Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

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Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams is a 2002 American science fantasy family-adventure film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It is the second film in the Spy Kids film series, which began with 2001's Spy Kids.

Huge New Adventure - Slightly Larger Spies taglines


Dr. Romero: [about his creatures] They've tried to gobble me up on more than one occasion! Why do they despise me so? I created them. [looking thoughtful] Do you think... God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created, here on Earth? [sees Carmen and Juni giving him odd looks] Stop looking at me like that! I'm no loon!

[to Juni about Romero]
Carmen: What a bizarre man...

Gerti Giggles: Just wait 'til Mom finds out that you tried to take over the world again!

Carmen: [to Gary] You're so full of shiitake mushrooms.
Skeletons: [shocked] Oooooh!

Juni: One necklace to rule them all!

Donnagon Giggles: Actually, my children are safe, somewhere in the Gobi desert, I believe.

Carmen: How long have we been falling?
Juni: I don't know, my watch doesn't tell time.
Carmen: Best guess?
Juni: I say about three hours.
Carmen: Feels like four.
[after awhile of falling, Juni take out his granola bar]
Carmen: How could you be eating at a time like this?!
Juni: You know that tickling sensation you get when you fall?
Carmen: Of course.
Juni: That pretty much went away after the first hour.

Alexandra: [to Donnagon Giggles] You're fired.

Gary Giggles: Too bad your dork sister's not here to cheer me on!

Gary Giggles: Remember, an agent is only as good as his gadgets.

Gary Giggles: Excuse me there, sport.

Donnagon Giggles: Where'd it go?
Dr. Romero: I don't know.
[gets nudged by Donnagon's Magna Men]
Dr. Romero: The Spork took it.

Juni: Now, this is more like it. Treasure. Skeletons. Dead skeletons!
Carmen: Is there any other kind?

Donnagon Giggles: Well, Cortezes, any last words?
Ingrid: None that I can say in front of my children.
Grandmother: Not to mention your mother.

Carmen: Okay, Mom, if you're looking for top secret information, just go straight to the source.
[she taps some keys and "Welcome to the Pentagon" appears]
Computer: Welcome to the Pentagon.
Ingrid: How did you do that? You can't do that, there is no hacking in this household!
[Carmen taps another key and disconnects]
Carmen: I know. Sorry.
Ingrid: [sighs] Show me that again.

Gary Giggles: Can't let you bust up my dad's machine, Juni. So I guess I'll just have to... bust you up!

Alexander Minion: Be a good girl and swat your brother for me.
Carmen: Oh, I will.

Carmen: Trust me. When the moment comes, you'll know.
Gerti Giggles: I think that moment's come.

Carmen: We're kids, not monsters.
Dr. Romero: What's the difference?

Alexandra's Computer: You have one new message. Message One.
Juni: Hello, Alexandra, it's me. Agent Juni Cortez. I'm on a mission. I know I shouldn't be, but I had an idea for you and your father. [Alexandra looks at Juni with a fond smile, evident that she has a crush on him] Simply tell him you need to talk to him. Tell him it's nothing urgent, but someday it might be urgent. And you need to open the communication lines right now. So, give me a call. Love to hear from you. And right now, it's about-- Silly me, I forgot my watch doesn't tell time. [Juni snorts and chuckles] And uh... [Alarm sounds]
Carmen: Something's wrong. Take the wheel!
Juni: Gotta go. Good luck! [Juni signs off]
Alexandra: Juni!
Alexandra's Computer: End of message.

Juni: Wow. What is this place? Do you think that's real gold? Gross! This is so slimy! I hate mold!
Carmen: I can hear your thoughts.
Juni: What?
Carmen: [gasps] And you can hear mine! Our mouths aren't moving, but we can hear what we're thinking. Say something.
Juni: [inaudibly] What am I meant to say? [he and Carmen both react with shock]
Carman: [gasps in shock] How strange. We can only communicate by thought.
Juni: Magic.
Carmen: Hmmm. Think something.
Juni: Uh... Your feet stink.
Carmen: [she isn't sure if that's true] I wonder. [she takes off one of her shoes and smells it and then cringes in disgust from the smell] Ohhh! Oh! Oh! [Juni reacts by laughing and snorting with amusement] Okay, this place is really weird. Let's go.
Juni: Good thinking.

Alexandra: Back off. I want my father to come up here and get me!
Juni: But he's the president of the United States.

Carmen: Go ahead. Say it.
Juni: What?
Carmen: I told you so!
Juni: Never.


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The Cortez Family[edit]

  • Gregorio
  • Ingrid (wife)
  • Carmen (daughter)
  • Juni (son)

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