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NOTE: All of the guidelines here are adapted from those originally created for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


This quote page is organized a little differently from others, largely because it can be divided into seasons and episodes and because many great quotes from Angel are in the form of dialog, which confounds the usual quote formatting.

To add a quote, find the episode it occurs in and copy the formatting of an existing quote to your own needs. If you don't know what episode your quote appeared in, place it in the Unknown episode section, and someone will move it as time permits.

The basic formatting guidelines are as follows, using this example:

'''[[w:Lorne (Angel)|Lorne]]''': Xenophobia, kind of a watchword where I'm from.
'''[[w:Charles Gunn|Gunn]]''': I don't get it. Why are they afraid of Xena?

They work as follows:

  • The colon (:) indents the quote.
  • The triple apostrophes (''') surrounding the character name make the name bold.
  • The double brackets ([[,]]) make the character name a Wiki link, so you can click on the character for more information.
  • The expression "w:Character's FullName|" makes it a link to Wikipedia, where most if not all of the Angel characters have entries.
  • Don't put any blank lines between lines within a single dialog quote, but make sure there's a blank line between separate quotes.

When added to the page, the result looks like this:

Lorne: Xenophobia, kind of a watchword where I'm from.
Gunn: I don't get it. Why are they afraid of Xena?

In long dialog sections, you should only put Wiki links around the first occurrence of each character (to save time and headaches). If all this formatting is too much for your to bother with, just use a simplified version:

Lorne: Xenophobia, kind of a watchword where I'm from.
Gunn: I don't get it. Why are they afraid of Xena?

Just try to remember the initial colon (:) and the blank line between different quotes. Sooner or later, someone will likely come along and pretty it up. --RPickman 02:41, 1 May 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Character list Here is a set of preformatted character names that, if you paste it into your quotes, will provide full formatting and linking abilities, including disambiguation for common names. They're separated into regular and recurring characters, and sorted by the names they're typically called in the show.


:'''[[w:Angel (Buffyverse)|Angel]]'''
:'''[[w:Connor (Buffyverse)|Connor]]'''
:'''[[w:Cordelia Chase|Cordelia]]'''
:'''[[w:Allen Francis Doyle|Doyle]]'''
:'''[[w:Winifred Burkle|Fred]]'''
:'''[[w:Charles Gunn|Gunn]]'''
:'''[[w:Harmony Kendall|Harmony]]'''
:'''[[w:Illyria (Buffyverse)|Illyria]]'''
:'''[[w:Lorne (Buffyverse)|Lorne]]'''
:'''[[w:Spike (Buffyverse)|Spike]]'''
:'''[[w:Wesley Wyndam-Pryce|Wesley]]'''


:'''[[w:Andrew Wells|Andrew]]'''
:'''[[w:Anne Steele (Buffyverse)|Anne]]'''
:'''[[w:The Beast (Buffyverse)|The Beast]]'''
:'''[[w:Buffy Summers|Buffy]]'''
:'''[[w:Darla (Buffyverse)|Darla]]'''
:'''[[w:Drusilla (Buffyverse)|Drusilla]]'''
:'''[[w:Eve (Buffyverse)|Eve]]'''
:'''[[w:Faith Lehane|Faith]]'''
:'''[[w:Rupert Giles|Giles]]'''
:'''[[w:The Groosalugg|The Groosalugg]]'''
:'''[[w:The Groosalugg|Groo]]'''
:'''[[w:Holland Manners|Holland Manners]]'''
:'''[[w:Daniel Holtz|Holtz]]'''
:'''[[w:Jasmine (Buffyverse)|Jasmine]]'''
:'''[[w:Justine Cooper|Justine]]'''
:'''[[w:Knox (Buffyverse)|Knox]]'''
:'''[[w:Kate Lockley|Kate]]'''
:'''[[w:Lilah Morgan|Lilah]]'''
:'''[[w:Lindsey McDonald|Lindsey]]'''
:'''[[w:Nina Ash|Nina]]'''
:'''[[w:Daniel "Oz" Osbourne|Oz]]'''
:'''[[w:Gwen Raiden|Gwen]]'''
:'''[[w:Willow Rosenberg|Willow]]'''
:'''[[w:Archduke Sebassis|Archduke Sebassis]]'''
:'''[[w:Skip (Buffyverse)|Skip]]'''
:'''[[w:Cyvus Vail|Vail]]'''

A few of the characters may not yet have Wikipedia pages. If you feel adventurous, you might consider adding one yourself.

NOTE: These guidelines are based on those for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Comments and contexts for quotes[edit]

If a particular quote needs some context or a comment to make it clear, italicize it and put braces around it, like so:

[After a drug-induced stint as Angelus, Angel wakes up chained to his bed.]
Cordelia: Are you still evil?

The formatting line for the comment line above is:

:''[After a drug-induced stint as Angelus, Angel wakes up chained to his bed.]''

Although comments should be succinct, longer dialog sections may need longer explanations. — Jeff Q (talk) 09:25, 1 May 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Separating dialogue segments[edit]

There is an unresolved problem in visually separating different dialog segments. Using the Standard (now called Classic) skin and its stylesheet, separating segments with a single blank line makes it clear that consecutive segments are separate. However, with the new Monobook skin forced on anonymous users and anyone who hasn't explictly chosen otherwise, it is difficult to see where one segment ends and the next begins. This problem does not look like it'll be resolved anytime soon.

Several approaches have been tried in this and other articles to remedy this situation, but most only fix the problem for one skin or the other. In order to make the article clearer without adding too much black space for one skin, I have inserted the following HTML between each pair of dialog sections:

It's done like so:

<hr width=50%/>

I didn't use the standard Wiki line markup "----" because it looks exactly like the horizontal lines used in Monobook headings. It would be preferable to use Wiki markup, or to have spacing between the skins match, but based on my unanswered pleas on several discussion pages, I don't see this happening. Let's try this out for a while. — Jeff Q (talk) 09:26, 1 May 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Collapsing witticisms[edit]

As I belatedly got around to watching Joss Whedon's third series Firefly, I found myself wondering about something. One of many recurring entertainments of these Whedon shows is the occasional witty line that suddenly dies in the middle, as if the wit suddenly ran out. Here are Buffy and Firefly examples:

Buffy: Giles, it's one thing to be a Watcher and a librarian. They go together, like chicken and… guh, another chicken… or… two… chickens, or… something — you know what I'm saying!
from Buffy, "What's My Line?", Part I

Mal: Well, looks can be deceiving.
Jayne: Not as deceivin' as a low-down… dirty… deceiver.
from Firefly, "Out of Gas"

Jayne: Captain says you're to stay put. Doesn't want you to run afoul of his blushin' psychotic bride. She figures out who you are, she'll turn you in before you can say… "Don't turn me in, lady."
from Firefly, "Trash"; somehow Firefly's always come from Jayne

I haven't seen Angel enough to provide an example, but I'd be shocked if it didn't have plenty to offer. What I'm wondering is whether Whedon-show fans have come up with a term for these collapsing witticisms, like MST3K's "Crow Syndrome" (extending suggestive quips to an extreme, only to be shouted down). The structure certainly isn't unique to Whedon's shows — Blackadder has a good measure of these — but I was hoping that there was a shorthand term among the Buffy/Angel/Firefly crowd. — Jeff Q (talk) 22:18, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Lorne or The Host?[edit]

Are there any thoughts on which name to use for Lorne's early quotes? Currently they are attributed to The Host which is technically correct as we didn't learn that his name is Lorne until later in the show. However it is only these first few episodes where his lines are attributed to The Host so it is inconsistent with later attributions. Should they remain the same or should they all be switched over to Lorne? -- Greyed 16:51, 24 December 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The original meaning[edit]

Hmmm we have no Angel in its original meaning? Even not as Angels? It's a shame. And I think, this article would be better to move to Angel (TV series), to make a room to all the Host of the Lord. --Aphaia 18:20, 24 December 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Well, how would they be independently verified? -- Greyed 19:07, 24 December 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]


When I enter the Angel quotes page through a link in Wikipedia, the page gets covered by a huge goatse picture made by using a table with different cell background colors to simulate pixels. I managed to go to enter the edit page by stopping the page loading before it gets all covered and using tab to browse through links, but on the edit page I can't see any code that would look like it was causing the picture to appear. So no idea how to get rid of it. It mentions Grawp whom Google reveals to be a banned user. Also I looked at the edit history and I can't see anything suspicious in the latest edits, so I'm wondering if they hacked the fundamental structure of the site and not just this particular page. -- 19:42, 19 April 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

This was a temporary problem caused by a vandal modifying one of the templates used in many articles (including this one). It was quickly corrected and the vandal blocked. Thank you for calling attention to this situation. ~ Jeff Q (talk) 22:39, 19 April 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]