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This was added to the article by (talk · contributions), though it belongs here:

Tag above this calls Bunuel a Mexican director. While he became a Mexican citizen he was Spanish by birth.

LrdChaos 22:44, 25 April 2006 (UTC)[reply]


  • Mystery is the key element in any work of art.
  • Science does not interest me. It ignores dreams, randomness, laughter, feeling and contradiction; the things that are precious to me.
  • Fashion is like being part of a herd; it's more interesting to do whatever you want.
  • I'm dying.
    • His last words
  • Love without sin is like an egg without salt.
  • Everyone is free to find in my films anything he likes or whatever is useful to him.
  • I observed things that moved me and I wanted to transpose those things on to the screen—-but to do so with love I have for the instinctive and the irrational that can reveal itself in anything and everything. I've always been drawn toward the strange and the unknown.
  • I loathe films that make the poor romantic and sweet
  • Communism is one of the greatest things known to man.
  • Spanish Republic is a great state of freedom, justice and triumph of socialism.