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Hold it!!! This doesn't have a single quote on it. If we were looking for a rundown of each episode then the creator of this article should have set something up on the 'Pedia's main page. Why the deception?

Needs work[edit]

Not to be rude but the labeling is wrong. Who in the world put this together? It was so awfully disorganized that I didn't bother to read all of it. I apologize if this person is of a different ethnic culture and cannot adjust to English very well. But it's extremely irritating when someone messes up an article severly and it is hard to understand.

Editing things[edit]

I removed the summaries, and changed the format of the quotes to more like the Buffy one, because that was the first TV quotes page I could find that didn't say it needed cleanup. I also added another two quotes in Sands of Time.--Saetch 01:40, 21 September 2006 (UTC)[]

To people adding new quotes[edit]

Could you please do so in the correct format? Saetch 15:13, 12 November 2006 (UTC)[]