh. There would be no Olivia Pope if not for me.

Rowan (to Olivia): It is your life that is sad. It is you who cannot be normal. It is you who has no comprehension of love. So, what? Your stomach turns every time you look at me? Well let me be the one to break it to you, Olivia. You are simply looking in the mirror.

Olivia: So, where to?
Cyrus: I'm thinking Europe. They have a long history of accepting failure and disgrace. Sienna Rogers called me "A Gay Stereotype" this morning. I worked so hard, 30 years of. I clawed my way into the most powerful house in the world, and it's all gone. I look in the mirror, and I don't even know who I am anymore. Eh, a gay stereotype.
Olivia: Cyrus.
Cyrus: Hmm. Yes?
Olivia: I need you to listen to me very carefully because I'm going to speak to you right now the way the Cyrus Beene I know would speak to you.
Cyrus: I don't-
Olivia: When did you decide to let them ruin you?
Cyrus: Excuse me?
Olivia: So your life's unfair. So what? That's how it is. So, they're mean-girling you in the press, they're calling you names that hurt your little soft spots deep inside? Well, so what? That's how it is. So you lost someone you loved. You lost the one person who felt like family. Well, guess what, grow the hell up because that is how it is! The Cyrus Beene I know doesn't hide in his half-empty closet and wet his pants like a little bitch baby. The Cyrus I know is a patriot. He bites the bullet, and he does what it takes to serve the Republic at all costs. So, I want to know, right now, in this moment, who you are? Because the pathetic shell of a person I'm looking at right now doesn't deserve to stand on the presidential seal in the oval office, let alone tell the president what to do. - Who are you, Cy?
Cyrus: Liv.
Olivia: Who are you, Cy?!
Cyrus: Liv!
Olivia: Who are you, Cy?
Cyrus: I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Olivia: Who are you!?
Cyrus: I am one of the most powerful men in the world.
Olivia: Oh, yeah? So, you're not a bitch baby?
Cyrus: I run this country. I'm nobody's bitch baby.
Olivia: I don't know. You still sound like a little bitch baby to me.
Cyrus: I am not a little bitch baby!
Olivia: Then show me! Prove it to me right now! Show me who you are, Cyrus Beene!

Jake: Man, do I love you.
Olivia: I want Vermont with Fitz.
Jake: Oh, okay.
Olivia: I also want the sun with you.
Jake: So...
Olivia: I'm not choosing. I'm not choosing Jake. I'm not choosing Fitz. I'm choosing me. I'm choosing Olivia. And right now, Olivia is dancing. Now, you can dance with me or you can get off my dance floor. I'm fine dancing alone.

Andrew: So tell me, Mr. President. What's the one thing in the world that you can't live without? The one thing that you'd do everything in your power to get back?
Fitz: What did you do to her? What did you do?
Andrew: Tell me, Mr. President. How you liking that war now?

Run [4.10][edit]

Olivia (to her kidnappers): I only negotiate with people who have the power to say yes or no. You don’t have that. You're not in charge. No one in this ambulance is in charge. The guy back at the apartment who had his hand on my mouth, he is in charge. He never said a word, but you all looked at him every time you spoke. You were checking for approval. He was in charge. He says yes or no. So me begging and bargaining here with you is a waste of my breath and you can't kill me unless he says you can. So no I don't have a death wish because he’s not here to be afraid of.

Olivia: Ian I know everything looks really bad right now and you don't know me, but I'm gonna tell you something and I need you to believe me. I'm gonna save us. Ok? Ok. Say it.
Ian: You're going to save us.
Olivia: Yes I'm going to save.
Ian: How?
Olivia: I'm Olivia Pope.

Abby (to Olivia (in her dream)): Jake and Fitz can't help you. There is no man to rescue you. Do you hear me? No one. No one is going to help you. You are the only gladiator in the place. You are all you've got. You have to rescue yourself.

Where’s the black lady [4.11][edit]

Fitz: The Secret Service takes their orders from me, not the vice president.
Agent Fielding: I don't think that I've been clear. I'm not talking about just the secret service. There's also White House aides, pages, staff, military guards, a couple of secretaries, oh, and a few of the valets and butlers in the residence. Consider us all your support group. We're watching you, keeping an eye on you all of us at all times. Cameras, listening devices, every phone call, every toilet flush. See? We care. You should be grateful for all this support. It would be a shame if Miss Pope was beheaded. Don't you agree, Mr. President? They don't call this the Crown Jewel of the American Prison System for nothing. We'll be seeing you Sir.

Tom:He was a nice boy But he was a boy. And you are a man, a great man, and I had to choose between a nice boy and a great man, and I chose the great man, and I am not sorry about that. I am proud of that. He was a sacrifice. I am a sacrifice. There are sacrifices that need to be made for greatness, brush that needs to be cleared for the path of history.
Fitz: I need to know who I can trust in the White House.
Tom: Is that why you're here?
Fitz: Yes. In my detail, who can I trust? Where can I speak privately?
Tom: The face that launched a thousand ships.
Fitz: What?
Tom: Helen of Troy. Menelaus got her back but it took him 10 years of war. Will you launch a thousand ships to save Ms. Pope?

Olivia: You could wait outside the door.
Ian: And have you find a way to make a weapon from the toilet seat? I don't think so.
Olivia: It's not going to work. Using me as bait. He won't do it. Go to war. The President doesn't negotiate with terrorists.
Ian: Honestly, I don't care. I get paid either way. But for argument's sake, let's wager. One dollar. I bet you that he will go to war for you. One dollar says he does it. Because President or not he's just a man. A sad, terrified man who's lost his Olivia doll and wants her back. Call me a romantic, but I bet one dollar that he loves you, and that's what makes the world go round. Emotion, sex, jealousy, insecurities. Bush invaded Iraq to avenge his daddy. Clinton bombed Serbia so we'd forget about Monica. Napoleon, well, Napoleon... The president will go to war, Olivia, and he will meet our demands. History says so. Love says so.

Fitz: In 24 hours I'm going to kill Olivia Pope.
Mellie: What?
Fitz: Andrew has her, somewhere. I don't know where. But if I don't send troops to West Angola, she'll be killed. It's a coup. Your boyfriend has orchestrated a bonafide American coup. And what kind of President would I be, what kind of monument, if I indulged in this war, if I sent thousands of people to their deaths to save the life of one person, no matter whot hat person is to me. I can't do that. Right? Our son died so I could stay in office, so I can't dishonor him now by giving in, negotiating with terrorists, even if it means Liv dies. I can't do it, right?
Mellie: I thought you loved her. Don't tell me we've been through all this for a cheap screw.
Fitz: I love her.
Mellie: Then you know what you have to do.

Olivia: What do you want?
Ian: What do I want?
Olivia: It's the first question I ask my clients. Typically I know the answer but I need them to arrive at it themselves.
Ian: And if I were one of your clients, what do you think I'd say?
Olivia: You'd say you want power, but I think that's a lie.
Ian: And why would that be?
Olivia: Because you're sitting on one of the most valuable assets in the world and not using it.

Ian: You're saying I should sell you?
Olivia: I'm saying we should sell me. I know the market, how it operates, who the players are, how to pull their strings. This is my wheelhouse. If anyone can pull their strings, it's me.
Ian: So I get rich and you get, what?
Olivia: I get to not spend the next three years counting down the days until the President leaves office and you put a bullet in my head. You get rich and I get to take my chances on the open market. Plus, you'd have to make me look presentable to get top dollar and I could really use a shower and a change of clothes. Think about it, Ian, it's win-win. But then again, the question isn't what I want. It's what you want. Do you want to be a babysitter or do you want to be a boss? It's up to you.

Quinn: Why aren't you calling the White House?
Jake: If I call the White House they'll kill Olivia. They can't go get her.
Quinn:'s the three of us? We bust in there and take on god knows how many armed mercenaries ourselves? All right. I'm down.

David: Do you see this hat?
Jake: I don't see a hat.
David: Use your imagination. I'm wearing a ten-gallon white hat. Just for the record.
You're a gladiator. Gladiators don't run. They fight. They slay dragons. They wipe off the blood. They stitch up their wounds, and they live to fight another day. You don't get to run.

Gladiators don’t run [4.12][edit]

Huck (to Abby) : You are not a gladiator anymore.

Quinn: Who has money? All I have is student loans! It doesn't matter how many times you reinvent your identity, Sallie Mae will find you.

Kidnapper (Ian): How much do you think you'll go for? $500 million?
Olivia: $500 million? I'm a little insulted.

Olivia (to her kidnapper): Be careful. I'm in shock. Put anything that close to my mouth I might bite it off.

Cyrus [to Liz]: You and I both know you can't attempt to overthrow the American governemnt and then just skedaddle when it all blows up in your face.

Mellie: The irony is he chose you because he thought you would be loyal.
Andrew: Probably the same reason he chose you.

Olivia (to her kidnappers): The two of you don't belong here, not with Gus, not trapped in this place with him. You don't deserve what's going to happen to you. What are you, 24, 25? You've got your entire lives ahead of you, the whole world ahead of you, and with your skills, those minds, the potential you havem the chance you have. You did not lie in bed at night dreaming of being kidnappers, human traffickers, terrorists. You didn't dream of life in a Supermax prison, or on the run, or doing whatever the hell Gus tells you to do which is actually the worst option. You dreamed of power, of being successful, of running companies, of building something great. You should be getting wined and dined by venture capitalists, not working with some gun-wielding lunatic. Which one of you do you think he'll shoot first so he only has to split the money two ways instead of three?

Abby (to david) : You son of a bitch. She is my best friend. She's my best friend and she is trapped somewhere and horrible things are happening to her and you are making snide jokes because what? Because you got your feelings hurt because we broke up? Someone kidnapped my best friend. Listen to that sentence, David! Someone kidnapped my best friend. No. Someone kidnapped my only friend. She is my only friend. I don't have friends. I have Liv and something bad has happened to her and I didn't even get a chance to be her gladiator because no one bothered to let me know that she was missing, that she was in trouble, that she needed me. All the times--All the times that she saves me. All the times. I would save her, David. I would go over a cliff for her.

Fitz: The CIA's confident they'll have her home within 24 hours.
Mellie: Whew. We sleep better when she's lying between us.

Mellie: America can forgive a man a hundred infidelities, but they will never forgive a woman even one. I will be ruined. Finished. Done.

Fitz: We have to get Olivia back, not just because I love her, not just because having her out there is a threat to national security. There are soldiers who are never coming home because I tried to get her back. Someone's father, someone's husband. I have killed so many mothers' sons trying to get her back. The flags placed on the coffins where they lay are there because they had the courage to give their lives and I did not have the courage to give Liv's, so she has to come back because their sacrifice damn well has to mean something. They cannot have died for nothing. They cannot have gone to their death for no other reason than I asked them to.
Cyrus: We will get her back. I promise you sir, I will do everything in my power to make sure we get her back.

No more blood [4.13][edit]

Jake: Hey, I was calling you. Why didn't you answer?
Quinn: Did you have a different, stirring interpretation of the "Your Boss is Dead" monologue that you wanted to perform? Because I already caught the Broadway version that Huck did.

Mellie (to Andrew): You've always been the other guy and the whats-his-name. The also-ran. Good, fine, but never great. We both know the reason they call it a race, the reason there is a winner, is because someone wins. And it is never you.

Cyrus (daydreaming (to Fitz): You moron. You child. When are you going to learn? The finest minds of our government have told you what needs to happen and still! I built you from the ground up. From the ground up! You are all that I have to show. I made you a warrior. I made you a king! I made you a leader of men and THIS? This is what you leave me with? No! NO! I'm done. I quit! And you can take your flowers and daisies, and your "love conquers all" and your hope, and you can choke on it because I don't work here anymore.

Jake (to Huck): Everything they did to you they did to me. B613, they trained me, too. I was in the hole, too. I...slaughtered bodies I left in my wake. It feels good. That's the problem. Warm blood on your hands feels good. The music of a scream. For me, it was bones. If you snap a bone just right there's a clean, crisp sound that gets me right here. And if you lick their tears when it happens?

Jake: They warped me too. They added a beast inside me too and he's a really good guy. He's so much fun. You'd like him. But I do not let him out. Ever. Not when I fight. Not when I kill. Not when I hurt. Because he's not allowed out to play. He's not invited. He's behind lock and key. You have to keep your guy in, Huck. You have to lock him in all the time. Otherwise one day he will be strong enough to lock you in and you'll never get out.
Huck: Liv. Liv locks him in. She locks him in for me.
Jake: You gotta learn to do it on your own.

Quinn: If we lose, if we lose Liv for good, I know what she is to you. I know how important she is. I know you need her. But I need you. You may be Liv's...puppy, but...I'm kind of yours.
Huck: It won't happen again.

Cyrus (to CIA's Agents): She is precious to him, you understand? She is his beating heart in the hands of his enemies. With her they can bend him, they can break him, they can make the President of the United States dance like a monkey at a county fair. And as long as his heart is out there, beating in the hands of China, North Korea, drug lords, Russia, God knows who else, we are screwed. We stop it. We stop that beating heart. And that, my friends, is what your President would want us to do, it is what he would demand that we do, if his heart were not out there. If it were in here he would do it himself. So we do what he cannot do. We may need to neutralize the asset.

Jake: I'm here about Olivia.
Rowan: Did she scratch my records?
Jake: She's been taken.
Rowan: Taken?
Jake: To force the president into war in West Angola. Now she's being sold on the international auction block to the highest bidder.
Rowan: It's unbelievable. Unbelievable! I've been gone how long? I mean, has it been a week? And already you've lost no, sorry not "lost" - She's been taken.
Jake: These are professionals.
Rowan: Well, that distinguishes them from you, now, doesn't it? Do you fish?
Jake: No.
Rowan: You know, people who don't fish think that fishing is lazy or boring, but it is the complete opposite. There are a hundred little decisions to be made, variables to be considered. And you're never quite sure what made the difference. Did I cast too high, too far to the left? Did I reel it in too slow or, or, or, too fast? Is the lure too shiny or too dull? Do I stay here, or should I go over there? And you know it's not luck, but you do not know By how much. People are predictable unchanging, monotonous. They use the same language, they offer the same excuses, they make the same mistakes. People are endlessly disappointing because you hope they won't be. I knew that she would need me. I knew that you'd come here begging for help. This was all predictable, all disappointing. This is why I am fishing, because I am never disappointed out here, because I don't expect anything, because anything is possible. I can be hopeful out here, even in failure, because I know if I just go out there, around that tree, it might be different, something might be different, something I do might make a difference.
Jake: She's your daughter.
Rowan: I don't have a daughter.

Abby (to Cyrus) : Well, you know, once a gladiator, always a gladiator, right?

Cyrus: Well done, Red.
Abby: Well done? You almost killed her today.
Cyrus: Yes.
Abby: And he has no idea.
Cyrus: Not unless you tell him.
Abby: The fate of our nation is more important than the life and liberty of one individual.

Olivia: You went to war.
Fitz: I had no choice.
Olivia: You did.
Fitz: I had no choice.
Olivia: I wanted to Vermont. Someone I used to know danced on this very spot just the other day and said I want Vermont.
Fitz: Liv--
Olivia: Let go of me… I have been riding and dying for you. I fixed an election for you. Sacrificed everything to keep you in office, we all did. Cyrus, James, Jerry, Harrison, Mellie. Every one of us. I was your mistress because you needed me.
Fitz: And I was willing to give it all up for you.
Olivia: Which is exactly the problem.
Fitz: I tried to give up my wife for you, my office! And you backed out every time.
Olivia: Of course I did. If you gave up the Presidency, what did I do all this for? Everything we did, I did, all of it, if you gave up the Presidency it would be a waste. Everything I've sacrificed to get you here, to keep you here, so you could be the best, so you could make history, so you could be the President you were meant to be. And you were. You were the President you were meant to be and then, when the true test came along, when I was taken because of you, you go to war? You sent thousands of innocent soldiers into harms way, some of them to their deaths, for one person.
Fitz: I had to save you.
Olivia: You didn't save me. I'm on my own.

The lawn chair [4.14][edit]

Marcus: Help us get justice.
Olivia: You don't want justice. You want anger. You want outrage. You want retribution.
Marcus: You're right. I do. So should you.

Olivia (to her client): There is a dead child lying in the street in front of their homes. What would you do if there was a dead child, a child you knew, in front of your home? The fact that they stand in groups and say things you do not like does not make them a mob. It makes them Americans.

Olivia [to David]: You talk about fairness and justice like it's available to everybody. It's not!

The testimony of Diego Muñoz [4.16][edit]

Abby: He's good at his job.
Cyrus: I didn't say he wasn't. You date him? Really, Red? That turns you on?

David: Don't talk about murder in front of the Attorney General of the United States?
Jake: Fine, fine. Let's talk about the guy that I am not going to kill.

Huck: I'll take care of it.
David: You? You got us into this! I'm not saying that critically. It's just, you know, factually true. You're taking it critically aren't you?

Abby [to Olivia]: Susan Ross quit and I fired Leo which I think means I also broke up with him.

Abby (to Olivia): Susan's smart and good, actually good, white hat good. She's smart and she's good and she's...weird. But it's kind of a good weird. We just have to show the Senate Committee that and to do that we need you. You won't even have to step foot in the White House, I promise. And it's not for him. You're not doing this for him. You're doing this for me. And for Susan Ross. And for you.

Olivia (to Susan Ross) : It's okay to be afraid. Sometimes fear keeps us safe. Sometimes it holds us back... I want her and every other child in this country to grow up in a nation that will allow them to fulfill their dreams just like I'm doing right now... You can do this job and keep your integrity. Just be honest. Be yourself.

Fitz: Is that what Olivia thinks? Does Olivia know that the President of the United States doesn't beg?
Abby: Sir sir, you burned them.
Cyrus: Congress put their trust in you and your decision making, and then you burned them on west Angola.
Fitz: Oh, come on! For God's sake! That's why they're upset?! I can't help it if a few democrats got cold feet because we went to war.
Olivia: It wasn't the war. It was the way you went about it. One minute, you say we're never going into west Angola. Then three days later, U.S. soldiers are dying on their beaches. A week after that, you change your mind again. All of a sudden, you're bringing the troops home. Never mind the democrats. You made a mockery of democracy.
Fitz: You know why I did it.
Olivia: Go to the Hill and beg them to forgive you.

Huck : Quinn, don't worry. It's done. I had a choice. I made it. I chose Liv.

Kim Muñoz: Tell him about the hole, Huck.
David: The hole?
Kim Muñoz: They punished B613 agents by putting them in a hole.
David: Tell me about the hole, Mr. Muñoz. Was there a hole, Mr. Muñoz?
Kim Muñoz: Tell him about the hole!
David: I am the Attorney General, Mrs. Muñoz, and you're taking me for a fool. I could have you disbarred.
Huck: Yes.
David: There was a hole?
Huck: Yes.
David: And you were put in this hole?
Huck: Yes.
David: Can you describe this hole?
Huck: No.
David: No. I didn't think so. I'm done.
Huck: It was too dark to see. It was black. It was always black in the hole. I know it was small walls, 6'" north and south. I measured it every day. It's important to have a routine in the hole. If you don't have a routine, you go crazy. I measured the walls every day. I cleaned, I exercised, I took walks, a different country every day. You have to use your imagination. It's all you have. I walked through 195 countries in the hole. I liked I liked being in the mountains. I liked the snow. It's important to have a routine. I ate lunch at the same time every day, even when I didn't have any food, even though I had no idea what time it was. I built things in the afternoon a bookshelf, a desk. I watched the sunset. That was important. I listened to the birds. I cleaned up files on my computer after dinner, then I slept. I tried not to dream. And every morning after I woke up, I wrote a letter to my wife and son. And I folded the letter up, and I put it on the bookshelf. And then I measured the walls. It was a new day. It was dark, always dark. Just pitch black. It was empty. It was small. You couldn't move. You couldn't see. But I had my routine. This was my routine. This is how I would describe the hole.

Abby (to Leo) : I fired you. I was right to fire you, and if you can't handle that, if you can't handle me doing my job, me having some power, if dating a woman who's one of the big dogs is too hard for you then I'm fine being dumped.

It’s good to be kink[4.16][edit]

Huck: Where's Jake?
David: It's just the two of us. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. You can be Newman. I'm fine with Redford.

Susan:I want $3 million from whoever hired you. I assume it's one of the guys in my book, and he's got to have money. I mean, Olivia Pope don't come cheap, right?
Olivia: Nobody's paying you $3 million.
Susan: One of the publishers will.
Olivia: Even if I allowed that to happen, $3 million for a book by some girl nobody's ever heard of detailing her lurid sexual escapades with a bunch of government bureaucrats is-
Susan: Not bureaucrats. Ambassadors, senators, lobbyists.
Olivia: Do you know what they're going to call you? What they call somebody who gets paid millions of dollars for what you did? -
Susan: You mean a whore? -
Olivia: Mm.
Susan: When did you become so weak?
Olivia: Weak?
Susan: Weak. Afraid. You're Olivia Pope. In political circles, that's like saying you've been to the moon. You've stood on the mountaintop. You make Rumsfeld look like a nanny that's how badass you are. You and Ruth Bader Ginsburg that's it. That's all we got. The power you wield in this town, Olivia, it's legend. You used to exude it. It came out of every pore. It gave other women a contact high. So, I must admit I'm a little disappointed by your behavior towards me.
Olivia: I'm trying to protect you.
Susan: Protect me? That's that's awful. I thought you'd be brave.
Olivia: Sue.
Susan: I thought you'd be adventurous, fearless, sexy, confident, but instead, you're just this dried-up prude who, instead of celebrating the fact that I fully own my body and use it however I want with whomever I want as many times in as many kinky ways as I want, you're shaking your finger at me? You're telling me to be afraid of what name someone's gonna call me just 'cause I had the audacity to have too much great sex, as if picking up a hot stranger in a bar for a dirty screw is a crime. What happened to you? Where did your power go? When did you become so afraid of life? I'm not ashamed. This is my life, my body, my story to sell or tell or anyway, it's all I've got now. Okay? So, go ahead and call me a whore. Everyone who writes a memoir is a whore. You can also call me an author, an artist, a businesswoman. You can call me smart, and pretty soon, you can call me successful.

Mellie: I'm running for Senator of Virginia.
Abby: Well, that's...history making. Good for you. Good for Virginia, ma'am.
Cyrus: You think so, Red?

Jake: Won't order takeout. I have no idea how she's surviving.
Fitz: Not much of a chef.
Jake: Excellent with a corkscrew.

Abby: What happens to you happens to me. I'm good at my job, Leo. I am a lion up there. I own that room. I work for it. I give a strong briefing. And they write about that. They cover the news and there are articles about how well I do at my job. But they also write about me. If I wear lipstick, I'm dolled up. If I don't, I've let myself go. They wonder if I'm trying to bring dresses back and they don't like it when I repeat outfits even though I'm on a government salary. They discuss my hair color. There are anonymous blogs that say I'm too skinny. They have a running joke that I'm on a hunger strike until I'm liberated by the Democrats!
Leo: Abby--
Abby: They also write about you. Every article that comes out about me has your name somewhere in it because apparently there's this rule that in order to write about me they also have to report to the world that there's a man who wants me. My work, my accomplishments, my awards, I stand at the most powerful podium in the world, but a story about me ain't a story unless they report on the fact that I am the girlfriend of 'D.C. fixer Leo Bergen' like it validates me, gives me an identity, a definition. They can't fathom the concept that my life doesn't revolve around you. My life doesn't revolve anywhere near you. It's horrifying. 'Property of Leo Bergen.' Tell me, Leo, when they write about you do they report on your clothes? Do they write about your thighs? There is a difference. There is. So what happens to you happens to me, which is why I'm writing a letter of resignation. Are we done?

Olivia: It's all in the rear view for me. I need to move forward. I am moving forward.
Cyrus: Moving forward...towards what?

Put a ring on it [4.17][edit]

Cyrus: It sounds like a shotgun wedding.
Olivia: It is and you're the pregnant bride.

Cyrus : Do I have to be here for this? I do have a country to run.

Mellie [to Lizzie] We are not partners. We are not friends. You work for me. You fix for me. You don't accuse me. You do not judge me. You most certainly do not lecture me. You are not me. You wish you were me but you can't be me. Remind yourself of that. Do you understand?

Huck: I pulled Michael's cell records, did a search for most-called numbers, came up with Phillip. Triangulated the cell phone towers to track him to the vicinity of his office servers and then hacked into their email. How did you find out?
Abby: I listened to all of Leo's voicemails while he was in the bathroom.
Huck: Well, that's one way to do it.

Olivia [to Fitz]: I could never hate you.

Fitz: You went around my back to Mellie.
Olivia: I did.
Fitz: Nice move.

Michael: I'm one of those people who's been picturing my wedding since I was a teenager. I believed. Even in my stupid hometown with my stupid parents and idiot guys who threw rocks at me every day, I believed. Even when I was working as a pro, my worst nights on the streets, I still believed. I believed that someone was gonna love me, care about me, that I wouldn't be alone, and it is my wedding day, and you hate me. You would murder me with your bare hands if you thought you could get away with it and I have no one who would even miss me. I have nothing. It is the day I've been dreaming of and I have nothing.
Cyrus: You're wrong, you know. I would never murder you myself. That's a rookie move. I'd pay a professional to do it.

Cyrus [to Michael]: You're wondering what this is going to look like, our life. And I could lie to you right now. That's how both of my other marriages began, with lies, so I could lie to you right now. I could tell you there's a chance we will warm to one another, maybe fall in love and live happily ever after. I could lie, but I won't. We're not going to fall in love, and that is a relief to me because I cannot disappoint you. I cannot hurt you anymore than I already have. I cannot destroy your image of me or break your heart or damage your soul. You don't believe in me, so I have nothing in you to break. I am on no pedestals. You see me for what I am. A filthy monster desperately trying to hold on to the last shreds of its humanity. You are a good person. I know that. Ella could use a good personin her life. I'm not promising much, but I will promise this. I may not do it well, but I will do my best to be your someone so you're not alone. Okay? You're not alone.

Honor thy father [4.18][edit]

David: White hats, Jake. We get justice, no matter what.

Olivia: Cyrus must be loving this.
Abby: He's like a stormchaser in a van hurling down the highway, face pressed up against the windshield, grinning wildly, waiting for everything to go to Hell and wanting to be there when it does.
Olivia: I've been in that van.

Charlie: We gotta kill Jake.
Quinn: No way.
Charlie: Why not? Because Mr. Peabody out there says so or because if we do your boss will be sad?

Fitz [to Mellie]: You want to do my job? Every day you have to decide between something terrible that you hate and something horrible that you hate. Either way people are going to hate you. You need to accept that otherwise you shouldn't run.

David: We are the white hats. We are the good guys. We don't quit. We get justice.

Quinn: There is no justice in this one. The good guys lose and white hats burn. We are done.

George: You don't give up, do you?
Olivia: No, I don't.

Olivia: What do I tell every one our clients?
Huck: Do not lie.
Olivia: Do not lie. Do not lie to me. I have to tell our clients that but I didn't know I have to tell you, to tell Quinn--
Huck: We didn't think that it was--
Olivia: Think that what? That I could handle it? I can handle it. I do not need you to protect me. What I need is for you to be honest with me, to tell me the truth. Because the things that are about to happen now, we need to be together.

David: Does this mean you're in?
Jake: I was never out, Rosen. But this means war, you know that, right? We're the good guys, but you won't always be able to tell. That's what it's going to take.

I’m just a bill [ 4.19][edit]

Rowan (to Olivia): It is your friends who do not know you, but I do. You are a warrior -- never reckless, never naive. Too smart to let fear drive you. Precise, quiet, calculating, you will wait for the right time, you will look at all the possible outcomes, you will understand what needs to be done. I know you, because the apple does not fall far from the tree, Olivia, poison though it may be.

Olivia (to Marcus): The mayor's wife is upstairs lying in a pool of blood while my team erases evidence of a crime scene so I'd say it takes a lot to surprise me because this is my job. This is what I do. Now you know what I'm about. Justice or your career. I can only get you one. So what do you want?

Marcus: I get to tell people I did the right thing. That's something.
Olivia: That's more than something. That's everything. That's what saves you in the end. You do the wrong thing then you're done. Not at first. It only feels like a misstep at first, a compromise, a concession to reality, a bad move well played. But at some point you're only going in that direction and by the time you realize how far down that path you are you're lost. Everything is unrecognizable. You are unrecognizable to yourself. You find yourself doing things you never thought you would do in ways you never thought you would do them to save things you never thought you would want to save. That's how you know you're done. You are not done.

First Lady sings the blues [4.20][edit]

Quinn: Jake, come on, make some noise for me. Come on. Oh, they got you. We let them get you.

Abby: So Mellie Grant's run for Senate is legal because of misogyny. In this instance misogyny is our friend. Is that what you're saying?
David: No. No, I'm saying something less controversial and something less likely to get me stoned to death by my feminist sisters.

Olivia: Some people have bark. Some people have bite. I have both.

Olivia: That's why you're calling? To ask for my advice about your wife?
Fitz: I want to hear what you think.
Olivia: What I think? I think you're supposed to be an optimist.

Rowan(to Olivia) : What have I told you Olivia? Against me, you will never win.

A few good women [4.21][edit]

Olivia : No one is going to kill you, Russell. I know that sounds comforting but trust me, it's not. You don't get off so easily. You don't get to die

David [to Olivia] If you find out that Foxtail means, say 'assassinate David Rosen', I'd really appreciate a heads up.

Mellie: A story broke about a young naval officer who had been raped and now the only thing people want to ask me about is whether or not my husband is going to intervene on her behalf. Can I assume because we're not monsters that the answer is yes? Fitz?
Fitz: I can't intervene. It would send the wrong message.
Mellie: It would tell the world that we don't condone rape.

You can’t take command [4.22][edit]

Olivia (to Jake) : We have one goal. To bring down my father and to shut down B613 for good. To do what is right. So you tell the truth and you tell the whole truth. No matter what happens. No matter who gets hurt

Olivia: I'm sick of being comforted. I'm sick of fighting and losing. I'm sick of him being in my way. I am not his victim. I am not his child. And right now? Right now I don't want to gladiate for everyone else. I want this. I want this. This is mine, Jake. I want what's mine. I'm owed! And watch me take it! And then, for once in his life, he's the scared kid and I'm command and he's got nothing, no one. He's trapped because you can't take Command, right?
Jake: Right.

Maya Pope: Boo, I'm living out the rest of my days in this cell. You call that winning?
Olivia: You could have killed him if you wanted to. So I want to know.How did you do it? -
Maya Pope: You sure do love a problem.-
Olivia: I don't know what you're-
Maya Pope: You're so vain.It's always about you, isn't it? The problems you create so that you can solve them. The power you have to wield so that you can feel important. Did your father and I not tell you, you were special enough when you were little? Did we not give you enough hugs? Aww, baby. This uppity fantasy world you've decided to be a part of it's not real, boo. Now you need to come on back down to this planet. Where the world doesn't revolve around you.

C.I.A. Director: I am having this Rowan arrested, brought in, and brought down.
Cyrus: I won't have it. Honey I'm gonna call you honey because I can't remember your first name and I don't care. Honey, you want to be reasonable about this. Because a shadow intelligence organization operating quite happily and powerfully in secret for decades inside the FBI, CIA, NSA, if there was such a thing, well, that would be like a sleeping lion. And isn't it safer To tiptoe around the lion? What do you think happens if you poke the lion? Whose face does the lion rip off first? I think it rips off honey's face first.

David: You can't threaten me like that.
Cyrus: Actually, I can. You see, when you know someone's pressure point, you can make them do just about anything.

Cyrus (to Abby): But it's my job to protect his interests and serve his needs, to spin the world and raise the sun. I can't have a soul. If I had one, I would never accomplish a thing.

Jake: This is where the ride ends.
Olivia: What?
Jake: My mission is complete.

Jake (to Olivia): You are owed, Olivia. You want what's yours? Go and take it. B613 is gone. Command is in jail. I have delivered you home safe and sound. My mission is complete. And it has been my pleasure. Take care, Liv.

Season 5[edit]

Heavy is the Head [5.01][edit]

Sally Langston:Lovers of Liberty, good evening. Tonight, I come to you filled with the righteous indignation of a true American. Tonight, my flag waves and my patriotic fires burn, because tonight, over in the White House, the man who calls himself our president is throwing a party. He's making a mockery of what our fine nation stands for. He has betrayed honor and virtue. And tonight, he celebrates that betrayal.Tonight, he bathes in his filthy glory. Tonight, he has the audacity to ask us patriots, Americans to join him in his jubilation, to skip with him down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Abby (to Olivia): I wonder what that life is like, you know. One day you’re a regular person and the next day you’re the most famous woman on the planet, and only because of who you’re in love with. Suddenly, that’s all you are.

Princess Emily(to Olivia):For most of the world I’m not a real person anymore. I stopped being a real person for people the moment the world found out I was marrying Richard. To them I’m not human, I’m just a spectacle

Mellie:I brought your bones back from the political graveyard and performed voodoo to make you somebody again. And as payment, you stab me in the back.
Elisabeth: First, let's be clear. You did not do anything for me. You did that for you. You only ever do anything for your own benefit. Second, you didn't take me in. I was your prisoner. I was your puppet. I was your bitch. Third, my payment was that I got you elected. You are sitting in that chair, in this office, a United States Senator, because of me. That is how I repaid you. Fourth, one can only be betrayed if there is loyalty first. I was never loyal to you and you were never loyal to me. I don't think you've ever been loyal to anyone.

Elisabeth (to Mellie): You don't matter to me. And now you also don't matter to the most powerful man on the face of the Earth.

Mellie: I know without a doubt that you and I together, a team, is what's best. For us. For the country. For our beautiful children. And I'm so glad you see it too.
Fitz: I'm divorcing you.

Fitz(to Mellie): You have so many qualities I despise, but I do admire your brilliance. So do the math, Mel. Fighting this, fighting me, will mean both of us deploy every weapon in our arsenals. Every lie, every secret, every juror on that bus. Mutually assured destruction. We'll be ruined. Now me, I'm a war hero, governor, two-time President. My bucket list is done. You? Your biggest accomplishment so far is breathing and smiling.

Olivia: Have you been waiting for me to come home? Am I your plan?
Huck: You always fix me. I don’t know what happened or how it happened or when. But you need to do what you do. … My guy is out, Liv. My guy is out. He’s running around and I can’t go home until you fix me
Olivia: I want to help you, I do. But I can’t fix you. I don’t fix people, not like that, not on the inside. … I don’t know how to fix you. I wish I did.

Olivia (to the queen of Caledonia): You were right, not all fairy tales have happy endings. But evil queens, they tend to go down.

Olivia (to Fitz): The minute the world finds out about us, we stop being you and me and we become a spectacle. All that scrutiny, a billion eyes on us, we wouldn’t have a chance. How can we make it work in public when we can barely make it work in private? I want you. I want us. But I want to slow down. I want our business handled. I want our problems fixed. I want to be ready before the world is watching. Once we’re in that spotlight being picked at and scrubbed and stretched in every direction, we will never get the chance to make things right. If we are broken going in, we’re not getting out, not together. They will destroy us. That's reality, Fitz.

Yes [5.02][edit]

Aby (to liz): It's Liv. She's the best in the business. The President's about to get Poped.

Mellie (to Fitz): You placed Olivia in a dangerous position. You outed her. You thought by throwing me out of the White House and moving her in you'd be making this grand gesture. Finally she wouldn't be just a mistress anymore. But the minute she stepped foot through these doors, the minute she moved in here, she became what we all become when we live here and what is that? Yes, a statue. Inhuman. Discussed from every angle, viewed, exposed. She's not just a mistress now. She's America's mistress.

Jake: How does a guy facing a murder charge even get bail?
Quinn: By being rich and white.

Cyrus (to Abby): Red, how does leadership come? Is it given to you? No. You want to lead, be the leader. Everyone else will automatically become the followers. You want POTUS to fall in line, to behave. Be the adult. He'll become the child. That's the secret of the Oval Office, Red. You want the power? You want to be the kingmaker? You want to be the hand that rules? You are the adult. He is the child.

Cyrus: You don't ask your child when their bedtime is and you don't listen to your children when they say they don't want their vegetables. You threaten them and you make them eat their vegetables.
Abby: You're a terrible father.
Cyrus: Whatever.

Mellie: America will never elect a woman that can't get laid.

Jake: Look, at some point, you're going to have to leave this place, face the music. You wanted to be with him. You wanted to be with him so much that I--what's changed?
Olivia: What's changed?

Cyrus: He's not mad at you, he's frustrated at himself. He's a baby. What do babies do when they get frustrated?
Abby: Do I have a baby, Cyrus? Has anyone come out of me?

Susan: Do you think about us?
Fitz: What?
Susan: Do you think about us? The people who voted for you? America. Do you think about us when you're having an affair in the White House? In our house. Do you think about why we voted for you?
Fitz: I fell in love. Susan, I'm a flawed person, just like anyone else.
Susan: Mr. President, you don't get to be just like anyone else. That's not the job you signed up for.

Olivia: I keep asking myself 'When did it happen? When did I turn right instead of left? What choice was it that decided? When exactly did I do the thing...the one step? What flap of the butterfly's wings brought me to this moment. How did I get here?' Because I can't seem to retrace my steps.
Jake: Liv...
Olivia: I'm scared.

Abby (to Fitz): Olivia is doing what Olivia always does, sir. She's trying to stay out of the storm. It hasn't even really begun yet, the category V. It's been building, picking up strength ever since Sally released those photos. Right now it's somewhere out in the middle of the ocean, but the moment Liv stops running, the moment she steps back into the spotlight, that cyclone makes landfall and everything in her world gets violently swept away. That kind of pressure? That kind of scrutiny? It would be unbearable. Who could live through that? What kind of woman would choose to live through that? Olivia Pope is never going to tell you that she's okay with that kind of life, Mr. President, no matter how many times you ask.

Quinn: I dispose of bodies and I get turned on by crime scenes. Hacking is hot. I am not your all-American girl and I don't want to be.
Huck: You're not wrong...about me. Something's wrong with me.
Quinn: That's my point. Something's wrong with me too.
Huck: I missed you. I missed you a lot.

Fitz (to Liv): It's me. I know you said not to call but I just wanted you to know...I get it. All this time I've been waiting to hear from you so you could tell me what you wanted, but it's what you don't want, isn't it? You don't want this. I'm going to deny Sally's story and bring Mellie back to the White House because I don't want you to throw away your whole life just for me. I love you too much for that.

Paris is Burning [5.03][edit]

Mellie (to Olivia): Oh look. It's the girl who can't shut her legs or her mouth.

Mellie: I want to destroy Olivia Pope. I want her to suffer like I have suffered. I want to make them bleed. I want their every breath to reek of poison.
Cyrus: Mellie, this is a very important moment. Don't waste it being human. Your answer will define your future. Think like a champion. Think like a warrior.
Mellie: I want the Oval.

Jake (to quinn and Huck): You know why you don't know about any plan? Because you are not a part of any plan. The plan already happened. The plan was Olivia Pope standing on that sidewalk and with one word obliterating any life she's ever known.

Mellie (to Olivia): Do you like to decorate, Olivia? Come winter time do you find little snowflake ornaments and golden pinecones just adorable? I hope you do because those 111 Christmas trees don't just design themselves.

olivia: they are going to the briefing room... and abby's going to throw me under the bus.
Olivia:Fitz... sit down.
Fitz: You don't tell me what to do in the oval office.
Olivia: Fitz, Sit down and watch me choose you.

Dog-Whistle Politics [5.04][edit]

Jake: What happened at the Louvre that's Lazarus one, your plan. So either this is you working with someone on the outside to rebuild your empire.
Rowan/Eli Pope: My empire? Look around you. Thanks to my daughter and her infinite wisdom, I am no longer in a position to protect our Republic.
Jake: So this is Liv's fault? Isn't it?
Rowan/Eli Pope: Olivia got a little arrogant A little drunk on her own sense of power. So drunk that she forgets the most basic facts. She forgets everything that I taught her. Nature abhors a vacuum. By putting me here, Olivia has created a dangerous one.
Jake: You want to regain your power and free yourself, and you and I both know that you're enacting Lazarus one.
Rowan: Power? True power is never lost... And freedom? Boy, I am always free.

Quinn: You're broke, Marcus. You're unemployed because you screwed the mayor's wife. You're damaged goods, but you're charming and attractive and you can drive a narrative. Plus, you know, stray dogs...
Marcus: Okay, now I see. You're crazy. You one of those crazy chicks?
Quinn: I'm offering you a job.

Quinn: Olivia Pope and Associates needs a mouthpiece. You're good with the press. You won't just be some corporate spinner. You'll be one of us. Look, the job is yours if you want it. It's the best job you'll ever have. You will change lives. You will slay dragons. You will love the hunt more than you ever have. I am not crazy. I'm a gladiator in a suit. That's what you are when you work at OPA. You're a gladiator in a suit. Do you want to be a gladiator in a suit?
Marcus: No.
Marcus:Look, that was flashy.
Quinn: You do flashy well.
Marcus:I know because I've seen how you do business. The problem is, I don't like what I've seen. You might slay some dragons, but the way they go down You cut corners. You break rules. You think the law is a suggestion. You're shifty, you're shady, and you lie even when you don't have to. That might work for you, but it doesn't work for me. Plus, you're hemorrhaging clients. In less than six months, you'll be as broke as I am, so do I want to be a gladiator in a suit? Hell, no.

A female Senate (to Mellie): This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats. It’s about peckers. Too many peckers.

Cyrus: They want to impeach a man for having an affair?
Mellie: They want to impeach a man for having an affair that everyone just shrugs about because a man having an affair is a daily occurrence. They want to impeach a man because all we ever hear is how women are controlled by their hormones but what is more hormonal than a man who can't keep it in his damn pants? They want to impeach a man because he broke his vows and disturbed the office of the Presidency and distracted the country with his libido and the only person who gets raked over the coals is the woman he screwed. That's why.
Cyrus: That's...he's a man.

Fitz: You know, I've had alliances.
Senator Gibson: Mr. President. We all have. Your problem is, you got caught. And that's why it's you on your knees in front of me instead of the reverse. Kill the Brandon bill. You made a lot of enemies for us with the law and order community passing that thing. If you could find a way of quashing it, that would make all the difference.
Fitz: Let me think about it.
Senator Gibson: Oh, and, sir? Next time you decide to go outside your marriage, choose yourself a girl who's a little more palatable to the base.
Fitz: What is that supposed to mean?
Senator Gibson: Full roll-back on the Brandon bill, or we start pursuing impeachment. Sir.

Quinn: You went off-script.
Marcus: This Is War. There is no script. You can choose the battle, but if you send me out, I'm fighting my way. I don't play. I don't hide. I don't hold back or look for exits, and I sure as hell don't lean on the ropes and take it. I swing because that's me. That's who I am. That is how I gladiate.
Quinn: So what do you suggest?
Marcus:They're gonna try to confuse you. They will bring up your past criminal record to rattle you. When you get stuck or don't know what to say, just accuse them of playing dog-whistle politics... That's your buzzword. That's your talking point.
Huck:Dog-whistle politics.
Quinn: Yeah, okay, but what exactly is that?
Marcus: It's racism, sexism, antisemitism, misogyny. It's bigotry in the form of a language so coded that-
Huck: Only the person it's targeting is insulted by it, - like a dog whistle.
Quinn:- It lets them get away with it.

Abby:That's what Liv would do? That's the smart move, yes.
Fitz: Abby.
Abby: Sir?
Fitz: It's Olivia's job as a fixer to be smart To be practical and unemotional. She makes the the smart move. In her office, the smart move is the only move that counts, but you know what? We don't work for Liv. I'm president of the United States. We work for the American people. The playbook is the constitution. In my office, it's not about doing the smart thing. It's about doing the right thing.
I am not a toy that you can play with when you're bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me.

You Got Served [5.05][edit]

Cyrus:So now I am not taking my eyes off that TV! Okay, it's a big day.
Michael:It's your Super Bowl.
Cyrus: I get it, but Okay, Super Bowl that happens every year. This is the moon landing. The Berlin wall is coming down. Hannibal's crossing the Alps. This is the day the Lord has made and he's made it for me.

David (to Fitz): Do you know what an impeachable offense is? You don't need to spend time thinking about that because the answer is you don't. And I don't mean that isrespectfully. No one does. Gerald Ford once said an impeachable offense is whatever a majority of congress considers it to be at a given moment in history. This isn't a normal trial, Mr. President. It's a political trial. Congress is prosecutor and judge and jury. They decide what an impeachable offense is, and they decide if you've committed one. If you survive these hearings, you're still president. If you don't, you're not. You need to talk to a lawyer.

Leo:"Grant's groupie!!" "Sidepiece-in-chief!" "Olivia Poke!"
Huck:"Here we ho again"?
Leo: Mistress mania has taken the nation by storm, making you, Olivia, the delusional paramour, the wily home wrecker who snaked her way into the president's bedroom. You're his Monica, his Marilyn, his m-m-m-m-my Sharona, and the country does not approve.
Quinn:We get it. You have a plan to fix all that, right?
Leo: Of course I have. We're going to take what the public views as a cheap and tawdry affair between the President and his former communications director and we're going to spin it into the greatest love story ever told. Olivia and Fitz, a love like no other. See? My plan even has a name.
Olivia: no.
Leo: What do you mean, "no"?
Olivia: I mean no.
Leo:That's what will resonate with the country. That's what you'd be telling you if you were me. That's what you've sold to the American people time and time again! Everyone loves a love story. Everyone relates.
Olivia: That's not on the table. What else you got, Leo?
Leo: You know how they say doctors make the worst patients?
Quinn: How about Olivia Pope philanthropist, humanitarian?
Marcus: It worked for Angelina.
Leo: And wake me when you're done.
Quinn: Olivia Pope woman of the people.
Olivia: That I like. That's what we're doing.
Leo:That's the thing about the great ones. They perform no matter what utter crap they are dealt. I can work with that.

Edison (to Olivia): If you want me to help you, you're gonna be honest with me. You're gonna admit to my face that you were never in love with me, that you never had any intention of marrying me, that you tried to make a fool of me for seeing you as exactly what you are a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar. You want me to lie? You owe me the truth.

Elisabeth: We can't just open ourselves up like this to the committee. We have executive-
Patty: If I hear the words "executive privilege" come out of your mouth one more time What? Did someone give you a list of buzzwords when you took this job? Things to say so that you'd sound like you knew how to help run a country? Stuff just spitting out randomly to people? Do you say these buzzwords to Putin? Uh, Mr. President, d-do you let this woman anywhere near the Prime Minister? Because I know David, and he would eat her for lunch.

Cyrus (to mellie): This is amazing. She has actually managed to go from being a slut, to being an every-woman, to being your sister wife in under 48 hours. I didn't even know that was possible.

Abby: What's happening?
Leo: Armageddon, Abby. Armageddon is happening.
Journalist (on tv): The presidential affair scandal that has gripped the nation... As it turns out, the president liked it, and he did, indeed, put a ring on it.

Interviewer:And what about getting involved with the president in the first place? Do you regret that?
Olivia: I wish I never laid eyes on him.
Interviewer: On President Grant?
Olivia:I wish we never met. I wish I'd never laid eyes on him because of them and what they are going through right now. But also because I've worked very hard to build a business, a business whose only aim is to help people become the best version of themselves, to stand in their truths and face the consequences of their actions so they can gain forgiveness and move past their mistakes. Building that business was hard work. And it's something I'm proud of, something that Could all go away because I laid eyes on that man, that married man. If I never laid eyes on him, then I wouldn't have fallen in love and he wouldn't have fallen in love. That may have made for two more lonely people in this world, but also a lot Less pain And heartache for many, many others... for this country i love, a country that expects us in Washington to solve problems, not make them, is is the love of two people worth All this destruction, all this attention? I mean, if it were a choice, who would choose this kind of love? So I wish we never met. But we did. And I tried. I tried and failed and tried and Failed again to hide, to stop loving him, but I couldn't. I was weak. I hated myself. I-I wore this ring to remind me of my weakness. And when our affair was exposed, I had to follow my own advice and stand in my truth, to own who I am, to accept my faults. And I won't ask for forgiveness. Just don't ask me to Undo the past. Don't ask me to fall out of love with Fitzgerald Grant, because if I could, I would.

Olivia: You provided favors to my mother, a terrorist, to gain access to the auction. You're in this, David. And if I'm being honest, you're probably the only one who doesn't deserve to be.
David: Your voice is calm, measured. You're complimenting me. Is this some new, genius way of putting the screws to me?

Mellie: We should've locked ourselves in a room together and gotten drunk years ago.
Cyrus: I haven't had this much fun spending the night with a woman in, hell, ever.

Fitz: It's good to have you back, Cy.
Cyrus: I serve at the pleasure of the President. The honor is all mine.

Get Out of Jail, Free [5.06][edit]

Sally Langston:We see you, Grant family, bonded by Sin to Olivia Pope and her criminal minions. The scales have finally fallen from our eyes, and for that, dear members of the senate judiciary committee, we as Lovers of Liberty, salute you.

Cyrus: We invoke executive privilege?
Patty: Yes. We say congress can't force you, call them out on the investigation, say it's no more justified than a Salem witch hunt.
Fitz: That might save me from having to testify, but what about Olivia?

Sally Langston: Today begins a new chapter. Our founding fathers called it impeachment. I call it judgment day, the day when our sins sprout legs and chase us to our graves. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Mr. President.

Olivia [to Abby] We're not ready to get married. It'd just be a last minute, 'get out of jail free' card. I don't want that for us and pretending that I do is just another lie.

Abby: If you take the stand, you could end up going to jail.
Olivia: And if I get married? What in the hell do you think this is?

Sally Langston: Good morning. And what a beautiful morning it is in our nation's capital. Today, freedom shall ring loud and clear as Olivia Pope's band of lawbreakers must explain their involvement in the Jeannine Locke cover-up. This should be good.

Olivia:This is not what I wanted.
Fitz: Well, what do you want?
Olivia: Not this. Not some fake storybook romance, some teenage girl's fantasy.
Fitz: And do you think this is what I want? Do you have any idea I should be downstairs in the sit room discussing any number of pressing concerns with my generals, like the war on terror or those bombings in Bolivia. Instead, I'm asking Charlotte to scour every presidential library in the country for rare and unique engagement rings. This one belonged to Betsy Ross. You know how embarrassing that was? How Awkward I felt asking my valets to scatter rose petals everywhere? Telling them to light all these damn candles? Can you honestly stand there and tell me that you think that I actually wanted to do this? Nobody wants to do this! No man ever wants to do this. Of course no man ever wants to do this.
Olivia: So why did you do it?
Fitz: Because I love you. Because you are what I want. But obviously, you don't feel the same.

Olivia: Let me see that ring... who do you say it belongs to?
Fitz: Betsy Ross.
Olivia:Okay... No wedding dress, no flowers, and no vows. And I'm keeping my name.
Fitz: Good. Because I'm only marrying you for your money.

Susan: I would make a terrible president.
David: Which is precisely why you shouldn't quit. The people in this town who worry me sick, who make me fear for the survival of this democracy, are the ones who think they'd be great presidents. They are so loaded up on megadoses of hubris that they don't recognize that it's the most humbling job in the world. But you do. I don't know if you'd be a great president, but I know you wouldn't be any worse than what we have now. At least, unlike the man who's currently occupying that job you wouldn't snag everyone around you in your zipper.

Mellie: I had a realization about you. Hmm. All these years I've spent hating you, wishing he'd never met you, thinking you showed up and took him from me. You just appeared out of nowhere - and ruined everything-
Olivia: Mellie.
Mellie: But I was wrong. You are not my enemy. You are my freedom. You are my white knight. You are my challenger, my push to greatness, my savior. I was lost, but now I'm found. I was blind, but now I see. You are gonna make me President of the United States.

Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance [5.07][edit]

Fitz: To Congress! May their heads one day depart from their asses!

Jake [to Olivia]: How does someone as brilliant, as accomplished as you, not know what you are, who you are?

Jake [to Olivia] :You just let a murderer out of prison, not for the good of the Republic, but because you wanted to. Because it personally served you and I don't see any impeachment hearings and I don't see a wedding ring on that finger. You are Rowan's greatest achievement. You have become exactly the woman he raised you to be. Power hungry, entitled, dangerous, and the beauty of it is you don't even know it.

Quinn: It's like he's God's gift to women, but for real.
Marcus: where is she going?
Huck: The white house.
Marcus: The White House isn't our client.
Quinn: She's the President's girlfriend. The White House is always our client. I hate the new normal.

Abby: So, what do you want from us?
Elisabeth: This is why I've always liked you so quick, so smart.
Abby: Just spit it out.
Elisabeth: I want a job not just any job, a job that puts me back in the president's inner circle, like senior adviser, chief strategist, or head bitch in charge. I'll leave the semantics to you. And Cyrus, of course.
Abby: He'll never agree to it.
Elisabeth: I don't have to explain to you how high Sally Langston's ratings are.
Abby: And you're a huge Sally Langston fan, huh? A big, old Lover of Liberty, are you?
Elisabeth: Everything in this town runs on power, Abby. I've got to get mine from somewhere. It's not personal.

Liz: This. This isn't you. You're a weasly little troll, and I don't like you, and I don't respect you, and I think you're pathetic.
David: Is there a point here, or...
Elisabeth: But you believe in the law. I believe you believe in the law. And instead of following the law, you're just doing the bidding of that sweaty, red-faced monster who stole my job. That man is contemptible.

Olivia (to Frank Holland's wife): You inspired me. You keep saying feminists love Frank. I'm a feminist. I don't love Frank. Turns out the women's movement has a pretty great legacy, too. I've decided it's my job to protect it. Frank has got to go.

Cyrus (to Olivia): Here's why you are so brilliant. You didn't have to give up your career. You got to move into the White House. You are not saddled with any of the prisoner duties that come with being First Lady. You come and go as you please and, wait for it, I'm not the guy behind the girl behind the guy, I'm the guy behind the girl. Fitz isn't even in the picture.

Cyrus [to Olivia] : You have pulled off a clean, bloodless coup in the United States of America and no one is the wiser. That is one for the history books.

Olivia: Cyrus, Fitz and I together, we have an actual relationship. This is what a couple looks like.
Cyrus: You have the Oval. This is what power looks like. He's not the President anymore, Olivia. You are.

Rasputin [5.08][edit]

Cyrus (to Abby): We're living in a new world, Red. A world where Olivia Pope is judge, jury, and executioner. She has his world, our world hoisted on her shoulders.That is a fact. There's no changing it.

Rowan: You thought that getting rid of me would cause lilies to sprout while mankind locked arms in a collective embrace and sang joyously to never-ending world peace. You were wrong. I am out, and now there's just some other devil in my stead, someone else with their finger on the button. Someone far more dangerous than I. My sons Have turned against me.
Olivia: That's not my concern.
Rowan: Not yet, but you should be afraid.
Olivia: Why?
Rowan: Because I am afraid.
Olivia: What are you talking about?
Rowan: As long as I am alive, I will do my best to make sure that you are protected, but in the event of my death I have already given you everything you need to survive. I hope you know. I did my best for you Olivia. I take tremendous pride in who you have become.

Susan: Oh! You want me to put my foot in my mouth!
Fitz: Yes, Susan. I do.
Susan: Well, why didn't you say so!?

Olivia: I believe him. My gut says he is telling the truth.
Jake: Of course you do, otherwise you'd just be a fool with daddy issues.

Elisabeth:I had a seat next to the throne. Now I'm an overpaid babysitter for the queen of the nerds.
David: Give her some time. I was unpolished when I became the Attorney General of the United States, but look at me now.

David [to Susan]: you should never apologize for being you.

Fitz:Her gut was right, and that translator saved all our asses. I'm giving him asylum, by the way.Least we can do.
Cyrus: So, you think that just because she was right about that Who's to say she's not right about her father? History and common sense.That's what.
Fitz: Have her brought home to me as soon as she's released. And by home, I mean the residence, not her apartment.

Baby, It's Cold Outside [5.09][edit]

Elisabeth:You see that?
Abby: What?
Elisabeth: It looks like Olivia Pope, it sounds like Olivia Pope, but that over there making chitchat like a trophy wife is weird.
Abby: All I see is a happy holiday. Our charm offensive's working. Poll numbers are up, and America's starting to fall for Olivia Pope.
Elisabeth: All I'm saying is, don't get used to it.

Marcus: Everybody loves a good holiday party, right? What'd you guys do last year?
Quinn: We passed around a bottle of vodka on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and then we went to work because that's what Gladiators do.
Marcus: Bah, humbug.

President of Senate: The Chair recognizes the junior senator from Virginia.
Mellie: So, here's the thing. This bill keeps the lights on, and I'm all for that, just not when it means hurting people in the process.
Senator Gibson: Mrs.Grant-
Mellie: I have the floor. You say we're not defunding planned parenthood, and technically you're right. But by making that money discretionary, you give the people in this room the power to say, "you know what? We're a little over budget this year. How about we don't give that little ladies' organization the full amount they're asking for?" So you don't. And then, next year, you give them even less, and even less the year after that, and you keep chipping away at their budget until, before you know it, planned parenthood no longer exists. So, as much as I would like to get home for the holidays, I refuse to do it at the expense of women's health.So before we vote, I'd like to tell you about the thousands of federal projects that aren't discretionary-
Senator Gibson: I don't believe this. She's filibustering!

Rowan: Can you imagine a father so bad that you tell your child he's a bastard rather than tell him his father was you?
Huck:Do not talk about my family.
Rowan:One could argue that he's better off being parented by one of the random men who have run in and out of the house over the years.
Huck: Oh, I kept a close eye on him.
Rowan: yes! Yes! There you are! The son I know, the son I respect. Do it!
Huck: Did you have a TV in prison? I'm just curious if you saw all the things they were saying about Liv About your child. A whore, a homewrecker, a slut who repeatedly spread her legs to get to the top. I don't agree with them, obviously, but I don't know what I would do if they were saying those things about my child. It would hurt. Especially if they were the only thing I had left in my life. But she's not yours anymore. She's his. She chose him the president over you. Do you think that she loves him, or she just hates you so much that it's worth being unhappy with him just to spite you? Hmm? Or, uh do you prefer Jake? Which white boy do you approve of being inside your daughter? You took my family from me. But Javi's fine. He's a good kid. He'll be a good man. And by staying away, I've been a good father. But your daughter? You failed. The sad part is that you know it, and you're not doing anything about it. So, like I said, you are nobody's father. I know what you want. And knowing that you want to die? Oh, it's almost better than killing you.

Olivia: Wow. A liberal female democrat who thinks defending planned parenthood is a mockery?
Senator Moskowitz: Mellie Grant is political quicksand, and I refuse to go down with her.

Mellie: I should've known. Thank you. I think I might be done.
Olivia: Mellie.
Mellie: Ohh. I can't do this. I just I can't. I don't even know why I'm doing this. I'm a republican. I just didn't like Gibson telling me what I can't do.
Olivia: You're the biggest bitch I know. Don't tell me you can't do this.

Huck: You shouldn't have mentioned my family.
Rowan:This was a test for you. It was never about me. It's about you. You're an addict. You think you're recovered, but you wouldn't know for sure until you tempted yourself, until you stared the drugs in the face. I was the drug the ultimate trigger. You passed, I'm breathing, and now you think you're ready to have the one thing in your life that completes you; your family!
Huck: I'm going home.
Rowan: Mm. Sad. Predictable.
Huck: Family is the only thing that has kept you alive here. Olivia is the only reason that you're alive.
Rowan: She's also the reason I'm shackled to this chair. Family is a burden. A pressure point, soft tissue, an illness, an antidote to greatness. You think you're better off with people who rely on you, depend on you, but you're wrong, because you will inevitably end up needing them, which makes you weak, pliable. Family doesn't complete you. It destroys you.

Fitz: Do not lie to me!
Olivia: I don't know what you want me to
Fitz: You were running. That's what I want you to say. That's what I want you to admit. It doesn't really matter where you were tonight. You just weren't here. You didn't make it to that dinner tonight because-
Olivia: Because I didn't want to go. Why would I, Fitz? So I could sit in the corner with the other housewives and force myself to watch you run with the big dogs across the room? Guess what I am a big dog, so I didn't want to go.
Fitz: I knew this was gonna happen. I knew when I moved you in here and tried to give us a real shot at making this work-
Olivia: You mean when you moved me in here and treated me like I was some kind of hostage?
Fitz: Is that honestly what you think?
Olivia: That all this is some kind of sick, twisted punishment? Yes, I do.

Olivia: It has everything to do with him. I get my father released, I try to help you, I try to save you-
Fitz: Oh, let's not pretend you did that for me, Olivia. That was for you. You did that so you wouldn't have to marry me.
Olivia: What was worse for you, Fitz? When I let my father go, or when I asked you not to kill him? Do I owe you now, Fitz? Do I get to show how worthy I am of your sacrifices now, Fitz? Do I get to talk to wives at cocktail parties for you? Trade recipes for you? Plan dinners for you? Live in this cage for you, and not breathe for you?! Tell me, what must I do to prove I am forever indebted to you for saving my father's life?!
Fitz: Olivia -
Olivia: Be your housewife? Your girlfriend? Your property?! You stand there, and you think about what I have been doing and about everything I have ever told you and you tell me who wouldn't run.
Fitz: Try to understand what I am telling you. Moving you in here, asking you to go all-in on us-
Olivia: Oh, who is really lying to who here, Fitz? You asked me? When did you ask me?
Fitz: When I tried to propose. When we were out on the Truman, when you flat-out refused-
Olivia: That wasn't a proposal. That was manipulation.
Fitz: You want to talk about manipulation? You think I don't know what you've been doing this entire time?
Olivia: What are you talking about? -
Fitz: I'm talking about you Strutting around here, wielding your undue influence in your power capes like you run the damn place.
Olivia: So you're bitter. Is that it? After realizing how ineffectual you actually are.
Fitz: You know, you're worse than her. You're worse than Mellie. At least with Mellie, I knew what she was the entire time. Unlike you. I mean, I knew where you came from, but-
Olivia: Where I came from? We both know who your father is. I came from a palace compared to the man that raised you. At least my father loved me.

Fitz: I wasn't suffocating! I was trying to show you
Olivia: You were trying to save me!
Fitz: I was trying to save us!
Olivia: There is no us! There is no this! There is no Vermont! There is no jam! There is no future! Not anymore.

Olivia: We didn't get any time. I told you, if it got out, if they knew. We needed time before. We never had a chance. I told you.
Fitz: Before.
Olivia: If we're already broken going in, then
Fitz: I was unavailable before. You liked me unavailable.
Olivia: I don't know you available. She got this side of you. She did this part. I didn't have to. I didn't have to be everything.

Fitz: I hate that you're always right.
Olivia: Me too.
Fitz: We tried.
Olivia: We did.


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