Scandal (season 6)

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Scandal (2012–2018) is an American television show, airing on ABC, about a former White House Communications Director who opens a crisis management firm and works to protect the secrets of the country's elite while simultaneously trying to fix her own.

Survival of the Fittest [6.01][edit]

Hardball [6.02][edit]

Fates Worse Than Death [6.03][edit]

The Belt [6.04][edit]

They All Bow Down [6.05][edit]

Extinction [6.06][edit]

A Traitor Among Us [6.07][edit]

A Stomach for Blood [6.08][edit]

Dead in the Water [6.09][edit]

The Decision [6.10][edit]

Trojan Horse [6.11][edit]

Mercy [6.12][edit]

The Box [6.13][edit]

Head Games [6.14][edit]

Tick Tock [6.15][edit]

Transfer of Power [6.16][edit]