The Amazing World of Gumball (season 3)

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The Amazing World of Gumball (2011–2019) is an animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around the lives of 12-year-old Gumball Watterson, a blue cat, and his goldfish best friend—adoptive brother 10-year-old Darwin, who attends middle school in the fictional city of Elmore.

The Kids [3.01]


The Fan [3.02]


The Coach [3.03]

(The scene opens on Gumball and Darwin outside of the nurse's office as Gumball knocks on the door.)
Darwin: Are you sure this is going to work? Because I really don't want to go to gym class.
(Gumball's leg kicks him in the face.)
Gumball: My legs are trying to kick my brain for just thinking about it! But don't you worry. Today's the day the plan works!
Darwin: But it's already gone wrong so many times. Maybe we should just accept our fate and go to gym class.
(Gumball's leg kicks Darwin in the shin.)
Darwin: Ow!
Gumball: Don't say that out loud! You're making them angry! Just let me handle this.
(The Nurse answers the door.)
Nurse: (sighs) Watterson.... No, I haven't lost weight. No, I haven't done something new with my hair. No, you don't have the bubonic plague. No, you can't have a second opinion on that. Therefore, no, you cannot get a note to skip gym class.
(Gumball's leg kicks his face again.)
Nurse: What was that?
Gumball: Don't worry about it.

Gumball: (muffled, via subtitles) You apologized.
Jamie: Yeah, whatever, you better shut up if you don't want Mr. and Mrs. Pain to invite you to dinner! They only serve filet-o-fist!
Gumball: [Twists his jaw back] It's fine. You can let that anger go, Jamie. You touched our hearts yesterday.
Jamie: Oh, I'll touch your heart--with my fist!
Gumball: That's...quite a vivid image, but we understand. You don't have to be a bully anymore. Coach saw what we were all too blind to see, that you're really a sweet, kind, orange...thing with, uh, a hat...or a wig or some kind of a helmet...and horns that we're proud to call our friend.
Jamie: [throws Gumball in Darwin’s mouth] I am not anyone's friend! The only friends I need are Grandma and Grandpa Fist, and they don't give candy. I'm gonna show you. I'm gonna do something so bad, it'll go down in SCHOOL HISTORY!
Gumball: We really need to work on Jamie's hugging technique.

Gumball: You don't really think Jamie will do anything bad, do you?
Darwin: Well, just because she fed Anton to the ducks... [Flashback of said moment briefly plays] Or that she chewed Teri's own body to spit it back in her face... [Flashback of said moment briefly plays] Or that she ate a little bit of Sarah and Banana Joe... [Flashback of said moment briefly plays]
Gumball: (scared) Dude, stop! I can't take any more horrible flashbacks!
Darwin: But people change. Just because she did all that doesn't mean [sees Jamie] that she's capable of climbing into the back of a teacher's car to[Becomes very startled and fearful] DO SOMETHING SO BAD THAT IT'LL GO DOWN IN SCHOOL HISTORY!

The Joy [3.04]


The Puppy [3.05]

Darwin: At least he passed away peacefully.
Gumball: Yeah, like a peaceful, evil raisin.
[The kids and Richard are giving the turtle a funeral]
Darwin:[Sniffles] Before we say goodbye to our beloved family pet, Evil Turtle, I think we should all say a few words to let him know how much he meant to us.
Gumball, Anais and Richard: Hmmm.
Darwin: I'll always think fondly of the way he put fear into my heart.
Gumball, Anais and Richard: Hmmm.
Anais: Every time I stare down at the scar tissue on my hand, I'll think of him.
Gumball and Darwin: Hmmm.
Richard: Only once in your lifetime, does something touch your heart in the way that... awesome store did! [Sobs in his hands]
Gumball: Dad, you gotta move on.
Anais: Gumball, do you have anything you like to add?
Gumball: Yeah, er.... I'll miss his.... you know the funny way he... the thing he... I got nothing.
Darwin: [Drops the dead turtle into the trash bag] All of this because we couldn't take care of him.
[Darwin cries over the turtle and a single drop falls on the turtle who immediately recovers and hisses at them, scaring Gumball]
Darwin: He was revived by my tear!
[The turtle climbs out and crosses the road away from the Wattersons, hissing and snarling furiously]
Darwin: Somebody save him, he could get hurt!
[The Turtle moves into the path of a speeding car in which the car crashes into pieces and the turtle was unharmed and unfazed by the impact]
Anais: Forget saving the turtle, we need a plan to save the neighborhood.

(At a swamp, Gumball is tied to a tree with tape---in his underwear.)

Gumball: Why am I the bait?
Darwin: (comes out of a bush) Because you're the one the turtle loves biting the most!
'Gumball: Alright but why am I not allowed to wear clothes?
Darwin: Because he could choke on them.
(Darwin pops in and then out of his hiding spot and decorates Gumball's head with leaves.)
Gumball: What was that for?
Darwin: Presentation. It's important.
Gumball: What??
Anais: Shh! Just remember to let it get as close as possible to give me a chance to catch it!
Darwin: Just make sure you don't hurt him, okay? He's really a small little guy and there is three...
(Darwin suddenly falls as he is heard gasping.)
Gumball: .....Darwin? Are you ok?
(Gumball nervously checks his environment as looks around. He then hears splashing water.)
Gumball: Dude, is that you?... Hello? Is anyone there?
(A pair of malicious eyes poke out of the swamp. Gumball gapes before the turtle rushes out to him while hissing, scaring Gumball and forcing him to free himself!)
(The evil turtle closes in, but Gumball manages to free himself, though losing his fur from the tape, and runs away, with the turtle in pursuit.)
Anais: Hey Wait, what about the bowl?!
Gumball: WHAT ABOUT MY BUTT?!?!?

(Before the monster turtle could come any closer, Anais traps it in the bowl.)

Anais: Well, I guess there's no getting rid of it. We'll have to keep it for as long as it lives.
Nicole: How long do they live?
Anais: 130 years.

The Recipe [3.06]


The Name [3.07]

Gumball: (Gumball's sweat pours out and Gumball's organs are crying.) I'm weak.

Nicole: (to Gumball) Your real name is Zach.

Red Construction Man: (to Gumball as Zach) Hey, kid, get in line like everyone else!
Crocodile Woman: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin) You've got 3 seconds to move or I'll bingo-wing you.
Red Construction Man: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin): Get back in the line.
Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) aah, dude, you can say sorry to these people before they get heavy items at the bottom of the car?!

Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) NO, WAIT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!

Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) No wait!
Crocodile Woman: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin) I warned you.

The Extras [3.08]


The Gripes [3.09]


Banana Bob Grunting: THEY LIED TO UUUUUUS!

Gumball: we (Gumball/Darwin) DIDN'T LIE! (to Darwin) We're mega poor, right, Darwin?!
Banana Bob: (to Gumball/Darwin) PROVE IIIIIIT!

Gumball: EVERYBODY, LISTEN, I think we all learned a very important lesson today and this lesson is...don't complain, be happy with what you got! no, that's.... uh, quite right?! uh, be careful of what you say! nah, no, that's not it either uh, don't jump to conclusions, no, no, don't try to be something you're... not... 'cause uh,... be yourselves?! I don't know, man... maybe the lesson is sometimes, some people do stuffy, things happen and it kind of goes nowhere, anyway, thanks for the check bye!

The Vacation [3.10]

Nicole: Yes, but about that, apparently the engine is... (glares at Richard) caramelized.
Richard: (gasps, then whispers) Caramelized.... (He looks at Nicole) Aw.... Mmm!
Nicole: (groans) He can't fix it. We're stuck here. But, the good news is he says he'll have us for dinner!
(Gumball and Darwin scream again from inside the car.)
Nicole: Can you guys stop screaming every five minutes?!
(The window rolls down, revealing the boys screaming silently.)
Gumball: Actually, we're doing a silent scream. We need to save our voices for WHEN HE EATS US!!!
Anais: You two are ridiculous. Scaring yourselves with narrow-minded assumptions about country people.
(The old man suddenly picks up Anais.)
Old Man: Big brain for such a small thing. (chuckles) I like that.
(Frightened, Anais dashes into the car.)
Nicole: Alright, that's it! I only get five days off a year! (at Richard) We already wasted Christmas when you decorated the house with whipped cream instead of fake snow!
(Flashback to Nicole entering the house at Christmastime)
Nicole: Merry Christma--AAH!
(Nicole slips on the whipped cream and is knocked unconscious. Richard and Anais are seen gorging on the cream.)
Richard: Uh, how much cream did you eat?
Nicole: Then, there was the Fourth of July...
(In another flashback, the family is gathered in the backyard as Richard lights a firework.)
Nicole: Be careful, Richard.
(The lit firework launches, but it circles back down and crashes into the yard.)
Nicole: Then your mother's visit...
(In another flashback, Nicole is driving on the freeway with Granny Jojo alongside her. However, as the latter speaks, she gets increasingly annoyed.)
Granny Jojo: After you drop me off at the mall, go to the grocery store and buy me a melon - not too hard, not too soft. Then, pick me up at 2:30. I have an appointment at a beauty parlor, and from the looks of it, you could do with a makeup yourself, then you need to--
Nicole: And let's not forget Halloween!
(In one last flashback, Richard, in a wolf mask, surprises Nicole on Halloween. However, Nicole reacts by kicking him down the stairs!)
Nicole: Richard?
Richard: There's some liquid in my lungs!
(Back to the original scene...)
Nicole: So I'm not going to ruin this by listening to your crazy assumptions! You said we were going camping, so WE ARE GOING CAMPING!!!!!!!!

The Fraud [3.11]


The Void [3.12]


The Boss [3.13]


The Move [3.14]


The Law [3.15]

Gumball: I mean, why not drive with your eyes closed, and your hands in the air too?!
Donut Cop: Ah, great idea! [Drives with eyes closed and hands in air]
[Gumball then screams]
Donut Cop: Whoohoo!
[He drives on the wrong lane, and barely hits other cars and people going the opposite direction]
Darwin: [Panicked] No! NO! He was trying to use reverse psychology!
Donut Cop: Did someone say reverse?!
[The sheriff reverses the car, and drives backwards. The car flies off a speed bump, and a speed camera takes a snapshot of the car's bottom. They continue driving, no longer reversed. Gumball takes his paws with claws stuck on the dashboard off it]
Gumball: Please, I'm begging you. Someone's going to get hurt unless you stop breaking the law!
Donut Cop: Don't worry kid, nothing can happen. I AM THE LAW! [Laughs hysterically]
[He speeds up the car. Then spotting a baby carriage and the Crocodile Woman in the middle of the road, he steps on the brakes and screeches to a halt. The car stops in time, but bumps the carriage. This sends a piece of trash flying from the baby stroller]
Gumball: Oh, thank gosh it's the old stroller-full-of-trash trick.
[The piece of trash hits a live baby in another stroller from a distance, making it cry]

The Allergy [3.16]


The Mothers [3.17]

Banana Joe: Your mom's aren't the superest, mine is! It's written right here.
Gumball: Dude. Just because you wrote something, doesn't mean it's true.
Darwin: What is it anyway?
Banana Joe: What do you mean, "What is it?" It's a banana!
[He shows his card. On it is "Superest mom" with a sad clown's face. No one says anything, and he puts his arm down]
Gumball: Look, I don't want to break anyone's heart here, but at the max, your mom could be the superest in your neighborhood.
Darwin: But sometimes Mrs. Mom drives down their street.
Gumball: Oh, yeah, right. Superest mom in your house then, tops.

The Password [3.18]


The Procrastinators [3.19]


(The episode opens on a close-up of Gumball and Darwin)

Darwin: Wait, what?
Nicole: You are procrastinators.
Darwin: What does that mean?
Gumball: "Procrastinator". Derived from the Mexican word, Procratalamación, which means "midnight snack", and the Viking word, astenator, which means "puckered cheeks". It describes a person sitting on a sandwich in the dark.
[Darwin sends a confused face at Gumball]
Gumball: Of course I don't know, dude. You know how I use a dictionary...
[A flashback shows a sleeping Richard and Gumball emerging behind the couch with a dictionary. He slams it shut, creating a loud boom that scares Richard, causing his heart to literally burst out of his chest. Gumball disgustedly escapes the scene.]
Anais: A procrastinator is someone who always avoids their responsibilities by doing something else instead.
Gumball: (laughs) That's ridiculous.
Nicole: Gumball, you're such a procrastinator that you were four years old when you finished your first sentence. Even then, it was "I'll do it tomorrow."

The Shell [3.20]


Gumball: What the what? Y-you look… you look—
Penny​​​: What? Do I look bad? [She shape-shifts into a gremlin]
Gumball: No! You look, uh—
Penny​​​: [Raspy voice] I look disgusting, don't I?!
Gumball: No, Penny, I think you look—
Penny​​​: Don't look at me! [Deep voice] I'M A MONSTER!
[Penny shape-shifts into an amorphous fist, breaks through the wall of Gumball's room, and flies away, now in the form of a gargoyle]
Gumball: No, Penny, wait! You look… extraordinary.
Richard: NO! It's a tragic misunderstanding that could have been really easily avoided if he just finished his sentence in time!
'[Nicole slowly opens the door and the rest of the Wattersons rush into Gumball's room]
[Gumball climbs down the ladder, going after Penny]
Gumball: Penny, please wait!
Nicole: Gumball!

Patrick: What the…? You came out of your shell.
Gumball: [Laughs nervously] I know, she looks fantastic, right?
Patrick: What have you done? You've turned her into a freak.
Gumball: A freak…ishly beautiful young lady. [Laughs nervously]
Patrick: She looks like a pig-
Gumball: -ture of beauty. Ha ha, absolutely!
Patrick: You turned my daughter into a monster!
Gumball: -truck! Of... prettiness?
[Penny shrieks as she transforms into a dragon]
Penny​​​: [Deep voice] Gumball, please tell my father that the monster's gone to live in the forest, with all the other beasts! [Flies away]
[Gumball turns to Patrick, with an angry expression on his face]
Patrick: What?
Gumball: [Mockingly imitates Patrick] Ohh, I wonder why my daughter is upset after I called her a freaky pig monster!
[Gumball hops on the hood of Patrick's car]
Gumball: NOW, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, I'M GONNA HAVE TO ASK YOU TO SHUT UP! Think about what you've done! Do you realize you were wrong?! [Patrick nods] Good! But don't beat yourself up about it, parenting is hard! Now pop the hood!
[Patrick pops the hood of his car, launching Gumball up into the sky, and onto Penny]
Gumball: I'm not letting you leave!

Penny​: Gumball, no! You'll get hurt! Gumball: Ah! Look out! AAH!

[A plane approaches them. They barely dodge it]

Gumball: Penny! Go up go up GO UP! Penny​: You're too heavy! Gumball: Aww, man!

The Burden [3.21]


The Bros [3.22]

Gumball: What's your best dance move?
[Darwin does his best dance move, sliding from side to side in his seat]
Darwin: What's yours?
Gumball: Cossack dance, but there's a problem with it.
Darwin: What?
[Gumball gets off of his seat, and dances. He repeatedly kicks himself in the face as he does so]
Gumball: My torso's too short.
[They both laugh. Gumball goes back to his seat]

[In the library, Gumball once again tries to propose to Penny. He emerges from behind a bookcase and walks up to her]
Gumball: Penny, there's something I need to ask you.
Penny: Actually, there's something I wanted to say as well.
Gumball: I know. I totally feel what you feel. Let's say it at the same time. One. Two-
Penny: We need some space. [Gumball gasps and makes a shocked face] It's just… until you guys work it out, I kinda feel bad ruining your relationship. You two have something special, you know.
[Gumball, still shocked, screams as he runs off - without moving his legs. He screams and glides his way through the hallway, onto the bus, and back through his house until he arrives in his bedroom and finds Darwin waiting there. He is poorly dressed up like Penny]
Gumball: Ugh. What are you doing?
Darwin: Whatever it takes for you to still love me. Is it working?
Gumball: If by working, you mean making me nauseous then- [Gags, then cries] But it doesn't matter anyway. Penny's left me! She didn't want to come between us, and it's all your fault! [Faceplants and sobs]
Darwin: Uh…I didn't mean to come between you two. I-I-I just wanted to spend more time with you. I'm so sorry. Come here- [Darwin tries to reach out to Gumball, but Gumball avoids him]
Gumball: Wait, this is creepy. [Sobbing loudly] But I really need a hug! [Darwin holds Gumball, and comforts him]
Darwin: There, there.
Gumball: Is it weird that I love her so much it makes my ears sweat?
Darwin: No, no.
Gumball: Is it weird that I think about her all the time, even in the bathroom?
Darwin: [Chuckles] No.
Gumball: Is it weird that I bought a ring and I want to ask her to marry me?
Darwin: Well, yeah. That's-that's completely weird.
Gumball: Well, it doesn't matter now. It's all ruined!
Darwin: No, it's not. What if I could give you the perfect setting, the perfect moment?
Gumball: What do you mean? [Darwin begins dancing and imitating R&B music]
Gumball: Stop it. That…that's weird.
Darwin: Mm mm. Come on.
Gumball: [Snickers] All right. [Joins in dancing with him] How are you gonna get a log cabin though? Or a lake? Or a chocolate fountain? And how are you gonna get her to come over?
Darwin: Come on. Mm mm. [He starts dancing towards the door] Uh huh. Come on.

The Mirror [3.23]

Gumball: (sighs) Come on, just say it.
Darwin: What?
Gumball: Well, I lost all my money, all my friends, and my girlfriend, so you were right to take that curse seriously. Come on, just say "I told you so."
Darwin: I don't know what you take me for, but I get no pleasure out of this. (reaching the house) Let's just hope our family is still there.
[Gumball slowly opens the door]
Gumball: (nervously) Hello? Mom? Dad?
Darwin: (closes door) Told you so.
Gumball: (slapping Darwin) STOP, YOU'RE BEING HYSTERICAL!!!
[Darwin slaps him back. Gumball also slaps back. They both keep slapping each other quickly before stopping]
Gumball: Okay, let's stop. This isn't very constructive.
Darwin: Exactly! We're doing this my way now. We're getting help--magical help.

Darwin: Why don't we just use the book to defend ourselves?
Gumball: Great idea!
(The Snatcher emerges, and Gumball hits him with the Forbidden Book to distract him.)
Darwin: No, I mean use the spells inside!
Carrie: Don't! The price to pay is too high!
Gumball: Oh, we don't have a choice! (opens the book) There, a time-traveling spell. Let's just go through the night! Tempus future!
(The spell speeds up the time flow to dawn.)
Gumball: Haha! In your (suddenly turns old) faaaaace....
(Gumball walks to the microwave to see his elderly state.)
Gumball: Agh! What happened?? (Carrie pulls him away before the Snatcher could catch him.)
Carrie: The price for that spell was your youth.

The Man [3.24]


Granny Jojo: Alright, enough chitchat. Help me up! I don't wanna break a leg before my hot date.
[The kids try to lift her out, but she is surprisingly heavy]
Gumball: What the weight?! How can someone so small be so heavy?
Granny Jojo: Well, I have two metal hips, one orthopedic shoe, six gold teeth, a plate in my head and an industrial-strength pacemaker. I've got so much metal in me, I'm legally classified as a motor vehicle. Anyway, where's the rope?
[The kids look back to see the rope gone.]
Gumball: (to Anais) Didn't I tell you to tie the end to something?
Anais: (to Darwin) Didn't I tell you to tie the end to something??
Darwin: (to no one) Didn't I tell you to--
Gumball: Oh, wait. Sorry. My bad. I didn't tell anyone to tie it.
Granny Jojo: (sighs) We need another plan.

The Pizza [3.25]

Gumball: Uh, what do you want?!

(A microphone goes off.)

Mr. Small: (through intercom) This is our territory, and YOU are now our prey...
Gumball: What?! are you planning to eat us?!

(Mr. Small climbs down and approaches the Wattersons.)

Mr. Small: Yes. I ran out of tofu and soy milk. Say, you guys aren't on any antibiotics, are you? If I have to eat meat, I want it to be organic.
Gumball: Are you serious?!
Mr. Small: I'm sorry, but it's survival of the fittest.
Nicole: Good! Then you won't mind me doing this.

(Nicole grabs Mr. Small and throws him. The other dystopians are dealt with in short order as Nicole easily beats them.)

Alan: (to Nicole) HEY!

(Nicole turns toward Alan. She walks toward him before blowing an effortless breath of air, instantly popping him.)

Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Richard: YEAAAAAAAAAH!

Larry: Why are you guys here? And why are you dressed like that?
Gumball: Because, it's the apocalypse, and because… well, it-it's the apocalypse!
Anais: Society collapsed as soon as you resigned!
Larry: But that was only twenty minutes ago.

The Lie [3.26]


The Butterfly [3.27]

Ms. Simian: Okay. Break time's over. I can't be bothered to take attendance. So if you're not here, please raise your hand now.
[Nothing happens]
Ms. Simian: Good. [Sees empty jar; shouts angrily] WHERE'S THE BUTTERFLY?!
Darwin: Miss Simian, we did the only decent thing and set it free.
Ms. Simian: You fools! You've unleashed the sheer destructive power of a butterfly on the world! [Takes cover] Brace, duck, and cover!
Gumball: Come on, Miss Simian. Do you really think a little butterfly could—oh, here he is now. Coming back to say hello.
[The butterfly lands on his hand]
Gumball: [Sighs] He's so cute. How can anyone believe that something so tiny can destroy a whole town?

The Question [3.28]

(At the Watterson house...)
Gumball and Darwin: BREAKFAST!!! (banging table) BREAKFAST!!! (banging table) BREAK--!
(Nicole slams down a cereal box.)
Gumball: What the what is this? It looks like medieval prison food.
Nicole: It's cereal - real cereal.
Darwin: What's wrong with Smashmallows?
Nicole: I read the back of the box. This is so unhealthy that by the time you guys turn 13, your double chins will be touching your cankles.
Gumball: Well, at least the mascot doesn't look like a cowboy goat with high blood pressure.
Darwin: Please, Mrs. Mom. This cereal is so bleak, that if it were a movie, it would be Danish.
Nicole: I'm sorry, but the Smashmallows are going in the trash, and that's that.

(Their question still left unanswered, Gumball and Darwin mope through the neighborhood, until Gumball rolls over from his sulking.)
Gumball: Why isn't anyone able to answer our question?! TELL ME, UNIVERSE -- WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE??!
(In the bowels of space..)
Uranus: Quick! I think someone is in need of a cosmic answer.
Mars: Let's explain the meaning of his pitiful existence in the form of a feel-good song.
(And so...)

A-one, two, three

If you think you've got a problem, and your life is full of doubt
Remember, in the scheme of things, your life just doesn't count!
To you, a leaf may seem quite small, but to an ant, it's ten feet tall
It's hard to be objective, so we'll offer some perspective
You think there's nothing greater than the planet you call Earth,
But Earth can seem quite skinny next to Neptune's mighty girth!
And if you think you've got a problem when you're thinner or you're fatter
Remember, in the scheme of things, your life just doesn't matter
Now, the sun can make us all feel small,
'Cause he's the biggest of us all,
But that's just in the solar system
Bigger things than that exist:
The Milky Way, the galaxy, and don't forget the universe!
It may seem small to others, but they're huge compared to you or us
You're tiny and you're miniscule, irrelevant, a speck
On the dark side of that rock, you're just a measly little fleck
Your life may last a century on Earth or maybe quicker,
But, up here, 100 years is just a flash, a blip, a flicker!
So, when you think you've got a problem and your life is full of doubt
Remember, in the scheme of things, your
Puny, little, tiny, weeny,
Meager, futile, worthless, teeny,
Boring, foolish, pointless, minimal,
Wretched, bleak, obsolete, abysmal

(Back on Earth, Gumball and Darwin watch the sun, in their perspective, distortedly hum to the song.)
Darwin: What the--? What's up with that?
Gumball: I don't know, but the joke's on them. By the time they finish their smug little song, the sun would've collapsed under its own mass and exploded, so, pbht!

The Saint [3.29]

Alan​​​​: AAH! Can you please stop making that noise?!
Gumball: What?
Alan​​​​: Dragging your feet! It's grating!
Gumball: Oh, but I don't understand. You mean this? [Squeaks floor]
Alan​​​​: [Yells] STOP IT, YOU JERK!
Gumball: YES! Ha ha! I finally dragged you down to my level! I knew you could be broken! Oh, I feel so much better about myself. I gotta go tell Darwin!
[Gumball runs off, and Alan screams in rage. Then Alan calms down, smiles, and makes his face again]
Alan​​​​: [Whispering] Whatever makes you happy, my friend.

The Friend [3.30]


The Oracle [3.31]


The Safety [3.32]

Video Narrator: Watch Out, Little Teddy.
[Then a teddy bear is seen cooking]
Video Narrator: Little Teddy is very excited, because it's cookie time. But, watch out, Little Teddy…
[Little Teddy burns his hands while attempting to bring out some cookies from an oven]
Little Teddy: Ow! Ow!
[The video switches to Little Teddy looking out from a window, and to a tree with a bird]
Video Narrator: Little Teddy has seen a bird. [Little Teddy waves as narrator speaks] Hello little bird!
Bird: Hello!
Video Narrator: But, watch out, Little Teddy...
[Little Teddy falls out of the window, and hits the ground. The bird perches on Little Teddy's head and pecks his nose]
[Little Teddy is seen chasing a butterfly in a field]
Video Narrator: Little Teddy is having fun in the backyard, with a butterfly. Butterflies are pretty. But, watch out, Little Teddy….
[After running a long distance, Little Teddy knocks himself over with a rake]
[The video transitions to Little Teddy walking to an old woman about to cross a road]
Video Narrator: Little Teddy is helping a senior citizen. That's kind of you, Teddy. It's nice to be nice.
[Little Teddy and the old woman start crossing the road]
Video Narrator: But, watch out, Little Teddy...
[Little Teddy puts his arm around the old woman's shoulder, which angers her. The old woman screams, and beats his head with a crowbar until a bump rises from his head]
[As the old woman leaves, Little Teddy is hit by a speeding car]
Video Narrator: AND CARS!
[The scene flips over, and transitions to Little Teddy dancing inside a circle of singing children]
Children: [Singing] If you're going on adventures, or having lots of fun. Remember to be frightened, being safe is number one.
Little Teddy: [Waving] Remember, kids: please take care, 'cause danger's lurking— [Little Teddy, along with the video becomes eerily distorted and slowed] everywhere.
[The camera zooms out from a TV in Miss Simian's classroom. Beside it, Mr. Small is screaming, frightened by the video. Gumball, Darwin, Sarah, Leslie, Masami, Molly, and Tobias, who were watching the video, are frozen with horrified expressions on their faces]
Mister Small​​​​​: Okay. Everyone, take the rest of the day off. I'm just gonna—

The Society [3.33]

(Prinicpal Brown gives Gumball detention (as Gumball's punishment) for accidentally doing wrong things)

Banana Joe: (storms away from Gumball)

Idaho: (storms off)

The Spoiler [3.34]


The Countdown [3.35]

[Darwin draws a watch onto his wrist. Seeing the time, he gasps before rushing to the room]
Darwin: Wake up! We're gonna be late for school!
Gumball: (sighs) I'll get up when the alarm goes off.
Darwin: But you've already pressed the snooze button!
Gumball: That was five minutes ago.
Darwin: That was an hour ago! Snooze time goes faster than regular time.
Gumball: (sighs) I just found the perfect position.
[Darwin pulls the cover off, revealing Gumball in a potentially bone-breaking position]
Darwin: Dude, it looks like you fell from the seventh floor.
Gumball: Come on, just another minute.
Darwin: [carrying Gumball] No, we're already late! See?
[Outside, the bus drives away, causing the boys to panic]

(Gumball and Darwin return to school.)

Gumball: Okay, all we need to do is set the clock back to "0", and everything will be fine. Spin it!
[Darwin spins the clock, sending the boys through time. They stop in a dystopian future]
Gumball: Uh, dude, I think you spun it too far...
[An explosion occurs]
Gumball: Let's go back a little.
[Gumball spins the clock again, this time sending them to space--the exact moment it was created via the Big Bang]
Gumball: (silently, via subtitles): [That was a big bang!] (To Darwin) [Too far back?]
[Darwin nods. Gumball spins the clock again.]

The Nobody [3.36]


The Downer [3.37]

Gumball: If you're all hiding so I'd get up, I would like to point out that technically I haven't left my bed, so you don't win! Fine! [Throws his mattress off his back] If everyone is really gone, then no one would mind if I did this.
[Gumball has a weird looking face and knocks over a lamp, the lamp hits the TV, that knocks over and hits a shelf, stuff on the top of the shelf like a vase, falls and then a vase bounces back up and hits the shelf back to where it was, the shelf knocks the TV back where it was, then the TV hits the lamp then hits Gumball, and then he falls]
Gumball: [Looks around, rubbing his cheek] Aaaaaa- it hurts, [Making weird movements] Ahhhh- I think I fractured my nose and sprained an ear or something. Aa! I think I need very expensive medical help, unless someone gave me a magic kiss? [Thinks and extends his mouth to his cheek, giving himself a kiss] What is going on here? [Gasp] I made a terrible wish [Starts to tear up] and now my whole family have disappeared! [Grouchy face] Good.

The Egg [3.38]


The Triangle [3.39]

Prinicpal Brown: (throws Gumball out of the locker room and on the ground.)

Gumball: (pushes Leslie for inserting gum in and sabotaging Darwin's whistle) NOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Gumball: (pushes Leslie) Dude, you're a flower boy who plays a flute in a school band. You don't want this to get violent!
Leslie: You were talking to someone who was a dancer since the year he was born in! (slaps Gumball and punches and kicks Gumball to give him a black eye)
Gumball: What I meant (takes the Archie head off) (Gumball's black eye and swollen face are shown.) was violence is never the answer, dude. You're supposed to be happy for your friend's success. This isn't about Darwin being good at something, it's about you refusing to make the effort to better yourself, and you know what the definition of that kind of person is?
Leslie: You!
Gumball: Exactly.
Leslie: No, I don't want that to happen!
Gumball: So, why don't we just enjoy the success of our friend even if it means that we get left behind?
Leslie: You're right!
Gumball: Quick, he's about to play the solo!

(Outside, all eyes turn to Darwin as a drumroll plays over...and over...and over to signal his cue. Under stage fright, he plays his whistle, but it comes out more shaky and lacking in resonance, causing the crowd to boo him.)

Man: He's terrible!

(However, Gumball and Leslie righteously nod to congratulate their friend.)

The Money [3.40]

Gumball: Rocky! We need to get to the mall so we can sell out and make a load of cash!
Rocky: Oh, sure. No probs- [Starts to glitch out before he can finish his sentence]
[The bus starts moving but the glitching begins to infect the bus and everything it comes in contact with. The Wattersons scream as the bus glitches out of control but their screams are temporarily switched to lovely-sounding tweeting birds as the sound begins to cut in and out as well. The bus then glitches into the air before falling back down smoothly, phasing through the ground. The bus then hits Doughnut Sheriff and Mr. Robinson who were glitched as well]
Donut Cop: Arrrgh!!!
Gaylord: ROAD HOoOoGGS!!!
[The bus continues to glitch and the Wattersons continue to scream as the bus begins to break down. The sound begins to drop in quality as well]
Gumball: We need to get out of here!
[The family jumps out of the bus as it continues to disintergrate to nothing. The family then runs towards the mall]
Nicole: We got to sign that contract before there is nothing left of Elmore!
[The environment then immediately switches from a barely 3D environment to a storyboard as the Wattersons are running through the Mall Parking lot]
Richard: [Muffled] We're... almost... there!
Gumball: [Muffled] Are you sure? Cos' it doesn't look like we're moving.
[The panels then begin to speed up as the Wattersons are apparently moving faster than before]
Darwin: [Muffled] AAARGH! 'Too faaast!!!
Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole and Richard: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!
[Their speed boosts up, which allows them to break through the storyboard panel borders and tear through the entrance of the mall. After they crash through the door, the environment is reduced to a hand-drawn background and the Wattersons become sticky notes]
Gumball: [Muffled] Where's Joyful Burger?!
Nicole: [Muffled] It's that way! [Points in a direction]
Anais: [Muffled] Err... it's over there. [Sticks her thumb in the opposite direction]
[Nicole's arm is suddenly erased]
Nicole: AAAAAAAHHH!!!! [Only for it to be drawn back pointing in the right direction] Oh. I meant that way.
[The Wattersons run into Joyful Burger, now crude post-it note drawings]
Nicole: We'll do the commercial!
Larry: [In a computer-generated voice with Australian accent] Then hurry up before it's too late!
[The Wattersons, except Gumball, all sign the contract, causing their animation and the environment to revert back to normal, while Gumball remains a sticky note]
Nicole: Quick, Gumball!
Richard: Come on, sign it!
[The camera cuts to Gumball, still a post-it note drawing. He grabs the pencil on the contract]
Gumball: [Puts down pencil] Wait. Are we really going to become clichés of ourselves just to sell a few burgers? Isn't there a way to survive in this world without selling out? Not everything has a price! Some things are more precious than money! Like dignity! Freedom! Love! Sorry, Larry, but you could have all the money in the world and you still couldn't afford the Wattersons!