Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!

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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (known in Europe as Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer) is a Playstation game that was released in the United States in November 1, 1999 and is the first sequel to the Playstation game Spyro The Dragon.


We Need a Vacation![edit]

Spyro: Is this rain ever gonna stop? I've forgotten what the sun looks like. We should go on vacation! Somewhere warm... somewhere sunny. [sees a portal that says "DRAGON SHORES"] Dragon Shores! Yeah! I haven't been there since we kicked Gnasty Gnorc's butt! How about it, Sparx? You up for a vacation at the beach? [The duo hurry to the portal gate] Last one there is a Gnorc!

I've Got a Dragon![edit]

Elora: Is it working, Professor?
Professor: Almost... just a few more adjustments to these orbs, and...
Hunter: Maybe this isn't such a good idea. Bringing a dragon here could just make Ripto angrier!
Elora: Calm down, Hunter ,and stop fidgeting!
Hunter: But you saw the Professor's book! They have claws like this, [mimes huge claws] teeth like this, [mimes huge teeth] and they spit fire like THIS! [pretends to spit fire] They sound much more dangerous than Ripto!
Elora: That's exactly the point, a dragon is our only chance of stopping Ripto and you know it! [The orbs begin to glow]
Professor: It's working... IT'S WORKING! I've got a dragon! [Spyro comes tumbling out of the portal in a heap along with Sparx]
Spyro: Woah... rough landing! [looks at the others] Hi! Which way's the... [trails off, realising he's not at Dragon Shores] ...Beach? [the others stare] Hey, stop staring! Haven't you guys ever seen a dragon before?
Hunter: [surprised] You're a dragon?
Spyro: You got a problem with that, pussycat? [Ripto, Crush and Gulp appear and destroy the portal]
Ripto: Well well... someone forgot to invite me to the party! [sniffs] Are you trying to keep something from me? [notices Spyro] A dragon, you brought a dragon to Avalar?! I... hate... DRAGONS! [Elora whispers to Zoe, who flies to Ripto and zaps him] Ow! Crush, kill it, kill it! [Crush swings at Zoe, but misses and hits Ripto. His scepter flies through the air, and gets swallowed by Gulp] Gulp, you imbecile! Give me my scepter! [the three of them retreat] I'll deal with you later!
Spyro: Who was that jerk?
Elora: That was Ripto, and you have to get rid of him! He's causing all sorts of trouble around here... but I haven't got time to explain. Here, take this magic guide to Avalar. [holds out a guidebook, which Sparx takes] It'll help you begin to understand our worlds. Right now, I have to follow Ripto and see what he's up to! I'll meet you in Summer Forest, okay? [she leaves]
Spyro: Hey, wait a minute! [sighs. To Sparx] How do we get ourselves into these messes, pal?

I'm a Fawn, You Dork![edit]

[Summer Forest. Moneybags is thrown through the roof of the castle]
Elora: Oh, no... [sees the flags on the castle get replaced with Ripto's flags. Spyro and Sparx come from the Glimmer portal] Oh, hello! We didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves before; my name is Elora.
Spyro: Uh, hi! I'm Spyro. What are you, some kind of goat?
Elora: I'm a faun, you dork!
Spyro: Oh, sorry.
Elora: Did you meet the Gem-cutters in Glimmer?
Spyro: Yeah, they gave me a souvenir too! They called it a talisman.
Elora: [surprised] They gave you a talisman?
Spyro: What, is it special? I just stuck it in the guidebook you gave me.
Elora: There are fourteen talismans in Avalar, and they are all magical! If you can collect enough of them, they can be used to defeat Ripto! [Hunter comes out of the portal] Hunter! Where have you been?
Hunter: I, uh... got a little lost.
Elora: Spyro's going to help us collect the talismans!
Spyro: I am?
Hunter: He is?
Elora: Spyro, look... there's no way you can get to Dragon Shores right now. Ripto and his monsters have taken over the castle here in the Summer Forest. You're going to have to go to Avalar's worlds, and convince the inhabitants to give you their talisman. You can keep them in your guidebook.
Hunter: Hey, I can do that! Why doesn't the dragon just torch Ripto?
Elora: Hunter, you can't even keep track of your running shoes! How can we trust you with fourteen talismans? [Hunter looks sheepish. To Spyro and Sparx;] If you come across any orbs, they're important too... but I'll tell you about them later.
Spyro: Okay, no problem! I'll collect a few talismans, give Ripto the old hotfoot, and be in Dragon Shores by lunchtime!

No Dragons, Wonderful![edit]

Elora: [voice over] Before you get to the castle dungeon Spyro, I thought that you might want to know how Ripto and his monsters arrrived in Avalar. You see, last week in the Winter Tundra, the Professor was working on some new super portal technology.
Professor: There, that's the last orb in place! Now, let's see... all we need are some co-ordinates!
Hunter: How about... "22475"? [chuckles to Elora] That's my birthday. (April 22, 1975) [walks over and enters to co-ordinates]
Elora: No, Hunter! Don't!
Hunter: What? [the portal glows and Ripto, Crush and Gulp tumble out of it]
Ripto: [crushed] Get off me! Get off me, you useless baffoons! Why can't either... of... you...? [looks around him] Where are we? [sniffs] Hmm... no dragons...? Wonderful! Crush, go back and pack my bags! We're moving in! [grins evilly at the three of them] Say "hello" to your new "king".
Elora: [horrified] Professor, shut it down! Hurry!
Professor: Oh my, oh my! I can't see the switch, I think I've broken my glasses!
[Crush confused at the portal]
Ripto: (Oh, boy…) [angry] Crush. Go through the portal, you idiot!
Elora: [turns to Zoe] Tell all your friends to take the orbs and scatter them throughout Avalar, quickly!
[Crush watches Zoe and several fairies grab the orbs and fly off]
Ripto: Noooo! Gulp, Crush, get the orbs now! [Crush and Gulp chase after the fairies. Ripto tries to grab one of the orbs, but ends up being dragged away] Oooooooh... you despicable little creature, I'll kill you!
Elora: This is bad news for Avalar. Hunter, why didn't you chase him?
Hunter: [embarrassed] Uh... yeah, I um... would've gone after him, but then he said something about not liking dragons?
Elora: [inspired] Professor, can we catch a dragon to help us?
Professor: Yes... yes, I think so! We'll need a world that has an alignment much better suited to intercepting one of these creatures. How about... Glimmer?
Elora: Good idea! We'd better go right now!

Bring It On, Shorty![edit]

Ripto: Noooo! Crush! [to Spyro] You may have been able to defeat that simpleton, but Gulp will be more than a match for you!
Spyro: Bring it on, Shorty!
Ripto: [growls angrily] Gulp, come here now! [Gulp pushes his way under the door] Destroy him, and make sure it's painful! [Gulp tries to get in, causing to roof to collapse] What, the roof?! Gulp, get me out of here! [turns to Spyro] So long, dragon! [escapes]
Spyro: What a wuss!


Moneybags: Hmph! That Ripto has caused enough damage! All his meddling has cost me a fortune. If it wasn't for Spyro, I'd be bankrupt! If Ripto were here, I'd give him a piece of my mind. [Ripto comes up behind him, unnoticed] In fact, I'd give him a lot more than that! I was a champion bantamweight boxer at University, and I still know a few moves. [mimes fighting an imaginary opponent] Take that, and that! [turns around, finds himself face to face with Ripto]
Ripto: Boo!
Moneybags: [shrieks] Why, you... you... [loses his balance and falls, screaming. Ripto laughs evilly. The flags of the castle are rolled up and replaced with Ripto's flags]

Gulp, Lunch Time![edit]

Ripto: Gulp, we've finally made Avalar ours! You've earned a special reward. [pulls Zoe out from his cape. Gulp suddenly sees Spyro fly up behind him] Gulp. What is it, boy? Oh, the fairy. Here you go! [Spyro flames him, causing him let go of Zoe. Ripto runs off with Spyro in pursuit] You singed my cape! Dragon, you are really starting to get on my nerves! [leaps onto his throne out of Spyro's reach] Say goodbye, flame-breath! [to Gulp] Gulp, lunch time! [Gulp leaps into the arena] Gulp, finish him off and you can have all the fairies you can eat! I'm going to enjoy this!

Spyro, You Did It![edit]

[Ripto's throne falls from the overlook, taking him with it. Ripto's flags on the castle are replaced with the old flags]
Elora: Spyro, you did it!
Spyro: Woah! Elora, where'd you come from?
Elora: I was just outside the castle in Autumn Plains... the castle is now free again! There's no sign of Ripto! And since you've been around, the creatures of Avalar are finally starting to get along! [Zoe and a couple of fairies fly over with a lawn chair and umbrella] Since you've done so much for Avalar, and since I know you've really missed being on vacation... we really wanted to do something nice for you. It's not much, but we hope you like it.
Spyro: Wow, this is great! Aren't you gonna join me?
Elora: Uh... no. I'd like to, but I've got to go check on the Professor in the Winter Tundra. He's still trying to fix the super portal so we can send you home.
Spyro: [yawning] Oh... that sounds interesting. I think I'll just hang out here for a while and soak up a few rays... [falls asleep and Elora leaves. Spyro awakens abruptly] Hey, where'd Elora go? I'd better follow her.

You Little Fools![edit]

[We see Hunter, Elora and the Professor all standing next to the super portal.]
Professor: I think I've finally come up with a way to access the Dragon Worlds from the super portal! This power crystal should give us the extra boost that we need! Just a few more calculations to set it up... I think I have it... excellent! Everything is finally ready! We're going to need a lot more orbs, but with the power crystal boosting it, the super portal should work again. [Apparently, the Professor has celebrated too soon, a bomb appears right in front of the portal, blowing the trio to their knees and knocking every single orb off the portal, even the power crystal! It appears Ripto isn't quite finished... yet.] (Or not…)
Ripto: So… you thought you had gotten rid of me? Well, I'm afraid not! I persuaded that fat bear, Moneybags, to sell me a few bomb(s).
Elora: Quick, the power crystal!
[The Professor attempts to grab the power crystal, but Ripto stops him.]
Ripto: Don't even try it, book-boy! Or you'll be the world's smartest pile of ashes. [Ripto grabs hold of the power crystal.] This is just what I need for a new scepter!
Elora: Hunter, do something! Quick!
Hunter: Uh... Hey, give that back! [After Hunter's... "bravado" display, Ripto runs to the castle. Elora looks at Hunter with disdain.] Well, I tried.
Ripto: Ahahahah! You little fools! After I destroy you all with my new scepter, I'm going to rename this place "Riptonia"! Ahahahahahahahah!! [runs into the castle door, ergo, Moneybags is kicked out on his rump. And a familiar scene, the flags of the Winter Tundra castle are rolled up and replaced with Ripto's flags!]

What? You Again?[edit]

[Ripto, attempting to test his new scepter, uses three petrified sheep as target practice, but they just won't stay still.]
Ripto: Gaaaah! Come back here, you useless animals!
Spyro: [shows up on the scene.] Hey, shorty! Maybe I can help!
Ripto: What, you again?!
Spyro: Yep, if you wanna test that power crystal, why don't you try it on me? I'll stand still, I promise.
Ripto: Hmm... I like that idea. [to Spyro] Dragon, you've just sealed your fate!

Come on, Sparx! (Ending)[edit]

[After Ripto is defeated, the power crystal merges with the guidebook, and the last castle is finally under Avalar's rule! Spyro charges through the doors to an eagerly awaiting crowd consisting of Hunter, Elora, Moneybags and the Professor.]
Elora: I don't think we can ever thank you enough, Spyro! [Elora then grants Spyro a kiss on the cheek.] I suppose you have to go now?
Spyro: Yeah, I'd better, they'll be missing me in the Dragon Worlds, and I've still got a vacation to take, I need it more than ever now!
Elora: Before you go, I think that Moneybags has something he wants to give you.
Moneybags: Hmph! I most certainly do not!
Elora: Hunter! [Hunter promptly pounces Moneybags, pinning him and allowing Sparx to get the gems Spyro rightfully earned.] Spyro, Moneybags is very sorry that he made you pay so much on your way through Avalar, we want you to keep the gems as a reward for helping us.
Spyro: Wow, thanks! Sparx, can you grab 'em?
Professor: Let me just type in the new co-ordinates... and... there! Spyro, you can now go to Dragon Shores!
Spyro: Hey, why don't you guys come with me? I bet you could use a holiday.
Elora: I'm afraid we can't Spyro. Ripto may be gone, but he caused a lot of damage during his short stay. We'll be cleaning up for weeks! Just remember though, that you can always get back to Avalar from Dragon Shores if you want to visit.
Spyro: Well, okay! [to Sparx] Come on, Sparx! We've got a lot of vacation to catch up on! [With that, Spyro runs through the portal for some well earned R & R. The screen fades, and the credits roll.]

Glimmer- Part 1[edit]


1. "Pogo the Gemcutter" Location: At the very beginning of Glimmer.

Speech: 1st time: Hi Spyro, welcome to Glimmer! Unfortunately for us, a mob of lizards just showed up and started stealing all of our gems. Can you stop them?

2nd time: If you can find my friend Twitchy, he'll reward you for helping us out.

2. "Zoe" Location: At the entrance to the first cave.

Speech: 1st time: Hi, Spyro. I'm a friend of Elora's, and she's asked me to help you out. Whenever you find me, I'll remember your progress, like this... *Zoe proceeds to zap Spyro*... That zap means that if you get into trouble, I'll return you to this place. See you around!

3. "Whiskers the Gemcutter" Location: At the first ladder you encounter.

Speech: 1st time: We Gemcutters are a bit too short to climb these ladders... looks like you are too. After you learn to climb, come back to Glimmer to see me.

2nd time: You'll learn to climb later on. Come back and see me then.

4. "Moneybags" Location: In front of the bridge.

Speech: 1st time: Ah, you must be the dragon everyone is talking about. Well, dragon or not, I'm afraid there is a small fee to open the bridge. It will cost you 100 of your gems to cross.

You are given a choice: Pay 100 gems to open the bridge? -Yes/ Open up! -No/ Maybe later

If you choose "No": You'll have to pay up sooner or later, it's the only way across. I have to look after my... err Avalar's financial well being. You know.

Also when you talk to Moneybags a second time after saying "No": Back again eh? And with plenty of treasure I see. Would you like me to open the bridge? I won't even increase the price.

If you choose "Yes": Thank you, mister dragon... Spyro, was it? You can now use the bridge whenever you want, free of charge! I hope we meet again, when you have even more gems...

2nd time: Still here? Why don't you help the Gemcutters and they'll show you the way to Summer Forest.

5. "Zoe" Once again. Location: In the middle of the bridge.

Speech: 1st time: To get a good look around, hold down the triangle button. Try using triangle to look around this cave.

6. "Twitchy the Gemcutter" Location: Cave exit.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, thanks for helping us fight off the Lizards! Please take this talisman of Glimmer as a sign of our gratitude.

After recieving the talisman: This magic portal next to me will take you to Summer Forest, one of the home worlds of Avalar.

2nd time: Step through the portal next to me to go to Summer Forest.

7. "Kanga the Gemcutter" Location: Next to the second superfly powerup.

Speech: 1st time: Great! The superfly powerup is active and you can restart our gem lamps! Flame all the lamps quickly, and the big gem lamp will light. The powerup will give you enough magic to fly for a short time.

2nd time: The big gem lamp will only light if all 6 small lamps are lit.

After completing the task: Thanks for helping me light the lamps, Spyro. A fairy gave me this orb, but I like gems better. You take it instead.

8. "Bounsa the Gemcutter" Location: Inside the small cave in the final area.

Speech: 1st time: These little lizards have eaten my entire crop of gems! I've tried hitting them with rocks, but they're too fast for me. You can try using one of my rocks. If you have any questions, just ask me.

2nd time: You can pick up a rock in your mouth by just walking up to it. To spit it out, press the circle button.

3rd time: To aim a rock, press and hold the triangle button while you have a rock in your mouth. Press the circle button to spit the rock in the direction you are aiming.

After hitting the first lizard: Nice shooting! Follow me to the next lizard!

After reaching the second lizard: You can spit pretty far, Spyro! See if you can spit all the way to that lizard!

After reaching the third lizard: To hit that lizard up high, you'll have to aim. Press and hold the triangle button to aim, then press circle to spit.

After completing the task: Yay! You've saved my crop of gems from the lizards! Here, take this orb. Some girl with wings dropped it here yesterday.

After receiving the orb: You can have as many rocks as you like.

Summer Forest Home- Part 1[edit]


1. "Elora" Location: Entrance to the castle moat/gates.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, this is the home world called Summer Forest. There are portals to many of the Avalar worlds around here. Unfortunately, Ripto has taken over the castle and we need your help. Start by retrieving the talismans from each of the worlds you go to.

2nd time: Check your guidebook by pressing the START button and choosing the Guidebook option to see which talismans you have collected.

2. "Hunter" Location: Broken bridge

Speech: 1st time: Hiya, Spyro! Ripto smashed this bridge, so I guess you'll have to glide across it. Press X to jump, then press X again while you're in the air to glide.

2nd time: Remember, press X once to jump, then press X again to glide.

3. "Hunter" Once again. Location: Stairs to the right of the exit to the moat/gates.

Speech: 1st time: Hi, Spyro. You look like you're pretty agile. Let's try putting it to a test. See if you can get up this first step. Press X, and hold it down to get more hang time.

After jumping the first step: OK, not bad. Now, to make this next jump, you'll have to glide. Press X to jump, then press X again at the top of your jump to get the maximum glide distance.

After gliding to the next platform: Nice job. Now, try to do a hover. Press X to jump, then press X again to glide, then when you reach the end of your glide press triangle to hover. Hovering will give you extra height and distance.

After gliding/hovering to the next area: Very good! Now for the hardest leap of all! You'll have to give this one everything you've got. Get a walking start, jump, glide, and hover just before you get to the edge of the platform. Don't forget to press forward on the D-pad or analog stick when you hover.

After doing the final distance: Wow. You're a pretty good athlete. If I hadn't lost my running shoes, I'd take you on for real. For now here's an orb for your collection.

2nd time: I'm just taking a break right now. I've got to rest for the next big race in Ocean Speedway...

4. "Zoe" Location: Towards the left side of the lake around the main castle.

Speech: 1st time: Sparx, the dragonfly following you around, is your health indicator, Spyro. The brighter he is, the more hit points you have.

  • NOTE** You cannot possibly have the 500 hundred treasure needed to get the

desired ability (and thus the desired speech) from Moneybags, or to get you access to the rest of the level by completing (to the best of your ability) Glimmer and Summer Forest Home alone. So the speech for Summer Forest shall continue after we have traversed through Idol Springs.

Idol Springs- Part 1[edit]


1. "Foreman Bob" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, the idols we were carving have come to life. They've locked us out of our temples and stolen our food.

2nd time: The workers can break the locks if they can get to the doors.

2. "Zoe" Location: Soon after the second locked door.

Speech: 1st time: Those metal shields are making enemies invulnerable to your flame attack. If you press and hold the square button, you can defeat them with your charge attack.

3. "Zoe" Once again. Location: After the fourth locked door.

Speech: 1st time: To aim the camera left or right, press the L2 or R2 button.

4. "Foreman Max" Location: After the final locked door.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, you're pretty tough. If you ever want a permanent job, we've got a place for you here. For the moment, I want you to have this talisman.

5. "Hulagirl Stella" Location: Close to the supercharge powerup.

Speech: 1st time: It's fabulous to see you Spyro! Now that the supercharge powerup is active, you can charge through the pedestals and send the dancing hulagirls over here to help me!

2nd time: Send those lazy hulagirls over here to do a dance!

After you complete the task: Look at that, the hulagirls' rain dance blew up that idol like a roman candle! Now I can pursue that dancing career I've dreamed of. Take this orb, it could help you go places.

  • NOTE**Now that we have enough gems, we can go back to get the swimming ability

from Moneybags, which helps us complete both Idol Springs and the Summer Forest Home.

Summer Forest Home- Part II[edit]


1. "Moneybags" Location: Directly parallel to the narrow castle entrance under the lake.

Speech: 1st time: Hello there, Spyro. Would you like to learn to swim underwater? I suppose I could teach you, for... ahem... a small fee.

You will then be given a choice: Pay 500 gems to learn how to swim underwater? -Yes Please -No Thanks

If you choose "No Thanks": OK, you don't have to learn to swim yet, but you won't get far in Avalar until you do...

If you choose "Yes Please": Great! Ok, when you jump in the water, you can use the D-pad to move around the surface. Use square to dive underwater. When you are underwater, use X to paddle, and square to charge.

2nd time: Remember, to dive underwater, press square. When you are underwater, press X to paddle, or square to charge.

2. "Zoe" Location: After the second switch operated door.

Speech: 1st time: You're well on your way, Spyro. Keep collecting talismans to help us defeat Ripto before he can take over Avalar.

Oh, and keep collecting those orbs too. The Professor thinks they will help you get back to the Dragon World.

3. "Hunter" Location: Directly right of Zoe.

Speech: 1st time (If your game camera is in 'Passive' Mode): Your game camera is currently in 'Passive' mode. This mode requires you to control the camera yourself, and moves more slowly.

If you like, I can change the game camera to use 'Active' mode. In 'Active' mode, the camera moves much faster.

You will then be given a choice: Change game camera to 'Active' mode? -No -Yes

If you choose 'No': OK, I won't change it. Remember, you can change the camera mode yourself by using the Options Menu.

If you choose 'Yes': OK, all done. The camera will move faster now. If you don't like it this way, come back and see me, or change it yourself by using the Options Menu.

1st time (If you game camera is in 'Active Mode'): Are you enjoying the 'Active' camera mode? If you don't like it, I can set it back to the 'Passive mode'.

Again, you will be given a choice: Change game camera to 'Passive' mode? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': OK, all done. The camera is in 'Passive' mode now. If you want me to change it again, just ask.

If you choose 'No': OK, I won't change it. Remember, you can change the camera mode yourself by using the Options Menu. (same as the Active 'No', word for word o_O)

4. "Elora" Location: Directly left of Zoe.

Speech: 1st time: I saw something shiny at the top of this wall. You could probably get it, but you'll have to learn how to climb first.

2nd time: Once you can climb, this wall should be no problem.

5. "Elora" Once again. Location: In front of the Ocean Speedway portal.

Speech: 1st time: Nice work, Spyro... The orbs your carrying have activated this special portal. You won't find a talisman in the Ocean Speedway, but if your fast, you'll get lots of treasure! Have fun!

2nd time: This is one of Hunter's favorite speedways.

6. "Moneybags" Once again. Location: In between the Aquaria Towers portal and the Crush's Dungeon portal.

Speech: 1st time: Say. Spyro, you see this wall here? I bet your dying to know what's on the other side. If only I had a few more gems, I might be able to remember how to lower the wall...

You will then, as always, be given a choice (but we all know your going to have to fish over the money sooner or later): Pay 400 gems to lower the wall? -alright -no way

If you choose 'alright': Hmmm... yes, the sparkling beauty of those gems seems to have jogged my memory.

If you choose 'no way': OK, but as far as you know, the portal to Dragon Shores could be just on the other side of this wall... and there's only one way to find out. Ta-ta!

2nd time: Ok, ok, ok... so it's not the portal to Dragon Shores. Aquaria Towers is still a lovely place. Why, I have a home there myself!

7. "Elora" 3rd Encounter. Location: In front of Crush's Dungeon.

Speech: 1st time: Hi, Spyro! This Talisman Door will only open if you have all six Summer Forest talismans. Once the door is open, Ripto and Crush will be waiting in the dungeon.

Idol Springs-Part II[edit]

Now that we have the diving ability, a new character awaits...


1. "Foreman Bud" Location: Underwater tunnel.

Speech: 1st time: I've been locked in here with all our tools, and the giant idol heads won't let the workers in unless we can solve the three puzzles they've given us.

The first puzzle is to turn all these blocks yellow. If you have trouble, come back and talk to me.

2nd time: Jump on the blocks to change their color to yellow.

You will be given a choice: Would you like me to reset the puzzle? -Yes -Nope

If you choose 'Yes': Let's start over.

No speech occurs if you choose 'Nope'.

After completing the first challenge: Wow, Spyro, you did it... I mean, I knew you could do it! Now meet me at the pond for the next challenge.

At the pond: This idol says he's hungry, and won't be satisfied until he's swallowed 10 fish. He's got a sensitive stomach, so watch what kind of fish you feed him.

3rd time (remember times only refer to when you have to press triangle to talk, and the initial conversation): The idol is still hungry...

After you complete the second challenge: OK Spyro, just one more puzzle to go. I'll meet you over by the colored stones for your final challenge.

By the colored stones: If you jump on these stones in the correct order, you will solve the puzzle. I only know what the first one is. It's up to you to figure the rest out.

4th time: If you jump on these stones in the correct order, you will solve the puzzle.

After you complete the task: Nice job, Spyro. You're pretty smart for a dragon. All I have to give you is this shiny thing I found in our tool box.

Next up, Colossus! (Thank the good lord for my hands... there's not much speech in there! ^_^)



1. "Brother Harry" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: A yeti has been rampaging around our home, but we've managed to trap him by shutting all the doors. If you talk to the other brothers, they will open the gates, and guide you to him.

2nd time: To get the talisman for this level, you just have to make it safely to the exit.

2. "Brother Arnie" Location: First sealed door.

Speech: 1st time: By concentrating, I should be able to open this door for you...

2nd time: The door's open, leave me alone. I'm trying to meditate.

3. "Brother Clive" Location: Second sealed door.

Speech: 1st time: Who needs a key when you know how to chant like this? (followed by the horribly disturbing "Y-yi-yi-yeow...Y-yi-yi-yeow")

2nd time: How am I supposed to achieve enlightenment if you keep pestering me?

4. "Zoe" Location: Just after the second sealed door.

Speech: 1st time: Enemies like those yaks are too big to be charged. Your flame attack should easily take care of large enemies.

5. "Zoe" Once again. Location: Next to the first moonjump powerup.

Speech: 1st time: Each time you defeat an enemy, it will release a spirit particle. The spirit particles will activate the powerup in that world. If a powerup is inactive, you need to defeat more enemies!

6. "Brother Curtis" Location: In front of the elevator.

Speech: 1st time: Hey, look what I can do.

2nd time: How can you be sure I really exist?

7. "Zoe" 3rd encounter. Location: Entrance to the roof porting the yeti. Above the large glide spot.

Speech: 1st time: Remember Hunter's advice... you will glide farthest if you press the X button at the very top of your jump.

8. "Brother Ned" Location: In front of the yeti's chamber.

Speech: 1st time: Even though I'm a vegetarian, I think you should kill that yeti. (Notice the dialogue box says torch). He's pretty tough though. In fact, I'm not so sure you're up to it...

After defeating the yeti: I thought the yeti was tougher than that. I guess he was all bark... Anyway, I was just guarding our sacred talisman to make sure the yeti didn't eat it.

9. "Brother Kipp" Location: Hockey rink.

Speech: 1st time: Aaah Spyro, welcome. We have found that hockey is a peaceful and calming sport. Would you like to join in a match against our goal keeper?

You are then given a choice: Try a game against a goal keeper? -Yes please -No, it's way too cold

If you choose 'Yes please': You have 2 minutes to score 5 goals in the red goal.

If you choose 'No, it's way too cold': Maybe meditating for a while would provide you with the will to try.

Also if you choose no, next time you talk to him he will say: Are you ready to try your skill against a goal keeper?

The choice is different also: Would you like to play? -Yes please -Not just yet

If you choose 'Yes please': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'Not just yet': Return when your mind is calm, Spyro.

If you talk to Kipp when in the middle of the challenge: You can't score many goals talking to me.

You will then be given a choice: Would you like me to reset the clock? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 2 'yes's.

If you choose 'No': You shouldn't waste time talking to me, Spyro.

If you fail: You must focus your thoughts to succeed, Spyro.

You will then be given a choice: Would you like to try again? -Yes please -No thanks

If you choose 'Yes please': Same as the above 'yes's.

If you choose 'No thanks': Same as first 'no'.

If you succeed: Well done, have this.

After the first round: Would you like to try a game of one on one?

You will then be given a choice: Would you like to play? -OK -Maybe later

If you choose 'OK': The first to score 5 goals wins. You are shooting at the red goal. Off you go.

If you choose 'Maybe later': Come back if you change your mind.

Also, if you choose 'Maybe Later' and speak to Kipp again: Aaah, have you come to play some one on one?

You will be given the same choice as above.

If you speak to Kipp during the one on one: Did I tell you I used to play semi- pro before I joined the monks?

Then you will be given a similar choice to the first time you interrupted the game:

Would you like me to restart the game? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 'OK'.

If you choose 'No': The other player will score while your back is turned.

If you fail: Too tough for you, eh?

You will be given the same choice as when you first asked about the one on one.

If you succeed: Well done, have this. If you stare at it long enough, you might not see anything.

2nd time: You can keep practicing if you want, but you have to be off the ice by 6.

9. "Professor" Location: Near the evil spirit.

Speech: 1st time: Thank goodness you scared that evil spirit away, but now it will hide in the statues. If you were to flame all 10 statues, I'm sure you would chase it away for good.

2nd time: If you want to get rid of that evil spirit for good, you must flame all the statues.

After you've flamed one or more statues: Keep going Spyro, there are still some statues left to flame.

After nine statues: Just one statue left Spyro.

After succession: Well done Spyro, you've scared the evil spirit away! Why don't you take this. I borrowed it from the temple. They don't need it.

3rd time: I'm glad that evil spirit has gone, it was giving me the heebee geebees I can tell you.




1. "Zapp the Electroll" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: We've always had trouble with the Gear Grinders, but now they've set up force fields to separate us. If you can find diodes, you can use them to turn off the force fields.

I think there's a diode around here somewhere, but my eyesight isn't what it used to be...

2nd time: It's a little known fact that metal objects are impervious to fire. I suppose a tough guy like you could just charge them with your head, though.

2. "Amper the Electroll" Location: Hurricos generator.

Speech: 1st time: Arrgh! These Gear Grinder thieves keep taking our lightning stones! If you can replace them all and activate our generator, I'd be very grateful.

2nd time: Replacing the lightning stones will bring the thieves out so you can catch them.

After you've killed the thieves: Thanks for getting rid of the Gear Grinder thieves. Now all you have to do is replace all the lightning stones!

After completion (fully): Thank you, Spyro! I found this shiny thing mixed up with our lightning stones. Please, take it as a reward.

3. "Brainy the Electroll" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Thank you, Spyro! You've deactivated all of the electric barriers! We've been guarding this talisman from the Gear Grinders. Please take it as a reward!

2nd time: You're always welcome to return to Hurricos, Spyro!

4. "Kosmo the Electroll" Location: Before the first large turbine/windmill.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, do you see that big building over there? The Gear Grinders are using it to steal our electricity! Please help us by shutting down the machinery inside.

2nd time: In order to get to the building over there, you can first jump on the windmill, then jump to the near side of the building.

5. "Watt the Electroll" Location: After the first turbine.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, you've done well so far! You can have this little trinket for good luck. If you have any questions about shutting down the factory, just ask me.

The next glides get tricky! You'll have to use your hover maneuver to make them. Press the triangle button during a glide to hover and get extra height.

Remember to press triangle when you are very close to the windmill, or you won't make it.

2nd time: Same as above sentence.

6. "Spike the Electroll" Location: Before the main factory switch.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, help! The switch to turn off the Gear Grinder factory is in that room, but, umm... it's awfully noisy in there...

After completion: Thanks for shutting down the factory. Here, I found this stuck between the gears. You can have it if you want.


 Sunny Beach- Part I


1. "Prince Tortiss" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Hi Spyro, it's a good thing your here. If you can help shepherd those baby turtles over there to safety, I'll be mighty grateful.

2nd time: The baby turtles will lead the way, but there are some obstacles in the way that they can't pass. If you can clear the obstacles away, the turtles will be able to make it to safety.

3rd time: The gates around here will stay open if a switch is held down.

4th time: If you flame the big box turtle over there, you can make him move onto the switch.

2. "Advisor Gromit" Location: Second area outside water.

Speech: 1st time: The Water Workers have boxed up most of our baby turtles. The boxes are incredibly strong! With a more powerful flame breath, maybe you could break them open and release the turtles.

After completion: Impressive! Most impressive... Please take this sacred... errr... thingamajig as a token of our everlasting gratitude.

3. "Advisor Moppet" Location: In front of the ladder leading to the Chef.

Speech: 1st time: There's a chef at the top of this ladder who wants to make soup out of our baby turtles. If you knew how to climb, you could get up there and stop him.

4. "King Fromit" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Thank you, young dragon. The baby turtles will be safe up here. Please take this talisman as a token of our gratitude.


 Aquaria Towers


1. "Ripple the Seahorse" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: The funny looking guys with the shock sticks have drained all our water! We can't get it back unless someone activates the switches they're guarding.

2nd time: The shock stick guys are tough... Yesterday they turned Verne, our giant squid, into fried calamari...

2. "Moneybags" Location: Guarding the shark sub.

Speech: 1st time: Hi, Spyro. You must be tougher than you look to get here. All the same, you won't be able to get past the metal sharks up ahead... I suppose I could let you borrow my submarine though... For a modest fee, of course.

Your then given another of his godforsaken pay choices: Rent the sub for 100 gems? -It's a deal -No deal

If you choose 'It's a deal': A pleasure doing business with you, Spyro. This submarine is 100 percent shark-proof. I guarantee it!

If you choose 'No deal': Suit yourself. Just don't go swimming through the tunnel. Those metal sharks are quite indestructible.

2nd time: Hop aboard, Spyro!

3. "Hoppo the Seahorse" Location: Above the starting point.

Speech: 1st time: Our world is wet again! We all want you to have this talisman of Aquaria Towers to remember us by!

4. "King Flippy" Location: Near the first numbered towers.

Speech: 1st time: The Water Workers have kidnapped six of my children and hidden them in the tops of these numbered towers. I borrowed some explosives to blast the doors off the towers...

If you can make it to the top of the six numbered towers, my children will be safe.

2nd time: Every time you make it to the top of a tower, I'll blow the door off the next one.

After completion: You did it! Now we can swim in peace! I heard that you are collecting these orbs. Please take this one.

5. "Hunter" Location: A bit to the right of King Flippy.

Speech: 1st time: I've been trying to tame my new pet manta ray, but he just won't obey me. Hey, you're just about the right size to ride on his back...

You will then be given a choice: Ready to tame the manta ray? -You bet! -Maybe later

If you choose 'You bet!': Great! Hop on his back and guide him through each of the rings of bubbles as it appears. And remember, he's brand new, so try not to get him dented or scratched up.

If you choose 'Maybe later': Too chicken, huh? That's OK. Maybe you can come back and ride him later.

Also, after saying 'Maybe later' and talking to him again: A dragon like you should have pretty good reflexes, even underwater. How about trying out my manta ray?

You'll be given a choice: Try the manta ray? -Sure -Maybe later

If you choose 'Sure': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'Maybe later': Same as above 'no'.

If you fail: *chuckles* Pretty wild ride, eh?

You'll then be given a choice: Do you want another shot? -Sure -No way

If you choose 'Sure': OK, good luck this time!

If you choose 'No Way': Well, at least you tried. Come back later if you want another chance.

After succession: Well done! I suppose I owe you something for that... Here, take this orb, I found it in one of my flippers.

Now that the manta ray's tamed I'd love to get him into racing shape. Care to take him through a harder course?

You will then be given a choice (Boy, this guy has a lot of speech to him...): Try harder course? -You bet -Some other time

If you choose 'You bet': OK, good luck!

If you choose 'Some other time': OK, come back whenever you like!

If you fail: Same as first challenge failure dialogue.

You'll be given a choice identical to a previous one, but the responses are different: Do you want another shot? -Sure -No way

If you choose 'Sure': Same as above 'yes. (Although realize this is the choice given two choices ago, not the previous one).

If you choose 'No way': Same as above 'no'.

If you succeed: Incredible! You've got some real talent. I could use a partner like you. You can have the orb I found in my other flipper too.

2nd time: Sorry pal, I don't have any new jobs for you... at the moment.


 Crush's Dungeon

Location: Entrance to the dungeon.

Elora: Well done, Spyro. Now that you have six talismans, this door will open!

Ok, Spyro, jump through that hole in the floor to get down to Crush's Dungeon. I'll help you by tossing sheep through the hole if I can catch them. Good luck!


 Ocean Speedway


1. "Queen Finny" Location: In the stands.

Speech: 1st time: I guess now you think you're pretty good. Well let's see if you're as good as the current champion.

You will then be given a choice: Are you ready to start a race? -Start Race -No Thanks

If you choose 'Start Race': Alright, Spyro. Meet the course champion. In order to win the race, you must fly through all the rings. Beware, if Hunter flies through a ring first, the ring will start to shrink.

If you choose 'No Thanks': That's just fine. You can come back anytime.

If you fail: It's not as easy as you thought, is it? Are you ready to try again?

You will then be given a choice:

Are you ready to try again? -Start Race -No Thanks

If you choose 'Start Race': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'No Thanks': Same as above 'no'.

If you succeed: Great job, Spyro. That was some excellent flying.



 Autumn Plains Home


1. "Elora" Location: Next to the very first whirlwind.

Speech: 1st time: Well done, Spyro. The power from your orbs has activated the whirlwind.

2nd time: Ripto keeps on taking over our castles. At this rate, moving doesn't sound like a bad idea.

3rd time (If you have one or more Talismans): Would you like me to take you to a world where you can find a new talisman?

You will then be given a choice: Go to a new portal? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Great! I'll take you to a new portal!

If you choose 'No': OK, come find me if you ever need help finding a world where you haven't got the talisman.

2. "Moneybags" Location: Outside Zephyr.

Speech: 1st time: Legend has it that there is a portal to Zephyr here. And legend also has it that I know how to activate it. Furthermore, as I recall, the legend mentions something about me activating it for... a small fee.

You will then be given a choice: Pay 400 gems to enter Zephyr? -Sure -No Thanks

If you choose 'Sure': Thanks for the gems, Spyro! With all this cash, I can open a Lizard Burger shop in Skelos Badlands!

If you choose 'No Thanks': OK, you can come back and learn later, but if you had any idea how much treasure there is in Zephyr, you'd pay double what I'm asking!

2nd time: Those darn birds in Zephyr never paid me for all the bombs and TNT barrels I gave them...

3. "Moneybags" Once again. Location: Near the biggest ladder.

Speech: 1st time: Well, well, I bet a rich dragon like you wouldn't mind cashing in a few gems to learn how to climb! I'd be willing to teach you for, say, I don't know... a small fee.

You will then be given a choice: Pay 500 gems to learn how to climb? -Yes Please -No Thanks

If you 'Yes Please': You won't regret it! OK, when you see a wall surface that looks climbable, like the one to my left here, just jump onto it and you will grab it with your claws.

Use the D-pad to move up and down, and press jump again to get off. You can also jump sideways onto another climbable area.

If you 'No Thanks': OK, you can come back and learn later, but if you had any idea what was at the top of this wall, you'd be willing to pay double what I'm asking!

2nd time: Remember, when you see a wall that looks climbable, just jump onto it!

4. "Professor" Location: Down the stairs leading from the largest ladder.

Speech: 1st time: Oh, Spyro, hello. I was just having trouble with this door and I think some orb power might unstick it. I see you've collected a good number of orbs there!

2nd time: Orbs are very powerful Spyro... collect a few now and you won't regret it later. There are at least two in every world of Avalar...

5. "Moneybags" 3rd encounter. Location: Near the bridge leading to the little castle.

Speech: 1st time: I can let you into the little castle over there in exchange for a few gems. What do you say?

You will then be given a choice: Pay 400 gems to get to the little castle? -Why not? -No Thanks.

If you choose 'Why not?': No one's been through that portal in years. I thought I'd never find a sucker... er, I mean, you're a shrewd customer, Spyro!

If you choose 'No Thanks.': OK, it's up to you. I hear there are lots of gems over there... really.

2nd time: Have fun over there! Say 'hi' to Ripto if you see him.

6. "Moneybags" 4th encounter. Location: Outside of the portal to the second flight level.

Speech: 1st time: I would love to let you enter this speedway free of charge Spyro. Love to. Unfortunately, the speedway rules require me to charge a small fee.

You are then given a choice: Pay 100 gems to get access to the speedway? -It's a bargain! -No thanks

If you choose 'It's a bargain!': You've chosen wisely! I bet a quick dragon like you will win your money back in no time!

If you choose 'No thanks': OK, come back when you want to do some racing.

2nd time: Good luck in the races, Spyro. I'm betting on you to win first place. Don't let me down!

7. "Elora" Once again. Location: In front of Gulp's Overlook

Speech 1st time: Hi, Spyro. Ripto and Gulp are hiding out in a room in the castle below us. You'll need all fourteen talismans in order to break the lock and get to them.



 Summer Forest Home- Part III


1. "Elora" Location: In front of the ladder (it's the only one in the level).

Speech: 1st time: There's something shiny at the top of this wall. Maybe you could climb up and get it?


 Glimmer- Part II


1. "Whiskers the Gemcutter" Location: In front of the one and only ladder in Glimmer.

Speech: 1st time: Head on up the ladder!

2. "Roo the Gemcutter" Location: Above Whiskers.

Speech: 1st time: Hey great, you've got the superfly powerup active. Now you can light the gem lamps in this cave.

2nd time: If you can get all 6 gem lamps lit at the same time, they'll stay on.

After succession: Thanks for helping me light the lamps, Spyro. For a while I was afraid we were going to have to cancel tonight's baseball game. Here, somebody mixed this orb in with the baseballs.


 Sunny Beach- Part II


1, "Advisor Moppet" Location: Below the Chef.

Speech: 1st time: Hello, young one. There's a chef up at the top of this ladder who wants to make soup out of our turtles. Maybe you could climb up there and stop him?

2. "Master Chef" Location: Above Moppet.

Speech: 1st time: Your turtle friends happen to make a very good soup... if I can catch them. You can try to save them if you like, but I'm feeling awfully hungry.

If you fail: Mmm, I love the smell of turtle soup in the morning... Heh heh... I suppose you can try one more time, but I doubt you'll do any better.

2nd time: If you step a little closer to the pot, I'll start ringing my bell again.

If you succeed: So you saved a few turtles... there are more where those came from. Here, take this orb and go away...

If you save every single turtle: Rats! You saved every turtle on the beach. Here take this. I was going to use it to buy potatoes, but now I don't need it.

3rd time: Oh sure, taunt a hungry chef... what I'm gonna serve my dinner guests for the first course?



 Crystal Glacier


1. "Widgie the Icebuilder" Location: The first of three Icebuilders at the start of the level.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, the Ice Wizards have imprisoned our leader, Shaman Tuk. Can you help us rescue him? It is urgent! He has our tickets to tonight's hockey game in Colossus Valley!

  • NOTE**Depending on which Icebuilder you free first, that one will say the

above. I only list it as Widgie because he's the closest to where you start.*NOTE**

2. "______ the Icebuilder" (most likely Kludgie). Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: If you get on the catapult, we'll help you across the chasm!

  • As with the above note, the person who says it is the last person you rescue.*

3. "______ the Icebuilder" (Last one you rescue) Location: After catapult.

Speech: 1st time: Watch... we'll help you climb this wall up ahead!

4. "Moneybags" Location: In front of skeleton bridge.

Speech: Hello there, Spyro. I could arrange for you to cross this bridge for... ahem... a small fee.

Pay 200 gems to cross the bridge? -Yes Please -No Thanks

If you choose 'Yes Please': Thank you, Spyro! Now I can buy that condo in Hurricos that I've been wanting for so long. Go ahead and cross the bridge!

If you choose 'No Thanks': OK, I'll be here if you change your mind.

2nd time: Be careful on the other side of that bridge. I don't want anything bad to happen to my favorite customer.

5. "______ the Icebuilder" (Last one you rescue). Location: After skeleton bridge.

Speech: 1st time: Thanks, Spyro! Just hold tight for a second, and look out below!

6. "Chief Shaman Tuk" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Ow! You think those guys could've got me out of here without rolling a two ton snowball onto my head. Here, take this crystal... I traded some hockey tickets for it.

7. "Shaman Tik" Location: Near the draclets.

Speech: 1st time: We used to give guided tours of these caves, but now they are infested with multiplying draclets. It's only a matter of time before they take over our whole village. Do you think you can get rid of them for us?

You will then be given a choice: Help eliminate the draclets? -Sure! -Looks too scary.

If you choose 'Sure!': Great! But remember, you have to catch them all quickly because if any are left alive they will continue to multiply!

If you choose 'Looks too scary.': OK, I understand. It's a very tough job. Some of our bravest villagers have already been eaten.

If you succeed: You have saved us all from a grisly fate. Please accept this orb as a small token of our thanks...

2nd time: I'll also make sure you get free snow cones whenever you visit us.

8. "Shaman Tok" Location: Next to the last skeleton hut.

Speech: 1st time: I lost my pet snow leopard. I was busy fishing, and when I turned around, he was gone. I hope George didn't get eaten by the draclets.

After finding George: You found George! I'm so glad he's safe. I'll be sure to pay more attention to him from now on. All I have with me is this round shiny thing I caught while I was fishing. You can have it if you like.


 Skelos Badlands


1. "Gronk" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Hey, dragon, I hear you're pretty tough. I bet my cousin Glug you wouldn't be able to make it through Badlands without getting singed.

2nd time: Oh, if you see any of my little buddies getting torched, do you mind helping them out?

2. "Lumpy" Location: Wooden Bridge.

Speech: Spyro, our village is being overrun by Lava Lizards. Can you get rid of them before they eat my little buddies? I'll lower the bridge for you so you can get over there.

2nd time: Please protect my friends from the lizards who hatch out of those giant eggs.

After you kill all the lizards: Well done, grasshopper! Take this shiny uhh, thing we found, to aid your journey!

2nd batch: Uh-oh... it looks like more lizard eggs are dropping down... Are you ready for another challenge?

3rd time: Please help us again, Spyro! Those lizards are really scary!

After depleting the second batch: Thank you for helping us again, Spyro! You deserve another shiny thing. I was going to use it as a night-light.

3. "Ooga" Location: Near the uber dancing pile o' bones.

Speech: 1st time: I'm so sad. Those pesky Lava Toads have stolen all my friend's bones. If you help me put him back together again, he'd sure be more fun.

After finding the bones: Thank you, Spyro! Now I can put my friend back together! Please take this as a token of my appreciation. A fairy left it with me a little while ago.

After skeleton dude's err... disco rip-off: It's so good to see my friend looking healthy again! I think he wants to dance for you...

4. "Glug" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Excellent! You made it through the Badlands! I knew I'd win that bet... my cousin Gronk is a fool to bet against a dragon. Take this talisman for helping me out.

2nd time: If you don't know what to do with the talisman... maybe you could make a nice soup with it.




1. "Colonel Blub" Location: Start of level.

Speech: OK Spyro, looks like we've got us a bit of a situation here. The Breezebuilders have got us pinned down and we've been waiting for a volunteer to blow up their munitions building. Looks like you're it.

2. "Sergeant Tub" Location: Directly on the first cannon.

Speech: 1st time: Dang cannon just ain't working for me. Do you think you can blast that bird, soldier? Jump up here and give it a try.

2nd time: Just hop up onto the cannon and take out that bird!

After shooting the bird: Nice shootin'!

3rd time: The cannon's all yours if you want it.

3. "Bo Peep" Location: Near the cowlek pen.

Speech: 1st time: My name is Little Bo Peep, and I have lost my cowleks. With these battles going on all the time, they keep running away. Can you help me get them back into my pen?

2nd time: Spyro, can you help me get the cowleks back into their pen?

After getting all 5: Thanks, Spyro. Here's a little something, you know, for the effort.

There are two more cowleks out there somewhere, but I haven't seen them in days...

3rd time: I'm still waiting for those 7 cowleks.

After getting 2 others: Well I am impressed. You got all 7 cowleks for me. Here's a fair reward.

4. "Private Romeo" Location: In the entrance to Juliet's tower.

Speech: 1st time: What light from yonder window breaks? That window up there dummy. The Professor said he was working on a way to help me get back with Juliet, but I haven't seen him in a long time.

2nd time (After rescuing Juliet): You've reunited me with Juliet! Now we can finally take our honeymoon in Colossus Springs and see the idols!

5. "Professor" Location: Where the three seed plantations are grouped.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, my boy. I've got a magic bean, er, I mean seed for you in here somewhere. Ah, here it is. Why don't you plant it in the ground and see what grows?

Aiming the seed by holding down the triangle button will make this easier... Oh, and if you ever want your seed back, just flame the plant, and it will turn back into a seed again.

2nd time: Misplaced your seeds, have you? I can make all the plants shrink again if you'd like to start over.

You will then be given a choice: Would you like to start over? -Yes, please -Never mind

If you choose 'Yes Please': Here you go. Be more careful with this one.

If you choose 'Never mind': Off you go then.

After completing the first part of the seed puzzle: Well done, my boy. Here are 2 more seeds to get you the rest of the way. Oh, and take this with you, if you don't mind. It's been cluttering up my pockets.

If you talk to him again you will be given the same choice and speech as the above one.

3rd time (After rescuing Juliet): Do you know the square root of 22,341?

6. "Juliet" Location: The top of the tower.

Speech: 1st time: Romeo, Romeo. Wherefore art thou, Romeo. Oh, there's Romeo! You can have this, I don't need it anymore.

2nd time: How I've missed my Romeo. If he wasn't so short, we'd get married.

7. "Corporal Glug" Location: End of level (Munitions Tower).

Speech: 1st time: Wow. What an explosion! It sure is a good thing I had my helmet on. Oh yeah, the Colonel wanted me to give this talisman to you if you got through the Breezebuilder defenses. Good job, soldier!


 Breeze Harbor


1. "Beaky the Breezebuilder" Location: Island next to the starting point of the level.

Speech: 1st time: Please excuse our mess, Spyro... We are currently suffering from a Land Blubber infestation. First they put out the fires on our boilers, and now they've shut down our ship, too.

If you could stoke up the fires under the boilers, I'm sure you could make your way to the ship. The steam from the boilers will activate our highly advanced machines.

2. "Gobble the Breezebuilder" Location: In front of the second cannon.

Speech: 1st time: Those Land Blubbers have littered these metal spike mines all over the Harbor. If you can clear them out, I'll give you this orb I found in a clam yesterday.

If you hit all the mines: Thanks, Spyro. Here's that orb I promised. Sorry if it still has clam juice on it.

3. "Fisher the Breezebuilder" Location: Near the trolley.

Speech: 1st time: How lucky for me that you came along. My machinery is broken, and the gears I need to repair it are scattered all over the tracks. Could you please hop on that trolley up there and get them?

If you fail: Trouble with the trolley, eh? Well, just use the D-pad or analog stick to change lanes, press the X button to jump, and press the circle button to fire the cannon.

Once you've gotten all 50 cogs: That was great work, Spyro. Now I can start fixing my machines. Here, I don't have room in my toolbox for this thing anymore.

4. "Squawk the Breezebuilder" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Thanks for getting our ship fired up, Spyro! Now we can proceed with our counter-attack on Zephyr. Please take this talisman as a token of our gratitude.




1. "Greta" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Hewwo Spywo. My bwother Handel and I have been sent here to bwow up this castle, but Handel got caught by these evil soldiers and I'm stuck out here.

If you can open the doors that bwock the way, I can find Handel and we can compwete our super secwet spy mission.

2nd time: I think there's a switch in the tower that will open the door and raise the fwag giving the castle the 'all clear' sign.

2. "Hunter" Location: The large circle of trees.

Speech: 1st time: The monkeys have escaped from the Avalar Zoo, and I've been sent here to catch 'em... But they keep throwing coconuts at me, and it hurts! Can you help me out?

You will then be given a choice: Do you want to give it a shot? -Sure -No Way

If you choose 'Sure': Great! Just charge the tree before I get hit. I'll be able to catch the monkeys as they fall. Follow me.

If you choose 'No Way': Okay, I'll just wait until a more courageous purple dragon comes along.

Also, if you pick 'No Way' and talk to him: Back again?

You will then be given a choice: Are you ready to help catch monkeys? -yes -no

If you choose 'yes': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'no': Same as above 'no'.

If you fail: Oww! Looks like you could use another try at this.

You will then be given a choice: Shall we try again? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'No': Same as above 'no'.

If you succeed: Thanks for your help, Spyro. Please take this... one of the monkeys had it.

2nd time: Were those monkeys or apes?

3. "Greta" Once again. Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Spywo, you make a gweat secwet agent! Now Handel and I can compwete our mission. By the way, you can have this tawisman. I stole it when the soldiers weren't looking.

2nd time: Have you seen my bwother Handel? He's stupid and wearing an ugwy shirt.

4. "Handel" Location: Last castle.

Speech: 1st time: Hey Spyro, we need those flags to prove our secret mission was successful... but the Flagkeeper keeps stealing them! If you can knock the Flagkeeper down, you could bring the flags back!

My secret decoder ring says that this powerup thing should help you.

2nd time: My ugly sister was supposed to get the flags. I'm a much better secret agent.

After getting the first flag: Great! But there are still two flags out there...

After getting the second flag: You're so close Spyro, just one more flag.

After succession: Great job, Agent Spyro!! How can we repay you for your efforts? How about this orb that I found in the sand?

3rd time: Have you seen my sister Greta? She's ugly with pigtails...

5. "Bombo the Flagkeeper" Location: At each of the flagpoles.

Speech: 1st time: So, you want that flag, eh dragon? Well two can play at this bombing game. Let's go!

If you get hit: Ha, you won't beat me, dragon!

You will then be given a choice: Care to try again? -Bring it on! =Keep your silly flag. (Note you will get this choice every other time you get hit, no matter what flag your on).

If you choose 'Bring it on!': Alright then, let's go!

If you choose 'Keep your silly flag.': (Hah hah!) I knew you couldn't beat me!

On the second flag: Still after my flags, dragon?

On the final flag: You won't get my last flag so easily, purple beast!


 Fracture Hills- Part I


1. "Lila the Faun" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Well hello there, Mr. Dragon. Hmmm, you're pretty cute for a quadruped. I wish I could take you on a tour of our temple, but a bunch of lousy Earthshapers have encased it in stone.

2nd time: The Satyrs that live here could break the stone with their magical songs, but the Earthshapers have encased them in stone, too.

2. "Satyr" Location: Next to Lila.

Speech: 1st time: Thank you for releasing me. (a reference to the previous game) There are still some Satyrs trapped in stone.

3. "Satyr II" Location: Next to the small castle, one area down.

Speech: 1st time: It's great to be free! Now there is only one Satyr left to rescue.

4. "Spinner the Faun" Location: Directly outside of the small castle.

Speech: 1st time: Oh, a dragon! Perhaps you can help. My friend is locked in this room and lost the key, and you know how hard it is to find a locksmith at this time of night.

2nd time: Can you please help? Maybe if you hit that door really hard...

5. "Satyr III" Location: On the ledge overlooking the temple.

Speech: 1st time: Now that you have rescued all the Satyrs in Fracture Hills, you ought to go into the temple.

2nd time: Music can calm the savage beast... and bagpipe music can break solid rock!

6. "Sheila the Faun" Location: End of Level

Speech: 1st time: Oh, hi, dragon-boy. You're probably expecting me to be all like 'You're my hero, thanks for saving poor helpless little me, blah, blah, blah.' Sorry short-stuff. I was only in here because I like the peace and quiet. Anyway, um, the other fauns wanted me to give you this talisman.

2nd time: Umm, sorry if I sounded unfriendly. I didn't mean to.

7. "Krista the Faun" Location: Inside the small castle.

Speech: 1st time: Oh, thank goodness you broke that door down for me. I thought I'd be stuck in here forever. I found this fancy orb in here. Please take it.

8. "Hunter" Location: Near the two posts that mark the stone path.

Speech: 1st time: 'Just stand still,' he says... 'I'll turn your boots to gold,' he says... Oh hi Spyro. You're a sight for sore eyes! I'd appreciate it mightily if you could locate that Alchemist... he owes me a favor.

After freedom: Man do my feet feel better! Would you look after this for me?

Come back and meet me here when you've learned how to headbash, and we can kick some Earthshaper butt together!

9. "Alchemist" Location: Room near the many Earthshapers (not the area with lava, mind you).

Speech: 1st time: I've been experimenting with this potion... I'd like to test it out but the Earthshapers out there have made going out a bit difficult. Could you kindly offer me an escort?

You will then be given a choice: Escort the Alchemist? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Great! Just keep those Earthshapers away from me and I'll take this potion to Hunter.

If you choose 'No': OK, I'll be waiting here, but Hunter will be very angry with me if I don't get this potion to him soon!

Also, if you choose 'No' then talk to him (Or if you fail): Will you escort me past those Earthshapers?

You will then be given the same choice as the one above.


 Magma Cone


1. "Loonie the Faun" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Hello, Spyro. I suppose you're here for the party. I'm afraid it's been cancelled because the stupid Earthshapers set off the volcano.

2. "Hunter" Location: Crystal cave.

Speech: 1st time: Hey Spyro, check out this cool cave I found. Let's play a little game. Every so often, a piece of this crystal popcorn pops out of the ground. The first one to grab 10 of them wins.

You will then be given a choice: Will you take the challenge? -Let's play -Maybe later

If you choose 'Let's play': I'm ready when you are.

If you choose 'Maybe later': Alright. Come back whenever you think you are ready. I'll be right here waiting for you.

Also if you choose 'Maybe later' and talk to him: Well, well. I see you're back for more. Are you ready?

You will then be given the same choice as the one above.

If you fail: You're pretty fast, but not as fast as me. What do you say, would you like to give it another shot?

You'll then be given a choice: Would you like to play again? -Let's play -Maybe later

If you choose: 'Let's play': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose: 'Maybe later': Same as above 'no'.

If you catch 10 before him: OK, you win. Here's an orb.

I'll give you another orb if you can beat me again. Let's play to 15 this time. What do you say?

You'll be given the same choice as the previous ones.

After succession: You're pretty good. I'm going to have to come up with some harder games. For now, take this orb. I guess you earned it.

3. "Moneybags" Location: Elevator.

Speech: 1st time: Well, if it isn't my best customer. The elevator in the next room can take you to the volcano. You can have unlimited use of the elevator for a one-time fee of only a few gems.

You will then be given a choice: Pay 200 gems for the elevator? -Yes Please -No Thanks

If you choose 'Yes Please': It's a pleasure doing business with you. Simply step on the elevator, and it will take you to the bottom. When you want to come back up, just step on it again.

If you choose 'No Thanks': Ok, I'll be here if you change your mind.

2nd time: I've found that the elevator business is one of my most profitable... behind bridges of course.

4. "Bippo the Faun" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Thanks for closing the lid on the volcano, Spyro. Things were getting a little too hot around here. By the way, here's a talisman I was saving for the party later... I think you deserve it more.

5. "Chedda the Faun" Location: In front of the superfly powerup.

Speech: 1st time: Hey Spyro! You're just in time for the party. Well, you would be if those nasty Lava Monsters hadn't stolen our hats. It just won't be the same without party hats.

After killing all the monsters: Thanks, Spyro. You've saved the party. Here, this got mixed in with the cheese-balls, and I almost chipped a tooth on it.


 Shady Oasis- Part 1


1. "Shorty the Hippo" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, it's a good thing you're here. I've been trying to get a berry out of this magic berry bush, but I'm just not strong enough.

If you charge or flame the bush, one of those yummy berries should drop!

2nd time: By eating the berries we become big and strong...

3rd time: I guess you'll have to glide across to this berry bush...

4th time: Keep getting the berries for me and I'll take you to the Great Berry Bush!

5th time: You'll have to go back to those steps you passed to reach this one.

6th time: Hitting the bush with one of those lava rocks should work...

7th time: I think I passed some lava rocks in the the last room.

After reaching the Great Berry Bush: Thanks for helping me reach the Great Berry Bush. Now we can eat berries all the time! Here take this. It's a gift from all of us Hippos.

8th time: Looking for something else to do? Talk to my friend over there.

2. "Bruno the Hippo" Location: To the right of the Great Berry Bush.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, three thieves have stolen our magical brass lamps. Please get the lamps before they take them away from Shady Oasis!

Thieves: na na na na na!na na na na na!na na na na na!

After catching 1 thief: Good job! Now there are only two thieves left. Let me show you where they are...

After catching 2 thieves: Excellent! Let me show you where the last thief is...

After succession: Thanks for bringing back the three magic lamps. Here, take this orb. Some fairy left it with me, but it won't hold a proper shine.

2nd time: Thanks again for bringing back the three magic lamps. I don't have anything else to give you.

3. "Grundy the Hippo" Location: Near the invincible powerup.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, my brothers have been trapped in solid rock... I'm afraid you'll have to learn some kind of headbash move before you can help us...


 Gulp's Overlook


1. "Elora" Location: Dungeon entrance.

1st time: Well done, Spyro. Now that you have all fourteen talismans, your guidebook can break the lock on the door and you can fight Gulp. Are you ready?

You will then be given a choice: Fight Gulp now? -Bring him on! -Errr, maybe later

If you choose 'Bring him on!': You'll have to jump down the hole in the floor to get to where Ripto and Gulp are waiting. I can help you out a little bit. I tamed a few pterodactyls from Skelos Badlands... they'll be dropping objects that you can use to fight Gulp.

If you choose 'Errr, maybe later': OK, come back whenever you're ready.


 Metro Speedway


1. "Mayor" Location: Inside the waterfall.

Speech: 1st time: We've been having a crime problem here in Metro Speedway, but I think you might be able to help. A band of cat burglars have been raiding my re-election funds by scaling the walls of the buildings. Would you be willing to help get rid of them?

You will then be given a choice: Will you go after the burglars? -Yes -Maybe Later

If you choose 'Yes': Great! The Hunter has been able to knock the scoundrels off of the buildings, but we need you to catch the loot before it lands in the canal and is lost. The Hunter is waiting for you outside. Good luck.

If you choose 'Maybe Later': I understand. I'm sure we'll find some other way of stopping these criminals, but you can always come back if you change your mind.

If you fail: It looks like you missed one, but there always seem to be more burglars trying to rob us blind. Are you ready to try again?

You will then be given a choice: Are you ready to try again? -Yes -Maybe Later

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'Maybe Later': Same as above 'no'.

After succession: Well done! You really taught those crooks a lesson.


 Icy Speedway


1. "Hunter" Location: Igloo.

Speech: 1st time: Good job, Spyro! Looks like you're ready for a more serious challenge. How about a little paragliding? You're not afraid of heights are you?

You will then be given a choice: Try paragliding? -Let's do it -No thanks

If you choose 'Let's do it': Great! I'll tow you behind my snowmobile and you maneuver through the rings. Don't miss any, or we'll have to start over.

If you choose 'No thanks': Well, I can understand. Come back later when you're feeling adventurous.

If you fail: Hey, I heard you were good at this flying stuff... Oh well. Wanna go for it again?

You will then be given a choice: Are you ready to try again? -Try again -No Thanks

If you choose 'Try again': Let's go!

If you choose 'No Thanks': Same as above 'no'.

If you succeed: Way to go, Spyro! You're even better than I am.



 Winter Tundra Home


1. Elora Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, Ripto's still alive and he's locked us out of the castle! Even worse, he's stolen our new power crystal for the superportal!

If you can collect enough orbs, you'll be able to get the power crystal back from Ripto and we can send you to Dragon Shores.

2nd time: Spyro, keep collecting those orbs! We can't send you to Dragon Shores until you have enough. Not only will the orbs help power the superportal but they'll help you break into the castle!

2. "Moneybags" Location: Castle gates.

Speech: 1st time: Well Spyro it comes down to this. There's only one more thing I can teach you... and like all the best things, it doesn't come cheap...

You will then be given a choice: Pay 1000(!) gems to learn headbash? -Sure -Maybe Later

If you choose 'Sure': The headbash move is very simple really... all you must do is jump, then press the triangle button.

You'll find the headbash may help you out on some tasks that were impossible before. Remember, just jump, then triangle. Good luck!

If you choose 'Maybe Later': Seems like an inopportune time to be a spendthrift, Spyro, but I'll be here, rest assured.

3. "Professor" Location: Outside Cloud Temples portal.

Speech: 1st time: Well it's some consolation that you've collected so many orbs. My high tech portal here will take you to Cloud Temples...

2nd time: I'm so disappointed... my superportal was coming along marvelously...

4. "Moneybags" Once again. Location: Lake opening.

Speech: 1st time: One last speedway adventure for you, Spyro? It's not that expensive, you know...

You will then be given a choice (as usual...): Pay 200 gems to go to Canyon Speedway? -Sure -No deal

If you choose 'Sure': You've chosen wisely! I bet a quick dragon like you will win your money back in no time!

If you choose 'No deal': OK, come back when you want to do some racing.

5. "Professor" Once again. Location: Outside the Metropolis portal.

Speech: 1st time: I can see you've learned the value of orbs Spyro! This touchy gate should work perfectly with the help of your impressive orb collection.

2nd time: We're counting on you Spyro, and I'm doing my best to get that superportal working again, I promise!

Now that we have headbash, it's time to head back to Autumn Plains.



 Fracture Hills- Part II


1. "Hunter" Location: The two stones on the end of the path.

Speech: 1st time: As long as you're here, would you like to help me take out these stubborn Earthshapers?

You will then be given a choice: Kick Earthshaper butt? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': All right. When I shoot an Earthshaper with an arrow, you headbash him before he gets back up. Remember, headbash by jumping and then pressing the triangle button.

We have to get all of them at once, or they'll just invite more of their friends. Let's go!

If you choose 'No': OK, come back later and we'll finish them off!

After succession: We make a great team! Here, I was going to give this to the Alchemist but I'm a bit annoyed at him at the moment.


 Shady Oasis- Part II


1. "Grundy the Hippo" Location: Near the invincible powerup.

Speech: 1st time: My 8 brothers have been trapped in rock, and will sink in the lava if you can't break them free! Headbash the rocks by jumping then pressing triangle, and follow my lead.

You will then be given a choice: Help the petrified Hippos? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Follow me... and remember, jump and then press triangle to headbash.

If you choose 'No': OK, come back when your ready.

If you fail: Almost successful, Spyro.

You will then be given a choice: Are you ready to try again? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'No': Same as above 'no'.

If you succeed: I have a big family, but you've managed to save all of them! Take this thing too... I'm too tired to carry it anymore.



 Mystic Marsh


1. "Hydrar the WaterWizard" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Things just aren't the same since our magic fountain shut off. It sure would help if you could find out what evil force is behind this disaster!

2. "Professor" Location: Under a hut.

Speech: 1st time: Ahh Spyro, so glad you're here. I'm perfectly useless without my trusty pencil, and I seem to have lost it. I do have this extra egg... perhaps you can trade it for my pencil...

2nd time: My do I need that pencil back. Would you like to start over with a new egg?

You will then be given a choice: Would you like to start over? -Yes, please -Never mind

If you choose 'Yes, please': Here's another egg. You won't be able to trade it directly for a pencil, you know...

If you choose 'Never mind': All right. I've got lots of eggs if you need one later.

If you go to the Professor with a 'non-pencil' item: Hmm... no, that won't help me Spyro.

3rd time: Does that look like a pencil?

After succession: My pencil! Now I can begin calculating the age of the universe again! Here, take this orb... Elora says she thinks I'm going to lose it...

4th time: Hmm, carry the 6...

3. "Basil the Explorer" Location: Near the tractor.

Speech: 1st time: Ah, Spyro, a friendly face! A bunch of rotten thieves have stolen the spark plugs and I'm stuck here. Please get the four plugs back!

2nd time: This is useless without all four spark plugs I'm afraid.

After getting 4 plugs: Wahoo! I'm back in business! Here, young dragon friend, take this. It's museum quality, but you deserve it!

3rd time: Hmm... now I just need to figure out how to collect the ivory from those beasties before they disappear...

4. "Snoozle the WaterWizard" Location: End of level.

Speech: Wha? Oh, um, I must have dozed off there. Golly, looks like I let the fountain switch off. Here, take this orb, and, um, don't mention my little nap to Hydrar, OK?

Cloud Temples[edit]


1. "Alaric The Wizard" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: I used to be one of Avalar's most powerful magicians... until that big warlock over there stole my wand. He and his friends have used the magic to take over the city.

2nd time: You don't actually expect ME to fight him, do you? You're the big tough dragon, right?

2. "Agent Zero" Location: Box, with a tree.

Speech: 1st time: I'm a secret agent! I'm going to my secret hideout. Only members of my secret club are allowed to go there. I'm not leaving unless you hide behind that tree so you can't see me.

2nd time: I'm not leaving unless you wait behind the tree.

If you get caught: This time I'd better not catch you sneaking behind me... my hideout is for members only!

If you make it: What? You managed to get here without following me? You must be a member of my secret club after all! Here, take this secret decoder. It will allow us to send secret messages!

3. "Murgen The Wizard" Location: Near the superfreeze powerup.

Speech: 1st time: Our mystical bell towers have been overrun by trolls, and the bells haven't been rung in days! I tried a fire spell on the trolls but it just made them crazier.

This superfreeze powerup will chill out the trolls, but we really need the bells to ring. They'll ring if you charge in to them!

After hitting two bells: I suppose you want an orb for doing that. Well I'm afraid not. There's still one bell left. You can get to it by using the whirlwind behind me.

After hitting all the bells: Thanks Spyro! I didn't think you could do it. Here, have a souvenir from the Mystic City gift shop.

4. "Bartle The Wizard" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Spyro, you have freed our city from the claws of those evil warlocks. Please, take this orb, I foresee that it will help you on your journey.

2nd time: Listen carefully Spyro, if you want to get back to your home world, hold that orb and recite these three words: Klaatu, Verata, Ni... Nuh... Naah... Never mind.

Robotica Farms[edit]


1. "Farmer GreeneBeene" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: Howdee, Spyro. These here pests have infested our farm. Could you find the time to help us get rid of 'em?

Find your way over to the giant bug lamp and turn it on so we can zap any more invading pests.

2nd time: Them bugs are mighty tough... I reckon you'd need to shoot some of 'em out of the sky with that there pea-shot.

2. "Farmer Applebee" Location: Near the electrical lake.

Speech: 1st time: These darn bugs are makin' a joke of my expensive robot scarecrows! Can you chase 'em down and flame 'em Spyro?

2nd time: Aagh, look at those bugs! I'd swear they were makin' fun of me!

After succession: My fields are safe from those flyin' vermin, Spyro. Take this doodad I done dug up yesterday.

3. "Farmer John" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Way to go, Spyro! Them varmints won't be comin' near our crops now. Can I offer you a reward?

4. "Farmer Barleycorn" Location: Tracks.

Speech: 1st time: I used to drive my tractor all around the farm, but some fool robot blocked the path up. Do you think you could knock 'em down with a bit of a supercharge?

After succession: A fine piece of steerin' that was, dragon. Here, take this thing-a-ma-jig I found in the cow pen.



1. "Manager Droid" Location: Start of level.

Speech: 1st time: This insurrection from the farms has gotten quite out of hand. We need someone to restore order! Find the Inventor Droid, she's been working on something big.

2. "Maintenance Droid" Location: Broken elevator.

Speech: 1st time: With all the budget cuts, these elevators need serious work. See, this one here is stuck. I expect it would start working if you could just give it a good whack though.

2nd time: I always say, there's no repair quite like hitting something...

3. "Logistics Droid" Location: Ice arena.

Speech: 1st time: As you can see, a vicious ox has taken over our armory. We thought freezing the walkway would keep animals out...

The ox is very tough. I advise using the bombs against it, and it'll probably take several bombs at that...

2nd time: We'll never regain control of the armory without your help...

Success: Excellent work, Dragon. We can now defend our city properly. Take this visually pleasing reward.

4. "Inventor Droid" Location: End of level.

Speech: 1st time: Ah, Spyro! I'd heard you were coming. Thank you for your efforts in thwarting this attempted coup. Please take this item, which living creatures seem to like.

After orb: It's a first for Avalar! A combination powerup! Thank goodness you're here to test it out... these invading sheep in their spaceships must be stopped!

2nd time: Keep after those saucers, Spyro! Remember your training!

After destroying sheep: Excellent work. You knocked those sheep right out of the sky! This orb device is proof of your skill.

I knew it! Those first sheep sent out a distress call. The next wave of saucers is incoming!

After killing the second wave: Nice flying, airman! You've proven the genius of my double powerup invention! Here, keep this to commemorate your victory.

Ripto's Arena[edit]


1. "Elora" Location: Outside Ripto's abode.

1st time: All right, Spyro! You've got the orbs! Defeat of Ripto is only moments away, right? Right? Well anyway good luck, he's right through this door!

Canyon Speedway[edit]


1. "Hunter" Location: Airplane 1st time: Alright, Spyro! Are you ready to try out my plane? I just fixed it and I'm pretty sure it won't crash now.

You will then be given a choice: Go for a ride? -Sure -No thanks

If you choose 'Sure': OK, Spyro, here's what you've gotta do. I've got the plane on remote control so all you have to do is hit the targets with your machine gun. Press circle to fire the gun and use the D-pad or analog stick to aim.

If you choose 'No thanks': Okay, I understand. I'll be here if you change your mind.

If you miss a target: Hey, you missed a target! (No, really?) That's okay, it's pretty tough to hit them all.

You will then be given a choice: Are you ready to try again? -Try Again -No Thanks

If you choose 'Try Again': Let's go!

If you choose 'No Thanks': Same as above 'no'.

Success: Hey, you nailed all of the targets! It must be because you have such a good pilot.

Dragon Shores[edit]


1. "Gatekeeper Gniles" Location: Gates.

Speech: 1st time: Well done, Spyro! Step right on into Dragon Shores Park!

By the way, if you win ten tokens, you can visit our theatre!

2nd time: Try to win tokens at the attractions. If you win ten, you can visit the famous Dragon Shores Theatre!

2. "Showman Gnick" Location: Dunker.

Speech: 1st time: Step right up Spyro and take a look at what we've got for you today. Inside this here booth, you'll find some of the most vicious creatures you've ever seen.

You will then be given a choice: Try dunking booth? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Here's a baseball to spit, sport. Take aim, shoot at the target and watch as the terrifying creatures fall into the water below. But don't worry, you won't hurt 'em.

If you choose 'No': Suit yourself kid. Come on back when you want to give these critters a dunking.

2nd time: Have another shot if you want, kid...

After dunking the Yeti: Hey, that was pretty funny, wasn't it? Take this token for being such a good shot.

After dunking the Earthshaper: This is pretty easy, isn't it? Have another one of these tokens.

After dunking the Chef: Wow, you really are a great shot. Take this, it's my last token.

3. "Showman Gnigel" Location: Coaster.

Speech: 1st time: Welcome to Dragon Shores Coaster. Here at the Shores we don't just ride though! If you can pop all the balloons on the track, a token is waiting for you. Ready to ride?

You will then be given a choice: Jump on? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Watch out for the other coasters out there. It's a crowded track today.

If you choose 'No': You know, rollercoasters aren't for everyone. Come on back again sometime!

Also if you choose 'No' and talk to him: Care for another try at the Coaster?

You will then be given a choice: Try again? -Yes please -No way

If you choose 'Yes please': Same as above 'Yes'.

If you choose 'No way": Same as above 'no'.

If you hit something: Ow, that looked like it hurt. Care for another try at the Coaster?

You will then be given the same choice as above with the same responses although the two choices will be "Sure" and "No".

After completing the token track: Good job, Dragon! Here's a token for you.

Alright, I'll flip this switch, and now you can ride more tracks! See if you can pop the balloons on these tracks too.

You will then be given a choice: Keep going? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 'yes':

If you say 'No': Same as above 'No':

2nd completion: Hey, not bad! Here's another token.

There's one more run, and you're on a roll... There's a cannon installed on your car for this run, and you'll have to shoot balloons too. Are you gonna give it a try?

You will then be given a choice: Do the third run? -You bet! -I'll quit now.

If you choose 'You bet!': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'I'll quit now': Same as above 'no'.

After completing all tracks: Wow, you're a natural... you've conquered the coaster! Here's my last token.

2nd time: Wanna ride the coaster just for fun?

(Same as first choice).

4. "Showman Gned" Location: Theatre.

Speech: 1st time: Hey there, young fella! I'd sure like to let you into the Dragon Shores Theatre, but you just haven't won enough tokens. Try visiting the other attractions first.

After getting all tokens: Well Spyro, it's your lucky day! You've managed to win enough tokens to enter the famous Dragon Shores Theatre! Go on in and enjoy the show!

5. "Showman Gnorm" Location: Love Tunnel.

Speech: 1st time: Free, Free, Free! You pay no money down, and make no monthly payments. In return, I'll give you one token. One is all I can give but you can ride as many times as you like.

you will then be given a choice: Take a ride? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Hop aboard my friend!

If you choose 'No': Well, it's pretty dark in there. I understand. Come on back, anytime.

Also if you choose 'No' and talk to him: Back to take a whirl on the boat ride?

You will be given the same choice except with 'Why not?' and 'Naw'.

After: As promised, here's your one token. When you have ten, try visiting the Dragon Shores Theatre.

6. "Showman Gnelson" Location: Shooting Range.

Speech: 1st time: Hiya Spyro. I hear you're a pretty good shot! How'd you like to try my shooting gallery?

You will then be given a choice: Go for it? -Yes -Gno

If you choose 'Yes': Okay, I'll set the timer for you.

If you choose 'Gno': Okay, but remember, I still have tokens to give you if you want to come back and give it a try.

If you fail: Too bad, Spyro. If you want to try again I can reset the timer for you. Are you game?

You will then be given a choice: Try again? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'No': Same as above 'no'.

After shooting all the targets: Nice shootin'! Here's a token.

Ready for the next round?

You will then be given a choice: Start next round? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'No': Same as above 'no'.

After all: Great! Here is my last token!

2nd time: Wanna try again?

You'll then be given a choice: Try again? -Yes -No

If you choose 'Yes': Same as above 'yes'.

If you choose 'No': Come back any time, Spyro!

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