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What does you kiss by the book mean?

I like to think that it means that Romeo is a good kisser. He follows all the instructions that would be written in a kind of "Kissing for Dummies" book, if such a book existed. though it is possible, if unlikely, that it is taking the mick

-- 21:52, 15 Dec 2004 (UTC)I think that you "kiss by the book" means that he does not have alot of practice and that she can do much beeter but also that he may be a gook kisser. "Kissing for Dummies" that's funny but could be a gook book! lol



I agree with what that girl said, but in my English book >we're studying Romeo&Juliet right now<, it says he either kissed very well, or Juliet was making fun of him and saying he kisses poorly and had like "training" from a book, or what not. So..Yeah!


I think since Romeo himself reads a lot of love poetry, he takes ideals of love and applies them to his feelings for Juliet. He kisses the way he thinks he should kiss by following the standards in the poetry he reads.

It means Romeo is a bad kisser and that he doesn't do that often

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