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Article creation, 2005[edit]

This article has apparently been created by a user who has been banned because of his behavior on the WIkipedia. He apparently continues to make edits from various IPs, including a vandalization of the Main Page here at Wikiquote. The material originally pasted here is available at w:Talk:Cosmotheism if one wishes to peruse it, the article, or their histories. The apparent creator of these edits seems more than a bit obsessed with promoting the "racialist", or racist, and neo-nazi ideas he embraces, and making himself a nuisance to those who do not accept his edits to Wikimedia projects. There are other pages and edits I have strongly suspected that he is responsible for creating here, but this one definitely is in his modus operandi; further information on this persons manner of behaving, and IPs he has used is available at w:User:Paul_Vogel. ~ Moby 21:32, 24 Sep 2004 (UTC) (+ ammendments)

I've added an npov tag to the article. Many of the comments are POV. ~ MosheZadka (Talk) 10:46, 27 October 2005 (UTC)
Now I skimmed history of this article - since the mid-August there is no substantial edits, just repeating anon(s)' edit and reversion. In my humble opinion it is better for us to protect this page for a while and invite all interested editors to join the discussion how we could treat this article. --Aphaia 17:16, 2 November 2005 (UTC)

Discussion/unsourced remarks moved here from article[edit]

The following item is moved here from article to talk page 18:49, 24 March 2009 by User:Ningauble, see here

For "Modern Cosmotheism"[edit]

This article was apparently created, and has been periodically vandalized by a person banned from editing because of his behavior on the Wikipedia, not merely because of his views. These are samplings of his remarks:

    Modern Cosmotheism, as it appears today, and being currently promoted chiefly on the internet is widely considered only by Jews, PC-Marxists, Pan-atheists, and by various Perverts, to be a "racist" or a "hateful ideology" which has somehow "appropriated the terminology of pantheism" in order to legitimize itself.
    The reality is that a small cabal of atheistic Jews, Social-Marxists, Pan-atheists, and Perverts, have quite recently subverted the ancient religion of "pantheism" to reflect only their own PC-Marxist, Atheistic and pseudo-Humanist propaganda and poliitcal dogmatisms.
  • The actual "hate groups" and the actual ones that are cynically creating the "fashion" of "eco-spirituality" are these same peddlers of of the actual "warped ideologies" of Jewish-atheistic Marxism and of and by Jewish-Supremacists and of Zionists and their Pan-atheism and pseudo-Humanism.
  • Not that any such banning and censorship of the free speech rights of any others really matter in any democratic society actually being ruled by these Jewish-Marxist Pan-atheist Supremacists, as what they do support vs what they say, differs.
  • We should inform all of those new to Pantheism that these "majorities" of "Pan-atheists" are in fact quite "hateful" and that these actual Jewish-Supremacist "hate-groups" luckily form a tiny, but loud, minority of Israel-firster or Jewish-firster Zionists in all host Gentile lands.
  • Indeed, don't be deterred from any true or from any actual Classical Pantheism or from Aryan Cosmotheism just because of these few lying and hypocritical and actual "hate-filled" Jewish-controlled "pan-atheists" and slanderous lying hypocrites. Go find out for your own self just who or whom are the real "haters"

A further sampling of the sort of edits he typically makes can be found here

DECEPTIVE editing practices once again occuring[edit]

All of the above material was removed by (talk · contributions) and replaced with the statement:

Technical maintenance is underway. Temporary issues may arise but will be resolved shortly. Read more.

This fits the pattern of previous edit patterns of people involved with this particular subject.

NPOV stances are certainly WELCOMED and promoted here — but as anyone of any rational integrity is quite aware such CANNOT be PRESCRIBED in any particular ways and actual BE entirely "NPOV" — though many people do OFTEN seem oblivious to such facts. This is NOT Wikipedia where we CREATE most of the statements which are presented, NOR are we free to ALTER them as we might like — we CHOOSE what we wish to add or present of what OTHER people have said AS THEY presented or PUBLISHED it.

I have never embraced the "Hide-one's-head-in-sand and pray while predators and parasites prey" mentality and lack of logical cohesion or simple moral lucidity of those would TRY to pretend that effective selection and PRESENTATION of quotations can ever be anything BUT a process involving Points-of-view — preferably HONEST ones, which one can honestly present without largely thoughtless THOUGHT-POLICE and other drones of some bureaucracy CENSORING or FORBIDDING various forms of selection and presentation. I myself have sometimes come into conflict with those who DO tend to embrace and endorse such policies out of habit (or popularity among people who often don't seem to examine circumstances beyond very narrow contexts, which seem convenient for themselves).

I will NOT presume to KNOW who you are, though I have some strong suspicions, but IF you are not currently banned from the Wikimedia projects — as the CREATOR of this article has been EXTENSIVELY at times, you are quite welcome to ADD pro-"Cosmotheism" material here — but NOT to remove or ALTER the long standing and accepted material CRITICAL of this particularly set of doctrines and policies, which I frankly find ludicrous, vapid and pathetically pretentious.

I am once again restoring the material that has existed with little change for many years — and will REPEAT : you are welcome to ADD some material, NOT to remove it or ALTER it in ways that are clearly deceptive about what OTHERS have said. ~ Kalki·· 02:04, 24 February 2012 (UTC) + tweaks

Ok. We will see. Cosmotheist —This unsigned comment is by (talkcontribs) .

I restored genuine quotes which had been altered by the above vandal-troll, removed a polemical statement from a long-banned user at Wikipedia, but retained new material quoting promoters of the National Alliance white separatist group. I will not refrain from adding that despite its USE, or MISUSE of generally impressive WORDS and some actually profound notions to disguise their racist agenda, my honest assessment of this group is that it attracts only a small number of deluded fanatics who seem much more interested in SEEMING of higher and greater significance than they are, rather in being genuinely honest and fair to any and all in such ways as honor humanity, rather than disgrace it. So it goes... ~ Kalki·· 14:17, 11 August 2013 (UTC) + tweaks