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Tamiaki Yoneya (米谷民明 Yoneda Tamiaki, born 1947) is a Japanese physicist, known as a pioneer of string theory.


  • We have emphasized that there is a big conflict between quantum theory and general relativity, since it leads to ultraviolet difficulties. However, it does not mean that both frameworks are fundamentally contradictory to each other. In fact, at large distances, the situation is quite contrary. For an example, an old story in the famous debates between Einstein and Bohr shows that the quantum mechanical uncertainty relation ∆Eth is consistent with the equivalence principle when ... applied to the measurement of weights in weak gravitational fields. Their mutual contradiction is manifested only at sufficiently short distances near the Planck length, where the quantum gravitational effects become of the same order as other nongravitational effects.
  • ... when I was exposed to a short but remarkable preprint by Susskind [Sus69] giving a physical interpretation of the Veneziano formula in terms of vibrating strings (or ‘rubber band’ in Susskind’s terminology), I was struck by the simplicity of the idea. My interest on dual models was further strengthened by reading the paper by Nambu [Nam70], containing similar discussions. In particular, I was intrigued by the concept of ‘master field’ (in today’s language, string field), which had been emphasized by Nambu. A little later I also came to be fascinated by the very attractive world-sheet picture of Fairlie and Nielsen [FN70].
  • "Gravity from strings: personal reminiscence on early developments." arXiv preprint arXiv:0901.0079 (2008). (quote from p. 2)

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