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Spyro the Dragon is a platform game developed by Insomniac Games for the PlayStation. It stars the title character, a young purple dragon named Spyro, and his dragonfly friend, Sparx, as they release the other dragons from Gnasty Gnorc the orc's petrifying curse. It is the first game in the Spyro the Dragon series.


Bob: Okay, rolling.
Astor: Oh! It's been peaceful here in the 5 worlds, or is it 6? ...For a dragons age. We now have 12,000 treasure, or is it 14,000?
[Spyro chases sheep and headbutts it, while it bleats]
Bob: What about this G-Nasty G-Norc character? Now, I understand he's found a magic spell to turn gems into warriors for his cause.
Lindar: I'll take that question. Gnasty Gnorc is a simple creature.
Gnasty Gnorc: Simple?!
Lindar: He has been contained in a remote world and is no threat to the dragon kingdom.
Gnasty: No threat?!
Lindar: Besides, he is ugly.
Gnorc: UGLY?! That does it! [traps all 80 dragons in crystal, but Spyro avoids the crystal blast]
Spyro: Huh? Looks like I got some things to do!


Nestor: Thank you for releasing me, Spyro. Free ten dragons in the Artisans world, then find the balloonist. He'll transport you to the next world.
Spyro: What about Gnasty Gnorc? I'm going after him!
Nestor: Find dragons first. That's all I can tell you.

Spyro: Where's Gnasty Gnorc? I'll torch him!
Delbin: Keep your horns on, Spyro! You have much to learn first! Do you know what the dragonfly following you is doing?
Spyro: Umm...
Delbin: His name is Sparx, and he's helping and protecting you. Keep an eye on him, and see what I mean.

Tomas: Hey, Spyro. Press the jump (X) button twice to glide, and... and don't be afraid.
Spyro: Afraid... of what?
Tomas: Falling from high mountain peeks, plummeting into prehistoric glaciers.
Spyro: [chuckles] Oh, that.

[before completing a level]
Spyro: Cool flash! Do that again!
Argus: The Artisans boss is through a portal in the dragon mouth. But you are not yet ready, Spyro. First you must complete one of the other Artisans lands.

[after completing a level]
Spyro: Cool flash! Do that again!
Argus: The Artisans boss is through a portal behind me. You can challenge him now, if you feel you are ready.

Stone Hill[edit]

Lindar: When you free a dragon or step on one of their platforms, you're saving your progress. That could be useful if you run into trouble. Not that you ever run into trouble, Spyro.

Astor: After you freed all the dragons, pass through this fancy vortex, uh, thingamajigger. It'll take you back to the Artisans home. But first, let me tell ya a story.
Spyro: No, thanks. See ya!

Gavin: Watch the dragonfly, Spyro. His color indicates his power. When he eats butterflies, he stays strong... like me.
Spyro: Uh, sure.

Gildas: Spyro, my friend! How about a hint on gliding?
Spyro: You Bet!
Gildas: For the longest glide, press the X button at the top of a jump and try pressing the triangle button to drop down in mid-flight.

Dark Hollow[edit]

Alban: Oh, it's you, I wasn't sure if you'd escape those annoying little creatures. Of course they wouldn't bother me, but here's a hint - metal armor is fireproof, but a charge attack will take care of them.

Darius: Big enemies like this Gnorc with the club cannot be charged, but a quick flame… That should defeat them.

Oswin: Psst, Spyro, want to know a secret? Use the triangle button when you want to zoom in and look around.
Spyro: Oh, your secret's safe with me.

Town Square[edit]

Nils: Welcome to Town Square, Spyro. Begin exploring by gliding to that area with the bulls. Use the L2 and R2 buttons to get a good look.

Devlin: Thanks, Spyro. Ha-ha. I had the worst itch on the tip of my wing. Oh, did you know that you get your longest glides by pressing X at the very top of your jump?

Alvar: Hmph! Spyro, did you see a man dressed in blue running around here? He's a thief, and he's stolen a dragon egg! You've got to track him down, and get that egg! Run! Run! [wheezes] I'm getting a little winded.

Thor: Thank you for releasing me.


Nevin: Gnasty Gnorc has put one of his most devious henchman in charge of the Artisans world.
Spyro: Bring him on! I think I smell a barbecue!
Nevin: Be careful, Spyro. This boss has many tricks up his sleeve.

Peace Keepers[edit]

Titan: Welcome to Peace Keepers, Spyro. Look how our treasure has been turned against us, and stolen! Recover our treasure, Spyro.
Spyro: Collect treasure. Got it!

Magnus: Hi, Spyro! Sparx the Dragonfly has been doing a good job protecting you. Make sure to keep him strong by feeding him lots of butterflies.

Gunnar: Well done, Spyro. Keep up the good work and I know you'll fulfill your destiny!
Spyro: Destiny? I just want to kick some-
Gunnar: Just toast those enemies and collect the treasure!

Dry Canyon[edit]

Conan: Thank you for releasing me.

Boris: Dry Canyon rewards good gliders. You are a good glider, eh, Spyro?
Spyro: I was born to glide!
Boris: Hmph.

Ivor: Is that you, Spyro? Are you the young dragon I've been hearing so much about? Ever since you were a wee puff of smoke, we've known, ehh...
Spyro: You've known...?
Ivor: Ah, I forget.

Maximos: Incredible glide, Spyro! I thought I'd be stuck in here forever with those ugly vultures standing on my head. Those birds might look tough, but they're pretty tasty. Flame-broiled, with a pinch of salt...

Cliff Town[edit]

Spyro: How's a dragon supposed to flame metal armor, anyway?
Halvor: Remember, Spyro, flame won't harm metal. But charging with your horns, that should do the trick.

Spyro: Hey, what's on the other side of that river?
Enzo: Why don't you glide there and find out?

Marco: You've reached the highest point in Cliff Town. You can get to almost anywhere from here. If I were you, I'd use that whirlwind there.

Ice Cavern[edit]

Ulric: A word of caution, little one: Wait until you grow big, [clears throat] like me, before charging those large enemies.

Todor: Psst. Spyro. Some big gnorcs up ahead are wearing armor... and in the Ice Caves, armor can make their feet very slippery!
Spyro: Hmmm...

Andor: Thank you for releasing me.

Asher: Thank you for releasing me.

Ragnar: You've done well, Spyro. Some dragons thought you weren't ready, but I knew they were wrong.
Spyro: I'm ready, all right! Uh, ready for what?

Doctor Shemp[edit]

Trondo: This guy thinks he's so cool! You don't know what it's been like listening to him over and over, but I'll tell ya one thing: He should watch his back.

Magic Crafters[edit]

Cosmos: Welcome to Magic Crafters. I want you to release the dragons, reclaim our treasure, and recover the eggs from those pesky blue thieves.

Zantor: When you see arrows like these, you can charge along with them to begin a supercharge.
Spyro: Supercharge? Excellent!
Zantor: Go ahead, try it.

Boldar: This portal leads to a special place where you can learn to fly. I remember, when I was a young dragon, earning my wings.
Spyro: Learn to fly. Got it!

Alpine Ridge[edit]

Zane: Spyro, you're not afraid of those big, noisy, gigantic, awful beasts, are you?
Spyro: Of course not!
Zane: I didn't think so.

Eldrid: Thank you for releasing me.

Zander: Great work, Spyro! If you keep this up, you'll learn all the tricks of the Magic Crafter world.

Kelvin: Remember that these blue thieves haven't stolen eggs only in the Magic Crafter world.
Spyro: Don't worry, I'll take care of them!

High Caves[edit]

Cyrus: Please do something about these green druids, they insist on moving everything in sight!

Spyro: I hate those bugs. When I become big and strong, like you, I'll squash 'em all.
Ajax: Until then, remember that supercharge makes you invincible.

Cedric: Try combining supercharge with jumping and gliding...and really explore the High Caves!

Wizard Peak[edit]

Jarvis: Welcome to Wizard Peaks. This is my favorite supercharge spot. Use it to bash those wizards!

Hexus: Thank you for releasing me.

Lucas: Listen carefully, Spyro. There's a secret area in the Artisan home. It is at the waterfall. Try jumping on the stones there.
Spyro: Artisan home, waterfall. Sounds good!


Altair: Thanks for releasing me, Spyro. You have no idea how long I've been trapped in crystal. And, uh, neither do I. Who are you again?
Spyro: Uh, I'm outta here!

Beast Makers[edit]

Bruno: Gnasty Gnorc is turning our swamp in an electrified junk heap! And it used to be so beautiful...
Spyro: I'm sure it was.

Cleetus: Spyro, it's great to see you, but I've got to go!

Terrace Village[edit]

Claude: Watch out, Spyro. The Gnorcs in these parts have discovered the power of electricity... and it really stings!

Cyprin: Good job, Spyro, one day you'll be able to tell all the dragons about your amazing adventures.
Spyro: Sure... but what I'd really like to do is get out of this swamp!

Misty Bog[edit]

Rosco: Be on the lookout for attack frogs, they're cold-blooded killers!
Spyro: Attack... frogs?
Rosco: And this used to be such a nice swamp!

Damon: Thanks for releasing me. It seems like I've been trapped in here since I was your age.
Spyro: Oh, no.
Damon: Why, I remember–
Spyro: Uh, gotta go!

Zeke: Thank you for releasing me.

Bubba: I tell you what to do with those creatures... smash them, Spyro! Stamp them out and squish them and squash them! Hahaha – !
Spyro: "Hah, hah." How about... charge them and flame them? We are dragons, after all.

Tree Tops[edit]

Lyle: Greetings, Spyro! For an amazing tour of the Tree Tops, don't just stop at one supercharge.
Spyro: Oh!

Issak: Spyro, if you jump at the end of a supercharge ramp, you can really go far!
Spyro: I'm all over it!

Jed: That was quite a ride, Spyro! You've learned a lot since you were a young glider.
Spyro: Yeah, well you could've found an easier spot to get stuck!


Sadiki: This big robot is all charged up to meet you. Attacking the power poles should disrupt its power supply.

Dream Weavers[edit]

Lateef: Welcome to the Dream Weavers, young one. While chasing Gnasty's minions in this world, you must expect the unexpected, and prepare for what is not there.

Zikomo: Hello Spyro, nicely done.
Spyro: I'll be done when I've toasted that Gnasty Gnorc!

Mazi: The fools you see in this world are invincible. But that does not mean they shouldn't be attacked.
Spyro: Sounds all right to me!

Dark Passage[edit]

Kasiya: The enemies here can be quite frightening, but you should watch the fools.
Spyro: I'd rather flame the fools!
Kasiya: Now you're thinking!

Azizi: Thank you for releasing me.

Bakari: You know, I think you just might be the dragon to defeat Gnasty Gnorc!
Spyro: That's me, all right!

Apara: Oh thanks, Spyro! I'd love to help you catch Gnasty, but I'd really hate being trapped in crystal again.
Spyro: Don't worry, the only one who is going to be trapped is him!

Obasi: Thank you for releasing me.

Lofty Castle[edit]

Mudada: Fairies are always on your side, Spyro.

Baruti: Thank you for releasing me.

Useni: Ah, Spyro, thanks. Supercharge will get you to new places here in Lofty Castle, too. See where it takes you.

Haunted Towers[edit]

Kosoko: Hey Spyro, all dragons know there's magic in a fairy's kiss. See what it can do to your power of flame.

Spyro: Hold your horns, here comes Spyro!
Lutalo: Patience, little one. You'll soon have the opportunity to battle the one who matters most...Gnasty Gnorc!

Copano: You've become a master of the supercharge. Great work.


Spyro: Any advice before this...battle?
Revilo: Advice. Hmm. A wise dragon once told me, "Aim high in life, but watch out for flying boxes."
Spyro: [confused] Huh?

Unika: Thank you for releasing me.

Gnasty's World/Gnorc Gnexus[edit]

Spyro: Hey, didn't I already free you?
Delbin: You're in Gnasty's World now, Spyro, and you are the dragon that must defeat him.
Spyro: Bring him on, I'm ready!
Delbin: Reach the exit in each of Gnasty's lands. Then you can challenge the Gnorc himself.

[After Gnasty is defeated]
[original version]
Spyro: Gnasty's ancient history now. So, what's in there?
Magnus: I believe this is Gnasty's treasure hoard. But the gate will not open until you have found everything in the Dragon Kingdom. Come back when you have reached 100%.

[remastered version]
Spyro: Gnasty's ancient history now. So, what's in there?
Magnus: I believe this is Gnasty's treasure hoard. But the gate will only open if you have found everything in the Dragon Kingdom. Come back when you have reached 100%.

Gnorc Cove[edit]

Lateef: Keep up the good work, Spyro. I expect Gnasty's really starting to worry about you.
Spyro: I'd be shaking in my gnorc boots if I were him.

Tomas: Wow! I never thought I'd be rescued, especially by such a little dragon. Uh... wh-what I mean is... I always believed in you, Spyro!
Spyro: You gotta believe!

Twilight Harbor[edit]

Cosmos: Thank you for releasing me.

Cleetus: Be on the lookout for gnorc commandos, Spyro.
Spyro: They better be on the lookout for me.

Gnasty Gnorc[edit]

Spyro: You're toast, Gnorc! [chuckles]


Spyro: Sorry I took so long. I kinda forgot about you.
Bob: What about G-nasty G-norc?
Spyro: Gnasty Gnorc..is toast!
Bob: So, now there's order again in the Dragon Kingdom?
Spyro: Well, mostly. I've still got some treasure to pick up.
Bob: What will you do next?
Spyro: I'd say the sky's the limit.

120% Ending[edit]

Bob: Spyro the Dragon, you've defeated G-nasty G-norc, collected the dragon eggs, saved all the dragons, and recovered every bit of treasure in the dragon kingdom. How do you feel?
Spyro: I feel fired up, Bob, and I'm happy for the dragon world, of course. I certainly won't want to spend the rest of my dragon days butting heads with Gnasty Gnorc and his weird minions.
Bob: What's a minion?
Spyro: Uh, never mind. You know what they say: "For every good battle, you need a good adversary." And I felt that Gnasty, in spite of his misguided nature, was a worthy opponent. [The dragons turn to crystal again] Uh-oh. Here we go again!

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