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The Amazing World of Gumball (2011–2019) is an animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around the lives of 12-year-old Gumball Watterson, a blue cat, and his goldfish best friend—adoptive brother 10-year-old Darwin, who attends middle school in the fictional city of Elmore.

Season 1[edit]

The DVD [1.01][edit]

Gumball: Can you provide inspirational leadership to a core team of thirty people, covering both national or international markets?
Darwin: Mmm, no.
Gumball: Wait! how about this one? "Looking for a person with no skills or training to serve as a scientific subject for the cosmetics industry."
Darwin: What does that mean?
Gumball: It means they'll put makeup on us and see if it looks nice.
Darwin: [Gasp] Kind of like modeling?!
Gumball: Yeah.
Darwin: I've always thought I'd make a good model.
Gumball: What makes you think that?
Darwin: My cheekbones.
Gumball: There are bones in there?
[Gumball pushes his hand into Darwin's cheek tighter and tighter, then]
Gumball: Oh, huh. There are.

Gumball: See, Darwin, you should always tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions.
[Darwin looks surprised, then punches Gumball in the arm]
Gumball: Ow!

The Third [1.03][edit]

[Gumball is struggling to make it up the road]
Gumball: Ngh! Ngh! Ngh! Ngh! Ugh! Ugh! Agh! AGH!
[Gumball smiles as he thinks it is over but unfortunately it isn't]
Gumball: AGH! [Echoing] GOSH....DARN IT!!!!!!

The End [1.05][edit]

Gumball: Pbbt! Darwin, what are we doing here?
Darwin: Learning hard, so we can get a career, a home, and feed our children in the future.
Gumball: Darwin! There is no future! We need to make the most of it right now! Not listening to some baboon drone on about algebra!
Penny: [Whispers to Gumball] Uh, Gumball, this is biology.
Gumball: Oh, who cares?! It wouldn't matter for 24 HOURS! Kiss me, Penny.

The Quest [1.07][edit]

[Gumball, Darwin, and Anais are in their bedroom]
Anais: Listen, Gumball, I am not spending the night without Daisy. You'll just have to go to Tina's place and get her back.
Gumball: What! Why me?!
Anais: Because....because....[Makes a cute face] Because you were the one who lost it in the first place.
Gumball: [Makes a cute face too] But I'm just a little boy, and she's a giant T-Rex.
Anais: But you are my big brother.
Gumball: But I don't want to get my face pounded to a pulp.
[Both of them continue to exchange cute faces at each other until Gumball gives in]
Gumball: Fine. I'll go.
Anais: Hahahaha!
Gumball: But you two are coming with me.
[Darwin and Anais both groan with exasperation and acceptance]

The Pressure [1.09][edit]

Darwin: [Whispering] Gumball!
[Gumball looks under the table]
Darwin: [Whispering] I'm scared
Gumball: Darwin? I thought you ran away forever.
Darwin: I got hungry.

Darwin: Let go, man! LET GO!

The Laziest [1.11][edit]

[Richard is snoring on the couch and Gumball awakens him]
Richard: Huh? Well, that was a pretty long timeout.
Gumball: Yeah, but now we've got somebody who can beat you -- Lazy Larry.
Richard: Lazy Larry, huh? Why, that's a name I haven't heard since the summer of eighty-three --
Richard: Sorry....So where is he?
Gumball and Darwin: Here!

The Mystery [1.13][edit]

Gumball: I think cheese is better than cake, because you can have cheesecake, but you can't have cake cheese.

The Prank [1.14][edit]

Gumball: Maybe we should just go outside again, this time through the front door.
Darwin: Good idea, Gumball!
Gumball: Okay, prepare to get wet.
[Gumball opens the door, but the bucket containing dried concrete falls in front of Gumball and Darwin almost hitting them]
Gumball: WHAT THE WHAT?!

The Kiss [1.16][edit]

Squirrel: Aww. Why so sad? You need to find your happy place!
Gumball: THERE IS NO HAPPY PLACE!!!! [The squirrel falls over from the loudness. Gumball starts sobbing] Oh, I'm sorry, little creature!
Darwin: [sobs] I'm sorry I couldn't help you forget.
[The squirrel starts sobbing as well]

Gumball: [Screaming] Aw man, that was intense.
Soup: Give us a kiss!
[Gumball wakes up for real]
Gumball: NOOOOO!!!!!
Anais: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Darwin: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
[Gumball then stops screaming, and sighs three times]
Anais: Oh, come on! That's the fifth time tonight!

The Refund [1.18][edit]

Darwin: [Shouts at Gumball in excitement] Come on! Put the game on!
Gumball: [Opens the disc tray] Come on, come on. [Gasps] Oh, there you are. [Attempts to insert the cartridge in the disc tray, but it obviously does not fit] There's something wrong with it!
Darwin: [Shouting] Try the other way around! [Shakes flippers]
[Gumball tries again, to no avail]
Darwin: [Shouting] Come on! Can't you see I'm practically flipping my flippers?
Gumball: What is that supposed to mean?
Darwin: [Anxiously flapping his flippers] IT MEANS PUT THE GAME ON!
Gumball: I can't! It's not working!
[Darwin stops flipping his flippers]
Gumball: [Looks at the game cartridge] I think we got stiffed.

The Robot [1.19][edit]

Gumball: What’s that?
Bobert: It’s the algorithm for smile.
Gumball: Bobert... [throws Bobert’s smile algorithm away] You’ve got a lot to learn, If you want to be real, then you had to have proper emotions.
Bobert: Define emotions.
Gumball: You know... Like feelings and stuff.
Bobert: Define feelings.
Gumball: You know... When you feel things... Like pain.
Bobert: Define pain.

The Picnic [1.20][edit]

Gumball: Darwin, you know what's important in a situation like this?
Darwin: A map?
Gumball: [Laughs loudly, then sighs] No, teamwork.
Darwin: Oh. I was gonna say that next.
Gumball: Don't worry, buddy. You're part of my team, and I'm a born survivor!
Darwin: I'm glad I'm on your team! Hey, little squirrels! [Walks off]

The Sock [1.23][edit]

Gumball: Hmm...Okay, I think I got it. You should always tell the truth, unless you have to lie, but if you do lie, you should tell the truth about it, unless you're talking to someone who's lying, because if they tell a lie and you tell the truth, it'll be a lie because you were lying about telling the truth, inside of a lie, so the whole thing's a lie while still being true.
[Unwilling to speak, Darwin's head explodes, as his body lies down to the floor]

The Curse [1.32][edit]

Gumball: Well, it seems like it's just not my day, but that's ok, because it's nothing a good song won't fix! [Singing] When life hands you lemons, you gotta make some lemonaaaade... [Breathes in, about to sing louder, but is stepped on by Hector]

Banana Joe: Where did you get your clothes, the Lost and Found?! Hahaha!
Gumball: Well actually, yes, I did.
Banana Joe: Ohh, where did you get your clothes, the circus?! Haha!
Gumball: Dude, we kind of just went over this already, Lost and Found.
Banana Joe: Where did you get your clothes, the swim shop and the hat shop?! Hahaha!
[Principal Brown opens the door]
[Sees Principal Brown leaving him shocked, Banana Joe and Idaho walk away, Gumball smiles nervously at Principal Brown]

Darwin: Yay! I wished for snow!

Season 2[edit]

The Banana [2.06][edit]

Banana Joe: HEY! Turn around, you cowards.
Gumball: [Laughs] No, thank you!
Banana Joe: Turn around and face the can of butt-whooping that I'm gonna open on you!
Darwin: Wouldn't it be better to stay like we are for that?
Banana Joe: TURN AROUND!!!!!!!!!
Gumball: [Inhales] Okay. [He and Darwin turn around]
[Banana Joe screams as he charges towards Gumball and Darwin, but slips on a water puddle, rushes under them and hits a water fountain, face first. He groans as he slowly becomes unconscious and a bruise covers his face]

The Phone [2.07][edit]

Gumball: [Sighs] Darwin, we need to talk.
Darwin: Uhh yeah.
Gumball: You know, I love you man.
Darwin: Uh huh.
Gumball: But... I think you have a problem with that phone!
Darwin: Yeah.
Gumball: So I've arranged for your butt to be surgically grafted onto your face.
Darwin: Yeah, yeah sure great.
Darwin: Why don't you text me?

Ocho's Mom: Ow! Ocho, what are you doing? You're not fighting again, I hope.
Ocho: Oh gosh, did I get a little too intense again?
Gumball: Psh! Nah. Totally normal level of intensity.
Ocho: Are you sure?
Gumball and Darwin: Yeeah.
Ocho: [Gets angrier] Are you sure?!
Gumball: Hoo! Yes. Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah.
Darwin: Yes.
Ocho: [Demonic voice] ARE YOU SURE?!!
Gumball: Ye-e-e-es! Please go home now!
Ocho's Mom: Oh, that's good. He can get a little carried away at times. Come on, Ocho! Dinner's ready.
Ocho: See you tomorrow guys!
[Ocho moves towards his mother, and a tractor beam pulls him up.]
Ocho: Can I sit in the front, Mom?

The Treasure [2.10][edit]

Gumball: I You know that good stuff's got me thinking, what else is cheap in this house?
[Gumball, Darwin, and Anais walk into the living room]
Gumball: I mean, look at this MP3 player. Now tell me it's not a calculator with headphones stuck in it. [Grabs a copy of "HOW TO RATATWANG YOUR PANDA"] And that DVD is not even the real film. It's some mockbuster from the bargain bin.
Richard: What's wrong with "How to Ratatwang Your Panda"?
'[On the TV Screen, a section of the film plays, taking place in a dojo]
Good CGI Mouse: Get ready, panda, use your secret weapon.
Chuck the Panda': Okay, you asked for it. [Does a massive fart in the other mice's face]
Bad CGI Mice: Oh, boy!
[Cuts back to the couch]
Richard: HAHAHAHAHA! HEHAHA! [Sighs] Clever.

The Words [2.12][edit]

Darwin: Buddy, I need you to grab the emergency hammer.
Gumball: I'm not breaking the window.
Darwin: No, I need you to knock me out.
Gumball: How about you just ask Sussie to calm down a little?
Darwin: [Whimpers again] I can't...
Gumball: What the... [Pauses video game] You're embarrassed, aren't you?
Darwin: Just use the hammer...
Gumball: [Laughs] Darwin Watterson, the fish who grew legs at the expense of his guts!
Darwin: [Annoyed] Shut up! You son of a-
Sussie: HEY, DARWIN!
[Darwin squeezes his head back out]
Gumball: [Sticks head on top of Sussie and Darwin's seat] Excuse me, Sussie, but can you be a little quieter, please?
Sussie: Certainly, young Gumball, I'd be more than happy to oblige!
Gumball: Thank you.
Darwin: [Motions taking hat off]
Gumball: What's that?
Darwin: That was me, taking my hat off to you.
Sussie: [Whispers] Hats!

The Watch [2.16][edit]

[A reference on TV Tropes' Red Oni and Blue Oni]
Gumball: [Gasps for air] I can't hide like this anymore, we're just gonna have to tell Dad the truth.
[Darwin pops out of a Super Golden Flakes cereal box]
Darwin: Oh sure, great plan. So how do you want to do it? You can start by rejecting his love, while I sucker punch him with the lack of respect that we have for his entire family heritage or, if you prefer, I'll just rip out his heart while you TEAR HIS SOUL IN HALF!
Gumball: Get out of your box, you just gave me an idea.

The Photo [2.25][edit]

Gumball: (to Alan) Because your face is a muscle. The more you train it, the more awesome it looks.

The Storm [2.27][edit]

Alan​​​​​​​: No, I love you more because I also love, loving you—
Gumball: Sorry to interrupt. But can you please stop this?!
Alan​​​​​​​: What?
Gumball: THIS! This hideous picture of happiness!
[Masami, Carrie and Leslie chime in, agreeing with Gumball]
Gumball: I'm so sick of your stupid pet names and your gross lovey-dovey faces. You don't see me and Penny acting like that.
Darwin: That's because you're not going out with her.
Gumball: Exactly. [Sighs]
Idaho: You two are so beautiful, it makes me believe I, too, can find love. [Angrily] But when I look in the mirror, I realize I'm just a dirt covered ball of starch!
[Alan moves to Idaho]
Alan​​​​​​​: But Idaho, if you wanna be loved... first, you gotta love yourself.
Leslie​​​​​​​: [Angrily] Yeah! You're so nice and sensitive too I can't even hate you!
Masami: [Angrily] You're so perfect, it makes me wanna rain on your parade until you swell up, turn brown, and rot!
[Carrie is confused, while everyone is silent]
Carrie: [Clicks tongue] Uhhhh... I think what Masami is trying to say is that you guys are so perfect, it kinda makes us wish for your downfall.
Masami: Uh-huh, why don't you go and be perfect somewhere else?
Idaho: Yeah.
Leslie: Well said, Carrie.
[Everyone walks away except Alan, Carmen and Gumball. Gumball looks guilty]

The Limit [2.30][edit]

Gumball: [Screams and cries while lying down and bangs on the floor] I WANT THAT CHOCOLATE!
[Nicole sighs, and just as Darwin and Anais copy Gumball, Richard starts screaming. Gary walks by and gives Nicole a judgmental stare]
Nicole: [Grabs two cans of hot dogs and speaks in a high-pitched voice while staring at the one on her right hand] Oh, Mommy, I want some chocolate. [Stares at the one on her left hand in a normal pitched voice] I'm sorry, little sausage, but you had too much candy this week. [Closes her eyes in a high pitched voice] WAH WAH WAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! [Squeezes the can in her right hand so hard it explodes; normal voice] Now all the little sausages are punished and going to have to wait in the car.

Gumball: You paranoid nut bar, that stuff doesn't work.
Anais: Then why are you holding a basket full of lipstick?
Gumball: Three colors, five dollars! It'd be stupid not to buy it!
[As Anais stares at him, Gumball realizes what she's saying]
Gumball: This. Is. Perfect! If we use those tricks on Mom, we can get anything we want! It's foolproof! [Starts singing happily] Who's getting candy? [Points at Anais] Owww, you're getting candy! Uh! Uh! [Starts dancing]
Darwin: I'm getting candy! [Twirls around] And he's getting candddddy!
Richard: I'm getting candy?! [Pretends to shred on an air guitar] Uhn! Uhn! She's getting candy! [Points at Anais]
Anais: Mmm, mmm, mmm-mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm! I'm getting candy, [Points at each of the three boys] you're getting candy, he's getting candy, he's getting candy, she's—
[The Watterson's walk out in disappointment]

The Voice [2.31][edit]

Darwin: (Whistles) Hey, William! Feast your eye on this! (He squirts shampoo on Williams’s eye but missed, squirted in his face.) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! MY EYES! OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! Oh, wait. That’s not bad. (laughs) It’s baby shampoo.

William: In silence? [Realizes no one can hear him] Oh, gosh. No one can hear me, can they? I suppose that makes sense, I don't have a mouth. I thought you'd ignored me on purpose all my life. But when you blocked me on Elmore Plus, something snapped. What was I thinking? I'm so sorry. You must be terrified and confused, I cannot apologize enough-
Darwin: NOW! [They turn around, with Gumball holding a racket. He swats William, and William flies out of a window]

The Castle [2.33][edit]

Anais: [Squirts whipped cream into her mouth] And it's Dad who's looking after us. [Squirts some more whipped cream into her mouth]
[Gumball jumps into Darwin's arms with a slow iris shot as they smile. Just before it closes, Anais squirts whipped cream into Gumball's mouth]
Gumball: Ahh... I was hoping you'd do that.

Season 3[edit]

The Coach [3.03][edit]

Gumball: You apologized. [The "You apologized." fades in and out.]
Jamie: Yeah, whatever, you better shut up if you don't want pain/pain to invite you to dinner, they only serve filet-o-fists!
Gumball: Let that anger go, you touched our hearts yesterday.
Jamie: With my fist!
Gumball: Quite a vivid image, but understand You don't have to be a bully anymore, coach saw what we were all blind to see, that you're really a sweet, thing with, uh, a hat or a wig or some kind of a helmet and horns that we're proud to call our friend.
Jamie: [throws Gumball in Darwin’s mouth] I am not anyone's friend, the only friends I need are grandma and grandpa fist, they don't give candy, I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna do something so bad, and it'll go down in SCHOOL HISTORY!

Darwin: Just because she fed Anton to the ducks? or that- she chewed Teri's body to spit it back in her face? or that- she ate a little bit of Sarah and Banana Joe?

The Puppy [3.05][edit]

Darwin: At least he passed away peacefully.
Gumball: Yeah, like a peaceful, evil raisin.
[The kids and Richard are giving the turtle a funeral]
Darwin:[Sniffles] Before we say goodbye to our beloved family pet, Evil Turtle, I think we should all say a few words to let him know how much he meant to us.
Gumball, Anais and Richard: Hmmm.
Darwin: I'll always think fondly of the way he put fear into my heart.
Gumball, Anais and Richard: Hmmm.
Anais: Every time I stare down at the scar tissue on my hand, I'll think of him.
Gumball and Darwin: Hmmm.
Richard: Only once in your lifetime, does something touch your heart in the way that... awesome store did! [Sobs in his hands]
Gumball: Dad, you gotta move on.
Anais: Gumball, do you have anything you like to add?
Gumball: Yeah, er.... I'll miss his.... you know the funny way he... the thing he... I got nothing.
Darwin: [Drops the dead turtle into the trash bag] All of this because we couldn't take care of him.
[Darwin cries over the turtle and a single drop falls on the turtle who immediately recovers and hisses at them, scaring Gumball]
Darwin: He was revived by my tear!
[The turtle climbs out and crosses the road away from the Wattersons, hissing and snarling furiously]
Darwin: Somebody save him, he could get hurt!
[The Turtle moves into the path of a speeding car in which the car crashes into pieces and the turtle was unharmed and unfazed by the impact]
Anais: Forget saving the turtle, we need a plan to save the neighborhood.

The Name [3.07][edit]

Gumball: (Gumball's sweat pours out and Gumball's organs are crying.) I'm weak.

Nicole: (to Gumball) Your real name is Zach.

Red Construction Man: (to Gumball as Zach) Hey, kid, get in line like everyone else!
Crocodile Woman: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin) You've got 3 seconds to move or I'll bingo-wing you.
Red Construction Man: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin): Get back in the line.
Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) aah, dude, you can say sorry to these people before they get heavy items at the bottom of the car?!

Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) NO, WAIT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!

Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) No wait!
Crocodile Woman: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin) I warned you.

The Gripes [3.09][edit]


Banana Bob Grunting: THEY LIED TO UUUUUUS!

Gumball: we (Gumball/Darwin) DIDN'T LIE! (to Darwin) We're mega poor, right, Darwin?!
Banana Bob: (to Gumball/Darwin) PROVE IIIIIIT!

Gumball: EVERYBODY, LISTEN, I think we all learned a very important lesson today and this lesson is...don't complain, be happy with what you got! no, that's.... uh, quite right?! uh, be careful of what you say! nah, no, that's not it either uh, don't jump to conclusions, no, no, don't try to be something you're... not... 'cause uh,... be yourselves?! I don't know, man... maybe the lesson is sometimes, some people do stuffy, things happen and it kind of goes nowhere, anyway, thanks for the check bye!

The Mothers [3.17][edit]

Banana Joe: Your mom's aren't the superest, mine is! It's written right here.
Gumball: Dude. Just because you wrote something, doesn't mean it's true.
Darwin: What is it anyway?
Banana Joe: What do you mean, "What is it?" It's a banana!
[He shows his card. On it is "Superest mom" with a sad clown's face. No one says anything, and he puts his arm down]
Gumball: Look, I don't want to break anyone's heart here, but at the max, your mom could be the superest in your neighborhood.
Darwin: But sometimes Mrs. Mom drives down their street.
Gumball: Oh, yeah, right. Superest mom in your house then, tops.

The Shell [3.20][edit]

Gumball: Oh, what have I done?!

The Bros [3.22][edit]

Gumball: What's your best dance move?
[Darwin does his best dance move, sliding from side to side in his seat]
Darwin: What's yours?
Gumball: Cossack dance, but there's a problem with it.
Darwin: What?
[Gumball gets off of his seat, and dances. He repeatedly kicks himself in the face as he does so]
Gumball: My torso's too short.
[They both laugh. Gumball goes back to his seat]

The Mirror [3.23][edit]

Gumball: (Thumbs up) Eh!

The Pizza [3.25][edit]

Gumball: Uh, what do you want?!

Gumball: What?! are you planning to eat us?!

Gumball: Are you serious?!

Alan: (to Nicole) HEY!
Nicole: (pops Alan by blowing on him for bullying/disobeying Gumball)
Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Richard: YEAAAAAAAAAH!

Gumball disguising himself as Zach: Because, it's the apocalypse and- Because… well, it-it's the apocalypse!
Anais: (to Larry) Society collapsed as soon as you resigned!

The Saint [3.29][edit]

Alan​​​​: AAH! Can you please stop making that noise?!
Gumball: What?
Alan​​​​: Dragging your feet! It's grating!
Gumball: Oh, but I don't understand. You mean this? [Squeaks floor]
Alan​​​​: [Yells] STOP IT, YOU JERK!
Gumball: YES! Ha ha! I finally dragged you down to my level! I knew you could be broken! Oh, I feel so much better about myself. I gotta go tell Darwin!
[Gumball runs off, and Alan screams in rage. Then Alan calms down, smiles, and makes his face again]
Alan​​​​: [Whispering] Whatever makes you happy, my friend.

The Society [3.33][edit]

(Prinicpal Brown gives Gumball detention (as Gumball's punishment) for accidentally doing wrong things)

Banana Joe: (storms away from Gumball)

Idaho: (storms off)

The Countdown [3.35][edit]

Gumball: You can push us?

The Downer [3.37][edit]

Gumball: If you're all hiding so I'd get up, I would like to point out that technically I haven't left my bed, so you don't win! Fine! [Throws his mattress off his back] If everyone is really gone, then no one would mind if I did this.
[Gumball has a weird looking face and knocks over a lamp, the lamp hits the TV, that knocks over and hits a shelf, stuff on the top of the shelf like a vase, falls and then a vase bounces back up and hits the shelf back to where it was, the shelf knocks the TV back where it was, then the TV hits the lamp then hits Gumball, and then he falls]
Gumball: [Looks around, rubbing his cheek] Aaaaaa- it hurts, [Making weird movements] Ahhhh- I think I fractured my nose and sprained an ear or something. Aa! I think I need very expensive medical help, unless someone gave me a magic kiss? [Thinks and extends his mouth to his cheek, giving himself a kiss] What is going on here? [Gasp] I made a terrible wish [Starts to tear up] and now my whole family have disappeared! [Grouchy face] Good.

The Triangle [3.39][edit]

Prinicpal Brown: (throws Gumball out of the locker room and on the ground.)

Gumball: (pushes Leslie for inserting gum in and sabotaging Darwin's whistle) NOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Gumball: (pushes Leslie) Dude, you're a flower, boy, who plays a flute in a school band?! You don't want this to get violent!
Leslie: You were talking to someone who was a dancer since the year he was born in! (slaps Gumball and punches and kicks Gumball to give him a black eye)
Gumball: What I meant (takes the Archie heard off) (Gumball's black eye and swollen face are shown.) was violence is never the answer, dude, you're supposed to be happy for your friend's success, this isn't about Darwin being good at something, it's about you refusing to make the effort to better yourself, you know what the definition of that kind of person is?!
Leslie: You!
Gumball: Exactly!
Leslie: No, I don't want that to happen!
Gumball: So, why don't we just enjoy the success of our friend even if it means that we get left behind?!
Leslie: You're right!
Gumball: Quick, he's about to play the solo! (Darwin plays his solo.)
Man: He's terrible!

Season 4[edit]

The Hug [4.17][edit]

Darwin: So what are you gonna do?
Gumball: I'm gonna man up, and put an end to this!
Darwin: You're just gonna make yourself so unlikable that he has to take responsibility for the end of the friendship, aren't you?
[Gumball is about to interrupt]
Darwin: But first you're gonna deny it.

The Traitor [4.19][edit]

Gumball: [opens hospital door and says to Alan] YOU BUT GUSTED!

[Darwin steps in front of Alan in determination, tears off his surgical mask, and begins to blow in air to re-inflate the balloon; at that moment a band-aid doctor throws open the operating room door]
Doctor: What's going on he–
[He sees Darwin, gasps and backs away. The door swings closed]
Darwin: Uh– I think the anesthetic's worn off!
Gumball: How can you tell?
Darwin: What do we do!?
[Darwin and Alan are both screaming; Gumball, unamused, licks a finger and pokes it into the balloon opening, like a plug]
Gumball: ..Okay, now look for his flatulum.
[Darwin takes a step and slips on an invisible organ]
Darwin: AAH! Found it...
Gumball: [Determined] Then scrape it off your shoe and prepare for surgery!
[The scene cuts to Gumball's face as he is immensely concentrated on the operation he's doing. Darwin presses a towel on Gumball's forehead to remove the sweat]
Gumball: Scalpel... [Darwin hands it over] Forceps... [Darwin hands it over] Mayonnaise... [Darwin hands over a jar of mayo; a moment later Gumball picks up the sandwich he just made] There you go!
[Darwin bites it with delight]
Darwin: Mmm, that's really good!

The Blame [4.34][edit]

Billy: [Gasps] What is this dazzling juxtaposition of sound and image?
Darwin: It's a video game.
Billy: So these are the video games of which Mother warned me! How do they function?
Gumball: See this dude with the muscles of a bodybuilder and the haircut of a Korean pop star? That's me. And I have to blast these monsters over here to save... stuff? [Leaves his seat] Here, try it!
Billy: But is it not dangerous? Mother always says that video games can make one lose contact with reality. That they encourage loose behavior and violent tendencies. Much like rock and roll music, long hair, and vaccinations.
Darwin: Um, no? They're just fun.
Billy: Well, I suppose there's no harm in trying it once. [Chuckles] In the name of science, of course! [Sits down and starts playing] [Screaming] WHOO! THIS IS AMAZING!!
[The camera zooms into Billy's eyes, transitioning to various video game scenes. Billy can be heard screaming and laughing off-screen]
[When the sequence stops he falls to the ground drooling rainbows]
Darwin: What was that all about?
Gumball: He didn't even make it past the loading screen!

Season 5[edit]

The Rerun [5.01][edit]

Gumball: Trust me, Darwin. Rob is gonna destroy us all. I've seen the future!
Darwin: Okay, prove it.
Gumball: Right. Pick a game from the bargain bin.
[Darwin takes a game and Gumball starts talking without even looking at the game]
Gumball: Extreme Tractor Race. Review says: "Here's a cheat code: go left, forward, forward, right, forward, forward, back to the store where you bought it, and ask for a refund."
Darwin: [Gasps] You really can tell the future!
Gumball: Yes! And things are about to get–
Darwin: No! Whatever you say could alter the future in some terrible way!
Gumball: Yeah, but whatever you do in the present does that anyway. Look, you just need to know that–
Darwin: [Puts his hands over his gills] Stop! I refuse to know!
Gumball: Dude, you don't have ears, you're just covering your gills. You won't hear the future, but you won't live to see it either if you can't breathe.

The Code [5.07][edit]

Gumball: Hm. It's not touch-sensitive and it looks like a double keyboard with the letters all messed up.

The Menu [5.27][edit]

Gumball: That wasn't even a pun! That's just what that word is!

The Petals [5.35][edit]

[The scene cuts to a gardening store. Gumball and Darwin spray Leslie with fertilizer, causing him to suffocate]
Leslie​​​: [Coughing] Wait!
[He puts his leaves over his face, and when he lifts them, discovers that he has become more handsome]
Leslie​​​: [Gasps] I'm beautiful. Wait! I'm more beautiful than I've ever been!
[The camera pans out, revealing Leslie's rippling pecks as his leaves undulate in the wind]
Leslie​​​: Look at me, world, and gag upon my eleganza!
[Leslie laughs diabolically, but the scene reveals itself to be a fertilizer-adled hallucination as he lies on the floor giggling, no less hideous. Gumball and Darwin look at him with disgust and spray him one more time, causing him to pass out]

Leslie​​​: I don't care about the people who love me! I've already got their validation. It's the people who don't love me I need to impress! [Makes a fashion pose]
Gumball: [Reading the gardening book] Wait a second. Dude, I've got it! You're just wilting! It's completely normal.
Leslie​​​: Really?
Gumball: Yeah! And there's a very simple solution.

The Line [5.38][edit]

[Rotten Cupcake and Julius watch the video, which shows Gumball disguised as a movie critic, "reviewing" the film]
Gumball: What up, Elmore Streamers, it's Dollyboy1923, aka PixelDonkey. I just got back from seeing Stellar Odyssey, Colon, The Force Rehashed. No spoilers, but it's so refreshing to see less CGI space battles and more sock puppets. And what a brave decision it was to recast all the main characters as female, including the robots.
Julius: Ughh, I can't believe it! They ruined the whole [Throws phone onto the ground] franchise! [Angrily walks away]
Rotten Cupcake: Dude, that was my phone! You could've just stopped the video. [Walks away]

Season 6[edit]

The Rival [6.01][edit]

Gumball: Listen I'm not jealous, do you remember when we adopted Darwin how much happiness we got and don't you think we should give that happiness to another family, and by happiness I mean Anaïs and by another family I mean a pack of scavenging hyenas.
Nicole: Ah I understand you're not the little kids anymore, it was hard for your father too but you'll see how much fun it's to have a little sister.
Gumball: So love multiplies.
Nicole: No it's divides.

The One [6.05][edit]

[Gumball is shown fixing the door with a screwdriver while Darwin watches.]
Gumball: There.
[Tobias is heard rolling into the living room before finally arriving in frame]
Tobias​​​​​: Oh, hey!
[Gumball and Darwin scream]
Tobias​​​​​: You fixed the door! That reminds me of that time we fixed the roof after Ocho blew it up.
[Flashback to the epilogue of "The Phone," though Darwin is shown with large buck teeth]
Darwin: You know, I'm glad I had the strength of character to give up that cell phone- [Scene pauses, music stops] Okay. First of all, why did you alter this memory just to give me massive teeth? And secondly, you weren't even there!
Tobias​​​​​​​​​​​​: [Answering off-frame] Yes I was!
[Camera zooms out to Tobias; watching using binoculars. After a short pause, Tobias laughs]
Tobias​​​​​​​​​​​​: Classic us.
[Tobias makes a funny face while a horn plays in synchronization.]
Gumball: 'Kay, enough! [Flashback ends] You weren't here when we fixed the roof, and you won't be here when we fix the door!
Tobias​​​​​​​​​​​​: But you already fixed the-
[Gumball and Darwin try to throw Tobias out again, but this time the door does not open]
Gumball: Dagnabbit, fixed it too well.

The Candidate [6.12][edit]

Voice: [On television] Thirty-two donkeys playing on a sled,
One fell off it and hurt his leg...
Santa called the doctor, and the doctor said,
No more donkeys playing on that sled!
Thirty-three donkeys playing on a sled...
[All the students whose parents are contributing to the charity ball are shown to be completely exhausted]
Gumball: This has to stop!
Darwin: Really? Don't you want to see what happens to the thirty-second gosh-DARN DONKEY?!
Gumball: At least it's a distraction.

The Shippening [6.14][edit]

Gumball: Well, his feelings are still intact. I'm sure he'll thank us one day.
Darwin: After six months of physiotherapy and learning how to talk again!

Darwin: How often would she get to use that catchphrase?
Gumball: Dude, I think you were right. I don't see how this day could get any weir-aaaaaand [Points offscreen] here we go.
[The shot then changes to a strangely-drawn adult Gumball and Carrie on a bench, holding a baby]
Gumball: I know, right? I mean, a future me? Wearing sandals?
Gumball: [Shocked, points into the distance] And it looks like I didn't stop at women.
[Further away from the adult Gumball and Carrie, there is a wedding taking place between a female, anime-style, human Gumball, and a human, anime-style Darwin. Darwin screams upon seeing this and then sobs]
Gumball: I agree. Always thought I was the one wearing the pants in this relationship.

The Mess [6.39][edit]

Gumball: What is happening here, man?! It's like our lives [As he says the following lines, the picture glitches out] are being edited (3x) by a thirteen-year old [Glitches out] vlogger or something. One minute, we're here [High-pitched] and the next thing we know, we're like "Raaaaaaaa!" and two minutes later we're like "Wooyooyooyooyoo!" and that leaves me completely like [Groaning]. You know what I mean?
Darwin: I'm not sure. But it seems like every time we blink, time skips forward. So I say we don't close our eyes until we find Polly.
Gumball: I agree. [His phone vibrates, pulls it out] "Your cab is arriving."

The Inquisition [6.44][edit]

Rob: [last lines] Oh no. It started.


Gumball: What the WHAT?


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