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The Angry Birds Movie (also simply known as Angry Birds) is a 2016 computer-animated comedy film based on the video game series of the same name by Rovio Entertainment. The movie features voices of Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride with Bill Hader, Tony Hale and Peter Dinklage.

Directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly. Written by Jon Vitti. A story by Mikael Hed, Mikko Pöllä and John Cohen.


[First lines; Red is running through the forest carrying a fake egg.]
Red: [gasping] Okay, come on, come on, come on, come on, oh, boy, oh, boy. Come on, let's go. Let's go, buddy. Come on, come on, we gotta move, we gotta move. [goes through a log and then falls down a cliff] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! [grunts and starts falling] No, no, no, no, no! [grabs the fake egg] Hey, hey, gotcha! [Swings on a vine. A snake gets caught on the vine.] [grunts] Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! [Red and the snake screaming] I don't like it, I don't like it! [drops the fake egg] [grunting] Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!!! Oh!! [Red grunting and falls down a tree and hits branches on the way down.] Beak! Wing! Tail! Ribs! Giblets! [chuckling; screams, and grabs the egg. the tree branch flings him up] I'm flying! No, still can't fly. [splashes, babbles and falls in water.] [muffled] I cannot believe this. [gasping] Breathe, breathe. [grabs the fake egg, goes onto land and pulls a fish thing of himself] Bottom feeder. [goes up treehouse] Up and over! [knocks then puts on clown costume] TA-DA!
Timothy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Red: Ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Look, it's okay, I'm just a clown! AH! Oh boy, that’s a loud, loud, you’re just very scared at me. Here, come here. Nope! Never mind, uh, Happy Hatchday!
Edward: Oh! Hi, pal! You must be so disappointed at yourself for being this late!
Red: Oh, no, no, no.
Edward: I’m not late, look at the time. See the order said before noon. [zooms to a cuckoo clock]
Cuckoo: Cuckoo! Cuckoo!
Red: Okay!

Other Pig: [looks down while holding hands with the pigs] AAAAAAH! [another pig holds onto the other pigs]
Leonard: You’re not getting away that easy… [a blue egg falls down the pigs, to fall down a purple curtain]
Red: No! Save yourselves!
Bomb: Hold on, Red!
Red: I’ve gotta save that egg!

Bomb: PIGS IN AIRPLANES!!!!!!! [blows up, and then flies back to Chuck an dMighty Eagle] I blew up... on purpose!
Leonard: You're wrecking my house! What's wrong with you?!
Red: You wrecked my house!
Leonard: Your house was ugly!
Red: Well, now we're even! [The chandelier Red and Leonard are on begins to break and the bird and fall through several rooms of the castle. They fall through a room where a pig is holding a sandwich. Red & Leonard fall through, taking the pig's sandwich down with them. A pig playing bowling throws a bowling ball as Red and Leonard fall through causing all the pins to fall to the ground.']
Bowling Pig: STRIKE!
[Red and Leonard continue falling until they land in a room filled with dynamite.]
Matilda: [rushes through the village with the other birds] Run, run! [sees a van approaching them] Guys, look out! [The van stops and a gun pops up and aims at them] Everyone, stand back! [The birds whimper. The window rolls down, revealing Terence as the driver, who's growling] Terence? [Terence give Matilda a thumbs up.] Put on your seat belts, everyone. Trust me. [Matilda closes the van doors. The pigs throw plungers and the van drives away, causing the pigs to chase after them.]

Billy the Sign: [Is in front of anger management class building and is rocking back and forth.] Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. [Red is starting to get furious.] Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. [Red cools down.] Ha, ha ha. [Red pushes the sign, but it comes back up and hits him. He then cools down again.] Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha. Ha, ha ha.
Red: AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH! [attacks Billy] You think that's funny. Ha ha ha. This is funny! [Throws the sign but it flies back to him'] Uh-oh! [attacking continues]
Billy: Ha ha. [Looks up at Red.] Ha!
Red: What? [Throws and breaks the sign, and then puts it back.] Hmm?
Helene: Don't look, Bobby. [Bobby chuckles] The anger might be contagious. [Bobby waves at Red.] Let's go. [Helene pulls him away from Red.]
Red: He started it.
Red: [puts the smile sign back on Billy] There you go. Uh-huh.

Mighty Eagle: Okay, who wants an autograph? [chuckles and indistinct chatter. The birds laugh as he comes back up and hits him]

Bomb: Well, no, I literally blow up, okay? I explode, like a bomb. [whistles a bomb falling through the air, comes back up and hits him imitates front purpose, blew up falling and exploding; Chuck gasps] Hence the name!

Red: Terence, I got an idea! Do you think you can pull the slingshot back far enough to hit that giant boulder? [Terence growls] Okay, launch me right towards the top of that thing. [The slingshot then he low growls, to the rocks Red's until] Ready?
Chuck: Red, I'm not gonna lie to you. I am... [Sobbing] ...really gonna miss you when you die!
Bomb: Rest in peace, my friend. Rest in peace!
Red: Hey, guys. Let's not get cheesy, okay? Ready? FIRE! [growls angrily the same filled rocks after Terence launches him to the rocks with the slingshot] This is gonna hurt!
King Mudbeard: What was that? Huh? [Red's as roof crashes him] My roof!
Chuck: [to Bomb] Did he make it?
Bomb: I hope he's okay.
Red: I'M IN!
Chuck: [as everyone cheers] YEAH! I KNEW HE'D MAKE IT! YAY!

Chuck: Launch me exactly the same way you did with Red– [Terence launches him to the castle with the slingshot] GAAAAAAA! I wasn't ready! Faster! [uses his speed ability to get inside the castle, gulps and exhausted sigh, grunts then he flies through rooms filled with kitchen utensils, hoops of fire, cacti, and pigs fighting with swords until he hits a wall. Chuck exhausted sigh]
Red: Chuck, is that you?
Chuck: [sobbing] This is the house of horrors.
Red: [to Chuck] I gotta be honest, you look a little– [Chuck with a wall] Fine! You look, fine! Come on! (Uh, where's–?)
Chuck: [teeth by wall Red] (If you're wondering,) Bomb's on his way.

[Terence slingshot with Red]
Red: Remember, the goal is the castle. Get to the castle! Who wants to go first?
Bomb: Over here!
Matilda: I do!
Bomb: Me, me, me!
Red: Hey, alright, Matilda.
Bomb: [sighs] Always a bridesmaid.
Chuck: [Bomb launches him to the "Boom Baby Boom" with the slingshot] Step right up. Keep your wings, legs and feet inside the slingshot at all times.
Matilda: [Matilda's slingshot him] SHOOT IT!
Red: Okeydoke. FIRE!
[Bomb launches him to the porkers with the slingshot, Matilda chuckles]
Earl: [Sings] ♪ And a-1 and a— ♪ Whoa!
Matilda: Take that, Porkers!
Matilda: [explodes as to the piggies] Boom, baby! Boom!
Red: Well, how about that? My teacher can shoot fireballs out of her butt. [Hal goal slingshot] You! What's your name, Hal? I've seen you do something strange before, right?
Hal: Well, let's see, I'm really good at launch him!
Red: Launch him! [Bomb and Chuck launches him to the pig with the slingshot, Hal screaming as he falls and lands] Oh, this guy looks good.
Chuck: He's gonna make it! [Hal babbling]
Bomb: This is incredible. We're witnessing history right now.
Red: No, he's coming back. He's coming, duck!
[Hal's as he falls in the a...]
Red: ... Get down!
Birds: DUCK!! [Hal's and tree falls lands him: THUD, Hal grunting as he the witnessing incredible another]
Hal: Uh, did we win?
Red: Umm, no, not quite yet, buddy, we're still tied. Hey, can we get an ice pack for Hal?
Chuck: [Chuck teacher bag treasure chest and to Red] Medic!
Red: Alright, who's up next? WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! What can you do?! [Cyrus sneezes as he nose, Red grunts and shudders] Yuck!
Bomb: Um, need a tissue? [Cyrus screams as he piano stops and falls nose. Red's tissue ice pack quite, "Calvin Swine".]
Red: [to Mime] Who's next? We need fliers, not standbyers! Let's go! [Mime with slingshot]

Chuck: [Stella's in with then hits] To the left!
Bomb: [gasps and stammers] Ho...! Hold on... Hold on, wait! My left or your left?
Chuck: Ugh, my left is your left. We are facing the same direction!
Bomb: Right, good call.
Red: Just look where the last bird went and adjust from there.
Stella: I got this, you guys. [Bomb launches him to the pigs with the slingshot, Stella uses her speed ability to get inside, bird went call honest house, grunting and pig's and the Stella screams slow-motion, normal in Stella grunting and falling then she flies through until she hits a shatters, Stella coughs and pigs gasp]
Red: She got far, but not far enough!
Stella: Uh-oh! [A pigs plunger for facing where bird]

Chuck: [sarcastic] You go out there and you show them how frightening mimes can be!
Bomb: Yeah!
Mime: [Bomb launches him to the tower with the slingshot] OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
King Mudbeard: [Sings] ♪ We're having a feast, we're eating the eggs, gonna have a big feast... [Mime screaming] ...We're gonna eat all the eggs! ♪ [as towers crash, he gasps] WHAT?! [with then King Mudbeard] What is that? [Mime's then he flies as tower crashes with the falling to get inside]
Red: FIRE!
King Mudbeard: That guy again! [grunts]

Hatchling: Hey, hey! [Monica hums. Red hums sarcastically. Hatchling blows raspberry sticks tongue out at Red sticks his tongue out back. Lifts her flag, Hatchling laughs only to put it right back down. Red gasps and grunts, an old lady bird named Shirley starts walking across.]

Stella: Did he say "eat the eggs"? [Helene gags. Bomb launches him to the tower with slingshot, the muffled screams as tower crashes. Mighty Eagle grunts softly.]
Red: Okay, I want you to curl up into a little ball. All right, make yourself aerodynamic.
Bubbles: Like this? [inhales deeply]
Chuck: To the left, to the left!
Bubbles: Lemme at 'em!
Red: LAUNCH! [Bubbles screams. Chuck launches Bubbles with the slingshot, wall crashes flies as then he falling facing curl ball little into inside get over his with blows lands and his head on the into the Piggies holding his gavel Bubbles' bad giant far boulder and is puts starting cool down, and breaks the towards direction, aerodynamic he softly hits inside comes.]
Bubbles: Don't mess with Bubbles! [gets pigpiled, then inflates] I TOLD YOU NOT TO MESS WITH ME!!!
Red: Wow, that blows. Uh, in a good way.

Judge Peckinpah: HOLY MOLY!
[The fireworks popping and he him with Terence chuckles as everyone cheers]
Matilda: YEAH! WHOO-HOO!
Red: Hey, look, they destroyed more of the stuff we worked hard to build.
King Mudbeard: But there’s more!
Other Birds : More?


[Terence gets a slingshot]
Bird: Aim for that ramp! [The everyone cheers, aim ramp all chanting "Terence! Terence! Terence!” Terence's as he and grunting breaks a slingshot creaks and falls and finally lands onto the ground. Terence gasps]
Chuck: [door opens to Red] No Eggs In Here. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Red: Hey! [Gasps] I'm on this. [The door opens and piggies shower]
Piggies Shower: Redrum!
Red: [The door closes for and lands piggies shower] Umm, never mind.

[The engine idles and birds laugh. Young Bird #13 giggling. A into the his head over, the engine revs]
Birds: Whoa!
[A tires screeches, birds scream as he falls and finally being and with Shirley's kitchen carnage]
Shirley: I'm almost there! Don't rush me! Slow down there! [Matilda's window as then he make left]
Matilda: Deep breath, deep breath! [Matilda breathes deeply and sighs] And we're back, and now, who's ready for trust falls? [Terence falls as TNT Piggies lands rush me almost]

[Police sirens sound in the background, and sirens wailing, and Terence evilly chuckles.]

[Flashback begins of Bomb walking into a house.]
Multiple Birds: SURPRISE! [Bomb explodes and literally blows up, destroying the entire house. The party horn honks]
Bomb: [sighs] Excuse me. Party foul. [A bird falls. Stella grunting and flashback ends]
Chuck: [Gasps] DO IT!

Matilda: Wow, that's very lifelike! [Bomb chuckling and paint splashes, Bomb stops and chuckling. The as he falling down. Bomb grunting, Matilda gasps] So deep. [Bomb chuckles and grunting] And Terence, let's see your–
[Terence growls as he paints colors]

Chuck: Sounds a lot like you.
Red: [sarcastic] Oh, good. Thank you for your opinion, Chuck. [Bomb laughing]

Stella: [to Red] Oh, hi, Red. It's good to see you.
Red: I wish I could say the same. [The bird laughs and is lifting his son over Red.] [Red gasps, grunts and groans in pain. The bird stops laughing] [Sarcastically.] Thank you. [grunts] [A bird plays a saxophone music, and Red grunts takes another bird's apple and puts in the saxophone stops music]

Chuck: [gasps] HE'S ALIVE! [a bird runs]
Mighty Eagle: HE'S ALIVE! [Red sighs and pours wine and "feeds" the wine to the egg. Red gasps]

Mighty Eagle: Oh, look. He's blushing!
Red: I'm not blushing, I'm just red.

[Bomb ululates as he smashes castle his got bad late day]
Kevin: Ouchy! [King Mudbeard chuckles as he hard falls and the rocks]
King Mudbeard: [Grunts and laughs] CALL IN THE PIGGY AIR FORCE!! [Kevin runs into hurt, as he hard rock. The pigs in the planes come out of the plane warehouse.] My royal subjects, the treasures birds have been paid our friendship with an unprovoked act of aggression, the attack will fail! We have glass, we have wood, we have TNT… We tryna kill them with kindness, and now we’re just gonna have to, we’ll, you know…
Pilot : Bye Bye!

Red: [chuckles then is taking off his clown costume as he is talking.] Well, you know, I'm not sure you're gonna like this, um, but since you asked, rather than being on me, as you suggested, this cake... IS ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Red slams the cake on Edward's face.] So, you wanna hear a story? [Is dressing Edward in the clown costume as he is talking.] I run my butt off, literally, mind you, to get the Gluten-Free Cake. What the heck is gluten? I mean, does gluten even exist?

Red: Who needs plates when you got this guy's face, right? [Goes as if to leave, then comes back.] Oh, wait, I almost forgot, you know, I'm supposed to do a quick customer satisfaction survey before I... [whistles] ..Split, okay? So, on a scale of 1 to 3 stars, what would say about my performance? [starting to walk back] And don't forget, the squirrel was... [The squirrel screeches and Red is falling backwards] FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… [Trips on squirrel. Red is falling backwards right to a real egg in a nest.] SORRY ABOUT THIS! MY BAAAAAAAD...! [Red grunts and is stopped inches away from the egg by Edward, everyone grunts and whose tail is being held by Eva, whose tail is being held by Timothy. Timothy notices a piece of cake on the floor, and lets go to eat it. Everyone else then falls over.] [muffled] Congratulations! [The egg is now broken, and Red is upside down in it.] It's a boy!

Baby Bird: DADDY!
Red: [sarcastic and Baby Bird running and through on costume talking] Stop it! No, I'm not your Daddy! [Baby Bird giggling]

[A baby bird he running land out, Chuck and Red]
Chuck: [gasps] Oh, no! [The audience gasps and Stella's tower, Red castle]
Stella: I wasn't expecting this. [Red's sees that Leonard is King Mudbeard]
Red: Oh, hold on a second! [skips through the meadow holding the egg] That guy's the king? [then the big cloud eats the small cloud] He's gotta have the eggs with him in the castle!

Mighty Eagle: Coming in. Coming in. MIGHTY EAGLE! [smashes into the Piggies castle, but clumsily lands and smashes his head on the golden pot.]
Red: Mi– Mighty Eagle! Mighty Eagle, wake up! [runs over to Mighty Eagle and slaps his eye with his tongue] Come on! [grunts] You've got bad breath!
Mighty Eagle: [weakly] I can sleep late, Mom. It's not a school day.
Leonard Mudbeard: Throw them in the pot too! I’ll have the big turkey!

Red: [to Chuck and Bomb] OK, look, I'm gonna run up and tackle the pig on the left. Bomb, you could handle 2. Chuck, I don't know if you can help, we gotta figure out a way to get into that [slow motion] roooooooooo... [Chuck chuckles as he piggies water pink, more like so much plunger and holding his gavel. "Fart Face". A clock beeps punches, launch him] ...oooooooooooooo... [The tackle the on the left, camera shutters] ...ooooooooooooooom. [normal voice and whispers] Anyone have any bright ideas? [The piggies a pink, and water splashes. A more like plunger pops]
Piggy: You are gonna pay for that! [The piggies scream runs left, Red's figure out a way to get into that]
Red: [Red whispers and to Chuck and Bomb] What the heck just happened?
Chuck: Oh, I'm sorry. You were saying?

Red: [whispers to Chuck and Bomb] Well… not so much the "Lake of Wisdom", more like the "Lake of Whiz".

Red: We have to get closer.
[Bomb launches Judge Peckinpah being shot from the slingshot]
Judge Peckinpah: [being shot from the slingshot and holding his gavel] Judge Power…[The tower crashes and Judge Peckinpah from so much] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!
[Chuck and Bomb launches and slingshot]
Chuck: Uh-oh!
Chuck: No, literally, he's on fire right now. Can somebody please help him?
[They start to launch a doctor]

[Chuck and Bomb gasps]
Bomb: I knew it!
Chuck: Let's be roomies.
Bomb: Roommates! Oh, I can't wait to make a chores list.
Red: Wait, hold on a second.
Chuck: I'll move my nest in the master bedroom. [chuckles] Bomb, you can stay in the guest house!
Red: No, no, no, no.
Bomb: Can we get a bunk nest?
Chuck: This is gonna best perfect!
Red: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Guys, no! [Bomb chuckles]
Mighty Eagle: WHOO!
[The end credits]

Olive: There you go!
Blues: [The blues grunt and falling down] Ooh! Wait, what are we doing? [The blues grunting and gasping] Watch out!
[Blue #1 gasps, and Blue #2 thumps, groans.]
Blues: Whoa! [The slingshot creaks, a blues groan happily. The end credits]

Deleted Scenes: Extended version





  • Smosh as
    • Hal voiced by Anthony Padilla
    • Bubbles voiced by Ian Hecox



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