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The Amazing World of Gumball (2011–2019) is a British-American animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around the lives of 12-year-old Gumball Watterson, a blue cat, and his goldfish best friend—adoptive brother 10-year-old Darwin, who attends middle school in the fictional city of Elmore.

The Third [1.3][edit]

[Gumball is struggling to make it up the road]
Gumball: Ngh! Ngh! Ngh! Ngh! Ugh! Ugh! Agh! AGH!
[Gumball smiles as he thinks it is over but unfortunately it isn't]
Gumball: AGH! [Echoing] GOSH....DARN IT!!!!!!

The Quest [1.7][edit]

[Gumball, Darwin, and Anais are in their bedroom]
Anais: Listen, Gumball, I am not spending the night without Daisy. You'll just have to go to Tina's place and get her back.
Gumball: What! Why me?!
Anais: Because....because....[Makes a cute face] Because you were the one who lost it in the first place.
Gumball: [Makes a cute face too] But I'm just a little boy, and she's a giant T-Rex.
Anais: But you are my big brother.
Gumball: But I don't want to get my face pounded to a pulp.
[Both of them continue to exchange cute faces at each other until Gumball gives in]
Gumball: Fine. I'll go.
Anais: Hahahaha!
Gumball: But you two are coming with me.
[Darwin and Anais both groan with exasperation and acceptance]

The Laziest [1.11][edit]

[Richard is snoring on the couch and Gumball awakens him]

Richard: Huh? Well, that was a pretty long timeout.
Gumball: Yeah, but now we've got somebody who can beat you -- Lazy Larry.
Richard: Lazy Larry, huh? Why, that's a name I haven't heard since the summer of eighty-three --
Richard: Sorry....So where is he?
Gumball and Darwin: Here!

The Mystery [1.13][edit]

Gumball: I think cheese is better than cake, because you can have cheesecake, but you can't have cake cheese.

The Prank [1.14][edit]

Gumball: Maybe we should just go outside again, this time through the front door.
Darwin: Good idea, Gumball!
Gumball: Okay, prepare to get wet.
[Gumball opens the door, but the bucket containing dried concrete falls in front of Gumball and Darwin almost hitting them]
Gumball': WHAT THE WHAT?!

[Adult Swim]
Gumball: Okay, prepare to get wet.
[Gumball opens the door, but the bucket containing dried concrete falls in front of Gumball and Darwin almost hitting them]

The Kiss [1.16][edit]

Squirrel: Aww. Why so sad? You need to find your happy place!
Gumball: THERE IS NO HAPPY PLACE!!!! [The squirrel falls over from the loudness. Gumball starts sobbing] Oh, I'm sorry, little creature!
Darwin: [sobs] I'm sorry I couldn't help you forget.
[The squirrel starts sobbing as well]

Gumball: (Banana Joe and Tobias make noises.) (screams) MAKE IT STOOP!

Gumball: (Screaming) (Relieved) Aw man, that was intense.
Soup: Give us a kiss!
[Gumball wakes up for real]
Gumball: NOOOOO!!!!!
Anais: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Darwin: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
[Gumball then stops screaming, and sighs three times]
Anais: Oh, come on! You are not having any dreams about kissing!

The Robot [1.19][edit]

Gumball: What’s that?
Bobert: It’s the algorithm for smile.
Gumball: Bobert... [throws Bobert’s smile algorithm away] You’ve got a lot to learn, If you want to be real, then you have to have proper emotions.
Bobert: Define emotions.
Gumball: You know... Like feelings and stuff.
Bobert: Define feelings.
Gumball: You know... When you feel things... Like pain.
Bobert: Define pain.

The Date [1.27][edit]

Gumball: I'll guess I'll have to show them. Come here, little fella. Who's a good spider? Who's a lovely little spider? Oh, good boy, Mr.-- (Mr Cuddles jumps on Gumball's Face) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! GET IT OFF! GET OFF, GET OFF, GET OFF, GET OFF!!!!!

The Curse [1.32][edit]

Gumball: (gets stomped/bullied on by Hector)

(Gumball's swollen face, right black eye and swollen right black eye are seen in the cafeteria.)

Gumball: Wow. I guess you were all right.

Season 2[edit]

The Banana [2.6][edit]

Banana Joe: (to Gumball/Darwin) Hey, turn around, you cowards.

Banana Joe: (to Gumball/Darwin) Turn around and face The can of butt-whooping that i'm-a open upon ya!

Banana Joe: (to Gumball/Darwin) TURN AROOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUNDA!

Banana Joe: (screams and cries) Ow. ow.

The Hero [2.22][edit]

Gumball: I can't believe we got all this stuff for a dollar! Thank you, clearance aisle.

[Adult Swim]
Gumball: Look, I'd happily apologize to Dad... if what we said wasn't the truth!
Nicole: Right, that's it! You clearly don't appreciate your parents, so until you apologize to your father, we won't be doing anything else for you! Let's see how long you last!
Gumball: (Yells at his Mom, Completely releasing his full fuel mouth, as the screen zooms to him) WELL FUCK YOU MOM!!! I HOPE YOU DIE, I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE!!! YOU FAT BITCH!!!!!!
[Gumball gives his mom a middle finger which pisses her off, leaving Darwin and Anais shocked at his Fuel-Mouth Outbrust]
Darwin: Jesus chirst...
Anais: And you chose to demonstrate that by cussing at your M-
Nicole: [ENRAGED] WHAT!!!!!! [In Rage, She smashes the table apart and jumps out of the chair, Much to Gumball's horror]
Gumball: Holy shit dude!
Nicole: YOU GET BACK HERE YOU DISGRACEFUL LITTLE MONSTER!!!! [Gumball jumps out of the chair, and runs straight to his room, terrified at Nicole's enraged behavior] I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU!!!!!! DON'T YOU RUN AWAY FROM YOUR MOTHER GUMBALL!!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!!! [runs upstairs and sees Darwin standing there] WHERE IS HE?! WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER!!!!!
Darwin: He's out the window.
Nicole: [ENRAGED] DON'T YOU TRY AND ESCAPE FROM ME NOW!!!!! YOU ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE GUMBALL!!!!!! [She leaps out and contiuned on into the roof until Darwin closes the window on her and puts some tape] WHAAATT! WHAT, WHAT! GUMBALL WATTERSON!!!! YOU OPEN THIS WINDOW RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! [starts to pound her fist on the window]
Gumball: Ma....Mom, I'm really sorry about before...
Nicole: [ENRAGED] OPEN THIS WINDOW!!!!!! [continues pounding on the window]
Gumball: But Darwin and I have to do something and we have to get the playstation for dad to make it better.
Nicole: [yelling] WHAT!!! WHAT?!?! NO PLAYSTATION!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BUY THE PLAYSTATION UNTIL YOU APLOGIZE TO YOUR FATHER!!!!!!! [continues pounding on the window]
Gumball: We have to do this, Mom It's the only thing that can make our dad happy now.
Nicole: [continues pounding on the window] YOU ARE DONE!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?! YOU ARE BOTH DONE!!!!!!!!!!! [Let's out a scream in rage as she contiuned pounding the window, As Gumball and Darwin run away from there Mom]

The Storm [2.27][edit]

Alan: No, I love you more because I also love loving you!

Gumball: Sorry to interrupt... But could you please stop these?!

Alan: What?
Gumball: (to Darwin/Alan) I'm so sick of your stupid pet names and your gross lovey-dovey faces, you don't see me and Penny acting like that...!
Darwin: Because yo ain't goin' no out with her!

Idaho: (to Gumball/Penny) You two are so beautiful, it makes me believe I too can find love, but when I look in the mirror, I realize I'm just a dirt covered ball of starch!

Gumball: (to Alan) (Alan keeps being jealous of Gumball about Carmen and looking mad at Gumball) Why do you keep looking at me? I mean- My head's going to explode.

Gumball: (to everyone for sexually, emotionally, verbally, mentally and physically abusing, picking on, harassing, insulting and bullying Gumball) (throws a banana peel back at Banana Joe for abusing, harassing, insulting and bullying everyone) HEY, (throws a banana peel at Gumball) STOP CALLING ME NAMES, I THOUGHT YOU WANTED THEM TO SPLIT UP ANYWAY, YOU HATED 'EM!
Jamie: Yeah?! Well, now, we all hate you! (Everyone (except Gumball) storms out/off and Gumball sighs.)

Alan: (to Masami) Hey, I'm-! (Gumball and Masami hit Alan.)

Gumball as Zach: (changes his voice) (shocked by Masami) Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, (to Masami) (in a low pitched/man voice) you lied to me, (has his voiced not low pitched) THAT'S IT, I'M TELLING EVERYONE!
Masami: No, you aren't, unless you want Penny to find out you kissed Carmen!
Penny: (accidentally shocking Gumball) Too late!

Carmen: (to Gumball) RUN!
Gumball: I CAN'T, I HAVEN'T GOT any legs anymore..!
Alan: AND I'VE NEVER had any before!

Masami: (to Alan) Oh, my gosh, you are such a wet cheese ball!

Gumball: Penny, promise me we'll... never be like that (getting in Gumball's face).
Darwin: There ain't no risk of that because yo ain't goin' no out with each other! (gets thrown something pink at by Penny)

Penny: (gasps after she get hit in her face by a pink milkshake.) Humf, no playing sir. Now I’m going to clean myself if you don’t mind.

The Photo[edit]

Gumball: (to Alan) Because your face is a muscle. The more you train it, the more awesome it looks.

The Limit[edit]

Gumball: (acts like a toddler) I WANT THAT CHOCOLAAAATE!
Anais: (sobbing) A whole afternoon wasted!

The Castle[edit]

Gumball (pours and puts whipped cream in Anais (in a hole there's a black background with)'s mouth I wash hope it with that.

The Voice[edit]

Darwin: (Whistles) Hey, William! Feast your eye on this! (He squirts shampoo on Williams’s eye but missed, squirted in his face.) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! MY EYES! OOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW! Oh, wait. That’s not bad. (laughs) It’s baby shampoo.

William: In silence? [Realizes no one can hear him] Oh, gosh. No one can hear me, can they? I suppose that makes sense, I don't have a mouth. I thought you'd ignored me on purpose all my life. But when you blocked me on Elmore Plus, something snapped. What was I thinking? I'm so sorry. You must be terrified and confused, I cannot apologize enough- Darwin: NOW! [They turn around, with Gumball holding a racket. He swats William, and William flies out of a window]

Season 3[edit]

The Coach[edit]

Gumball: You apologized. (The "You apologized." fades in and out.)
Jamie: Yeah, whatever, you better shut up if you don't want pain/pain to invite you to dinner, they only serve filet-o-fists!
Gumball: Let that anger go, you touched our hearts yesterday.
Jamie: With my fist!
Gumball: Quite a vivid image, but understand You don't have to be a bully anymore, coach saw what we were all blind to see, that you're really a sweet, thing with, uh, a hat or a wig or some kind of a helmet and horns that we're proud to call our friend.
Jamie: I am not anyone's friend, the only friends I need are grandma and grandpa fist, they don't give candy, I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna do something so bad, and it'll go down in SCHOOL HISTORY!

Darwin: Just because she fed Anton to the ducks? or that- she chewed Teri's body to spit it back in her face? or that- she ate a little bit of Sarah and Banana Joe?

The Name[edit]

Gumball: (Gumball's sweat pours out and Gumball's organs are crying.) I'm weak.

Nicole: (to Gumball) Your real name is Zach.

Red Construction Man: (to Gumball as Zach) Hey, kid, get in line like everyone else!
Crocodile Woman: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin) You've got 3 seconds to move or I'll bingo-wing you.
Red Construction Man: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin): Get back in the line.
Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) aah, dude, you can say sorry to these people before they get heavy items at the bottom of the car?!

Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) NO, WAIT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!

Darwin: (to Gumball as Zach) No wait!
Crocodile Woman: (to Gumball as Zach/Darwin) I warned you.

The Gripes[edit]


Banana Bob Grunting: THEY LIED TO UUUUUUS!

Gumball: we (Gumball/Darwin) DIDN'T LIE! (to Darwin) We're mega poor, right, Darwin?!
Banana Bob: (to Gumball/Darwin) PROVE IIIIIIT!

Gumball: EVERYBODY, LISTEN, I think we all learned a very important lesson today and this lesson is...don't complain, be happy with what you got! no, that's.... uh, quite right?! uh, be careful of what you say! nah, no, that's not it either uh, don't jump to conclusions, no, no, don't try to be something you're... not... 'cause uh,... be yourselves?! I don't know, man... maybe the lesson is sometimes, some people do stuffy, things happen and it kind of goes nowhere, anyway, thanks for the check bye!

The Shell [3.20][edit]

Gumball: Oh, what have I done?!

The Mirror[edit]

Gumball: (Thumbs up) Eh!

The Pizza[edit]

Gumball: uh,what do you want?!

Gumball: what?! are you planning to eat us?!

Gumball: are you serious?!

Gumball disguising himself as Zach: Because, it's the apocalypse and- because… well, it-it's the apocalypse!
Anais: (to Larry) Society collapsed as soon as you resigned!

The Saint[edit]

Alan: (screams "AAAAAAAAAAH"!) Can you please stop making that NOISE (saying "UGH!)"?!

Gumball as Zach: What?! I don't understand.

Gumball as Zach: (Alan grunts/screams "AH!" and roars "ROOOOOOOOOAR!".) HAHAHA!

The Countdown[edit]

Gumball: You can push us?

The Society[edit]

(Prinicpal Brown gives Gumball detention (as Gumball's punishment) for accidentally doing wrong things)

Banana Joe: (storms away from Gumball)

Idaho: (storms off)

The Triangle[edit]

Prinicpal Brown: (throws Gumball out of the locker room and on the ground.)


Gumball: (pushes Leslie for inserting gum in and sabotaging Darwin's whistle) NOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Gumball: (pushes Leslie) Dude, you're a flower, boy, who plays a flute in a school band?! You don't want this to get violent!
Leslie: You were talking to someone who was a dancer since the year he was born in! (slaps Gumball and punches and kicks Gumball to give him a black eye)
Gumball: What I meant (takes the Archie heard off) (Gumball's black eye and swollen face are shown.) was violence is never the answer, dude, you're supposed to be happy for your friend's success, this isn't about Darwin being good at something, it's about you refusing to make the effort to better yourself, you know what the definition of that kind of person is?!
Leslie: You!
Gumball: Exactly!
Leslie: No, I don't want that to happen!
Gumball: So, why don't we just enjoy the success of our friend even if it means that we get left behind?!
Leslie: You're right!
Gumball: Quick, he's about to play the solo! (Darwin plays his solo.)
Man: He (Darwin)'s terrible!

Season 4[edit]

The Traitor[edit]

[Darwin steps in front of Alan in determination, tears off his surgical mask, and begins to blow in air to re-inflate the balloon; at that moment a band-aid doctor throws open the operating room door]
Doctor: What's going on he–
[He sees Darwin, gasps and backs away. The door swings closed]
Darwin: Uh– I think the anesthetic's worn off!
Gumball: How can you tell?
Darwin: What do we do!?
[Darwin and Alan are both screaming; Gumball, unamused, licks a finger and pokes it into the balloon opening, like a plug]
Gumball: ..Okay, now look for his flatulum.
[Darwin takes a step and slips on an invisible organ]
Darwin: AAH! Found it...
Gumball: [Determined] Then scrape it off your shoe and prepare for

Gumball: [opens hospital door and says to Alan] YOU BUT GUSTED!

Season 6[edit]

The Inquisition[edit]

Rob: [last lines] Oh no. It started.


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