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The Angry Birds Movie 2 (also known as The Angry Birds 2 Movie, or just simply Angry Birds 2) is a 2019 computer-animated comedy film based on the video game series of the same name by Rovio Entertainment and a sequel to the first 2016 movie. The film stars Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Peter Dinklage and Maya Rudolph from the first movie. Leslie Jones, Rachel Bloom, Awkwafina, Sterling K. Brown, Eugenio Derbez, Brooklynn Prince, Tiffany Haddish and JoJo Siwa are newcomers joining the cast.

Directed by Thurop Van Orman and co-directed by John Rice in their directorial debuts. Written by Peter Ackerman, Eyal Podell, and Jonathon E. Stewart.


  • I just don't think this is gonna work.
  • How long does the invisibility last for? [Garry Pig: Forever.]


  • Guys, this is my sister, Silver.
  • Yeah, I'm just gonna... [takes the keycard]


  • [Momb: Bomb, what was that noise?! You're still grounded!] I'm an adult, mom! [to Red and Leonard] Run!
  • I eat dirt.


  • There goes my toothpaste. I am tired of this.
  • [as she takes her dog, in a block of ice, for a walk] Come on, baby. Go get it. Let's Go get it! Go get the stick!
  • I'm done. I'm done living on this frozen, seal infested, iceberg of an island.
  • Fire another ice ball!

Leonard / King Mudbeard[edit]

  • We're going to need a bigger slingshot.
  • Red, I know we had our differences.
  • We discovered that there's a third island, and they're plotting to destroy us all.
  • We need to put aside our differences and work together.
  • Working with what we got.
  • Hello, fellow eagle guard.
  • [Silver: Time for Plan X.] Plan X? I thought you said spandex.

Mighty Eagle[edit]

  • You can always count on... [hits a rock]


[during the speed dating session]
Silver: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Red: Um, to disappear, like, right now.
Silver: Okay. What do you do in your free time?
Red: Yeah, I mean, I don't really have any free time. I kinda protect Bird Island from being attacked, and that's a full-time gig, so yeah.
Silver: I thought I heard something about a truce.
Red: Ha, ha! No. A truce, no. That's not gonna last.
Silver: You'll have a lot more free time now that nobody needs you anymore, so–
Red: Okay. We are done here.
Silver: Are you afraid to talk about your feelings?
Red: You know, just because I don't want to talk about them doesn't mean I'm afraid.

Leonard: Hello! Oh. [Red screams and slams the door] Look, Red, I know we've had our differences.
Red: Oh, like when you tried to eat our young?
Leonard: [passes his head out the window] I come in peace. [Red throws a mirror in his the face] Ouch. [Red pushes him away] Aah! Look, I don't want to see your face any more than you want to see mine. We're all in danger!
Red: Yeah, from you.
Leonard: No, we have a truce. Didn't you get my note? It was on a balloon.
Red: Oh, yeah, that's right. You wanted to talk.
Leonard: This is not how a truce works.
Red: Just say what you gotta say and then get out. [tightens the rope]
Leonard: [squeals in pain] Red, we've discovered that there's a third island and they're plotting to destroy us all.
Red: A third island? Give me one reason why I should believe you.
Leonard: Haven't you noticed any strange objects falling from the sky, giant balls of ice?

Leonard: Ha, ha. We're in! Oh, my goodness gravy.
Chuck: I wanna see.
Leonard: No. Hold on!
Chuck: I just wanna see.
Leonard: We don't have time.
[Note that an eagle is watching them]
Leonard: Uh-oh.
[The eagle lays his spear on the ground and seems to have unmasked them but then starts to dance and then makes a sign]
Bomb: What? What's happening?
Leonard: I think he's challenging us to a break-dance battle?

Silver: It didn't work?
Red: I don't get it.
Zeta: [laughs] Of course it didn't work. Laughs even more You all must really love your islands to risk your lives trying to save them. Well guess what - I don't care, because this right here is ICE COLD, BABY!!
Red: NO!
Mighty Eagle: ZETA!!!
Zeta: What?
Mighty Eagle: WAAAAITTT!!!
Zeta: What, what?
Silver: Mighty Eagle!
Mighty Eagle: Yeah! [Every eagle gasps, except Zeta] I'm the cause of all this. I ran out on you on our wedding day, and ever since then, you've been tormented inside!
Zeta: Right now, this is when you choose to do this?
Mighty Eagle: So take me, not these islands.
Zeta: You have got some FLIPPING NERVE!!
Mighty Eagle: I know. I ripped your heartstrings right out!
Red: That's it! Super String!
Silver: What?
Mighty Eagle: Has a burning hole in your sanity!
Zeta: Set yourself free.
Silver: Okay, I'm seeing it! Yeah.
Mighty Eagle: Go ahead! Do your worst to me! I deserve it!
Silver: Chuck!
Zeta: [furiously kicks Mighty Eagle in the face] You think this is about you, Ethan?!
Leonard: Ethan? Oh!
Zeta: That is so hilarious/embarassing/I hadn't thought about your fat butt in 20 years!
Mighty "Ethan" Eagle: Wait, what?
Zeta: You are a lazy, uncoordinated, fish-eyed fool! You ain't worth the salt in your bread. You are nothing! You are nothing to me! I don't think about you AT ALL!! I don't think about your stinky feet! I don't care about your rusty hands! I don't think about your rusty elbows..
Mighty Eagle: [interrupts Zeta] Wait! So you have or you haven't thought about me?
Zeta: News Flash, bro! I am over you, I am over this place, and I'm ready to get that upgrade situation going for me, and my daughter!
Debbie: Hey. [everyone, except for Debbie, gasps]
Zeta: Well... our daughter. [Debbie gasps]
Mighty Eagle: What?
[Everyone else gasps]
Glenn: Dios mio!
Seal: WHAT?!
Debbie: That's my dad!?
Mighty Eagle: I have a daughter?
Zeta: Yes, you do! And I raised her all by myself in this icy wasteland! But now, I'm gonna be sipping Pina Coladas on those warm tropical islands, LIKE I DESERVE TO!!




  • Faith Urban as Beatrice and Sophie
  • Sunday Urban as Lily and Isla
  • Kelly Prizeman as Momb

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