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  • “When my dad was playing in Winnipeg in '72-I was about 8 years old-he took me to my first outdoor rink in the winter. My feet were so cold, and then it gets even more excruciating once they start to thaw. It was the most excruciating pain I've ever had.”
  • "Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg!"
    • Hermes, from the TV series Futurama, from the episode "The Route Of All Evil" at approximately 13 minutes.
  • “I wouldn't say it's cold, but every year Winnipeg's athlete of the year is an ice fisherman.”
    • Dale Tallon
  • “You could live in Winnipeg a thousand years and not meet Ringo, Paul McCartney, or Bob Dylan.”
    • Burton Cummings
  • “Winnipeg is like Fargo, North Dakota, without the action”
    • Billy Jay