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Spy Kids is a 2001 family film starring Alexa PenaVega and Daryl Sabara. Upon finding that their average-Joe parents were superspies, working with the OSS, Carmen and Juni's parents get kidnapped by entertainer Fegan Floop. So the kids set out to rescue their parents.

Carmen Cortez[edit]

  • My parents can't be spies, they aren't cool enough!
  • So are we.
  • Sorry Juni, you can't be a spy.
  • That's the safehouse?

Juni Cortez[edit]

  • I'm toast.
  • (upon finding his father as a Fooglie) The one I drew. ...It's Dad.
  • Looks more like an outhouse.
  • That's because I'm mad! You kidnapped my parents, made robot children, and swallowed up my sister!

Fegan Floop[edit]

  • Minion?
  • I never wanted any of that.
  • Oh great. From sweaty hands, sprout warts. Do you know why you have sweaty hands?
  • You don't look very scared to me.
  • Thank you Minion. Now all I have to do is to make them work for real.


Juni: (puts on sunglasses) Ew gross!
Carmen: What do you see?
Juni: You!
Carmen: [sarcastic] Very funny.


Ms Gradenko: Hi, I'm Ms Gradenko, we worked with your parents.
Carmen: We?
Ms Gradenko: Oh, I can understand you don't trust me, you were a baby, when we first met. (Opens door and enters)
Ms Gradenko Remember me now?
Carmen: No.
Ms Gradenko: It's OK, you see. Look, I've got a bracelet, same side. We'll protect you.
Carmen My mom has a bracelet like that.
Ms Gradenko: OSS, Standard issue. We all have one.
Carmen: OSS!? You work with our parents?
Ms Gradenko: Of course. (Her men start walking round the safehouse and begin examining objects)
Ms Gradenko: Now listen closely. Open your ears. Your father managed to send a message to the OSS just before he was captured. It consisted of five letters. F-L-O-O-P.


Juni: (Sadly) I thought Floop was a genius.
Ms Gradenko: Oh, trust me, he's not that fabulous. In fact, you see this: [displays the photos of the fooglies] Recognize these?
Juni: Floop's fooglies? I got toy versions.
Ms Gradenko: This is what they look like before he mutated them.
  • Ms Gradenko: But if you play it backwards - (Fooglies now singing "Floop is a madman, help us, save us."
  • Ms Gradenko: It's a cry for help.
  • Carmen: (Referring to the Fooglies) Floop's gonna do that to Mom and Dad?


  • Carmen: Uncle Felix said that he has a message for the OSS, and here you are.
  • Ms Gradenko: Here we are! What's the message?
  • Carmen: The Third Brain lives.
  • Ms Gradenko: (fake impressed gasp) You have just joined the ranks of women in the OSS.
  • Juni: (rolls eyes)


  • Juni: Carmen! They're working for Floop! (Carmen runs to Juni and holds up gadget) *Ms Gradenko: (laughs) You don't even know what those are!
  • Carmen: (throwing stance) I know they're heavy.


Carmen: [Juni contacts her through the walkie talkie] WHAT!?
  • Juni: (into walkie-talkie) Where did you go?
  • Carmen: I'm right behind him, where are you?
  • Juni: I'm toast.


  • Juni: Don't drop me!
  • Carmen: I'm not going to drop you! (Carmen drops Juni)
  • Carmen: Oops.


  • Ms Gradenko: Have a seat, Mr Lithp, you'll be more comfortable.
  • Mr Lisp Actually it's Lisp. (Sits down)
  • Mr Lisp: My army, Ms Gradenko, is the only comfort I need.
  • Minion They're right on their way, sir.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________ (Minion is speaking to Lisp on the TV)

  • Minion The "fabulous Floop" is not with us, sir. Your army is complete. The Ultimate Destructive Force is now within your hands.
  • Lisp: I'll believe that. When I SEE IT. (cuts off his webcam)
  • Minion sits back. Ms Gradenko places her hand sexily on his shoulder. Minion takes her hand and kisses it. Minion: It's good to have you back with us, Ms Gradenko.
  • Ms Gradenko: (Revealed to be half-bald) It's good to be back Alex. Let's never have children.


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