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Spy Kids is a 2001 family film starring Alexa PenaVega and Daryl Sabara. Upon finding that their average-Joe parents were superspies, working with the OSS, Carmen and Juni's parents get kidnapped by entertainer Fegan Floop. So the kids set out to rescue their parents.

Carmen Cortez[edit]

  • My parents can't be spies, they aren't cool enough!
  • So are we.
  • Sorry Juni, you can't be a spy.
  • That's the safehouse?

Juni Cortez[edit]

  • I'm toast.
  • (upon finding his father as a Fooglie) The one I drew. ...It's Dad.
  • Looks more like an outhouse.
  • That's because I'm mad! You kidnapped my parents, made robot children, and swallowed up my sister!

Fegan Floop[edit]

  • Minion?
  • I never wanted any of that.
  • Oh great. From sweaty hands, sprout warts. Do you know why you have sweaty hands?
  • You don't look very scared to me.
  • Thank you Minion. Now all I have to do is to make them work for real.


Juni: (puts on sunglasses) Ew, gross!
Carmen: What do you see?
Juni: You!
Carmen: [sarcastic] Very funny.

Ms. Gradenko: Hi, I'm Ms Gradenko, we worked with your parents.
Carmen: We?
Ms. Gradenko: Oh, I can understand you don't trust me. You were a baby when we first met. [Opens door and enters] Remember me now? [Carmen shakes her head.] Sorry. I have a key, you see? We're all on the same side. We're here to protect you.
Carmen My mom has a bracelet like that.
Ms. Gradenko: OSS, standard issue. We all have one.
Carmen: OSS? You work with my parents?
Ms. Gradenko: Yes. [Her men start walking round the safehouse and begin examining objects] Now, please listen closely. Open your ears. Your father was able to send one last communique this morning before he disappeared. It consisted of 5 letters: F-L-O-O...P.
Juni: [in disbelief] But you're wrong. Fabulous Floop would never do that.
Ms. Gradenko: Oh, trust me, he's not that fabulous. In fact... [displays the photos of the Fooglies] recognize these?
Juni: Floop's Fooglies. I got toy versions.
Ms. Gradenko: This is what they look like before he mutated them. [Gradenko shows that the Fooglies are actually mutated secret agents.]
Carmen: You mean these mutants are captured secret agents?
Ms. Gradenko: We're dealing with a genius.
Carmen: [to Juni] Told you Floop was a freak.
Ms. Gradenko: And you know that cute little tuneless song the characters sing? Play it backwards.
Fooglies: We're trapped! Floop is a madman! Help us! Save us! Floop is a madman! Help us! Save us!
Ms. Gradenko: A cry for help.
Carmen: [Referring to the Fooglies] Will Floop do that to Mom and Dad?
Ms Gradenko: Definitely.

Carmen: Felix said that he has a message for the OSS, and here you are.
Ms Gradenko: Here I am. What's the message?
Carmen: The Third Brain lives.
Ms Gradenko: (fake impressed gasp) You have just joined the ranks of women in the OSS. Brilliant.
Juni: (rolls eyes) Girls.

Juni: Carmen! They're working for Floop! (Carmen runs to Juni and holds up gadget)
Ms Gradenko: (laughs) You don't even know what those are!
Carmen: (throwing stance) I know they're heavy.

Carmen: [Juni contacts her through the walkie talkie] What?!
Juni: [into walkie-talkie] Where did you go?
Carmen: I'm right behind him! Where are you?!
Juni: I'm toast.

Juni: Don't drop me!
Carmen: I'm not going to drop you! (drops Juni) Oops.

Ms. Gradenko: Have a seat, Mr Lithp, you'll be more comfortable.
Mr. Lisp Actually it's Lisp. (Sits down)
Mr. Lisp: My army, Ms Gradenko, is the only comfort I need.
Minion They're right on their way, sir.

(Minion is speaking to Lisp on the TV)
Minion The "fabulous Floop" is not with us, sir. Your army is complete. The Ultimate Destructive Force is now within your hands.
Lisp: I'll believe that. When I see it. (cuts off his webcam)
[Minion sits back. Ms Gradenko places her hand on his shoulder.]
Minion: Welcome back, Ms Gradenko. [Minion takes Gradenko's hand and kisses it.]
Ms. Gradenko: [Revealed to be half-bald] It's good to be back Alex. Let's never have children.


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