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Spyro: Year of the Dragon (also known as Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon or simply Spyro 3) is a platform game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation video game console. The game was released in North America on October 23, 2000 and in Europe on November 10, 2000. Year of the Dragon is the third installment in the Spyro series. While celebrating the "Year of the Dragon", when new dragon eggs arrive every 12 years, an army of rhino creatures invades and steals them for a Sorceress, spreading them across several worlds, so it's up to Spyro to bring them back with the help of some new friends.


  • Heh, heh, heh. Look, Hunter. It's the "scary sorceress".
  • Come back when you finish witch school!


  • Yo, Spyro! I just found one of those portal thingamajigs that leads to a different world, but you'll have to glide to get across to it. Press the X button to jump, then press the X button again while you're in the air to glide. Just follow me!
  • To get the best glide, press the X button at the very top of your jump.
  • I saw something shiny in that cave over there. Let's go check it out. You can get there by hovering. To hover, press the triangle button at the end of your glide.
  • To get the best glide distance, press the X button while walking forward, then press it again at the top of your jump. Finally, press the triangle button just before you get to the landing to hover.
  • Oh, I almost forgot! I found this egg.
  • There's definitely something shiny at the bottom of this hole. I was about to jump down there, but I think I hear running water and I hate to get wet. It's a cat thing.
  • I see an egg at the bottom of this lake. I would go get it, but I don't want to get my fur all wet. Maybe you could get it. You can dive underwater by pressing the square button when you're on the surface, and charge underwater by holding down the square button.
  • Hi Spyro. I found this gladiator training arena and it makes a pretty cool skate park! Care for a test of your boarding skills?
  • [If you choose "Yes."]: I bet you can't catch all fifteen of the lizards running around here... Just come back if you want some boarding tips from the master.
  • [If you choose "No."]: Yeah, maybe you'd better practice a bit first... Just come back here when you're up for a challenge.
  • Say! Is it just me or is she kinda cute when she's angry?
  • Sheesh! I can't believe you beat me you must have been all this time looking for eggs. Hey, speaking of which, one of those crabs was guarding this one.
  • Look out, Spyro, there's a really big sheep UFO around here, and it's trying to get me! I snatched up a dragon egg it was trying to abduct, and now it wants revenge!
  • You wait here, I'll lure the UFO down the river of honey!
  • OK, here I go!
  • Ha ha! Did you see that? Nobody outraces a cheetah! And look, I didn't even drop the egg!
  • I had to help Spyro rescue the eggs.
  • The dragons used to live here?
  • Maybe I could convince the dragons to come back if you let me go.


  • So, you're the one in charge of rescuing the eggs, huh? [laughs] How sad! Look here, dragon, if you know what's good for you, you'll turn around and crawl back up that hole you came through! Those eggs belong to us now, and I've hidden them in places you'll never find in 1,000 years! Besides, even if you could find an egg, our expertly trained armies will dispose of you and take it back. Do I make myself clear? If I find you here again, I'm going to be very angry, and you won't like me when I'm angry!
  • I've warned you already; this place isn't safe for small dragons and... pussycats.
  • Try looking after this!
  • Okay, dragon. You've managed to survive longer than I expected, but you haven't the slightest idea of what sort of dangers lie ahead of you. I suggest you grab your cat friend and whatever eggs you found and hightail it out of here. I'm telling this for your own good, you know.
  • Listen to me, dragon… Spyro… this is serious now. The Sorceress is planning a trap for you and if she catches you... Believe me, you don't want to know what she's gonna do. Look, I promise to take good care of the rest of the eggs. I mean it, just take Hunter and go back home before... before… I can't say it, just go!
  • Spyro, I know you don't trust me, but I want to help you stop the Sorceress. There's a way to open a hidden portal to her lair, but it'll take some very strong magic. If you can find more of the dragon eggs, I think my magic will be strong enough to open the portal. I'll come find you when you have enough eggs, okay?
  • You did it Spyro! You've found enough of the dragon eggs for me to unlock the portal. Once I've opened it you can confront the Sorceress whenever you're ready, but be careful... She'll be expecting you.
  • Hey, you finally made it, Spyro! Hunter was a little worried about you when you went off to fight the Sorceress, but I always knew you'd beat her.
  • This place is where the Sorceress kept all her treasure, but after she was defeated, a bunch of thieves came and stole it. If you can catch the thieves, you're more than welcome to keep the treasure.
  • Oh! By the way. Hunter is around here, somewhere. He's been tinkering with his new toys all day & he wants to show it off. You should go see him.
  • I hope the rest of the dragons come back here, someday.
  • I don't know how she did it, Spyro, but the Sorceress must have survived that last battle! She's been waiting here all this time, saving up here magic to destroy you!
  • (Last line of the game) Your best chance of defeating her is to borrow my flying saucer. I've cast some spells on it to give it extra fire power & unlimited flying time, but the rest is going to be up to you. You've come this far, Spyro. I know you can beat her!

The Sorceress[edit]

  • Excellent. Maybe you will amount to something after all. Now, go guard the tunnels. Stop anyone from coming through!
  • Listen carefully, you stupid girl! I'm going to ask you one more time - why haven't you disposed of that infernal dragon?!
  • What did you think I was going to do with all those dragons? Open a zoo?!


  • Spyro! My, my, how funny to see you here. Why, I haven't seen you since we defeated Ripto in Avalar. [chuckles] Well, my business went into a slump after you left, so I came here and struck up a nice deal with the local Sorceress. Lovely woman, she is. Seems to be rather fond of dragons, too.
  • The Sorceress has asked me to guard Sheila the Kangaroo. I suppose if you had a bit more money, I'd be willing to let her escape, then you can keep her for a pet, or something...
  • I'm getting paid a fortune to keep Sheila the Kangaroo locked up. [chuckles] The pesky animal must've been causing a lot of trouble to that poor old Sorceress. I suppose I could "accidentally" let the kangaroo escape if you were to pay me say, uh... a small fee?
    • [If you choose "Sure."]: Ah, Spyro, I love your sweet naivete. Your kind-hearted nature might be your downfall someday, but for the time being, it's making me rich.
    • [If you choose "No thanks."]: Don't worry, Spyro. Sheila won't stay in jail forever. The Sorceress is thinking about having her executed next Thursday.
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: Sorry, Spyro. It is my sworn duty to make certain no one crosses these bellows and you know perfectly well that nothing could ever persuade me from obeying my sworn duty... That is, Ahem, Until you have a few more gems.
  • Well, Well, If it isn't my favorite dragon! The Sorceress has put me in charge of guarding these bellows. However, I might look the other way if I was distracted by counting gems.
    • [If you choose "Sure Whatever:]: Oooooh yes... Precious, Precious gems... Er, Well then, Spyro. You may now use the bellows anytime you wish. Best of luck on your little egg hunt.
    • [If you choose "No Way, You doofus"]: What? NO? What else are you going to do with all those gems? Buy flying lessons? Heh, heh, that was a good one...
  • Heh heh... I haven't made such easy money since the Sorceress bought that mayonnaise for sunscreen.
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: Well, Spyro. It's good to see you! This gate I'm guarding happens to be the secret entrance for an egg thief hideout... Of course, I can't let you in with a clean conscience... At least not without paying a small fee.
  • Spyro, You're just in time! I saw two egg thieves run through this door! Well... Actually, They paid me to guard their hideout, But that's irrelevant. I'll happily let you through the gate to chase them down for, Ahem, A small finder's fee.
    • [If you choose "Ok, ok..."]: Thank you, Spyro and best of luck catching those dastardly egg thieves.
    • [If you choose "Get lost, loser!"]: Very well, Spyro. It's up to you... Maybe if we hold hands and think happy thoughts, The thieves will decide to return the eggs themselves.
  • I guess those egg thieves are going to get what's coming to them... It's too bad... I always sort of liked those guys.
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: Get away from me, Dragon. You've got no money! Come back when you find some gems...
  • Ahh, my good friend, Spyro. The Sorceress caught this naughty bird letting off rockets in her fireworks factory, but I'll be willing to release him into your custody, provided you pay his outstanding fines.
    • [If you choose "Of course."]: Heh heh... what a sucker... err, that is... It's a far, far better thing you do today, Spyro, than you have ever done, and... err... well so forth, et cetera, you get the idea...
    • [If you choose "Forget about it."]: Oh dear, Spyro. You really should pay up. I think he's pinning for the fjords.
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: Just between you and me, Spyro, I'd love to let you into the ice dancing competition for free. Really, I would. Unfortunately, The upkeep on my Zamboni is costing a fortune. So I'll have to ask you to find more gems before I can let you in.
  • Step right up, Spyro. Behind this door lies the single greatest show on earth! That's right, Ice dancing! Season tickets are available, But you'll have to act fast.
    • [If you choose "Sure, It's only money."]: I always knew you were a cultured sort of dragon. Well, Step right in... The show's about to start.
    • [If you choose "Take off, Hoser!"]: What? You don't want to pay? What are you saving your money for, Another sequel?
  • I have to hurry in, Myself. I'm one of the judges for tonight's performance.
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: I can't let you through. You're too poor to pass this door. Come back with more cash.
  • This door is jammed shut. Only the power of gems can hope to move it.
    • [If you choose "Sure, Just shut up."]: You've made a wise choice... It will mean more eggs for you... And more gems for me. Best of all, Spyro. I can stop speaking Haiku. What a sweet relief!
    • [If you choose "No, Your Haiku poetry stinks."]: Dad gummit, Dragon. Just cough up those stinking gems and I can go home.
  • Stop talking to me. I hate speaking in Haiku. Just go find some gems...
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: Good grief, Dragon! What happened to all your money? How am I supposed to swindle... Err... Heh heh... Help you, If you can't even find any gems?
  • Heh heh, The Sorceress has a real prize in her hands here... It took two-dozen rhynocs to capture this dim-witted furball. So you'd better believe he's not going to get out cheap...
    • [If you choose "OK."]: Where are you getting all this money, Spyro? Heh heh... It's not just lying around on the ground, Is it? Err... Is it? Ahh, What do I care? It's mine now!
    • [If you choose "No deal, Dirtbag."]: Very well, Then. I was having a rather good time poking him with a stick, Anyway.
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: You had better hurry up and find some cash, Spyro. Today's cat hockey match is about to start and I can't let you in without a ticket.
  • Say, Spyro. You're a sports fan, Aren't you? As you probably know, Frozen Altars is the birth-place of the great sport of cat hockey. Today's match is sold out, Of course, But I just happen to have a spare ticket that I'll sell you for, Say... A teensy Weensy markup?
    • [If you choose "Sure, I love cat hockey."]: Head on in, Spyro. It should be a thrilling match! In fact... Heh heh.. I've even placed a little wager on the rhynoc team. Let's just hope the local team doesn't have any last minute accidents...
    • [If you choose "I'll pass."]: Off you go, Then... But you'll regret it... Many years from now, You'll sit on your old dragon haunches and wish with all your might that you could have just one more chance to see a game of cat hockey...
  • Heh heh... I'd hate to spoil the game for you, Spyro, But I already bribed the local team to forfeit to the rhynocs.
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: Say, Spyro. If you had a bit more money, I think I could make a deal with the wizards to raise these steps. I'm afraid it's the only way you'll be able to get to the castle.
  • Well, Spyro. Today is your lucky day! The wizards and I have worked out a little deal. If you simply pay a small toll, They'll be happy to raise these steps and let you pass.
    • [If you choose "Yes."]: You have chosen wisely, Spyro. I'll tell the wizards to raise the steps immediately... And, Err, Best of luck rescuing that princess... Or whatever it is you're up to.
    • [If you choose "No."]: Suit yourself, Spyro... But every time I think of that poor, Poor princess being captured by those villainous wizards, I simply breakdown in tears.
  • You know, Come to think of it, The wizards only agreed to raise the steps. They never said they wouldn't lower them again... Heh heh... Those guys must be pretty clever, Aren't they?
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: Hello there, Spyro. How do you like my new space monkey action figure? Incredibly life-like, Don't you think? You'd almost think he was actually intelligent, Heh heh. I suppose I might consider selling him to you... But you'll have to come up with a bit more cash, First.
  • Well, Well, Spyro. Look what I have here. It's a life-size space monkey action figure, Complete with a fully operational laser! I'd love to let him out so you can play with him, But the Sorceress seems to think he's a menace.
    • [If you choose "Release him."]: Heh heh, You've always had a weakness for helping silly little creatures, Haven't you, Spyro? Ah well, I suppose there couldn't be any harm in letting him out... Could there?
    • [If you choose "Nah, You can keep him."]: You don't want to free him? Ahhh, What's the matter, Little Dragon? Are you just jealous that nobody has made an action figure out of you?
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: Hmph... These gnomes think they're so talented... I happen to know a pretty good magic trick, Myself! It's called the... Incredible... Magical... Err, Extending bridge trick. However, You'll need a few more gems to make a donation... After all, I am just a poor, Starving amateur magician...
  • Spyro, did you know that I happen to be a very talented amateur magician? My specialty is the, Err... 'Amazing Extending Bridge' trick. I'd love to show you, But I'll need a small donation, First... For my expenses, You understand...
    • [If you choose "Not again... Okay fine..."]: Very good. Err... Let's see... 'Hocus Pocus, Zigglety Zen. Make this bridge get long again!'
    • [If you choose "I'm happy over here."]: You shouldn't anger a magician, Spyro. I just might decide to turn you into a blue hedgehog or something.
  • I'm afraid the show's over, Spyro. Why don't you go play with the gnomes? I think they look lonely.
  • [If you don't have enough gems]: I am dreadfully sorry, Spyro, But I can't allow common riff-raff into the Tomb of the Stone Golem. Only the crustiest of the upper-crusts may pass through here.
  • Well, Spyro. I bet you're glad to see me! It just so happens that I know the, Err... Password to open the door to the Tomb of the Stone Golem... But, Err... It seems to have slipped my mind for the moment... If you know what I mean.
    • [If you choose "OK, Fine."]: Heh heh, Very well then. The password to open the tomb is... Are you ready? Heh heh... 'Gullible'.
    • [If you choose "Some other time."]: It's just as well... I've heard that there are enough riches inside this tomb to pay a dragon's ransom... Err... So to speak.
  • OK, There was no password. I was standing in front of the wall switch. What are you going to do? Sue me?
  • Don't worry, Spyro. I won't be needing anymore of your money... Now, now, Don't look so surprised! I found one of the dragon eggs and I'm going to sell it for a fortune back in Avalar! Errr... Uh-oh... Why are you looking at me like that? I, Errr.. Heh heh... I've to be going now. Uh, Toodles.
  • [panting] Drat! [panting] Double drat! [panting] [Rapidly] Drat! Drat! Drat! Drat! Drat! Drat! Drat! Drat! Drat! I never knew dragons were so fast... That's it... I give up... I'm retiring to Spooky Swamp to become a haiku poet.

Mountain Goats[edit]

  • Ahh, home at last. Here, I was saving this to make an omelet, but I think you deserve it more.
  • You see that Rhynoc guy up ahead? He's still mad at us for hanging his underpants on top of this tree! Heehee... We'll just stand here, while you give him a swift kick!
  • Last time we tried to get past this moose, he knocked Billy clean through a wall! If you don't mind, we'll just stay over here, while you give him a good kicking!
  • Hey, Sheila, let's play a joke! Take this egg, and smash it on Billy's house, okay? I need to get him back for the last time he butted me off the cliff!
  • Thanks for the help, Sheila. You can have this egg I found in my house.


  • Hey, Spyro! They're Rhynocs everywhere! Maybe I can find some peace and quiet at the top of the tower.
  • Hi, Spyro. If you bring someone back from each of the 5 worlds, we'll have enough weight to pull down this balloon for you.
  • Let's head on over to the balloon!
  • This balloon will take you to a land closer to the Sorceress, Spyro. You can also use it to come back here whenever you want to.
  • Thanks for freeing me. Why don't you come visit me in my homeworld?
  • Thanks again, Spyro! Now I have to find out what that nasty Sorceress has done to our home while I was locked up.
  • I better go check on those billy goats again. Last time I left them alone, they ate all the shingles off the roof.
  • Whoo! That was fun! I tell you, Spyro, kicking Rhynoc butt just never gets old!
  • Well, I'm off to clean off the mess those Rhynocs left behind.
  • Goodbye, Spyro! I'm sure I'll see you around.
  • You dragons used to rule this entire world, you know. Then all of a sudden, you left.
  • This swamp smells so sweet. The springtime trees are fragrant. I'm off to kick butt.
  • When I heard the Sorceress was planning to ambush you, I got here as fast as I could. No worries, though. This wussy green toad will be no match for the two of us!

Sgt. James Byrd[edit]

  • Sgt. Byrd; 90068. Awaiting orders, sir!
  • Say, where have you come from? I thought dragons had all been dead for 1,000 years or something.
  • I have to train the hummingbirds. They must be in peak physical condition if we're going to take on the Sorceress.
  • Don't worry, I'll have the hummingbirds whipped into shape in no time.
  • Any time you wanna leave just say so.
  • Tally ho, Spyro, I'm sure I'll see you around!
  • I've assessed the situation. We need five men to operate the whirligig.
  • Hello Spyro, I'm just off to the Tiki Lodge for some R and R.
  • All systems checked out A-OK. Jump aboard.
  • I'm ready to patrol the towers and the perimeter of the islands whenever you want me to.
  • It's good to be back in action!
  • My tactical instincts told me the Sorceress would attack you here, so I flew in to help out. It seems my rocket launchers don't affect this creature, but I can assist you by dropping ammunition. Now get in there and fight the good fight!


  • Why, you brazenly avaricious, duplicitous, larcenous ursine!
  • Please do afford me the sublime honor of enjoying your visitation in the nearest future.
  • I will gladly help you on your quest, Spyro, but first I must attend to my young sibling. I'm afraid he may have gotten himself into trouble during my absence.
  • I'm afraid I still have to attend to the safety of young Bartholomew.
  • I'm afraid my home is still infested with rhynocs, I'll return when they are dealt with.
  • It's good to know that Bartholomew is out of harm's way.
  • Ah well, I must return to my humble abode, for the time being.
  • I believe the denizens of this land plan to create a rocket propulsion device of some kind in order to help you with your journey. I'll try though the planned Nintendo 64,to be of some assistance, but I'm afraid you'll still need a representative from each world in order to complete the device.
  • Ahh, Spyro. I have just received word from my little brother, he appears to be having some trouble with a yeti.
  • Hop aboard, Spyro, and boldly go where no dragon has gone before! Well, at least not in 1,000 years, at any rate...
  • This might be our last stand, Spyro. The Sorceress plans to use this monster to destroy every iota of her opposition, beginning with the two of us. Alas, there is no time for ruminating, a battle awaits us... I will endeavour to assist you by means of a steady provision of combustible projectiles.
  • Ah, a fine day for a bit of a walk. I was just heading to the top of my favourite hill.
  • Good evening, Spyro. The Amazing Randini is about to put on a display of prestidigitation. I’ve heard that it's quite impressive so I'm going to watch the show.


  • (if Bentley is standing in his walking path) Hey, you're in the way! Move it!
  • Hey, bro! It'd be really cool if you could smash that boulder! A swift smack should do the trick!
  • I heard those big bullies calling you a wuss. You're not going to let them get away with that, are you?
  • If you use your spin move to deflect the snowball into the gong, I'm betting we could make the roof cave in!
  • It took me forever to train those seals to throw snowballs! Now, they've gone, and turned on me!
  • Aww, no! Another seal! And, this one looks really mean!
  • Another gong! Great! I'll bet we can start an avalanche with this one!
  • A stinkin' Rhynoc has blocked the way with this box! It couldn't be a problem for you to just push it out of the way, though.
  • Hey, brainiac! You're supposed to be smart! Why don't you try shoving those blocks around to bridge that gap?
  • Thanks, bro! Here's a little something for your rock collection!
  • That dumb yeti took my ball! I told him to give it back, or you'd kick his lousy butt, but he wouldn't listen!
  • I knew you'd do it! Go, and show him not to mess with us! Remember to block his high punches, and hit him low, when he tries to block!
  • You lost? But, how am I going to get my ball back? You've got to try again!
  • heh heh heh... You really showed him... Hey, wait a minute this isn't my ball!
  • You should go back, and kick his butt again! Make him give my ball back!
  • This time, it will be a 3 round match, and when you win, don't let him set you off with a stupid egg!
  • You lost! Oh, some brother you are! I'm never going to see my ball again, am I?
  • Hey! This isn't my ball! It's just another stupid egg!
  • Oh... I found my ball, I'd forgotten I lent it to Eugene yesterday. No harm done, right?

Agent 9[edit]

  • What was that, did you see a rhynoc? I thought I saw a rhynoc! Oooooh, take it from me, Spyro, never spend a week in a cage. Uh, uh, next thing you know your whole island will be knee deep in rhynocs. Well, gotta go, Mr. Laser Blaster and I have a whole lotta work to do.
  • I still haven't finished clearing the rhynocs off the island...
  • I'll be back when I've wiped out the last of the rhynoc menace!
  • Oooooh weeee, I love the sizzle of a high energy laser on the back end of a rhynoc. Too bad the Sorceress didn't send more of 'em, I was really getting into the zone. Well, now that my island is safe again I guess I'll have to go rhynoc hunting elsewhere... Are you headed out?
  • I'm just gonna patrol the island one last time...
  • See ya later, alligator!
  • Hey Spyro, I'm helping a kid named Handel recover some secret rocket plans the Sorceress stole. You know I'm always ready to kick some rhynoc booty. Ha ha ha!
  • One of those dogs with the funny hats put a curse on me, just 'cause I shot him in the butt a couple times. He said he turned my tail into a snake. Does it look like a snake to you? It does feel kinda funny, come to think of it. Hoo boy, that dog’s gonna pay!
  • The sheriff told me I could be a deputy. So I'm off to help clear out all the dinosaurs!!
  • Woohoo! Time to kick some Sorceress butt!
  • A rhynoc! Oh! Let me at him! You wanna piece of me, Rhynoc boy! Eat Laser, punk! Come on, now! No fair hiding!


Bianca: We managed to... capture the eggs, your highness! Every last one.
The Evil Sorceress: Excellent! Maybe you'll amount to something after all. Now, go guard the tunnels. Stop anyone from coming through!

Unidentified purple dragon: Where are the eggs?
Zoe: The holes come up on the other side of the Dragon Worlds! We found some of the eggs, but they were too heavy to carry back!
Spyro: The other side of the world?
Unidentified purple dragon: The Forgotten Worlds! Spyro, you'll have to go. Nobody else can fit down the holes.
Hunter: Yeah, come on! Let's go! [jumps into the hole… but gets stuck]
Unidentified purple dragon: [shakes his head in disappointment as Hunter struggles, then he stomps on Hunter down the hole with his feet] Find the eggs, and bring them back, Spyro. You're our only chance.
Spyro: You got it! [jumps down the hole]

The Sorceress: You bumbling, idiotic, worthless fool! I ask you to carry out one simple task, and you fail me! I should have known better than to rely on a child.
Bianca: But–
Sorceress: Don't worry about it. I'll deal with them now.
Bianca: These eggs can't be worth all this trouble...
Sorceress: Without the dragons, the magic in this world will wither away. Without magic, I'll die, and so will your ever-so-slim chance of becoming a sorceress! Now watch how a real sorceress dispatches her enemies. [to a Rhynoc] How would you like some dragon for lunch?

Bianca: Hello. I thought you might be hungry. [gives Hunter an apple]
Hunter: Thanks. Did you bring any chips?
Bianca: I'm sorry this happened, but I tried to warn you.
Hunter: I had to help Spyro rescue the eggs.
Bianca: You just don't understand. If we don't bring dragons back to this world soon, all our magic will be lost.
Hunter: The dragons used to live here?
Bianca: Yes. This was their original home, but a long, long time ago, the Sorceress banished them to the other side of the world. She didn't realize the dragons were the source of our magic.
Hunter: Maybe, I could convince the dragons to come back… if you let me go.
Bianca: [thinks for a second, then is about to open the cage, but stops] I'm sorry, I can't. [leaves]

Sorceress: That's it! I've had enough! I'm going to create a monster to end ALL monsters! And I'm going to send it out to destroy ALL the dragons, even the little hatchlings! Yes! YES! It will smash them and crush them and grind them and tear them! OH, YES! Smear them and smoosh them and crack them and CREASE THEM!
Bianca: But, uh… won't that kill them?
Sorceress: [laughs] It doesn't matter! As long as I can still collect their wings!
Bianca: What?! All this time, you only wanted them for their wings?!
Sorceress: Of course, you ignorant girl. I need them for a spell, so I can live forever!
Bianca: W-w-w-wait a second, a spell?
Sorceress: What did you think I was going to do with all those dragons, open a zoo?! [Rhynoc laughs]
Bianca: You said just keeping them in our world was enough! You never said you had to kill them!
Sorceress: I don't have to kill them. It just stops them from wriggling so much!
Bianca: You're terrible! I can't believe I ever listened to you! [storms out]
Sorceress: Stupid insolent brat. I'll take care of her as soon as I finish off that dragon. Now, where was I? Ah, yes! [motions for a Rhynoc to be brought forward]

Hunter: Hi, Bianca. Did you bring any more food? I'm starving!
Bianca: There's no time for that, Hunter! We have to stop the Sorceress! She's gonna kill all the dragon hatchlings!
Hunter: Wait a minute. Why should I trust you? This could be another trap!
Bianca: You're in a cage, you furry numbskull! How can I trap you by letting you out?
Hunter: I don't know… Your Sorceress types can be sneaky.
Bianca: [zaps the lock to open the cage] Look, I never thought we were gonna hurt the dragons. Come on, we don't have time for this! [drags Hunter off]


[Last lines]
Bentley: Spyro, you've just defeated the Sorceress, rescued the dragon eggs and restored freedom to the lost Dragon Worlds! What do you plan to do next, hmm? Perhaps a nice vacation in Dragon Shores, hmm?
Spyro: You're a real comedian sometimes, Bentley. [they both laugh] You know, I still have to find the rest of the dragon eggs. Plus, Hunter seems to have disappeared again, so I should go make sure he's not in more trouble. You haven't seen him, have you?
Bentley: Huh, me? Oh, no, no. If I do happen to encounter him, however, I will most certainly inform you, immediately.
[Spyro nods, then walks away]

Professor: It's a funny thing, Spyro. I adjusted Avalar's portals to take me to the Dragon Worlds, but somehow I ended up here... Maybe my coordinate tables are out of date...
Spyro: By a thousand years!
Professor: That would explain why the book was so cheap.
Elora: So... Now that you're done saving the world again, are you gonna visit me in Avalar?
Spyro: Sure, Elora, but I still have to find the rest of the eggs, and… well, Hunter's disappeared again.
Agent 9: Did you say Hunter? Well, hey, I can help. I just saw him sneak off with–
Professor: [interrupts] Ahem! Uhh, Agent 9, isn't that a rhynoc over in those bushes?
Agent 9: A rhynoc! Oh! Let me at him! You wanna piece of me, Rhynoc boy! Eat Laser, punk! Come on, now! No fair hiding!
Professor: [to Spyro] Uhh, I'm sure Hunter is in good hands... [Elora kicks him] Ah– I mean, I'm sure he will turn up soon!
Elora: Promise you'll come visit Avalar soon, okay?
[Spyro, Professor and Elora leave in separate ways]

Sheila: Now how many times have I told you not to tease that moose?
Pete the Mountain Goat: [ashamed] It was Billy's idea...
Bobby the Mountain Goat: Uh... Ya ya... Heh...
Sheila: Is that true, Billy? [Billy stuck in the wall, inaudible] Hold that thought, Billy. Spyro, great to see ya!
Spyro: Hi, Sheila. I've been looking for Hunter all day. Have you seen him?
Sheila: Hehe. Sorry, Spyro. Hunter made me promise not to tell you where they went.
Spyro: [confused] "They"!?
Sheila: Heheh, you didn't hear anything from me.
Spyro: [disappointed] Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no…

Spyro: [after he caught sight of Hunter and Bianca kissing on a ledge in the Fireworks Factory] It's a sad sight, Sparx. Another noble warrior falls victim to the plague of love. Hmh. Just look away... Well, I guess we'll have to find the rest of the eggs by ourselves.
Elora: [goes to Spyro] Come on, Spyro. Take a little break. Let's watch the show.

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