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Edit-paste.svg This is the template documentation page for Template:Deprod.
This page is not intended to be viewed directly. Links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

Usage: {{deprod|PAGENAME}}. Remember to please subst: this template.

Use this template to notify a user that you have removed their proposed deletion tag, without being specific about the reasons for it. You may also consider using:

Your explanation may possible contain the information following:

  • Disagreement: you disagree that the article should be deleted.
  • Pointing out it is controversial: You think that the deletion would be controversial.
  • Switch to WQ:VFD: you think that deletion would be controversial, and have listed the article on Votes for deletion.
  • No article: the prod tag was not on an article.

Also, while patrolling proposed deletion, you may find the following helpful.