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  • I have deleted the "W" entry, because w is not part of the Danish alphabet.
    • technically speaking we have the letter W. But we do not use it in native danish words (we do use it in waders, waldorfsalat and walesbolle (a type of pastery))
  • I have not changed various interpretations although I would argue that some of them are imprecise
    • I have changed some that are clearly wrong

Made up (or extremely uncommon ones)[edit]

I am a native dane and have never heard any of the following ones.

I have tried to google them but haven't gotten any quality links.

I believe they are either made up or have been lost to time.

  • Børst ikke tænder før du har åbnet munden
  • Græsset bliver ikke brændt i skyggen, om sommeren
  • Kryds ikke vejen når du ikke kan finde ud af køkkenet