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We're Not Trying To...[edit]


This quote has been added to the Criminal Minds Wiki Quote Page Criminal Minds under Season 2, Episode 12. You can jump directly to this episode by clicking below:

Criminal Minds Season 2, Episode 12: Profiler Profiled

From the episode where Morgan was suspected of being a killer, they have an important quote I hope someone can find and put up. It's about trusting that the investigators are trying to gather evidence, not rush to convict an innocent man. Kilyle 10:43, 13 April 2007 (UTC)

Criminal Minds I'm Lying[edit]

Quotes: (DO NOT EDIT IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

JJ: I am going to find a man who can love someone besides himself!
Mateo: (angrily) Go live with your mother! She is the one to be crazy to put up with you!
JJ: It's over!
Mateo: About time!
JJ: Goodbye! (leaves and runs away)
Mateo: Good Advinice! JJ! Go live with your mother! I said go live with your mother! NOW!!!! Wait a minute STOP!!!!!!!! Wait!!!! Listen to me! Don't you dare. I you put one hand on that car! Are you listening to me? Go live with your moth... (JJ hits the car) JJ!
Reid: (whispering) He hit that car.
Mateo: That's right. You just put that your tail to go live your mother JJ! Starring now... Or you are all fired! (hits JJ very painfully)
JJ: Ow!
Mateo: You are in big TROUBLE!!!! JJ! JJ! JJ! JJ!
Morgan: And now what happened?!
Mateo: Morgan? You are not gonna forgive me. Morgan, look! I just heard the same words she did, and she was not gonna live with her mother!
Morgan: Well? You are not gonna just sit there like that! We just have to find her.
Mateo: (calmer) If things doesn't start that way... I gotta find her.
Reid: Are you in a good mood?
Mateo: I'm not in a good mood! I am in kind of a bad mood today! I was not in a best mood today! Sometimes it's not nice to yell at people but i'm feeling kinda interupted today. Today... IT IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!
Reid: What happened?!
Mateo: JJ and I had a huge fight about go livin' with his mother, when she was the one to be crazy to put up with her. That wasn't her fault at all. I'm so mad!!!!!
Hotch: Try to make up!
Mateo: I didn't start it! So I'm not gonna apologize! No way! NOHOW!!!!!
Morgan: There's nothing can be done right now. Let's just leave him alone for a while. Let's find JJ.
Gideon: What had you done?
JJ: I had a huge fight with Mateo! I'm so upset!