SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake

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SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is a 2023 video game spiritual sequel to Battle for Bikini Bottom (Rehydrated) in 2020. When SpongeBob and Patrick notice They've destroyed Bikini Bottom, and their friends are gone. So they must go on Wish worlds like Wild West Jellyfish Fields, Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom, Pirate Goo Lagoon, Halloween Rock Bottom, Prehistoric Kelp Forest, Medieval Sulfur Fields and Jelly Glove World.

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • When falling into a hazard, Ballon Patrick Carries him:
    • "You really are my best friend!"
    • "I knew i can count on you, Patrick!"
    • "You DO Care."
  • On collecting Underwear:
    • "Ah, no more chafing."
    • "That should cover my buns."
    • "I'm feeling better already!"
  • On Collecting a Gold doubloon:
    • I'm Rich!
    • I feel like Mr. Krabs!
  • Encountering Jelly Alien:
    • Um, I think he lost his pants!
    • I never seen a fish like this!
  • When attacking a Jelly Enemy: Sorry, nothing personal!
  • On Collecting Cosmic Jelly:
    • "Sticky sweet!"
    • "A little dab'll do ya."
    • "Ooh, more jelly!"
  • On Using Pizza Glide:
  • On Using Karate Kick:
    • "Karatuken!"
    • "Hoo-yah!"
    • "Eat heel!"
  • Swinging on a Fish Hook:
    • "Tally-Ho!"
  • On Using Boo Scare:
    • Just Call Me SpookBob ScarePants!
  • Upon getting Hurt:
    • "Ow ow ow ow ow!"
    • "No thank you!"
  • When finding Tikis outside the Treedome: Did i get smaller, or these tikis get bigger?



Bikini Bottom

  • When Patrick noticed the writing on the item
Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob. What does it mean when it says: "Only those of innocent heart may harness the power of the Mermaid Tears"?
SpongeBob: I guess it means I was destined to find this bubble soap.
Patrick: Hey, wait! It also says: "Property of King Neptune. Not for use by mortals. Use sparingly and with caution!".
SpongeBob and Patrick: Uh-oh.

Madame Kassandra: My adorable cuties, you survived this calamity!
SpongeBob: Oh Madame Kassandra, we were just having fun but we accidentally used too much of your magic bubble soap and Destroyed Bikini Bottom, and now all of our friends are gone, and there's Jelly everywhere and... and... and... I MISS MY GARE-BEAR [crying]
Madame Kassandra: Oh, this is just too perfect.

  • When SpongeBob returns to Mr. Krabs with 5 pennies
Mr. Krabs: Me Pennies! Thank you so much!
SpongeBob: I'm Really happy that you feel better now, Mr. Krabs.

Larry (to SpongeBob): Don't worry people, Larry is back!

Wild West Jellyfish Fields

SpongeBob: This is it, Patrick! Our juicy cactus gold awaits, Yee-
Balloon Patrick: HAW!

Mr. Krabs (Familiar Looking Stranger): Oh, I need more sap than that, Boy-o!

Karate Movie-Themed Downtown Bikini Bottom

Pearl (to SpongeBob): What are you still doing here? Please go to the exit or I will get fired! The director is waiting for you!!!

SpongeBob: Oh look, it's Sandy. I mean... [In manly voice] Oh look, Sandy!
Sandy: Well if that ain't the Sponge called Bob and big-as-dallas balloon Patrick steppin' through my door.
SpongeBob: Actually, we came here from up the roof!

Pirate Goo Lagoon

Patrick: Can we go on a date now?
Mermaid: Uh, maybe later...

Halloween Rock Bottom

SpongeBob: That Costume really suits you! [Laughs]
Dutchman Kid: This isn't scary at all!

Prehistoric Kelp Forest

SpongeGar: SQUIDWARD!!!
Balloon Pathar: Squid no bye bye! [SpongeGar and Balloon Pathar cry]
Squoag: Awww... SMACK!
SpongeGar: Squidward, Banooga!
Balloon Pathar: Pori Fera!

SpongeGar: Tabonga bonga!
Balloon Pathar: Breakfast Tabonga bonga?
SpongeGar: Escape Tabonga bonga!

Mediveival Sulfur Fields

Twitchy: You're still alive, the last few heroes with cream has ever returned. The Wrinkling hath begun. Now beat it you two.
SpongeBob: Aw, thank you ma'am! But first, we have a wand to repair. [He repairs the wand]
Twitchy: Argh! Hand me that thing so I can fix it and you can leave me alone! [He puts the wand peices into her mouth and the wand is fixed and it is floating in the air.] Amateurs, Now get Lost!
Balloon Patrick: [Staring in disbelief] Ooooooooohhhhhhhh......
SpongeBob: What a pro.

SpongeBob: Thanks, Gary will be so happy!
Patrick: Awww...! I knew that breakfast sandwich was meant to be eaten!

Jelly Glove World